3 Ways To Say No To People Who Want To Pick Your Brain

Oh sweet, sweet, mother of pasta!

I’m 2 days away from heading off to Italy for a looooong overdue vacation. This trip is something I’ve dreamed about for years and we finally got our acts together to make it happen.

That means I’ve been waaaay more productive than ever to get everything done so I can totally unplug while we’re away.

Which brings me to today’s brand new episode of MarieTV.

If they want to pick your brain, ask them to pick a time and method of payment. Click To Tweet

Here’s the scene: you’re busy as all heck working your buns off.

Through your blood, sweat and tenacity — you’ve gained a lot of experience and expertise.  Things are really starting to come together.  Everyone you know is taking notice, but unfortunately…

You’re now drowning in constant requests from friends who want to “have coffee and pick your brain.”

But the truth is…
a. You don’t freakin’ have time for coffee right now.
b. You don’t want to have your brain picked.
c. And, if you did, you’d wanna get paid for it!

If you’re tired of ignoring these emails and feeling guilty about it, this episode of MarieTV is for you.

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Are You Drowning In Overwhelm? Try This…

Ever feel like there’s just soooo damn much to do that you want to cry?

It’s VITALLY important, especially for creative entrepreneurs, that we learn how to deal with the ever growing demands of running a successful business and a successful life.


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How To Eat As Much Mashies As You Want, Sans The Guilt

Ever sit at your Thanksgiving table and think, “OMG, we have so much freaking food here.  There’s enough to feed an army…”

And then your mind jumps to, “This is excessive. I should probably be volunteering at a soup kitchen instead of eating my fourth round of mashed potatoes and gravy.”

I sure have.  In fact, I’ve had that thought for years and haven’t acted on it, until now.

Last week, a friend asked me if I wanted to be on the host committee for The Robin Hood Foundation.

Without blinking or knowing exactly what that meant, I said, “Yes!”

Turns out that the Robin Hood Foundation is one of the best run non-for-profits around.

And totally inspiring from an entrepreneurial perspective.

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