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I was at dinner the other night talking with a friend about what’s happening in her career. She told me about a significant dilemma she recently faced, with high stakes (potential income, reputation, etc.) that involved either:

  1. trusting her gut, holding her ground and being willing to walk away from a crucial deal if it wasn’t right (compensation, contract, collaborative partners, etc.)
  2. saying yes to what was on the table out of her desire for security and work, even though she knew she wouldn’t feel good about it

After a non-stop series of earlier setbacks that shattered her confidence,

I could see how tough this was for her. It made me realize that we all face these kinds of crossroads in life, don’t we?

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Whether it’s in our careers or our relationships, it often comes down to this…

Do I choose the safe path or the inspiring one?

This is exactly what we’re exploring this week on MarieTV, through a question sent in by a reader named Christina.

While we’re discussing this through the lens of business, I share 3 truths that can just as easily be applied to personal relationships.

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Once you’ve had a chance to watch, I’d love to hear from you.

Have you ever had to choose between the safe and inspiring path? How did you think through that decision and what steps did you take to make it work?

Leave a comment and let me know.

And, do share as much detail as you can. Thousands of incredible souls come here each week for insight and inspiration and your story might give someone the boost they need.

Important: share your thoughts and ideas directly in the comments. Links to other posts, videos, etc. will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

I’m excited to hear your perspective on this because, whether you’re facing this kind of choice right now or not, there’s one thing I’m sure about:

All progress starts with making a brave decision.

Thank you, as always, for reading, watching and sharing with such joy. YOU are my inspiration and fuel for creation.

P.S. If you want more support around choosing between the safe and inspiring path in your business, be sure to get our free B-School business building video workshop series here. This is only available once a year and it’s really good stuff!

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  1. I was cringing a little watching this video and feeling like I did indeed start a business to make money… However, I lived many years trying to pressure myself into a “forever career” but I am a woman of many passions and often times they can be fleeting. So after a great deal of self reflection, soul searching, allowing and a health scare, I realized I wasn’t ready to pull the “forever trigger”. But I did want to do something that felt right for me “now”and contributed to my family financially. So I started an errand running business that allowed me to make my own hours, have a light and fun routine (in terms of seriousness- I’m not operating on people!) and still help people that are over worked and stressed, reduce their loads and live a little more. so while I’m not passionate about errands per say, I am passionate about helping people and that’s how I stay engaged.

    • It’s okay to desire money and you’ve got great judgement on how to use that money you attract wisely and mindfully. Stop beating yourself up. Businesses make money and love <3

    • Andrea, I cringed as well. I’ve just recently become self employed and am stuck between an inspiring career (meditation teacher) that I would be totally new to and my “old” career (film producer) that I still enjoy but am not as passionate about as 15 years ago when I started working in it.
      So I can totally relate to your feeling of having many passions.
      I found out what my motivation for working is – to inspire others and touch their lives. And I actually do that in my old and my new career. So I chose the old one – yes, also for safety reasons since I have two kids and a house and it just seems easier at the time. But I’m working part time as a meditation teacher and will see if that can slowly grow into something bigger.

      • I love this approach! It doesn’t ever have to be either/or. I work part-time in an admin position that I don’t hate, but definitely don’t love, and I’m working on building my business the rest of the time. I have a steady salary and some health benefits AND I get to do the things that light me up. I make just enough to pay my bills, but not enough that I can sit back and let my business slide. One day I will replace my day job with my teaching business but until then, I feel safe and have lots of room for growth.

        • I love that you’re a film producer who’s also mindful, centered, and interested in helping others by teaching meditation. That is an amazing and wonderful contribution to the world, Maite!

      • Mandy - Team Forleo

        I’m so glad you’re teaching meditation part time, Maite! That can be a great way to see if what you want to do is feasible for the lifestyle you want. Marie is a big fan of starting small, so I don’t think her goal with this video was to encourage people to go cold turkey. We’ve got our fingers crossed your meditation teaching practice will continue to grow! 🙂

        • +1 for no more either/or! While I don’t think that’s what Marie was getting at, a better answer for Christina would have been not to see it as an either/or situation. I’m in a similar situation right now, moving from a business that doesn’t light me up (marketing), to a creative career I love (writing). I followed the traditional advice to “follow your passion” and what ended up happening was that I was broke, defeated and exhausted.

          When I took a step back I realized I could realistically lower my current client load while saying no to new projects and yes only to writing work. In just one month I’m happier, wealthier and more fulfilled. I have three writing clients who literally just pay me to write about the things I love.

          Am I doing my dream job? Not yet. But I’m on my way there. And I’m not going to debt or putting burden on my husband in the process.

          I wish this video had talked more about how to realistically follow your passions (small steps and compromise) rather than giving the same generic advice that is, “You’ll be miserable unless you do anything but your dreams!”

          • Nina

            I agree with you, Maria. I think Marie could have given a more rounded, practical response, talking about the small steps, compromises and careful/strategic timing that can get you from where you are to where you want to be. Your experience of ending up “broke, defeated and exhausted” from following the now commonplace “follow your passion” advice is exactly what Cal Newport warns against in his book “So Good They Can’t Ignore You”. (And actually, he also points out that this “passion” advice is not traditional at all, but rose to popularity in the last couple of decades). I am staying for the time being in a job that pays well and has benefits because I plan to get pregnant a couple of times as soon as possible. At my age (late 30s), given that I do want kids, it would be foolhardy to give up paid maternity leave and a secure salary. When that is done, I will move on to other passion projects. Timing is important.

          • Ame

            Totally agree with you Marian! I think Marie’s answer was very vague… I mean I got the point but just because I already made the mistake of “follow my career passion” ending up broke, defeated and exhausted plus putting my husband in a burden situation. I had to step back and got again the 9-5 pay bills job, however with a better understanding of the baby steps to follow in order to follow my passion. Marie says it clear it take her around 7 years to work here and there to financially handle it so, yes she was following her passion but still working in those jobs who gave her the financial safety until she could make it. I wish you Great success in your writing passion!

        • Louise - Team Forleo

          Just wanted to pop in here as this is a valuable discussion but Marie does offer other angles and advice. Thank you Marian (hey there!), Nina, and Ame for sharing so passionately. This community and the diversity of perspective is truly phenomenal and it’s something we deeply cherish.

          Hopefully I can provide a few more resources and some ideas to help out with any sticky parts.

          We’ve covered the balance between passion and a day job, the struggle to start something new when it’s a risk, and how it’s really important to start small and slow. Marie is a huge fan of staying with a day job while you’re building up something new – for so many reasons. She did it way longer than people ever think! It can be a great financial bridge to keep you going, it can help you test out if this is actually what you want to do (so important, and really different to have an idea and then the reality), and give you the courage to take risks that might otherwise be impossible or unwise.

          And one of my favorite lessons from Marie is also about how not everything has to be your business – some stuff can be passion on the side, or a hobby, or just something you love to do that lights you up.

          In this case, the discussion was really around which way to go when two options were equally starting from scratch – should you take the one that seems like a leap or go the direction of what seems safer (and we know that it’s never a 100% slam dunk no matter what!).

          One of the challenges we face is not having these videos be 30 minutes long since each question is so rich and has a myriad of possible discussion points. So, this is just one facet of a much larger conversation. In fact, if there’s an angle of this issue or a parallel topic that you think we should dive into – please pop it into this form:

          Finally, I think that there’s a part of our interview with Elizabeth Gilbert that really illuminates something vital – the idea that creativity and passion and art is something you take care of, that you support, vs. saying it has to support you – while this isn’t exactly what we’re talking about here, I feel like it taps into the deeper discussion about which path to follow. Because I have to say that I think you can do both the safe and inspiring in their own way!

      • Dragana

        Hi! It’s amazing to read this. I am in LA, and starting a meditation business at the moment. I worked for a big Fortune 500 company in finance and quit my job to follow my passion. It’s a journey. Where are you located? Denmark? Would love for you to possible teach classes if you are in LA.

    • I’m in the wedding industry and would love to help Christina. I can especially help with networking her with other wedding vendors. How can we connect?

  2. The reality I’ve found in my own life, as well as with my clients, is that there’s always risk. “safe” is an illusion, and I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen someone take the safe choice that made them miserable in the long run.

    Doing anything “just for the money” is a trade off. Whether it’s a job, a career, a business, a relationship, or what have you. Look at the entire package of options and make the decision you believe will bring you the most joy over your lifetime.

    There are tough choices to be had everywhere, and there are always ways to move forward – even without money – and it doesn’t always require building a business to do it. Find the truth that serves YOU – regardless of what the world around you says you “should” be doing with yourself.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love what you shared about the idea of “safe” being an illusion. So true!

  3. I’ve probably taken a few risky decisions in my time, but my favorite one was definitely falling in love with a Colombian guy, getting married and moving to Bogota, Colombia.

    With marriage, who even knows how we really decide. I just know I had to do it. I couldn’t not do it. And since then, lots of things have been rocky (money, kids, extended families, etc) EXCEPT FOR THE MARRIAGE. Eight years and we’re super strong. It’s very different but its great.

    I think with any risky decision, if its worth it, its worth it, and as you’re making things work, all you need is love!

    • I’m so nervous to fall in love!! I want to make sure I can provide everything effortlessly since my upbringing hasn’t been so easy breezy. If it makes you shake and rattle, I suppose it’s worth feeling! The Universe wants to feel itself through you – it’s only human! <3

      • Thanks Bernard, yeah go for it!

  4. Marie

    Personally, if I were in this situation I would consider getting a good paying law job for two years and save my salary for a down payment on a house and start up costs for my new business. In my spare time I’d rack my brain for business ideas and possibly get a part-time job on Saturdays assisting a wedding planner or a caterer. Over time my passions would gravitate toward either the good paying law job or the weekend wedding job, and I’d make the choice.

    • Nina

      I agree. Was going to suggest exactly the same thing! Instead of investing energy, money and soul into starting a law business when her heart isn’t in it, get a secure job with a law firm. Then slowly start her wedding planning business.

    • Sarah

      Hi, I don’t think the ‘start small’ or ‘part-time on Saturdays’ is realistic given the nature of working in law. I am currently in an exec mgmt level position that I loathe but I am too exhausted nights and weekends to follow my passion (writing and other things). In the evenings I cook dinner and watch Marie TV 🙂 And on wknds I either stay in bed and cry or I get up and do laundry. Occasionally we go camping. The only way for me to live my dreams is, unfortunately, to ‘throw my pendulum’, to use Tony Robbins’ expression. I am saving to do that now, and hopefully 2017 is the year I quit and start again. The question sent in was referring to starting 2 new businesses from scratch, not whether to quit an existing job. If you’re gunna put months’ worth of work into building a business, I vote for building one you love.. Rather than building one you hate and then being too tired to build a second one that you like on the side…

      • Caroline - Team Forleo

        Thank you for commenting here, Sarah. While some people might really love trying to start two things at once, it can definitely be overwhelming.

        The strategy you mention about saving up to allow you to dive in to your biz 100% is another really awesome way to get started in business!

      • Nina

        Sarah, I totally see what you’re saying. I am a lawyer so I know how all-consuming it can be, especially if you are a sole-practitioner or partner or even an associate with a law-firm. Maybe a good move would be for her to take on projects as a consultant to other law firms on an ad hoc basis, so that she wouldn’t be responsible for administration of the firm and building client relationships. That way she could have more control of her time and just take on their overflow projects that are lucrative enough and that interest her. (Assuming such opportunities exist, which they may not.)

        BTW, I can totally relate to where you are right now – with a demanding job you loathe, living for evenings and weekends and Marie videos.

      • Nina

        Sarah, you said in response to Marie (the commenter, not Marie Forleo) “If you’re gunna put months’ worth of work into building a business, I vote for building one you love..”

        I think that’s exactly why Marie (the commenter, not Marie Forleo) was suggesting that the lady who asked the question get a job with a law firm for a couple of years instead of starting a law business, and then go on to build her own business.

        I think everyone would agree that it would not be a good use of time and resources to start a law firm when you’re heart isn’t in it and you probably won’t be in it for long.

      • Nina

        Sarah, you said in response to Marie (the commenter, not Marie Forleo) “If you’re gunna put months’ worth of work into building a business, I vote for building one you love..”

        I think that’s exactly why Marie (the commenter, not Marie Forleo) was suggesting that the lady who asked the question get a job with a law firm for a couple of years instead of starting a law business, and then go on to build her own business.

        I think everyone would agree that it would not be a good use of time and resources to start a law firm when your heart isn’t in it and you probably won’t be in it for long.

  5. Graduating from college I couldn’t find a job to save my life! I was too average and not normal. I like crystals, card readings and essential oils. Then I began my color psychic practice. Choosing my soul path not only improved my own life, but it’s helping the rest of the world! I’m so glad I did this because it’s giving me so much more than a normal 9 to 5. Safe path is boring in my case. It restricts what I’m really here to do for humanity! 🙂 Ready to light up from the inside out!

    • Sthe

      You’re right Bernard. Safe is boring. I’ve just had to make a similar decision to today’s topic. My contract ends in March 2016.I was offered a permanent position that I used to do 3 years ago at less pay (Due to fixed cost reduction). I decided I can’t stay and do something I know I don’t enjoy. Doing boring work is like dying a slow death internally for me. Instead I’m now searching for new opportunities in what I really want to do and that tickles me inside.

      • I’m sending you orange vibes all the way to unblock the monotony!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Preach! Cheers to making the world a more colorful place! 🙂

  6. I’ve definitely been in this spot a few times and you’re right, Marie! The only time I’ve felt truly alive was when I was working on the business I really wanted to make.

    What you shared here are hard lessons to learn, but important ones.

    I started out in fitness, went back to school to get my master’s degree in education MORE because it was a safe bet in difficult times than anything else (I REALLY wanted to do physical therapy, but thought that would take too long).

    While I did teach for 3 years and don’t regret those experiences, my soul was dying. And that safe bet wasn’t safe! I won’t go into all the details, but it was a very difficult time in my life, even though I loved my students. My husband was the one who really made me stop to think about what I was doing and suggested that I try to go back to fitness full time.

    I told him it was hard to build up a business, especially now that we were in a whole new state, but he believed in me and I’ve never been happier.

    Yes, the road to starting a business that lights up your soul can be tough, (I often work more hours than when I was a teacher, something my hubby didn’t expect), it’s so worth it!

    Find a way to make it happen 🙂

    • Jo

      For Christina: in your case, a “middle way” might be for you to contact law firms to offer your services on on a self-employed locum lawyer basis (you help in periods of high work load or sick leave etc.) as a compromise to setting up your own law firm for now. They could be local firms where you physically turn up to work at their offices, or you could work remotely. You keep money coming in and it keeps your legal skills up to date. Particularly if you are not working full time as a locum, you can spend time setting up/scouting out your new wedding business opportunities. I was a full time lawyer until 10 years ago, and I have been a locum ever since whilst doing other completely unrelated projects, and it’s worked. I hope this is useful to you and best of luck!

      • Ditto to Jo’s comment!

        I started my business while I was in grad school and a couple of years ago was gearing up to take the leap into full-time self employment when the department offered me a “safe” job. The catch was it was a program I wasn’t interested in and I had reservations about the leadership/management I’d be working with.

        My intuition told me not to do it, to keep focusing on my own business, but logic told me to go for the secure job even though it wasn’t my passion. I was able to negotiate 80% time to still be able to do my own stuff on the side, but I knew almost immediately I would not renew my contract and would pursue my thing full time when it ran out.

        Being able to keep building my business while having the financial security was really great and I wasn’t just at a soul-sucking office job all the time, I had some flexibility (that I had to fight for, but it was worth it).

        The key is to listen to your intuition, even if it doesn’t make sense. If you need stability, try the middle road and then go full throttle on your business when it feels good!

        I’ve taken the leap of faith and it’s been amazing!


  7. That is it Marie! The message is clear. Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life. BOOM!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Exactly! 🙂

  8. This video resonates so much. I had a safe, well paying job and felt like going to prison every day. I kept at it to the point where I really could no longer and finally got serious about the business that lights me up. Money is tight at the moment, but OMG totally worth it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It’s hard to put a price on happiness. So glad you’re following the direction of your soul and enjoying the journey! 🙂

  9. This is so true and you will never really understand it’s truth until you are put in the position to make that decision!

    Quit my job in 2011 and have never looked back. I am happy and enjoy doing what I do now. While it took a lot of guts and I am still in the growth stage I already know that it will pay off. I enjoy every project that I work on and my clients do too 🙂

  10. michele

    I’m going through this very dilemma now – and not for the first time. I’ve learned that the safe v. follow the passion options pop up periodically and it doesn’t get any easier! One thing I’ve learned is that it doesn’t always need to be black and white; one choice v. another. Sometimes a bit of lateral thinking helps you take a few steps towards your dream in a safe environment. I’m not talking about compromising here just pacing it. So could Christina do a little legal work for another company while she develops her dream business, for example? She’d need to juggle and keep her soul and passion firmly committed to her business venture but that doesn’t compromise doing a professional job on something else alongside it. Might not be ideal but can help really clarify what you really want to do.

