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How to Deal With Competition

January 10, 2012

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Before we dive into today’s topic, I’ve got some BIG news to share.

In a few days, I’m moving to Los Angeles! Now before my east coasters say “that sh*t cray”, it is a temporary move.

Like, I-can’t-stand-the-cold-weather-so-I’m-spending-the-next-three-months-in-Cali kind of move. I’m sooo down for palm trees, beach cruisers and getting real at the Whole Foods parking lot.

But for now, it’s time for today’s vid. Do you obsess about your competition?

Ever find that you can’t stop thinking about someone you feel is “so much further ahead” than you? Knowing how to deal with competition in your industry is vital for success.

Get this wrong and you’ll alienate yourself from strategic partnerships, look like a jack ass and waste a ton of time and energy nursing your comparison hangover. (watch the vid to learn what that means :))

Get this right, and you’ll not only become the preeminent force in your market, but you’ll also have industry colleagues who rally to support you.

Click play to make sure you know how to deal with competition the right way.

In the comments below, tell me if you’ve ever had a “comparison hangover” and your strategy for dealing with competition in your market.

Bonus points if you share how you can implement the idea of zooming out and innovating the whole industry to instantly step above the competition.

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