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Do you ever feel like your dreams are crazy? Are you afraid of others judging you, or not supporting what you want to do and who you want to be in the world?

Many of us struggle with finding and living our purpose. I did for years and it was one of the most frustrating and painful times of my life.

In today’s very special episode of MarieTV, listen in as I talk with Mastin Kipp, founder of the wildly popular site The Daily Love.

Learn how Mastin went from living in an ex-girlfriend’s mother’s pool house wondering how he was going to make ends meet, to building an extraordinary daily email business that allows him to live his purpose, connect with over 100k readers around the world and even meet Oprah!

Heads Up: This MarieTV episode is much longer than our usual 5-7 minutes of highly actionable love. It contains so so soooo much important wisdom, I couldn’t bear to edit any of it out. Grab a tea, your journal and get ready to learn. I promise, it will be well worth your time.

Listen for the story about the conversation between Mastin and his mom. It’s one of the most challenging and beautiful takeaways from this interview!

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As we always say, insight without action is useless. In the comments below, tell me three actionable insights you’re taking away from this episode.

Challenge yourself to be as specific as possible in your comment. Specificity not only helps you take action, but it will also strengthen your ability to communicate clearly and effectively – a great skill for us all.

Thank you, as always, for reading and watching!

P.S. As you know, MarieTV is completely free of charge. My goal is to give you the BEST training and actionable inspiration in the world, for free, each and every week. All I ask is that if you find value here, share this with people you love. Wisdom like this can make a huge difference in someone’s life!


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  1. Insight Overload!! There was so much value in this video thank you! I know I will have to come back and view this again and again.

    I allowed myself to be discouraged by a “mentor” earlier this year when she asked me what my big dream was and I told her it was to be one of the largest independently owned (African American) market research companies in the US. To sum it up she basically told me that was ridiculous.

    I finally decided last month that enough was enough and made a new commitment to my dream:

    I am all in.

    There is no expiration date.

    In other words no more sticking one foot in my business and one foot out while at the same time threatening to quit if things don’t pick up. I am also committed to being myself in my business and to stop allowing the “fear of judgement” to paralyze me. Sorry for being so long but I needed to get this out publicly!

    • Hey Summer,

      “Threatening to quit if things don’t pick up”

      I just loved what you said. Commitment, real commitment, is when you get both feet in, not just one.

      I recently had THESE EXACT thoughts…

      Real commitment is making it work. If things don’t pick up, make it work. If things don’t pick up again, make it work.

      “The relationship between commitment and doubt is by no means an antagonistic one. Commitment is healthiest when it is not without doubt but in spite of doubt.”
      – Rollo May

      Best of luck dear.

      • Summer,
        I’m a one foot in girl too! No more, thanks for claiming that and I will too!

        • Sarah

          All or nothing does have it’s place. In a Chopra Center meditation I listened to, Davidji said, “Commitment is like walking through a door with no intention to ever go back through it.” Loved the visual. Congrats, Summer!

          • Oooh Sarah – what a powerful visual! Thank you for sharing it. I love metaphors for teaching help me recall the lesson when in the midst of a fight or flight moment. Good stuff 🙂

          • Powerful statements ladies! You guys have inspired me. The visual put it all into perspective. Must be all in or nothing at all.

          • Thank you for the visual Sarah. It’s just the thing! I came back to watch this all over again. I love it and find it so motivating. There are a couple of tough things I need to really commit to and focus on these days, and I love the inspiration here!

      • Summer,

        You summed it up so well…its time for me too to fully commit, and be myself in my coaching practice. To step up and do what I coach others to do. To turn down the dial on my limiting beliefs of that won’t work, or it will be too hard. To focus on how I can serve and fully live my truth.

        In my coaching practice, I’ve been playing at being 1/2 in for about 6 yrs now. Always feeling like I need to learn more, or be more, or lose weight, or …. before I can make a real difference in people’s lives, and allowing my income to be from a source that doesn’t allow me to feel joy, that limits my ability to help others see and realize their dreams. I want to play full out. Im committing to that here, now.

        I teach yoga, and have learned to surrender in front of my classes, to tap into my innate teachings and teach out of service without worrying about how I look, or what I’m wearing, or if people don’t like me-its really beautiful, and I have found that the people I am meant to teach find me. I just need to trust that this will happen in all my endeavors.

        • Yes, Kelly, I like what you said.
          Tapping into your innate teachings and surrendering yourself. Not worrying what people think when it comes to expressing yourself through Yoga. The right people seem to find you and are drawn to you.
          It’s like magic!
          Now if we can just do that with all aspects of our lives we would attract what we want and need.

        • Hearing you loud and clear!

          I’m at a place of just trying to figure it all out within difficult circumstances. But I think I can now surrender after hearing Mastin’s journey.

          I know I’m going to do big things… I just don’t know how or what yet… In the mean-time, I’ll be teaching my yoga students… cause that is the direction for me.

          Mad About Yoga

        • Kelly,
          I’ve felt that way too – I’ve tended to be 1/2 in my business as well, even though the work I want to do is so important to me. I’ve also learned that the more I open myself up and share my story with people the more people connect with me on an even deeper level. Even aside from the business aspects, this is amazing!

      • Thank you Maria! I love that “If things don’t pick up, make it work.” Repeat. =)

    • Yea Summer! I agree – so much to think about – and good for you getting it out! your name caught my eye too cuz that was almost my name – Summer Alexander 😀 Nice to meet you 🙂


      • My 3 winners!

        1. Not to let others …ahem my mothers…fear of the ‘unknown’ inhibit my dream or get me to become scared with them!

        2. To live my dream of shining and helping others with no regrets – and to stop hiding! 😀

        3. Knowing that there are GREAT men out there like Mastin, drinkin’ Green juice and bein’ super humble about their awesomeness and “suportive-ness” – so ladies don’t give up hope – there are LOTS out there! 😀

    • There is no expiration date! Love that. Go girl.

    • Good for you Summer. I threaten my biz all the time. “If you don’t pick up soon, I am going to be a cashier at the ice cream store” (pretty arbitrary career choice. LOL). I will join you and jump in with both feet!

      • Inka, I love your idea of threatening your biz. I should do that to mine, so it doesn’t give me any guff. XD

    • Thank you Melissa, Kelly, Sarah and Inka!!

    • WTF? I can’t believe she said that. Sing it, sistah!

    • Summer- so good to hear this message from you. I got pretty majorly discouraged recently from a friend and potential business partner. I’ve been so excited about starting an online site that would help emerging contemporary artists get empowered to represent themselves and sell their own products online outside of a gallery. When I called him to convey my excitement about my business and get some tips, I was told to hold onto 10% of my dream, and I’d need a few million bucks to pull it off, and basically that it’s probably not going to work out. I think that I’m flushing that advice straight down the toilet. Thanks for being committed to your dream and sharing it with us.

    • Louise

      It’s Louise from Team Forleo. I L-O-V-E “no expiration date” and will be using that a lot lately. So lovely to read all of your discoveries.

      • @Marisa keep your dream and lose the doubters!! Thank you for sharing!

        @Louise Yes when I took the “no expiration date” perspective it was like a huge burden had been lifted off of my chest and I could breath again. By removing the timeline for my business to succeed I am free to try things and fix things and try some more things until I get it right.

    • The fear of judgement is such an obstacle!
      But what really resonated with me was the parent issue. Having worked for over 15 years in our family business I know to much how parents can influence your carrier choices. But hey, I learned a lot!
      So when the time came and I became a stay at home mum, I knew now or never!
      I have to get my stuff together and do what I really LOVE to do. And basically did all my life.
      Organize and decorate.
      Step by step building an internet company around it so I could give advise to people from all over the world.

    • Hi Summer!

      Btw, I just downloaded your free business plan!
      Huge thank you!
      Exactly what I needed!

      All the best,

    • What a beautiful realization Summer! There are no expiration dates on our dreams – this is a CLASSIC example of someone who is living their nightmare trying to convince you that you can’t live your dreams! It’s BS! Keep focused on service, surrender and IMPACT!

      GRACE is more powerful than the doubt of another!

      • Okay falling out of my chair right now!! Came back to watch the video again and saw your reply to my post Mastin…. wow! Thank you for taking the time and thank you for your words VERY POWERFUL! I am thrilled to be one of the newest members over at The Daily Love!

        Summer + Service, Surrender and IMPACT = SUCCESS!!!

    • hi Maria
      its chalmers saying hi my love

    • Summer, don’t let anyone stomp on your dream. Find a new mentor who can truly inspire and guide you.

    • Yeah, that sucks – mentors shouldn’t discourage your big dreams – NEW MENTOR methinks!

    • Marian

      I felt like I was ready and was supposed to listen to this.
      If nothing held me back, which it really doesn’t, except me,
      then I would do my work with Spirit and not worry
      about what anyone else would think!

  2. What a great interview and story! There are so many inspiring moments here. I have had several people close to me pass from this world recently and it just re-emphasizes to me how little time we have here. I know I must follow my passion and though there are many things I take away from this interview, the most important to me are Faith, Courage and the Persistence of my Dreams. Thank you Marie and Mastin.

  3. This was amazing! Marie, I more recently started following you and well, I am in love! Following The Daily Love has been a constant for me for years, since it was just quotes and T-shirts. It has got me through countless breakups, low points and when I am down I honestly just go back through old posts and quotes. I have watched Mastin’s journey for years, I watched it grow and been so happy for him. And honestly grateful because it has really brought so much love to my life.

    I have personally been on my own journey seeking what I believe to be my true calling. And terrified is the right word to use. I am stuck in my fear of being rejected by at online world I respect so much. This video really shook me.

    My main takeaways are:

    1. Life brings funny and sometimes crazy things to you. You must be willing to say “yes” as Mastin says. Even when you are living in an 8×8 room. Or even if you were forced to move back into your parents house at the golden age of 28 because your initial dreams became failures– nutshell– my life 🙂

    2. Living life like you are already dead and having nothing to loose it me with pure power. Multiple things ran through my head when Mastin said that. Yet they were all things I am currently terrified to actually do. But in him saying it in that way— my thoughts flowed like water.

    3. You must “break up” with all the people in your life including your parents and live the life that is inside you, your true path. It is so hard because you want that support, I know I do. But everyone is perceiving the world through their eyes. It takes true courage to see the world through your own eyes and go for it.

    This video was truly inspiring and amazing! Thank you Marie and Mastin!
    Love, love
    Erin L

    • Erin, I hear ya girl! At the ripe age of 27, I’m still in parents’ house after telling myself 2.5 yrs ago it was “only temporary”. I went thru the gamut of negative nancy thoughts that I got too comfortable, I deserved XYZ, etc. NO MORE. I realize living at home has provided me the opportunity to quit an AWFUL job (that only served as some sort of income vs fulfillment) and start my dream job- my own nutrition & wellness biz. REFRAME baby! “Breaking up” with people has been the hardest thing, but so worth it!

  4. Wow! What an inspiring interview and the timing is soooo perfect for me!

    My 3 huge take-aways are:

    1. “If you don’t capture the emotion then you are just a commodity” – this is so important for everyone – it’s not about what you do – it’s about why and communicating your why!

    2. “I love myself and my calling more” – I am going to make this my mantra … it’s a perfect nugget! Just this week I had yet another irritating conversation with my dad who still, after 6 years as an entrepreneur, cannot understand what I do or why anyone would pay me to consult on their marketing when I’ve never met them face-to-face … *insert eyeroll* – after watching this video it’s confirmed to me that I don’t need his approval, or ANYONE else’s approval either. It’s about being kinder to myself and keeping my eye on my game.

    3. The Earhart quote is magic! Yes!!! I tend to play with boundaries a lot – I think today I am just gonna burn them down!

