Here’s Why You Never Follow-Through (And How To Fix It)

Isn’t it funny how we get soooo pumped about our newest projects?

Whether it’s a cleaner diet, blogging consistently, or getting back in shape — most of us have no trouble starting off with a bang.

We’re uber committed for the first few days.

Things go so well that we actually start to believe the voice in our head when it says, “OMG, this time is different. I’m actually going to make this happen. I’m going to stick with this for life!”

Fast forward three weeks into the future. Life throws you a curve ball. You slip off track. A few more days pass and before you know it, it’s the same as it ever was.

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You see…

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How To Turn A Business Meltdown Into A Major Breakthrough

If you told me 9 days ago that I could completely make-over my business from the inside out, double sales from my favorite profit center, eliminate 90% of the stress and overwhelm my team experiences AND cook ridiculously healthy and damn tasty vegetarian meals for my family every night of the week . . .

I would have thought you were a squirrel who lost her nut.

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