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She was the only woman in the room… Again.

In businesses across the country, this young Black consultant would shake hands with CEOs and look around the boardroom. Where were the women? Where were the people of color?

That’s when Hattie Hill, a pioneer of diversity and equity in global business and today’s MarieTV guest, decided to take personal responsibility to empower women and fight for gender equality.

As Hattie says, “You can’t advocate if you’re not in the room.” Not only was she in the room, but she made an entrance

Even if this is your first introduction to Hattie, I guarantee her career has impacted your life.

Hattie spent more than 30 years working with businesses across 70 countries to implement diversity, inclusion, and gender equity strategies. She’s worked with nonprofits, foundations, and Fortune 500 companies including IBM and Southwest Airlines, and has fundamentally shifted how modern organizations approach diversity.

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Not to mention, Hattie’s been a world-changing CEO herself… twice.

She served as president and CEO of the Women’s Foodservice Forum and recently came out of retirement to head the T.D. Jakes Foundation, raising $100 million to boost economic growth in disadvantaged communities through science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM).

This woman is a treasure. She’s got wisdom, power, strength, and soul — and is here to show us the important role we play in creating a more equitable world.

Watch now and learn:

  • The #1 hang-up that holds women back in business — and how to get past it.
  • 9 tell-tale signs you’re doing too much.
  • Why now is the BEST time to be an entrepreneur.
  • Fired up about equality? What it really means to be an advocate.
  • How to care about someone without carrying their burden.
  • 3 simple words to guide you when the going gets tough.

If you’re ready to learn how “diversity and inclusion” can be more than just a buzzword, this episode is a must-watch.

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Once you’ve watched, take a deep breath. It’s time to turn your insight into action!

As Hattie says, “When you stop and ask yourself, ‘Where can I make a difference?’ — that moment is magic.”

Let’s make this a magic moment.

In the comments below, tell us: What’s one insight, idea, or aha from this episode you can put into action today?

Remember, nothing changes unless we do.

Even when it seems small, every step toward a more equitable future matters.

When you hit the inevitable roadblocks? Or feel overwhelmed by the progress yet to be made? Remember what Hattie’s mama always told her: 

“Just keep living.”


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  1. Chante

    This came at the right time. I just had an encounter with a coworker who made a racist comment to me and I didn’t respond. I ignored her. It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I am still upset. Then I see this and there’s that aha moment. Being angry at this ignorant woman is not my focus. Working for a company with no diversity is not my goal. So I will focus on my goal in order to leave and build my own inclusive business like I planned.

    • Sanata

      You go, girl !

    • teamforleo

      Yes! We love how you turned that around and are using it as energy to get that goal!

  2. Empowering and inspirational episode! Hattie has such great energy, insights and wisdom to share. No wonder she’s been a powerhouse for women.
    Seems like a book filled with Hattie’s + her mama’s wisdom would be a best selling, highly impactful time for the ages!

    I’m inspired to maintain the focus of my message and business by narrowing my actions down to those that are aligned with what I am here to do….share love and life don’t always fit into a box…sometimes you gotta bust through the box because who said we had to stay in it to begin with!

    Thanks for sharing, Marie!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for being here, Amalia! We love your message. -Sarah

  3. Empowering and inspirational episode! Hattie has such great energy, insights and wisdom to share. No wonder she’s been a powerhouse for women.
    Seems like a book filled with Hattie’s + her mama’s wisdom would be a best selling, highly impactful tome for the ages!

    I’m inspired to maintain the focus of my message and business by narrowing my actions down to those that are aligned with what I am here to do….share love and life don’t always fit into a box…sometimes you gotta bust through the box because who said we had to stay in it to begin with!

    Thanks for sharing, Marie!

  4. Teresa

    Hattie is a model of calm, positive, productive and inspirational leadership that I wish to become. I’ll start today with my own team, modeling care, wisdom and guidance…without carrying the entire load myself.

