2012 RHH Live Scholarship Winners Announced!

The past few days we (my team and myself) have been watching hundreds of massively inspiring videos from our annual RHH Live Scholarship contest.

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and inspiration. Here’s why.

The generosity and kindness of spirit that is shared among our community continues to take my breath away.

Giving love, attention and encouragement to someone else’s dream costs you nothing. It is, however, the most valuable gift you can ever give another human being.

When I read through over 980 comments on the scholarship videos and see the depth of love and genuine support that is given and received, amongst mostly strangers in a supposed “competition,” it reaffirms my belief in the kind of world we can create together.

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Win a FREE Ticket to RHH Live 2012

Did you ever have a feeling that you just need to be somewhere?

It’s far beyond a mere “want.” It’s as though your soul whispers, “You have to go to this. Your life depends on it.”

I sure have. In fact, whenever I’ve heard the whisper from my soul (usually it’s telling me to do something unreasonable), it’s been a decision that’s truly changed my life.

As you know, my company is committed to inspiring you to reach your full potential and use your unique talents to change the world.  We do our best to help make that happen each and every week, for free, through MarieTV.

We also go much deeper through our paid programs, like our upcoming conference, Rich Happy & Hot LIVE.

If you’ve heard your soul’s whisper about this event, I’d love to invite you to spend a weekend with me, my personal go-to experts in business, health and happiness, and 300 like-minded women and men in New York City October 26-28th, 2012 . . . for FREE!

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Want to Come to Selling Your Soul, For FREE?

Ask and you shall receive.

We’ve been fielding loads of requests for volunteer and scholarship opportunities for Selling Your Soul, the one-day white hot event on May 12, 2011 with me + Danielle LaPorte.

It’s going to be off-the-charts and not to be missed.

We’re digging deep and handling the toughest, juiciest questions you have about your life and work.

Nothing is off limits. It’s raw and real, and one day only.

If you haven’t heard of it yet, where have you been, my love?

Watch the video below for the scoop.

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Why I Want You To Sell Your Soul

Confession time. I’ve always loved making money in the most outrageously fun way possible.

From babysitting during parties at a waterfront mansion (while also playing DJ), to being a Carvel Ice Cream girl with unlimited access to raw cookie dough + cute, sweaty athletes after their games (my “uniform”: white shorts, white top, and a white visor with sprinkles on it – yeah, it worked), to landing a sweet gig selling beach badges on the boardwalk while getting a tan in my bikini, I’m clearly wired to make money doing what I love.

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