Marketing Ideas That Make You
Richer, Happier and Hotter

Marketing ideas that leverage the internet are the most powerful ideas that small business owners have.

Here’s something I know: You are already smarter than 99% of the people out there. Today you’re actively searching for marketing ideas that will bring new sales and happy customers. In the end, it all adds up to some sweet lovin’ in your bank account and that satisfied feeling you get when you’re in control of your business. Well done, clever you!

Of course my favorite ideas focus on making you richer, happier and hotter, so let’s look at 3 burning questions.

What Are The Marketing Ideas Proven To Make Money Now?

As entrepreneurs we are addicted to novelty. We are always searching for the next big idea and that can also be true when looking for marketing ideas.

Yes, you need new marketing strategies to get your business to the next level, but if you want more cash in your pocket now, then let’s focus on YOUR proven strategies. This is my Q for you:

What have you done in the past year that has made money?

Do you know you already possess proven business ideas? By not revisiting them you’re leaving money on the table, right now, and that stings! Your job is to look back on your last year and study the actions you took that led to sales; now do MORE of THAT. The fact is, this simple concept could add hundreds or thousands of dollars (depending on your scale) to next month’s sales.

Could you?

  • Increase the frequency of your newsletter to your mailing list (once a week is cool)
  • Promote a specific product that has always been a winner (a little giveaway or special promotion earns you bonus points)
  • Highlight past clients in a great spread on your website or newsletter (it reminds others that they get big results when they work with you)

Sometimes we just need to get grounded and look for the gold right on our doorstep. Those are ideas that are tried and true for your biz and will help you get richer right NOW.

Which Marketing Ideas Attract Dream Clients?
(Marketing Ideas that Make You Happier)

Let’s face it; all of us have just 24 hours in a day. But there are some ideas that can totally make you a happier business owner. Being pro-active and going after dream clients instead of waiting for them to come knockin’ is a sure fire strategy that will make the most of your 24 hours.

After all, this strategy employs ideas based on your strengths – those are an easy sell – so let’s package them up and show them to your dream clients. Your mission is to impress the heck out of them and this is how you do it.

  • Research everything about their company via their website (clients, projects, price points) as well as research them personally (scoping out a Twitter feed is so easy!). You are trying to look for a genuine connection here.
  • Use all the juicy bits youíve just learned about them and their brand and engage through social media: comment on their blog and use Twitter and Facebook. Let them know you exist and that you connect with who they are and what they are creating in the world.
  • Start walking the walk. This is the step that EVERYONE misses. Start by tackling a part of their business that you know you could improve – then get busy and do it. After you’ve done the work, you just show them – no lengthy pitch, no long proposal, you just deliver the results baby. Yes, you do it for free, but once you WOW them I guarantee it’ll be really hard for them to say no to your business in the future.

That is one of my juicy marketing ideas that will make you happier.

How Can I Get More Customers? (Marketing Ideas that Make You Hotter)

Of course you’ve heard many people talk about targeting your ideal customer, me included. But what is not talked about enough is this: Who is your customer’s key influencer?

This is advanced marketing but I swear it will make a big impact on the next offer you craft. Seeing into the future isn’t possible but seeing the key influencers in your customers sphere is TOTALLY possible.

Your marketing strategies need to focus on these people too because they help your customer makes DECISIONS; for the good and the bad!

Let’s sew up this strategy:

  • Make a list of all the key influencers around your customer and refine that list to one or two types of people. You are likely searching for a spouse, a friend or a boss
  • Get in the head of the key influencer and make a list of all the objections they might have
  • Tackle those objections head on and answer how the key influencer will directly benefit when your customer engages with your offerings

Ideas that focus on your clients and their influences will make your next offer hotter than ever before.

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