  5. Wynetta McNeill

    Hattie and Marie’s conversation is on point! I recall a similar experience of being hired as the company’s first black woman managerial employee. A white manager told me that my feelings were unimportant and didn’t matter. Such a disappointing comment. Due to the foundation of love and support from my family, friends and church community growing up, I didn’t internalize that comment. I kept moving forward with the help of a supporting mentor.

  6. Sanata

    She is the friend, the mother, the grandmother, the sister, the mentor, the guide, the mentor we didn’t know we needed.

    • teamforleo

      Love that, Sanata. -Sarah

  7. Pristine Parr

    Yes, let God work it out! You are not to judge, you are not to figure out! Thank you, adopting this one into my book of wisdom.

  8. Amanda Gwynne-Farrish

    Hattie is such a beautiful soul – I’ve never heard of her before, but I love her already! I hope to meet her someday. Thanks Marie for hosting an interview with her – blessing in my day!!

  9. When Hattie spoke about “walking around it” and not letting something change your focus, hit home for me. I recently had an encounter with the president of our company at my full-time corporate job. He made a comment after a meeting and said, “I don’t know what that is, I’m not a woman”, and it took every ounce of my strength not to knock him out right then and there. Mind you, he’s 84 years old, and I didn’t want to loose my job because I reallyyyyy need it, but I was so ANGRY! I vented to a few of my coworkers about it afterwards and looking back, I probably shouldn’t have. I should have let it roll off my back and not allow it to change my focus. My end goal is to leave that job and pursue my passion for photography, so for now, I will remember that encounter as a teaching moment and work towards knowing how to handle those situations if they arise in the future.


    Never Put any Label to yourself about anything you CAN or CAN’t DO before you TRY IT!!!

  11. Sandy Rocourt

    Hello Marie and Team Forleo;
    Thank you for an extraordinary interview with an amazing true pioneer businesswoman Hattie Hill. I agree that we are in a strange time, and we need to know ways to make a difference. I am mental health advocate supporting others on developing mental strength during these social isolation moments. It has been a challenging year but a way to become more creative than ever.
    I learned a lot from Hattie Hill and will learn more about her. Thank you again for implementing more WOC into your shows and providing more insights that will turn into actions. Be well!

    • teamforleo

      Thanks for being here, Sandy. The work you’re doing is SO important, especially right now. – Sarah

  12. Robin S.

    I absolutely loved this podcast and love, love, love Hattie Hill. I am taking away so much from this conversation – but especially “don’t pick it up”. Best piece of wisdom I’ve heard in ages.

  13. Marisa

    Thank you Marie for this wonderful interview with Hattie. Hattie you are an inspiration and a true gift. If we all embody the thought ….”Want to leave the world in a better place than I found it” how amazing life would be. That is going up on my bathroom mirror right next to “Everything is figure outable” What we feed our minds daily is so powerful in the process of forward motion in change.
    God Bless and thank you ladies.

  14. Thank you, Marie, for this wonderful, insightful, and heart-warming interview today. It felt to me as if practically every thing Hattie said provided an ‘a-ha’ moment. However the one that really resonated with me was her explanation of the difference between ‘caring and carrying.’

    Women are socialized and programmed to be care-givers, to be everything to everyone, to be superwomen. When we attempt to do something for ourselves we are thought of as selfish, so it was so good to hear Hattie reinforce that we can care for others but not take on those problems. This is a true form of self-care and certainly something I can do starting right now, separating myself from what is someone else’s problem that they need to fix themselves. I need to remind myself that, ‘No,’ is a complete sentence.

  15. Lorna Powell

    How appropriate this interview with Hattie was at this time when I am attempting to keep up with B-School this year. I can hear Hattie’s phrase “operational excellence” ringing in my ears, as I make the commitment to add that skill to my passion for my mission and get my truck onto the marketplace highway once and for all! It is such a motivational time right now, to go ahead and take the efforts needed to make the contribution I know I can make to the quantum field of well being for humanity at this time. Thanks for the gas fill up, Marie! Your special gift!

  16. Barbara Spikes

    Wow! What an amazing woman and interview. I’ve been thinking about what my next step will be. I am motivated to help women. I have been doing some thinking around Valarie Kaur’s work also. I know that I can make a difference. Thanks for helping me get clear about that. And for all you do in this world.