    Oh, and my big dream? I’m manifesting it now, it’s happening, it’s so deliciously exciting (and terrifying) but this is what I wanted – lots of brutally honest talk, inappropriate illustrations and lots of hot pink!

    THANK YOU MARIE AND MASTIN! This has set me up for the day xoxo

    • Well done Ameena,

      Same points i am taking away,

      Magnificent manifesting to you!


    • Wonderful girlfriend!
      Feeling your vibe… I’m manifesting it too!

  5. O.M.G. This is my favourite one to DATE. I absolutely relate to him. I absolutely connect with him more than any other guest or advice you’ve given (no offense). Omg… I needed that. That was so worth staying up another 30 minutes… There’s something about his personality, his website style, and the fact he’s a hipster (I’m 23 and have been thrown into hipster category, myself) that really speaks to me LOL

    I HAVE A DREAM! And I have slowly been inching toward it. I am still limiting myself quite a bit and it has been frustrating me. My parents are a big factor in it.

    I AM AFRAID to move out. I’m afraid I will flunk school and go into debt if I move out right now. But I have been yearning to move out for so long. That longing and this fear is kind of telling me I MUST do this. I’ve been afraid to find a job related to my dream career. I’ve been afraid to go all out because I’m afraid of my parents, debt, and etc.

    OK, here are some take-aways:
    #1 – His mom was not supporting his vision. I complain that I don’t have support, but I don’t TELL those who do not support me to cut it out (in a loving way)!

    #2 – He put 100% focus on his dreams which ATTRACTED things to him. I loved that he was just “being” his vision board instead of chasing it.


    • Hey Udoka! Love seeing you here. Know how much you love and admire Marie. Wasn’t this an amazing interview! And I love where you are headed in your life! I could totally see you living in your version of an 8X8 pool house because I know how willing you are. 🙂 Please let me know how I can support you! Big hugs, my friend!

      • Shannon! omg, you are so right… this is kind of like my 8×8. Thankyou for the perspective!

    • Have to agree with you Udo. This is easily the best video on MarieTv to date!

      Mastin was powerful in an effortless way.

      Think we can get caught up in the hows and forget about the “wows”. Seems easy to remember conceptually, but the consistent application of it is the answer. “Letting GO!”

      Congrats on your actualizations & remember “What do Dreams Know of Boundaries?”

      Best wishes~

      • Hi Marie,
        I am very grateful for your lovely inspiration and beautiful creativity.
        My daughter, Carol is a passionate organic chef! Thank you,
        Warmest Regards,

  6. I’m commited to my own dream!!

    Many thanks Marie and Mastin : )

  7. I resonate so deeply with this. 2 years into vet school, I decided that it wasn’t what I wanted to do. A profession as a vet was a secure, well paid job, but I felt like I was going against my heart if I continued. I decided to quit vet school and study nutrition, which is my true passion and love. Loving every second of life right now!! 🙂

  8. Leah

    “just because we have instant access to answer anyone’s questions, it still takes the same amount of time to build trust with people….nature has its own pace and we’ve forgotten about that.”

    Holy. Moly. Breakthrough.

    • This was the biggest insight for me as well—how my subconscious expectations are for instant trust because I have instant access…

      …Then how the secret is to just keep plugging away when those defeating thoughts crop up because the trust and results aren’t happening fast enough for my taste…

      And lastly, how important vision boards are yet how keeping my focus on service, surrender and impact is what calms the incredible overwhelm that comes from trying to force my Vision Board into a To Do List of online actions that all seem to be moving targets.

      Thank you Marie and Mastin. Major goodies here.

    • Louise

      This was a HUGE one for me both during the shoot and again now. Incredibly important and so exciting!
      Team Forleo

  9. Marie and Mastin, thank you for a beautiful and modern call to action. I say yes, yes, yes! to living a life of receptivity, service, surrender and impact. Big love. M x

  10. This was beyond inspiring. Lightbulbs went off in my head when Mastin said the universe was talking to him during that week when he got gout, his back went out, he had no home,no girlfriend and just lost his business.

    It forced me to take a look at myself and realize that so many of my successes have been because of an avalanche of seemingly bad things happening to me. From my father dying when i was 21 and me having to take care of my b14 year old brother to more recently with my husband and i losing our jobs on the same day and now we’re just putting it all on the line and living in France trying to build our dream life.

    The saying “YES” part. It really is so important to live by passion rather than fear..

    To answer Mastins question what would i do if i knew i was going to die. I would probably do what i’m doing now. Living in a foreign land with my husband and three kids, doing intellectually interesting things and spending time together while exploring new and fun places.

    Thanks Marie and Mastin, this was truly an inspirational video. I’ll be sure to share it…

    • The part about everything going wrong at once really resignated with me too.
      It’s what we learn and take from those hard times that can make us amazing souls. It’s inspiring to see that your family continued on and are building your dream life.

    • Cassie

      So to answer the “what would I do differently if I knew I was going to die question”…. I’d:
      – stop trying to be so perfect
      – Not try to do everything myself
      – Not be so cheap
      – Spend more time relaxing and less time working
      – Sleep more
      – More time with family and the special people in my life
      – Leverage my business so that I’m able to reach even more people
      – Stop being cranky, petty, complaining, picking fights, or holding grudges

  11. Hi Marie & Martin.

    Wow!! Amazing interview, insights and wisdom!

    The 3 keys actionable insights are:
    1. Abraham Maslow’s quote ‘ To be sefl actualized, you neeed to be independant of other peoples opinions’ including your parents.
    I need to forge ahead irrespective of peoples opinions, I’ve come a long way but realised it still holds me back.
    2. “Everyone has ocean’s to fly, if they have the heart to do it. Is it reckless? Maybe. But what do dreams know of boundaries?”Amelia Earhart
    I believe in this so much and have made many changes but still limit myself with boundaries.. or did!!
    3. If you don’t capture the emotion, you’re just a commodity.-Martin
    So true. i’ve been concentrating too much on the logistics, how i’ll come across, how i’ll do this and that … it’s gonna be all about emotion, service, surrender and impact.

    Queen of Self Sabotage, been ‘starting’ online business for years and stopping, your story will ensure never again!!

  12. This came at a great time. I really needed to hear it.

    Some things that have been said by a couple of friends left me feeling they didn’t get me and what I’m trying to do. That hurt and, in the case of one friend, angered me, since I felt he was dismissive of my creative ideas in general.

    I’ve been hiding my light for a very long time now, insisting I don’t know how to shine it so that others will pay attention or in order for me to make a living independently with what I love doing and who I love being. I’ve been insisting that I have no strategy for building a real business. I’ve been insisting that my message is not important and even silly – just the way I *think* my friend feels.

    I got caught up in feeling misunderstood. Then I was defiantly saying I don’t need approval of others who don’t get it – which I don’t. I’m feeling more level and peaceful and focused since watching this video.

    I need to get back in touch with my purpose. I need to keep my eye on my dreams which include reaching many people and helping to better their lives – somehow or another. Everything else is shiny pennies. 😉

    • It pleases me to read that for so many people, this message really came at the perfect time. I am so glad that you are making the choice to show your light. It may be silly or unimportant to your friends, but honestly that light may be exactly what someone else needs right now.

      Shine on Shauna! 😀

  13. Robyn

    Dear Marie, dear Mastin,

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I love what you said about living as if we were already dead or as if death didn’t matter. I like to think we have a mortal body and an immortal soul, so as the body is dying anyway sooner or later, better make decisions that are in line with our soul, because that’s what is going to stick with us (I’m not saying we shouldn’t be gentle with our bodies, only that we shouldn’t fear risking death or failure).
    I know that living in such a bold way is a problem for most people. Most of my friends tell me I’m very courageous because I’m actually living like that – I don’t know if it is courage or madness… if I HAVE to do something, I’ll just go for it. If I know what I want, I’m nearly unstoppable. My problem is that I don’t know my purpose and have lost touch with my dreams… so I feel pretty useless because I know I COULD if I just KNEW.

    But what I take away from this video is that we don’t have to know our purpose right from the start. If we embody the qualities that we believe in and just do anything, even this little baby step of doing will take as closer to where we’re meant to be, because we are holding our values in our heart, we’re actually being them, and this will resonate with and attract what we need. We just need to trust our inner compass.

    Thank you so much for this very needed reminder!

    Love and thanks,

  14. Emma Gwillim

    I love this video …. It shows huge strength and faith.

    My BIG dream is not too dissimilar to how Mastin articulated it – a need for freedom to express myself and what I believe is my calling …. To help people “discover their sparkle” and give their fullest contribution to their world. What i thought was stopping me was fear of “not having enough” and not having absolute clarity of my direction. What became clear watching this is that I’m missing that absolute faith Mastin has ….the trust that it will work out as its meant to.

    Thank you so much for sharing….
    Emma x

    • debbie love

      i echo what Emma just said…”not having enough” has been a powerful roadblock to living my dreams, and taking the risks…the ABSOLUTE faith that Mastin spoke of and… trust in things will work out as its meant to.. was life changing for me today…glad the universe steered me to spend the time to watch…thank you:-)

      • Emma Gwillim

        Good luck Debbie – absolute faith, here we come!

    • Louise

      This is amazing:
      “What I thought was stopping me was fear of “not having enough” and not having absolute clarity of my direction. What became clear watching this is that I’m missing that absolute faith Mastin has ….the trust that it will work out as its meant to.”

      Thank you for sharing that!
      Team Forleo

  15. That was refreshing! Mastin is living his dream. It’s inspiring to know how low he got financially before he got financially comfortable, all by living his truth. If I were already dead, anything were possible, nothing to lose: I’d still be doing what I’m doing, but minus the day job. I’d be painting, helping others solve their problems, (I do it for free all day every day), painting, selling, teaching others how to release their inner artist (we all have one), and sharing my resourcefulness, artistry, and creative problem solving.
    I think that’s what I”m here for; to be there to encourage others, to break them out of their ‘I’m not an artist’ mentality. We are all artists but somewhere along the road, someone may have heard ‘eh, that’s not so great, you should stick to piano (or poetry)’. We are all dancers, singers, artists, architects. We just got discouraged along the way.
    Thank you Marie, for making Tuesdays informative and today was especially so. Imagine; stumping Eckhart Tolle! (whose work I adore). cheers, rea kelly, artist, resource manager, helper

  16. Wow, thank you Marie and Mastin for beginning my day in such a beautiful way! I actually didn’t know about The Daily Love but just subscribed. Can’t wait to get the emails!

    And my dream and passion is to help others lose weight by learning to love themselves, eat healthy and live an authentic life.

    My 3 take-aways
    1) Follow your heart and passion, even if that means others might not agree with you. I’ve struggled with this my whole life because I’ve always wanted to make others happy but at my expense. I was in a profession that I knew wasn’t for me and I did quit about 6 years ago but went back because I wanted to contribute financially to my marriage and it was what I thought at the time was the only thing I could do. Which leads me to my take-away #2

    2) Believe in yourself and commit to your dreams. I love what you said in a previous comment Marie. “Real commitment is making it work. If things don’t pick up, make it work. If things don’t pick up again, make it work.” I just resigned from my job again a few months ago and this time I am committed to following my dreams and making it work!

    3) The ego is not something that is evil or to avoid. That if we can learn to love our ego, it will help us to dissolve it. I’ve always pushed away what I don’t want, but going forward I want to relax into the moment and just allow what I do want to come into my existence.

    Thank you again for making this video!

  17. dianne shepherd

    Marie this interview is AMAZING!!! There is such rich content here! I know I will revisit often! Mastin made surrender so real for me! I will see you in B school next year with my dream!!

  18. Yes! It is about clarifying your intention, honoring that vision, and moving from fear to faith.

    Your dream matters. Your calling must be nurtured.

    The only way to get there is to become free of the “good opinions” of other people (even your parents!).

