Five Regrets of The Dying: Marie Forleo & Bronnie Ware

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had an acute recognition of the relative shortness of our lives. It might have to do with my obsession with Zombie movies (I’ve loved them and watched them since I was a kid!), or perhaps it’s something a bit more primal.

I believe it’s wise for all of us to remember, and keep consistently in the forefront of our minds, that time is the most precious, non-renewable resource we have.

We’re all on the same train, heading to the same destination — death. We don’t know when our stop will come, but we do know this ride won’t last forever.

The more we can follow our heart, the louder it speaks. - Bronnie Ware Click To Tweet

That’s why I’m going to declare: no matter who you are or what age you’re at right now, this episode of MarieTV is a must watch.

Your future self will thank you for it.

Your kids, your parents, your loved ones, and your pets will thank you for it.

Don’t save it or archive it or skip it.

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Want The Courage To Do Anything? Ask This One Question

The fear of massive, catastrophic failure. Boy, it’s a biggie!

Whether you’re considering a major change in your career or in a personal relationship — being afraid you’re about to make the dumbest move e-v-e-r is an experience we can all relate to.

I don’t regret the things I’ve done. I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance. - unknown Click To Tweet

This fear can keep us stuck, miserable and not making meaningful progress towards our dreams.

But what if there was a single question you could ask — and answer — that could give you both the clarity and the courage to move ahead?

That’s exactly what you’ll learn in today’s brand new episode of MarieTV.

It’s a simple and effective method that helps you rewire your relationship to fear and, most importantly, make progress towards your dreams in a thoughtful and strategic way.

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Should You Give It All Up & Follow Your Heart? Here’s How To Know For Sure

Ever faced a big life decision and felt unsure about which way to go?

Whether it was leaving a relationship, moving to an unfamiliar place, quitting a safe job or spending a large amount of money — many of us find ourselves facing big life decisions with little or no tools to help us make the best choice.

Sure. You can ask family and friends for their opinion, but often you leave those conversations more confused than when you started.

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Why I Happily Walked Away From A Million Dollars

Have you ever let go of something pretty good in order to create something truly great?

Whether it was leaving a good-enough job, a comfortable relationship or even closing down a profitable business…

Sometimes the only way to get what you really want in life is to leave behind the sure thing you already have.

It takes courage to begin something, but it can take even more to end it. Click To Tweet

For many, success can be a trickier trap than failure.

After all, if nothing’s really “wrong” — why not just keep a good thing going? Shouldn’t we just keep our head down and be grateful for what we have?

Not always.

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Feeling depressed – like something’s missing? Try this.

I had no idea I was going to write about this today, but when I thought about whether or not I should mention it . . .

I don’t feel like I have a choice as I’m still pretty shaky.

Sunday afternoon we were hit pretty bad in a car accident.

Josh, myself and Kuma were driving down a quiet side street here in Venice when a driver sped through a back alleyway — without stopping — and slammed into the side of our car.

The impact was horrific. Glass shattered everywhere, and in an instant our car was forced underneath another parked car on the side of the road.

Thank God, we’re all fine (save nasty bruises, soreness, totaled cars, Kuma peed on my pants – LOL etc.).

The most upsetting thing though is how my mind keeps flashing these “alternate reality” scenarios in my head. These horrible, mini movies where if it were just a few seconds off . . .

Either Josh, Kuma or myself may not have survived. That’s really is the worst part for me — everytime I shut my eyes or try to rest, they come up.

So before we get into today’s episode, I invite you to take a moment to connect with and express your genuine love for the dearest people in your life.

Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway. - John Wayne Click To Tweet

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