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This is it.

Your life is happening right now and there are no do-overs.

Are you making the most of it?

Or do you need to make some long-overdue changes and pursue your most important dreams while you still can?

In this MarieTV, you’ll get a loving wake-up call to make the most of the time you have left, plus three questions to help you decide what truly matters. Fair warning — the quote I share in today’s video got me in the gut when I first heard it, but it’s something we all need to face. Because here’s the truth:

Time is the most precious, non-renewable resource you have — and the clock is ticking.

Your time is the most precious, non-renewable resource you have. Click To Tweet

Instead of avoiding tough questions and living on autopilot, today I invite you into this magical space I call “The Great Reassessment.”

You’ll discover:

  • How many weeks you have left to live.
  • What truly deserves your time and attention.
  • Why “The Great Reassessment” is critically important right now.

If you want to make the most of your life, watch now and ask yourself the three big questions below the video.

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DIVE DEEPER: Overstretched but underearning? Learn to break free from overwhelm and earn what you deserve.

Insight means nothing without your ACTION to back it up.

So don’t just think about these questions in your head. Share your answers in the comments below. Write them down in a journal or a fresh Google Doc. Writing helps make it real.

  1. What’s one thing you’re doing right now, not because it’s true in your heart, but because you feel it’s expected of you?
  2. What’s one courageous change you’d like to make to be more true to yourself in terms of how you spend your time?
  3. What’s one specific action step you can take to start making that change happen?

Whether you’ve got 200 or 2,000 weeks left to live, I’m here to challenge you to be courageous and intentional about how you use that remaining time.

And if you’re unclear on your answers — or don’t know what gives you the best ROI in your life — you need to join us for Time Genius before doors close on September 30th.

You deserve a life of joy, profit, and meaningful accomplishment.


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  1. 4000 weeks does sound very short – definitely interesting to re-frame that sense of what we want and how we’re spenidn gour time and energy.
    I’ve been considering some big life changes, choosing a different life. I’m still figuring out how it would look and what I want, but i have a ton of expectations.
    I’ve kind of been making small changes – 150 days of language app and nearly a month of meditation practise. I’m going to continue these changes rather than start yet another thing 🙂

  2. Nolubabalo

    1. Attending to my daily job (career)
    2. Tranfer the knolwedge of positive life to others vs the negative life that is being lived
    3. I have no clue yet, though i try to talk to anyone i meet

  3. Wow, this is quite shocking, 4,000 weeks seems like nothing!
    My Answers:
    1. My day job as an employee
    2. Leave my day job and start my own business
    3. Get up earlier each day so I have more time before my workday to focus on business ideas and research.

    • Samantha

      I love this.

  4. OK this is going to seem like brown nosing to the max ….but it’s not.

    I’m not a bot either.

    The answer is sign up for time genius.

    I am a successful entrepreneur who is able to fully support myself on my business revenue.

    And, I want to and I am starting a second business.

    And I just finished editing my first book end it is now with a professional editor, soon to be presented to publishers. After 41 no thank yous.

    I signed up for time genius because:

    Specifically: I want to be the most present and joyful wife and mother that I can possibly be; run not just the current business but to businesses successfully; publish my first book and continue on the writing schedule for my second book (which I’ve already started outlining); I want to continue giving fall and spring conferences on entrepreneurship and leader ship culture in business; I want toContinue and expand developing subscription-based content in English and Spanish that leads to business culture in peoples companies where their employees and contractors cannot wait to come to work.

