How To Make Your Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you ever feel like everyone in your industry is doing the same thing?

Everyone’s newsletters look the same. Everyone’s websites are starting to look the same. Everybody’s business name has the same “flare.”

Nothing will kill your business faster than being lost in a crowd of sameys. Click To Tweet

Same. Same. Same.

Which leads to a big fat dose of  BORING.

And bored people rarely buy.

They also don’t run out and tell their friends and family about how wonderfully you bored them.

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Behind My Biz: Do I Write My Own Copy?

Oooh boy! I wanted to post this puppy yesterday for our official Q&A Tuesday, but I was blissfully swept away by the incomparable Seth Godin.

You see, a few weeks ago my friend Joe Polish emailed me about this Seth Godin event, saying “You HAVE to go to this since I can’t – get a ticket NOW!” We’re both big Godin fans and by the time I clicked to register, the event was sold out. Bummer.

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