B-School Scholarship Winners

We’re deeply honored to have awarded 189 scholarships totally over $377K.

Each recipient has shown bravery and clarity of vision. We’ve been delighted to welcome them into the B-School family.

Buyantogokh Sukhbaatar (2016)

My name is Buyantogtokh Sukhbaatar and I am from Mongolia! I am one of the scholarship recipients from 2016! Before B-School, my life was very hard and dull! I was a full-time mom looking after my son 24/7. My husband was working for a private company and his salary was not enough for 3 of us! We were renting a 382 square feet room with no furniture at all except our computer and carpet! Even if I planned to do office work, there was no kindergarten where my son able to go. Finally, we decided to go to the countryside and help my parents look after sheep and goats! The worst part was that I was almost giving up on my dream!
But fortunately, at the same time, Marie Forleo showed up and announced the B-School scholarship. When I was first thinking about participating in B-school scholarship contest, I was really nervous and  not confident with myself (especially with my English speaking skill since I learned English by myself)! But, I had a dream and inside of me and a  little, tiny voice that keep telling me to “follow your dream”! I couldn’t sleep that night wondering if needed to participate or not. Is my dream worth or not? But, I really didn’t want to give up on my dream.

The day after the B-School scholarship was announced, I decided to participate and told my husband about it! He is  the main supporter of my life and always trying to help me. We made a little video about myself and sent to Marie Forleo. Suddenly, a miracle happened in my life! She chose me and she gave me a B-School scholarship! I couldn’t explain how I was happy when I saw my name on the top of the list! My husband and I were hugging each other and crying for joy! That moment is still precious and present for me! From that day my life changed completely!
 This was the most valuable decision that I ever made in my life! Within a year, I became an Amazon Bestselling Author and Professional health coach for mommies after being a full-time mommy in the herder’s community! Now I had a professional website and published my 2 books on amazon. But the best of all, I am doing my dream job every day and living my dream life every day because of studied B-School!
If you are wondering whether to participate B-School scholarship contest or not, just follow your heart and go for it! You will thank yourself millions of times in the future! Don’t give up your dream, just because you don’t have money! Marie Forleo is giving you the most generous opportunity to follow your dream! What are you waiting for? Go a head and live your dream life!

Alejandra Recinos (2016)

Fanny Olin (2016)

Katherine Mackenzie (2016)

Jake Schaap (2016)

Krystal Wascher (2016)

Last year I had just quit my job to start my business when enrollment for B-School opened. I knew this was something that would give me the tools and strategies that I needed to lay a solid foundation for my business, but finances were super tight. That’s when I learned about the B-School scholarship program.

I remember being so nervous as I poured my heart out in my video entry. I just kept reminding myself that taking chances is part of being an entrepreneur and I went for it. A few weeks later I woke up to find an email saying that I had been chosen as a scholarship recipient. My heart began to race and tears filled my eyes, mostly out of shock, excitement, and gratitude.

B-School came at the perfect time. One year later, I’m earning a full time income running my dream business. I wouldn’t be as far as I am today had I not taken a chance and sent in my B-School scholarship video to Marie.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunity and looking forward to going through the upcoming B-School session!

Sinead Quirke Kongerskov (2016)

Breanna Polacik (2016)

I’ve been a long-time follower of Marie Forleo and finally mustered up the courage to apply for a scholarship to B-School last year. I had never posted a video of myself online before, and felt extremely self-conscious when I finally hit “share”.

I was SHOCKED to find out that I had won!! A one-woman show in a little town in Montana, and I won a scholarship to B-School! I’m still on cloud 9 that I got to participate in this amazing experience! B-School has forever changed my life in so many positive ways.

In the one year since I have attended B-School, my business went from a team of 1 (me) and $15,000 profit to a team of 5 and just right under a six figure profit! Attending B-School will change your business in ways you could never imagine, it’s a decision you’ll never regret.

Andrea Olson (2016)

I was very nervous to submit my video to the contest but I’m so happy I did! Watching the #s rise on my YouTube watches was a thrill! Then to see my name on the recipients list – a dream come true. It was fun to enter the contest, extremely clarifying (I realized part of my core drive is to help preserve babies’ dignity!), and it was even more fun to be a recipient. But what was next was even better. B-School helped me start valuing myself like I would value someone doing the work I do…for me. Like as an actual employee. I started to pay myself the very next month. I’ve nearly doubled our family’s income just in time for us purchasing a modest first home back in April. And now with baby #4 about to be born, I feel like I can put the businesses even more into autopilot and really enjoy my kids and new baby.

Naomi Estment (2016)

When I received Marie’s email announcing the 2016 B-School Scholarship Contest, I felt a kick of decision in my gut and whooped out loud with excitement and determination to win one. Being an expert photographer, videographer and confidence on camera coach, my first thought was ‘Awesome, I can do this! Video is our game!’ But within a split second, I was sideswiped by Fear, with a capital F. If my video application failed, it would be painfully public (due to the social media aspect of submission) and it could even discredit me, because of the intrinsic nature of my work. Here was an unparalleled opportunity to walk my talk and lead by example – in the face of profound risk. 
Thankfully, the intensity of my desire to win a scholarship and attend B-School eclipsed that Fear, inspiring me to go for it regardless! When I clicked through to read the list of winners a few days later, my fingers almost trembled. This time, I barely made a sound, catching my breath with a mixture of immense gratitude, relief and joy. I’m SO glad I took the chance and I’m SO grateful to Marie and Team Forleo for the abundant benefits that B-School has already brought me (and others around me), as well as for all the blessings that continue to unfold for me personally and professionally – with the ongoing support of the phenomenal B-School community. 
Winning my scholarship not only gave me the financial means to attend B-School, but Marie’s endorsement of my vision boosted my self belief and my clients’ confidence in me in a major way. It also opened the door to unforeseen introductions. Huge, heartfelt thank you to Marie and Team Forleo. They are literally changing lives, many B-Schoolers at a time, and by extension countless more. Before B-School I was unclear about my core business concept and marketing message, as well as uncertain of my ability to implement this. After B-School I am infinitely inspired and empowered to create a business and life I love! 
I believe in dreaming big and beautiful, while focusing on taking every intuitively guided action presented to you as it appears. If your intuition is nudging you to apply for a scholarship, then my unreserved advice is to GO FOR IT! Regardless of the outcome, I can’t imagine a worse regret than failing to try.

Olufunmilayo Ogunjobi (2016)

Kelly Mermuys (2016)

Cade Westlake (2016)

Emma Nelson (2016)

Latoya Francis (2016)

Alina Magdalena (2016)

Martinus Evans (2016)

Vanessa Eagerton (2016)

Sheila Seabrook (2016)

Last year when the B-School scholarship program rolled out, I jumped at the opportunity to apply…even though the thought of putting out a video that the entire world would see scared me silly. Fifty takes later, I submitted my entry and nervously waited for the scholarships to be announced.

It was like winning the lottery. No wait, it was better. Because I’d put my heart and soul into my speech, then had to put my imperfect self in front of the camera, then had to put my imperfect self and video out there for the world to see. And every nervous, scary moment was worth it.

Not only did I win one of the many scholarships that Marie gives from her heart, but more important than that, I had to take action despite my fear. This one step released something in me that had been holding me back, something that had caused me to keep myself small and deliberately unnoticeable. From the moment I uploaded the video and sent the link to the scholarship team, my heart and soul shifted, and I’ve been striding forward ever since.

B-School offered me the opportunity to take my knowledge—and my courage—to the next level. It gave me all the basics of building an online business. But most important of all, from the moment I decided to apply for the B-School scholarship, the experience taught me that I could take action despite the fear, and by taking action, I could conquer all those many fears that continued to hold me back.

Brittany Marie Smith (2016)

Camille Havis (2016)

Sheila Willobee (2016)

Kendra Phillips (2016)

The scholarships for B-School couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I was deeply questioning myself. I spent a day researching videos of previous winners. Then I spent a day doing takes for my video. The fact that you only have a week to submit a 90 second video means you have to get clarity quick. It doesn’t leave anytime to over think it or create convincing bs. Just going through that process – looking back on all my accomplishments – gave me some confidence back.

Then just a few weeks later I found out that I got the scholarship and it was like this huge relief combined with a blessing. I know Marie and her team watch all the videos and hand pick the winners.  I’d say that if you want it you have to ask. That is what Marie wants you to learn how to do, get up enough confidence to ask for what you want and convince her that you deserve it.

The scholarship contest has such a quick turnaround time, it’s going to be completely worth the time you put into it even if you don’t win. Thank you again for picking me! I’m still getting mileage from it and I’m sure I will for years to come.

Anya Mayoss-Hurd (2016)

Applying for a B-School scholarship was one of the scariest yet most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I’m a feel the fear and do it anyway kinda person, so I got fueled up by the nervousness about submitting my video. It was scary to put my vulnerability on the line, but I was real and I was me and I put it out there and hoped for the best. Reading my name on the B-School scholarship list was indescribable. The joy, the connection, the excitement, the alignment of my dreams. I cried and yelled and laughed and literally jumped with joy! B-School has been an invaluable part of my business growth and experience. I can’t wait to be a part of it this year and grow my business even more. I highly recommend if you have a dream to apply for the scholarship. Be unapologetically you and speak from your heart, and everything else will figure itself out for you. I’m forever grateful to Marie and Team Forleo for this life changing opportunity! I loved the modules and the fun and colourfulness of the course. Creating each module felt like I was aligning more and more with my purpose in this world. Without B-School I wouldn’t have half of the info or tools to make my dreams my reality. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Amy Landers (2016)

When I applied for a scholarship last year, I thought, “I don’t know if I have time for this…” But I decided to try. If I won the scholarship, I would make time to do the work. I remember being nervous on camera, frustrated that my video wasn’t perfect, fearful my idea wasn’t good enough.

I had been working on my business for a couple years part-time and felt overwhelmed. I needed to understand the big picture. I needed, as I called it at the time, Mare Forleo strategic sunshine! Wow did I get it! Through B-School, Marie gave me a solid foundation for my fledgling online business. It was the footing I’d been missing. B-School gave me an incredible community. Generous, successful, encouraging people! I didn’t realize how lonely I’d been before I had the chance to start connecting there.

Marie pushed me to make hard choices and really focus on the most important things. (It took me a couple more months to give up my other part-time business, but as Marie advised on an office hours call, the decision to focus has made all the difference.)

B-School has been a resource I’ve returned to again and again during the last year. This week, I’m launching our first product! I’ve been doing daily live videos to build excitement and connection with my audience. A year ago, I couldn’t have imagined doing live video, but here I am. 🙂

We plan to help many, many people start gardening, and the lessons I’ve learned from Marie are invaluable as we strive to serve our audience well and make money.

If you are thinking about applying for a scholarship, do it. You’ll find immense value in the clarity you’ll get from just putting the video together and the momentum you get from taking action. If you’re thinking about investing, dive into Marie’s content and the B-School stories and reviews. You can see if Marie’s approach resonates for you. You can see if you can grow in the light she shines on all of our efforts to make the world a better place through our work and businesses.

Aina WieH (2016)

Last year was surprising and magical. I faced a big fear of mine and joined the scholarship contest. I’d never before submitted any video anywhere of myself and I would rather not.

I don’t remember exactly where, but I stumbled across Marie’s site through someone else’s newsletter, and I read about the contest. For some reason Marie and her contest appealed to me very much and I took the challenge.

It was much back and forth with all kinds of emotions, really. First I felt angry for it to even be a video that had to be submitted, and not something safer, like writing why you’d like to join. Later I felt stressed. Then relieved when I finally published the video. Then stressed again. I didn’t want anyone to see it. I felt embarrassed and had taped myself several times before I came to the conclusion of being a tiny bit satisfied. The video was simple, only filmed with my cell phone. The light was bad. I had to remember what to say and also say it in another language than my first. And I even posted the video like 15 minutes before deadline with an unreliable internet connection. But I worked. I guess I really wanted to get my message through.

And for some reason I succeeded. I became one of the winners and it was unbelievable!

I’m so thankful for everything I have and still am learning through B-school. Marie is brilliant and colourful and makes learning fun. I hope that everyone who’s nervous of joining will trust me when I say “GO FOR IT”. You may not win, but you won’t regret it. I promise! 🙂

Brit Stueven (2016)

I was at this point in my business where I was, well, stuck. I’d taken a huge turn and transformed my biz offerings after an accidental, mega-successful “break challenge” I led that summer. It got me revved up about leading online programs + helping people with self-care, productivity and doing more with less. While I was still running my marketing biz, I was ALL about this new chapter of personal development goodness.


