Marie Forleo & David Bach: How To Live and Finish Rich

There was a time when reaching for my checkbook was an anxiety producing act.

Once I opened it up, I became engulfed with guilt and fear and shame. “There’s not enough this month. I don’t know how I’m going to do this…”

Eventually, that pattern became unacceptable to me. Other people were able to effectively manage their money — but clearly, I wasn’t one of them!

So I did what I always do when I find myself in pain. I promised myself I was going to figure this thing out. That I was going to do whatever it took to educate myself, change my patterns and finally create healthier and wiser money habits.

I became a woman on a mission. And one of my very first teachers was a man named David Bach.

He didn’t know he was my teacher, of course. But I chose him, likely for his perfectly-written-for-me title, Smart Women Finish Rich.  

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Over the years, David went on to pen 11 consecutive national bestsellers reaching millions around the world, all with a singular devoted focus: helping normal people like you and me get our money lives in order in a way that’s aligned with our most treasured values.

Today, I’m thrilled to have David on MarieTV. It’s one of those full circle moments, and a rich conversation filled with practical information for you and those you love.

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How To Spend Money Once You Start Making It

So you’ve finally started making some money in your business. Now what?

Do you reinvest in your company, save or something else? How should a successful business owner handle profit management?

Making money is one thing. What to do with it once you have some is a whole other ball of wax.

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