Why My Puppy Is Making Me Give You Free Business Advice

Five days ago I brought home the most adorable, loving and ridiculously smart little four-legged creature on the planet.

His name is Kuma and he’s a 12 week old Toy Aussie Shepherd.


“Puppies are a ton of work.”

You always hear that, but you never know exactly how much work until your knee deep in wee-pads, chew toys, treats and the overwhelming desire not to fuck up this highly impressionable little being with bad habits because you’re too busy running an online business.

(Note:  Dog training books are NOT written for people who live in NYC.  There’s a million dollar niche waiting for a smart infomarketer who can whip up something that’s downloadable and tailored for urban puppies that need paper training prior to being street legal.)

We’re also getting ready for the RHH Virtual Mastery Program opening up in two weeks or so.  If you don’t what that is, it’s my year long coaching program that’s crazy affordable, fun and guarantees you’ll get results or I pay you your money back.  Sweet, right?

Anyway, between prep for Virtual Mastery, my Mastery Gals (you ladies freaking rock), normal goofing off with Josh and my new little man Kuma, I have even less time than usual.

Rather than stressing myself out to come up with killer content for the blog, I’d rather give YOU free business/marketing/life advice right here in the form of Q & A.

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