    Love, and conviction- Elena S Baigés

    • teamforleo

      Elena, this is so amazing! Thank you for sharing your words, heart, and presence with us. And a super THANK YOU for choosing to join us in Time Genius. We want all of those things for you and your life as well. We’re so excited for next week to release this amazing content and watch so many incredible lives unfold in new and magical ways – and we’re honored to have you as one of them. Sending you loads of Team Forleo love. xo- Heather

  5. And, I use voice to text when I’m on the treadmill. Which I sometimes don’t proof before I hit publish comment😂

    That’s where I have to do what Marie calls, embracing your beautiful messy life. It looks a little messy, when your new author, with typos in your published comment 🙂 Oh well, the workout was worth it

  6. Looking for this one. 🙂

  7. Dearest Marie,
    You are so genuinely positive, inspiring and life-affirming!
    I have my own business which is going well, but I know that I need to streamline it and work fewer hours to make more money and have more time for friends, family and fun.
    Above all, right now, I’m looking for a life partner. Recent relationships did not work out because I am too busy and unavailable, and it has led to loneliness and frustration on both sides. It’s hard not to choose work over time with your loved one, but I think I finally am learning my lesson, especially when I think of the number of weeks left in my life! How to go about it though? How to free myself from the bondage of commitments to things that ultimately don’t serve me?
    With love and humility, and the fundamental belief that I can have the life that I want, if I can prioritize it.

  8. Tripti

    1.Studying and preparing for NEET.
    2. I’ll like to be present in every moment and try and find my truest purpose in life so that I can work for that purpose and share my special gift with the whole world to impact a large amount of people.
    3. I’ll practice being present from this very moment and engage myself in various activities to find my truest purpose ‘coz as you say, clarity comes from engagement and not from thought ;)💗
    Marie, I love you for your work and can’t thank you enough for the changes you’ve been bringing in me and my life💗💗…I’m 18 currently and don’t waste my time energy on the wrong things and I’m struggling to find what my truest purpose in life is, please help me in finding my purpose..
    With love,

  9. Thor Sandmel

    Tomorrow I turn 74, so if I live to be 80, which is of course by no means certain, I have 312 weeks left. I have been aware of the dwindling future for quite some years now, I am rather surprised I am still here. I have completed the most important personal tasks, I have followed my two sisters and my wife to their grave, and my will is written, I have no children, just a niece in her 50’s and her two sons, and they can manage very well without me, so I am in a way ready to move on. But I have a book project I would like to finish. Will my 300 or so weeks suffice to do that? I don’t know, but I know I waste a lot of time being exhausted and tired, not by working too hard or being on social media, but simply because my body is not functioning very well. Recently four of my precious weeks went by in shuttle traffic in and out of hospital, having two surgeries in full narcosis. Of course this did not exactly add to my energy. But I can at least try to avoid wasting even more time feeling frustrated over situation, and discontinue my habit of making unrealistic week plans. I will continue the week plans but make them more focused on the book project and more realistic. And then I will trust that I will get just the energy I really need to get this book written, and finally give birth to this last brain child of mine.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Thor. First, Happy early Birthday! It sounds like your 74 years have been filled with LIFE and isn’t that such a beautiful thing. We’re so sorry to hear about how you’ve been feeling recently and certainly hope that your energy rebounds to enable you to bring your book to life in whatever form it takes. We think you may surprise yourself in how much you can get done on it simply by sitting down small amounts each day. Please keep us posted- we’d love to hear about your progress. – Heather

    • Toni Natoli

      Thank you, Thor, for reminding me that purpose and conviction in that purpose are key in whatever time we have in this one precious life. You go!

  10. Tina

    1. Being in charge of a lot of the housekeeping tasks.
    2. Training my kids and my husband to do more for themselves and finding a way to be okay with the results if they’re not up to my standard.
    3. Let my kids keep track of and do their own laundry and lunches, and maybe breakfast. Leave the dishes for my husband, even if it takes him a lot longer to get to them than what I would like.

    • Yes Tina! This is a big one for me, too. Thank you! You’ve given me another clear goal I can work towards.

      What I wrote is
      1) I am too often putting others needs first, and not being present for myself. (And that includes the house!)
      2) I want to claim an art studio space for myself, whether our office, part of the downstairs family room, or find an external space, whatever it takes. Somewhere I can work for 3-4 hours most days. This would make life truly worth living for me.
      3) Action step – talk to my husband tomorrow night and make a plan.

