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Why You Focus On The Negative (And How To Stop)

September 5, 2017

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When I came across this question from Fred, a veteran business owner, I jumped to respond.

Fred’s question points to a universal cognitive tendency called negativity bias that affects us all.

It can wreak havoc on our ability to be effective and perform at our best, no matter how experienced or accomplished we are.

Left unchecked, negativity bias can steal thousands of hours of productive time and untold amounts of happiness and joy over a lifetime.

While what you’re about to learn won’t stop negativity bias from kicking in, I believe it can help you reduce your recovery time by at least 50%.

If negative thoughts ever hijack your brain and derail your efforts to be positive and productive, these 3 steps will help.

Let’s say a massive disappointment, comparison hangover, or garden variety rejection typically costs you approximately 4 hours of wasted time and energy per incident. What if you could get back to feeling and performing at your best in 2 hours or less?

If you confront one negative event a week, these strategies could help you recover 260 hours over a 5 year period.

That means gaining 3 full weeks of time you would have otherwise lost to feeling bad about yourself and getting nothing worthwhile accomplished.

No matter what you estimate your numbers to be, training your brain to recover faster from negativity bias is a valuable endeavor.

DIVE DEEPER: Is your fear of success holding you back? Learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind, get rid of limiting beliefs, and finally embrace your dreams.

Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to know:

Has negativity bias ever caught you off guard or derailed your efforts to produce results? What’s helped you tame this part of your lizard brain? As mentioned in the show, let’s go beyond meditation and EFT in the comments.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in your reply. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

I believe that every creative needs to know about negativity bias and have simple tools to combat its effects. Because negativity bias impacts everyone brave enough to share their work, art or ideas with the world.

If you have friends, clients or colleagues that get caught in negative thought loops, please share this post. Thank you so much for watching and joining the conversation.

With so much love,


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