    If you adjust your vision to accommodate the fears of other people, you will be living the vision of other people.

    And that means you are nurturing your fear rather than your faith.

    You are the only person who can bring your dream forward! There is nobody on the planet that can do it the way you do.

    Rock life like you mean it!!

  19. Sharing this with everyone! Thank you, Mastin, for beautiful ideas conveyed beautifully. Thank you, Marie, for motivating and inspiring and sharing great resources. [before I saw this interview] I didn’t know about The Daily Love… after watching it, I am feeling the love!

  20. This is life changing. Truly life changing. I just want to watch it again and again. I’m not sure what else to add at this stage as I’m still taking it all in. But I want to say thank you. This is so relevant to me right now.

  21. Heather Bickel

    Thank you for this discussion that flew straight to my heart. I am taking steps to start my own business, challenging myself to act as if there are no boundaries. It is scary and exciting out here on the edge.

    I totally resonate with saying “yes”. Things keep showing up for me that seem like small steps towards my dreams. I say “yes” and take them, even though I cannot see where they lead, because I want the Universe to know that I am saying “yes”.

    I am not im-possible. I’m possible and so are my dreams because I have them!

  22. I laughed, I cried, I snapped my fingers. Mastin and Marie, what a video! So many take aways…from branding, to patience, to talks with Mom, but what pierced through my heart was this: Focus on my Creator. Focus on my Purpose. Focus on my Service. Everything else is just a shiny penny.

    This entire video is a manifesto. Thank you!

  23. what a life lesson! i greatly appreciated the part about letting go! i so cannot easily do that!!

    and the parents part, well the whole thing! thank you Marie for focusing on the most important as usual, so much juiciness each time,

    i would love to create a dance school but so much holding me back! where what how cash bla bla bla instant success or nothing etc… and being a coach and an image consultant and fashion and glamour and sensuality

    I love what you shared so great thanks guys,

  24. Thank you Marie for this wealth of inspiration! For the pass 18 years I have been working hard establishing a Music career as a vocalist, singing for corporate events as well as backing international artists. Also establishing a music education program as a Vocal coach and Kindermusik educator with 3 studios in Sydney. I still have that doubt in myself every now and then and I still hear my father’s voice saying “SINGING IS JUST A HOBBY!”. Thank you for giving me inspiration during these times of doubt and helping me believe that I can make a difference in a child’s life!

  25. Alison

    I had a dream that you would be interviewing mastin today and then I woke up checked my email and u did! This does not surprise me bc I have been dreaming all types of stuff before it happens lately.

    This blew my mind. When I was running my blog/email Just A Girl Dreaming I felt confused about the direction I was going. Was I specific enough? Did I have the right niche? Would I sell a product or coaching or just run a daily email? There was so much confusion that I believe I received that same confusion reflected back from others.

    In a low moment, a perfect storm, I was feeling particularly shut down and fed up with the online community, Marie you were actually a part of this. This time last year I shut my site down. I still have my day job–which is fine bc it’s producing abundance and is NOT the source of my problem. Do I regret shutting JAGD down? I can’t say that I do.

    Why? BC my dream still remains the same: to help people understand and live their dreams…one tiny victory, one exciting victory at a time. I have had a series of “unscripted” and “unexpected” events in the past 6 months and have been reminding myself that this is a divine time of transition…yet the doubt is still lurking that within the soil of this transition, my dreams have any room to grow. I needed to see that even after walking away, my dream is still very alive.

    Mastin so beautifully expressed his mustard seed of faith that grew so large (and still growing). It reminded me that my faith is small…but it is there. And to trust that tiny acorn of belief that I deserve to pursue and live my dreams bc I am alive and I am a Creator. I think I forgot that. That it’s okay to have small faith.

    I am 6 months pregnant and desire so deeply to be a living example of trusting Source/The Universe for my son so that he has that freedom to pursue what calls his soul. I also related that bit from Masttin. I could go on and on.

    Marie I want to tell you that my recommendations to any and all of my friends who run blogs and business’s are always to you and your site for biz stuff. Best in all that you do.

    Mastin best to you in all your endeavors.


    • Alison,

      That is such an amazing gift with your dreams. Do you still do dream work? You really should. Dreams have guided most of my life and it would be amazing for your son to grow up in an environment where dreams are fostered. I wish you the most amazing luck.


      • Alison

        Thanks Vas! I appreciate that. I have only recently realized how often my night time dreams actually manifest. In fact, that’s how I found out I was pregnant–through a dream. And prior to knowing the sex of my baby, yup! you guessed it…I had two dreams in which I was holding my baby and both times–he was male.

        I’m interested in learning how others use their dreams to guide them. I must say, I am learning to trust my intuition more and more and this seems like a very obvious way for me. I will check out your site. Best to you!

        • You should check out Petrea Hansen Adamidis. She really does a wonderful dream dialoguing and might be a fantastic mentor for you. I took her e-course and I really got a lot out of it. You may want to check Dream Moods for a lot of information on dreaming, if you haven’t already. It’s right here:

          I wish you the best fortune in your search. 🙂

    • Louise

      Amazing Alison, but you are a powerful manifestor! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your story.
      Team Forleo

      • Alison

        LOUISE! Wat up!? Thanks for the congratulations 🙂 Hope you are well…have a lovely week…


  26. Ahhh, so good.

    My main takeaways were:

    1) Go ALL. IN.

    2) Things take time and patience. In today’s instant-everything world, it still takes the same amount of time to gain someone else’s trust.

    3) Service, Surrender, Impact.

    My dream is to help women with their careers and get what they deserve. I am finally articulating that after YEARS of not thinking that was a worthy dream. Thank you.

  27. Robert Lee

    Thanks Marie and Mastin. I needed the message. Loved the comment about the 8×8 room being the size of your faith but it’s just enough. I’m at a position now where I’m downsizing in order to cut costs and save money to launch a career as a visual artist. I was nervous about letting go of certain things but viewing this video assured me that it’s something that I have to do.

  28. Meaghan

    1. BIGGEST LESSON Start with the feeling that you want to transmit and build everything around that … ACTION 4 me . … brainstorm keywords regarding what this is to get it a bit tighter …
    2. LESSON I really liked his focus on service and connection and not being distracted by the razza matazz that takes a lot of strength ACTION 4 me .. daily ask how i can be of better service sessions …
    3. LESSON good to hear again the “be do have” – “conduct yourself like you are already there” … I need to examine ways I DO NOT do this and adjust … Thanx Marie .. x

  29. Until today I never heard of dailyLove. Marie and mastin are a healthy dose of m&m’s. My dream is to prove it, it’s possible to live the dream. For about 5 years but really ever since I was a child performing in front of hundreds of people as a singer, and then traveling to my first experience of a 3rd world country I could see what people need is to feel connected to something that brings meaning to their life existance. 5 years ago I was living in this fear of truly Persuing playing with the idea that my dreams of being a social entrepreneur could even exist as real. I mean back then I didn’t even know what a social entrepreneur was. Then I gave up the profession of nursing and was financially fortunate to explore. Until everything that was comfortable began to fall apart around me. I choose to go back with a plan and some how finagled my way into creating the best nursing job that could suit my purpose and give me the freedom to have time to work on my passionate idea to have a socially conscious business. I’m currently at that space where mastin said, “I have just a set amount of money and I know I could survive off of this for a few months.” the dream is to push through even the fear of not havin the cushy paycheck of a nurse and just focus now on my business iriefarm, harvesting sustainable life by farming peace and propagating passion, but to show its possible by living my own truth. In the past year actually 5 months the more I dive in the more the universe puts little helpers in the path, helpers or I call them farmers who also have a deep calling inside I them to just do it and Persue the passion. Excuses persist to enable me to the fear of recognizing dreams can really become reality. Hearin this interview today justified my mission must persist not the excuses but the intention. Thank you and Marie and now you mastin as well as some of your buddies kris Carr (the woman who motivated my drive) and Branson and his vision to see absurdities as opportunities, you all are on my vision board, and I know I know we will meet in the physical realm one day. Truth,
    Deanne P.S. Marie, bless you for being so bold your style helps me blossom within my own as well. I will be one of the success stories of marieforleo Bschool!

  30. OMG, I so needed to hear this message today…. I didn’t know about the Daily Love and I will sign up.

    My dream is to make manufacturing sexy. I just wrote a book on this subject. However, even though this may sound boring to many of you, it is not. I wrote this book with many of my personal stories and some of my friends how have nothing to do with manufacturing truly enjoyed reading it because in the end it comes down to personal self-reflection.

    People in manufacturing environments have given up hope and I want to bring this hope back. Years ago I said that I wanted to do something similar to what Tony Robbins does. Half a year ago somebody said to me, OMG you are like the Tony Robbins of the manufacturing industry. How cool is that? Is this a sign? 😉

    Thanks again for this video!

  31. This was a great interview. Very insightful – one of the best MarieTV’s yet.

    I think my main takeaways were:

    Have patience/don’t give up easily – do the work and your time will come. Too many people give up easily during the first phases of your business. A year is not enough time to have grown. (Something I’m experiencing – so many ups and downs during the first year & life getting in the way. You need to be ready to sacrifice a lot of time and energy into your business for quite a while for it to really take off.)

    Businesses taking off is part luck, but mostly due to the work – I have read many articles and blogposts on how business owners are annoyed with their friends’ telling them “you were lucky”. To a certain extent you were lucky, but you had an amazing product/service/offering before that.

    • I love that Carina! Thank you. There’s a reason why people are ‘lucky’ 🙂

      • Kendra

        “luck is preparation meeting opportunity”…My dad used to always tell me that quote.

        • Love that quote Kendra! Have to remember that.

  32. Hi Marie!
    All I have to say is THANK YOU for this amazing interview. It was the answer I needed to move on… (this morning I had the same questions that Mastin had at his early career)

  33. Wow! Marie, this is now my favourite episode!! There’s SOOOO much to take away from this. And you’re right – there’s no way you can edit this out so I’m glad you didn’t as it’s well worth watching the entire thing 🙂

    Mastin, thank you so much for sharing your story and your experience – you’re an inspiration!

    My big dream: become a multi-passionate entrepreneur – have my own successful online business + working with other storytellers in Hollywood as an actor, writer and director. What’s stopping me? The limited beliefs I keep telling myself! I’ve been making progress, but I’ve let the bumps in the road delay and hinder me from making my dreams happen. But thanks to this video, I realize that I just have to keep going.

    The 3 actionable insights I got from this video which I’m going to apply to myself asap:
    1. Twitter and Facebook may be fast, but gaining your audience’s trust will always take more than a couple of seconds (we gotta be patient!)
    2. Loved Mastin’s take on what a brand is: “A brand is something that establishes LOYALTY and speaks to someone in their language and has empathy & understanding for their plight and their journey” — this will help me transform the content I’m creating for my website to really speak to my ideal customer!
    3. Service, Surrender, and Impact – keep doing your work, remember to just let it go, and things will run its course

  34. I fear making mistakes and looking stupid.
    Mastin Kipp – a guy with insight, who stumped Eckhart Tolle, got a second shot at talking with Oprah after a technical gaffe, with 100,000 people interested in hearing what he has to share about love – said he got gout in his “big foot,” not once but twice.

    And I ask myself: Do I think any less of Mastin because he said this? Did it obscure any of the insights he shared? Will it keep me from seeking out more from him? No. Of course not.

    And if I can laugh and move on when he says something silly, can I laugh and keep making my interview show dreams real when I make a mistake or say something silly? Yes. Of course I can.

    Thank you Marie. Thank you Mastin.

    • Great insight Jeff! We tend to be SO much more harsh on ourselves than we ever would be to others. Great learning here for me as well.