Even though I was doing work that was making my heart sing, there were crickets in my bank account. I couldn’t justify charging for this stuff…even though people’s lives were changing.  I felt like a fraud, you know?? No certifications in coaching. No legit plans to do this kind of work. And, um…it was friggin’ FUN…and FREEING…which felt like a sin almost, you know? 😉 And SO many people in my life were SO confused by what I was doing. There were many, many naysayers.  But again…something in me told me to just TRY for the scholarship.

Just the ACT of creating a 90-second video (even though it took me FOUR hours!) about what my story is and why I deserve a scholarship was already a very needed turning point, whether I got the scholarship or not. It reaffirmed why I started this journey in the first place. It reminded me that my heart is TOO in this to let fear get in the way.

Even though it DID take four painful hours of trying to sum myself up (with moonwalking, hair-pulling, hardwood floor sliding, mumbles, groans, blank stares and THEN some), when I hit send on that thing, I had this newfound ownership in who I am and what I’m meant to offer this world.

When I got back home that night, I even made an outtakes video, because THAT was a HILARIOUS, painful, eye-opening afternoon. If you’d like to laugh, please watch!!  Did you laugh? I hope you laughed. That was the goal…

SO…B-School was AHA-mazing. Before it even began, something shifted in me.  Reading these words alone from Team Forleo was music to my self-doubting ears: You were chosen because we believe in YOU and your ability to not only make a difference in this world, but to be a real example of possibility.

It was TIME. Time to learn how to take this thing to the next level. Time to learn how to make these online + in-person journeys even more impactful. Time to rediscover in myself all those things I was digging out of others. (Funny how that works, right?)

Now, today, I can proudly say that I’ve worked with 1,000+ people in over 25 countries on rethinking their work-life rhythms + perspectives. Through online programs, in-person workshops and group sessions with companies, it is my MISSION to help people change or embrace how they’re living, working, communicating, and most importantly, treating themselves.

And you know what?  In my scholarship video I admitted to only making $400 the year prior because I couldn’t justify charging people for this stuff. I was charging very well for marketing work, but not this productivity-coaching work. I didn’t feel credible enough…even though, again, I was nudging people into life-changing experiences.  A few months after B-School, there was a 4-month stretch that brought in $8,500. That’s HUGE!!! For me, that’s HUGE!

If it weren’t for my scholarship, the B-School experience and the community that I FINALLY belonged to (ohhh don’t get me started on the supportive community!), I’m not sure I’d be where I am today…doing work that LIGHTS me up and impacts others. What?? #pinchme So…..here are two, juicy, sweet words for Marie + Team Forleo: THANK YOU!!!

Natalie Ahlstrom (2016)

Randy El Fakih (2016)

I made the happy dance (and jumped!) when I saw my name in the list of B-School 2016 scholarship winners. I felt so happy that after 3 years of wanting to join the training, I had finally made it! Today, a year later, I say it fiercely: B-School has empowered my myself, my business, and my life! in a way that I couldn’t ever imagined before. Marie, Team Forleo and us, the B-Schoolers, are changing the world, one soul and entrepreneur at a time. May you become today what you want to be postponing for the next (and the next, and the next, and the next) year! Do it! And make sure to say “Hi” when you join :).

Lauren Bruce (2016)

Katti Powell (2016)

I committed the fall before last year’s B-School that I would attend B-School no matter what. I saved up my business money so that I could participate because I was determined to not miss out last year… again. I hadn’t quite earned enough by registration time, but I was close. Then I learned there was a scholarship contest. I knew there would be thousands of submissions and that my chances were small. But the one thing I knew I had that Marie wanted to see in the entries was passion. After writing a few scripts for what I’d say in my video I finally just decided to to turn on the camera and talk and then edit it down to the required time limit. That way I was speaking from my heart rather than just hitting a predetermined set of talking points.

When I submitted my video, I knew I had submitted something that was honest and passionate and heartfelt, and while I was proud of it, I knew there would be people with incredible need and powerful stories and creative ways of entering… I was nervous. But then a few days later, the email came. I got up from bed to go to the bathroom and my husband was sound asleep. I obsessively checked my email and then saw my name as a recipient! I said out loud super fast, “Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God!” and my husband woke up in a panic worried something horrible had happened to me. I didn’t have any words and just threw my phone at him and started crying. He looked down, saw my name, and congratulated me with a huge hug and said he knew I was going to win.

I felt like I had won the lottery. It wasn’t even about the money – although that allowed me to use that saved money toward building my business instead – it was about feeling validated. I felt validated that my flailing business of 15+ years deserved another chance. I felt validated because my business role model and icon had decided that I had a business worth supporting. That I was worth supporting. That she believed I could do something big.

And I have. I spent this past year soaking up B-School and applying everything I learned. Last month I re-launched my business under its new name and TOMORROW I launch the biggest effort I’ve ever put into my business. NONE of it would be happening had it not been for Marie Forleo believing in me and in my business enough to grant me a scholarship to her un-fucking-believable business school.

Winning the scholarship also pushed me harder – I felt like I had someone bigger to make proud than just myself and my family and my clients. Marie. She invested in me and I felt I needed to prove I was worth it. It was an extra kick I needed.

Ryan Manon (2016)

Daniela Goncalves (2016)

I initially heard of B-School through a friend’s scholarship submission. I had no idea what she was talking about but it seemed like something incredible. I did some research and something in the pit of my stomach told me this was something worth following.  And so I began to follow Marie Forleo, Marie TV, and B-School throughout the course of that year; there was no way I’d miss out when the next session came around.

When Marie announced the scholarship contest, the butterflies just imploded within my stomach. I’m a filmmaker and even I was nervous to be on camera!  I completely sympathize when  people are nervous. There’s something about presenting yourself in front of a camera that makes us go weak in the knees.

It was through these moments I understood why submitting a scholarship to B-School mattered, I understood what there was to gain. And It was through this clarity I hit the submit button.

You cannot let a little fear become an obstacle. What if I hadn’t submitted? What if I had let fear overcome me? What if I decided to look away? I would have removed myself from the scholarship by choice. It doesn’t matter how nerve wrecking the experience might have been, it’s something I’ll never regret. It’s something I’m forever thankful for.

B-School has become an amazing resource. Beyond the obvious treasured content, the community is priceless. With such motivated individuals, there is always a positive outlook and you feel like you can conquer the most pressing challenges. I cannot say enough about how wonderful B-School is and the incredibly opportunity the scholarship presents. For anyone in doubt, don’t be. You have nothing to fear, we’re all here encouraging and rooting for you.

Rickilee Walls (2016)

Mirei Ballinger (2016)

Pamela Cancel (2016)

From the moment I hit submit on my scholarship application I knew things were different.

I was scared to to death! I’d never done anything like it before, but something in my soul told me I had to do it.

And then when the winners were announced… and my name was there… I can’t even describe what I felt. My heart felt like it had exploded and healed all at once.

I relished the lessons, and learned between the lines.

The biggest thing was realizing that our big dreams are not like the big bang theory. Instead they are an unfolding of what we can become.

Here are some of the unfoldings I would have missed waiting for the big bang:

1. Going through B-School gave me the confidence to not return to a regular 9-5 out of fear. I now have a true case of job glaucoma… I can’t see myself working for anyone again.

2. The ability to go home and help my mom take care of my dad after an unexpected amputation…

3. Clarity about who I am truly meant to work with during my time on this earth.

4. Having the courage to scrap my original idea, and move in the direction of what I was truly yearning to do… work with creative introverts to create lives they love through radical self-care and entrepreneurship. I’m working on my website now using what I learned in B-School.

These are just a few, but boy are they big for me. B-School is a bright light and so needed right now in this time of crazy uncertainty, and I know the next group of scholarship recipients will forever be changed.

Michelle Armstrong (2016 Military Recipient)

Tara Falcone (2016 Military Recipient)

This time last year, I was in limbo in both my professional and personal life. I had recently left a promising career on Wall Street to start my own business and serve the people I feel called to serve. I’m also a military wife, and my husband and I had just been relocated to a base in Japan. So not only was I struggling outwardly with the logistics of building my business overseas, but I was also struggling internally when it came to maintaining my identity and sense of self within the confines of military life. I wasn’t yet convinced that my dual selves (“Entrepreneur Tara” and “Navy-wife Tara”) could co-exist, let alone thrive.

A close friend of mine had taken B-School the year prior and thought the program would provide just the guidance I needed. I was a bit apprehensive about the cost and investing that much into my business when I hadn’t even really gotten started yet. Once I learned about Marie’s commitment to provide scholarships to military members and spouses, I knew I had to apply. In a two-day span, I drafted a quick script, learned how to use the camera I just bought to film my financial education videos, filmed my entry, and submitted it. Pushing the “publish” button was one of the scariest yet most exhilarating and liberating moments of my life.

I’ll never forget the moment the winners were announced. We were out with some friends at a German beer bar in our quaint Japanese city. I had been anxiously refreshing my email for the news, and when I saw my name listed among so many talented others as a Military Scholarship winner, I nearly squealed. I grabbed my husband’s hand and pointed silently to the screen. His eyes welled with tears as he kissed my forehead and said “Congratulations. I’m so proud of you.”

It was at that exact moment that everything shifted for me. I’ve always believed that great things come to those who do good in the world, and being handpicked by Marie as one of her scholarship recipients affirmed that I was on the right track.

B-School gave me the tools and direction I needed to lay the foundation for my business. It also put an incredible community of people in my life, many of whom I know will be lifelong friends. But most importantly, it made me me again. It reminded me that I am capable of anything and that I have talents that are meant to be shared with the world.

I cannot be more honest when I say that Marie is a beacon of light that pulled me out of some rather dark days. I will be forever grateful for her belief in me and for the opportunity to participate in B-School. And while I haven’t grown my business to astronomical heights yet, I know that I am well on my way.

Contessa Akin (2016 Military Recipient)

J. Clark Garcia (2016 Philanthropy Recipient)

Nikki Webber Allen (2016)

Patty Gerrits (2016)

Last year I applied for a scholarship for B-School.  I was hesitant at first, as it felt super scary to put my video on youtube. I have a facial paralysis and often feel vulnerable letting myself be seen with my imperfect face. One year later I am so proud of myself that I came out of my comfort zone! It felt good putting my message out there and ask for support.  And the best part is that my courage was rewarded, as I won one of the scholarships!

My message to you: Please don’t let yourself be guided by fear. Be your own hero! If I can do it, so can you. Your courage just might be rewarded with a scholarship. Good luck to all of scholarship applicants. Shine and let your beautiful plans be seen and heard. Thank you Marie and team for creating this amazing course.

Monique Chabot (2016)

I was terrified to apply! I waited till the last moment. Why? Because a “voice” was telling me, no, was shouting  at me —“You can do it! You must do it! If not for your  own sake, do it for the people you will serve. Do it NOW!

A year later and after serving many people on the road of knowing themselves to shine their light and being free of unhealthy stress, I can say… I received a LOT more than what I thought I would, not only from the B-School program but also from Marie and her team.

On top of obtaining tools about the “know how”, I received the certainty that I could do it, the encouragements to pursue the work regardless of challenges and a network of people from who I am continuously learning till this day.

If you feel that you need it, do it! None of the excuses you might create in your mind won’t change what you feel, do it!

​P.S. BTW, I also wrote a 2nd book and will be in Europe for the 1st time this coming March as a result of B-School teaching. I will attend a conference on the theme of energy psychology to better serve my clients. Yeah!!!!

Elizabeth Boardman (2015 Military & Philanthropy Recipient)

Going through B-School was the most transformative thing I have ever experienced in my business life so far. Everything about the program seemed like it was tailor-made to my individual hopes, dreams, fears, and skill sets. The lessons were equal parts educational and inspirational, and Marie and Team Forleo really showed B-School participants how to set themselves up for success. You really can earn money doing what you love, and you can bake a social mission into your business model to change the world for the better.

Winning the scholarship was the most generous gift I have ever received. I have never won anything before, so of course I was beside myself. Throughout the year I often reflected on how my name was on the top of the scholarship winners list, and it gave me so much confidence (it actually brought me to tears the first time I saw it). Marie’s generosity is contagious and has created a ripple effect that will not stop with me. Our programs, website redesign and messaging (inspired by B-School) now touches thousands of military spouses each day. When people visit our website or participate in our programs they tell us they feel like the organization was created with them in mind, and it was, thanks to Marie and her team!

I feel blessed beyond measure to a be a B-School grad. If you are military spouse business owner, you need to apply.

Melody Fugazzotto (2015 Military Recipient)

Holly Sanders (2015 Military Recipient)

>Caitie Sherrick (2015 Military Recipient)

Erica Stein (2015 Military Recipient)

Applying to the B-School Scholarship Contest was monumental for me.  I am very much an introvert and creating a video and putting myself out there for everyone to see is way outside my comfort zone.  It was also one of the best things I’ve done for myself and my business.  I am so thankful that I participated in the scholarship contest.  Learning how to make a video and get my point across was a really hard task, not to mention simply putting my face and message out there for everyone to see!  After watching some of the other applicants, I never thought I had even the most remote chance of winning.  Everyone had such great stories and videos.  No matter, I was still proud of myself for venturing into new territory and entering the contest.  

