Women Entrepreneurs Rock!

Women entrepreneurs are creating amazing things and I feel very fortunate to be able to help them every day.

Women are leveraging the current economy and are leading the way in job creation and revenue growth. Women own more than 8.3 million businesses in the United States, generate nearly $1.3 trillion in revenues and employ over 7 million people.

Women are building thriving businesses which support themselves, their loved ones and their communities around the world.

Let’s chat about some issues regarding women entrepreneurs.

Is the future bright for women entrepreneurs?

Grab your sunglasses sister because the future is brighter than Ivanka Trump’s platinum card. A recent report projects that women will create over 5 million more jobs in the U.S. economy by 2018. Women have been the dominant drivers of new biz start-ups in the last three decades and that trend is forecasted to continue. That is quite the party we’ve started ladies!

Can women entrepreneurs really have it ALL?

We know a little secret: we can truly create a life we desire by working for ourselves. And yes, we want it ALL! Some of us want the house, the kids, the family and the job but we’ve come to realize that flexibility is the key to managing our multi-faceted life. Entrepreneurship is a great vehicle to share our talents and enjoy a flexible lifestyle; you make your work fit around your life, not the other way around.

The lifestyle of many female business owners is enviable. We are creating booming businesses doing things that we love and we get to choose our projects and collaborators. We aren’t dreading another day at the office; when the alarm clock goes off, we are buzzed, excited and full of energy and ideas. When work is fueled by passion and a burning desire, it’s amazing what we can accomplish. Yes, we really can have it all!

Why are women entrepreneurs different?

I know that everything it takes to be wildly successful in business plays to women’s inherent strengths. Women are born with an edge in business – we are natural born communicators and connectors and we love sharing information for the greater good.

Studies show women are more externally focused than their male counterparts when it comes to running their businesses. Women use their strengths as serious social connectors to increase customer satisfaction and focus on customer retention and repeat customers. Women also gravitate towards attracting customers who appreciate their offerings in the first place. We don’t just create products and services; we nurture relationships and inspire people to adopt our brands as raving fans. I see it every day!

What types of community do women entrepreneurs have access to?

This is where we really shine. There are online and offline resources and communities that cater specifically to female run businesses. Offline, you can find conferences and meet-ups in cities and communities all over the map.

Right now, you are looking at the coolest community of successful and like minded entrepreneurs on the internet! The door is wide open for you to learn how to start, grow, or run your business with class and integrity through 24/7 free access to our award winning video series. We also host RHH live events, show women how to market better online via RHH B-school and have ridiculous amounts of fun coaching women leaders get to the next level in our adventure masterminds.

Join the 24 hour internet house party where women are destined to kick ass in business AND in life!

Do women entrepreneurs know how to make fat cash?

I know that financial freedom is possible. Besides the lifestyle, my biggest motivation for starting my own business was the unlimited potential for earning. I like to know that if I busted my butt, I would be financially rewarded.

I’ve seen women leap from drab mid-level salaries to six figure success stories within a year. I coach thousands of women on how finding their brand, their mission and their mojo translates into fat cash and fulfillment of dreams they didn’t know possible.

Women entrepreneurs prove to me daily that the real definition of financial freedom isn’t just a closet full of clothes and a big house. Financial freedom means more money for others too; They are freakin’ rocking philanthropic and charitable causes, simultaneously growing their businesses and helping others in need. Join us! Make money! Change the world!

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