    • Louise

      Such powerful realizations. Thank you so much for sharing them… I have those same fears!
      Team Forleo

  35. LOVE the interviews Marie: keep ’em coming!

  36. Wow, there was such honesty and dignity in this interview.

    Insight Actions:

    1. The room is as big as your faith. My life is like that right now, but this really helped to clarify things for me. I’m going to write this out and pop it up somewhere as a reminder.

    2. Breaking up with your parents. I can really identify with this. I absolutely have to follow my own path, not doing so is actually starting to make me sick. This gives me courage to have my own version of this conversation.

    3. Better to be poorer but following your heart than in a job which pays well but is killing your spirit.

    This really touched my heart, thank you!

  37. Hey Marie! Loooooved today´s video. It is by far my favorite! I am totally struggling with “the people around you” issue, but with my husband. My family is totally supportive. My parents and sister are great and understand my purpose.

    But my husband comes from a place where “financial security” is the most important thing in life and just doesn´t understand my entrepreneurial way of thinking. It´s really sad because of all his pressure for me to get a “real job”.

    What would you recommend in a situation like mine?

    If you could help me with some “light” on this, I´d be eternally greatful.

  38. Marsha

    I think this was an interesting issue to discuss. Yesterday was my birthday. I reached the age of 59. Watching this interview brought up a question for me. It was if I were to die tomorrow, what would be my biggest regret. The answer was that I would regret not expressing my passion for art. I always had a love for art in many forms for as long as I can remember. I have always known this was my passion. I thought everyone could see colors the way I see colors. My mother and grandmother wanted me to be a nurse. I went to school to become a registered nurse because this was what made them happy. I quit after my first year, knowing this was a distraction. My gut instinct was talking to me. I married and had 2 sons. This was a joyful experience. I always wanted my sons to explore their inward calling. I felt that each person had a personal gift and passion and a purpose their own. I love nature and used the colors in nature to create projects in my home. I can relate to your experience of things going wrong because I had early onset arthritis and was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis just at the time when I started working as a makeup artist, my mother was very ill with lupus and needed me. I asked myself what in the world was happening.There were many other things going on, I can relate to your experience with the gout that also was a pain in not only my big toe but my life. I could go on but I want to tell you the outcome. Yesterday on my birthday I meditated and the answer was that through all of this, I found ways to express my God given gift even while I was in the most distressful discomfort. I surrounded myself with whatever I could related to art. I started painting. I let my imagination run where ever it wanted to go. My story board was not just physically on a board, it was part of my dreams when I slept and when I was awake. I knew that nothing could stop me from doing and being what I was born to be and do. Oh by the way I’m doing it at this very moment. I love writing and encouraging others to never allow anything to stop them from fullfilling their lifes passion. While I was not able to walk, in my mind I was walking. I painted pictures that surprised even me. I felt so happy my body responded and the joy in my heart was overwhelming. I surrendered to whatever I could not change and focused on what I could. I physically am walking, and doing much better because I am happy knowing that when you want something so bad you will create ways to do things you never knew were possible. I too let go and let God. Never give up, it might take longer than you think and that’s part of the process in real time. I was very frustrated and confused many times. I am a very determined woman. This is my strength. Let this be your strength as well, God Bless.

    • Alison

      what an amazing story

  39. Pat

    I love this 🙂 Thanks for this interview Marie. It’s such an inspiration to know that he kept doing his thing for a while before he found “success”
    My other takeaway is that “part of being a successful entrepreneurs is to break up” with your parents.. your friends and everyone else who is projecting their version of success onto me.
    Awesome Interview 🙂

  40. This was SO raw, honest, and I love Mastin’s vulnerability and honesty.This is without a doubt, my favorite videos here on Marie TV. Thank you both for this powerful slap-in-the-face, kick-in-the-ass that I needed and wanted!

    I love Mastin’s description of making a choice for his life and how he made the ultimate commitment to his dream. Never losing focus or letting others steal your dreams….I’ve heard it before but never quite like this. I love the challenge this video has given to me.

    My favorite quote from this video “Oprah is a shiny penny”. Keeping my direction and never losing sight of what is most important in my life is the #1 takeaway for me.

    Thank you both. Off to dream now bigger than I thought I once could do….

  41. Marie & Mastin,

    I needed to hear the message about how to talk to your parents about living your life in a new way and pursuing your passion and light. Thank you for those words!


  42. Beautiful interview Marie and Maston.

  43. My favorite part is embracing the ego so it will lovingly hold its rightful place. Thanks for a great video; crossposting now!

  44. Dear Marie,

    I’ve been quietly following you for a while now, but Mastin Kipp’s interview really moved me to share this comment. What both of you discussed truly had resonance with me, partly because I’ve been there before. I apologize for the length of what I am sharing, but I really need to get this out in the open.

    Here’s my takeaways on what’s holding me back:

    1- I take the accomplishments and challenges of my past for granted. While it’s healthy to live in the present, the past is full of lessons.

    Like Mastin, I hit rock bottom a decade and a half ago. Almost 5 years of marriage and the small press business I built with my ex-husband from the time I was fifteen years old, collapsed. I was suffering from mental illness, chemical abuse and could not hold a job. I was couch surfing, starving and doing things that hurt my soul just to eat. When everything seemed at it’s bleakest, I went on my knees and asked God/Universe/The Divine for help in the middle of the street. Like Mastin, I was able to build an amazing business via borrowed Internet. In my case it was the library’s computer, since Wi-fi did not exist back then. Mine was a modeling and performance career, even though I didn’t look like a model. This path served very me for thirteen amazing years. Unfortunately, due to stress-related injuries related to years of dancing, I had to quit. At that point I felt called to switch gears and focus on visual arts. After a period of searching, I finally found my path again. I want to make my living creating intelligently sexy comic books that suck readers into their world and capture the fancy like a wonderfully trashy but emotionally meaningful romance novel.

    This is really a teenage dream of mine that I want to indulge in more than anything. I’ve been discouraged when the growth hasn’t been as fast as I hoped, but there has been growth. But, I am glad you and Mastin reminded me that anything worth pursuing takes time and faith. I really needed to hear this message now, especially since I’ve succeeded in worse situations. Starting over without debt, in a wonderful home full of things to eat, with my cats and a second husband who is actually loyal, supportive and my biggest fan, is a lot less daunting than the pit I had to dig myself out of when I became a performing model.

    2- Not reaching out to others.

    I am autistic, and as a result, I have major difficulties with social situations. Being very independent, I often feel like I need to do everything by myself. Putting up these kind of walls does not serve me or my business. I’ve noticed that when I reach to others, be it God/Universe/The Divine or people I interact with, miracles start happening. Mastin’s talking about his reaching out to the Universe and accepting the help that his friend offered, even if it wasn’t ideal, really drove this point home.

    When I allow others to work in helping me find opportunities to be grateful to them, it seems like progress comes so much faster and the blows of setbacks feel all the softer. Here’s an example of how this more open mentality has served me:

    3 – I often forget to embrace the insane, “I’d rather die for my work, broke and forever alone than quit,” passion I have for work in the way Mastin has. I want that kind of chutzpah, like a twelve year old girl wants a hug from Justin Bieber or those guys from Twilight. I want it even more so, because there are three people in my creative team aside from myself, who feel exactly the same way.

    Sometimes, I’m afraid there not a market for my comics because no one really is making graphic novels about hot Russian gangstas getting down and dirty (in an HBO sort of way) during the late 80’s and 90’s, that are drawn in a fresh art style no one else is doing. Then again, I think I just wrote the best elevator speech ever with that previous sentence. OH MY GRACIOUS! I TOTALLY NEEDED TO WRITE AN ELEVATOR SPEECH!!!

    Anyway, Mastin and Marie, I thank you for the bottom of my heart for giving me the ovaries to make these admissions. You guys rock hard!

    Love and Cheers,
    Reverend Vas

    • i think hot russian gangstas in the 90s is an awesome topic, and a really rich one to explore, and i’d love to see your work on the topic. no joke. i think it was a crazy time, and has a lot of potential. let us know if you do run with it! i’d love to see it.

      • Vas Littlecrow Wojtanowicz

        Antonia: OMG! Yes!!! It was a super crazy time, and as a history geek it just makes my little heart go pitter and a patter. If you’re interested, here’s what’s going on:

        This is my baby: (Warning: Cartoon butt and guns on this page.) The about page link should pretty much give you a run down of what it’s about. My husband, Loki and my friend Mandarr are my super helpers with this one. Mandarr and I are redrawing and rewriting the first 24 pages, because we want this to look amazing when we put the print book of the first chapter out this fall. (Crossing our fingers.)

        I wrote and illustrated this pulp prison drama which should go into the whole gangster thing when I am able to work on the second book. I was really proud of how the story turned out, but all I heard was crickets when I put it out there. I really believed in the potential of this work, so I did a lot of research, prayer and study, on what went wrong. Ultimately, I decided that what I needed to make it look like it did in my head, was to get the perfect artist for it. Unfortunately, I had very little money to hire decent one. Sooo… I did a really insane thing, and I put an artist casting call looking for illustration talent anywhere I could, asking for either people looking for experience, or people who loved the story enough to help me out at a substantial discount. I was expecting 3-5 student artists to respond. What I ended up getting were SIXTY amazing artists applying! Not just amateurs either; the candidates included people who have worked for DC and Marvel, an Eisner award winner, a dear friend of mine whose work has been featured in the Huffington Post, and the Art Director for a Mardi Gras float company. I ended up hiring three of them, because they were THAT good. I couldn’t believe it. The reboot for this graphic novel should be happening in the fall. You can see what I have so far here: (NSFW/Violence, kind of like OZ)

        If you have ANY feedback, I would be incredibly grateful to hear it. I love to learn what people have to say about these works. I also thank you very much for your interest.

  45. Lindsay

    Thank you for doing this interview! Mastin hit a really important point about parent’s wanting you to do what they think is important and not recognizing what you know is really the thing you are meant to do.

    I have also faced that question from my parents and I often get really angry! These days I am pushing forward with building my own company regardless and I think they are starting to realize how much it means to me.

    Thanks again, I feel inspired by this interview!

  46. Love isn’t a strong enough word for how I feel about this interview. Marie And Mastin, I am so very grateful for this fabulous start to my day. Such an awakening! Keep on keepin’ on with all that good juju y’all are putting into the world.

  47. Susan Raymond

    Faith ~ that’s what’s holding me back. Faith that I will be supported in following my dream. I was so taken by the metaphor about living in the 8X8 poolhouse. How big is MY faith? What happens if I say YES?

    I had a dream about watching myself die. I was on a “stage set” surrounded by beautiful forest. Stepping out of the set, I collapsed. Another part of me observed as paramedics tried to help, but it was too late. This other part of me, my essential self, set sight on the morning star – symbolic of the truth that nothing ever dies. It’s difficult to leave behind the familiar, but even more difficult to keep saying no to your essential self.

  48. Great video! Made a ton of notes while watching. The most important ones for me:

    – Great Things Do Take Time. I am learning patience while I am working hard on that slowly growing ‘flat line’ that Marie visualised so beautifully.

    – Live Your Adventure! I think I’m gonna put this one on my wall 🙂

    – do not strive for something – Be it.

    Practically, I’m just going to continue building my business, living my adventure and my dream. With all the wonderful help from these videos. I’m off to write some great content Right Now! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day everyone!

  49. That’s the lesson I am learning at the moment – I am not strive after it I am just going to be it!
    I love this and I am starting to do this and things are already starting to change in my life.
    Thank you for an amazing interview!!

  50. Wow! Amazing story! Serving is not what you think of when working a j.o.b. This is giving out of your need.

  51. This video brought tears to my eyes! I especially love when you said “:I’d rather die living my dream than to die a coward”.

    This really resonated with me because I’ve been asking the Universe to guide me to serve my life’s purpose which I know is to be of service. I created my website Helping Heal Hearts when I was starting to get divorce.