  11. Mary

    As someone who chose the safe path, don’t do it. If you take the law path , chances are you will stick with it much longer than you originally anticipated and you will be sorry later. It can form a pattern, one which is difficult to break and be bad for your health. So get organized, plan well and go for it!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Mary. Complacency can be hard to break. We hope you’re now on the path to following your dreams! It really is true what Marie says, “The world needs that special gift that only YOU have.” 🙂

  12. Hi Marie,
    I love how much you love what you do and how much you help others to do what they love too. Still, I love what I do — and still have days when I hate it (even if just for a few moments). How about you? I think you sort of covered this when you said, “it won’t be simple and it won’t be easy.” Do you have moments where you don’t feel like hugging your job?

  13. I love this topic! I have been thinking a LOT lately about it, and this video comes at a perfect time!
    I love my business but have also found that I have sold myself out at times just for the money. And yes, I do think I have health issues because of it.
    I understand there is give and take – but how do I go back to where I want to be? Sharing the things that I absolutely LOVE and not “selling myself out” to brands that I don’t love, just to pay the bills??

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Great Q, Liz! It’s definitely tough when you need money, but don’t feel that promoting something aligns with your values. If you decide to turn down some of the opportunities coming your way, I think you’ll like this episode of MarieTV about how to decline promoting others with honesty and class:

  14. Maryann

    I’ve had the misfortune of starting a business because of money (photography & life coaching). Since opening, they’ve both been closed. I’ve learned through trial and error that passion and curiosity is what fuels my desire to be a life coach. So while watching videos like these and the continuous reading that I do, I’m hopeful to go at it again – different mindset – clarity.

    As always, very thought provoking and insightful.


  15. Marie!

    As always, it’s like you’re in my mind. Each week you tackle something I, too, am working with. MUWAH!

    Your prompt this week reminded me that the pull between choosing what’s safe and ‘risking’ the dream, is a constant fork in the road. One I can depend on showing up, and yet, still gives me pause. With each veer towards the unthinkable, things exponentially flow more easily. It showed up when I went on my own, and (10 years later!) has become a trusty friend—one who offers me clarity, through contrast.

    Thanks, Marie, for your affirmation and wisdom. Always. All ways.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is awesome, Jennifer! I’m so glad you followed your intuition and it’s leading you down the path of your dreams.

  16. I recently took a sales position with a company that was,going through some restructuring. I wasn’t happy with the salary offer,but it was better than what I was making at the time and quite honestly, I was desperate. I tried like crazy to make it work, I totally rearranged my personal routines and tried reading books and watching videos to Jumpstart my performance, because I truly believed I had it in me to excel and make the commissions I was being offered. But it didn’t take long for the sparkle and shine to wear off.
    I was miserable in this new job because it wasn’t what I wanted, and it was just delaying my own dreams even further. When I got laid off only 5 months later, I was immediately relieved. When my employer suggested that I work for him on commission only from home, I realized that if I was going to work from home, it would be for my own business and I plunged into this with my entire heart and soul. Yes,I am doing this new business for the money, but more importantly, I am doing this business because I believe in the products I am offering, I believe that I am offering a gift and a service to other people and I believe that I can do it! Those are my 3 reasons for getting out of bed in the morning! I’m tired of not listening to my soul — I am so glad that I got to see this video this morning! Thank you Maria!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      This is wonderful, Leigh! I’m so glad you’re listening to your soul and building the business of your dreams. You deserve it!

  17. Tony Fonte

    This was a great video. My passion is helping people who have experienced some sort of loss have a new beginning in life. Ive had this passion for 4 years inspired by the loss of my wife unexpectedly at the age of 30 and having to raise our daughter who was 5 at the time. I struggled finding my way because I didnt have a clear picture of who I wanted to help. I made some decisions that backfired on me financially. I made “safe”choices to get a job to take care of things which caused me greater unhappiness and didnt help much financially. Here I am trying to figure out coaching again and get it off the ground. Writing a book and trying to get clients. I dont expect to make a ton of money this year but would love to be living my passion fulltime. I want to attend Tony Robbins Strategic Intervention course to add more tools to my toolbelt. Love his stuff. I know I have something to share and I cant continue to take the safe route anymore.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your wife—we’re thinking of you and sending healing wishes your way. I’m so glad you’re following your dreams and inspiring your daughter through your example. I know she’ll be thankful for the freedom and encouragement!

  18. I caved when I was in college. I chose the “safe” route and abandoned my desire to teach college math. Instead, I changed my major and got a great job as a corporate accountant. I was successful and financially secure, and I even won some awards, but I was never quite happy. Eventually I reached a breaking point. My dissatisfaction was taking its toll on my job performance and my health. The “safe” corporate life was no longer guaranteed. And, my next job move had to be to an area where my spirit would have been crushed. So, I suggested I would leave with the right offer, and I received it.

    In my experience, whether you choose a “safe” path or one that seems risky, whether you build a business or are employed in one, if you want to stay at it for the long haul, it has to feed your soul. As I tell my business improv students, everything comes down to relationships. And, relationships take many forms, including the relationship you have with your job/career and the relationship you have with yourself. Like any other relationships, if you don’t (or can’t) nurture them, they will die.

  19. I did have to choose between the safe and inspiring path.
    This was back in 2013, when I chose the safe path first because I was so scared of the unknown. It was “easier” to choose the safe path because my soul felt tortured by the bigger questions of “what would you do if anything was possible?”

    There was so much pressure to choose the ‘right’ thing and to make it work that I shrank back for a while, just letting the ideas marinate in my mind.

    But every time I would see someone else killing it online while I was sitting there not moving forward, I would feel so fired up! I knew that I could do it too!

    I reached another breaking point when my soul was dying and my body was falling apart from the stress of a life that was not right for me. Time was passing quickly and I was losing interest in keeping this lifestyle up. So I took a plunge and left my “safe” job and pursued my online business full-time.

    The thing that helped me to transition was having income that I saved up and set aside for starting my business.
    The other thing was having the love and support from my husband.

    What helped me make the decision was to look at the practicalities of starting a business combined with that gut feeling of “this is where I’m being to called and I have to do it.”

  20. Hating your job isn’t the only reason “safe” jobs are risky. I was on the 9-to-5 path, did everything I was supposed to do, sucked up all the transferable skills I could and made myself indispensable. Then my industry tanked, the company’s owner filed bankruptcy, and I was laid off with no severance, no vacation payout, no health insurance (not even COBRA), and not even my last two weeks earned pay. And it turns out, my skills were only transferable in my dying industry. I had to start from scratch after almost ten years. I imagine the only “safe” path is having multiple sources of income so you don’t rely on just one. And if it’s all a risk, you may as well gamble on something that will make you happy!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      That’s a really good point, Jennifer! An industry that feels safe today may not be safe tomorrow, and there’s often nothing the individual employees can do to prevent the downturn. I’m sorry to hear that happened to you! I hope you’re on a path to following your dreams.

    • Kat

      Thank you for sharing your story Jennifer!
      I’m sorry about your situation- but it is helpful to remember that nothing is truly safe.
      I’m in the middle of a tough transition right now. I took a job for ‘safety’ and as it turns out the company is having serious financial trouble. I’m considering another job for security, but I know that it won’t feed my soul. It’s always terrifying to consider turning down an opportunity, but I’m starting to wonder if my desire for security is becoming an excuse to delay reaching for my dreams.
      We all need a bridge job though right? Someone has to pay the bills.

  21. Melissa

    This is SO timely, Marie– as always, right?! Six months ago I wrote on a small index card some declarations and affirmations and kept it in my wallet and read it from time to time. One of the declarations was “by January of 2016, I will retire from the IT industry”. I had taken a job at a software company to make money, only. It was like rowing upstream for 4 years. I was not able to just muster up the gumption to “just do it” anymore. So, guess what happened last month (Jan)? Our company began going through an acquisition and they had to lay off 5% of their workforce….guess who was a part of that? Yepper, me. The beauty is I was given a generous severance and now have more time to begin to build my dream job…but it is risky! There’s that tendency to go out and just get another job and yet, my spirit just can’t stomach the idea of living like that another day. I have no idea what the future is bringing, but I know it’s going to be so worth the risk. Thank you so much for this encouraging video today!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      It sounds like you’ve got an amazing opportunity ahead! We’re cheering you on! 🙂

  22. I have chosen between the safe path and my passion career a few times now and have chosen both of the routs at some point.

    Long Story Short: Always go with your passion. There is always a way to make it financially stable for you, even if that means doing 2 part time jobs (including your passion). You’ll thank yourself for the time you do get with your passion. =)

    When I was 19 and in college I needed to find a way to make money to pay for my horse and have enough time to study. I of course am very passionate about horses, so I started teaching kids how to ride. I LOVED it! Unfortunately, as anyone who rides horses will know, they are expensive and it was not a feesable life long career for me.

    While I switched majors a few times I finally settled on Biotechnology and got a job through my internship at a lab. The last 4 years I’ve worked at multiple labs and quality departments. During this time I found a passion for website design and started a small business on the side, but I never really marketed it. I mainly started it to help small business owners who don’t have the finances to pay for a pro website designer. I made them websites that they could upkeep on their own after it was finished. Which is way cheaper! =)

    I’m now at a small company working as a Quality & Regulatory Assurance Assistant (coordinator) and Marketing Assistant (coordinator). I enjoy the marketing, and am fairly good at the quality, but I’m not nearly as passionate about it. I’ve hit another road block in my life and I have to choose between a safe full time job and my passion for art.

    I have decided to start a business to sell my art and hopefully within a years time I’ll be working part time at my current job and part time on my art business.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Coming to that fork in the road is never easy, so we’re sending positive vibes your way and hope you’ll be working on your art full time soon. 🙂

  23. After I got my PhD several years ago, I was in this position. Trying to decide if I “should” follow an academic career or my passions. I chose to start my own business and I’m so glad I did! Every day I wake up excited by what I do!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love it, Vanessa! That makes us super happy to hear. 🙂

  24. Great message. Life is too precious not to live according to ones purpose. All of us have a bright light within us to share with the world. When that light shines, it’s truly beautiful. 🙂

  25. Logically it makes sense to go for the traditional or the shoulds, but your soul knows. I spent many years in a career where I wondered if this was it, is this what success looks like, busy, busy joyless blah. When I stepped into the direction of starting my own coaching business, my heart sang. There still continues to be the cross roads of traditional and safe, I do pause and gut check, but each time my heart leads me away from it and keeps me on this path. I’m still working the 9-5, where I’ve cut back on my days and communicated my desire for a transition plan with intention of leaving for good in ~2 years. THIS is happening.

  26. Welna du Toit

    Hi Marie.
    I’m a Life Skills facilitator to disadvantaged communities in Cape Town, South Africa. How do I build a sallary-earning career doing life skills training for people without money? For the past year I’ve been doing it for free, but I cannot do that any more. Advice will be very welcome thank you.

  27. Tay

    Everyone knows in their heart of hearts what is right for them.

    Honestly, when you are going the methodical, smart way about it, starting your own business is the SAFEST decision you can make.

    You rigorously test and survey your market (if it is truly your passion, this is easy to do because when you talk you light up, and others are attracting to helping this spirit)

    You pre-sell some service or product to find the people who are in the most pain, really believe in you, and you can work one-on-one to help. In exchange you get traction, testimonials, and faster feedback.

    Then you can launch something for a wider audience.

    Business, if you stop feeding your fears and listen to your heart, is the safest, most freeing thing a person can do when they have the option to do it.

    Release your fears, be strategic, and follow your heart. Your health, happiness and financial security will grow, while you bring to the planet your true gifts!

    Good luck!

  28. Nancy

    Love, love, love this topic! I’ve been there (two kids, serious illness, mountains of student debt, layoffs, no job, anxiety, depression, everyone else around me succeeding while I’m feeling left behind) The list goes on but this story has an unbelievably happy ending! I’m not at the finish line yet but I’m so loving the journey that I’m not sure I ever want to cross it anymore! One of the biggest things that helped was reading “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up” by Marie Kondo (it’s waaay more than just a cleaning book). When I changed my definition of success from seeking wealth to seeking abundance, everything changed! When I surrounded myself with pure joy, everything changed some more. Our mountain of debt is now a fun adventure that has put some spark back in our marriage , we’ve become way better parents and we’ve gone from chasing a dream to living it. I’m launching my dream business in the fall (which centres on this very topic!) and I’m living proof that you can most definitely follow your dreams without putting your family’s needs/security in jeopardy. So happy this topic is being discussed!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Love your positivity, Nancy, and congrats on your upcoming business launch! I’m so glad you shifted your definition of success to fit your values. We’re wishing you a super successful launch with your dream business and many years doing what you love.

  29. Anna

    Hi there,
    here is just a little idea or question:
    What is a so-called ‘safe path’?
    Maybe, you should consider that everything depends on your own definition…
    And, unfortunately, we people tend to hold on to ‘old beliefs’, like a ‘safe path’ means making money.
    But the first step do decide which path to follow is LISTENING TO YOUR OWN FEELINGS.
    So, as long as you do not feel right in your life, business,… there is no safe path!
    The right feeling is the issue that helps you to navigate and to find the right path, nothing else.
    Money is always the consequence, it is never going to be the other way round!
    So, with the right feeling you will always be strong enough to run your business and live your life of dreams successfully… and, finally, to make enough money!
    So, you should, at first never think about how to get as much money as possible in a very short time, no, you should meditate or pray (or something like this), and then you will be able to listen to the little voice inside of you.
    Then (afterwards!), you can start choosing the suitable path and you will never fail – instead, you will have so many opportunities to pick up the most wonderful flowers on each side ot the path – so to speak.
    And that doesn’t mean ‘only’ creating ways to make money, but also having great friendships, having fun, having a good and supportive life with a healthy target!
    By doing this, you will not just be happy on behalf of yourself, you will also contribute to the life of others in the best way which is imaginable!
    So, go for your dreams!

    Heartful greetings from Bavaria,

  30. I had to make this choice after college to help support my family. So I chose the path that was similar to my dream but not quite. I wanted to be a full time fine art painter and was winning accolades but needed to make a living so became a professional illustrator and graphic designer with my own business during the week and painted on weekends. Still being creative during the week which fed my soul but my passion was painting. I illustrated for editorial magazines and books all over the world & was successful bit still needed to paint. So in 2008 when everything went haywire in the U.S., I closed my business and started painting full time. My soul is complete now.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I love that you said “my soul is complete now.” That’s how you know you’re really on the right path. 🙂

  31. Marie – how do you manage to be so INCREDIBLY relevant?

    Thank you Christina for that question – it is something both I and so many of my friends who are debating leaving careers for the entrepreneur path.

    Something I have found has helped me ‘choose’ a path has been to focus on the feelings I want to have – both in short and long term… So many of my old wish lists were all about details – until I realized that all the details (like financial security, a certain title, etc.) meant NOTHING if I felt terrible. So I write notes about my ‘ideal day’ – and it is filled with how I feel at each moment. I like words like, ‘pleased, fulfilled, content, gentle’… That’s helped me come up with the path I’m on now – multiple side jobs that are not my lifelong dream, but are still enjoyable – AND incubating and working on my biggest, highest, most authentic voice.

    THANK YOU, Marie – for mentioning that it took you so long to get things going. It always feels reassuring when I hear you talk about the gradual and slow beginnings.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Focusing on your feelings is so important, Stefanie, so I’m glad you’re doing that. Marie is definitely an advocate of starting small since there’s no such thing as a real “get rich quick” plan. I think you’ll especially like this episode of MarieTV on starting small:

      • Thank you Mandy! I saw that episode – it’s one of my favorites!

  32. Rebecca Gotink

    Thank you so much for this one. Safe path feels like certain death of joy and excitement for life to me. And a route so commonly taken by many. Even to the point people become sick and unhappy with their lives. Not so long ago I started working as my own boss and I am loving it. It makes me feel more alive and empowered. Thank you for your steady flow of encouragement. Such an inspiration. Thank you again and lots of love from the Netherlands.

  33. I’m in the wedding industry and would love to help Christina. I can especially help with networking her with other wedding vendors. How can we connect?

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You’re so sweet, Christie! I hope Christina will see your comment and reach out.

  34. I look at the worst case scenario when trying to decide which path to take.

    In 2013 I bought a cheap peice of property in Hawaii sight unseen – in fact I had never even been to Hawaii before. My plan was to build a treehouse as a vacation rental, if it rented 8 days a month at my asking price I wouldn’t need to get a normal job. The worst
    Case scenario I figured was no one rents it & I have a vacation home in Hawaii for family & friends. I could live with that. Pretty much immediately it was book solid & I can run it remotely from my home in Idaho while going on work vacations to maintain it.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      How wonderful, Kristie! A super cool business and a vacation spot too. NICE. 🙂

  35. I went to art school in the 70s then returned to finish my BFA at 56….not the safe path but the soul satisfying journey that’s resulted in having a creative purpose in life that isn’t my career but my business.

