MarieTV’s 3rd Anniversary

Today is a very special Tuesday.

  1. It’s NEW YEAR’S EVE
  2. It’s (almost) the 3rd anniversary of MarieTV
  3. Today’s episode was made especially to honor YOU

Here’s the scoop. A few months back, we asked you to share stories with us about MarieTV. How you found us, what changes you’ve been inspired to make, and anything else you wanted to share.

At first, we had no idea exactly how we’d turn all this goodness into an episode. But once we started reviewing the submissions, we figured it out.

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We both laughed and cried at your funny, inspiring, heartfelt, and totally unexpected stories.

Your diversity, quirkiness, heart and soul inspired us to create the first (and possibly last) MarieTV Shoutie awards.

It’s a cliché thing to say, but it is true. Without you, there would be no MarieTV. Josh and Kuma would be absolutely sick of my advice (especially Kuma) and non-stop references to 90s hip-hop.

So thank you, truly, for being a part of my life. Thank you for helping us make it to 3 years of our show. And thank you for so graciously allowing us to share in your hopes and dreams each and every week.

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Join The MarieTV Love Train

I’m writing you from sunny Palm Springs, California (yay for warm weather!) and I’m really excited for today’s episode.

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You see, you’re helping me kick off my birthday celebration — which typically lasts anywhere from a week to the entire month of December.

Now, I’m not the kind of gal who likes gifts, but this year I do have a birthday wish.

Don’t worry because it doesn’t cost any money, but I will need your help to make it come true!

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Free Planning Tool To Set & Reach Your Business Goals

Did you know this whole MarieTV shebang started exactly one year ago?

That’s right. MarieTV aired its first official episode right after the New Year and we’ve been pumping out badass weekly videos ever since.

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