Achieve Your Dreams, Joyfully — Live Q&A with Marie Forleo

Gut punch after gut punch!

Today’s MarieTV happened live on Zoom and — OOF! — the topics we covered are so unbelievably important. 

In the replay below, you’ll hear my honest answers to live questions like:

  • How do you manage your ADHD and still stay so effective?
  • What’s most important to you right now? And how can I discover that for myself?
  • How do you organize your life around what matters?
  • Can I still be productive while healing from trauma?
  • How do I show up for my family without letting my business and my team down?

If any of the topics resonate with you, watch the replay below! 

And if you’re tired of feeling constantly overwhelmed and overstretched, I hope you’ll join us for Time Genius. You’ll start achieving more in less time and with less stress — guaranteed. (Doors close Thursday though, so don’t delay.)

Because I refuse to watch more brilliant, ambitious souls like you buckle under the weight of chronic stress and overwhelm. Teetering on the edge of burnout. Not on my watch!

Time Genius is proven to help you experience LESS of this:

  • Exhaustion from trying to do all the things, all the time
  • Nagging guilt when you take a break because you “should” be doing more
  • Discouragement when you think about your biggest goals
  • Impending dread because you know you can’t keep this up forever…

And exponentially MORE of this:

  • Renewed excitement about your dreams
  • Spacious time to plan and create
  • Clarity about what’s most important
  • Quality, undistracted time with loved ones
  • Joy for the sake of joy

So if your dreams have lost their luster, or you feel like burnt toast from the constant grind, I hope you’ll join me. Life doesn’t have to be that way.

Time Genius is open now, but only for a few more days. If you want to learn how to make rapid progress towards your most important goals — with more ease, joy, and flow than you thought possible — please consider joining us. The program comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so you literally have nothing to lose… and your whole life to win!

Until then, stay on your game and keep going for your dreams. The world really does need that very special gift that only you have.


You’re Not Alone: How to Deal When Life Gets Hard

Have you ever felt like this?

It’s Monday morning. You’re lying in bed, in the same milkshake-stained comfy pants that you’ve worn all weekend, positively dreading the day ahead. You feel burned out. Anxious. Maybe even a bit depressed.

While you wait for motivation to strike (or for a macchiato to magically appear), you grab your phone and scroll through your Instagram feed. There, smiling back at you, are dozens of shiny, happy influencers full of energy and enthusiasm. 

How are they ALWAYS so positive and productive? You wonder. Have they cracked some secret code to eternal joy and motivation? 

You wish you could be positive and productive all the time, too — but for the love of cannolis, you’re a human being with problems and feelings, not a robot. And today, you don’t feel like crawling out from under the covers.

If you can relate, you are NOT alone. This struggle is so common — especially these days — which is why I chose this question from Joanna to answer in today’s MarieTV: 

“How do you go about your daily life when you feel depressed or unmotivated? Do you just push yourself and smile through the pain? Please share your secret to functioning through hard times.”

Spoiler Alert: I’m not happy and productive all the time. But I DO have a secret to showing up and giving my most authentic best, even when I’m in a dark place. 

“When I surrender that which I can no longer carry, I always feel guided to the next step.” Click To Tweet

In today’s MarieTV, I share:

  • My personal mantra to get through my darkest moments
  • 2 powerful words that can instantly lift the weight from your shoulders
  • 3 stories of hope from real folks who eliminated overwhelm and lifted their depression 

This may be the most deeply personal thing I’ve ever revealed on MarieTV. I hope it helps you feel more supported and far less alone. 

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DIVE DEEPER: Here are 3 more ways to get unstuck, plus the secret to staying motivated — especially when you’re not seeing results.

Now, let’s turn this insight into action. 

Grab a journal and take 5 minutes to reflect on a time when you were struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, burnout, or sadness.

  • What was going on in your life at that time?
  • How did it make you feel? 
  • What method(s) helped you show up and do what you needed to do? (e.g. a book, mantra, meditation, program, self-care practice, advice, outside help, etc.)

Next, share your favorite method in the comments below. 

This is a no-judgment zone. Please, be gentle with yourself and others in the comments. No one approach is going to work for every person, and that’s okay. The goal here is to crowdsource ideas and share support. In doing so, you might spark a change for someone else, find a new approach that could work for you, or both! 

And if you want even more tools and support to overcome overwhelm and live the joyfully productive life you deserve — including live coaching with me — I hope you’ll join us for Time Genius

Mary Lynn calls it, “One of the most transformative things I’ve ever done for my mental health.” Doors are closing soon, so get in while you can.

No matter how you show up today, remember: your best really is good enough. Promise.



No Time for Your Creative Passions? Here’s the Fix

This toxic cycle is a passion-killer.

It happens to brilliant, ambitious souls far too often. And I want to help you snap out of it, for good.

Here’s what happens:

You give the best of yourself to everyone else — work, family, friends. Meanwhile, your creative dreams get whatever measly time and energy you have left at the end of the day.

Just like Vera, an Italian CEO who sent me the question that inspired today’s MarieTV. She says:

I have the dream of writing regularly, maybe one day writing a book. But, I feel like I lost my creative vibe. I don’t write anymore. I’m so focused on my daily job that I have nothing left for the rest of my passions. How do I make them happen?

I’ll say this to Vera, and I’ll say it to you…

To achieve your goals, you must put your primary passion or your primary project first. Click To Tweet

Your dreams deserve more than your crumbs.