    I’ve seen so many take that “safe path”. They are sad, unsatisfied and lost.

    • Yes yes yes – I need to be reminded of this so I dont become another cog in the wheel!

  36. Hi Marie,

    Thanks again for sharing your story, so inspiring. I love it!

    Four years ago I decided to walk the risky path of entrepreneurship to become able to help my loved ones. It’s not easy, a huge learning process, but I love every bit of this.

    Moving forward, sometimes two steps forward, one step back, but it’s still forward 🙂

    And, I like to admit one thing, a bit off the topic:
    You gave us this 10 Minutes guided meditation, but I started with it on a daily basis just last week (not before). I have saved it on my pc and forgot about that… But now I am listening to it every morning and – I love it. Thank you so much, Marie 🙂

    Peace & Love,

    • thanks for reminding me sometimes it is a step forward and then two back – time to re-look and regroup my trajectory.

      • Yes, Kelly, exactly!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re loving the journey of being in business for yourself and I’m happy to hear you’ve started meditating too! It’s wonderful that you’re starting your day in such a peaceful way. 🙂

      (And here’s the link to the episode with Marie’s downloadable meditation for anyone who wants it:

      • Thanks, Mandy, you are AWESOME 🙂

  37. Karen

    Thank you so much! I really needed this today. It made me realize that I’ve taken what I thought was the “safe path” all of my life (mainly because it was how I was brought up) and I’ve lost a lot because of it, including my health. This is one of the answers to my questions. Thanks again.

  38. Boy, oh boy, do I know about this. And I’m still struggling with it (although I hate saying that as it only keeps me stuck – so universe, let me slide here ;-)). I’ve been on the “safe” path my entire life, even though I’ve always known I was destined for something bigger. What that “bigger” was I had no idea. For nearly ten years I worked full time while going through college (the last 2.5 years was for my bachelor’s and I was taking on a full school workload while working full time). This took nearly all my free time and gave me the reward of student debt. After graduating in legal studies I couldn’t find work as a paralegal so I thought I would try to become a writer. So I learned everything about the publishing industry and writing young adult fiction and stayed at it for a few years (still while working full time). After receiving rejection after rejection on a manuscript I poured my heart into, I decided to call it quits with the writing (come to find out I wasn’t all that passionate about it after all). So then I decided to marry my love of the islands with a previous passion for fashion and “started” a tee-shirt company. Poured my heart into, learned what I could, and failed miserably (apparently the tee-shirt market is over-saturated; I would’ve known this had I done more research). And with this venture I lost $10,000 in inventory too (and ended up donating all those shirts – ouch). Needless to say, I was burned out on all this extra work, and hubby really had enough too.

    So after a break I got back into art, which I had loved in high school, and found I still love. So naturally I want to try to make a go of this as a business but utterly, completely burned out on making tremendous effort, and I’m really hesitant to invest a whole lot of money into it based on previous experience (as is the hubby). While my day job pays extremely well and is relatively easy, it’s sucking my soul dry. So I find myself torn at the moment (at 44 years old) as to whether to stay the safe path with the day job while working on the art on the side or make a real go of it. Sigh…

    So thank you Marie for today’s video. It helps me to put perspective on the situation. 🙂

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so glad you’re getting back into art and following your passions. I’m sorry to hear some of your past ventures didn’t turn out as you’d hoped. I know it can be really tough when you’re staring down this fork in the road, so in addition to this video, I also wanted to share another episode of MarieTV where Marie is discussing a similar situation: You have some incredible gifts to share with the world and your past experiences have taught you a lot. We’d love to see you following your dreams!

  39. I can definitely relate to everything in this video. I had been teaching for 21 years and was established in my school, had benefits, and the security of the job. Without going into a lot of detail, it became evident that the politics involved with administration and some of the unrealistic expectations that were being placed on workload, I was afraid I would not only grow to hate what I loved, but that I would become a resentful and unhappy person.

    Prior to making this decision to leave education, I had been working with a personal coach, and participating in a lot of self development courses. I became a trained personnel or life coach myself, and began asking a lot of questions as to what I really wanted to do. For me, having a personal coach and someone that I could not only bounce ideas off of, but who would offer a perspective that I couldn’t really see, was incredibly helpful.

    I recall very clearly the coaching conversation that we had and the day that I finally decided that I was going to resign as a music teacher at my school, and pursue running my own community choir business as if it was yesterday, and it is almost 6 years ago now. It has not been without challenges, and I am looking at other possible business interests. Something was just talking to me and said that I had to get out. I am still searching for some clarity on exactly what I would like to do and I feel great angst about it at times. I signed up for B- school last year and I’m so glad that I did! Due to the passing of my stepfather and various challenges, I was not able to finish the course last year but I am very much looking forward to re-engaging and finishing it this year! There’s no one ‘right’ answer. But there is definitely a choice that does not feel life-giving and is your health and long term wellbeing worth sacrificing? Working with a coach or mentor can be super helpful!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear your stepfather passed away, Lisa. We’re sending lots of love and healing wishes your way. We’d be honored if you joined us again this year as an alum, as we’d love to support you on your business journey.

  40. Jan

    too funny! I used to iron money in the t-shirt press at the clothing store that I worked at as a teenager ;). My grandmother used to give me a crisp, brand new bill in my birthday card every year…it felt like ‘special’ money. To this day I love crisp, new money…it reminds me of her love and I treat it with greater respect. You, Marie, are the ONLY other person I’ve ‘met’ who ironed money! Love it! Thank you xo

  41. I am in the middle of switching from one career to another so this resonates with me. I spend a lot of time thinking about my responsibility to my kids and my husband. I started my masters in teaching not knowing when the time would be right and then an opportunity to teach fell in my lap. It was going to be hard to leave my old job but the chance was too good. My husband actually ended up pushing me and telling me I could not miss it. So I went for it.

    • How lucky you are to have a loving a supportive partner~wonderful.

  42. I chose the safe path after working so hard at growing my business – I am in debt but I have carved out a time to inspire my dreams with a mastermind group and re-doing B school. Thanks for reminding me Marie~

  43. My safe path is my full time job as a speech therapist and I am building my health coaching business which I love.
    My speech therapist job is getting a little bit overwhelming , working full time , and having the kids , and the household etc… which has been affecting my health and stress levels. It is important to take a risk at some point but I think I don’t have enough faith to trust the flow of life . I am sure once I let go of the job, more opportunities in the health coaching business will arise. I am working on myself though , I am working of trusting the flow of life.
    Thank you Marie, this was a great video.

  44. Ashley Noelle

    Hi Marie,

    I get lost in despair over this very issue.

    In 2012, I declared I would never go back to retail so I could devote my time to Coaching. Since then, I have not developed the system to do this. And everyday seems more and more daunting. There’s no money. I’m getting older- it feels like groundhog day. Now, I entertain the pursuit of a degree in a conventional school setting. I’m lost.

    Your video reminded me of what I set out to do. I wouldn’t be this emotional if it didn’t mean something great to me.

    Thanks again Marie.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Ashley, I can tell you have a big heart and want so badly to help others. We’d love to see your coaching business grow and thrive. If you feel like B-School is a good fit, we’d love to have you. Feel free to write to us with questions at [email protected]. In the meantime, I think you’ll get a lot of inspiration out of Marie’s interview with Elizabeth Gilbert: We’re cheering you on!

      • Ashley

        Wow, Mandy. Thank you for spending time replying to my comment. I am considering B-School. Marie’s from my home state- she reminds me of the east coast spirit I miss so much. Hustle. Spunk. Drive.

        Thanks for the video recommendation Mandy.

  45. Lisa

    I love these videos every week and I love you. Thank you so much!

  46. I really resonated with this subject! Right now I am as broke as I have ever been, yet I’m determined to create my business A Vibrant Balance, to help people bring balance back into their lives through nutrition, movement and a solid spiritual practice. Many days I wake up wondering where the money will come from and will I succeed and if I do will I still love what I’m doing?

    So, thank you for reminding what is important – my real desire – helping people and in turn my own growth.

  47. Great advice as usual Marie! I’m just starting year 2 as a full-time intuitive artist. 2015 was year 1 with B-School and building my website.

    It took me 25 years of doing it part time (with a few years of studying photography and visionary art in there) before committing to it. It’s still not really viable – I need to get that marketing module working more than I have so far. But I’m committed to learning how to do that.

    The way I was able to gradually make it happen, however, is because my career as an English as a Second Language teacher at the university level allowed me to travel around the world and across Canada doing something else I loved until my art’s call was way stronger than the teaching. I was also blessed to eventually find an ESL program that didn’t involve teaching writing (saving me 15 hours of correction a week) and started mid-afternoon. Being a morning person, I put in an 8-hour workday on my art before going to teach. But when that only became a paycheck, I took the plunge into full-time art.

    So am I feeling safe? I’ve been fortunate in terms of managing my life debt-free and I don’t have dependents. It makes a huge difference. I’ve also manifested a great and affordable place to live and live within my means. So no frills these days, but no complaints either.

    I’m doing what I love – AND I’m looking forward to my 2nd round through B-School to get this amazing foundation I’ve built off the ground.

    I agree – do what you love, but find a way do it that won’t push you off a cliff. Everyone’s different. Just keep on climbing to new heights and enjoy both the journey and the scenery.

  48. I feel like this came at the perfect time! A year after leaving my safe career in child welfare (ha!) to take care of my two foster/grandsons with special needsmy EI has run out and I can either return to work, where I won’t be available for the boys multiple appointments each week or keep plugging away at what I love which is blogging. I started a second site this year to support families caring for kids with the same issue (FASD) and plan to start a third. What complicated all of it is I’m now being forced to decide to adopt or risk losing the boys who have been with me since birth. With adoption the boys lose their funding and daycare which leave me back at the beginning and unable to return to my sucky, soul draining career. My family think I’m nuts but I’m about to the plug here in Canada and take the boys on the road for a year and write about it. I’m terrified and terrified is good. It’s time to kick suburbia and social work in the butt. Great video and perfect timing! #scared #doitanyway

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      You have such a beautiful spirit, Jenna, and I can tell you want to give your boys the best life ever. We’ve got our fingers crossed things will go as planned and all three of you will be able to live a life you love.

  49. This is SO timely for me and I LOVE it. Particularly the mention of how soul-crushing it can be to do something you hate (or to abandon a dream that you have). I did B-School last year and it was amazing! I still have a ways to go for the business I desire(love the reminder that it took you 7 years!). And, in fact I’m not even sure where exactly it’s going (more coaching, speaking, or writing) but I’m IN. It lights me up and challenges me all at once. Thank you!

  50. Alli

    Sometimes there doesn’t have to be a black and white decision between a business you think is safe (at least financially speaking) and enjoyable. In the case of Christina, something to think about is doing some select legal cases (to start, ones to make money) while starting up the wedding related business, then moving on to picking and choosing her legal cases, then eventually dropping the legal cases all together as the wedding related business becomes profitable. I have 2 parts to my business and that’s exactly what I did. I first took assignments that weren’t all that thrilling, to then picking and choosing my clients in that arena, to surprisingly keeping that part of my business but only for select clients and then growing the other aspect of my business that wasn’t going to be profitable right out of the gate.

  51. Over two years ago I quit a very good government job as it was draining the life out of me. They had decided to move the office very far from where I live so I left.

    Unfortunately, things didn’t pan out like I had hoped and after 6 months I had to find a part-time job. However, I don’t regret any of it. I had the most personal growth occur during those 6 months I took for myself.

    Now I am faced again with a similar decision and I do not fear to make the changes needed to follow my dream. Of course, I have learned that it’s always better to align your ducks in a way that feel safe enough and then take the plunge.

  52. Sue

    Love “Choose the Safe Path or Follow Your Dreams”. Excellent advice about health being affected by happiness!

  53. Anna

    Yes very timely.
    I’ve started several small businesses that went nowhere fast, leaving me with debt and to pick up pieces of my confidence, and start again.
    Every one of those businesses was based on what makes money now in the market = safe.
    Finally I took a job to get some financial flow going = safe.
    A year later I got a flu for the first time in years. My body just couldn’t let me keep doing it.
    I gave my notice and starting from scratch, again, but now I am letting what I love to do guide me into my next venture.

    Thanks Marie!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      So glad you’re letting your passions guide you on your journey, Anna! We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for you. 🙂

  54. This is probably one of the best videos/messages ever! This is such a conundrum for so many people; including myself. Here’s my story, I was in Healthcare for many years, and liked many aspects of my job, the things I learned about myself as a leader, person, but what I learned most is that I needed the freedom to execute my OWN ideas. There is a quote that says “either you have your own plan, or you are a part of somebody’s else’s plan.” Long story short, I am now doing what I love, and was created to do. No, I don’t make the money, yet, that I once did, but I’m betting I will exceed what I once made, and be the happiest, and more fulfilled, and that I believe is PRICELESS!

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      YES, Danielle! Keep up the incredible work!

  55. Amanda

    I was so curious to hear what Marie had to say about this topic. She’s passionate yet realistic. About a year ago I made a commitment to become a full time artist. Although I am pursuing my dream, I’m not putting all of my financial eggs into one basket. I loved that Marie touched on this. You don’t have to rely on your dream for financial security right away. I’m working 2 jobs while I still pursue my art career, and I feel like every minute at those other jobs is worth it. I’m paying off my loans and saving money. That takes the pressure off of me as an artist and allows me to have more fun with my art career. I appreciate Marie’s honestly about her working multiple jobs and living on a budget. Although time (and money) is tight now, I know all of this hard work is worth it.

  56. Bethany

    I think Marie is right! Every business requires a lot of work to start and if it’s not something your heart is in, it will really take a toll on you. A law practice doesn’t necessarily make any money right away. B-School would help a lawyer who is excited about starting up a practice as much as a wedding planner. There really is no “safe” in starting your own business either. It’s best to have a plan whatever you choose! Again, B-School and enthusiasm is your best bet! (My stepfather had his own law practice for most of his life and loved it.)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Bethany! And you’re so right—everyone’s path is different and “safe” is an illusion. We’re thrilled you’re a B-Schooler, too!

  57. Great question and great advice Marie!

    Six years ago I had to choose between the safe path or the inspirational path. I was stuck in a role that I hated and dreamed of changing my life by setting up my own business.

    I knew a new venture would be risky and I was worried about giving up my safe, regular income to take the plunge into the unknown. After all there were no guarantees that my own business would make enough to pay the bills each month.

    I gave it a lot of thought and then realised that the real danger lay in sticking with the safe path. I knew I might never be at that particular crossroads in my life again and that by choosing what was safe, I was risking my future happiness.

    I decided to go for it and started working on my business plan, portfolio and website in my spare time while I was still employed. As soon as I secured my first couple of clients, I handed in my notice and started working full-time for myself.

    Six years on and I’m happier and more fulfilled than ever. I’m so glad I took a risk and would encourage anyone else to do the same.

    • I appreciate what I think is your highly intelligent choice as you state that “the real danger lay in sticking with the safe path.” A brilliant act of courage. Bravo. Peace and Love. @JoreJjZ

  58. Sorry but I disagree
    There is always an option of taking what you get and trusting it towards what you like
    When I got into my business I was lost but now slowly I have brought it close to the way I want it to be.. I am not scared to press my way forward .. I guess it’s important to be true to yourself.. Do what you have to and either trust it towards or so what you like in your free time

  59. Perfect timing, and perfect inspiration for where I am in my life.

  60. Also, people can see through you if you are not doing something you feel passionately about. If you are following your dreams people feel that energy and are attracted to you!

    I get it because I’m currently living on the cheap and I’ve racked up a lot of debt because I am following my passion, but at the end of the day, despite that debt, I am happy because I am doing what I love.

  61. I cried watching this video because it connected me with what I am just living right now. Thank you

  62. Hi Marie, thank you so much for this episode. It spoke deep to my heart as I am in this situation now. I have a dream to have a fashion brand with hand-painted silk scarves but I keep having those thoughts that I can only make money if I make an online e-course for another business idea. I get guidance from so many people that I should work on my scarf brand but I seem not letting myself do that as deep inside I’m afraid it’s too risky. Any suggestions would be so helpful, I feel that I’m holding myself from the biggest dream and life because of this financial fear.

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Marie encourages people to start a business around doing what they love, so if your passion is hand-painted silk scarves, we’d love to see you do that! Of course, there are people whose businesses are selling online courses (like Marie), but if they have to be passionate about what they’re doing to be successful. As Marie mentioned in the video, it’s never a good idea to start a business just to make money, so if you’re not feeling called to create online courses it’s best to focus on what you love.

  63. K Michel

    I’m constantly finding myself teetering between what makes me money currently and my desire to start a business using my talents and passions. When I think about walking away from the money options, I get scared. When I think about the business idea, I get so excited. My business has been living in my head for over 8 years now…

    With a family that relies on my income, how do you choose to finally take the leap?