    My dream is to help and inspire women to love themselves and love life even if they’re suffering from a broken heart.

    As a single mother of 3 teenagers who recently got laid off, it’s been difficult for me to pursue and totally focus on my dream, but I always do the most that I can by knowing that I help at least one person each day.

    I also love to share positive quotes on Facebook and someone that asked me to be on the Radio Blog Cocoa Express because she was following me on FB and liked what I was writing. So, I see how things happen, and I just hope that in spite of all the distractions I have, I don’t lose my inspiration and dream!

    I am so happy for Mastin AND for YOU Marie! It’s people like you who we need in this world! God Bless You!!

    All my love,

  52. Tina

    Thank you for the refreshing inspiration. You spoke of the same messages that I teach in my workshops. I can’t even express how wonderful it feels to have your generation “get it”. Now I’m going to wake up my daughter and push my laptop in her face and make her watch this video. 🙂 She has been struggling with finding like minded people her age and this is proof you are out here in the world.


  53. Marie,

    Loved your conversation with Mastin.

    I am watching this from a different perspective than many of your viewers because I am the parent and the one in the relationship who has started to live her dream. Rather than my parents being the ones questioning my efforts, it is my sons, almost 20 and 14 years old who challenge the thought of their 50+ year old mom changing her life, leaving a well-paying job and pursuing my dream.

    So what insights did I gain from the video? First, it reinforced the knowledge that I must stop the little ‘crisis of confidence’ sessions I have in my head when I am afraid of what people will say about my book, my speaking and my business. The second insight is that my faith is huge. Seeing what Mastin has been able to accomplish while acknowledging his limited faith when he began ‘The Daily Love’ makes me certain that I am heading in the direction I am supposed to go. As I take each step in the journey the space feels so right for me. I am scared before I start talking about my project, but as I speak the passion and love for what I am doing overwhelms my heart. People tell me they feel it and everyday it gets stronger and feels better. My huge faith will see me through. Finally, Mastin’s exhortation to start ‘conducting myself like I already made it’ will help me a lot. My book is a little unorthodox and I expect that some people won’t get it. But I know in my heart that women who are exiting unhappy marriages will ‘get it’ right away. And more important than ‘getting it’ they will start to ‘get’ themselves. And that’s the impact I want to have.

    Thanks Marie. I needed to have this experience this morning before I go to my corporate job to pay the bills until I can live my dream full time.

  54. Tracy Hall

    Oh my goodness, I feel equal parts terrified and exhilarated after watching this video! I feel lucky to have seen it as it speaks so directly to how I’m feeling and I’ll certainly be watching it time and time again.

    I’m taking from this:
    1. the willingness to live in the yes
    2. to be unapologetic about living my dreams
    3. the Maslow quote about being fully self-actualised through the independence from the good opinion of others (especially one”s parents!).

    Thank you sincerely to Marie and Mastin.

  55. I love this video, very inspirational. I would love to move to another country and start my life over, just get up and move, leave everything else here, my family, my boyfriend, my job, just leave it all. I think that because I have a really secure job I am waiting for my dream until I retire in 10 years at the age of 55, if I wait, I don’t have to worry about money, what I’m trying to do now is get a Health Coach Certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have the proper eduction to not only move when I am ready but have a skill to apply to my vision. Thanks Marie, awesome Marie TV today!

  56. Hello everyone,
    I thank you for this beautiful and touching life choice. I would like to share that I have this dream of helping animals since I m very young but for different reasons I never payed a lot of attention to it. I would specifically love at this point to help animals in Angola. A country that is recovering from years of war and were the people at very much in need. I always felt more compassionate towards animals then women. I m considering going to work in Angola, how i can pursue this dream is still a big question mark, but it makes so much sense somehow.. thank you very much for helping me get in touch with this longing again. With gratitude and love Filipa

  57. marie and mastin

    thank you.

    My dream is to bring the message to others to be the connector for those that need and those that preach, I already flood myself with information to share but i know that i can build communities and networks of followers that thrive on the wisdom and knowledge of those that have transformed, evolved and become enlightened, like yourselves and also myself when i am willing to release.

    I manifested a career platform, a role and a way to bring the messages to those that are in the daze and i am just launching that now…

    I loved this video more than you know. Thank you for it and see you in Australia soon Marie, its a coming my dear….

    love and light
    lana purcell

  58. so… the universe must know I needed this….
    I have been trying to start a internet buisness for 4 years.. and keep meeting road blocks and a husband who keeps saying when are you going to really make money. It’s been very emotional… and I feel like a loser a lot of the time.. he makes fun about how much time I am on the internet… and I started to doubt myself…
    so I took away.
    1. breaking up with people might need to happen
    2.keep following my dream and my calling and not worry about others projections
    3. and I have been wanting to give up.. and I need to stop that.. both feet.. loved all the quotes.. I must be living in a bubble because I never heard of Mastin Kipp but what a great young man.. and thank you Maria… for the free link.. I learned a lot… I feel old compared to so many of the young enterepenors.. but I am going to still go for it.

  59. Marie and Mastin!

    What a great conversation! I have found my passion and the reason I know is because I overcame my 16 year fear of flying. I was traveling last fall to my training in Texas, flying from Michigan, and poof, I was free! I knew that if that plane fell out of the sky, that it was all part of the plan. I knew there was no other place than where I was going that I belonged, on my way to better my skills and provide people with the tools I learned. My fear of flying began after I had my first daughter, but now when I fly, I am showing both my daughters that I live with purpose, and as much as I love them, I love me and what I do. What better way to die? I am building my practice as a Vision Coach, speaking of vision boards. I am taught by Lucia Capacchione, author of Visioning:Ten Steps to Designing the Life of Your Dreams, she is the pioneer of the methods I teach, helping people hear their heart’s desire and overcome blocks. Louise Hay hung out in her workshops back in the day. Cool..huh? Your words of wisdom of hanging in when not becoming a overnight success, focusing, not getting distracted, I live that every day. I have hit a few walls, yet I can’t stop! I feel it in my body the desire to go forward, listening to my inner creative self, knowing that what I am doing is valuable. Even reaching the few people that I do I am making a difference. The thing that I feel holds me back now is finding my peeps and more outside support. I am trying to build a brand, I want to attract people to my work. It is a bit lonely building something so grand on my own. I crave doing more of what I love and sharing it with others. So if already dead, I’d reach out and connect with the likes of you two entrepreneurs. My heart and soul is in my business, I named it, It’s your life, create it! I know it to be true, we all create our own life, and helping people create their life is my passion!
    Thanks for the great video! Very inspiring! I will be sharing it! Remember, It’s your life, create it!

  60. Fiona Campbell

    I was 14 when I had an idea to walk around the world. My boyfriend laughed at me saying I was so childish, but the pain of this was soon drowned out by a deep inner knowing that this was my journey – at least, it was the first step of my journey.

    I started walking from the most northerly point of Scotland when I was 16 and I did indeed walk 20,000 miles around the world and returned to Scotland 11 years later.

    People always asked me why I was doing it but I could never explain it. When I did talk about this strong inner desire the media often doubted my motives and tore me down. It hurt but ultimately I delt with it by remembering the feeling of that urge to know the world from on foot and this kept me sane and centred.

    And now, 15 years after the end of the walk, having continued to follow my hunches, I am applying what I saw in the world: I saw that the happiest, healthiest, wisest and most content people are the hunter-gatherers – the Indians, Aborigines, Pygmies and Bushmen. And so, I started teaching people back in Britain how to live the life we had lived 4,000 years ago. People tell me that the experiences they have on a wild food walk with me have reached deeply into their souls and changed their lives.

    There is a wonderful quote in the book The Education of Little Tree by Forrest Carter which sums up my lifes work: “When you come on something good, first thing to do is to share it with whosoever you can find. That way the good spreads out where there’s no telling it’ll end up. Which is right, I reckon.”

  61. Ron

    Wow, great interview and wish I had seen it when I was in my 30’s and Maslow was in my consciousness. I was 15yrs into Gov’t career with wife, kid & mortgage and really wanted to bail and consult. Now that I’m retired I can consult and give back to the world but often wonder how much more I could have.

    • Whew! I needed that. I am 56 and looking to make the changes that I have thought of for 15 years.

      • 56! LOVE THAT. I think it’s a beautiful trend that’s happening now, women in their second act of life, redefining themselves. You! Go! Girl!

  62. This is one to watch over and over again, much like many of Marie’s videos!
    3 things:
    1.No more playing small because of the “what will other people think” excuse.
    2.Trust my calling and know that I am where I am supposed to be.
    3.Conduct yourself like you are already there.

  63. The three takeaways I got from you and Mastin that I’ll be using are:

    1) Be firm in letting people know that my writing and coaching IS my job, that I’m not looking for a position, and that this is my calling.

    2) Whatever it is that I think is the “crazy” dream is the one I most need to pursue. For me, that is writing 27 bestselling self-help books. (My first one “Be Your Own Boyfriend” comes out on Valentine’s Day 2013!)

    3) Rather than striving toward my goals in a state of exhaustion and haste, I will exist, live out, and vibrate at the high frequency of the things I want in my life.

    I really enjoy the longer form videos, and would be thrilled and honored to come have fun with you on MarieTV if you ever need a guest for a show around Valentine’s Day! (I’ll be in NYC promoting the book)

  64. I loved this and will watch it several more times.

    My parents are very much like Mastin’s and have been major blocks to me living the life of my dreams. They became such a negative blight on my life, in spite of me actively trying to work through the problems they were causing, that I was forced to break up with them. It remains one of the best decision I’ve ever made.

    That being said, there truly are many parents that encourage and support their children in pursuing the life they want (check out Johnny Cupcakes and his excellent mom and dad).

    The lesson I’ve learned is that you have to clear the negative people from your life regardless of their “title.” For some it may be parents. For others it may be a friend, a spouse, a sibling…it doesn’t matter. If you have people in your life that are unconstructively, tearing you down, they have to go. Even if they are mom and dad.

  65. This video has been the catalyst for a litany of epiphanies about the life I am living right now. It was amazing to hear that the dreams you often doubt the most are the ones you most need to pursue. I had a lot of uncertainty about following my dream. I felt unprepared and silly, like a little girl playing at starting a business.

    Now, I realize that enabling others to be empowered and enlightened, and to allow them to live lives of passionate purpose is SO worth pushing past all of the self-doubt. I’m going to make the investment, buckle down, and start making things happen, and above all, TRUST my inner sense of direction, because I know that it’s the Universe there with me, guiding me. Seriously, it’s like I’m literally being PULLED into it, like a positive charge to a negative. I knew I had the power to realize my dreams, I could feel it faintly. But this video really shone some insightful light on it, and I feel so connected and strong in my purpose now.

    I honestly am in awe of the quality of content you consistently produce, Marie. It’s as if every time I am ruminating or stuck on something, you post an interview or video that gives me the tools to push myself through (& B-School has proven to be priceless after just the first lesson).

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you for offering this up, and to Mastin, thank you for your wisdom. This was priceless.

  66. Thank you both for this inspirational video! It really got me thinking and reassured me about my own decisions in life. Good things take time and we should never give up on our dreams, because dreams are what we are made of, right :). It’s funny how sometimes things come to you just when you need them. Or is it the universe talking?
    You will see me on the stage at the Met some day, and I will be one of the top sopranos in the world. I will!

    • Louise

      “Sometimes things come to you just when you need them.”
      Yes!!! I totally agree.
      Team Forleo

  67. Thank you so much Marie and Mastin for these fabulous insights!! Coming from a very tight (but sometimes suffocating) family, I have had to realize that breaking up is hard to do but must be done in love to cleanse my life of the negative impacts on my dreams.

