Why You’ll Never Find Your Passion

Crocuses are in full force right now, the weather is finally breaking here in New York City and — a brand new season of Game Of Thrones has just premiered!

Life is good, and I’m grateful.

But when I think back to my earlier self, I often had a hard time enjoying simple pleasures because so much of my mental and emotional energy was focused (umm, obsessed) with figuring out my life’s passion.

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In other words, I spent an extraordinary amount of energy trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do with my life.

After much self-torture, buckets of tears, loads of “tests” and hundreds of hours of research, I thankfully came to some useful realizations around this idea of finding one’s passion.

If you’ve ever struggled to find your passion in life, today’s episode of MarieTV was made for you.

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How To Get Motivated

Have you ever tried to “get motivated” to do something, but nothing works?

You start to feel horrible, like you’re falling behind in your business or career.

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You get embarrassed to meet with friends because you don’t want to talk about what you’ve been doing or more accurately. . . what you’ve not been doing.

Yeah, I’ve totally been there too.

If you’ve ever felt the shame, frustration and humiliation that comes from being stuck and lost in your life, today’s new MarieTV episode is for you.

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Why I Ditched My Long Ass Sales Letter

Last week, I clocked some pretty long hours writing a sales letter for this year’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE Event.  (Which is now open for registration. Get your ticket.  Now.  Really.   I’ll wait.)

But here’s the kicker.

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If Your Business Feels Chaotic, You May Be Missing This…

You’ll never find me using “retail therapy” as a means of relaxation.  In fact, most of the time I walk into stores and instantly feel overwhelmed by the racks and racks of endless choices.

My brain goes on overdrive and I get frustrated and tired really fast. (Can you relate?)

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How To Give Yourself A Self-Deception Reality Check

This morning I spoke with a client who was feeling stalled in growing her online business.

She asked, “What’s stopping me from having success?”

I could tell she was looking for a deep, insightful, inner game type answer.

But that wasn’t what she got.  Here’s what I said next.

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