    • HI K Michel! I saw this shout out and couldn’t help but reply. Honestly, the best way to choose is not to look at it initially as a choice between one or the other. Starting a business (depending on what kind it is, but especially if it’s online) is like eating an elephant – you take it one step at a time. You can easily start out by working on it in your spare time.

      But admittedly, you have to make it a priority in your life. Your happiness and your sanity (not to mention what you are teaching your children about life and love and earning a living) IS a priority. If you’re dying from depression, you’re not much good to any of the people you love. 😉 So you can start by carving out some time to learn what it would take to start your business, and then working at it step by step. I’m sure there are some areas in which you spend your time that you could divert to doing this kind of work.

      And the exciting thing is… it’s exciting!! It’s a totally blast. And the truth is, if this idea has been in your head already for eight years, it ain’t going away. Something is calling you. And there will always be a reason not to listen. So listen now!

      If you would like to talk to someone about it, I’m actually in this kind of business – teaching people how to create a life that they love, without completely destroying the life they currently have. If you’re interested, have a look at my website. I’d be delighted to talk to you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      K Michel, you’re not alone in wondering about this at all. Sometimes it’s about continuing with your job to keep food on the table, but pushing hard in your off-time to go for your dreams.

      Marie shares some wonderful and honest insight around this and her beginnings (with 3 jobs!) in this episode:

  64. Siobhan

    This episode is totally relevant to my current situation/a decision I have to make, and I’m edging ever closer to the inspirational choice, but it’s a huge financial and time commitment with very low chance of success… Statistically.
    I can either stay in my current, well paid, relatively stress-free job that doesn’t challenge me, or… I can train part time to become a barrister/advocate. Places are very limited and the competition is hardcore. But what IF…!

  65. This was very good advice and information. I too have wanted to walk away from my job and concentrate on educating myself on Social Media and Marketing & Advertising. I am developing my brand and trying to determine exactly what my message is as well as my God-given purpose. I’m so full of ideas… At times I feel so sure but at other times I think I need to narrow it down. I understand that you should never start a business to make money… I know I have to be willing to help and give… However, it takes money to do that so I keep working my full time job and try to do the both. I love listening to your videos and I really need to be in B School. However, I’m enrolled at Strayer University earning a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in HR. Funny thing is.. I don’t want to work in HR anymore. LOL Fear keeps me playing it safe but my heart tells me my joy and fortune will come from my writing.. Trying to figure it out… Thanks for you insight…

  66. YES!!!!!!! This is my favorite MarieTV episode so far, perhaps because the timing is so perfect!

    For years my husband and I took the safe route with our business, in an area we were great at, but it wasn’t our life long passion. We focused on what we liked about the business and the income was great as our kids were growing, but we always knew it was the safe path…

    On the side we started businesses that were our passion, but they always stayed as side projects because we didn’t devote the time to them due to our other business.

    This year we realized that our lives are passing us by, we are not doing what we love or are around our kids as much as we wanted, so we made the bold decision to follow our hearts, dreams and passions!!!!

    Starting this spring we are taking a “Gap Year”. An entire year to step away from the safe path, follow our hearts, travel with our kids and live the life we know is possible. We are so excited!!!!!!!

    I used to drag myself out of bed at 8am and for the last month I have been getting up at 5am everyday, ready to go!

    It is taking a ton of work to get everything in place and launch our “new” businesses into full-time businesses, but it is so rewarding!!!

    Thanks for the enthusiastic reminder that we are indeed on the right path – the inspiring path!

    • I have always “rationalized” as I follow the heart path, that love is the most powerful force in the universe and therefore the most capable of providing the safety we think we are giving up to follow it.

      • Chelsea - Team Forleo

        And JoreJj, love, love your words. They’re perfect.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Summer, we’re THRILLED this episode was so perfectly timed to encourage your decision.

      Your Gap Year sounds amazing, and we hope you’ll keep us posted on how things are going.

      Safe and happy traveling adventures!

  67. I did this four years ago — quit a standard job that made a good salary in order to follow my dream of being a novelist. Oy. Talk about taking a risk! But my family was behind me, and my standard job was severely effecting my health negatively. It’s been a slow build up, but is now starting to gain momentum. For my health and happiness, best decision I ever made. Financially…well, I’m getting there. But we haven’t starved and we have a roof over our heads, so it’s all good. 😉

  68. I had many shifts in thinking listening to this talk. One in particular was near the end during the discussion around creativity. I love the idea of being in love with your creative process *while you’re creating*, making it the most important thing ever, AND, then realizing once it’s done, it needs to not matter at all. My coach Nancy Levin said something like this – I’m paraphrasing, but it was pretty close to this. “If your worth isn’t attached to your success or failure, then what do you have to lose?” In other words, create and then let go of the outcome of how it will be received. Loved the baby analogy too….so many really helpful points. Thank you Marie and Liz!

    • Love this Chris, thank you for sharing…totally using this today!!

  69. Kelsey

    I had to choose between the safe path or the inspiring path. Up until having to choose, I ran and avoided it like no other but God brought people into my life during the right time to help push me forward and to do what I have been placed on this Earth to do. Thank you for this Q&A. Actually, thank you for all of them. Thank you for following your bliss, Marie.

  70. June Kellogg

    Hi Marie, YOU ARE AMAZING !

    This feedback was just what I was looking for today, and I AM
    soooooo grateful I clicked on the video right away. Sometimes I wait to watch…blah blah blah


    June Kellogg

  71. Thanks for this video. There is a system for using the regular playing cards to help find out about what you are born with, and your destiny path and so on. In that system the 7 of Spades known as the card of faith and the most magical, mystical card in the deck comes with this advice to activate it’s particular powers:

    “Pick the biggest dream you can find, and hold it until it comes true.”

    I think that the biggest dream a person can find is certainly going to be the inspiring path, and if something is being presented in terms of a choice then I want to say that the 7 of Spades in general theory and I can tell you in practice of doing just what it calls for myself, is both truly amazing beyond the boundaries of any limitations, or at least to those kinds of limits and YES it is very challenging. It’s part of the nature of that kind of path that one has to be willing to be challenged to the max. But a challenge is something that CAN be met and become part of the amazing lifestyle we manifest that we once found to be the most inspiring dream of all. Dream, offer, possibility, choice. Synonyms in this case.
    Peace and Love,

  72. Bravo! Outstanding thoughts and advice.

  73. I have consistently chosen the safe path in my career. Ever since I graduated university in 2010, I found it was a lot harder to take risks. As a student it was easier for me to take risks (living abroad, for instance, which is my dream, and always traveling when I could). I always took these little risks because I knew I’d return back home.

    Since then, I have been choosing the safe path mostly, and I hate it so much. It has ruined my soul and endangered my health. I am currently struggling to get on the inspiring path, because I’m a very idealistic and inspired person who has been beaten down by “the real world” which is filled with people who — I feel — aren’t “dreamers.” As much as I am insecure about finances and deathly afraid of being poor or going into debt, the voice in my head is getting louder and louder, saying, “The safe path isn’t so safe anymore.” It simply doesn’t feel good. The only thing I can say that was good about the safe path was financial security — that is, until I got laid off from my job last September.

    I often try to make a side hustle work, but am so drained from my current 9-5 (even though I get to work from home twice a week) that I don’t have a lot of time or energy to devote to it.

    Just putting my feelings out there. This video almost made me cry because it hits so close to home, because I have been thinking about this question for the past few months every day.

    • I can totally relate E.P. I’ve been side hustling for too long. This is probably the first time in my life that I haven’t had a side hustle. I do a few things on the side but they flow seamlessly with my business, they’re easy, they require almost no effort for me, except to be myself and be passionate about what I’m already passionate about and they also take up very little time for me. I was struggling to succeed in my business because I didn’t have enough time to put into it and I’m so happy now that I do.

      I have experienced the health and overwhelming stress that comes along with trying to do so many things, and I found that it’s so detrimental to our whole life landscape. The way I was treating myself in terms of work was so much of a habit that I was also allowing people to treat me the same way (a total lack of boundaries) and my entire life was affected by essentially “selling my soul”. Things got so bad for me I had to take an entire year off of everything and I simply educated myself on how to get myself out of that slump and reeducated myself in my field and basically reset my negative patterns and habits.

      I hope no one else has to take an entire year off to get centered again, but everyone gets to a place where you have to choose yourself over your ideals/goals/insecurities. If we go too long rejecting our true selves that’s when the real danger comes in. I was lucky I was able to move on past my situation, some don’t get that luxury.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      E.P., thank you so much for sharing this here. We’re honored that this episode touched a chord deep within, and that you’re in the process of taking care of yourself and following what’s in your heart. It can be hard to recognize in the midst of it all when we’ve put ourselves in a place that’s wearing on us, so good for you for reflecting and changing things.

  74. Cristina

    I am living in a limbo situation… I quit my full time well paid job long time ago because I hate what I was doing since my motivations were based only on money and some weak interest.
    Things are that anyway I don’t have any strong passion to go for a business but still I have my needs for money to satisfy. I know that I cannot go back and work only for money since I will be quitting again….
    Should I risk anyway and go for whatever appear on my way even if is not that strong just to avoid a miserable life ?

    interesting Q&A Maria!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Cristina, totally hear where you’re coming from. A few MarieTV episodes besides this one instantly came to mind while I was reading your words. I’m including the links to those below. It sounds like from what you said that getting your basic needs met now to give yourself some space to dream and work on what you love could be a wonderful thing.

      Here’s those episodes for you!

      • Cristina

        Chelsea thank you I found all the links very interesting and inspiring.
        In particular the second one for which I have a question….maybe more..

        As emerged in the comments after the video, it appears that passion is fluid. But if this is the case, how can we base a serious and profitable business that require a long lasting effort and a lots of resources on this fluidity ? Is this a reason why there aro so many serial entrepreneurs that set up a business and exit strategy to allow them to jump to another venture few years later once they get bored? Is this bridge-enterprising a new “thing” to go for?

        • Caroline - Team Forleo

          You bring up some great questions, Cristina! I do think it’s more popular and acceptable these days to hop from business to business, or from job to job. Not everyone does that, and it might not be the right fit for everyone, but there’s a lot less social “stigma” around job hopping than there used to be. If being fluid and following multiple passions really lights you up, go for it!

          That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good to business or job hop just because we get bored sometimes though … even the job or business of our dreams has challenging or boring times, or even times when we just want to quit.

          The way I look at it is that making a commitment to the effort required to create a serious, profitable business comes down to a combination of being really clear on your why, and the willingness to keep going when things aren’t rosy. If you have a strong connection to WHY you’re doing something (passion, giving back, family, etc), that can help carry you through tough times.

          For more on the willingness to keep going, definitely check out this great episode we did with Elizabeth Gilbert: Among the other great insights in that episode, her concept of “sh*t sandwiches” is really important. There are ALWAYS annoying/difficult/boring things about any business or job, no matter how much we love it, so it’s about finding something that you love enough to accept the “sh*t sandwiches” that go along with it!

    • I believe you can put the time and energy into finding out what is next for you by believing deep down you know what you need to do…you simply need to be quiet enough to listen to it. By quiet I mean, don’t tell yourself what you need to do, don’t go doing things you think you should do. But do search and explore different options and allow yourself the opportunity to feel most connected to something…and once you find that, commit to it, make plans, make goals, get educated, get help…getting help is the most important part.

  75. I made this choice 4 years ago. I had been a speech-language pathologist and knew that I could go back to a career in that industry and ‘make money’ but it was no longer what I WANTED. Instead, I started my own travel agency and I have been so happy! I love planning honeymoons for couples and helping people make memories with their families! I agree, if you are doing what you love, it will all work out!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Buffy, love your story — good for you!

  76. Elizabeth

    Hi Marie,

    I enjoyed your video, you are so inspiring. I struggle with these situations often because I worry of the impact on my family.

    I have a small successful business, which I am proud of but honestly am ready for a new challenge. I earn good money and love my schedule now.

    My dilemma is I may have the opportunity to work in the human services field for less money and not a great schedule, traditonal 9 -5 Monday to Friday, (now I work 40 hours in 4 days, which i love) but something I have wanted to try for a long time and believe it is where I am meant to be.
    If this were a year from now I would jump at the change, but my daughter is having our first grandchild in the summer and taking a new job would impact my ability to spend time with her when the baby is born. She lives about 3 hours away with her husband. She also will be working every other weekend after she returns to work, making it more difficult to spend time with them.
    As a mother, we, I have sacrificed professionally when my children were young and now struggle with the impact of my career on my grandchild and future grandchildren. Do other women struggle with this? Family comes first, I believe, but not sure if I am looking at this from the best lense.
    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Elizabeth, I’m sure your heart will guide you here and I’m so glad you watched this episode as a lens for looking at the options. Sometimes, life has ways of bringing unexpected balance, and it might not be so black and white as one vs. the other here.

      Also, have you seen our episode on working Moms and balance? Here’s the link for you — it’s a good one:

      Congrats on the grandbaby on the way, and we’re sending huge blessings for the perfect path to be come clear to you.

  77. Hey Marie… choosing the safe path does affects your health and I exactly suffered with the same issue when I was doing an admin job to collect money to start my own business.. I knew I am doing it for a limited time period and as soon as I am done with the enough finance I will quit the job and will start the business but in those 5 months I was all drained up and health went down so badly.. there wasnt enough money to start my business but I was done with that job because my creative side was somewhere killed because of the daily routine job.. So I decided not to kill any more time and quit the job.. and decided to start working for my own business.. made plans for 3 months but it did’nt worked out because I lost my uncle into an accident and all of sudden the environment changed.. and that made me realy take a look at myself and my inner life.. because my uncle left my aunty and her two little daughters alone and they suffered badly.. my entire plans changed and I worked harder and finally managed to create my own online shop and inspired my aunt to start her own offline general store.. she is uneducated but still she showed courage and now she is making more than me per day.. I made only 5 sales in my first month and those were my friends buying the stuff but still it meant a lot to me because this is what I love.. and its true that loving what you do wether its risky or sounds non profitable in the beginning.. It will make sense one day with your valued efforts.. thank you ssoo much for inspiring us dear.. We all love you .. xxxx

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Aasifa, your bravery, determination, and spirit completely come through in that story you just shared. There’s no doubt you’re 100% following your heart and soul and on the right track. It’s lovely that you’re inspiring your sweet family too.

      Thank you for sharing this with us.

  78. Great video Marie. I started my business to follow my passion as a stylist. now i work as a business coach and have published 9 books on amazon. It is so important to follow your passion and work from alignment. Or else what’s the point. money will come when you are clear on your message. Work on that!

  79. I’ve been struggling with this particular issue for about 10 years. I’ve always focused on “putting in the time to do my inspiring business” but I have also often been too busy doing the other things to put much time in and what I’ve finally learned is that if there is something you’re meant to do, everything else that you try to do that goes against that will fall apart and leave you back in the place you started.

  80. Marie – thanks so much for this video. You inspire me! I have started to create a business that I LOVE…I am working on my coursework to become a nutritional health coach — a passion of mine to learn and share about health. I have watched you for over a year and you have been a part of the inspiration for me to jump into this! I am so very excited to become what I believe I was created to be! I want to help others improve their lives – I also have to say that when I discuss what vlogs/websites, etc that I like and use to inspire me — MarieTV is it! I can’t be a Marie Forleo — but I will be the best version of Beth I can be! Blessings – bp

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      The best version of Beth is the perfect one to be. xoxo

  81. At 17 I knew I wanted to be an artist, but didn’t believe it was a “safe” choice. In January, after a 40 year fashion career I became a full time artist & I’m thrilled. It’s very exciting & I’m free & financially able to do it because I’ve been painting & exhibition my artwork the past 20 years as well as designing & teaching. The fashion career & teaching worked for me because they are creative areas which I also enjoyed. It’s important to be true to ourselves; in any case what we are will always rise to the surface, no matter how long it takes.

  82. Sarah

    I have a been working on developing my textile business for the past few years. My caregiving obligations to my parents are finished and I can focus on moving forward.
    Tuesday I leave for SE Asia to buy silk and to start my first designs for production. I am totally broke, in debt, my family isn’t speaking to me.
    I more excited about life and the journey than I have been in years and, truth be told, if I succeed or fail, no matter. I’m taking the risk.

    Thank-you Marie for your words.

  83. Making the decision between safe & soul is always a tough one but I have to say that being a BSchool alumni I know the benefits of having a business with soul!

    I just launched my new business and it’s got SO MUCH Soul & Passion that I can barely sit still long enough to write thise!

