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Need A Miracle? Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide from Gabby Bernstein

January 8, 2013

Hi! I'm Marie

You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

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I am so overjoyed because I’m writing to you from . . .

SUNNY Los Angeles!!!

For years, I’ve dreamed of escaping the frosty East Coast winters. And for the past two years, Josh and I have made that dream a reality.

I feel so blessed and grateful to be here in Cali right now!!

Plus, later today Team Forleo will be arriving here for our company retreat.

Everyone is staying together at a pretty sweet lil’ beach house (can you say PAJAMA partaay?!?) and I am SO darn excited to spend quality time with my girls.

Since we’re a 100% virtual team, it’s important for us to spend time together in person.

So the next few days are dedicated to connection, having fun, and dreaming up new creative ideas to help YOU create a life you love.

We’ll post some pics on Facebook so be sure to check us out there.

Now for today’s new episode of MarieTV, I have a beautiful treat for you.

I’m sharing new insights from one of my dearest friends, a woman I was honored to appear on Oprah with…

Ms. Gabby Bernstein.

If you’re game to deepen your spiritual practice and learn how to consciously bring more miracles into your life, you’re gonna love today’s show.

You’ll also see a side of Gabby that you may have never seen before. (hint: she’s more of a goofball than most people know – which is why I adore her!!)

Click here to read a sample and grab your copy of May Cause Miracles.

Or watch our earlier show with Gabby with the how to’s of manifesting.

Now, Gabby and I would love to hear from YOU!

Remember, the first step in creating miracles is to witness to what is not working in your life and be willing for it to shift.

Right now, take an inventory of your life to see what you are done with and ready to let go.

Then in the comments below tell us two things.

1. What are you willing to shift?
2. What you are moving towards aninsd how can we, the community, help?

Be brave and express yourself below. I’m so excited to support you!

Thank you as always, for reading, watching and sharing yourself in this beautiful community.

All my California love,


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