  17. What a great interview with an incredible woman… I’m so glad to have been introduced to this bright light, and look forward to learning more from her as I journey through my own personal recovery.

    One of the things that really hit home for me, like, hit pause and wipe away my tears, was when you both discussed choosing to pick up the trash or walk around it. It occurred to me that I’ve spent most of my life, my entire adult life for sure, running around making it my mission to find and pick up all the trash. I thought crisis management was my superpower. It’s not. This really put words and light on how I can reset, namely, no more picking up garbage that’s not mine to manage.

    Thank you to you both!!

  18. Sarah V

    Was just listening to the pod when my child told me that they couldn’t do the chore I asked them to do. ‘Don’t tell me you can’t do something when I know for a fact that you have never even tried that before!” Oh yes, that will be used forever and always, big and small, life affirming and taking out the recycling.
    Thank you for the entire interview loved it.

  19. JoAnn

    Love Hattie and she is so ahead of her time. My a-ha while watching is around caring vs carrying, specifically with control. I want to let go of control because it can be so damaging not just to my own energy, but to those in my path. I do not intend to make anyone feel “less than”, but that is often the result. I don’t even realize that I have taken over sometimes. How do I recognize and then relinquish control and how do I know it is the right time/moment to do so ?

  20. Whew! She said a mouthful in the difference between caring and carrying.

  21. Kyra

    I was so inspired by Hattie and her talking about her mother! I am so excited to be a mama like hers! At seven months pregnant, I am dreaming and envisioning how I am stepping into mama hood and being a leader in my community by holding a clear vision of inclusivity and possibilities of feminine leadership!

    • teamforleo

      Hooray Kyra! Thank you for being a light to your community and especially to your little one on the way. We all can make a difference in the world with leadership and inclusion when we make it a top priority.

      – Antoinette

  22. George Edwards

    Hey Marie, thanks for another great interview. Hattie is really a woman with such deep wisdom and so much experience. I am now learning about her for the 1st time and I will be checking out her works. One of the things that I felt was her optimism, “even in the midst of the pandemic we can still make a huge impact”. A very special time I had listening to you both. Thank you for giving me something that is priceless to apply to my life.

    Much love,

    • teamforleo

      Hello Cephas,
      Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding the interview with Hattie! We are so happy you enjoyed it and that you found priceless messages to apply to your life. We love our community!


  23. Loved this interview with Hattie so much I made a meme with the quote “you can’t advocate if you’re not in the room.”
    As a patient advocate it can sometimes seem like you are just propping up the system, a token consumer advocate present to tick the inclusion box. I know I am very fortunate to have a job which is all about making a difference, but sometimes the work is so hard!
    I needed this inspiration today – thanks Marie Xx

    • teamforleo

      Pip – First, THANK YOU for the work as a patient advocate to others! We appreciate you and the love that you are sharing with the world.

      – Antoinette

  24. Jennifer

    All I can say is Wow!! Thank you for this interview.

  25. Helen

    What a wonderful woman. I am so glad that Hattie exists on this earth at this time, and has been present in those rooms where others have not been represented. Much respect! 🙏

    Two big takeaways: One, not picking up other people’s sh*t! (I know she said it more politely, but that’s what it amounts to, right?!). This is definitely advice i could have heeded decades ago… And secondly, “caring vs carrying” – such a succinct way to encapsulate this trap so many of us fall into. It’s a lesson i’ve been learning post-burnout, and this is a great way to distinguish those two tendencies for when they invariably arise in future.

    Sending you both love & appreciation from the other side of the world… And how delightful it is to see the snow falling in the background ❄️☺️ Stay safe up there! 💓

    • teamforleo

      Helen – Thanks for sharing your feedback and your learnings from this episode. Yes, Hattie is an amazing woman! Sending you much love back and thanks for being a part of our community.