    As of this January I am “all in” too and both hustling and waiting for my callings to be realized! Amazing interview!!! Thank you!!

  68. Hey Marie and Mastin!

    Thank you SO much for all the incredible insights and actionable content!

    I love, love, love that Mastin practices the “feminine quality of receptivity” and reminds us that we can plant and tend seeds, but they will grow in their “own” time.

    Mastin’s encouragement to do the thing we love (and fear) the most reminded me of my other MarieTV favorite with Steven Pressfield, and my all-time favorite quote from The War of Art:

    “If Resistance couldn’t be beaten, there would be no Fifth Symphony, no Romeo and Juliet, no Golden Gate Bridge. Defeating Resistance is like giving birth. It seems absolutely impossible until you remember that women have been pulling it off successfully, with support and without, for fifty million years.”

    Thank you, Marie and Mastin, for EVERYTHING!

    Here’s to SERVICE and SURRENDER!!

  69. Pat

    Three takeaways:
    1. Even if your Faith is the size of a mustard seed (or and 8X8 room!) it’s enough.
    2. Honor your Freedom by respecting your Dreams.
    3. Focus on your Creator and Service.

    The bittersweet moment for me was at the end of the video because after all this time (I’m in my 40’s) I really feel like I don’t know what my dream is yet I know with all my heart and soul I have so much to give. I’ve gotten lost in the sea of supporting everyone else’s dreams :~|

    • Alison


      I love your message! Discovering your passion or dream is FUN! Do whatever you feel called towards…writing poetry, painting…hiking. I mean the list is truly limitless! Learn ballroom dancing! I find that those of us who are good at supporting other people’s dreams can get lost, just because we can see the good in so many things. Just take the journey of discovery, and marvel at where it takes you!


      • Pat

        Thank you, Alison, for your message and for taking the time to buoy me up today! Received and appreciated 🙂

    • I am 56 and just starting to live my dream. So, see, there is still time to do it!
      Keep dreaming.

      • Pat

        Laura, many thanks for your assurance; it is humbly received and greatly appreciated 🙂

  70. I am a 52 year old woman who has raised 4 children ,while barely living. One of my kids is nonverbal Autistic.I want to help women like myself, through arts , crafts and home ec.The biggest thing holding me back,no, the two biggest things holding me back are the lack money and family & friends telling me I can’t do it because I’m not successful myself. I was raised to compete with my siblings, I did not like it. Your emails have helped me so much, I just want to say thank you. My dream is to own a building, were I can teach and have shows (craft shows), and people like myself can start businesses and get help.

    • You can do it. You must do it!

  71. Wow! I knew Mastin was pretty amazing, but this interview blew me away.

    First, I relate on so many levels to what he said about his parents. I’m in the process of setting up an online business (yey for B-School!) and I still haven’t been completely open with my parents about it. I can guess what they’re gonna say. They’re very much of the idea that you need to get a proper job. However, they also want me to be happy. Yes, financially stable, but happy overall. Mastin has inspired me to talk to my mum and dad and give it to them straight. Yes I’ll do some part-time work on the side to keep myself afloat, but ultimately this is it for me now.

    Secondly, I love how he said that it’s great to play with Oprah and Louise Hay, but at the end of the day he’s all about service. It reminded me to stay grounded and never lose sight of my vision.

    “If you can transcend your fear of death, you can accomplish a lot.” Oh my goodness, is he talking to me?! As someone who suffered from depression and a paralysing fear of death a couple of years ago, that quote particularly spoke to me. Since I accepted death as part of life, and decided that I refuse to reach my deathbed with regrets, I’ve started going after the things I want with absolute gumption.

    Thank you so much for sharing this Marie. I’ve no doubt that I’ll be watching it again and again!

  72. Barbara V

    Thank you both for a great insight! The more I listen to Marie or Gaby B. the more I understand what is holding me back from being a successful entrepreneur. I constantly feel like a fraud, even that I started several successful businesses and currently employ 7 people. I feel that I smart and knowledgeable, but the fear of success, the fear of not knowing enough holds me back.
    I just subscribed to, thank you for broadening my horizons!

  73. To Live my life fulfilled in my work, relationships and family. To live this life harnessing my fullest potential and thereby being a catylist to evoke change in the lives of others that will bring them to the same fullfillment.

  74. OMG! This was so powerful.
    I took 3 pages of notes in my journal… so many incredibly insightful quotes. My 3 actionable insights:

    1. BE the spiritual presence and VIBRATE at the level of love (500) as much as possible. Coincidentally, my vlogs over the last month have been explaining David Hawkins’ Power vs. Force, how and why to apply it in your daily life. So I was thrilled to hear Mastin refer to it and to realize it was at the basis of his whole journey.

    2. Be a parent who asks “What does my child’s SOUL want?” I’ve been working on this for the last year as we went through family therapy for an “underachiever.” A big part of the process was for my husband and me to stop forcing our expectations on our son and just let him be free…. even if it was to fail. Once we finally did that, he stepped up and took ownership of his own life. It’s a huge “letting go” that I think more parents need to do!

    3. Remember to use the phrase “Can you be love in this moment?” when I’m in the middle of something I don’t like.

    Thank you Marie and Mastin! This was such a rich, soul-expanding experience. I HOPE MASTIN WILL BE AT RHHLIVE! 😉

  75. Thought provoking interview. Our emotions and feelings overwhelm us as we don’t know what we don’t know. When we take a course in life and we know how we will get to the end destination we feel safe – but that doesn’t mean we will really live. I have learnt that life is not just about joy but about emotional events that make us grow, and learn. Mastin is a warm soul and Marie you are an angel. I think we fear our own greatest and how that might feel as fear seems like an old friend.
    Love Katie

  76. The parent thing resonated with me SO MUCH.

    I too was 28 when I decided to completely change my life: quit the job I hated, started freelance writing to make ends meet, while I started to prepare for my dream, launching my skincare company.

    My parents thought I had lost my mind and assumed my then-new boyfriend was rich and “taking care of me”. As though I had lost all motivation, direction, and will to live my own life. For nearly 2 years they told me to “just get a job” over and over, never really listening to what I was trying to do. It nearly destroyed my relationship with them.

    Anyhow, to answer your question Marie & Mastin, what held me back (as my company is in full swing and going smoothly, so it is mostly in the past now) was this: poverty mentality.
    (PS Is there a Marie vid about this?)

    This, of course stems from my parents and upbringing (better to know where the next meal is coming from and be a coward, then take life by the ovaries and life in uncertainty). I never had much growing up, and my parents worked full-time to provide what we did have. I was, therefore, acting like some spoiled brat to them, too good to get an “honest job”.

    Thank goodness that my hard work and perseverance paid off, as it will when you go full-throttle and despite what say all naysayers, believed in myself stubbornly. Also, having a mega supportive partner really helped! It was hard to shake my poverty mentality, but I wanted to choose more for myself. I wanted SO much more than any option that was ever laid out before me before.

    Finally, I am learning to invest in myself. It started with my company, as it was easy to drop hard-not-yet-earned cash on something outside of myself, and now I can do the same for myself. For example, I enrolled in the RHH BSchool (AMAZEBALLS!!). No small purchase, but well worth every penny, and I will continue to invest in myself. Whether it’s a pair of boots to look fantastic meeting people, booking the trip of my dreams (Costa Rica, here I come next winter!), or fixing up my home office to be a room I truly love, I invest in myself. This is all new to me!

    I am now even encouraging my parents to do the same, to hone some entrepreneurial skills (my dad loves renos, and my mom loves dog walking, and now they make $ doing it!), and to treat themselves well. It’s a bit of a role reversal, but I want to show them that I know so well how to take amazing care of myself, that I have wisdom to share.

    My parents no longer tell me to get a real job, but I still feel the need to justify my company to them and tell them about my accomplishments, but sometimes aggressively so (hey, incremental progress is progress!). It’s a hard feeling to shake, that you are disappointing your parents by following your dreams. I think I will get over it. Probably around my first million. 🙂

  77. that was SO worth the extra time to watch. Such an amazing, inspiring video. I connected with so much that he said. I’m left with my whole body just letting go and letting my heart guide me in the right direction. Thank you so much for making this video. Love you Marie & Mastin!!

  78. Wow, I just loved this, along with everyone else. But rather than answer the question of what’s holding me back (nothing!) I want to say that this just really affirmed everything I’ve been doing for the past year. NOTHING is holding me back. I am building my dream and it is totally working. I love what Mastin said about figuring out who you want to become and then acting as if you’ve already arrived. This has helped me immensely grow my business exponentially in a very short period of time. I went from living in cold Toronto, helping a couple of people, to living in a penthouse by the ocean in Lima, Peru helping loads of people. My whole business is serving others! My daily work energizes me! It was so nice to listen to what Mastin was saying and basically nod my head thinking, Yup, exactly. Yes, he’s got it. In fact, my Big Banana (or the thing you get when you opt in at my website) is a series of 7 videos in which I touch upon a lot of what he said. I created them when I first launched my website last September with a crappy little camera. So basically, starting from nothing. 9 months later….look out. Woohoo! High fives to you and Mastin! I am living proof that everything he said is what you need to embrace to get to where your soul wants and needs to be to thrive.

    • Louise

      Congratulations Heather, you are such a shining example of what is possible.
      Team Forleo

  79. Fantastic interview, full of inspiration! I am one year in to following my dream and I’m not looking back. Learning from Mastin’s own adventure is so supportive, as I’m still in that place where uncertainty lies around every corner. I try to say YES as often as possible, and it is so helpful to hear that suggestion from someone else, so I don’t feel like a crazy person 🙂 Saying yes has definitely helped propel me forward, even when I did not know where I was going.

    I also struggle with worrying about what the people close to me are thinking, while they are so very supportive of me I occasionally project my own concerns about their approval onto them, and I’m learning that I need to trust their support and just keep working. I think it’s the fragile ego coming out and trying to find ways to screw with me – so I am going to use Mastin’s advice and just love it and tell it to stop getting in my way!

    I’ve been so lucky to have a lot of help and life experience to get where I am in this first year but I know a lot of people do not have that luxury and are struggling. I hope they watch this video and realize just how much you can do even if you think you have nothing at all. The “thing” that is the most important is what is inside of you! GO FOR IT.

    Thanks Marie for a great piece! I’ll definitely be watching for more.


  80. Wow, this reinforced the path I’m on. And boy did I need it!
    After leaving a good enviro. & urban planning career of 15 yrs. to stay at home w/ my 2 young girls, I started a home based business representing a botanically based skincare & make up company that I love…but it’s direct sales & not the professional track I was on – and I have some shame feelings wrapped into that.
    I recently had an offer to do business development for a planning firm & as I was telling my parents on the phone, I recall being happy but only because I thought that would make them proud of me again. After having this clarity a few days ago, this video reinforced that I need to stay in that awareness& stick with the things that make my heart sing, not activities that band-aid shameful feelings.

    Other ways in which this video screamed “you’re connected to the universe”: 1)hay house is also in my heart- as a vehicle for my book to be created 2)I am currently reading “power vs force” every night 3)Wayne Dyer has been mentioned in the last 2 trainings I’ve participated in, in seemingly unrelated fields

    Oh, and B-school is kickin’ it…this all just perfectly goes together 🙂

  81. Thank you for a wonderful interview with a message that surely resonates in me. Like Mastin I am not of the business world though working through to make my own dreams come true as a healer of the forgotten people of the medical world has been a very long and frustrating one. Sure, I have had some wonderful success stories many on my website in my clients’ own words, and yet the financial piece seems to forever elude me. I just attended an event for one day to meet up with a man that stated the same thing that Mastin did regarding how nuts one must be to live the life of a self-employed person for all the ups and downs without ever having the knowledge of knowing how successful one shall be and yet, for those who feel they’re called to do something larger then themselves as Mastin says he is, there really is no other choice for it is indeed as he said something the Creator is drawing us to do beyond our own selves. The notion that one can never give up is one that I have held onto for over a decade of working through my business with many financial and personal challenges along the way which will make the success all the more sacred to me and those who have supported me in doing the work. I am sure. There is nothing such as an over night sensation – it takes diligence, constant working of new ideas and the determination to stay away from all those “shiny objects”.

