How To Get Customers: Local Business Marketing

I just got back to LA from speaking at the Glazer-Kennedy women’s business conference in San Antonio, Texas. I’m proud to say I was blessed with a standing ovation for my presentation.

As I was flying home, I realized that every person at the conference wanted the same exact thing. More customers.

So let me ask you this…

Are you daaaumn good at what you do, but frustrated because only a small number of people know who you are?

Look. You can have the best product or service on the market, but if nobody knows about it – you’re screwed! After all, no customers = no business.

I see so many talented entrepreneurs struggling because they lack the one critical skill that’s the MOST important aspect of any business: marketing.

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How to Prevent A Business Dry Spell

Have you noticed that no matter what’s happening with the economy, there are always businesses that thrive while others get trapped in a feast or famine cycle?

Inconsistent cash flow can be really stressful. You have a few months of steady, flowing revenue, then BAM: zip. zilch. nada.

Thankfully, creating steady income is something you can take control of in your business.

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How To Build A Reputation When You’ve Just Started Your Business

I’m about to go into my creative cave to prep for my event, RHH Live. It’s three weeks away and we’re near sold out, which I’m both humbled and grateful for.

If you asked me how we get these kinds of results, I’d say it’s because I’ve built a reputation over the years for truly caring about my customers and working my tush off to over deliver on value and experience.

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Are You Alienating Potential Customers?

Sharing who you are, what you believe, and why you’re in business is vitally important. No doubt about it.

But can being “the real you” alienate potential customers?

For example, does being openly gay turn off prospective fans who are outside of the the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community?

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Four Online Marketing Mistakes Local Businesses Make (and How To Fix Them)

A reader recently asked my advice on how to market and fill an in-person workshop.

I thought it was a pretty good Q to A, so I started to poke around her website to learn more.

Upon further investigation, I discovered a much bigger problem that needed to be fixed.

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