If you long to write a book, record an album, learn a second language, start a business, or anything else — but never seem to have the time — this episode shares the fix. It’s blissfully simple, and works every time.

In this MarieTV, you’ll learn the #1 scheduling trick to make time for your passions, no matter what.

You’ll also hear about Dominika, a Time Genius student, who used this strategy to finish her novel in just two weeks!

If you’ve ever wondered how to manage your job, family, and responsibilities — while still having time and energy for your passions — this is the answer if you’ve been looking for.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to be consistent and write a book even when you’re “too busy” making money.

Now it’s time to turn this insight into life-changing, passion-reviving action! Because even the most effective practices in the world don’t work unless you use them.

In a comment below, please answer this question:

What is one passion or primary project that, if you put it first, would make the biggest difference to you this year?

Maybe you, like Vera, want to write a book. Or start a garden. Or learn Italian. Each of us has unique dreams for a reason, and the creative urges you have today will likely change over time. So don’t judge your soul’s longings! Just write them down.

Once you’ve identified your primary project or passion, schedule it first.

And if you want more help with this process, sign up for my brand new free class: The 3 Productivity Secrets You Cannot Afford to Make, Especially If You’re Already Overwhelmed and Overstretched.

In this class, you’ll learn how to get your primary project done, and everything else, too.

Life’s too short to postpone the dreams that light you up.


How *Not* to Destroy Our Planet: Kate Raworth on “Doughnut Economics”

This Doughnut can save humanity — and the planet. For real.

The UN knows it. Pope Francis knows it. And major cities like Amsterdam, Portland, and Glasgow have already put “Doughnut Economics” at the center of their economic strategy.

Before you let the word “economics” scare you away, here’s the deal.

Kate Raworth, a renegade economist I’ve been obsessed with for years, redrew the picture of economic success in her internationally best-selling book, Doughnut Economics: Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist. It’s so simple, intuitive, and profound, you’ll think, “DUH! Why didn’t we see this before!?!”

For hundreds of years western economics has touted that, “growth equals progress!”

But that assumption isn’t just wrong — it’s dangerous.

Don't be an optimist. Don't be a pessimist. Be in action. @KateRaworth Click To Tweet

Doughnut Economics puts a new goal at the center. It’s a success model that focuses on human thriving without depleting our spirits or destroying the earth that sustains us.

And it may be the most world-changing idea I’ve heard in my lifetime.

Watch now and learn:

  • What economics even means — and why you should care.
  • The origin of burnout, consumer marketing, and “retail therapy.”
  • Why Kate hid her world-changing idea in her bottom drawer.
  • The #1 factor that influences human behavior.
  • How to apply Doughnut Economics in your home and community.

If you ever get discouraged or feel hopeless about the future of our planet, watch this MarieTV all the way through. You’ll see why.

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DIVE DEEPER: Here’s why big dreams aren’t necessarily better dreams, plus 3 ways you can change the world right now.

Now you’ve made it to my favorite part of MarieTV Tuesday. It’s time to turn your insights into action!

As Kate says, “Don’t be an optimist. Don’t be a pessimist. Be in action.”

So in a comment below, please answer these two questions as honestly and thoroughly as possible:

  • What’s one insight, idea, or aha you had from this conversation?
  • How can you apply this idea to your life, community, or business? Get practical here!

Ideas really can and do change the world — when we take action on them. And Doughnut Economics is the most world-changing idea I’ve come across in a loooong time.

Until next time, stay on your game and keep going for your dreams!


Skits, Moonwalks & Mankinis: A Must-Watch Birthday Blooper Reel

Great news for all you weirdos out there.

You don’t need to fit in to succeed. It’s quite the opposite, actually.

The world needs you weird!

For my birthday this year, Team Forleo made a MarieTV montage of my silliest moments on camera. Like moonwalking across the kitchen floor, crushing a can of who-knows-what on the Jersey Shore, and enough mankinis to make your palms sweaty.

You’ll see all my quirks on full display in the MarieTV blooper reel below. And it got me thinking…

About how easy it is to fall into the conformity trap. To think you must dress yourself up — or tone yourself down — to get ahead. But that couldn’t be more wrong.

Over the last two decades of coaching tens of thousands of entrepreneurs in B-School, I’ve learned that your idiosyncrasies are your superpower. It doesn’t matter if you’re weird, quirky, adventurous, melancholy, shy, eccentric, or super passionate about DNA-splicing prehistoric dinosaur eggs.

The world needs you weird! Click To Tweet

When you embrace your “weird,” you can create, communicate, and connect more powerfully than ever.

Consider these reminders a friendly birthday PSA:

  • Having a sense of humor about yourself is crucial for big success.
  • Your quirks are your edge.
  • To be outstanding you must Stand. Out.
  • You get to create your own definition of success.

So please. Don’t hide who you are. You may have to learn, grow, and develop new skills. But you don’t need to change who you are to “make it.”

If you’ve been doubting yourself, this MarieTV blooper reel will snap you out of it.

Then keep reading below the video for my birthday wish this year.

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DIVE DEEPER: Learn how to be true to yourself and find your special gift — even if you don’t think you have one.

For my birthday this year, I’d love to hear from you.

In a comment below, let me know:

  • One weird thing you love about yourself, and,
  • One way MarieTV has challenged, inspired, encouraged, or changed you.

Thank you for always being so generous, kind, and vulnerable in your comments. It means the world to me.

You are the reason I put my sweatsuit on every day and get to work. Until next week, stay on your game and keep going for your dreams! The world really does need that very special gift — no matter how weird it may be — that only you have.