    Thanks for the divinely times message so beautifully stated Mastin.

    Thanks so much for this message, the timing of which couldn’t be better as I look at my situation able to just be glad that at least my own life is based on what I am here to do instead of societies idea of what life ought to be. Given all the living dead out there, there isn’t a way I would go there anyway.

  82. What’s my one dream? To be independently wealthy- not just for the sake of being rich, but to just “be.”

    I want this not just for me but for my husband as well. 20 years ago he carried me when I needed financial, emtional, and mental support. Now it’s my turn to pay it forward and carry him.

    I’ve always been a little crazier, a little different, a little more fearless than those around me. Now it’s time for for me to dig those qualitites out of the attic, dust them off, and shine them up- so that I can just “be.”

    Love you, Marie. You’ve helped me find the attic door.


  83. Great things DO take time. Thank you Marie for reminding us that it takes time and not to give up.

  84. Marie and Mastin, Thank you for making a life-changing video. No argument there. My thoughts? What if you don’t know what your dream is? Last week, after leading a seminar on communicating with tact and professionalism, a young single mom approached me with a concern. How do we inspire young women to have confidence? How do we help them go for their dreams? It reminded me that more than 20 years ago I had done just that for disadvantaged young women all over the country. There was a short seminar and writing program I developed that would help women, especially women from 16-24, to build a confidence in themselves and in their children. I had completely forgotten about it. What happened? I chose to follow my passion but after more than a decade it simply became too frustrating to be poor and meeting obstacle illusion after obstacle illusion. Baldly stated, I gave up. For the past ten years, I have tried to funnel my passion to help others grow their inner confidence while leading “traditional” corporate seminars. No matter what I am teaching, confidence and living with purpose are a part of the mix. Ironically, the one person who wasn’t listening in all of those seminars was me. Today your video was a smack upside my head saying “Pay attention, Debra!” At a very early age, dreaming disappeared. In fact, after age 9 I don’t remember ever having dreams of what I would like to be or do. At age 22, I graduated from college with no idea of where to go or what to do with my life.Getting your “MRS” degree was the focus back then, yet I knew it was not the path for me. Thank you for reminding me that at any age (almost 60), it is OK to start exploring dream possibilities. And maybe in developing my own inner confidence, I can help others develop theirs as well. Thank you again.

  85. Tammy Perry

    Thank you, thank you

    I am a multi-passionate person in the process of defining my business focus. This video helped me realise that my focus is clear and simple, staring me right in the face, just a little on the crazy side. 🙂 And that is great!

    Action items specifically from this video:
    1. Registered 2 domain names
    2. Started writing down items to include in my online presence. It is amazing how many ideas come into your head when you have a focus!

    I sure hope I can get into B-school next time around! Because this multimedia specialist is ready to start a business around Motorcycle Therapy. 🙂

  86. My parents were horrified when I started my own business. They didn’t think I could make it without a “real job” plus my career choice (professional tarot reader) was so outside of the norm that they were embarrassed. For years they would tell people I “worked for a corporation” because they were so ashamed. Lo and behold, my mom’s boss ended up getting a reading from me and went right back to my mom and gushed over it. Ironic how that worked. LOL

    Been going strong for 20+ years. So glad I never listened to my parents!

    Great interview, Marie. I would love to hear more of these stories.

    • I would love to hear more of these stories, too! And thanks, Theresa, for sharing a bit of yours. Love the self-belief & bravery -xo

  87. susan

    WOW, fantastic video, thank you so much Marie and Mastin!

    OK, I’m doing a teeny action step–no wait, actually writing this comment is a *big* action step for me! My teeny action step is caching more thoughts in a notebook for my future blog.

    I’m in my 50’s and all of Mastin’s thoughts were mine when I was young (really young, like pre-teen). However, in that time there was not the level of awareness in the world there is now. SO cool that now the entire younger generation naturally resonates to these principles, AND can integrate them with business and “ordinary” life!

  88. Marie – hands down, best interview ever! Mastin you are so wise. The Universe has been giving me lessons in finding love in the darkest and more frightening experiences. I have opened myself to finding meaning in them and in knowing there are all for me. My youngest brother was murdered seven years ago; cold case now. My son was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease and just had three major surgeries and two liver transplants and is doing incredibly well. The Universe has given me these experiences to break me open to who I am and to live to share the lessons. The lessons: deep, deep love especially out of this current experience with my 28-year-old son. He is my teacher who told me the week I was worried (I did The Work constantly on my thoughts) that I was negative and that he was just trying to wake me up! I have learned to walk directly into the fire of my fears and see what’s on the other side (love, courage, sweetness of life), and to inspire others to be brave and follow their heart. What would I do if I knew anything was possible and nothing was holding me back? Continue to help people listen for their soul’s callings and know that every single experience here on earth is to help them elevate their soul. That is what I am doing now. What a wise soul you are Mastin. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us.

  89. First : This room is the size of your faith = What’s the perception of myself? Get new information inside. The possibles.

    Second : Say Yes to your dream = Trust the universe and myself. Like an mature person. Stand your ground. Become. Be. Allow yourself to be. Breeze of fresh air.

    Third : Perseverance. Focus. Continue.

    Here I am at 48. Beginning my forth summer season at the bakery after a really big breaking up partnership that cost me over 250 000 $. Which I didn’t have. Had. Some intricate situations have came in place. Allowing the dream to became. Trust in the light within. Getting more aware of it. Make it shine. Beam bright. Kept the dream in my heart.

    Here I am. Walking in this little country town where I did not belong. Everybody waiving to me, kids hugging me, older people welcoming the stranger. A feeling of community taking place. Feeling of Home. Real friendship. Wholehearted relationship. Reciprocal relationship. Benevolent.

    3 years. Living upstairs the bakery. In a unfinished environment. Bed, computer, papers all in the same room. An unfinish bathroom, a bath, no shower… No money. Living on credit for paying credit… Stress. Anxiety. Sleeplessness.

    Perseverance, allowing and dream. Dream big. It’s now.

    This video brings a confirmation to my reality. Thanks.

  90. Jen

    Fear of failure holds me back, also, fear of not being good enough.

  91. My take aways are that you must capture the emotion otherwise you are just a brand. I have found that often all things being equal people choose me because I listen to them , empathize and genuinely want to help them. “No matter how long you plan or strategize it takes the same amount of time to develop a trust in you”. So all you Gen Y ers. Don’t talk in the manner and speed of texting . You won’t get there any faster and might not get there at all!

    “Mist people are not an overnight success ” was a good reminder for me.

    “This room is the size of your faith ” had an immediate impact on me. Shame. Sadness regret. I love the Lord and often get caught up in my self and neglect to give daily thanks. “people who get wrapped up in themselves make small packages “. Queen Latifah. Joyful noise movie.

    Finally, regarding “to be self actualized you have to be independent if good opinions if others. “. So true. This is actually the most challenging for me because it is a deeply ingrained thought process.

  92. Fabulous as always, Marie!

    I got alot out of this, but I think my top three things are:

    1. Not letting others fears for me, that are based on their own perceptions and realities, be adopted as my fears.

    2. Trust in myself and the Universe that my dream is valid and WILL happen if I am willing to surrender, as Mastin said.

    3. I’m going to express me, all of me, and not worry what anyone thinks. The right people will come.

    Thanks for your fabulous insights!

  93. I LOVE this video, thanks Marie + Mastin! So much great info in one place. First off, Mastin’s story is so inspiring, and makes me feel like ‘hey maybe my dream can come true too!’ I have so many ideas but my fear of failure holds me back from trying – and sticking with – my dreams. I have often felt like I wasn’t doing things ‘right’ because I wasn’t really planning things. I want it to happen naturally and I guess I am now realizing how much I need to let go so that it can happen naturally. Wow wow wow, you 2 really got inside my head today and I am so grateful. Can’t wait to start RHH B-school!

  94. OMG – LOVE!!! What a great, great interview and ummmm – what a hottie!!

    Ugh – I would love to have my Body Transformation 101: Beyond diet and exercise business really take off – I would love to be able to share what I have learned over the last 3 years with every person believes they can’t have the body they want becasue of … enter BS here…. I would not work in the corporate world or have to worry about health insurance – I would love to do seminars all over the country and help women find their inner strength and be / accept who they are and are meant to be… Do you know that only 98% of women / men in the world have the genetics to be a model….. Hello – just love the beautiful skin you are in!!

    Truth be told I’d quit my job and focus 100% on my business – xo

  95. Great video!
    So many wonderful takeaways…trust, great things do take time, using that uncomfortable period, be transparent, you attract who you are.
    I love the open, genuine qualities and focus Mastin has and shares. Very inspiring for all.
    Thank you, Marie!

  96. I could have that exact same conversation with my folks as Mastin had with his. It is absolute truth. And although I’ve invested in my Purpose for 5 years, my life savings and every fiber of my being….my family is CONVINCED that I’m chasing a pipe dream and that my patented PortaPocket will never “make it.” The conversation on this vid was wonderfully refreshing to hear and I believe in the messages wholeheartedly. I will continue soldiering on without doubt…knowing that I am here for a REASON and that reason is bigger than me. it IS my purpose. My oceans are calling….and there are no boundaries….

  97. Victoria Morehead

    Wow. Just, wow. This has been a thunderbolt to my heart. And here are three things that are ringing in my soul:

    1. Like Mastin said about the “evil ego,” we can also just give our fears love, instead of feeding them with more fear. That love will shine a big ol’ ray of light onto the darkness and send those fears running for the hills.

    2. The impatience we harbor for things to happen more quickly actually slows them down even more, because we’re focusing on the lack…what we don’t *yet* have. Instead, we should focus on what we are *going* to have.

    3. Our desire to be of service and have impact shouldn’t just be an aspiration…we should be *living* that every day. It should be our mantra, our meditation, our state of being. Living with true intention; not just under the umbrella of that idea, but letting that idea run through your blood until it’s inseparable from you.

    I love this. And I am sharing it with those I love. Thank you, Marie and Mastin.

  98. “I’m not going to strive for it. I’m going to live it.”
    That’s the crux of this video and all personal success…
    Thanks, Mastin and Marie!!

  99. Thank you both for taking the time to speak on video to us here. Inspiring, thoughtful, powerful. I started writing almost-daily at the end of 2011 and have been going since then, my blog growing (on constant contact 🙂 And it’s not about it growing, I know that, the reward for me is sharing my experience of living with self-inquiry, doing the work of Byron Katie and questioning all my stories just like Eckhart Tolle suggests and many fantastic teachers, some of whom you mentioned.

    The most powerful message I get here today: the reminder that even a small amount of faith is enough. This moment is enough, the amount of money I have right now is enough, this life so far has been enough.

    I’m 51 now and I am so thrilled that the entrepreneurial bug has bitten me now, after a fabulous life already lived! It doesn’t have to happen “early” or at a super young age…it happens when it does. I just started B School and am so excited. It’s always been beautiful to learn and change and grow, and now here’s a new step.

    Love, Grace

  100. Thank you Marie so much for this video. Mastin, you’re such an inspiration. Thanks for keeping true to your dreams and not letting your self-limiting beliefs take over. I really get what you went through because my journey has been very similar. I’ve had to ignore the get a job plea many times myself and just stick to what I know in my heart is my calling. It really does become about believing in yourself and your message and just allowing it to happen. Much love to you. Namaste,
    Shonda Taylor..The Belief Coach!

