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How to Set Boundaries: Exactly What to Say to Late & No Show Customers

March 6, 2012

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Today we’re covering a really important issue.

It’s an area that many people struggle with and it can literally crush your profits, your growth and your entire business if you don’t get it handled.

I’m talking about setting boundaries.

Specifically, how to set boundaries with your clients and clearly communicate your policies about lateness, no-shows, payments, refunds and all the other stuff that drives you crazy.

Click play below to watch today’s MarieTV episode for some excellent word-for-word scripts you can put in place right now.

In the comments below, tell me specifically how you will use today’s video about setting boundaries to improve your business.

I want to hear what specific policies you need to set now or…

Tell me how you’ll revise an existing policy to better serve you and your customers.

Remember, real traction comes from taking action. By leaving a comment with your specific action step, you’ll separate yourself from the masses who say “that’s a great idea Marie… I should do that.”

Tell me your specific action step and put yourself on the fast track to success now!

Thank you as always, for reading and watching!

P.S.  If you have friends or colleagues with horrible business boundaries, please share this post.  They’ll thank you for it!


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