Personal Growth: The Right — And Wrong — Way to Share It With Others

Ever experienced something like this?

You: “Mom, you should read this book. It’s totally life-changing. It’ll help you be happier and less negative and judgmental.”

Your Mom: “Who the heck says I’m negative and judgmental?! Maybe if you listened to me more and actually did something useful with your life…”


When you find yourself growing by leaps and bounds after discovering self-help, it’s natural to feel an urge to share it with everyone — especially people you think could really use it.

Others will follow your footsteps easier than they will your advice. - Unknown Click To Tweet

But as you may have discovered, spreading the good word ain’t always welcomed.

In fact, sharing anything in the realm of personal development can spark fights and cause some major relationship problems.

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Are People Around You Holding You Back?

Yesterday I went to a live taping of the Letterman show and got to see my girl, Lady Gaga in person.

She was sweet, funny and as usual, unapologetically her.  Not surprising that she’s now the most popular (and one of the highest earning) artists in the world.  Did you hear she crashed Amazon’s servers yesterday with her new album release?!?  Crazy pants…

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