How to Start a Business:
The Marie Forleo Way

How to start a business is advice I just LOVE giving.

Entrepreneurs rock my world and I feel super fortunate that my life’s work is all about helping people start and grow their businesses.

I’ve seen countless people go FROM THIS:

  • low paying jobs workin’ for the man
  • the 9-5 grind
  • unsatisfying work
  • the icky feeling that they’ve sold out on their dreams


  • unlimited earnings from their mini-empire
  • crazy flexible work hours
  • fulfilling work that inspires
  • the powerful feeling of self expression and self worth

I am freakin’ on fire about teaching others how to start a business that fills their life with financial and personal wealth.

Here are more HOT TOPICS on how to start a business.

What’s WRONG with conventional business advice online?

For starters, it’s freakin’ boring. It’s smothered in MBA parlance or delivered via windy articles that don’t provide actionable steps that focus on results.

Another biggie for me is that there is a massively implied DIVIDE between your financial wealth and your personal health. We know these elements are not mutually exclusive; we need both of these things to fully operate in our sweet spot. If your personal life is in shambles, all the business advice in the world won’t help you achieve your dream life.

How to Start a Business You Love

Start with this question: Why am I starting this business?

You want to make sure you are starting a business for the RIGHT reasons. The RIGHT reasons are:

  • You have a desire to solve a problems and change the world
  • You have a clear view of a market gap that could benefit from your offerings

The WRONG reasons are:

  • You do it only for the money (you can’t maintain over the long haul if you don’t fully believe in the integrity of your offerings and believe in the value you bring to others)
  • You are sick and tired of your current life and you feel anything would be an improvement (starting a business is not for everyone)

How to Start a Business that Makes Fat Cash

These are the essential ingredients that I bake into my recipes:

  • Pursue something that you are highly motivated to help others achieve (health, wealth, happiness)
  • Offer insane value to your customers (more than others)
  • Utilize tested marketing and copywriting strategies that crush it (99% of the time)
  • Focus on progress. Perfectionism kills cash. Build it. Ship it. (rinse and repeat)

How to Start a Business that doesn’t KILL your Personal Life

Entrepreneurs can be total workaholics.

We can literally work around the clock. There is always one more email to write or one more “quick” task to accomplish. That is especially true when we are just learning how to start a business.

These habits can totally get out of hand and will destroy the things that you NEED to be awesome: your relationships, your free time and your health.

Instead of getting a divorce or winding up looking like a crazy cat lady (which happens if you don’t get dressed for like, 3 days), I want to share with you ONE super simple strategy: STOP MULTI –TASKING.

Multi-tasking is TOTALLY overrated.

Multi-tasking constantly has you in the “ON” position for work. Learning to become totally PRESENT in the current moment turns that work brain “OFF”.

Here are some examples:

  • When you are cooking dinner you are fully and completely cooking dinner and engaged in FOOD (not talking on the phone or writing a blog post in your head)
  • When you are having a conversation with your partner or friend you are looking directly at them and giving THEM your full attention (not typing, texting or reading)
  • When you are with your child you are being a kid again — playing crafts, exploring the petting zoo or building legos (not trying to pay bills while they climb all over you)

Concentrating fully on a single task is a powerful way to connect with others in your life and free you from the constant drain of a split focus.

Try to always play your “A-game” – immerse yourself fully in the task at hand because your personal life is SO important.

How to Start a Business NOW

Dear aspiring entrepreneur: You can start a business for less than $100. I’m not joking; many exciting and profitable businesses were started for less money than you spend going out for dinner.

There has never been a better time to learn how to start a business. If you are willing to learn new things, acquire new skills and hustle like a mo-fo YOU can have a business you are proud to call your very own. That can happen THIS year.

How to Start a Business: My 5 point drop kick

  • You don’t need a fancy website (you can have one for 50 bucks)
  • You don’t need a shopping cart system (that can come later – if at all)
  • You don’t need hundreds of customers (you just need your first one)
  • You don’t need a licence, an MBA or a secret password (you know that)
  • You don’t need to know the latest social media tricks (seriously)
  • You don’t need a wildly unique product (no need to reinvent the wheel)

What is the ONLY thing you need to start a business?

You just need to DECIDE. I’ll help you with the rest.

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