The Best Business Ideas for Women:
Make Money + Change the World

Business ideas for women are things I craft in my sleep. I LOVE this stuff.

It’s quite possible that if I took you out for lunch today I would give you business ideas worth $50,000 and I’m sure I’d come up with another $10,000 idea over dessert. I’m cu-ray-zee like that!

Hear me out: You CAN make money and change the world. I’m on a mission to show you how.

With the right elements, the right headspace and the right information, you can get there. You don’t have to wait for the stars to align before you can get traction with your PERFECT idea. It just doesn’t work like that.

Let’s look at some of the biggie questions I get asked regarding business ideas for women.

What kind of big BEAUTIFUL business ideas will you help me develop?

I concentrate on business ideas for women that leverage the most powerful thing we have access to: the internet.

The internet makes it possible for you to gain leads, interact with customers and sell products 24/7. Think about the capacity to redefine your free time and work time when your physical presence is no longer needed to generate revenue. If it sounds too good to be true remember that millions of people operate their businesses like this every day.

When you leverage the internet you aren’t trading time for money. What I just love is that there is no hourly wage ceiling; when you are sleeping, you are still workin’ it! And who doesn’t want to have a piece of that action?

What are the HOTTEST business ideas for women?

The best business ideas for women are the ones that align with your lifestyle and your overall goals — and are built on a solid business model that you understand.

The best business ideas for women are the ones that are motivated by a core desire to bring value to people; you solve their problems and make their life better. Your business idea needs to provide a rock solid benefit — that’s the key to building personal wealth with your passion driven business idea.

Why are the BEST business ideas for women connected to working online?

It’s true, I LOVE internet-centered business ideas for women!

It’s the hottest secret of many rich, happy and hot women for these reasons:

  • Location independence: I love spending my summers at my beach house. I can take my work wherever I go because I only need my laptop and an internet connection. Imagine — if you weren’t tied down because of work, where would you live right now?
  • Flexibility: My workday isn’t 9-5. If I want to go to yoga in the afternoon, I can make that happen. I can also work early in the morning or late at night when it suits me. I can also work around weddings, funerals, vacations and relationships. I have ultimate flexibility. Would you like that flexibility too?
  • Automation: I love that when I sleep there is someone in another time zone upping their business game by watching my award winning video series. I love that when I’m grocery shopping someone signs up for my mailing list, interacts with my products and invests in my offerings. Is your current business idea filling your bank account when you’re snuggled up in bed?

Trust me; the internet is one smart business partner that you definitely want!

What are the CONVENTIONAL business ideas for women?

So many business ideas for women fall into these two sad little categories:

  1. Pick something you can make a lot of money at. You can buy your happiness later.
  2. Pick something that you love doing and turn it into a business. It’s O.K. if you won’t make fat cash ‘cause you’ll be happy.

That advice leads to lame-town.

I think it’s BS because what women really desire is a personal life and a work life that are incredibly fulfilling and profitable at the same time: THAT is a sweet spot.

I have a ton of ideas but I feel OVERWHELMED. How do I know which are the right business ideas for women like me?

The number one thing you have to ask yourself is this: What is the reason you are starting this business?

So many people set themselves up for failure because they have gone into business for the WRONG reasons. What are the wrong reasons? One is that you desperately hate what you are doing right now and you feel like anything would be better. That isn’t enough to bring you happiness or produce the cashola.

Another reason, deceptively simple, is to do it only for the money. Although, obviously you need to make money, a purely financial motivation is not a good enough reason to start a business. Why? Because it’s absolutely essential that you believe in the integrity of your offerings and the value it delivers to your customers one thousand percent. No, you might not know if it’s a viable business idea right off the bat, but that’s a different issue.

Great business ideas for women are born from one of these places: an incredible desire to solve problems and change the world or a clear view of a market gap that could benefit from your unique perspective.

Those are awesome reasons for starting a business. They are born from your inspiration and they come from the heart.

How can I DEVELOP highly profitable business ideas?

  • Leverage the internet
  • Employ tried and true marketing techniques that let you sleep at night
  • Offer incredible value to the people you serve
  • Up your game by connecting with people who offer world class training
  • Have more fun than anyone else in your niche!

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