When I learned that I won one of the scholarships, I was shocked and awed.  I could not believe that Marie and her team thought enough of my business and my video to award me a scholarship to B-School.  It really helped to reaffirm my direction and goals.  It gave me confidence to really continue working at my business and to try new and different avenues for marketing and getting my name out there.

Taking part in B-School has helped me to establish a great network of like-minded, dedicated people.  This network has helped me to be more accountable about establishing business goals and following through.  They have helped me to celebrate my successes and were there to provide support when things didn’t go well, and I felt like I was drowning.  

The community B-School forms is a really supportive network that helps each of us to strive to be our best selves and help that shine through in each of our businesses.

Catherine Saunders (2015 Military Recipient)

Natasha Moorer (2015 Philanthropy Recipient)

Corazon Ketchem (2015 Philanthropy Recipient)

Ana Maria Saad (2015 Philanthropy Recipient) (2015)

Sabina Mihaela Manolache (2015)

Vani Murarka (2015)

Sarah Carman (2015)

Gabi Pezo (2015)

Julie Sando (2015)

Manjinder Singh Sidhu (2015)

I kept hearing about the B-School Scholarship programme and I was like it seems like too much hard work and I don’t have any time!  I was meant to be going to a vipassana meditation retreat and basically used my tablet to film myself in the office just before the course began!  It wasn’t prepared well, nor was the lighting good, but the message it was did it.  On exiting the 10 day silent retreat I got the much anticipated email that I had won! Yay!

B-School was amazing.  The amount of information I learnt so easily was profound.  I managed to get my website and email sorted out!  I’m not a techie person so doing that was a huge achievement and saved me hundreds of pounds!  Since the training my business has gone viral and crazy!!! This video I released has got the attention of millions around the world. I have been appearing on media everywhere- India and UK.

I have finalised my self help book ‘Bollywood Gay’ which is meant to help LGBT South Asians globally.  I was awarded The Independent Newspapers Rainbow list award for one of the most influential LGBT activists in the country.  I have appeared on TV, radio and many speaking events across the world.  I speak at universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, with next month my busiest booking ever.  Basically Marie you have helped me so much, and I would definitely recommend B-School.  Woop!

Nalie Agustin (2015)

Lori Hoeck (2015)

Tiisetso Skosana (2015)

Grey Doolin (2015)

I was extremely unhappy in my life when I first heard of B-School last February. I was in a job I hated, I felt shut off from my creativity, and just stuck overall. I was playing around with the idea of starting a consulting business, and when I saw the videos plugging B-School, I knew I had to find a way to be a part of it. My first reaction when I saw the requirements for the scholarship entry was NO WAY. It felt scary and vulnerable and I was plagued with self-doubt. And that’s when I knew I had to push myself to do it. To begin moving towards being unstuck. I thought “What the hell? Here goes nothing.”

Winning the scholarship felt really unreal. I was indescribably grateful for the generosity and support from Team Forleo, especially because trans issues don’t get much visibility at all, let alone positive visibility. Winning was a huge boost to my morale, my confidence, and my commitment to building a service-based business and a life that I loved. It also felt wonderful to receive such wonderful support and congratulations from other B-Schoolers.

B-School is no joke, hard core, intense. I loved it and it was challenging and pushed me to think about myself and the world in a different way. I learned a ton. I built a website, I networked, I took risks. I made mistakes. I circled back. I began again. It is an action-oriented program, and for that I am most grateful. It began the process of my getting unstuck and making massive changes in my life. I think you can attend B-School for the business and marketing strategies, yes, but if you really want to work the program, I think you have to open yourself up to a radical new way of being. And allow yourself to change.

Rainbow But (2015)

Ginger Kennell (2015)

Amreta Sidik (2015)

I was afraid. In fact, very afraid! I was about to admit publicly my fear, showing it off to the world in a video. But somehow, there came a moment when I thought, “ok, I have this bigger thing in mind that might change not only my life, but also my mother’s and other people’s, and this would never come to materialize if I’m still afraid…” You know, after following Marie TV for sometime, and after failing quite a lot, I was somehow sure B-School was the answer I had been yearning to get. If you know the saying “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom” those were the exact words to describe my feeling! So I grabbed my smart phone and headphone, began talking to the camera, edit the video, uploaded to YouTube, and ….submitted! That night I was so proud of myself for showing up, it was already an accomplishment!

It was wee hours in Jakarta, I woke up and checked the email from Marie and jumped into the website and OMG I saw my name!!! Half crying I called my mother who lived in different city. I felt that “the Universe approved my intention”. My life was about to change, and I’d better get ready!!

I see how much my life has changed  – even better than I could have imagined when I started B-School! I have a day job so I can tell you it was not really easy to keep up with the schedule, but there I learned about being committed, about self-discipline, and I remember how I kept myself awake late at nights because I wanted to study. Or those weekends where I locked myself in a (nice, of course) hotel room for the sake of being alone and steady internet connection (that’s what I needed to study!). My B-School mates were fantastic, it’s a huuuge blessing in itself to be connected with those probably some of the most wonderful, talented, kind, motivated, kick-us people on the planet! The biggest thing I realised I got during B-School: CLARITY. About what I wanted, how I would carry out my intention, purpose, ideas. I know it wouldn’t always be easy, but I learned how to enjoy the bumpy road. How not to, I’ve got huge support from my B-School mates. That’s how I decided the business and the life I’m working on and enjoying now! And just ask my mother, now she believes that we now have the possibilities and the choices to have a business and a life we love, because I could now show her that it IS possible! More ideas are coming to do the service to the society, I would love to empower more women to open their eyes about this possibility. It’s maybe a long way but at least I have started, thanks to B-School. I’m forever grateful!

Patricia Qhobela (2015)

Donna Harris (2015)

Lore Morales (2015)

Kristyn Brady (2015)

Emma Cheape (2015)

Alena Kuzub (2015)

Maisha Hudson (2015)

I’ve been following Marie Forleo for years, and I’ve always wanted to attend B-School, but it never seemed financially feasible. After leaving a toxic marriage, and moving back to NYC with 4 children, I figured B-School would always be out of my reach. But when I saw the scholarship opportunity for the 2015 class, something told me to apply. The day before the scholarship deadline I decided to submit a video. I told my kids what I was doing and they wanted to help out. They knew, just like I did, that B-School was going to be ‘the thing’ to change my business, and our lives. Making the video was so much fun! But what was even more fun and surprising was finding out I won a scholarship! I found out via a friend (another B-School graduate) on Facebook, and I was so excited and honored that I cried! I felt so incredibly grateful to receive the opportunity to join in with such a wonderful group of people. Honestly, applying for the B-School scholarship was one of the boldest things I’ve ever done for my business. Receiving the scholarship was also confirmation for me that I was on the right path for me and my children. In the end, B-School ended up teaching me much more than what was given in the modules. It gave me confidence, and allowed me to believe in myself and greater possibilities. Because of B-School I feel like I’ve found my voice and my passion. I am forever grateful to Marie Forleo for her generosity, and for giving me an opportunity to grow and change in business and in life.

Jenni Kowal (2015)

Shawn Madden (2015)

Maria Lola Edun (2015)

I am still in shock that I got an opportunity to be a part of this life changing program and I am truly grateful. I applied twice and felt extremely horrible after not getting through. I promised myself I was going to save up the money to join B-School the following year and apply one more time for a scholarship. Scholarship or not, I knew I wanted a part of B-School and it was time for me to step up. Third time lucky I got in PLUS I also now had some spare cash to re-invest in my business, this was a double win for me!! I remember feeling like a failure each time I applied but didn’t get through. I learned to pick myself up, try again and this time armed myself up with savings to get me into B-School if I didn’t get through again. B-School is truly an amazing experience but it won’t work if you don’t work. Be prepared work hard and move fast as the live program is exciting and very intense. This is something you can re-visit again and again, no matter what stage your business is at. I love the community, I love the course materials and grateful for the support and mentorship Marie Forleo provides in and out of B-School. Don’t stop dreaming. Don’t stop believing.

Holly Hazen (2015)

I have been following Marie Forleo for several years and day dreaming about doing B-School but living with a chronic illness means I just don’t have the spare cash. Every penny gets spent on my improving my health. I decided to apply for B-School anyway and after 15 takes, yes 15, I finally had something I felt proud about. I never thought about putting it up on YouTube or how many people might see it. I never thought I’d win, but something in my heart said “just do it, no more thinking about it, do it now.”
I cannot tell you how excited I was to win the scholarship. I had to look at the email a number of times before I let myself really get it. I jumped around like a teenager (which I am not). I was feeling so lost and tired of being sick for the past ten plus years. I had truly lost my mojo … until I got that email and then started classes. Marie’s energy and the community support just inspired and motivated me to watch and learn and do the fun sheets. So, so much to learn. I find Marie an inspiration like no other.
Every module is jam packed with amazing information leading to clear actions (yay!). And the very best thing is that it is forever. I am doing it again, and every year to support myself in business. I had no support until B-School and as I say on my website, you don’t have to do this alone. Now I don’t have to either.

Kenya Elder-Toussaint (2015)

Stephanie Roth (2015)

I’d followed Marie for a few years, but the stars didn’t align for me to enter B-School until 2015.  I knew I was going to enter the program whether I received a scholarship or not.  Submitting to the Scholarship Contest was a little daunting!  It was kinda scary to make a video sharing my struggles with infertility, something that I had always kept very private and of which I was actually a little ashamed.  Just reading my script out loud made me feel very vulnerable, much less clicking the “publish” button and putting it out there for the B-School Scholarship selection team and the YouTube world to see.  

But once I did submit my entry, something happened.  I felt empowered.  In my story.  In myself.  In knowing that I can help others who need support on their journey to conceive and become parents.  Making the video was such an empowering exercise that really helped me “own” my story, and when you own your story, there’s no shame.   I truly knew in my heart that I had won a very real battle within myself by making the video, and that was extremely valuable whether I received a scholarship or not.  So actually winning the scholarship, as well as all the positive feedback I got on the video, was the icing on the cake.  I was at lunch at a Thai restaurant when I saw the announcement of winners and I shrieked with joy right there in the restaurant!

It also felt good to know that Team Forleo believed enough in me and in my potential for success to award me a scholarship.  And this has helped me navigate the challenges of B-School and starting a business, as there have been many times where I haven’t believed in myself. 

The content in the program is top-notch, and I learned as I worked through it that I needed to go back to the drawing board on my messaging and branding.  Since I had to basically start over, I’m not much further along today than I was a year ago in getting my business going, but I feel much more grounded in my business plans today because of all the work I did last year to get solidified in my message, my brand, my “why.”  And I’m ready to go full-steam ahead!

Beyond the content, I treasure the people I’ve met through the program.  The B-School community is truly a magical place where amazing things can happen, and everyone is incredibly supportive of each other’s dreams. I’m so thankful to be a B-Schooler.

I encourage anybody who wants to try for a scholarship to push through any fears or apprehension you have about entering the contest, and just do it!  Whether you get a scholarship or not, you’ll be glad you did.

A. London Arrington (2015)

Pelin Boran (2015)

Submitting for the Scholarship Contest was one of the most exciting things for me. Last year in those times I was asking for a guide about being an entrepreneur and I saw Marie Forleo’s post  and I was very enthusiastic about B-School. So I prepared my video about my business plan which came true. I would like to inform you that I have my Regulatory Affairs Consultancy Company  on health care products  and pharmaceuticals now. (After B-School.) And I was encouraged by Marie that everybody can change the work in a good way. So 5% of my every service is donated to Unicef now and I give certificates  for this ,to the people whom I give service . Hopefully I will have my own foundation for Children in advance ,which is one of my targets now.

When I learned that I won the Scholarship for B-School, It was one of the greatest and  honoring moments of my life. I realized that My life was going to change in a better way. Finally somebody trusted me about being an entrepreneur. I was very happy. I shared this news with my mom and husband right away. They were happy too. Their opinions were very important to me and finally they were also convinced about me, being an entrepreneur. I was really honored. Marie and B-School changed me and my life.

Well, I am a chemical engineer and have Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutical chemistry. So I didn’t know anything about marketing, blogging, how to approach the customers, pricing strategy, how to do a website.  I started my company in June 2015 which is Pelin Boran Regulatory Affairs Solutions & Consultancy.  I am  now giving consultancy in regulatory affairs projects  on healthcare products, pharmaceuticals in Turkey as well as in Europe. I have partners in UK, USA and Turkey. I was invited to a global conference in Berlin and had a speech there which also opened new gates and opportunities. To sum up I can say that winning the Scholarship to B-School was a life changing and a great turning point in my career and it had great impacts on my social life, as well.

