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Should You Open The Kimono: 3 Ways To Deal With Industry Competition

September 10, 2013

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Have you ever felt torn when it comes to the idea of “competition?”

For example, how do you respond when someone in your industry asks you to open your business kimono — so to speak — and spill all of your hard-earned secrets?

While most of us know that there are more than enough customers, love, opportunities and success to go around, and we love to help others…

We also have the right to choose what we feel comfortable sharing, when and with whom.

Like most things in life, there’s not one right answer here. So much of it is about context.

But the real reason I wanted to tackle this question is because it’s something many of us secretly feel ashamed, conflicted and embarrassed about.

Especially if we’re on a spiritual path.

We worry that wanting to keep some things private makes us ultra-competitive, scarcity-minded, stingy, less enlightened or somehow a “bad” person.

Not true at all.

We shouldn’t make ourselves wrong for feeling how we feel.

And making a blanket statement that you should always do something or never do something fails to honor the nuances and complexity of life, as well as the wisdom of your intuition.

The good news is that when we’re not comfortable sharing (for whatever reason!) we can handle situations like this with kindness, honesty and class.

In today’s brand new MarieTV episode, learn three ways you can deal with curious competitors — specifically when you’re not comfortable opening your kimono.

**Muy importante: In this episode, I’m offering Jessica — a specific person who wrote in her question — a variety of ways to handle the situations when sharing doesn’t feel right to her.

I’m not saying YOU should or should not open your kimono, so to speak.

You’ve got to respect your truth, always doing what feels best and most honest for you.

My sense is that you have a big heart and 99.9% of the time you love to be helpful and share everything you have with others.

And when and if you don’t — that’s OK too. Be able to honor where you’re at and respond to yourself, and others, with love.

Since this topic can be a toughie, I’d love to know how you deal with curious competitors.

Do you ever feel guilty, torn, ashamed or stingy by keeping things to yourself?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks as always for reading, watching and sharing. You rock my world!

With love,


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