How To Be Uber-Successful Without Being An Asshat

One of my more recent guilty pleasures is the show Billions. Admittedly, some scenes make my eyes roll. But when I’m jonesin’ for a fix of effortless entertainment, it does me right.

Here’s the gist: Bobby Axelrod, the main character played by the talented Damian Lewis, is a hedge fund billionaire being ruthlessly hunted down by U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades, played by equally talented Paul Giamatti.

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Honestly? They both act like pompous d-bags a lot, which naturally makes for great television.

But it also reveals a commonly held view about folks who are considered uber-successful — in the conventional sense of that word. That view is this:

In order to make it to the top, you have to be a ruthless, cold-hearted jerk.

Curious. Do you believe that to be true? Do you believe that in order to get ahead you have to be dishonest or unethical? Because if you do, even just a little bit, that belief could be holding you back — BIG time.

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How To Define Success For Yourself, No Matter What The World Says

“No, I’m 100% sure Mom. When I’m old enough to drive, I want a blue van with smurfs painted on it. I don’t care what people will say, that’s what I want.”

Yeah. That was me defining success at age 7.

Though I never did get that blue smurf van, I’ve been happily defining and re-defining what “success” means to me as long as I can remember.

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That’s why I was thrilled when Claire, one of our readers, wrote in because she was feeling a bit torn between a more traditional view of success (big money, big job, etc.) and the unique calling of her soul.

Taking the time to challenge assumptions — both societies and our own — is something I feel very strongly about. Especially as it relates to such a relative and often loaded concept as “success.”

Because when you have the courage to question what you’re doing and, more importantly, why you’re doing it — you stay on your edge of innovation, truth and lasting fulfillment.

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Jealous Of Others’ Success? Don’t Get Over It. Here’s Why.

Are you secretly jealous of someone who seems to “have it all”? Doesn’t matter how experienced or spiritual you believe you are.

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We human beings are, after all, are human.

Translation? We all slip into this envy state every now and again.

It happens at every level of ‘success’ and every stage of our evolving consciousness.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, get the good news about your envy, and how you can use it to fuel you.

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The Fear Of Losing Success: What If It All Goes Away?

Most of us work really, really hard to make good things happen in life.

We put in long hours. We take risks. We keep the faith. We constantly work on our craft. We put ourselves out there and do our best to serve others.

But once you start experiencing success, do you ever worry about losing it?

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What if everyone stops buying? What if I just can’t keep creating magic? What if people get bored of me (my talents/products/services) and I become yesterday’s news?

It doesn’t matter how positive or spiritual you are, or how diligently you work, because our brains have ancient circuitry called negativity bias. Meaning, we tend to give more attention and weight to negative thoughts than positive ones.

If you find worries about it all “slipping away” mounting in your mind over and over again, there are concrete steps you can take to neutralize them.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, you’ll learn three simple and effective keys for how to deal with the fear of losing it all.

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What My Bare Buns Can Teach You About Success

Most of the time, we only get to hear about people’s successes.

The highlight reels, so to speak. We see the big moments. The impressive stuff.

While I’m all for celebrating wins and focusing on the positive, it’s vital that we don’t feel shame about our mistakes or missteps either.

Because let’s face it. We all stumble and fall. We all have errors in judgment.

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We all do things from time to time that, in retrospect, make us cringe and say “What was I thinking?”

The truth is, in order to experience growth and progress in any area of life, you’ve got to take risks and put yourself out there. Consistently.

That means you’re going to stumble. You’ll find yourself embarrassed from time to time. And yes, you will have flops. Guaranteed.

The only real question to ask yourself is this.

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