Elisabetta Colabianchi (2015)

Britt Ford (2015)

Marcela Macias (2015)

Winning the B-School scholarship was the most amazing thing that happened to me. It felt like a huge wink from the universe, telling me ” go ahead, live your dream”.

I had been wanting to join B-School since 2012, when I first saw a photo of Marie on a purple background with the words DREAM BIG. Back then my children had just been diagnosed with special needs so I didn’t apply, but kept the dream in my heart. In 2014 I applied to the scholarship for the 1st time but didn’t win. In 2015, I decided to try again and hope for the best. When the results were announced I was putting my children to sleep, sitting in the dark of their room because they were scared. I had a hunch that the results were in, so I went to Marie’s blog on my cellphone, and started scrolling through the list of names. When I saw mine, I didn’t know what to do! I screamed “I WON!!! I WON!!!!” and started jumping in the dark.  My kids woke up, my husband thought something had happened to me and came running to the bedroom. I even took a screenshot of my name because I thought it’d disappear if I closed the page! It was one of the happiest days of my life.

The experience of doing B-School was absolutely fantastic. The program itself opened my eyes to so many possibilities, every worksheet and every video (even as early as Start the Right Business) caused breakthroughs in the way I was thinking. And after it finished, I felt for the first time that my business had a direction and that it was now just a matter of implementing everything I had learned. I met wonderful entrepreneurs that I’m proud to now be able to call my friends. More than anything, B-School allowed me to start showing up in the world as myself: the weird combo of mystic-nerdy-creative that I am.

On the practical side, my income increased 56%, I co-created a podcast with a fellow B-Schooler  and I launched my first digital product to a tiny list and sold 3 times more than I expected.  Because I made a profit for the first time, I was even able to donate to causes I believe in, help build schools and contribute to the well-being of Syrian refugees- among others. All along 2015 I went back to the program every time I needed to re-align with my purpose, my why, my objectives.And every time, I discovered something new.

Natalie Cruz (2015)

Janice Layne (2015)

I knew that if I were to be a part of B-School 2015, I would have to apply for a scholarship.  That in itself was humbling. So I decided to review some of the applicants from the previous year in order to get some tips on what to include in my ask. However, after looking at those videos, I felt even more humbled. All I could do, night and day, was to think about my video application and how crude it would look through the lens of my iPhone 5; a video selfie.

When my partner (now wife)  agreed to be my “videographer” the eve of the deadline, I was relieved. Through all of the previous “takes”, I finally knew what I wanted to say. The red cloth hanging over the closet door was my backdrop, the ceiling and desk lamp glare was my lighting. I was so tired and stressed, that I  finally got out of my head and spoke from my heart. When it was done, I just wanted to cry because the process in and of itself made me feel like a winner by challenging me to go after something I really, really wanted.

The Friday the names were announced, I logged on and frantically searched the list; near the end was my name. My eyes get moist thinking about it even now. What if I never even applied, never asked…?  

Although my business, Our Family Card Shop is not where it will be.  The tools I learned in the modules of B-school, the calls and the Facebook group have been amazing. Just the other day, I shared with a new friend that I went to B-school and she looked at me as if i said i had walked on the moon. None of us can afford to let our dreams die inside of us. We’ve got to put the action forth, we’ve got to move and keep moving. We are in a brand new era.

I am closer to being 60 then 50 years old and I recognize that technology is the antidote to “no”.  B-school and Marie Forleo is “the answer”.

Jasmine Cabrera (2015)

Adrienne Patterson (2015)

Shalanda Moten (2015)

Linda Kelso (2015)

Sharee Cammon (2015)

Rachel Schmidt (2015)

Faith Cornwall (2015)

Yahya Bakkar (2014 Audience Choice Recipient) 

“When I first decided to submit my scholarship video, I told myself ‘There’s no way I’m gonna win this…but what the heck, I’ll try it anyway. I got nothing to lose.’ After sending it, I was so glad that I mustered up the courage to share it publicly. I remember telling my best friend that ‘It doesn’t matter whether we win or lose. What matters is if we accept the challenge.’ If you’re hesitant to apply for the scholarship, please do yourself a favor and submit a video anyway. We all have dreams and desires that we’d like to achieve, attain or attract, but how many of us are willing to put in the action and demonstrate that we want it bad enough? Whether or not you ‘win’ at least you showed the Universe and yourself that it was worth the effort. And it shows that you’re committed to learning, growing, evolving and contributing in a BIG way. That to me, is worth everything :)”

Udoka Omenukor (2014 Audience Choice Recipient) 

“I’ve been wanting to do B-School since its inception and had applied before and never been chosen. I sent my video to all my friends and other B-Schoolers I knew to watch, comment, and share on. Either Marie was going to love me or the world was going to love me enough to win this scholarship because I never would be able to afford it on my own. The experience in B-school was everything I had been dreaming it would be and MORE. My god… It just opened my mind and my heart to what was truly possible and what it really required of me. Principles and ideas I had heard before for free sunk in DEEPER and I finally UNDERSTOOD “what” to do. Rather than just knowing tips and tricks about random things because everything I knew about internet marketing and business was from free information. The experience completely changed my life. Through my B-school connections, I co-authored a best-selling book that is now featured in the Huffington Post. My self-confidence has never been so sky high. I feel I can contribute whatever my heart truly desires in this world. No one can tell me otherwise now.”

Casey Jourdan (2014 Military Recipient)

“I remember being so intimidated and nervous to submit to the scholarship contest. I had watched videos from other applicants and they all seemed so much more focused and professional than me. But I also knew I desperately wanted to do B-School and the only way that could happen was through a scholarship, so I had to at least try. When the winners were announced and I saw my name I burst into tears right there at my office desk. I had already put in notice to leave my job and start my business and seeing my name on the list for B-School just cemented that I was on the right path. To this day when I feel the doubt monsters creeping in I think about this scholarship. It never hurts to try, and it’s amazing to win. B-School was awesome and overwhelming (in a good way). I thought I knew what I wanted in my business and B-School took my ideas and focus to a whole other level. It’s also so great to have ongoing access to the materials and the people. When I have a question or get lost on the solopreneur path I can check in and get right back on track. I still have a journey ahead in building the business of my dreams, but applying for (and winning) the B-School scholarship was a crucial first step that I’m so thankful I took.”

Akshay Nanavati (2014 Military Recipient) 

“I had been following Marie for some time and loved her content. I always got immense value from it, so it seemed that B-School was the next obvious step to take. As a Marine Corps veteran of the war in Iraq, I was honored to hear that Marie offered military scholarships. That made the decision to enter a no-brainer. Because it wasn’t just about me winning the scholarship, it was about all the people, including my fellow veterans, that I could help as a result of it. By focusing on the impact I could make on others through my life experience, it made it easy to shoot the video for the scholarship. There was no way I could not do it. It was a great feeling getting the validation of someone like Marie and her team that I was heading on the right track. Despite having some success in my business and living a full life, I knew Marie’s training would take it to the next level, so I felt immensely grateful and excited to have won the scholarship. The support and love from others that poured in was incredible as well. It just further reinforced what I already knew, this was where I needed to be. Since winning, I couldn’t wait to get started and use the training to take my life to the next level. I have crossed a total of 8 countries, I am building a non-profit foundation which will serve as the action taking arm of the change I hope to make in the world through my run, I have been featured on top podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire, top media outlets like CNN, Forbes, Huffington Post and was even interviewed on Fox 5 New York.”

Brandon Turner (2014 Military Recipient)

Lisa Shiroma Collins (2014 Military Recipient)

Jennifer R. Owen (2014 Military Recipient)

I am a mother warrior.
Nazareth, Pennsylvania

“I was very excited to submit to the contest. I mapped out my ideas and I felt completely ‘in the zone’ about creating a video to explain my message cohesively. Since that day, every single time my children hear the song ‘Happy’ on the radio, they say ‘That’s our family song.’  or ‘That’s the song of our family.’ or ‘That’s the song that made us win.’ Winning the scholarship was amazing because I felt so proud that people thought that my idea was a good one. I cannot tell you how excited that I was (and still am) that Marie Forleo watched my video. Marie and her amazing team selected me as a winner and that alone, gave me so much confidence. I got some of the Forleo Cyber Sparkle rubbed off on me. It still tickles me to this day. I won one of the scholarships for military spouses.  My husband is a disabled honorably discharged Army veteran.  He was hit in the head with an M16 and he suffers from hemiplegic migraines; when he gets a migraine, his side goes paralyzed for a couple of hours to a couple of days. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for knowledge that I will use for the rest of my life.”

Judith Davis (2014 Military Recipient)

Denise Metzger Taylor (2014 Philanthropy Recipient)

“If there is anything I can offer for this year’s hopefuls as recipients for B-School training (and scholarships) it would be for those led or yearning to experience it to follow their instincts and GO FOR IT! NEVER GIVE UP and know the adversity we see is often a bridge of opportunity awaiting to carry us over. That’s what I know to be true!”

Lisa Petrison (2014 Philanthropy Recipient)

Moriah Salter (2014 Philanthropy Recipient)

Jenna Edwards (2014 Philanthropy Recipient)

“I feel ridiculously special being chosen! I loved the reveal – finding out when everyone else found out. I was ecstatic! My entire body giggled and tingled! I appreciated the experience so much more, knowing a team of experts saw potential in the organization and my ability to move it forward. I knew it would change everything. Even as a non-profit, being exposed to other business’s creations and evolutions has given me a world of ideas to convert into non-profit usage. I also realized I can use this knowledge to approach businesses to sponsor The For a Day Foundation. Knowing everything they have to consider allowed me to evaluate their online strategy and make a tailored pitch to partner with us. I now know how my platform can serve them, essentially making it easier for them to say yes. Everything learned in B-School is transferable to non-profits and I’ve personally enjoyed the process of figuring out how it applies to The For a Day Foundation.”

Worthy Wen Lee (2014 Philanthropy Recipient)

Jani Franck (2014 Philanthropy Recipient)

“I felt SO much resistance and fear around doing this and had to do a dozen takes of the video! I trusted that the level of ‘eeek’ I was feeling was a sign that I should do it and, even if I’d not won the scholarship, summoning up the courage to submit the video was so valuable to me. I felt really honoured to be in the company of the other scholarship winners, too – very inspiring people. I’ve been in business over 7 years and self employed for longer, so I know that instant results aren’t always the best ones. What B-School has given me is a solid foundation which I can build on in a sustainable way and I expect to see results from it for the rest of my entrepreneurial life.”

Han Xiao (2014)

Christine Pietrowiak (2014)

“Submitting to the scholarship contest was fantastic in many respects. I had to really think about my message and my why and put it together in a compelling way. That, in and of itself, was a great exercise to help me drill down to the heart and soul of what I am building. B-School was just what I needed to clarify my business and goals. It was jam packed with useful information, different ways of thinking, and other smart and generous entrepreneurs. I was able to weed out all of the irrelevant old school ideas I had learned elsewhere and streamline the development of my brand the way I know in my heart of hearts it was meant to be.  I am still at the beginning of my business, but it is growing step-by-step into something far bigger and more meaningful than I could have imagined before B-School.”

Signhild Brosvik (2014)

“When I first researched B-School I got a good feeling from it, and liked that it appeared to be a bit more quirky and less rigid than other online business courses; This was a course I could combine with a full-time job and “wearing many hats” at the same time. When winning the scholarship I felt very proud, and happy on behalf of everyone at Baobab Batik. By doing the course we could gain knowledge needed to keep on top of our online presence and communication – which is not always easy considering poor infrastructure and slow connections. In the long run B-school will be a contributing factor to how we are doing as a business, and the social commitment we have to our artisans. We will keep on developing, to make sure we stay at the top of our game!”

Kristina Parker (2014)

Osama Janakat (2014)

Mai Sirry (2014)

“I had been following Marie TV for about 2 years and I had drooled over B-School since the moment I heard about it. But as soon as the idea of entering the contest came to mind, I’d promptly push it away… ‘Me? My idea is not as good as other people’s. I’m not natural on camera. I don’t have the equipment or technical skills. No one will like me and I’ll end up feeling worse than if I’d never tried.’ Deep inside, however, I knew those were all just excuses keeping me from stretching and overcoming my fear. Seeing my name on the scholarship winner’s list was one of the best moments of my life. I had never really won anything before, and this was something I’d been dying for. Opening that first email with B-School instructions was delicious, and then going through the program steadily was transformational in every way. My personal life changed as well, because the more I became confident about my business idea and passion, the more I became confident in my life and my purpose as well. It opened up the door to so much growth and joy that I feel it was a defining moment of my life. There was life pre-B-School and life post-B-School. I definitely prefer the post 🙂 And the cherry on top? The amazing B-Schooler community that shares in my struggles and successes every step of the way. It really is like a warm and loving family!”

