Healthy Or Not: 5 Surprising Health Foods You Shouldn’t Eat

Today is the last day of a 14 day detox I’ve been on.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t anything crazy like a  “drop 20 pounds in a week” kind of thing.

Josh put us on it to help us cleanse our livers and reboot our bodies after a fun and indulgent summer.

Now I know food is a highly controversial topic and many people have strong views on what you should and shouldn’t eat.

My guest today is no exception. And you may not agree with all of what she shares.

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But the real reason she’s on the show has nothing to do with food.

This MarieTV fan is a true inspiration. She’s taken the strategies and ideas we talk about each week and put them into action.

You know how I say that the world needs that special gift that only you have?

Well, this gal took that to heart and quit her cushy, six-figure job and launched not only a new business, but a brand new life.

In addition to hearing her story, you’ll also learn about five surprising health foods you shouldn’t be eating.

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Why Suffering For Your Art, Or Your Business, Defies Your Design

This is a guest post by the incredible Regena Thomashauer. Trust me when I say that whatever Mama is doing, you want to be a part of . . . including her legendary SWA Mastery program. When you dive in, be sure to say that Forleo sent you.

You are reading words, right now, written by The Pleasure Queen, leader of the Pleasure Revolution.

Sounds crazy, right? Too good to be true?

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How To Live In The Moment

Oprah swears by it. Richard Branson touts it as his life philosophy. And me? I’m a full-blown pimp when it comes to the power of living in the now.

As you know, I don’t preach about something unless it’s daaauuumn good.

And I can say, unequivocally, no single set of tools, ideas, strategies and practices has made a bigger impact on my happiness and financial success than learning to live in the moment.

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