  84. Thank you Marie! I am juggling the motherlode as a single mom (widow) with 3 kids, my day job and the dream to create my own business. I’ve spent the past 5 years with a deep desire to use my story to help other women in devastating circumstances. I dream that together, we’ll figure out how to use the experience as a starting point to create the next chapter in the epic novel that will be their life. One that they will be proud of and love to be in. All this time, I have a million different reasons/excuses not to proceed with my dream. Too busy. Kids need me. No time. Too tired. On and on. Last fall, I started graduate school to earn a certificate that would allow me to continue doing the job I’m already doing. For the exact same money. You heard that right. More schooling and expense to do the SAME work for the SAME pay. 3 weeks ago I woke up and realized, you can’t hold on to the same things and still move through the door to new opportunities. You have to let go of something to reach for something new! This is how I made my decision:
    1. Look at my priorities – Spiritual/Mental/Physical health, Kids/Family, Work, School. In that order.
    2. Acknowledge that my dream business will help with my spiritual/mental health and potentially take care of my kids/family
    3. I need my current job to provide for my kids/family and fund my dream business
    Result: school had to go and with it the security blanket of my not-dream job as a long-term solution. So, I dropped out!
    This has given me the time, freedom and motivation to pursue creating my business plan. I don’t know how it’s going to turn out. I’m scared out of my mind. But happy and so proud of myself for giving up comfortable to pursue amazing!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Wow, Jana — so excited for you!

    • Well thought out decision. You won’t regret this. All the best.

  85. Marie – Thank you so much for this content and for infusing it with the Street Fighter/Chun Li throwback. You are hilarious. You even got her winning bow. The personality you bring to this content is so hilarious. Can’t say enough.

  86. Fantastic message! It took me 5 agonizing years to decide to leave my corporate job for the unknown. That first time was the worst. Since then, I’ve completely left the known for the unknown several times, and it gets easier every time. Keep in mind that you will not only survive, but thrive! Especially if you offer your fears to God and keep going anyway. Good blessings to you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      LOVE that, Anna.

  87. Michelle

    This message could not have been more timely for me.

    I have a background in Career Counselling that I walked away from a few years ago after being laid off several times. I found a job that is more stable, but I feel like it is draining my energy. Over the years, people would come to me for help with resumes and career guidance and I would do it for free. Just knowing that I could help them was enough for me. This has always been a passion of mine and even though I am no longer in the field, I find myself reading articles and journals and finding ways to keep myself up to date.

    I have been working on a business plan that relates to my current line of work as I would much prefer having my own business, but for the past 2 weeks, I just can’t seem to motivate myself to work on it.

    While having coffee with my best friend this weekend, she said “Michelle, you don’t realize how much you light up when you talk about Career Counselling. This is what you should be doing, not that other thing!”. I know she is right. I guess I just couldn’t figure out how to turn it into a profitable business. Since then the lights have turned on. I know this is what I am meant to do. I even know what my niche market will be based on the people that I have been helping over the years.

    Thank you MarieTV. Your work is a true blessing <3

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Michelle, thank you so much for your kind words. We’re excited for you to have woken up to this realization about yourself and what lights you up.

      Keep us posted on how things are going 🙂

  88. This is such a great post. So many people struggle with what they *think* is safe, but it’s all an illusion. You can be let go from your job without warning. You could have a car accident and not be able to get to work. Your income-earning partner could disappear and leave you with nothing. There are so many ways that what we think is safe, is just utter crap! What is safe, is believing in yourself and knowing that no matter what you give your energy to, it will work out one way or another. It may not look the way you think it should or thought, but as long as you’re inspired by what you’re doing, you can’t help but be on the right path. You just have to TRUST that it’s going to be okay.

    Because the reality is, you’re already trusting now that the “safe” plan is actually safe. And it may not be. 😉 Trust yourself instead! It’s way more reliable.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Beautifully put, Heather.

  89. I followed the “safe” and very traditional path for many years. Now, at the age of almost 50 (although looking and feeling much younger ?) I am finally pushing past some fears and following my heart. But I have no regrets. By taking the safe route for so long, and seeing how that worked out for me, I know I am going to totally rock my new venture…using my blog to help women feel happy, healthy and hot!

  90. OMG! Marie, I so needed to see that today. It has inspired me in both my work and my personal life. It really does apply to my relationship too! I have always chosen the safe path and I have been miserable, depressed and sick just as you described. It’s time for me to choose the inspired path and I can’t wait to be living a life that lights me up! I’m ready and excited. Thank you so much xx

  91. Corina Vanana Valcan

    Yes Marie, loved the video, I consider this oppinion and even hope that you are on your way for the people, on the future many years along and who knows how you can teach and train them. So, just waiting for the next day and maybe even have a happy day together or smile together.

  92. Hi Marie – Love your posts and all of your vids. You give me a mentor as a small business owner built on sacred passion and as a female. You helped me be a success just through your vids! XO BethKaya

  93. I feel very lucky being able to continue working in a safe position, which I like, and get involved in my business project, which I’m very excited about. However, pursuing dreams and taking adult decisions might not always fit perfectly. I remember the great interview of Elizabeth Gilbert, when she said that you have to be sure that you can pursue your dream and still eat your s… sandwich.
    I think that most of the time, there are ways to explore if this “great business idea” will meet enough customers to make a life. So, smooth transition with a job you (still) like, that brings food to the table, and a new opportunity that you like, but don’t know if it’s only a dream, could be, when possible, the smartest choice…

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Absolutely, Eric! So glad you enjoyed the Elizabeth Gilbert episode too.

    • Excellent answer. I agree, if it is possible to make a balanced transition, that can be helpful. Can be frustrating at times as well and there is never enough time in the day to do both jobs but it does reduce financial stress in the short term.

  94. Thank you for this. I needed to see this. My business is very stressful, I’m a health coach and yoga instructor for terminally ill patients. It has never been about the money, at times I offer services at no cost to patients who would otherwise not be able to afford them. I want to change the focus of what I do and work with caregivers to show them how to better care for themselves and their loved ones but I have been afraid to take that plunge. Your message is very fitting for where I am.

  95. I’ve been a promotional writer for many years, and I like it, but what I love is listening to my client’s stories and then translating them into websites and blogs that tell stories.

    A few years ago I was challenged by a friend to teach storytelling. I started by doing live classes (still my favourite) but then was inspired to offer a video course. I made a bunch of mistakes, for sure, but my biggest mistake was not identifying this course’s true purpose — healing the past through storytelling so that students can write new life stories.

    Now that I get that, I’m on my way, and I feel the momentum growing. My husband has been my greatest supporter, and we’ve had to make some changes in our lives, but he wants to see me happy and helping people to heal through personal storytelling, makes me happy.

    So, would I recommend following what makes your heart light up? DEFINITELY! I am a writer by trade, but helping people to listen to, heal, and write from their hearts is what I am here to do. I get inspired every day by the incredible changes my students are making, and it makes it all worthwhile. I surely didn’t get into this business for the soul purpose of making money, but I feel the tide is turning, and the money is following as I trust and believe in what I’m doing.

    Oh, and, I’m ready for B-school to get the money flowing, because I finally get that I don’t need to be poor simply for the reason because I am a healer!

  96. Mel (Melissa)

    LOVE. Thank you for this episode today! So needed and such great timing with some shifts taking place right now – not a coincidence! Looking forward to another year of B-School!
    Deep Bow,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Mel, we’re so excited you’re diving back in with new shifts happening for you! See you in ‘School. 🙂 XO

  97. Sherry

    Hi Marie,

    I just quit my job to pursue building a business that I love. This was exactly what I needed to hear today as I’ve had some naysayer voices in my head the last few days. I agree that it is not about making money. It is about doing something that you love and sharing that with others. Thanks for all your awesome advice and videos. You are an inspiration!


    • Chris

      Good luck, Sherry! It might be tough, but you’ll be doing something you really want to do!

  98. Hi Maire,
    I truly feel that being stuck in a job that is “safe” can be bad for your health for I have experienced this personally! A few months ago I quit my secure spa job as a massage therapist to pursue my private massage therapy practice. Thanks to everything I have learned in bschool over the past three years I’m finally building the practice of my dreams! While that has been amazing on its own, I have also begun to experience myself living again. The layers of stress are starting to shed and I feel more of my spirit and creativity coming alive. This quote keeps ringing in my head lately:
    “I would like to spend the rest of my days in a place so silent–and working at a pace so slow–that I would be able to hear myself living.”
    ― Elizabeth Gilbert, The Signature of All Things
    My deepest gratitude,

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      yes yes yes!

      • Love that quote! Way to go, Carly!

  99. Vincent

    Hi Marie,

    I think in this case another alternative is also possible and is worth mentioning. How about both options? Or another mix of the two options… Why not starting as a lawyer in an existing firm and when enough money has been saved, start your dream business to organize Marriages 🙂

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Hi Vincent! There’s absolutely the possibility of doing both or some perfect mix of something else entirely. As we’ve discussed in other episodes, Marie is a huge fan of staying with a bridge job while you build your business, and it’s actually something she did to support herself at the beginning.

      In this episode, in speaking to somebody who’s right at the beginning of choosing a path, this was the angle Marie shared to encourage her to follow her heart, above all else, and not feel obligated to something she doesn’t feel a connection too. Everybody is on a unique path though, and we each have to attend to ours and help it unravel in the perfect way for us. Thanks for sharing and joining the conversation!

  100. Oh My Posh!

    My take on this Q/A Tuesday video may be slightly different than everyone else’s because of experiences I have had very recently… I’ve started a business that I love because of my passion to help and empower other women, to teach them that they DESERVE to be cared for and to take care of themselves. Ironically, I just last week felt driven to take a stand within my business and company because of things that were happening that didn’t align with my sense of morality and ethics. Agreeing with the position of the majority would have been so much easier than standing alone in the face of my peers. However, it would have violated everything I believe in as it relates to this situation.

    I wish I could say that everything turned out wonderfully and it was worth following my gut. But that still remains to be seen in the big picture. For today, I am trying to be content with staying true to what I believe is important and right for all the women I represent!

  101. Sometimes it’s not about the either/or of safe vs. inspiring. Sometimes it’s about finding where your safe path intersects your inspiring path. That’s a place that truly unique for you and the opportunity that you were made for.

  102. Lucy

    I recently made the decision to divorce my friend for the last 9 years. Silently for about 5 I have suffered due to lack of connection on an intimate level both physical and non. I kept wanting people to tell me what to do and the truth is when choosing between safety and following your heart and dreams it is often not clear and thus makes us feel uneasy. Hence Marie sends you in a good direction in her video but cannot tell you what to do exactly. So for this decision I had to just leap. I’m still falling and hope to land in a better place. Yes, safety feels comfy and nice but can also make you feel dead. I hope this helps someone. I know Marie said to leave comments about career or relationships.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much for sharing, Lucy. Sending all our best wishes your way, and knowing you WILL land in a better place. XO

  103. Wow. That is the best response I’ve heard to this dilemma that afflicts many of us. And it was articulated so well, so passionately, Marie. As always a big Thank You!

    I’m in the process of moving out of a gold pensioned “steady” corporate job to becoming a novelist and social entrepreneur trying to find ways to help disadvantaged girls from around the world to follow their own dreams. Do you know how many people laugh at me? And call me nuts? Not easy. But I know what gets me in the flow, what my passion is, what I want to leave as a legacy in this world. Having travelled around the world and back, I cannot unsee what I’ve seen, I cannot remain blind to the plight of little girls, and I cannot NOT do anything and remain apathetic.

    So I made a basic financial plan for the next 2 years. Yes, I’m living frugally but that is so worth it! Bottom line is I never, ever want to regret not doing this. So I’m taking the plunge, am trying, and if I fail, I’ll still have had an amazing journey. I will have lived. Life’s too short for wasting our talents, our zest, our passion, and for living to our greatest potential.

  104. Lynelle Paulick

    Marie, this is a great one! You’re so “on” it, so extemporaneous, live, and exciting in your delivery. (I’m the one — not expecting you to recall this at all! — that wrote a comment not too long ago expressing how interested I am not only in the content of your material, but also in just watching you because what you’re doing on this “online tv show” is something I’d be REALLY interested in doing…

    So, anyway, thanks as ever. This particular post is very, very relevant for both me and my life partner. He has given up his artistic wishes to do what all German immigrants are supposed to do (haa): work. Work. WORK. Then Repeat.

    I find myself reacting to that dysfunctional way of living by refusing to do “just something to make money.” Yet now he is more and more overwhelmed by the stresses of his life decisions in that way — and I’m broke…not great, huh? I am watching all of these dynamics very closely and moving on as doors present themselves, always trying to remember that life is a real tricky maze when I step out of the meditation room.

  105. Sarah

    This was very helpful. I’ve been vacillating between continuing my job search or pursuing full-time freelance/contract work. I’ve been laid off four times in my career so stability is a significant issue for me. Your first point nails it – do what you love; if you don’t love it, don’t start a business around it. So maybe I’ll have to freelance for awhile, but ultimately, my current career is not what I love enough to power through on my own. Full-time employment is what I need for the immediate future. Thanks!

  106. Smack dab in the middle of this one right now. Do I jump at just about anything to help put food on the table, or do I keep searching for something a bit more fulfilling. The more time it takes, the more it seems the economic choice is being made for me.

  107. Flavia

    Sounds like Cristina wants it all at the same time! She just got married (big expense), wants a house, kids and a new profetable business! Fair enough, but we should know that a business needs a lot of work to grow and become profetable, also we should take life a bit more easy! Why do you need all that and need it now? Is essential to be a house owner or you can hang without it for a few years! If your focus is being a mother right now isn’t the best time to build a new business, after all on the best case scenario you will be out of the loop for 4 to 6 months!
    I think she should first prioritize what is the most important thing to her at the moment! We always think that money is super important, but when you come from a country where the economy is so crazy that in days you can lose your job or your money can worth nothing because of the crazy inflation you learn that if you really want to buy a house or have a baby you can save here and there and make it happen! But if your priority is to build a business, do what you love, be patient, and persistent, because things can take time and money and maybe the house or the pregnancy will have to wait a bit longer!
    Best of luck to Cristina! And thank you for the video Marie, inspiring as always ?

  108. Jenn

    A few months ago, I left my corporate job with good pay and benefits to explore what my true calling is. It is SUPER scary, but I know it will be worth it!! I definitely need to find a “Bridge Job” ASAP, though.

    Love hearing about all of the success stories here!

  109. Another great topic.
    Most think I do what I do for the money. They often have visions of people like us rolling around naked in cash. I can attest, at least for myself, that has never happened. Loving what I do allows me to go to work every day, no matter how challenging it may be. It allows me to be part of a community I am proud of. It allows me to feel valued. It allows me to change peoples lives, every day. It has also allowed me to pay my mortgage, take trips to Europe and recently open a second location in NYC. It took a lot of hard work, uncertainty, and many years of persistence for the latter to occur.
    A safe gig, with a good paycheck would have killed me!
    I would not change a thing.


  110. I have had a career (optometry) that I have loved for more than 40 years. In fact, I still love offering quality care. It is becoming increasingly difficult to offer the type of care that I want to give. I am being forced to speed up, leave things out, delegate more, talk less, order more tests and sell more. I am tired of being told that I can’t spend the time to educate my patients, listen to them and interact with them in a meaningful way. There are no tools and programs being developed for doctors to implement in their practice to help them keep their standards high. The safe way for me would be to just keep working in a clinical practice, but I am finding it increasingly stressful and frustrating. However, I am inspired to see how I can make changes to improve patient care, communication and education and make these changes work in a busy practice while still being responsive to the demands placed on a practice today. I have a unique perspective and want to create products that allow for better communication, training staff, and educating patients. So that is what I am doing part-time, while I continue to see patients part-time and test these products in actual clinical settings. I agree with Marie that sometimes you have to go with your heart says is right for you. I feel that this is my destiny and that I am being guided to do this. I am happier, more creative and filled with more passion and excitement than I have been for years. It would be wonderful if it allows me to support myself, but better if what I develop allows doctors to maintain high standards of care and still offer the important personal touch needed to guarantee the best quality care. So that is what I must do.

  111. Mary Redman

    Such a great topic and really needed to hear this.
    I am at this fork in the road right now. I just recently went back to school to pursue my MBA with housing and books allowanve given to me and tution paid to the school and had to put my dreams of running a successful online business on hold. Being back in school, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed and like the life is being drained from me and honestly not sure what to do.

  112. Hello, synchronicity! This is exactly what I needed today.

    My fiancé and I sold our house last year, made a good chunk of money, and have been torn between renting a cheap apartment for a while while we work on getting our photo/video business off the ground, and getting “real” jobs so we can buy another house before we focus on our business dreams. I was offered an accounting job today (the soulless work I’ve been doing for the last decade), but my heart is in my photography. I’ve spent the day thinking and stressing and freaking out… and then I finally watched this.

    Marie, you’re magical. Thank you.

  113. I’ve had to choose between the safe + inspiring path countless times in my life! Having been an entrepreneur for 12+ years, with “normal” jobs sprinkled in there, I often had to choose between a steady salary with benefits or my latest inspiration.