Ella Pelayo (2014)

“I was at my lowest when I submitted my video entry in B-School. It was only 3 months since Super Typhoon Haiyan passed by our area devastating our house and it was only just a few weeks since electricity and internet connection came back. I was financially drained because we lost all of our clients plus with all the expenses along the way. Because I spent my offline hours volunteering in Project Panay to help rebuild schools in our community, my business zoomed down to zero. I said to myself, hope is the only thing I have now and I am not going to give up on my business just because of this. The scariest day of our lives turned out to be one of the biggest channel of blessings in my life. I won B-School. I literally cried, shouted, danced and jumped up my bed that 4am when a friend congratulated me about my B-School Scholarship. My heart was filled with all of the emotions and gratitude. Suddenly all fear, all doubts about my business and my future vanished that day. I can never be grateful enough to Marie Forleo and her team for giving me this opportunity to learn from her. It was like seeing a bright and warm light after a long period of darkness. Everything that I learned from B-School is simply priceless. Not only did it help me to elevate my business, B-School lead me to the path where I am destined to be. Thank you Marie. Thank you Team Forleo. Thank you B-School Community.”

Tiffany Staropoli (2014)

“I found Marie Forleo just weeks after finishing treatment for colon cancer.  I had this blog that I had developed during my cancer journey that many people seemed to be liking and I was trying to figure out how to open it up to a wider audience. I had been doing my own small changes but trying to teach myself everything and really had no clue and no proper direction.  B-School seemed like the right next step, but I wasn’t sure if I could make such an investment. I told myself that if I applied and won the contest then it was a sign that I was heading in the right direction and that this blog business was meant to be. B-School is a joy. Tons of excitement and energy and so much learning and wonderful connections made during B-School weeks. But the best part is…B-School never really ends. First off you get connected to this amazing community of like-minded and incredibly talented entrepreneurs. You feed off each other, you help each other, and you continue to learn from each other. The resources and the learning possibilities are really endless. Secondly, once B-School gets in your head, it doesn’t leave. You continue to challenge yourself to adapt, to change, to grow. And since you can work the course load at your own pace, the work grows as you do. And even if you are finished, you can return to the lessons again and again and uncover more to learn each time you do. The lessons expand as your mind expands. B-School challenged me to become serious and committed to my work. I’ve upped my game and continue to up my game. Gradually, at my own speed. “

Matt Shortis (2014)

I had seriously considered enrolling in B-school in 2013. The only problem for me was financially there was just no way. I didn’t know about the scholarship contest until after it had ended. I knew with funds still being tight last year, I was going to apply for a scholarship first. I was pretty nervous filming my video (even though I do a lot of on camera work in my career) because I remembered watching some of the videos from the year prior and they were all so good. Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to stack up. But I knew I wanted to go after this. B-School was so many things to me. Encouraging. Eye-opening. Overwhelming. I think I experienced what a lot of first time B-Schoolers do. It was so much information in such a short period of time. I did my best to listen to others in the community prior to B-school starting about budgeting time and not getting overwhelmed. Easier said than done. So for those that win scholarships this year is this: Take your time. Just because the program is 8 weeks long doesn’t mean you have to have everything “perfect” in 8 weeks. Its not going to be. Just go at a pace that feels right for you. There are so many great things about B-school and one of them is you have lifetime access to the program. So you can always come back to something.”

Amy Chao (2014)

Sowmya Jane Noronha (2014)

I first heard about Marie’s B-School from my dad. I recall him saying, this lady is amazing you must watch her videos. I resisted watching her videos for over a month and finally watched them just to get him off my back. Little did I know that I would discover a completely new me! From there on I started watching MarieTV and have been watching most of her weekly videos. My next step was to dive into B-School and I was aware Marie offers scholarships. As I was reading notes written by previous contest winners I wanted my name to be there as well. And here I am!
A few takeaways during my journey in B-School are:
1) Action + intentions make things happen. I was a procrastinator but now I have moved into the world of action and it’s great on this side!
2) I got that value generates money, rather money is a by product of the value you generate.
3) Passion is not a factor outside of you, bring passion to what you do.
I can go on and on. All this would not have been possible without B-School.”

Flavia Maguida Vergara (2014)

“After I submitted the video I opened up B-School’s course description, one of the pages had a big picture of Marie over a bright purple background that said in big bold letters “DREAM BIG”. I printed it out and pasted it in front of my desk, so I would look at it whenever I was working, turns out I didn’t get much work done because I spent all the time leading to the publication of the winners looking at it and daydreaming about watching the course. At night I couldn’t sleep, I was so sure I was going to get it that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. When the day finally came I was so anxious, I spent the whole day watching Marie TV episodes, while I was doing this there was a little glitch on the site and my heart started speeding up, the results were in. I slowly started scrolling down the winners list, and then I saw it, my name was there, I knew it was going to be but this was something I wanted so much I felt I was going to explode with happiness. I started crying, screaming and jumping around, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was all alone in my studio so I phoned my Mom and my boyfriend, I was crying so hard and screaming that they both thought I had lost. But no, I won, and winning gave me a new confidence in me and that has been transmitted to my business.”

Becky Decker (2014)

“I had never even used the camera on my computer before, but figured I may as well give the scholarship a shot. I was extremely nervous as I don’t like being on camera at all, but after  five or six takes, I had a submission. I was simply pleased that I had done it, and never anticipated that I might win. I was elated when I found my name on the list! I have connected with so many extremely capable and talented people through B-School, and have learned so much. I used a blank wall and a window for lighting, you don’t need any special equipment. Do yourself a favor and just make the video!”

Rue Crowder (2014)

Eos Koch (2014)

“Since B-School has happened so much in my life and business, the change and growth I experienced and still experience is sometimes overwhelming, but such a beautiful gift and I am thankful and grateful from the bottom of my heart! The buzz about B-School was so big in my community at the beginning of last year and when I heard about the B-School Scholarship, I knew it was my opportunity. I knew I wanted to take myself more serious. I knew I wanted to really step into my power and it seemed so clear that B-School is such a powerful community. It is beautiful to see behind the scenes of other successful online business owners, to see what is possible and stretch outside our comfort zone. I am beyond grateful for this beautiful experience and it helped me to really up level and step up the game with my business. There was so much changing in this year. I gained clarity and confidence. B-School came to me at the very right moment, I was truly ready to really dive in and most importantly do the work and implement. There is still so much to learn, grow and expand, this is beautiful and a big part of life and why I have chosen to be self employed and run my own business. The freedom to decide, stay true to my values and follow my heart is the biggest pleasure and fulfillment on my journey. I can’t wait to share more, connect with others on their journey and join the new round of B -School soon!”

Nick Akey (2014)

Milena Rangelov (2014)

“I had a flu and spent a day in a bed when I received Marie’s email that scholarship contest is opened. Miraculously, I have received some new energy, got up from the bed psyched and excited. I knew that I was going to submit, but I had no idea how possibly could I, ordinary girl emphasizing the importance of quarter-life crisis, be chosen. I poured my heart and soul into the video and waited. A few days later, when I saw my name on the list I started to cry. My mom and I stayed up all night. I never told her about the scholarship and I had to explain her what is that wonderful thing that I’ve got. I said: ‘Mom, this is the best thing in the world. It is one of my biggest dreams. No, even better, I’ve just got the machine that makes dreams come true.’ I have changed a lot since then. I think differently and I have shifted many of my limiting beliefs. I am now the part of the amazing community of brave and creative people, that live the lives they love and have businesses they are proud of. I am still a baby in that world, but I am learning every single day. And I have zero fear for my future. Isn’t that the best gift ever?”

Morgan Lindsay Nelson (2014)

“B-School has been the greatest experience, not just for business but for my personal life. A friend of mine turned to me one day and said: ‘You know B-School has been the best thing for you.’ She couldn’t be more right. I feel like a whole new version of myself. I’ve transformed — shedding so many negative mindsets and embracing living a life I love. Marie fabulously over-delivered on the most amazing content, knowledge and created the best community. B-School not only taught me valuable biz building skills but also connected me with people I’d never have the opportunity to meet anywhere else. These people have inspired me and helped enrich my life. Over all, I’d say the biggest gift of B-School has been clarity. I’m so clear on who I am, what I do and am forever grateful.”

Janelle McLeod (2014)

“Winning the scholarship is exactly what I needed. I needed the education (that I couldn’t afford to pay for) to help me get to that next level. We were facing eviction from our apartment, behind on our car payment, and struggling to keep food in the fridge and our lights on. Sad but this is the truth. B-School gave me the will, confidence, and power to be all that I can be and gave me the foundation on what I need to yes be successful and wealthy.

Since attending B-School:
1) I gained soooo much confidence. TRUE STORY! I started telling people “No” more than yes! It felt so damn good to finally understand my worth and not just jump on everything and take every single dime. Slaving away for pennies and trading time for dollars. B-school gave me crystal clear clarity!!
2) I learned that it’s OK to talk and be real to my audience. Because of this, I made MORE sales with my fashion line. Something that has never ever happened before.
3) Not to mention my list GREW so much more which then = me now starting to get fashion orders by email request now. WEEEEEEEEEE!!
4) I’ve been interviewed by sooo many media outlets – online and offline. I was even featured on CNN, profiled in magazines, and now featured on The Huffington Post.

Zoe Vokes (2014)

“Winning the Scholarship meant a huge amount to me. I had only recently recovered from an extremely debilitating syndrome, that, thought extremely tough, had taught me a great deal about myself and guided me to my purpose. I had finally figured out what I wanted to do, and saying it out loud (getting it on video!) filled me with excitement. But actually winning the scholarship – that did a lot more. It gave me confidence and conviction to believe in myself and my dreams, it made me believe that my ‘crazy’ ideas (wanting to start my own business at 23, wanting to help people, desperately wanting to make the world a better place) maybe weren’t that crazy after all, and, for all the people who had told me it wasn’t possible or that I didn’t have enough experience, there were others who believed in me. It was an incredible feeling. Really incredible. I screamed and happy danced for a good few days/weeks/months/it still makes me smile from ear to ear thinking about it today! B-School is a wonderful programme. I learned more about business and self-employment in those 8 weeks than I thought was possible! The knowledge you gain is priceless and Marie’s honest and authentic style really makes you feel like she’s there holding your hand all the way through. The direction that my business has gone in has changed over the last year to a way that fits much more with my own core beliefs and views of the world, and I can honestly say that the knowledge and confidence that the B-School programme gave me is what has helped me listen to myself and trust my instincts more and more. If you’re thinking about submitting to the scholarship contest, stop thinking! Just do it! You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain!”

Adrian Brambila (2014)

“I had been subscribed and hooked to Marie Forleo’s YouTube channel about 2 months prior to learning about the scholarship program for B-School. That being said, scholarship or not, I was planning on enrolling in B-School. The thing that really encouraged me to send a video was Marie and her team promised to view EVERY entry. I took that as my main motivation for entering. Whether I won the scholarship or not, Marie Forleo and team B-School were going to know who I am and what my ambitions are. That was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up! What was really neat about entering the scholarship video submission is other B-School scholarship applicants as well as alum were commenting and supporting my video.  I was already starting to meet amazing people with incredible vocations and I hadn’t even been accepted into B-School yet. When I first got notification of winning the scholarship I was in disbelief.  It wasn’t that I didn’t have confidence in my story, it was just that the community of B-School is made up of some of the worlds most talented, brightest, and authentic people.  It truly is an honor just to be a part of this thriving community scholarship or not!

B-School is worth so much more than every dollar on it’s price tag.  Like many B-Schoolers, I took Marie’s tactical, strategical, and motivational advice to follow through work plans and action steps to take the knowledge in each chapter and evolve each aspect of my business to make things more streamlined, personal, and increase my bottom line.  From a numbers standpoint I was able to increase my monthly residual income by over 50%, increase average YouTube traffic to 10,000 views a day, and grow a 5 digit subscriber list all within the following 6 months after B-School. One of my biggest takeaways from B-School is gaining the strategic insight on how to truly understand who your ideal customer is so you can create the best compelling content that converts into sales. The other larger takeaway I have (which you can’t put a number on) is the multiple outstanding connections with incredible entrepreneurs I’ve made with the B-School community. The amount of insight I gained from collaborating with other B-Schoolers and the life long connections and friendships I’ve made with B-School is truly priceless. Whenever I need help with a project or have an idea worth sharing I now have an endless resource of knowledge from the people I’ve connected with through B-School.”

