How To Deal With Jealousy & Being Intimidated By Another’s Success

First up, THANK YOU for your incredible support last week during Hurricane Sandy.

In the West Village we were without power, cell service and heat all week, but things got back on track over the weekend.

I’m deeply grateful to be safe and for your notes of love and concern via email, Twitter and Facebook.

Friends took great care of us and we were extremely lucky. In fact, I had some of the most rich and enjoyable experiences that I’ve had in years (limited access to technology tends to do that!).

However, the devastation from this storm, like all natural disasters in recent years, has left tens of thousands of people homeless. It’s demolished places I love dearly so please continue to send your prayers and support to the folks who truly need it.

Now onto today’s episode, which is something I think we can all relate to: feeling jealous.

There’s always room at the top. - Daniel Webster Click To Tweet

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How To Deal With Competition

Before we dive into today’s topic, I’ve got some BIG news to share.

In a few days, I’m moving to Los Angeles! Now before my east coasters say “that sh*t cray”, it is a temporary move.

Like, I-can’t-stand-the-cold-weather-so-I’m-spending-the-next-three-months-in-Cali kind of move. I’m sooo down for palm trees, beach cruisers and getting real at the Whole Foods parking lot.

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Are You Jealous Of People In Your Industry? Watch This Now.

Do you ever feel things you wish you didn’t?

Yeah. Most of us have areas of our life we’re a wee bit embarrassed about (aside, of course, from hair growing in places it just has no business in!).

For example, do you ever get jealous of people in your industry who seem to be doing better than you?  It’s a crappy state to be in, for sure.

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