    Sometimes I took the safe path + regretted it. Sometimes I took the dream path + learned some major lessons. I think the main thing that so many of us forget is that no decision is 100% final. If the safe path makes you feel good for now, do it + built your business on the side. If you’re financially ready to run your business full-time, do it. If your business falls on hard time, reorganize + revamp, and take a bridge job if you need to.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      YES! It’s SO true that no decision is 100% final — yet we so often feel like it is. Great share VK 😉

  114. Marie,
    I’ve more than not taken the inspirational bumpy path over the safe and secure pavement. And I’ve been broke fixing flats on my own, while watching fancy cars drive by (dropping my son off at school in beat up old cars, amongst a line of lexus’, audi’s and SUVs I know also does a number on my child’s mindset, heart and ego), but my health I learned long a go is fueled by my soul fulfilling it’s purpose and my heart living out it’s passions, and ultimately your health is your wealth. Living empowered by a high integrity “why”, will with effort and perserverance make you, and your family proud and the profit will be a bank account of bliss, even if you miss some of the “stuff” other’s buy. I rather have my son learn what sacrifice is, in order to do what you are driven to do then to see what money can buy but not provide, in terms of real happiness.

  115. Sofia Eastmond

    3 years ago I was at my wit’s end, after four years in a corporate, soul sucking job. Don’t get me wrong, I was super inspired when I started it, but corporate bs started getting in the way and I knew it was time for something else.

    After much consideration, I decided to resign even though I didn’t have a new job to go to. This was at the worst time possible, as we had just put down a deposit to build our new house. But I just couldn’t take it any longer.

    What helped me make the decision (I still use this method today for tough ones), was to consider the worst case scenario. So I sat with my hubby and we speculated. I live in New Zealand, and we worked out the absolute worst case scenario would be to end up working at the checkout counter at Pack’NSave, which is a low cost supermarket chain over here.

    This made us both chuckle (and still does), because not only would this scenario be totally ok, but also I would have a ton of other options before getting to that given my background, skills and experience in business.

    The results were absolutely amazing! I ended up doing consulting for about a year (these cool projects would just show up out of nowhere), but I ended up working with a great friend of mine on a project I’m super passionate about and I get paid handsomely for it. In the process, I learned to control my anxiety about the future and be a lot more confident about myself and the opportunities out there in the world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO awesome, Sofia! I love your idea of mapping out the worst case scenario. That’s always such a great strategy, and thanks so much for sharing. 🙂

  116. Safe or Inspiring is a NO contest decision. Just ask yourself which will allow you to grow, expand, and fill your soul with passion.

  117. Marie,
    What a great edition of Marie TV! It’s just what I needed to hear, today. I think the older I get, the more I do not want to compromise myself. Now that I’m inching ever closer to the big 5-0, I want to do the things that are most soul-fulfilling. This is not the way life often works, though. It’s so easy to take the safe path and defer dreams just a little longer. I’m facing a potential situation myself that calls my personal ethics to task. It is asking me to choose between safety and my writing. You have helped me to discern that the safe path isn’t always the right one; and I thank you for this. Thoreau once said that most people are living lives of quiet desperation. I don’t want to live that way. I want to live it to the marrow — the way he did of after choosing his path as a writer. I only hope my inner critic doesn’t get in the way of my making the best choice for me. Thank you for sending out the good energy; it’s much appreciated.

  118. It’s funny how when you’re absorbed with a topic it just seems to jump out at you from every direction. I have been talking to a friend/colleague of mine who has a dilemma: choosing a full time job with benefits (which she’s totally not excited about) and starting a biz with me. I’ve been talking to her but trying to be impartial so I don’t push her to act out of a feeling of obligation. But I really really really hope she chooses to go with me. I’m sending her this video, with love. Thank you Marie Forleo team!

  119. Elizabeth

    This is exactly where I am right now but for the first time in a long while it feels like the scales are tipping towards starting my own business. It’s great to know that (with the really relevant reasons to keep at it) I’m on the right track.

  120. I know that I want my own business. I am also a multi sometimes fleeting passionate. I like to think of myself as a realistic dreamer. In that I believe anything is possible in what we want out of life but it has to align with what we really really want. I am a medical professional and am being required to go back 5o school. I have no qualms with going to school but I am cinflicted as to going to school for this career or should I go to school to learn how to get a business off the ground and sustain it. I love singing and writing and helping people (I’m a nurse) but I go back and forth with hiw hard to punch in which direction. I havet to bring in substantial income 5o maintain my family’s lifestyle. Dilemma.

  121. I love this video! I realized I was in the “safe” bet by staying in a job I did enjoy, but didn’t make me come alive. Had an “Aha!” moment about 3 years ago when I realized that what I really wanted was to be in New York pursuing theatre. Within a year, I packed up and left, and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made. I find myself stepping more into my true self every day, working in the theatre almost without breaks since I got here, and even made another dream come true–to release my first novel. Now I’m writing the sequel, about to start working on my eighth production in NYC, and even doing some side work that I enjoy and feel like my skills really support someone. Yes, it’s not always easy and the breakdowns have been REAL–but I wouldn’t change any of it.
    Take the plunge! Like Marie says, you don’t want to not give it a shot. Listen to your heart. It knows what you truly want and how you’re meant to share your gifts with the world.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, Mikael! That’s awesome, and we’re so excited for you! xo

  122. “There is no such thing as a safe path.” Wow, this really helps relieve the pressure! As both decisions aren’t safe I just need to choose a path and do my best to see it through. This makes it easier to choose. I know it wasn’t your chosen Tweetable but that little statement was a Eureka moment for me. Thank you.

  123. Alan Douglas

    Love the Video Marie, as usual.
    I have never had anything show me that it is safe! Employment, Consulting or my own Business. All can end abruptly and unexpectedly!
    As for enjoyment, I’m jealous of those above who like there jobs or talk about enjoying what they do! While I’m aware of perspectives and Beliefs and how they create enjoyment, my journey has seemed a challenging one and I’m sure I’m maturing later in life!
    I think listening to your Heart and being guided by your higher self is the way to go from a Point of view regarding Having No regrets! Add in some conscious financial awareness and one might be able to create a life with Joy and Success! As Marie has clearly done!
    For me personally, I’m not there yet and Creating my own thing has taken 5 times longer than I thought and 10 times the cost, But I suspect that’s because of what I’ve chosen to Create! However difficult each day seems to be and its been 20 months of non stop challenges, I do very much Agree with Marie in that one needs to be Passionate about what you are trying to achieve! to even stand a chance! It can seem like a Marriage at times, Love/Hate your vision, and if you are chasing your Mission in Life, then you can leave regrets behind 🙂
    Good luck to all the B-Schoolers, new and older.

  124. Back in 2008 I decided to leave a safe accounting career in Bermuda when I came to the realization that the financial crisis would lead to mounting problems. I bought a farm with my savings and started farming Highland cattle. Then I focused on researching spiritual solutions to the world’s problems.

    After six years of research, spending 100s of 1,000s of dollars, five “short stay” hospital visits for spiritual crisis, battling evil, living on the fumes of my remaining savings, and overcoming a lot of doubt, I’m finally seeing results in the powerful healing service I’m about to launch ending cancer, chronic pain and the rest.

    The point is: I never could never foresee where I was going to end up when I took the path that I took – I just had an open mind. If I hadn’t had the attitude of “hell or high water” I never would have succeeded. But I wouldn’t wish my path on anyone else.

    My advice to others would be to follow your passions but stay “grounded”. For me, grounded means that you have to be balanced in your approach between a head of vision, an open heart, and a stable path to follow. In my case, I was guided by God, already had my family and had savings to draw on. This gave me the luxury to do something that otherwise would have been unattainable. It was a stable but uncertain path.

    If I was faced with wanting kids while in my 30s and wanting a business in an industry I didn’t have experience in, I would delay having kids to age 35 (as a woman) or helping to raise kids that aren’t my own, work to gain experience in the industry I wanted to be in, live frugally, and spend money on getting business education like Marie Forleo’s B-School while trying to find a way to avoid future health concerns and only launching the business when some uncertainty was behind me. Perhaps I’d only start part-time to see how it goes. There are no rules.

    It’s a tall order but law here might be the key – there just might be a reason why something potentially lucrative is added into the mix – I just wouldn’t recommend pursuing a “safe” law business unless it could be catering to people in the wedding industry. I’d do some more soul searching about why weddings are so interesting and add some creativity to bring it all together.

    The answers are inside you – but there might be a long road ahead before a destination is reached on the long journey of life. Good luck Christina and everyone else working on their own business!


  125. Thank you Marie! Again a great video.
    Yup. Unfortunately I’m always taking the “safe” career choice even though I know deep down in my heart that I should do what I would love. My current job is safe but doesn’t give any excitement and is no where near what interests me. What makes it difficult to let go of the safe and boring, are my co-workers. They are wonderful and easy to work with, but I know that shouldn’t be the reason to stay at my current job. Why is it so hard to take risks and follow your heart? I hope that someday if it’s not me, then something else will force me to make changes.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you for commenting, Meri! While everyone has different reasons for not following their heart, I think it very often comes down to being afraid of failure — especially when it’s something we really want.

      If you’re not ready to leave your job at the moment just yet but you want to explore your passions further, you might consider playing around with your business or other interests on the side. Check out this other great episode for some tips on that!

  126. Barb Dukes

    Hi Marie? I am a faithful and dedicated listner to your channel…I LOVE IT!!! I also make sure I tell all my friends and daughter. So I am 45, work in corporate in Finance only because I had to. I’m divorced, kids are young adults and I haven’t been happy or lets say fullfilled. Sooo this past Monday I handed in my resignation, relocating 12 hrs away to Charlotte, NC to pursue my passion at 45. I’m going all in and i can tell you there aren’t words that can express my gratitude for women like yourself to be a beacon of light…thank you for inspiring me. Barb

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That’s SO awesome! Go Barb! <3

  127. In the past year, after battling severe mental health issues, chose to start my own business. So many people were fearful for me, they didn’t understand how on earth quitting a traditional job would be better than stability. I’m six months out from that decision, doing a job I love, on my own terms, and making money. Follow your dreams, kids. Thank Marie, for continuing to give me peace in pursuing what sets my soul on fire.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO wonderful, Sarah! Big congrats to you for following your heart xoxo

  128. I will watch this one over and over again as I face the challenges of launching a business I’m passionate about. I know I made the right choice – but it’s still a little scary at times. Thanks Marie, for the ongoing encouragement!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Awesome, Elisabeth! You SO got this and know that we’re cheering you on all the way 🙂

  129. Thank you Marie as always you made my my day.
    It is sometimes frustrating if your dream business is slow, but I just need to remeber follow your dream and everithyng will come . Success is around the corner .
    Thank you

  130. Nayle

    This episode was what I needed to hear! I took on a temp job in December because it was safe, and I regret it. But, I’m working on being positive and saving up until it ends. My passion is writing, so what I’m doing now is making a plan on building up my passion and executing the steps while I’m here. Thanks!

  131. Marie, I am in paused for the last 6 month, had to move, adjust to new routines, and now I feel stuck. I need to get back on making my website, which I am so thankful for doing ourselves last year. So much has happen since the last B-school and I am eager to re-think my business. I started doing research on what is around me and the community. I would totally love to go international with my work spreading the love of Traditional Medicine. Thank you for inspiring me today!!

    I know that I can do this….!!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You can SO do this, Maya! xoxo

  132. Rachael

    Wow, if Christina’s not feeling inspired after that video, then I don’t know what! Marie was on fire– so straight talking and such clear and big insights.

    Christina, I loved your thoughtful question and the way you worded it. I think it sounds like you’ll succeed whatever you do! I just had one addition after everything Marie said. It sounds like the truly “safe path” in terms of just making money sooner, would not be a law business, but to just get a paid job working in law. I hear what Marie is saying about pouring all of your time, money, and energy into a start-up you don’t love just because you think it’s the surer thing. I agree with Marie that that option (if it really includes starting a business) is not the healthiest one.

    On the other hand, Marie is always talking about “bridge jobs”– the jobs you get to bring in a paycheck while you are building your dream business. So maybe that’s the way forward for you that will answer both of your needs! I wish you the best!

    And Thank you, Marie, for this great video! Please do more like this. 🙂

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Rachael. And thank you for sharing your insights — I agree that bridge jobs can be such an amazing resource! 🙂

  133. In my experience there is security in freedom by little freedom in security. I’m an artist coming off of deadlines to have not one but TWO important exhibitions opening next week and I’m literally woozy with fatigue and my muscles hurt just as if I’d run a marathon. So thank-you, thank-you for making it so crystal clear. I love these videos because it is easy to forget and constant reminders are critical, especially in a society that pushes you the other way at every turn. All hail Marie!

  134. I’ve always wanted to write or paint but had always heard that I couldn’t make a living at it. Instead I drifted around after high school, jumping from job to job and spending three years in the U.S. Army before getting into college. My goal was to become a psychologist to pay the bills.

    But there was the art school there. Aw, man! I learned about oils and airbrush and design…

    For three terms I fought with myself regarding my major. By the third time I realized that if being a psychologist was what I wanted to do, then why was I going through this struggle again and again? I changed my major to fine art and dived into the art school curriculum, never looking back.

    You’re so right, Marie. Even after purchasing almost a thousand dollars worth of equipment, my first year in business as an artist put me a mere hundred bucks in the hole at the end of the fiscal year. No “starving artist” here!

    I can no longer draw due to arthritis, but I can write and have published multiple books in my niche. It’s just as satisfying, just as creative and just as right for me as art.

    Thank you for your dedication to and passion for helping others!

  135. Eejee

    Call me crazy, but I will start both if I had the chance of having a gift that can make money like a law firm, I would specialized it so I do things like house, mediation etc that minimize risk of court presence. The boring papers stuff 😉 that way, as much as possible: I control my time. Not the system. and announced right off the bat that I work from this to that time, this to that day.

    Now, if people are judgemental, I can always *blame it* on family time. If it’s more acceptable for them.

    Meanwhile, I’d use the time off business #1 to *install* my dream business and take on a few weekends gigs that I’m sure I’ll handle well to build my reputation and my experience. I’d just check to make it by stages.

    I’d add one thing: pick the people you’re with.

    Even your dream job, where your competent and dedicated can turn in a nightmare if someone envious or nay sayer, gossiped and disparaging or sabotage from inside.

    I’d say choosing who you work with, whether it is your dream job or only somethings you do “in the meanwhile” is as important than choosing where and at what you pass your time and used you energy for.
    The story backing this is too long to mention: pick your people right.

    Certain battles are better not fought and in all appearances a loss than using your energy to battle any drama queen with an incline to Ad Hominem!

  136. Pam

    This advice is spot on, Marie! I was a classroom teacher for many years. It was fulfilling because I could see every day that I was making a difference, but the stress of it was gradually making me miserable. Shortly after a much-needed divorce (talk about a decision between “inspired” and “safe!”) I developed some melanomas. They were the kick in the pants I needed to: 1) take some time off from work and 2) continue taking inventory on my life — do a healthful house cleaning, so to speak. I was able to phase out of my tenured teaching job, thanks to a medical leave, and start a business that is still going after 8 years. It also has evolved over time to reflect more accurately what I truly love, leaving behind the parts I chose because they seemed “safe” and “responsible.” And as I get closer to aligning my work with my own core values, business gets better and easier to market. I’m enrolling in B-School this year to take it to the next level!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you SO much for sharing your insights, Pam. We can’t wait to see you in B-School! xo

  137. Hi peopleZ,

    Came over the blog just to share my opinion. First of all, such an inspiring video it was. Secondly, anyone who is confused between making a safe decision or opting for a dream project must watch Marie’s video that she did with Elizabeth Gilbert. I am passionate about my blog and I have good solid purposeful blog that I run. I ignored it for two years because of money and a conventional corporate job. Just a few months back I ditch the corporate sector and now giving full attention to my blog. Also, doing some freelance work in the same field to meet my expenditures. Of course, I am not making as much money as I used to when I was working in my corporate job, but I am making a lot of emotions such as contentment, satisfaction and fulfillment, which I think is a lot better than some notes lying on my bank account. I also accumulated some money before bidding farewell to my job so that I don’t fall into adversity in case of emergency. I am so happy in running my thing, I have a purpose for which i work everyday. There are many things I have learned from Marie and her inspiring videos, and I had this story of mine which I wanted to share, I hope it will inspire others to chase their dreams and of course to give this world that special gift that only they got.
    May we all lead a fulfilled life!
    from Karachi, Pakistan

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO incredible, Nyda! Congrats to you for setting yourself up for success and going for your dream project. We’re cheering you on 100%!! 🙂

  138. As someone that didn’t discover a career that I was totally passionate about until I was 35 years old I can wholeheartedly get behind what Marie has to say on this topic. I would also add that one of the greatest pieces of advice I ever heard was something I picked up from Tony Robbins. Essentially Tony advised to not overestimate how much you can get done in one year and don’t underestimate how you can achieve in ten years. People that don’t reach unrealistic career goals in the short term tend to burn out and give up after a year. People that stay in it for the long haul will often surpass their ten year goals and much more before the ten years even passes. Don’t give up, people.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Wow, I love that tip from Tony Robbins. Thank you for sharing, Paul!