Ana Maria Uribe (2014)

Kat Lucas (2014)

“I was totally on the fence about submitting to the contest until the last possible moment.  Since I didn’t already have a business, I felt so behind and that I didn’t even deserve to submit a video. I was really nervous about it, and I remember meditating a lot and really trying to listen to my heart.  In the end, there was a “yes!” that kept resonating when I would think about it, and I knew I just had to do it. When I found out I had won, I was on the train and had to stop myself from jumping up and down and screaming with delight. I felt like I was on top of the world.  It was a great feeling, because it was the first time in my life I won something when I wasn’t so focused on winning, more focused on sharing my truth and what I believed deep within. B-School was such a life changing experience. I met such great people online and in person, and I really feel like I am forever part of such a wonderful, supportive, and special community. I made friends that I feel accept me for who I am, as I am, and want me to shine!  B-School encouraged me to take risks and do things that feel uncomfortable and push me out of my comfort zone. I feel so much stronger and more confident both in my career and as a person. I am finally believing that I have what it takes to do what I want to do, and that just being who I am is what will bring me success.  I am forever grateful.”   

Ana Carriço (2014)

“I was really excited with the scholarship and I had a clear vision of what I wanted to do, so I started working on it really fast. All my family helped – even my little girl participated positioning the soft toys and moving them as they were photographed in different stages. It was a fun family project! And in the end I had the precious help from my husband putting everything together with the music. I can only say positive things about the B-School program. Because not only the program is very well organized and structured but also the level of attention to details and with the participants, from Marie and her team, is incredible! And the positivity that comes from everything – Marie and the program itself are very focused on the positive and on keeping things on a very high level. It’s a very real program for real people and they are committed on giving all they can so that each one of us discover how to turn a simple dream into something real with a strong foundation. I also have to say I was a little afraid in the beginning, because english is not my first language, so I thought maybe it would be difficult to cope with some parts. But my fears were quickly set aside – everything is well explained with clear examples and you have several options to follow the program. So it went smoothly! This program also ‘forced’ me to get out there – I decided to go to my first professional fair out of my country, it was a big and important step for me! So things are happening… Let’s see when my soft toys will conquer the world! ;)”

Nathalie Lesage (2014)

“I heard about B-School just before the Scholarship Contest opened up. I watched Marie’s videos and said to myself “It’s now or never, take action NOW” and I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote what I wanted to convey in my video, which took me a few minutes. I practiced a few times and then grabbed my Macbook Air and did my recording. I spoke from the heart, and it did not take long to do. It felt really good to take action like that, on the spot, and just do it. I figured that if you don’t try, you don’t get a chance to win. I was SO happy to win!! When I read my name on the list of winners, it felt absolutely surreal… and that same day, my husband lost his job, so I took it as a message of hope from God, not to give up and be open to all possibilities.  I loved going through B-School, and what I’ve learned is that this is always an on-going process of growth, learning, adapting, figuring things out and being open to change. It has been, and continues to be, a very positive experience. I have met many amazing B-Schoolers. I’ve shared my knowledge and learned a lot as well. It’s fantastic.”

Helen Rowland  (2014)

Of course, I had never done anything like making a video of myself before, so, I took a couple of days to plan my speech and then videoed myself about 12 times, cutting it down and down from 3 minutes until it was just under 90 seconds. On the day of the results, I thought, well I might as well see who had won. At first my eyes didn’t register my name, and then, when I saw it, I let out a loud yell, frightening the life out of my sister, who was with me in the kitchen. I was shocked, incredulous, and over the moon with excitement. I could not remember another moment when I had been so thrilled. And then I genuinely felt humbled and couldn’t think why on earth I had been one of the lucky few. What had they seen in me and my 90 seconds of talking? Was it my age (66), my stage in life (newly pensioned), my mention of my heart operation, the fact that I had seen the Beatles in England, my call to arms to all the women of my age who think they have no more to give in the world of work, or was it just the “Twist and Shout” music at the end?

I loved doing the course and did the exercises thoroughly and took them very seriously, particularly as I was really starting from scratch, having no idea about online business. I grew to admire Marie and her team more and more. I spent time making comments on different subjects and that was good because it brought me out of my shell a bit, and I realized that what I had to say was just as relevant as anybody else’s contribution. Of course, I felt overwhelmed at times, inhibited by my lack of business savvy, but the nice thing is that I wasn’t out to impress anyone. I just wanted to learn, and that was a great feeling. I can honestly say I have a long way to go to start turning this into a business, but I have actually come quite a long way in the last year. I think the important thing about my story, really, is the fact that I knew I would keep working when I finished my official career. I believe the worst thing is to stop working, stop giving yourself challenges, stop socializing, and relax so much you just fade away. I do believe strongly that we have to keep contributing to this world in whatever way we enjoy, in order to deserve the space we occupy. We tend to be brainwashed by society into accepting the limitations afforded by our chronological age, but we women are breaking so many paradigms, we are very different from previous generations. I think we are so lucky to live in these times when the Internet keeps opening doors for us, teaching us, stimulating us.”

Michelle Sokolich (2014)

“I was SO incredibly nervous submitting it as I totally put myself out there, it was like I was standing naked in front of everyone, my deepest fears and insecurities laid bare!  Even now when I watch over my entry it gives me goosebumps and makes me cry. Still!!!! Doing B-School was one crazy ride. Everything in it was totally new to me and it seriously blew my mind. It was a real juggle managing 3 kids, part time work, my tiny business and B-School all at the same time. But watching the modules and doing the work was never a chore because it was so engaging and fun, and I just kept my eye on the prize. I got a little overwhelmed a couple of times but just pulled back and took it one step at a time. The change in my business has been massive – I’m in the midst of re-doing my website, developing an ecourse and creating a kick arse marketing plan. There is NO WAY I could have effected all this change without doing B School. The knowledge, the support, and the motivation I had access to was a game changer for me. My life will never be the same!”

Brittney Anne Herrera (2014)

“For many years I knew I was somehow destined to help others grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. But… And this is a big BUT… I didn’t quite know how to make this happen. But, I knew that being sexually abused as a child had a purpose. I knew that growing up with a family of addicts and alcoholics had a purpose. And I also knew that developing type 1 diabetes at the age of 22 also had a purpose. But, before I began to see the silver lining in my story I was deeply lost, confused, and defeated. I was drowning my story, drowning my past, and drowning my secrets in a never ending sea of vodka. Once the suffering became to0 much swallow I slowly began asking the Universe for healthy remedies to heal my body, mind, and soul. And that is when I discovered Marie Forleo and B-School. Although I wasn’t exactly sure what my unique gift was to offer others, I knew I was destined for B-School and that I would eventually figure it out. I also knew I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. So I shared my story. I revealed my past. And I shouted allowed my secrets. And I won my B-School scholarship! This scholarship was the silver lining in my story thus far. It has shown me that others believe in me and see my potential. It has shown me that the Universe has a greater plan for me and that I am truly loved and supported on this journey. I urge you to share your story, struggles, and dreams and trust that there is a greater plan in the works for you and that people such as Marie Forleo are mere angels who help in making these dreams come true.”

Kyle Shultz (2014)

Yusra ELSawi (2014)

“I have to say, putting my video out to the world was the most terrifying experience! I was able to overcome my fears and got motivated to just do it because of three main reasons:

  1.  I had nothing to lose. I lost my Dad to brain cancer a few months before B-School and thought, I just lost my rock and a piece of my heart for good, so what the worst that could happen? Won’t win? So what? I’ll work hard on saving to invest in B-School next year. What else? Haters comment on my video on how am not so pretty or someone rudely commenting on why I have a headscarf on? So? As Marie says ‘Did anyone die here?’ I felt ‘I have nothing to lose but have A LOT to gain.’
  1. My mother traveling to visit my brother abroad and I had no one around to stop me from taking this crazy step! I told no one until I uploaded the video. My family was always really supportive but I needed to do this alone and wouldn’t have handled one doubtful look at me.
  1. I had and still have a strong urging feeling that I am here on earth for a reason and this reason is primarily to help others with whatever talents, skills and knowledge God blessed me with, but before B-School I had no idea how to.

I have to say, I have NEVER seen my mum so proud of me like the day she found out I submitted the video and when I told her I got into Marie’s B-School (whole family knows Marie for 3/4 years! ), so thank you Marie. B-School changed me as a person, I feel much more confident now, although I always thought I am confident but it gave me a sense of loving my uniqueness and always seeking authenticity. It gave me the confidence to say ‘No’ to investors who were willing to take advantage of my knowledge and skills because I didn’t have enough to fund my project. It gave me the confidence to say ‘No’ to everything and anyone that doesn’t serve my goal or help me blossom. I also learned to invest in myself, I always invested in myself when it came to books, and any online resources but what B-School showed me was when you take that extra course, pay those extra dollars (big or small) you are investing in yourself, in your knowledge and sometimes saving your time and energy by learning from the best. I was taught and experienced the true meaning of abundance Marie showed me how to market out of love and out of being you. Marketing was an area I always struggled with but Marie showed me how being authentic and really just speaking from the heart makes marketing pretty effortless.”


Rebekah Borucki (2013 Audience Winner)

“Apprehensive is the best word to describe how I felt about entering a contest to win a spot in a business course. How would it look to my thousands of followers? I had been a source of inspiration to so many girls and women, and suddenly I was admitting to the world that I needed help. After I told my ego to “shut the **** up” I made my entry video and held my breath. I knew in my gut that B-School was presenting itself to me for a reason, and I’m not one to ignore signs. A fan posted on my Facebook page that I had won, and I knew in that very moment that I was about to shift from a one-girl show to a one-woman machine. I couldn’t wait to dive into the materials – it was like the excitement you feel on the first day of school (if you’re a big nerd like me). At that moment, success felt less like a dream and more like an inevitability.”

Saima Ali (2013)

“The biggest thing holding me back was my lack of confidence, and the belief that because I’ve never ‘won’ anything in my life, it won’t happen this time either. But despite not having any experience, or the best gadgets and tools to make a professional video, I decided to take the leap and give it an honest, sincere shot. Winning the scholarship made me much more confident, and having someone out there believe in my business idea strengthened my passion and commitment all that much more.”

Rodrigo Flamenco (2013)

“Entering B-School helped me out a lot, I’ve been already in many masterminds, some of them really good, but as a man, I sucked at connecting with the clients, I needed that and I knew Marie and B-School would be the place to learn how to do so, I was right, since then it has been like a rocket to my life, I was able to quit my job, to live from my business, to launch a new business and associate with another and now I’m crossing fingers for the biggest deal of my life at $2.5 Million per year with one of my businesses, it has been amazing :).”

Lynn Daue (2013 Military Scholarship)

“Submitting to the Scholarship Contest was one of the scariest things that I’ve ever done in my life. To make a video telling people what I want to do and then asking them to watch, judge, and share it was a total nightmare. However, I simply buzzed at the thought of being part of B-School, and since I knew that the financial investment wasn’t a commitment that we could make at the time, I had to overcome my fears of being in front of the camera. I was elated when I found out that I won the Scholarship! I didn’t think I had a chance, and then when I saw my name on the list… I think I first went into shock. B-School was one of the most eye-opening and connecting experiences that I’ve had in a long time, and I highly recommend it for budding and established entrepreneurs.”

Shirley Plant (2013)

“One day I received an email from Marie about B- School, an online business course that would help me learn all the skills I needed to get my online business going. I took one look at the price and my heart sank. I then noticed that Marie was offering a chance to win a scholarship to B – School and my heart lifted and I thought I would give it a try.  Guess what? I won, yes me, I won a scholarship with Marie Forleo for B school!!!! When I got the email I jumped around my house yelling and screaming, I won, I won, I won! Then I started to cry and I almost hyperventilated.  Little did I know what B- School would really do for my business and my life. The one thing I loved was the support from the B- School community and the online Facebook group was awesome! There were many just like me and so I felt a kinship grow. As my confidence grew, so did my learning. So whether you are a newbie like me to the online world or you have been at it for a while. I can from the bottom of my heart say; “do B- School” it will change your life for the better!”

Venessa Rodriguez (2013)

“I’ve been stalking B-School and Marie for a while and knew that I HAD to do it this time around. I had previously graduated from health coaching school and was super excited to help people in so many ways – B-School was going to be a big part of my ability to do that. Finances were extremely tight but I was set on joining the program one way or another. I was excited that the Scholarship Contest was to happen again and knew from that moment that this was my chance!  OMG when I got the notice that I won the scholarship and saw my video on the website, I involuntarily made high pitched squealy noises and cried. Everything felt so right, and that this would be the beginning of my amazing journey with my new business. I have so many ideas and B-School has given me a fantastic blueprint to start with for my business.”