  11. 1. I’m the primary caregiver if my elderly parent. I do this because it IS true to my heart and I want to help and care for them, but in doing so, I am living in a place that makes me unhappy.

    2. I need to be more courageous and be the business owner I envision of myself, doing more online to get clientele and make m business thrive.

    3. Get out of bed early and work on my goals. Daily.

  12. Traci Halpin

    I spend way too much time micromanaging my daughter’s life bc I’m her mom, but she’s 21 and I want to pull back a bit.

    I would like to spend way less time on Twitter.

    I can download an app to set up times I can’t use Twitter.

    • teamforleo

      Traci, we see you. That twitter bird gets the best of us 😉 – Heather

  13. cindy

    Hey Marie! After working in a hustling beautiful ,higher end floral business – even thru’ covid – an opportunity came up to STOP!!! And move to the East Coast! Purged clothes, furnishings, found loving homes for antiques and museums for collectables. Friends jumped on board, organised me when I stalled thru’ emotion and tangled in heartstrings and we are off Thanksgiving weekend-them for a short mental health break me – new life! The new farm location – has nearby a lavender farm, a craft brewery, stables and an apiary, the OCEAN and soooo many opportunities. So if YOUR opportunity comes up – be BRAVE, enlist your true friends and LET it all fall into place. I still can’t believe it – sounds like cliche BUT there it is! It’s magic…It’s’s magic.

    • teamforleo

      CINDY! This sounds absolutely MAGICAL! By sharing your words here you’re shining light for someone else who may have similar dreams to yours and maybe thinking it’s not possible. Cindy, you are proof that it IS possible. May the scent of lavender be even more spectacular than you thought it would be. xo- Heather

  14. Samantha

    Wow… 4000 weeks, I’m 49 and I’d only have 1612 weeks left before I turn 80 😳 (not that I plan on stopping when I turn 80).

    My Answers:
    1. Going to my day job everyday as I have done for the last 21 years. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job, but I feel that I need to be doing something more.
    2. Create an alternative source of income to replace my day job income, and running my own business in a way that doesn’t take all day every day.
    3. Focus on my improving my health so that I have the energy to create that alternative income source. Additionally, focus on my business ideas.

  15. Alfredo Goudet

    I’m 24. Around 1000 weeks of my life passed me by. I feel stuck in not knowing what exactly to do with my life. I’m shy and introverted, but still I don’t know myself so well. This process was a bit painful 😣 but necessary.

    My answers to The Great Reassessment:
    1. Searching for jobs.
    2. Be with my friends and family on a regular basis.
    3. Have conversations with a friend of family member once a day, by asking initial questions, listening and feedbacking.

  16. 1. Actually I’m not. Thursday is the start of my three-month sabbatical and my husband just resigned from his 8-year career working for the US Forest Service.
    2. We are packing up our tiny one-bedroom apartment and going on the road. No return ticket. It’s exciting and scary.
    3. We are living!

  17. Your message is so timely and reaffirming! Thanks, Marie!
    In the past 2 months, I quit both a part-time job in retail and a side business as a manager/agent for a group of classical musicians and singers. While I had some good times, those “positions” took time away from my passion for creating art, illustrating, and teaching.
    Now I’m concentrating on one business: making art, illustrating with a connection to a publisher who recommends me regularly, and I teach virtual art classes. I am not finished rebranding my website, but I am connecting with buyers better than ever.

  18. Lauren Haywood

    Wow. Huge wake up call. Here are my answers:

    1. Stop looking for a job and find out if my business idea can work.

    2. Stop spending so much time reading the news. It’s never positive and wastes hours of my day. How much more can I accomplish with an extra 2-3 hours daily?