  139. I’m not sure that a safe career exists. I’ve learned that just about anything, no matter how safe it appears, can come with its own set of risks. So when it comes to choosing between a perceived safe career or a dream, when you keep in mind that they both have risks, then there seems to be no reason to not follow you dream. Either way it’s a risk, which one is worth more?

  140. Panto Thenic

    What a fantastic episode. Have dealt with this very thing in my career. Thank you to Marie for the F-ing great line “if you guarantees in business, you don’t want a business.” Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You for saying that! Whether working either as an employee, a manager, general manager or entrepreneur, I can’t count the the many I’ve encountered who want the world, want guarantees on everything, and that includes customers, employers, others who run businesses. Having said all that, yes, I do at least want some idea that my plans will work, that my business has a decent chance to succeed.

    Another thing Marie said that is worth devoting time to: that there are those rare exceptions who can make money w/o doing something they love. I would ask why those exceptions exist. Do they know something the rest of us don’t? Or is making money (regardless of what they’re doing) the very thing that excites them?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Panto Thenic, that’s a great question. Although I don’t know a lot of those people personally, my guess would be that in most cases there’s something driving them to succeed and keeping them from quitting or giving up. That could be money for some, it could be stability for their family, dedication to a cause that their job or business helps fund, or a sense of responsibility (like a family-run business) — even sheer stubbornness!

      It may not even be a bad thing in every case to have a business you don’t love, especially if it is connected to a deeper purpose and that person has a sense of fulfillment from things outside of their business or work (hobbies, family, community).

      That being said, as Marie shares, it can be a lot harder if it’s NOT something that you love, so if we’re given a choice, it’s often much more ideal to pursue something that we DO love.

      The beauty is that there’s no one right way to do anything — it’s all about finding what works for us and ideally, making those decisions wholeheartedly.

  141. Your best hair style ever. TOTALLY Jacqueline Smith, Charlie’s Angels. LOVE IT!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Jeanna, you’re so kind! 🙂

  142. Hi Marie, Thank for this video, it has come at a really good time for me. I too have been ‘stuck’ in my decison to take the ‘safe’ road eg a 9-5 job with the regular pay packet and doing what I love and am good at. Our commitment to our two youngest children to allow then to finish uni (another 1.5 yrs) means we need to maintain a level of income. However I have decided to repeat B School (illness made me fall out half way through) and keep my business ticking along untill I am free from this obligation. So it is only a postponement (:

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Moya, we’re thrilled you’re going to come back through B-School. There will be lots of alumni joining us, and you’re not alone with needing to put it on hold and give it another go. It sounds like you have some beautiful goals you’ll be working towards too.

      See you in ‘School soon 🙂

  143. So true. Never quit your day dream ladies!

  144. I did this 3 years ago. I had a great full time job that could lead into an even better “corporate career”. When I created my business it actually wasn’t the plan. I designed a personalized gift for my husband focusing on second wedding anniversaries and the traditional material of cotton for that year. I posted it online and before I even gave him his gift, I had 3 orders. By the end of the month I had so many orders I had to make the decision to either quite the dream of working for myself and keep the “safe” choice at the corporate job, or jump all in and put my whole life into this new found business working to create items I love and with people I care about (couples all over the world share their love and travel stories with me and it gives me a chance to connect to a community of people I wouldn’t get otherwise).

    So what I am saying is that do what you love. If I stayed at the corporate career because I thought it would be safer, I wouldn’t be living the best years of my life as an entrepreneur right now. Make no mistake, as Marie often says, it is not the easy choice. Working for yourself is incredibly hard work and you will put in more hours than you ever dreamed of. But the crazy thing is, you’ll love every minute of it because it’s your passion and what you love to do.

    Add to that the fact that you get to create your own security. You make the decisions that are going to make your new passion the safe choice. You have the ability to control your day, your week and your entire future if you are passionate enough about what you want to do.

    I say go for the wedding business. You’ll be much happier that you did.

  145. Dear Marie,

    Thank you for your magical presentation. This is the most burning question in my life: Is Business just for earning money? As you know, my father keeps me asking every week: Rohan did you earned any money by business? I cannot answer as I am not a registered USA Social Media / Social Network Company as yet and I am competing globally for sponsorship and funding in Entrepreneur Contests. So I absolutely agree that there is no safe path in business and business is not about earning money. Our joy and happiness in conducting business guides us in best pathway. I brag that I did well in inspiring path by designing my new game in Flowlab. I strongly believe in your training videos and I cannot believe in my SEMrush Raking Improvements in Jan 2016 to Feb 2016 from 34.9M Rank to 33.1M Rank. A record of 1.8M Rank Improvement in globe in a month!!! I am totally happy with your training!!! I chose an inspiring and happy path by submitting my Full Paper in AIAA – JSR [Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets] by submitting my Satellite Motion Dynamics – Video Game and I do hope that I will deliver my best!!!

    Thank you for listening to me. I am very happy today. May Jesus bless us all.

    Rohan Sarker

  146. Deanna

    I’m starting a new yoga studio and it has been scary to make some of the decisions I needed to make to get to this point… I’ve tried to do it a few times before and it just wasn’t quite right. So I rented a dance center for close to 2 years first, took one step at a time and built a small community of devoted students. I developed some specialized skills…. and through practice and letting go of attachment to the result, listening to my intuitions in meditations, and doing the inner work to confront fears and address challenges, the right time came. Now, even though I know it will be a ton of work, I feel more prepared and that I can maintain a sense of ease and trust even through the obstacles. Hope this helps and good luck!!! One step at a time and meditation 🙂

  147. Pamela

    I have been trying to ignore statements as you just made for a long time because I know very well that they are true and can ad a lot more to why you should net “sell your soul”. But every time I persue on what I want to be doing, fear kicks in. I would have no problem with the possible risks, but if you have a family, especially is you have kids, this might impact them. What if they get realy sick and you can’t afford the medication or they have financial problems when they grow up and you can’t help. If everything goes right how great this could be, if only my mind wasn’t so good at creating drama…

  148. Sam

    Dear Marie AND to this Amazing Community,

    I’ve been in SUCH a funk for the last 6 months, battling MYSELF with this exact question. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for verbalizing this, and putting it into a pretty little package that simplifies the fear. This video (even just the title of the post) inspired me and helped me organize my thoughts.

    ALSO! Each comment was a positive affirmation + confidence boost knowing that I am NOT alone in my fear, anxiety, worry, frustration… All of the nasty things that don’t serve the greater purpose.

    I appreciate all of you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sam, we’re so happy to hear this! We love knowing this episode and these comments landed for you in just the way you needed to hear it, and it means the world to us that you’re now realizing you’re not alone. You are indeed incredibly supported here, and not alone whatsoever.


    • Anna Matthews

      I feel the same way Sam 🙂
      It’s great to have this momentum right now. Exhilarating. It’s not only pulling me out of a funk of serious hesitation in starting what I’m longing to do, but giving me a spark of energy to exercise more and take better care of myself. A gift. Looking forward to B School 🙂

  149. Djah

    I took the inspiring road and looking back, it was awesome. It’s risky as hell but my gut was strongly urging me to take the leap that even though the world did not make any sense, it felt like the universe was conspiring to make the nonsense fall into place and lead me to this wonderful journey. It wasn’t a step by step process, the opportunity came in as a simple question. I sat with myself and I just knew. Right then and there. That by choosing the road not taken, not only was I doing something insane for myself, but I was risking time, money, emotions etc on to this. But it just felt right. And with every venture I’ve done, this was all I needed to know to confirm that I was on the right path to discover something new about me and make me 10x stronger than I was before taking the journey.

    • cristina

      fantastic Djah!!

      but how did your WHAT come out?

  150. This is a question right up my alley! So apologies in advance for a long comment. (LOL.)

    About seven years ago, the company I’d been working for made the decision to do massive layoffs in branches all over the country, and after a while our department got cut too. I found myself out of work, exhausted and burned out.

    At first I took a break from working for about a month (it was Thanksgiving & Xmastime, so I needed the mental break). I went to see a friend for a week, I spent some time wallowing, got through the holidays and then I dusted off my resume and started job hunting. A couple years (yes, years) later, I still had not found a new job in my previous field, got close a few times, but looking back now I think my soul was pretty much on empty and it probably came across in my interviews. I began searching for jobs in any field, because I needed the money, I’d had to move out of my apartment and stay with family, and I was feeling really lost.

    But nothing was working and my attitude was getting darker and more deflated. My aunt suggested I meet with a career counselor at the local college where she worked, just to get some fresh perspective. BEST IDEA EVER. I met with this wonderful woman who sat down with me and asked me an important question, “What do you want to do?” I had NO idea. But when she asked, “Do you want to continue doing what you were doing?” I don’t know what face I made but it must have been pretty bad because she immediately said, “Okay, perhaps not. Let’s find you something else.” LOL. In that moment I realized that the past five years I had not really enjoyed my job, and maybe finally losing it was the universe’s way of giving me a nudge in a new direction. Or… a big shove. (Heh.)

    She put me through personality tests and skills tests and I tried to open my heart and mind to what I *really* wanted. No more “because I should” or “because it’s responsible” or “because I’ll make a decent wage, they’ll give me insurance,” etc. Instead it was: what fires me up, what gives me joy, what can I take and legitimately do something with and still love?

    I didn’t have all the answers, even after all those tests. But they helped to narrow things down for me. I went from my deepest wildest dreams (write a novel, sing on a Broadway stage) to what career paths could I take that will allow me to get away from the corporate cubicle and instead have flexible hours, maybe even work from home, and have opportunities that will allow me to keep that love of creative “stuff.”

    And then I made the big leap decision: to go back to school for a new career. I didn’t do it immediately. It took months of talking with that counselor, talking with my family (because I’d moved in with my aunts, and going back to school meant staying with them longer than we’d all planned), talking with financial aid people who offer options for those who’ve been laid off and need help getting started again (they were really my saviors, those workforce development people), and just doing a lot of searching online and in course books.

    I decided to take one class, just one. The financial aid wasn’t promised yet, I had to join a waiting list for that, so in the meantime I thought I could afford one class, maybe two, and just see if I even liked that new career avenue. If I loved it, maybe by then the financial aid would come through. I was terrified (especially because it had been years since I got my first bachelor’s degree), but I took a chance and hoped it would work.

    And it did. All of it. I went to that first class, found it challenging AND fun, and after two or three semesters of taking one class at a time, just dipping my toe in that new career path, I got word from the financial aid people that my name had finally come up on the waiting list and I was qualified for their help.

    The next 3 1/2 years or so I dove in, making the scary choice to commit to the entire course program for my new career path, taking more than one class at a time, generally exhausting myself, but at the same time feeling more and more like I was doing the right thing for me. I was finally going in a direction that *I* wanted, rather than what my family or society or anyone else expected (or I *thought* they expected), instead taking chances for ME and my happiness and to make myself thrive.

    It’s not been the easiest road. There were times when I cried and freaked out and worried worried worried. But in the end I got a new degree, I got a new job with a fantastic contract boss, I have that flexible schedule (sometimes too flexible, LOL! I need to follow some of Marie’s tips for adding in more structure!), most days I get to do awesome creative work, and because I want to do more than “just get by” financially I spent the past year taking my first steps toward starting a freelance business on the side. And just last week I finally (FINALLY!) finished making my new website for that freelance business and put it live. I’ve got a couple potential clients I’m talking with and we’ll see what happens next!

    Of course the perfectionist in me is already saying to myself, “Oh there’s still stuff I need to do with that website page,” or “I should really…” but no. Not now. Plenty of time for that in the upcoming months. Right now I want to take a few moments and savor all the hard work I’ve done to get to this point, all the months I spent on building that website and all the years of work to get here. I forget sometimes how important it is to stop and assess and see how far I’ve come already.

    I still dream of writing that novel (and I’m still singing, even if it’s only at my desk as I’m working, LOL), and who knows? Maybe the universe will take me there eventually. Or I may write that novel just for me. *GRIN* But where I am now is a good place, all because I finally made a disgusted face and said “no” and stepped away from “supposed to” and instead tried something different, something that felt more right to me and what I like and what’s meaningful to me.

    I’ve still got a-ways to go before I’m on stable financial ground (especially after going back to school and being out of work so long), but for the first time in a very long time I feel like I’m doing what I want to be doing and I enjoy it and am much more open to the possibilities instead of being so scared of them. All because I did some research and made some brave decisions.

    Sometimes I think if we keep inching in that more positive (or as Marie says, heart-centered) direction, good things start to happen, even to our own surprise.

    I hope everyone can find ways to make some brave decisions that lead them to amazing opportunities in life.

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Sherry, what an amazing journey you’ve been on. Thank you so much for sharing about your path here, and offering up your own learning for inspiring others to keep following their hearts and inching along, as you so beautifully expressed.

      Since you mentioned needing to stop and assess how far you’ve come every so often, I hope you see what a testament this post is to how far you’ve come and the winding, bumpy road you’ve navigated by listening to yourself.

      We’re thrilled have you in our world, and excited for all that’s still ahead for you.

  151. 6 years ago when my marriage was ending I was faced with this type of decision: either keep my yoga studio and trust that it could support me financially (which up until that point was a small contributor to our family’s income), or find a safe 9-5 job which would provide a more reliable income source. I was given lots of advice (especially from my soon to be ex-husband) to be “responsible” and get a “real” job. But I knew in my heart, just as Marie shared, it would be deadly to my soul. I had to trust that the universe would support me in my dreams if I took that leap of faith. My yoga studio is now 8 years old, and has been providing me the income I need to support myself and my 2 kids. Plus, that initial leap of faith gave me the courage to step out and start another business coaching women of divorce to reclaim their lives. I’m so glad I trusted and went for my dreams! Thanks for your thoughtful guidance here, Marie, for those in a similar situation.

  152. Maria Stenvinkel

    Love this video!

  153. Diana

    I really did resonate with today’s Q&A. I did take the safe path, I’ve always taken the safe and responsible safe path. This last time I did it so my husband to take the risk. I was his support. Then he died.

    I’m still in that same job 5 years later. Since it’s just me and there isn’t a bank account of funds I can rely on until I get a business up and running, so I’m doing the gradual swap out–continuing to work the day job while I move forward with my dreams and hey. If they fail, I can always fall back on that day job while I pick up the pieces and try something else. 🙂

    • Kristin - Team Forleo

      Diana, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! Your mindset and attitude about risk is amazing. I wish you TREMENDOUS success with your business! xo

  154. Hit the nail on the head again Marie, good on you!

  155. Well is not Tuesday, nevertheless, loved the video and the challenge it portrayed. Have a wonderful weekend!!!! ?

  156. So much helpind and inspirational post and video! Thanks!

  157. Amy

    Loved the video….and topic! I think everyone faces a decision like this at one point in their lives. Marie asked what we’ve done when faced with this type of situation….after debating over whether or not to stay in a “safe” job or take a risk and go out on my own, I asked myself, “what would I regret more? going out on my own and failing or staying in my “safe” job and wondering “what if”? The answer to that was very humbling and liberating at the same time and provided me the motivation to act.

  158. Oliver

    I never have decided between taking a safe or inspiring path.

  159. Hi Marie!
    Thanks so much for a beautiful video, and how timely. Literally just today I had a choice between the safe and inspiring path! This was about housing- taking a safe bet that was on the table that didn’t really light me up, but it would mean id have a place locked down, or letting it go and trusting that i can create something more in alignment before March 1st. And literally tonight RIGHT after I let it go, I met a great house full of awesome people, a huge room, gardens, bright colors, creative artists living there, and I’m so happy to jump in!! And just to solidify that choice, I am a poet and just getting to reading my poems for people and looking for a place to do slam poetry…. and when i leave this new house, I run right into a venue… with a poetry slam happening every week! The exact same venue, in fact, that I saw my first poetry slam ever at while on vacation here 3 years ago!! I remember thinking, “I’m gonna do that someday”, and now I’m here!! It was like the universe giving me a wink of approval for taking the inspiring path!

    • Beautiful, love it. How cool is that?!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      That is SO awesome, Anani! xoxo

  160. Wow…some awesome discussion going on after this vid!

    I agree with many of the comments…I think some people may have one passion but most have a series of interests and they evolve as we do. I also think that every path you’re on is the PERFECT one for you in that moment…if it totally sucks, it’s that precise feeling that ignites your passion for something else…and if it rocks, it helps you share your message with more vigor.

    I am in amidst two passions at present…and one day, I’m sure they will likely both evolve into something even greater…but until then, I’m having fun along the way…xx

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      You’re so right, Bamik. And it’s terrific that you’re having fun along the way. That’s the sure-fire way to know you’re on a good path!

  161. Thank you Marie! I needed this..I am currently in the transition process from preschool teacher to interior designer (By august), but my fear is finding a job in the design field and still about to go to school and not worry and struggle. My fear is if I leave my job I’ll fail, but I know I really want to follow my dreams and focus on my passion. So this video helped me in many ways.