Leah Kalamakis (2013)

“Having had B-School on my mind for about a year, I couldn’t wait for the enrollment time to come. Yet, I was nervous, still not sure if I was ready to jump in with such a big investment. As soon as I saw the scholarship “competition”, I knew this was my chance. Although generally extroverted, I had never put myself out there in video form on the internet. But knowing what this opportunity could do for my business, I had to push past the fear and do it anyway. “Challenge accepted!” as I said in the intro of my video. The moment I saw the winners’ announcement was a moment I won’t forget because of the connection with where I was at in my journey and where I was about to go. I was in my “cubicle” at the corporate job that was sucking the joy out of my life. In those wasted moments where you don’t have anything to do, but you have to stay at work until 5 (because that’s how corporate life works), I refreshed Marie’s homepage and saw my video. I couldn’t believe it. It was as if my future success was there on the page, regardless of the current reality that surrounded me. I knew from that moment on everything would change. B-School doesn’t stop after 8 weeks. I consider my fellow students my best business friends, colleagues, partners and even clients. I’m forever thankful for the opportunity provided by the scholarship program.”

Michelle Leivan  (2013 Military Scholarship)

“Three years ago I would never have had the guts to make a scholarship video entry… I was cowed into believing that it wouldn’t be worth the effort. Let me tell you from experience this is at totally wrong headed way to live. If you believe that you aren’t worth the effort, then you’ll continue to be stuck in the mire of self-effacing and going nowhere fast. All it takes is a true belief that what you are doing is worth everything. The truth of it is, if you don’t believe it, no one else will. Because of my learned confidence and my willingness to step out of my comfort zone I won a scholarship to Marie Forleo’s B-School. With every new challenge and lesson in B-School I was reminded that sometimes you just have to raise your hand when you see an opportunity speeding past and doing something outside your comfort zone will often have an unexpected payoff!”

Christine Ayar Illichmann (2013 Military Scholarship)

“I found the whole B-School experience – from preparing my submission to participating and continuing on after – to be about clarity.  I found that I was called on to clarify what my true goals were for both myself and my business and that distillation process really lead me to realize some important truths.  I ultimately came to realize that the business concept I presented wasn’t for me. So now I’m slowly working on something new…crafting a business built on my true passions and interests and guided by the knowledge I gained from B-School and supported by other B-School alum.  It wasn’t the outcome I expected but it is an outcome that is better than I could have imagined.”

Aja Davis (2013)

“Submitting to the scholarship contest was one of the most exciting things I had done. I was super nervous. Would I be good enough? How could I possibly win against all of these people? I almost didn’t do it because of that thought alone. I didn’t think I had a chance at winning. But I decided do it anyway because I had nothing to lose. When I found out I won the contest, I was shocked! I couldn’t believe it. I felt grateful, excited, committed, and ecstatic all at once. At that moment I knew that I could do this. I knew that this was the path I was supposed to take. Someone else believed in my idea enough to allow me to attend B-School, I had to do it and commit to it fully.”

Ferris Jay (2013)

“I remember when the scholarship winners were listed. I started looking down the list, with no expectation, thinking about how I’ll watch their videos to see what a winning submission looked like and to take some notes 🙂 I nearly fell off my seat when I saw MY name there. I actually squeaked with delight when I saw it. I was amazed and stunned. It took a while to sink in.  I always tell myself that self belief is crucial, and it is, but I must admit, that knowing that Marie and the B-School team had ‘faith’ enough in me to pick me, that was a real bonus. On low  or difficult days, that would really help me remember to keep going and to keep my vision strong. It still does.”

Kitara R. Wilson (2013)

“When I saw that “we”, won and I say “we” because my kids were so instrumental to the final outcome, I screamed and called my husband. I felt liberated and truly knew that hard work, dedication and perseverance pays off. I loved B-School. It was challenging and eye-opening all at the same time. I learned so much and knew there were so many things that I needed to do differently that could make a huge difference in my business.”

Jennifer Luby Howard (2013)

Leanne Richards-Williams (2013)

“When I entered the B-School scholarship I was at a period where I was unemployed for almost a year. I proposed to be the change in the world that I want to see. I was giving the world me and my gift of teaching computer skills. Submitting for the scholarship was the day I chose to live for me. I’ve never won anything like this before. I’ve never felt valued like this before. I’ve never been in a place like this – B-School. Someone awesome and talented investing in my dreams completely without string attached. Winning the B-School scholarship affirmed the value of my goal to launch my business idea online (so many around me doubt that online business can be successful). B-School taught me how to do what I love and leave the rest behind…with that I have all the energy, clarity, motivation and freedom to see my goals through.”

Alyona Stavrova (2013)

“I wrote a script, gave it couple tries without a camera (was quite difficult, I didn’t use to speak English so fast!) and then took a video. I didn’t think I could win, because other participant have such amazing, inspiring stories! B-School was the greatest experience in 2013 for me. It was such an eye-opener, confidence-booster and sooo stylish.”

Victoria Rosas (2013)

“Winning the scholarship meant a lot, you don’t even know. It did change me, the program confirmed that I was on the right path, it showed me that there are a lot of people like me, wanting more than a traditional life. I learned what I had to do and how to do it. B-School was more, way more than I expected, and believe me I was expecting everything! 2013 rocked and a lot of it was because of B-School.”

Connie Polk (2013)

Carlton Taylor (2013)

“The email announcing the winners came earlier than expected and my name wasn’t visible right away. I kept hitting “page down” to scroll down the list. With every tap of the button, I felt my chances slipping away. And then, there it was; my name, my video, I was #19… I freaked! I ran downstairs to share the news with my wife. I ran so fast and hard she yelled out “Are you okay?” She thought I fell down the stairs. I sat down next to her and handed her the laptop; but I served it up with a little bit of drama. I scrolled all the way up to the top of the page and pretended like I didn’t know I won and said “The results are in.” I didn’t even look at the screen, I just looked at her. Every time she  hit the “page down” button, I saw her heart break a little just like mine did a just few minutes earlier. And then, my name. She looked at me and said “You won?” I couldn’t even talk, I just nodded my head. She asked again just to be sure “You won?” I nodded even harder and faster to reassure her, and then we cried. That’s right, we both bursted into tears. We shared an amazing moment. It’s something I won’t soon forget. Without saying a word to one another we knew why we we crying. In that moment all of my doubts, insecurities, and fears disappeared. A chance to create a new life for us was now sitting in my lap. Something that we both knew I needed to get to the next level, but were in no position to afford was now being offered to me; for nothing more than being myself. I am good enough.”

Melissa Schacker (2013)

“Submitting to the scholarship was terrifying. I decided to do it only days before the deadline, and I submitted my video only hours before it. It was a thrill. It felt great to share my story and just try something. Just to do something. I cried when I won the scholarship. It gave me hope that everything was going to be alright. It gave me hope that I could do this. It let me know that someone thought what I was doing was worth it.”

Nikki Collinson (2013)

“When B-School was mentioned I just knew I wanted to be part of this amazing experience. However financially I knew it would be a struggle.  I had just returned to work from maternity leave, was working part time as a chiropractor and the rest voluntarily for my charity in Uganda whilst being a single mum. When I heard about the scholarship I just knew I had to enter.  I had never done ANYTHING like that before but I just knew it was my only chance to get into B-School! I was so nervous and out of my comfort zone, but the fear was also like an adrenaline rush also, as I was excited about what could be if I could win a place… but I also kept thinking ‘ I have NO CHANCE of winning this!’.  But you know the saying ‘you have to be in it, to win it’ so I just stopped procrastinating and got on with it!  When Marie sent the email saying that the winners had been announced, which was earlier than expected, again my stomach was in knots and as I opened the link I just knew I hadn’t won.  When I saw my name, I will be honest with you……..I cried like a baby! I had had such a crappy 2 years that this was the first thing that had gone my way, it was the lift/boost I needed so badly! I just was sat at hope with my baby girl crying and crying and I remember cuddling her and saying ‘Mummy did it baby girl , mummy did it…..things are gonna get better now.'”

Jimena Pardo Zolezzi (2013)

“Winning the scholarship was a big surprise. I was so happy and willing to start, I couldn’t believe that in so many great videos mine was one of the chosen!  After that I promised to never under-estimate my self again! 🙂 Going through the B-School program was a breaking point in my business and life. Since then I haven´t hesitated anymore even though sometimes things get a little hard, I know where I’m going and I’m not quitting or flaking at any time!!! I would recommend B-School to any person that is willing to start a business to get the juice out of the online opportunity!!!”

Prue Barber (2013)

“I made my application on the last day we could and cut and edited it with in a few hours. But to make the video about my passion – the Bali Street Dogs – was easy. If you have the passion for something I think it sells a product/service a lot more effectively. I was stunned. I didn’t think I would win one up against so many people. But in my heart I knew it was a cause that Marie and her team would relate to and want to help. I now believe it is possible to make a charity a profitable business if your marketing is right. I also feel better in my paid work because I know I am doing something great for a charity in need and the animals that need saving.”

Carolina Quezada (2013)

“I believe submitting to the scholarship contest was the most nerve wracking fun I have ever had. I didn’t want to rise too much my expectations. But I think my mind did it anyway. I was so excited to have the chance, just the chance to access to the program, that I didn’t really thought what it would mean to me. Being one of the winners was an incredible experience. I think… we try to give our best in our video and really, just express our dreams in simple words, but I’m sure, none of us expect to win. It was amazing to win not only one scholarship, but two!! I think we can’t be grateful enough for Marie and her team. I was ready to start, ready to make the changes I needed to do. I think, I didn’t expect it to be easy (and it wasn’t) but I was so excited to be part of something as big as B-School that I was prepared to change myself if it was necessary. In B-School I grew up. I finally understand that I don’t need to become someone else to be successful, I just need to be the best version of me. I need to be focused and to plan in advance. Something I had never done before. My mind became clear and confident. Of course I have a lot to do now. But everything is working wonderfully. And I’m happy. Very very happy.”

Constanza Quezada (2013)

“This is the first time that I got to enter a scholarships contest with my sister, at the beginning she wanted to do it for her business  and I was going to submit mine, but we are so similar that our videos could be almost the same.  So to be out of the box we thought to do it together, and it wasn’t a rule against it so…even greater! Winning the scholarship – that was amazing, I remember that we jumped all day, we are still really happy because of that, it was a big opportunity that helps us a lot, we knew that from the beginning…so just THANK YOU Team Forleo. B-School was hard..it really takes time to think and truly know myself, to me that was the more important thing to give to other people. I can’t sell something if myself doesn’t believe in it. I’m working in my Pastry shop now and I traveled this year to Europe for work and learn more but now I know HOW to make it work work.”

Victoria Olubi (2013)

“Since winning the scholarship so much has changed in my life. Firstly, I’m a part of a community of some of the most amazing entrepreneurs in the world. Game-changers, innovators, leaders. The community constantly inspires me to do more, be more and give my all in business and life. Furthermore, I’ve experienced some amazing things like having my first ever four figure day. I’ve learnt so much about creating a business that makes an impact not just financially but morally and personally. Marie’s wisdom transcends so many areas of life and I’ve learnt so much because of B-School.”

Amalie Wright (2013)

“I could not believe I’d been chosen. My friend called me at 6:00am to say I’d won…I’d won the Golden Ticket! It was an incredibly humbling moment. I was already committed to making my business a success, but now I had even more motivation to wring every bit of benefit out of B-School and honour those who believed in me, who chose me, and all those who had unfortunately missed out. There really is so much material to absorb, incorporate and test – it’s a lifetime process for me, and I’m really looking forward to doing B-School again in 2014. Although there’s a lot more growing and developing ahead for my business, I wouldn’t have come as far as I have without B-School.”

Molly Hahn (2013)

“Marie Forleo had been on my radar for some time. When I heard about the scholarship contest in 2013, I was at a place in my life where I was ready for a big shift. On the day that I received news of winning the scholarship, I literally just submitted the very last page of a kid’s book that I finished doing the background art for. I took it as a sign from the universe that it was finally time to focus on my dreams and my desire to help the world through my art. What immediately changed is that I had an intense sense of direction and purpose in life. Before B-­School I felt lost and disempowered. Today, I feel like a superhero!!! I have so much more faith in what is possible if you focus your intentions on abundance, check your gratitude list, and stay on your game. I’m most grateful for the love, authentic community, and healing energy that Buddha Doodles has created all around the world. In its essence, the comic is a meditation and has nothing to really do with *me*, it’s an energy that pours through me with the clear intention of uplifting the world. I always knew in my heart that this was what I wanted to do with my life, so thank you for being a part of my journey in realizing this dream.”

Bernadette Hageman (2013)

“When my husband told me he submitted my name to the Marie Forleo contest, I thought he was crazy.  Here we go again I thought.  He showed me the video and I said wow! That’s nice. Didn’t know he’d heard me talk about my dreams.  When I won, I was elated, scared, nervous, proud.  It was like winning an oscar. “Me, I smiled.” My experience with B-School isn’t over.  It continues long after the modules and mastermind calls. B-School experiences are life-time a-ha moments of dammit, I knew that. I read that, heard that in B-School.”

