The Downside Of Gratitude

Before we dive into this week’s MarieTV episode, I have to tell you how amazing you are.

Your support of my appearance with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday was absolutely staggering.

The tweets, FB messages and emails you’ve shared with me have been so heartfelt, loving and encouraging and I deeply appreciate it.

Gratitude is more powerful than any pill you can pick up at the pharmacy. Click To Tweet

Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times over!

If you tuned in, you know that one of the things I talked about with Oprah is the importance of gratitude.

But what I didn’t get to share was the dark side of this often cheery topic.

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How To Eat As Much Mashies As You Want, Sans The Guilt

Ever sit at your Thanksgiving table and think, “OMG, we have so much freaking food here.  There’s enough to feed an army…”

And then your mind jumps to, “This is excessive. I should probably be volunteering at a soup kitchen instead of eating my fourth round of mashed potatoes and gravy.”

I sure have.  In fact, I’ve had that thought for years and haven’t acted on it, until now.

Last week, a friend asked me if I wanted to be on the host committee for The Robin Hood Foundation.

Without blinking or knowing exactly what that meant, I said, “Yes!”

Turns out that the Robin Hood Foundation is one of the best run non-for-profits around.

And totally inspiring from an entrepreneurial perspective.

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