The Single Most Important Factor Of Your Business

When you’re first learning how to start a business there are loads of things you need to do.

And overwhelming amounts of information and possible actions to take – especially if you start to look for help online.

But do you know the single most important factor you need to get right before
you start a business?

And how do you move ahead and make significant headway when you’re just at the beginning?

Watch this video to find out what the best businesses on the planet all have in common.

Hint: it’s simple but massively important.

In the comments below, answer the question from the video, whether your business is new or not.



Two Important Sales Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know

In the video below, I’ll teach you two simple, yet important, sales lessons that can double your sales right now.

I learned these lessons over the weekend from an unexpected source, which of course, is a lesson unto itself.  (Wisdom is everywhere if you’re open to hear it!)

Do you have an example of when you asked for the money and got it?

How about persistence?

Where repetition in your request resulted in more sales or some kind of win?

I’d love to hear YOUR story and thoughts on this so please leave a comment below.