  162. Beautiful message, and I couldn’t agree more, Marie. You say it so well. I have chosen a path that is not easy because it’s an industry that has often been misjudged and misunderstood (network marketing), but it’s the thing that lights me up the most, because personally I haven’t found anything as fulfilling, and because I know that it is the vehicle to achieve my mission of helping others and making a difference.

    When you do something that lights you up, your body physically changes. I remember a specific time when I was 100% all in, working my business, and I was in complete flow. I was in the zone. I remember telling some team members “This right here, this is the REAL Anna.” They and 3 different friends all said I looked way younger. One of them even said “My God, you look 20 years younger! And I believe that’s because I was 100% doing what I was put here to do, expressing what I need to express, and that energy was allowed to come out. When we suppress that energy, we become sick, and when we let it out, the energy flows and we are the healthy beings we were designed to be.

    Some day we will meet, Marie. I believe we will. I so love what you do, and I am so grateful for having found your website and your weekly videos. Thank you for all your encouragement and advice. It is wise and so timely. Rock on, Sister!!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      What a beautiful note, Anna. I’m so glad to read that you found something that really lights you up. It makes such a huge difference! xoxo

  163. Joy Popma Gray

    Making this video was fun, and I realize it isn’t fancy, but I just learned of B-school this past week and I am tech-challenged. This is why I so need B-school and I am willing to go through the rest of my life with the mentality that everything is figureoutable, when it has to do with my life’s purpose and helping others. I am so happy the universe has connected me with you, and your programs. I hope to be an Ambassador to your life’s purpose as well. We are all connected when our goals are in line with the higher good. Thank you for this opportunity and experience.

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Joy. We can’t wait to watch your entry! Definitely make sure you’ve left a comment over on the scholarship page too 🙂

  164. We are a family together, thank you Marie for bringing us together. What Jennifer shared above touched me so much because that is what precisely happened to me some 2 weeks ago. The company i was working for all of a sudden went into Liquidation and all the employees were left hanging in the air without anything. No payment was done but what i know is that when problems of this nature come it is a sign that we are nearing the dawn of a new world free of problems. Things are not well with me right now but i know that the situation is not permanent. Let there be Light!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      I’m so sorry to hear about your company, Thomas. We’re sending lots of big Team Forleo love your way, and hope that you’ll find something new soon. We’ll keep you in our thoughts and prayers!

  165. Mia

    This Q&A is my spirit animal right now! It answered the question I’ve had for the last several month. As a health coach, I’ve worked with women to lose weight, make healthier food choices, etc. Its good work, but its not my passion. My passion is the lovechild of modern day medicine woman, sisterhood, travel, and beauty all rolled up in self-love. I’m clearing out my closet today to start selling things, and making more space for the work I want to do. Thanks again Marie for Divine timing! 🙂

  166. This really resonated with me. For a whole decade I followed the ‘safe’ path and ended up miserable and depressed. I went freelance last year and wished I’d done it a lot sooner. A major discovery is that when you love your work, the desire to ‘treat yourself’ to shopping or vacations melts away. It’s like my brain has woken up. If you’re nervous, then a part-time option as other commenters have suggested, is a great safety net. I saw this on Facebook the other day: “Adventure is dangerous. But routine is lethal”. Thanks again Marie, my business fairy godmother from across The Pond!

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Thank you so much, Helen! We’re so happy that Marie can be your business fairy godmother — I love that! 🙂

  167. Elissar

    Amazing Marie as always, I had an extraordinary adventure which changed my life, I had 2 options either to stay in the place where I have very good job and which I like or to go to another place where I will start from below zero , but I listened to my heart , what I have done I set my goal very clearly and I chose the right timing to take this step and chose the people who would help me to do what I want to do either by emotional support / logistical issues etc….. and here I am, however am facing difficulties in this new experience and things which I couldnt imagine but I feel peace in my heart

  168. Yes! I especially love the Dr.Marie scene! Shoving down our dreams, curiosity, and heartfelt desires really does make us sick. And is making our society and culture sick. I love this message. And am grateful for the reminders that this is MY LIFE. I take that metaphorically and literally. No one else can offer me health, satisfaction, and joy … they are mine to embrace and value. Thank you for your weekly reminders! They are like a pop-up for my soul. 🙂 Big hugs, Kate

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Pop-up for the soul — I love that! Thanks so much for your note, Kate! 🙂

  169. I think it all comes down to what you are really looking for and what you value. Ultimately, it is a matter of truly knowing yourself and what moves you.

    But yes, I think if you work on something you are passionate about, you will be able to not think about it as work.

    In my case, I was lucky enough to start playing around my business idea before I really needed to make that hard decision between the safe and inspiring path. When the time came, it has already started working and it was just a matter of giving myself fully to it 🙂

    Thanks a lot for sharing this, Marie!

  170. Thanks for sharing this, Marie!

  171. Amy

    Love this video! Such great advice, as always Marie! Thank you for being such an inspiration on the daily!

  172. Andre Dippenaar

    Hi Marie
    I would like to thank you for the amazing and inspiring work you do. I was introduced to your site by a friend that I look up to ALOT and you are giving me new hope and drive to be an even better person than I already am.

    Today is my first day (MarieTV – virgin) taking the time to look at your vids and I can NOT stop watching. I have cried and laughed ALREADY and I can not wait to follow my dreams.


    From a NEW MarieTV addict
    Andre (South Africa)

    • Mandy - Team Forleo

      Hi Andre and welcome! I’m so glad Marie’s wisdom is inspiring you. Your dreams are important and it’s wonderful to hear that you’re taking strides to making them come true. We’re thrilled to have you in the MarieTV community!

  173. Cassandra Galan

    I LOVE your videos and love everything you have to say.
    I am currently face with with a wide open door and I am TERRIFIED to go through it and what is holding me back is self-doubt. I’m so scared that I’m not smart enough or that I will mess up and in my line of work people dye if I mess up. I just don’t know if I am ready to jump into this opportunity, But if I don’t I am afraid i will not have another like this one in a long long time!! What do I do?!?! I have watched a lot of your videos that talk about fear to to bring it with you, But this is more intimidation….

    So you think it’s the same thing? Should I bring that along with me like fear?


  174. Figure out what it is you are on this earth do and go for it….. It will guide you along the way and take care of you.

    So true!

  175. Anna Matthews

    This is so encouraging. I just listened to the audio for Strategies for Unstoppable Success. That audio and this video are making me realize that I don’t do myself a service by playing into my hesitations. I’m very hesitant…usually. But I don’t feel hesitant after having a listen to what Marie is saying. This is so helpful I can’t even tell you!

    • Chelsea - Team Forleo

      Anna, we’re THRILLED to hear that and so excited for you.

  176. I used to teach full time at a university. I quit full time with the idea that I would continue as an adjunct & drop 1 class at a time as my business started to make more & more money. Well, I am a big believer in the Affordable Care Act, but it ended up screwing up my plan! Once it was in place, I had to give up half of my teaching work all at once. I received unemployment for a while, but that ended long ago. I have also gone through my savings. By working half time at the school & conducting my business, I can barely make ends meet, which I actually feel lucky about considering the circumstances, but it’s incredibly difficult to grow a business when you have no money to re-invest. Even what I’ve managed with my website, I have had to learn how to do myself without spending money! Any down & dirty advice for someone in the trenches?

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Hi Tracey, I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through a tough time right now while you’re working on building your business. It sounds like you’re doing great work in spite of the challenges you’re facing, and for a few more tips, I thought I might share a great MarieTV episode we did a while back:

      That video also includes a link to our free “How To Get Anything You Want” training, so definitely do check that out for a few tips too.

      I hope that helps, and know that we’re sending our best wishes your way for tremendous success in building your business!

      • Tracey

        Thank you!

  177. Marie, when you first read Christina’s question, I thought: Wow, that’s a tough one. And I totally applaud your answer and advice. I am currently trying to start a business and I have to keep reminding myself that I need to do it because I FIRST have something I’m SO excited to SHARE, not because I want big profits.
    Thank you!

  178. Love your post, I presently on a path like that. It’s not the best feeling to walk away from the safe ground to charter unfamiliar path. Every now then I wonder what the heck I am doing. But then I realized I am loving the adventures the unfamiliar territory brings with it. Also it craved out a story that inspires and encourage others leap into the unknown. Thank you for sharing. All the best, blessings.

  179. I always say if they can do it, I can do it too. We need to follow our dreams, sometime is not easy but when we get there it is worth it.

    I know only based my career in following my dreams but I also inspire and teach others to follow their own dreams, in my book BALANCE, the power of a balanced life, you have to opportunity to discover and organize your dreams in your life.

  180. Ahmed

    true words but so harsh to make it

  181. A business you do not love is bad for your health. Thank you.

  182. Last fall I was presented with the opportunity to work with students again, which is my passion, but in order to take advantage of it I had to choose between being a full-time employee at my other job with benefits and going part-time, cutting pay and losing all my benefits. I chose the kids and the amazing part is God actually got my husband a promotion that allowed him to get health benefits. What’s more He presented us both with opportunities to make additional income on a freelance basis, we’re actually bringing in more now as a couple than we were back then and the flexibility has given me more opportunities to travel and spend time outdoors which is so important in work life balance. Proverbs 18:16 says “A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before great men” and I firmly believe this. I’ve seen the way pursuing God’s path for my life, which doesn’t alway look the safest or most comfortable, always reaps the greatest rewards.

  183. Eddie C

    I am struggling with my responsibility to my spouse who is older – I’m a creative and had to take a back seat these last 7 years when the opportunities dried up doing medical admin work. For the first time I am getting interviews in a line of work I love (event and showroom design) – the problem is most of these positions lack benefits – he has respectfully carried me for over 30 years with all the benefits of his job(s) and would like to wind down his career in 4 years. I’m not ready AT ALL to settle into a cubicle for the next 20 years and punch numbers for the safety of medical insurance, disability, etc… it’s literally killing me. When I suggested taking a creative job offer again, he said “what are you trying to do, kill me?” The money is triple what I make at a desk and I will never see that kind of money being offered in an admin gig. I could stay, hope for a promotion…but I see no rewards in it. I love my husband – he suffers from anxiety and just feels comfortable swimming upstream in a “safe” corporate job.
    I feel like if I miss this opportunity, I will never see another one. I’m in my 50’s but look much younger – this feels like it could be a second act after a long recession – and now that the ACA is being repealed, the idea of buying my own insurance seems daunting. I don’t know how much longer I can stay in this line of work – it just doesn’t feel natural or healthy just sitting at a computer screen all day.
    I will take all the advice I can get !!!…

    • Caroline - Team Forleo

      Eddie, thank you so much for taking the time to watch this episode and comment. I know you’re so not alone in this, and I thought I might share a few thoughts that popped to mind while I was reading your note.

      The first thing I wanted to mention is that there really are no guarantees, even with “safe” jobs. While it’s of course wise to consider financial and other benefits, especially when you have a partner and this is something you’re considering together, there’s no true way to guarantee that any job will be totally safe or secure.

      One thing I might do if I were in your shoes is to sit down with your husband and form a little game plan together. Maybe you could suggest the idea of you pursuing your creative goals while he’s still working … and really going for it – diving in with all you’ve got for a set amount of time (2 or 3 years maybe). And if you’re finding it may not support the two of you or provide the finances and benefits you need after a couple years, you can explore other options for finding another job in medical admin or change course to something else.

      Something like that might be a way to find a mutual agreement that allows you to pursue your creative goals while addressing some of your husband’s concerns.

      Those are just a couple thoughts, but I hope it helps! Also if you haven’t seen our episode this week, it’s about dealing with those who are concerned that your dreams are “unrealistic,” so you might find some little nuggets of wisdom there too:

      I’m sending along my best wishes and hope you find a beautiful balance that allows you to pursue your creative dreams!

  184. Emily

    I can relate so much to this! “I followed the traditional advice to ‘follow your passion’ and what ended up happening was that I was broke, defeated and exhausted.” I made a foolish (or at least, short-sighted) decision last spring to give up a stable, FT job opportunity and my apartment (along with most of my domestic goods…) in order to follow a pipe dream to Italy or Cuba while pursuing my passion in sustainability and somehow starting my own organization… While I’ve made contacts in all areas, I’ve spent the last year draining savings while climbing my way out of many months of overwhelming, deep depression that came on after realizing I had made such a mistake and put myself in a very precarious situation. It’s been a terrible year that essentially cost me a lot of my savings. Instead, I could’ve spent the year maybe not loving my job, but at least having a stable life mentally and physically and thereby having some energy leftover to dedicate to inching myself closer to that global sustainability consulting work… I’m at a point now where I associate pursuing my vision with oppressing and depriving myself rather than with abundance, and it feels more exhausting than exciting to think about taking steps forward, though I often do take them anyway and reach out to professional contacts, etc. I’m wondering when “safe”, perhaps, needs to become a priority over passion, because personally, I can’t seem to get anywhere with my passion when I don’t feel safe, and apparently it takes a stable, comfortable place to live, a sense of daily purpose, and some income for me to feel so. Throw in the gigantic mess of the American healthcare system and the exorbitant cost of private plans or even partially subsidized plans on the exchange (over $400/mo. with $2000 deductible, larger than usual co-pays, and high out-of-pocket maximums, and this is AFTER a $200 subsidy for being under $45K or so/year!!) and it’s easy to feel completely trapped into a higher-paying salaried job just from the healthcare pressure alone. I never questioned following my passion before this experience of this past year, but I’m starting to wonder whether I don’t use my “passion” to oppress and drive myself rather than as something that’s really generating joy.

  185. Danny

    Marie thank you for your business wisdom. I am a novice entrepreneur who is on the verge on starting a unique approach business that will change my life. I have a 8-5 low income job, and due to my low gross income, its taking a long time to further finance my project due to living expenses. Despite my low income status, I am able to finance my project on a low budget status with out getting into debt. I’m thinking of finding another job to make more money (hourly) so I can finance my project faster but the only concern is to starting over in a new industry. I’ve been in my industry for six years but the pay isn’t cutting it. I’m very close to completing the project start-up but my question is should I stick with my current job I know or find a new better paying job? Blessings

  186. Nikolas Campos

    I’m a 16 year old junior and I come from a well established family that my parents brought from the ground up. They believe in my education and wits to make into a good university to become someone with importance and success. I, on the other hand have this huge, undying love and passion for music and everything entertainment wise. For school I’ve narrowed my options down to Neuroscience, a Neurologist to be exact. I don’t know whether to follow my dreams to become a record producer/singer or to become a Neurologist, I’m conflicted and I want advice before I talk to my parents about it.

  187. shanel walker

    I am in this spot right now at the age of 25. It is depressing because I know my passion is animation (well art in general) but, I cannot fully pursue it due my current job. I feel trapped because I am supporting self through debt, school, bills, etc. and all I just want to do is sit down and draw.

  188. Tanishq

    I am facing a really hazardous problem.. Lack of time. I think I have the worst life in the perspective of hobbies. It is not that I do not have any hobbies but have several of them. Several of hobbies that I love to do. My rule of life is to be perfect in the field that you love. So, I want to be a multi-perfectionist. I try to cover up everything but face the issue of lack of time. Inspite this, my parents want a safe career for me. That’s why I am preparing for a competitive exam for which I need to visit a coaching institute. Unfortunately, I cannot drop out of the school. And my admission in dummy schools is also not possible. What should I do ??? I am really messed up.. 🙁

    • Renee – Team Forleo

      Hi Tanishq,
      Thanks so much for sharing your story and heart with us. It sounds like you certainly are a multi-passionate entrepreneur! Just like Marie. Although, Marie is a big fan of starting “small and sucky” vs. trying to strive for perfect. She talks about perfectionism in this episode here:
      Why Perfectionism will Crush Your Productivity:
      Also, it sounds like you might enjoy this episode on jumping on the “NO train!” The No train is an excellent way to free up valuable time so you’re no longer feeling pulled in 1000 different directions. Give it a try!

      We’re cheering you on, Tanishq. You’ve got this! ?

  189. Rachael

    Thank you so much for this video. Truly you have helped me so much. I am really struggling right now as I’m torn between two futures or paths and don’t know which to choose. I am a singer and song-writer but lately I’ve been pushing my gifts aside to “fit in” and pay it safe by telling myself I need to just get a degree and become a teacher like my mom did. I know now that this isn’t authentic or wise. Your words really re affirmed this for me , that playing it safe isn’t the best reason for choosing a career…and that it’s a recipe for me to become miserable. What’s also crazy is that I am horribly sick for the second time this year with a bad flu.. and I honestly think it’s because i’m off balance, meaning i’m not following my true path in this life.

    Thanks again..

  190. First of all I would like to thank you for writing this post I love both writing and reading new posts and I was just looking at new posts to see me something new, only then I saw your post and the rest of the post is praiseworthy.

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