Sara Pocius (2013)

“In retrospect, I still can’t believe I pulled this one off! I stumbled upon the B-School videos literally a couple days before the scholarship deadline. I had not been a follower of Marie’s before that, so you can imagine how big of an impact she must have had for me to put together a truly heartfelt video with a day’s notice. I was nervous and excited, but knew deep down that this program was going to change my life. I was on the bus downtown Chicago going to work — in fact I think was was just going over the river when I decided to check Marie’s blog for winners on my phone. I’m scrolling and scrolling and feeling like everyone was doing amazing things. I had a moment of disappointment when I saw all the other winners bios…would Marie really pick a jewelry designer who had done nothing very special yet? And then I saw my name and I may have actually let out a little yelp on the bus. And then it was time to get off the bus and go work my 8 hour day and it was soooooooo hard to focus. I couldn’t help but pull people aside and let them know I had won. It was an amazing feeling to know that my vision was something others could see as well. It was at that moment that I started taking my jewelry business a lot more seriously.

 Sea Pony Studio went from a woven bracelet jewelry business selling on Etsy to partnering with two huge brands to raise money for a national cause. 🙂 It’s been an amazing year and I was right, B-School changed my life.”

Jenna Richard (2013)

“I woke on the west coast and it was still really dark that morning. I remember it was about 6 am and I was exhausted. I grabbed my laptop from the side of the bed floor and padded over to the couch. Flip the screen on and logged into Facebook. Scrolled down and bam…Marie’s page with a link saying the scholarship winners had been picked. I stopped breathing, and for a second thought don’t be silly you aren’t going to get it, but I really really wanted it. The page loaded and I scrolled down and there I was. I was still half asleep so I thought I was mental and my heart started pounding and I slammed the laptop closed and stood up board straight and stared straight ahead. I ran into the bedroom and jumped up and down crying my eyes out and screaming. My boyfriend was abruptly woken up and I couldn’t catch my breath to tell him. I don’t think I ever even felt like that EVER, even as a kid at Christmas. I’ve never felt like that. I was bursting with joy. I felt like my business idol directly told me that I was good enough to have my dream. It felt like I had permission to continue on and believe in myself. The biggest gift B-School gave me though is this: that whenever I think that I’m not good enough, that I won’t have the business of my dreams I secretly think …” Marie chose you.” And that means more to me that anything anybody can say to me ever. It keeps me going and dries my tears.”

Dali Rivera (2013 Military Scholarship)

“When I applied for the B-School video contest I was very afraid and nervous about it because I felt intimidated by all the other competitors’ videos. They were so fun, professional looking and intricate. I recorded myself over 30 times trying to get the right look, the right voice, the right lighting and I got overwhelmed that I almost did not enter the contest. I really didn’t think I was going to have a chance. The most valuable effect from B-School is that at any time, I can go back in and review the material. It can guide me back to exactly the part where I need help the most and I can have supporters on the online forums help me NOT make a mistake and give me good constructive feedback. Sometimes we get so into our own stuff that we may not see our mistake or a better way to do it, but others can. I am forever grateful for B-School and for having been chosen as a scholarship winner. I feel that it is my responsibility to succeed, I have been given the tools and I should use them to the most of my ability.”

Rebecca Dempster (2013)

“I really wanted to take B-School but also knew that I couldn’t afford to do it in 2013. So when Marie announced that she was giving B-School scholarships, I was super excited and couldn’t wait to apply. And then came the details…. post a video of yourself on Youtube. As soon as I saw that, I ruled myself out. No way, no how am I going to put a video of myself online for strangers to see!!! For a day or two, I didn’t even think of it, I just knew that I could never do something like that. But ideas were percolating in the back of my head – I had so many reasons I wanted to be in B-School, an online business I wanted to launch, pure love of learning, and most of all, the work I wanted to do with animal welfare in Sudan. So something shifted and I just went for it. B-School itself was an incredible experience all-round. The content was very very thorough and so well-structured, the support was great, and the opportunities to connect with other B-Schoolers was fantastic. I had lots of a-ha moments and have built some great connections with other like-minded people. I am still so grateful for the scholarship and the amazingness of B-School. My personal project is moving along, albeit slowly but that is to be expected in Sudan. It’s a challenging environment to operate in so I’m still tackling basics like how to get money into the country (it’s sanctioned by the US and UN so not so straightforward.) However, I’ve met an amazing group of vets and animal scientists here and am so thrilled to be working with them. I can’t wait to see things really take off in 2014!”


Tangela Ekhoff (2012)

“The scholarship changed my life. Because of B-School, I met my best friend, Beth Picard. That alone has been priceless. I also decided to lean in to my big dream of somehow using my funny to make money. I’ve spent the last 12 months growing an amazing fanbase and really getting clarity on my niche in business. As a performer, I’ve been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Essence Magazine, and Cosmo.com.  I’ve also connected with several producers, writers, directors, and even gained a few celebrity clients…who ask me : “How do you do that!” 2013 has been an amazing year of growth, and I know 2014 is going to be epic.”

Hayley Carr (2012)

“I coach high-performing, career-driven men and women to get what they want in their work AND life, without having to work harder, quit their job or marry someone rich. I run live workshops around the world, do personal 1:1 and group coaching and have my online you-tube channel with free life training to live life well. Anyone who knows me, knows that the experience of B-School literally changed my life. The big results were not immediate, but the shift definitely was. If I think back to the Hayley sitting at the desk reading her emails that day in 2012 when I first learnt about B-School, I can honestly say that we are not the same person. Everything about my life is different now – and it all feels like a dream!  Today, I travel the world and teach workshops, make videos, and follow my heart to make decisions. I am living my life well, and completely on my own terms. I work with incredible clients who I love dearly, and who love working with me, and my business totally supports my life. I have lived in 10 countries all around the world, and all my beliefs and ideas that previously dictated my life have completely shifted. Not only that, last year I made more money in my business than I made working in the corporate world, and I have never felt more alive and more like myself in my entire life. And the best bit? I know this is only the beginning… =)”

Vanessa Feliciano (2012)

“My immediate response to the contest was- HELL yes I have try… I felt empowered by the simplicity of how to entered + yet super challenged to get my message across in 2 minutes or less.  I sat with the idea for a day or two. I viewed other videos so that I could see what was out there + offer my support to the brave souls who had already put their out there so quickly! The piece built slowly but when it came out I was brought to tears. I thought to myself. Even if I don’t win. This experience has reminded me of my creative strength + my unique gift. I had so much fun sharing it online. I received so much love. Gave so much love. It felt so incredible to join such a supportive tribe. I was on pins and needles to find out who won. I thought there was only going to be one winner. The day of the announcement I spent most of the day offline. But when I came home I went straight to Marie’s site. I read about the journey Team Forleo went through to decide + I was blown away by the notion of 10 winners. I scrolled down one by one and smiled with respect. Then I saw my name as number 10 + flipped out. It was so perfectly climatic. I jumped into my boyfriends arms + couldn’t stop screaming that I had won. It felt soooo surreal. As far as changes. I felt a sense responsibility to the others who didn’t win. I realized that it could have easily been someone else but it was me + I wanted to make the very most out of the experience. I have seen fellow B-Schoolers take on the world. Many have become friends. Others have become my teachers. I am not the same girl I was when I won. I grow a day wiser every time I go back to B-School’s timeless principles + resources. There’s so much to learn, experiment with + grow from. I believe that the after the program will never be over for me. Marie gave me this gift for the rest of my life.”

Jayme Brucal Gatbonton (2012)

“It was four o’clock in the morning when I refreshed Marie’s homepage and I saw the post announcing the winners. I wanted to shout, “Yes! Thank you! I did it!” But everyone in the bedroom was sound asleep so I just jumped up and down as quietly as I could. I shook my husband to wake him up and tell him about the good news. If there was one big change that winning the B-School scholarship has made in me, it’s the belief that anyone can deliberately create what they want in their life.  Winning B-School was a huge turning point for me because I realized that intention + inspired action really do work. I felt empowered to live more purposefully and determined to fulfill my dreams.”

Alex Beadon (2012)

“When I found out about the B-School scholarship contest I knew I absolutely had to enter. You see, I had fallen in love with Marie and her awesome approach to business, and I knew that no matter what – I had to join B-School. But at the time I was fresh out of college, running my own business, so I jumped at the opportunity to enter the B-School scholarship contest. The best thing I did was turn my personality up to the MAX volume so that my video would scream inspired, passionate, and positive – 3 of my best qualities. I set out to win from day one, even getting my entire following to flood Marie’s Twitter feed with “Pick Alex Beadon to win the scholarship” tweets. It felt so nerve-wrecking but I wanted it more than anything. I prayed day in, day out, leading up to the announcement. I spoke and acted as though I had already won it, as though it was already mine – even telling my family and friends that I had won before I knew I had won! B-School was an incredible experience, one that was particularly special for me because it showed me how magical every experience should be for every customer of yours. I learned so much about performing at a standard of excellence, and always providing the absolute best value and content that you possibly can. I’m so thankful I won this scholarship, it changed my business and life for the better!”

Monica Crowe (2012)

“I was so excited to take part in Marie’s B-School Scholarship contest … and winning … well it put me over the moon. Before I entered, there was something rooted within me that knew I could rise to the challenge if I poured my experience, talents and creativity into it. For the first time, I combined my varied skills and experience in marketing, journalism, art and videography – all things for which I have a soulful-deep love. Before creating the video entry, I hadn’t realized how these things might ever relate. When I won the scholarship, I felt a mix of emotions from profound affirmation to total shock and disbelief. There were so many amazing entries! Winning Marie’s scholarship felt like a validation of my skills and point of view as an artist and communicator. It was a powerful feeling to know that such an outstanding business woman – and communicator – saw something in my video that inspired her to choose me as one of the winners. After completing B-School, I went on to launch a free inspirational video series for entrepreneurs, which featured notable businesspeople, called The Renegade Passion Project. Now, I’m happy to say that as of the New Year 2014, I’ve launched a video production business, Aperture Media Films, to help creative business people tell their stories and powerfully market their services and products. B-School is such a fabulously put together program, and the community is both welcoming and generous. Because of the program, I’ve made friendships and business connections I would have otherwise missed. Without a doubt, B-School pays for itself in spades!”

Jacqueline Du Plessis (2012)

“I had just moved from Utah to Hawaii because I felt intuitively I need to be there before May and spend my last 4 months in the US – in Hawaii before moving home to South Africa once my visa ended. Being in Social Media / Marketing for a living I checked out what the competition was putting out there with all the hashtags, and realized I needed to bring my A game to stand out. So the brainstorm began – and was part strategic (figuring out what to say and how to say it to you guys as the audience “ideal customer” ;)), part DILIGENCE and hard work to take that long to craft something that would stand out and be remembered and part creative flow and VULNERABILITY! Even though the day after getting the email about the scholarship and emailing you guys back saying that I was gonna win, lol (sass+gumption+manifesting at it’s finest ;)) – over time it’s easy to let your doubts creep in and lose a bit of steam. Good thing for me I’m so passionate and I FELT like I won it before I even did the video. Glad I followed through and didn’t listen to any of the noise or “excuses” or fear in my head, and apply what I knew of Marie to show her the best of me!”

Jacquette M Timmons (2012)

“While I have been in business for years, I was new to the online business model and was curious about what else I could add to my tool-kit. However, the financial investment for B-School made me pause. Since I am on Marie’s list, I received the notices about the scholarship but didn’t commit to recording the video until the Saturday before the deadline. And, I literally did it in the spirit of “I’ll present my best and if I get it cool, if not that’s cool, too.” Imagine my surprise when a friend sent me a note saying, “You lucky, lucky, lucky & deserving devil… Envious AND excited for you!” Her email reached me before Marie’s team’s email did welcoming me to the group. It felt good…and reassuring :)”

Sean Patrick (2012)

“Whilst making my B-School video I was so proud of how far I’d already come and was so thrilled to get to chance to share it with people.  Winning the scholarship was amazing – took my breath away. It gave me such encouragement to see my work acknowledged. Ever since, if I ever feel like giving up, i just go back to the blog where Marie announced that I had won a scholarship and I keep on going and growing my business.”

Gina Hoskins (2012)

“It was my first time ever being on camera and posting something on YouTube. I’ve always been so self conscious about what I wanted to say and how I looked I NEVER wanted to be on camera but that help me break out of my shell more. Winning the scholarship felt great! Honestly it was one of the best days of my life. It was like the universe confirming in a bold way that ‘YES Gina, you were meant to do this mission!'”