Two Words To ‘Win’ Any Argument, Fast

I’m happy to be back in New York after spending a few weeks in Paris and Morocco.

Now the vast majority of my trips in recent years have been work related — speaking, conferences, seminars. You know, productive stuff.

While I love all kinds of travel, I have to say that being completely off from work the past few weeks has been massively healing for my mind, body and soul.

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It was also deeply nourishing to spend extended, almost non-stop quality time with Josh. He’s someone I cherish and absolutely adore experiencing the world with.

98% of the time, we get along like gangbusters. But, like any couple, we get on each other’s nerves, too. You should have seen the fiery little exchange we had in Paris getting lost during my relentless hunt for the perfect croissant!

Conflict isn’t fun for anyone, but it is a natural part of life. The better we can get at dealing with it, the easier life becomes.

In today’s episode of MarieTV, you’ll learn two magical words to help you ‘win’ almost any argument, fast.

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If You Confuse People, You Lose People: 4 Steps To Simplify Any Message

Do you ever struggle to clearly communicate your message?

Whether you’re pitching yourself to get press, a new project, a new client, or a new job — being concise and compelling is vital.

But when you’re multipassionate, or just have a lot of valuable things to say, effectively selling yourself in just a few words can feel near impossible.

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But here’s the hard truth.

You only have seconds to get a producer, client, customer or boss’s attention — and keep it.

And in order to do that, you’ve got to simplify your message. If you’ve ever tried, you know this is no easy task.

Never fear — MarieTV is here!

And today, my guest has spent over 20 years producing television for big names like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper. Translation? She knows the dos and don’ts of clear communication.

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How To Be More Persuasive: 8 Tips For Authentic Influence

Before we get into today’s episode, a quick share.

Today is really special for me. I’m about to pick up my team for a multi-day retreat near my home in Sag Harbor.

Everyone has traveled out to the east end of NY so we can intentionally plan out the next 12 -18 months in our company.

I also LOVE to cook for people I love, so it’s really special for me to have my team in one place (we’re a 100% virtual company), so I can whip up some healthy and outrageously delicious food for them while they’re here!

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What could be better than strategically mapping out our mission to make the world a better place over organic chips with garden fresh guacamole and basil corn pesto pasta? Not too much in my book.

But let’s get to today’s episode of MarieTV because I think you’re really going to love it.

Do you ever wish you could be more persuasive?

Whether it’s within a business context or your personal life (like getting your family on board with something you want), understanding how to influence others in a genuine and authentic way is an invaluable skill to have in life.

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