    • Missy

      oh wow Helen yes! I couldn’t agree more. I had burn out too.
      I could help notice how magical the snow was in the background too.
      Arise Helen Arise.
      Love Missy x

  26. Thanks for this interview. Something I’m thinking a lot about lately is the balance between being responsible as an individual for your situation and society being responsible for your situation. E.g. MarieTV is about taking action to make your dream come true. This is the individual responsibility, which can lead to people feeling like a failure if they can’t find a job or stay stuck in a job they hate. They might have reactions such as: easy for you, you had a supportive family/you didn’t suffer from discrimination or abuse or… as I did/you don’t have 5 kids and a sick husband to take care of combined with hospital expenses etc.
    If we take that focus, we could say: we need to focus on fixing society’s problems and fix healthcare, discrimination, provide support for people with trauma issues etc. But what we lose then, is the responsibility of picking yourself back up after a setback.

    Of course we need both approaches simultaneously, but where does, in someone’s particular situation, one approach end and the other begin? If you e.g. suffer from racism as in the example Hattie gives, how far is it to be understood and ‘normal’ that people in that case take a decision that is a setback in their situation and how far is it their own responsibility, because they could also have taken a decision that is not a setback?

    Hattie kept moving forward, and I really like this phrase of you need to move around it. And then later her decision to have impact once she was in the room. Perhaps personal responsibility for your situation slides one way or another based on how much power your have over the situation? Or is there always a certain measure of responsibility, because your attitude is always yours to decide?

    • teamforleo

      Thank you so much for sharing your insight and feedback. We are so happy that this interview with Hattie resonated with you which then raised meaning and important questions for you. The phrase “you need to move around it” is extremely powerful as we all experience obstacles in life and pushing through or around it leads to continued growth. We love having you in our community, please continue to share the love…

      All the best,
      – Antoinette

  27. Her story about her mom telling her to keep moving forward is what really spoke to me. It doesn’t matter what others think of you, only you know what you are capable of showing the world! Thank you Marie and Hattie!

    • teamforleo

      Yay Marie! So happy to hear that Hattie’s story moved you in a way to realize our own potential is what matters most, we are then unstoppable.


  28. Wonda Frost

    Hattie’s just so clear and focused on what she wants to achieve nothing is going to stop her. I find this truly inspirational as she shares her wisdom to differentiate between a Caring vs Carrying. That the true work of what you believe in lies in me being strong and relisilent despite all challenges ahead. That when I am knocked down, I get up and I go at it again. I recently had been put in a similar situation where my Boss who is European, had very little respect for people who is “not smart enough” and I succumbed to the mental bullying and got very much trapped in the Carrying mode. This is such a good reflection point for me and I keep my focus and carry on. I wish to be an advocate and I can only do that when I am in the room. Thank you Hattie and thank you Marie for this excellent episode!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Wonda,
      Thanks so much for sharing your feedback on the episode! So happy that you found a golden nugget in the message of caring vs carrying and that it resonated with you. You are a beautiful light in our community, continue to shine friend!


  29. I loved “walk around it” re obstacles. Love that!

  30. Wow! I am actually in tears…age 5! The story about the 7 year old. This is awesome! I have been so afraid to start my business in case I fail but now if I really want to make a difference in anybodies life I have to act now. I really wanted to do ‘b’ school this year but I just didn’t have the confidence or the money . I cant help anybody being poor. I have to go for it now. I am getting on my knee’s and then I’m going to set up my Photography business. This is just the kick up the but I needed. I am in Manchester UK, watch this space. PS. the woman in the bible who had 2pence gave all she had, gona take a leaf out her book ..

  31. Thanks for sharing this artilce. It is great to know.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Rakshit,
      So glad the episode resonated with you!


  32. Thanks a lot for sharing this blog. Your content is amazing. Hope for getting more content like this in the future.

    • teamforleo

      Hi Ben,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback! We are so glad you enjoyed the episode.


  33. Incredible article, thank you so much for sharing with us!

    • teamforleo

      Hi Daniel,

      So glad you enjoyed it! We love hearing from our community.


  34. We all love you both! Thank you for your generous and helpful content.:)

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