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When To Close A Business: How To Know If It’s Time to Move On

May 7, 2013

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I gotta be a proud business mama for a minute.

Last week, we officially graduated the 2013 class of B-School: our online business training program for modern entrepreneurs.

Our grads are from 77 countries around the world. Totally diverse in age, type of business and drum roll — we had more men than ever in the program this year!

It was truly an extraordinary experience.

We’re getting close to having 10,000 worldwide graduates — which blows my mind.

On behalf of myself and my team — we feel both humbled and privileged to play a part in helping hardworking, honest, ethical business owners in every corner of the globe reach higher levels of happiness and success.

We’ll open up early enrollment for the 2014 class later this summer. If you want details, let us know by virtually raising your hand here.

Now onto today’s episode — which is a toughie!

Imagine this…

You’ve worked really really hard to build a business you thought was your lifelong passion, but it turns out — it’s not.

The bills are piling up. The business is on life support and you need to make a clear decision: either turn things around and save your business, or admit defeat and move on.

Should you close down what you’ve poured years of your life into or do you strap yourself in and find a way to save your business?

Watch today’s brand new episode of MarieTV for help sorting through this heart-wrenching situation.

I’m curious…

Have you ever had to make a tough choice like this woman?

Whether in business or life…

Have you ever walked away from something and regretted it OR did you find that walking away was a huge blessing?

Leave a comment below and share your story — including the biggest take-away lesson learned.

Remember, the more detail you can share, the better.

This is the best way for our entire community to benefit from our collective knowledge.

As always, thank you so very much for watching, sharing and contributing.

With love,

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