    3. Start exercising, scheduling my day, and Being more positive.

  19. Elizabeth Fritcher

    After doing some math, I have about 600-700 weeks left before my kids are 18. This hit home more than anything. And I have to share them with their dad. These times are so hard as a single mom, but I will look back and realize that although they are concentrated, they are rare as hell. Thanks for the perspective check Team Forleo.

  20. Kylie Grace MARON-VALLORANI

    I spend too much time drinking on my own – I have been given free hypnotherapy sessions and so I am going to contact Ilze and deal with this leak in my game of life that stops me winning! thank you x


    Q1: What’s one thing you’re doing right now, not because it’s true in your heart, but because you feel it’s expected of you?
    A1: People Pleasing. Justifying myself. Always there for others (I am an Empath)

    Q2: What’s one courageous change you’d like to make to be more true to yourself in terms of how you spend your time?
    A2: To have the courage, not feel guilty, to say No more often and concentrate on my soul purpose, my dreams. Get writing again.

    Q3: What’s one specific action step you can take to start making that change happen?
    A3: Research Publishers again, submit my work again, send emails, telephone, make myself known. Don’t give up.

    I know thats more than just one answer, but all of the above is necessary if I am to achieve my goals of getting my book finished, find a publisher, become a published author to fulfil my soul purpose of helping others to become survivors and not victims. Its a full circle to achieve my goals, my dreams in my short time. My Legacy to help others.

  22. 1. I have a habit of putting the world first before my needs.
    2. I am making a habit of thinking about me and how I can help people.
    3. Action step: I am starting my day with gratitude and asking the universe for guidance and checking in with myself.

  23. Laurie

    I spend too much time focusing on what other people need and finding busy little errands to distract me from what my goal is that I need to work on.
    Dedicate time every day, 30 minutes to working on my goal.
    Action step- my goal is to get my digital course online for Moms who are struggling with teenagers who have mental health issues.

  24. P Huey

    I am unemployed right now, but I had been working in my previous job for 11 years and it had been draining my energy. I need to find another source of income, but I’m not anxious to just jump back into another 9 to 5 job just to do that. I’d rather start a business that would allow me to use my talents and desire to be more artistic.

    BTW, I read your book “Everything is Figureoutable”, and I remember how you talked about how your mother loved the Tropicana Orange radio. I checked to see if there was one of these radios circulating online, and I saw one for sale at Etsy for $25. I’m not a person who randomly collects stuff, but I have been obsessed with branded coffee mugs lately, as I have seen Hershey cocoa mugs I like.

  25. Ramatara

    1) Socializing, saying yes to people who want to ‘hang out’ for coffees etc.
    2) Blocking 2 days a week to concentrate on my studies. Being more effective on the other 2 days weekdays doing my other tasks so I can take one extra day a week with my 5 year old daughter, letting her stay home from school and spend quality time/ spontaneous home learning.
    3) Make a schedule for next week, planning some rest and meditation so I don’t feel too exhausted to keep my daughter from going to school.

    Thank you Marie!

  26. 1 . I am becoming more clear on what things I habitually do to prove my worth, or goodness, or belonging. These are already inherent – in all of us. All the fluff and the posturing just leaves me tired, with an empty sense of grasping and a whole lotta time wasted (when I could instead be doing something which really fills my heart, and tends to the people and situations I care about deeply).

    2. One courageous change I am starting to explore is to make time for REST, to having ‘time off’ without spending all of it feeling guilty or like I ‘should’ be somewhere else, doing some other thing. Learning to feel worthy of attention, of space, and all the things I help other people to make room for as a facilitator for yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices – need to walk the talk!

    3. One action step is to create more structure in my days – and stay committed to it! If there’s a section of time-out, this is not to be bled into with the trailing tasks from before, and is not time to ‘get ahead’ with upcoming projects. JUST BE. And if I catch myself reverting to habit (filling up ALL the time with doing) – to gently let go, no stories, and begin again.

