5 Keys To Change Your Company Culture From The Inside Out

Depending on how long we’ve known each other…

You may already know that I love karaoke. And, hip hop. And, sharing ideas and possibilities that fuel your life forward.

But never did I fathom a day when I could do all three, pretty much at once. Thank the sweet goddess of pumpkin lattes, that day has come.

The spark of inspiration was lit when Donna, one of our delightful readers, wrote in asking about how to change her company’s culture as an intrapreneur.

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She has a bucketful of smart ideas to take the company profitably into the future, but she’s feeling stymied because she’s not the boss.

Hers is a tricky and important question: if you’re not in charge, how can you create positive change within the business you work for?

Frankly, even if you are the boss, these five steps will help you more effectively create alignment and gain faster momentum within your company. Personally, this framework can help get your significant other, family or friends onboard with your next exciting idea or big adventure.

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Are You Ever “Done” With Self-Improvement?

When this week’s question came in, it gave me a chuckle.

Mostly because it speaks to something we can all feel at times: exhausted from constantly striving to improve ourselves.  

Whether it’s a new diet, journaling practice, or “mental hack” to boost our productivity — these days, it seems like there’s always something new we should be doing to improve our lives.

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Which raises a valid question.

You might wonder, “Can’t I just coast for a little bit? Isn’t it OK to live my life without constantly trying to make it better? Is there a downside to all this inspiration?”

If you’ve ever wanted a little breather from self-improvement, I think you’ll really appreciate today’s show. (And yes, I get the irony.)

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5 Reasons People Don’t Take You Seriously

Do you ever feel invisible sometimes? Like your opinion doesn’t matter or what you have to say goes largely ignored?

If your head is nodding yes, I think you’ll really appreciate today’s episode of MarieTV. And honestly…

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Even if you feel pretty darn good about your communication skills, there’s always a next level. I mean, I communicate for a living and I’m always catching little habits and patterns to change.

In today’s show, learn five reasons why you and your ideas might not be taken seriously and easy fixes that’ll make a lasting difference.

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The World’s Worst Advice for Ambitious People

Before I say anything else, I must say THANK YOU.

The love and support you shared for me, my dad and my family was truly overwhelming. I read every comment and every note that came my way, and each one fueled me with hope and possibility.

I am so deeply appreciative of your humanity, your kindness and generosity. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this.)

And, I’m happy to report that my amazing Pops is doing so much better now. We’ve been getting positive feedback from the team of docs he’s working with and I’m incredibly optimistic about the road ahead.

Now onto today’s episode. This Q&A got me super fired up. It has to do with something I’ve heard throughout my life (though thankfully not much anymore).

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And anytime someone would say this two-word phrase to me, I wanted to slap them silly. Not because I didn’t think their intentions were good, but more because I didn’t feel understood as a human being.

Have a watch and learn what I believe is the world’s worst advice for ambitious people. As you’ll hear me say in the episode, I’m not talking about burning yourself out or doing anything that would negatively impact you or your relationships. We need to make that uber clear, OK?

What I am talking about is a natural and very healthy hunger many of us have to create, connect and contribute. It’s an insatiable sense of curiosity and enthusiasm for life. For doing things, making things and discovering things that spark joy.

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Conscious Parenting: What Parents Can Do To Raise Conscious Children

Today’s episode is a real eye-opener. Especially if you’re a parent, hope to someday be a parent or — you have parents. Honestly, I believe this show is a must watch for us all.

Because no matter what stage of life you’re at, I can’t imagine you wouldn’t want a more loving and connected relationship with your family.

After all, any iota of “success” (however you define that word) can be empty and meaningless without people you love to share it with.

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The other reason I think you’ll love this episode is the refreshing level of honesty and transparency of my guest, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, author of the NY Times bestseller The Conscious Parent.

She offers some delightfully contrarian ideas about parenting, and she’s completely candid about how challenging this path can be — even for her. (Which her daughter is all too quick to point out 🙂 )

Finally, this interview highlights a skill that I believe is the key to greater happiness and fulfillment for us all. The ability to tune in (and listen to) our own inner voice.

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