Feel Like You Should Be Further Ahead By Now? Do This, Pronto.

“What’s wrong with me? This is nuts. I should be so much further ahead by now.”

Do you ever get caught up in this truly shitastic thought loop? Here’s how it goes.

Based on your age, the ultimate vision you have for your life and the non-stop work you’re putting in, you can’t help but feel behind. Like, desperately behind.

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You look around at friends and colleagues. Yup, 100% confirmed. Pretty much everyone is leaving you in the dust.

The proof? They’re getting the exact kind of gigs you’d hoped for. Making the kinds of things you’ve been meaning to make. Essentially living your dream life — just better, faster and first.

If you ever feel like you’re always in last place, today’s episode of MarieTV is for you. You’ll learn a simple way to rescue yourself from this toxic emotional vortex we all seem to slip into.

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How To Deal With Competition

Before we dive into today’s topic, I’ve got some BIG news to share.

In a few days, I’m moving to Los Angeles! Now before my east coasters say “that sh*t cray”, it is a temporary move.

Like, I-can’t-stand-the-cold-weather-so-I’m-spending-the-next-three-months-in-Cali kind of move. I’m sooo down for palm trees, beach cruisers and getting real at the Whole Foods parking lot.

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Are You Jealous Of People In Your Industry? Watch This Now.

Do you ever feel things you wish you didn’t?

Yeah. Most of us have areas of our life we’re a wee bit embarrassed about (aside, of course, from hair growing in places it just has no business in!).

For example, do you ever get jealous of people in your industry who seem to be doing better than you?  It’s a crappy state to be in, for sure.

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