    Thank you Marie and team Forleo for ALL of the incredible inspiration and attention you bring to what matters. I am getting so much out of B-School as I slowly ease my way through. You’re the best!

  27. Mani

    I have to let go of the unhealthy pattern of stress eating, stop investing/wasting time in relationships that no longer drive value. I would hone my technical skills, and work to stay more relevant. I will incorporate more healthy food items, as that should hopefully chuck out the bandwidth for eating junk.

  28. Shonda


  29. What’s one thing you’re doing right now, not because it’s true in your heart, but because you feel it’s expected of you? –Ok, this is a hard one for me to even admit. It feels like the amount of time I spend with my family is never enough and when I am with them it’s not always the most pleasant experience. I am living in a state that is not where my heart sings so that I may be closer to them. My husband and my family don’t see eye to eye on just about everything. I love them both so much and wish they would be better friends.
    What’s one courageous change you’d like to make to be more true to yourself in terms of how you spend your time? –Travel more and live somewhere else.
    What’s one specific action step you can take to start making that change happen? –Call Trotec and Epilog to see what their opinions are about putting a laser in a trailer.

  30. Cristina Kindl

    Hi, thank you, as ever for these questions!
    1. Just got a job teaching music, because that’s the one thing the rest of my family respects more than my investing in my own business of voice over. It’s with an established company, so they’re all happy about that.
    2. When I work from my current residence (which is a rented room in my sister’s home while I invest and change careers), that I work on my own things and don’t feel guilty, or feel I have to report what I’m doing. (I have to help her out as she has to have care in the home.)
    3. Buy my microphone so I can start recording both for auditions for my VO work, and my podcast.

  31. Lindy Michele Cady

    I LOVE your can do attitude! Answer to #1 – Cooking & cleaning. Everyone says I’m a good cook but believe me I’m a maintenance cook. I need one of those vacuum robots and a chef. I’ve started cooking meals that I can freeze half so there’s a quick meal to pop out. #2 Get my books out! I’m in my 70s for pete’s sake. It’s the technical hurdles that bog me but pushing myself to push through. #3 Staying on task. I tend to distract myself with “productive procrastination” when I get frustrated with those technical hurdles. I also started doing Yogi a few weeks ago – it’s a mix of yoga and qigong and I love it. Has made a big difference in my energy and mood. And blood pressure!

  32. Kakooza Saul

    Thanks Marie may the good God bless you , wow 4000 weeks I had never though about it ,
    Am in Uganda , I think I need more time with my family and getting more close to God

    2-I need to start my business and also teach others what I know to change a life .

  33. Love this way of thinking. Maybe a little to ‘macabre’ but sometimes it’s useful.

    I think it was Anthony de Mello who wrote in one of his books that if you feel pressure and you stressed think: when you will be lying in the coffin will this problem be still really important?

  34. Very important questions to think about in all walks of life!

  35. I’m I making the most of life? Mmmm. To me I don’t i’m there yet because I still have dreams and goals want to achieve. Maybe I will a proper answer on that questions once I achieve the goals and my dreams. hehe

  36. 1. I have a habit of putting the world first before my needs.
    2. I am making a habit of thinking about me and how I can help people.
    3. Action step: I am starting my day with gratitude and asking the universe for guidance and checking in with myself.

  37. DNN

    Change hurts mentally. But when you learn to see the good in challenging times, then you capitalize off of it and start a business.

  38. Elisa

    I am living in a big city, very polluted, and I am missing nature. I feel it everyday: I need to move closer to nature to feel more true to myself, connected, and happy. And also I need to start the business I want that, dedicating more my time to my family and son. So, today I will find a place where I could move, and start saving. Thank you!

  39. very interesting content

  40. Your articles are always a lesson for all of us, thanks for sharing

  41. Really insightful writing
    “thank you for helping me keep the faith and finding amazing every day where I no longer have to compromise my values”

    simply made my day 🤩❤️

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