Business Advice for Smart Women

Business advice can bore you to tears. Seriously, if I see one more article that says starting a business begins with writing a business plan, I’m gonna throw something. That business advice misses the point entirely, of which I’ll expand on in a moment.

Business advice from me is different.

I speak to the woman on a mission to align her personal goals with her business objectives, with the deep understanding that if one side is sick, the other side will suffer, too.

Let’s face it, you were born with the inner desire to do something meaningful with your life – and you want straight talk on how to get there beautifully.

Now let’s peek at the reasons my business advice delivers BIG results that will make you skinnier (O.K—I’m totally joking about the skinny part – but trust me — my results will be better than a month with Madonna’s personal trainer and a pair of Spanx).

What’s WRONG with conventional business advice online?

For starters, it’s freakin’ boring. It’s smothered in MBA parlance or delivered via windy articles that don’t provide actionable steps that focus on results.

Another biggie for me is that there is a massively implied DIVIDE between your financial wealth and your personal health. We know these elements are not mutually exclusive; we need both of these things to fully operate in our sweet spot. If your personal life is in shambles, all the professional guidance in the world won’t help you achieve your dream life.

What is DIFFERENT about the business advice here?

I invite you to join the mission to align your personal goals with your business objectives.

I’ve concocted a wicked elixir of personal development spiked with heartfelt advice that aligns with this personal philosophy: with the proper headspace and training you can run an unstoppable biz and have a personal life you’re proud of.

I am motivated by this philosophy and am totally committed to giving you actionable and results-focused business advice every week for FREE. That’s how we roll at Mama Maria’s house.

What does business advice from Marie Forleo look, feel and taste like?

It tastes like a box full of colorful French macaroons. It feels like bare feet in the sand. It looks like you, in your best outfit, wearing those killer new shoes you’ve just splurged on.

To summarize: it is BEAUTIFUL. It’s an expert opinion that your best friend (the gutsy one) would give you or your mom would tell you if she had a clue about marketing.
It’s business advice aligned with the big picture: your goals, your motivations and your lifestyle.

It’s professional guidance to redefine success on your own terms and gain skills to shatter your own glass ceiling.

Is business advice for women different than for men?

Theoretically, no. There are men that apply my business advice and get massive results. But I have a largely female audience and I speak to a female experience, and that experience has some degree of difference.

What I see constantly is that women tend to be massive jugglers. We build businesses in the fray of managing our households, growing our families and nurturing our relationships. We take on HUGE responsibilities all at once.

With that come the nasty questions: will you burnout, quit your biz, get a divorce or just spiral into lunacy? It happens! And it doesn’t have to be like that. That’s why we need to adopt strategies to keep the juggling balls in the air; to understand which balls are the rubber ones (the ones that can fall and do no harm) and which balls are the glass ones (they have the biggest consequences when dropped).

That isn’t covered in conventional advice.

My professional guidance is laced with practical advice for your life so you can be the truest vision of yourself in life and the most successful vision of yourself in business. And that’s a conversation that never gets old!

How do I find FREE business advice?

I deliver beautiful business advice every Tuesday through my award winning video series, MarieTV, FOR FREE.

Dial into this juicy stuff:

  • How to Be a Star in Your Industry
  • Non-Scammy Marketing Tactics
  • Lotsa Smart Money Stuff
  • Work/Life Transitions
  • Next Level Business Growth
  • How Conquer Fear and Limiting Beliefs
  • How to Develop Killer Content
  • How to Get and Retain Customers
  • How to Be Your Best Self
  • Advice for Dealing with Sticky Situations
  • Advice to Focus and Be Productive

Watch 24/7 in the comfort of your own pajamas.

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