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B-School is the world’s best online business school for modern entrepreneurs. It’s an 8-week online training program that teaches you how to use smart online marketing to fuel both higher profits, and your higher purpose. You’ll learn step by step how to package, position and sell your products and services using modern tools of entrepreneurship. After purchasing B-School once, grads get to re-take the course every year, for the life of the program — for free.

One of the most powerful aspects of the program is our community. We have thousands of graduates from 103 countries worldwide and they are some of the kindest, most creative, most generous and most fun people you’ll ever meet.

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“The first online course I’ve taken which has resulted in measurable, dramatic results in my business.”
Nanci Panuccio, Craft & Inspiration For Writers of Fiction & Memoir

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Don’t let the sassy title fool you. This runaway hit, currently in 13 languages worldwide, is a roadmap to unlocking your full potential. It works for single women and women in relationships. Get the book in any major bookstore, on or download the audio (read by moi) now.

“OMG I just bought your book today. In 2 hrs I’ve learned more about myself and my relationship than I have for the past 8 years. It solved my problems, *blink* just like that. THANK YOU, thank you.”
Antonia Selaru, Digital Art & Graphic Design

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The Copy Cure, the latest brainchild of Marie Forleo and Laura Belgray, is designed to help you learn to write in a way that connects, converts, and sounds 100% authentically “you.” Enter your name and email at to find out when the free introductory training launches and learn more about the program.

Copy that connects and converts isn’t just about moving products, it’s about moving people. Creating copy that connects from the heart and cuts through the noise means having the power to sell anything.

Maybe you’ve tried looking at OPC — other people’s copy — and wished you’d thought to write yours that way. Maybe you’ve downloaded templates or enrolled in writing courses full of “proven techniques.” The problem is, when you try to use those formulas, you sound like a bad infomercial. You end up writing sales pages and emails that you’d never want your friends to see.

The Copy Cure is the first course that not only teaches you proven, persuasive writing techniques, but shows you how to use them in your voice. So your copy sounds like an actual, flesh-and-blood human and not a robot. Or, worse, a wannabe. Finally, a “Find Your Voice” copywriting course so your words sound like you – and make people want what you sell.