Couples in Business: How NOT to Mix Marriage and Work

For a few years, I’ve been predicting that more and more women will become the primary breadwinners in their family.

What’s more interesting though, is what I’ve been told in whispers and behind closed doors. . .

Many highly ambitious and successful women have a secret desire to grow their economic wealth, in part, so that their man doesn’t have to work.

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One step before a woman becomes a full on sugar mama can be when a woman hires her man to work in her business. Here’s how it happens.

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Are You A Workaholic? 3 Steps to Fix Your Relationship Issues

Does your better half complain that you spend too much time on the computer? Are you ever accused of being a workaholic?

If your business causes major riffs in your relationship, you’re not alone.

With our 24/7 ability to grow our business through smart phones, social media and laptops, entrepreneurs around the world are constantly tempted to do “just one more thing” every free second we have.

It makes sense. After all, when you’re super passionate about your work — it doesn’t feel like work at all and you want to do it all the time!

But I can tell you from experience that too much time on the computer can cause major relationship issues. If left unchecked, being a workaholic will totally destroy your relationship.

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