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Free Planning Tool to Set and Reach Your Business Goals

January 3, 2012

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Did you know this whole MarieTV shebang started exactly one year ago?

That’s right. MarieTV aired its first official episode right after the New Year and we’ve been pumping out badass weekly videos ever since.

In today’s very special Anniversary edition, I’ll share my vision for the next year of MarieTV, plus I’m giving YOU a gift.

It’s a simple yet powerful planning toolkit to help you get more done in the next 12 months than you’ve got done in the past 3 years!

In fact, this mirrors the exact process my team and I go through to stay focused and on point… and we accomplish A LOT.

This simple, downloadable planning toolkit will help you:

  • Get clear on what’s most important to accomplish in the year ahead
  • Narrow your massive list down to the top ten “must get done” projects
  • Create a clear, month-by-month action plan so you know exactly what to do (and not do) to stay out of overwhelm and reach your goals
  • Laser in on ONE thing that will give you the biggest edge this year and beyond

Once you’ve watched the video, access your 3-part free planning toolkit below.

Also our team is always busy creating new MarieTV episodes for you and we want to make them as relevant and useful as possible. So tell me… What specific challenge in your business or life are you actively trying to solve right now? I’d love to know!

In the comments below, tell me what YOU are inspired to create this year, as well as the specific insights you gained from using your brand new planning toolkit.

Which reminds me. The planning toolkit, while beautiful and awesome, does not fill itself out. You need to follow the instructions and actually USE it if you want results.

Strategic planning exercises like this are what separates the wannabes from the winners so don’t screw around, OK? Take action and do it NOW.

Step #1 – Creating Your Top Ten List:

  1. In a journal or on a blank piece of paper, brainstorm ALL of the things you want to accomplish this year.  This is in addition to what needs to happen to keeping your company running. Really think through this and make sure that your list includes both personal goals (vacations, spending time with family, getting healthy, etc.) and professional goals (individual projects you want to accomplish that will help to grow your company like build list by X percent, develop and launch product on X, split test and update my website to get better traffic, etc.).
  2. Now circle all of the “must get done this year” items that you REALLY want to make happen. Ideally the things you circle will contain both personal and professional goals.
  3. Look at what you circled and pick the top 10 things you want to accomplish this year.
  4. Download our “Top Ten List” worksheet, and write in the top 10 things from your brainstorm list that you absolutely want to accomplish this year. Make sure you are very specific with what you write down and list goals that are measurable. For example, if you want to get in better shape, don’t just write “lose weight,” instead write “go to the gym for one hour 3X per week.”

Step #2 – Creating Your Action Plan:

  1. Download and open up the the next worksheet titled “My Action Plan.”
  2. You can either print it out, type directly in the sheet (make sure you’re using Adobe Reader, not “Preview” if you want to save your info directly in the PDF) and print later or save it to your computer.
  3. Go through the brainstorm list that you created and start transferring items into each month.  Start by adding in things you know will take place in a particular month. Examples of this would be vacations you know about now, things you know are required in your business during certain months (i.e. tax time, getting ready for holiday sales, etc.).
  4. Now go back over your Top Ten List and add in one major item to each month in your action plan. Generally the months of August and December are more personal life oriented (i.e. treat yourself to some time off baby!) and the rest of the months are growth oriented.
  5. Be aggressive but realistic with yourself.  New projects always take longer than you think so be sure to distinguish between “creation” time and launch time.  This also means you need to find a balance between leading the life you want to lead (vacations and time with family), keeping your business afloat by continuing the day to day activities that are required (keep the ship running stuff), and planning for growth by knowing what projects will grow your business and mapping out which month you will tackle each individual project.
  6. When you’re done with this exercise, you’ll have clear map of the most important projects and activities to accomplish during each month this year. This will help you focus on what is important in each individual month instead of having a gazillion goals roaming around in your head all year long scattering your focus from what you really should be doing!

Step #3 – Nailing Down Your One Big Idea For The Year:

  1. Look at your Top Ten List and really think about what you top money making idea is this year.
  2. Download the “My Big Idea” sheet and write your top money making idea on it.
  3. This step is super important – make sure sure you don’t just do this exercise and then forget about it. Post it as the screensaver on your computer, print and tape it to your wall, put it on your refrigerator, or anything else you need to do to remind yourself of it every single day.
  4. Remember – this is the single most important thing you need to focus on this year. That means you need to make sure you look at it every day.  And as you make moves and decisions in your life and business this year make sure you are continually going back to this one goal and taking the necessary actions to make it happen.

Good luck with this process and please keep me updated on how this works out for you.

I can personally attest that these simple exercises have MAJORLY increased the productivity and focus in my business and life and I want you to experience that same success.

Thanks, as always for tuning in, and Happy New Year!


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