  101. Love the fact that there are still new people and new ideas to discover on the web. I knew The Daily Candy but not The Daily Love.

    I resonate profoundly with Mastin’s journey as well as his conscious decision to follow his passion and just allow.
    “Even Oprah is a shiny penny” – Made me laugh out loud!

    Insight #1: You can do what you’re good at it (for Mastin clothing line), work very hard and things still fall apart. We must choose to enjoy the journey without attachment to the outcomes.

    Insight #2: Stay quiet and listen because the Universe is always…always speaking to you. When Mastin was sitting in his 8×8 room at his ex-girlfriend’s mom’s house, asking the Universe why he could not have gotten hooked up with more – “this room is the size of your faith”.

    Insight #3: Have more faith!

  102. This is exactly what I needed to hear this am.
    I’ve been practicing the letting go of the tactics and shiny pennies to stay focused on the vision. Trying to balance this with taking inspired action and putting myself out there. Not losing sight of the big vision of inspiring beginning runners/walkers to know that they can do it.
    The biggest takeaway for me is patience & letting go.
    Thank you!

  103. Perfect line about the parents, awesome!

  104. Loved this!

    Two of my most favorite people in the world chatting — had no idea. Is it just me or does it seem like a big shift is happening? I dunno, something just feels so right in the world right now.

    One thing that really stood out to me was when Mastin or Marie spoke from their deepest self of just ‘knowing’… those type of comments from others are the ones that always stick with me. They go to my core and stay there.

    Marie said, “We’re gonna play a lot more… I know we will.” That’s creation right there in the moment because she’s one of those people who is guided by her ‘knowing’. It will happen. So cool.


  105. Dianne

    This video touched me. Tingles, excitement, ah-ha, even a bit of tears. This guy is way cool! I’m in the midst of having the Universe talk much louder to me recently, and I”m trying to listen and begin. Like Mastin, I have an idea, but no idea of what to sell or what could be, but it’s going to be something!

    ps. I left Corp. America and am currently a massage therapist. I totally relate as my Mom keeps saying, “when are you going to get a “real” job?” (since MTs have no benefit packages and steady income).

  106. Sandra Medina

    Hi Mastin and Marie,
    I love Love LOVE this video. Thank you Mastin for sharing your story with us. I am a teacher and I love to teach. For the past 7 years of my life, I have been living my dream of teaching internationally in some really cool places. While I was teaching overseas, I developed a program that encourages and fosters dreambuilding through a strong community, belief in oneself, creativity and curriculum. It was the BEST year of my life. I felt inspired, creative and excited EVERY DAY. For me it was just fun but then many people started coming up to me telling me that I needed to do specifically this by developing my own program. That was funny to me at the time because I just saw it as “fun”. I went back into teaching at a regular school in Berlin and felt very unhappy and restricted because I did not have the freedom to teach my program. That being said, a divine moment occurred that “forced me” to leave. I am now at a crossroads and am saying “YES” to pursuing my dream. My dream is to create my own program and I wanna wanna wanna go to B-School when it is offered again.

    The biggest thing holding me back is being stuck on the “how is this going to happen?” and what do I do in the meantime to support myself? There is also this feeling that I am not good enough, smart enough, creative enough to pull something like this off (even though I did it once before for a whole year). And even like something bad will happen that won’t allow me to be successful.

    So far, I have been using clearing techniques such as TAT and EFT and visualization to get rid of those negative thoughts including Marie Forleo’s list of generating ANY ideas on how I can make this happen and watching her free training videos to put me into a state of thinking like an entrepreneur.

    Thank you SO much for posting this! I can already feel my energy shifting. You both are amazing and inspiring!

    • Dianne

      Love what you had to say. That is my wall (like most, I’d say).. the, fear of failure, I’m not good enough or smart enough, I just do enough to get by because it’s easier. The old money beliefs of, “there is not enough. I cannot afford that. I suck with money.” Oh, the list goes on. I will spend my life trying to conquer it though. It’s overwhelming.

      • Sandra Medina

        Hi Dianne,
        Thank you for reading my comment. It’s empowering to know that these are limiting beliefs and not the truth. Understanding this is the first step and is a life-changing thought as for so many years I believed it was the truth. Good luck on your journey. Great to connect with like-minded people.

  107. Karen Boyle

    Loved it! Brain on fire. Rejuvenated. Will watch again. Thanks so much, Marie, for bringing this to us.

    BTW, may I ask where you got your shirt – love that too!


    • Louise

      The “today’s outfit” shirt is from H&M (as well as the skirt)!
      Team Forleo

  108. Actionable insights:
    1. I will embrace my alone-ness and my community simultaneously. I need to be fearless to embrace my sole purpose whether others come with me on that journey or not. At the same time I need to stop isolating myself and reach out to more people and touch the love and the need for what I have to offer that exists in others. Alone/Community. Seems like a paradox but it is where my purpose is driving. I see he did that as well, reducing his physical and practical life to such a small place in order to reach out fully.

    2. Have faith. I struggle with this daily. Even though I have had many of the same types of moments that Mastin has had – being spoken to by the universe, seeing miraculous things unwind themselves and blossom in front of me… even my last 6 months of struggling to get through the hurdles of some surprise problems in my business… I have seen and known all these things and I still struggle to have faith. I need to have faith. Good heavens this has been a hard one for me. I’m a scientist as much as I am a spiritual person and I LIKE PROOF! But sometimes there isn’t any. Sometimes there is only a dream. I am actually freaky good at manifesting/wrangling results even in the middle of my doubt so I can only imagine what it would be like if I could somehow set the doubt aside.

    3. Keep the love in my business always. This has always been my way of doing things, even when it didn’t seem to be good practical business advice. So this isn’t really something I need to change but more of an affirmation of something I have been doing already and should grow and continue. It is lovely to hear that from a branding perspective THIS WORKS! 🙂 That people will fall in love with the love I offer, not my logo.
    And on that note, I’ve been here to spend a moment being more ME, and also offering more LOVE.
    So LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE going out to all reading this……

  109. Thank you sooo much for sharing this with us today. To be honest I’m feeling that reading this was divinely appointed for me and what I’ve been going through.

    Here are m 3 Action Steps:

    1- Continue to stand within the boundaries I’ve set for what others are able to speak into my life – my family’s expectations for me have been a major barrier to my dreams even though they do so out of love.

    2 – Thank myself for taking the time and effort to put my health & wellbeing before success and start enjoying the experience of the payoff that that brings

    3 – Be completely open to the idea of that dream that I once nurtured but let die (due to external expectations) coming true in the very near future.

    Thanks again!

  110. So many overlaps! First off, I’m sitting here with tea and my journal starting the day with writing and this little suggestion lines up to invite me, alas if speaking directly to me. Ha love it.

    Amelia Earhart was the first ‘hero’ I’ve ever had. As a young child I picked up her bio at the library and soared with her.
    My big dream for a while has been travel, a global journey with the intention of connecting to cultures and communities in remote areas of the world to share their solutions, their approaches to the many ups and downs of life and to share this with the western world.
    Part anthropologist, part gypsy, totally devoted to the human experience, to movement as muse.
    I hope to share this with you as an ongoing and heart-sourced work in progress.
    Thank you Mastin and Marie!
    Y’all are part of my 21st century tribe!
    Big love,
    Alexandra Moga

    Aka mogayoga

  111. Brilliant! Marie, you consistently serve with such great content, and you and your peeps are such wise ones.
    Mastin and his story just propelled me forward, as I am in the middle of unfolding my dream, which is to light up women to live their dreams, to live BIG, and sexy and full out…and in the process, we start looking and feeling more vibrant…younger!
    I got shot out of a spiritual cannon after my divorce. The Universe moved me from New Hampshire to NYC, and since then…
    I’ve produced my solo show comedy in NYC, “Hot Mama Mahatma”, (or I went to India to get enlightened but got turned on instead)!, I’ve just started my website and blog, and I’m writing my memoir on all this (based on a suggestion by our Pleasure Queen, Mama Gena). Oh yeah, and I’ve written and recorded a sassy song about that journey! (And of course, there’s the tv pilot script too)…oye!
    I’m building the brand. And slowly learning the technology (which has been the confounding part for me).
    And I needed this today. I’m in that moment of the big Q. WHY am I doing this? What guidance moved me to NYC and started this wild ride?
    Really? How can I serve and still make money?
    And Mastin and you provided me with such inspiration today. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Karen,
      Nice to see you here.
      Such an amazing video.
      Sounds like you are doing well.
      Enjoy the ride.
      Best Mary

  112. Ashley

    During the last few minutes of the conversation I had the thought that possibly the “fear of dying” for some people is letting that urge to have abundance or do something “great” go. That’s the dying that some are scared of: the death of the ego. Some feel the pull to do things that others end up learning from by their own choice, but some feel the pull to teach others, have the attention/appreciation/admiration of others, “make a difference” when you’re not quite sure how you want to do it. I think the latter is ego. It always feels stressful to me anyway when I’m feeling that way, and I feel lost as to what I need to do to satisfy that need. I don’t make money, but I have plenty of time for my two children which is a priceless blessing. My energy is often zapped, though, because my attention is on how much money we don’t have, and whether or not it’s because I’m not making any. I like what Mastin and Marie have to say and grateful for what they share, and I’m striving for clarity on whether ego or purpose is guiding me… Thanks!

  113. I’m trying to live my dream by my own standards right now and just do what makes me happy. I happen to be lucky enough to be able to do that because I have a wonderful husband who can support our family. And until my business starts making a profit, he just has to keep the faith.
    But I am writing, because Mastin’s comment about what does your child’s soul want really struck a cord with me. My kids are still young, but I’m going to try to remember that one for later! I also jotted down his quote “go out and live your adventure.” Thanks for those – and hopefully my three boys will thank you as well, many years in the future!

  114. Hi Marie and Mastin,

    Thank you so much for this video. I have been working on building my business for years and in the last few weeks there has been this overwhelming breakdown of confidence in my work. My dreams (like sleep dreams, not goal dreams), lately, have been saturated with negative iconography. I really needed this glimmer of positivity to help me keep moving forward.

    I love the part where Mastin spoke about things being a distraction, and that he began to only think about thinks in his direct path. I have always stressed about things that are so far out of my realm, and it has become poisonous to my sense of hope. I also need to be comfortable with my failures and see them as a point of reference to grow. I am a planner…I’m not comfortable with surprises, so I need to be able to say yes. Yes to my failures. Yes to my successes. Yes to the universe. But, at the same time, I need to say no to my friends’s and family’s projection of what my success should be.

    Thanks again for this uplifting video.


  115. Mastin…Im still not sure how you made money from the daily love? Do you hit a certain number of followers (emails) and then google ads contacted you? Just wondering friend:-)

  116. Emily

    my dream is be of service to women in addiction recovery. to give them even just a small piece of mind that I didn’t have when I first got sober.
    I know I was put on this earth to help others. this is my passion.
    xoxoxoxo!!! emily love

    • That is beautiful, Emily. What a cool dream & CONGRATS on your sobriety!

  117. This is fantastic. Thank you Marie and Mastin. I want to make people happy. Whenever I’m bursting with joy, peace, pure fulfillment, I always say to myself “I want everyone to feel this way.” I look in the mirror and I love my exterior, but my eyes go sooo far beyond that. My eyes go straight to my heart, my soul, my compassion and endless, boundless love. I want others to see the same thing when they look at themselves.

    We’re all more beautiful than we think. There is no way that we could know how wonderful we are. Only God has the capacity to understand that. He created us and he knows us so well. It really amazes me when I look into the mirror and I see this glowing, shining, loving girl smiling back at me, but I KNOW that I’m even more wonderful than I think I am. God sees me as 10X more beautiful than that.

    I love business and communications. Communications = Happiness. Your brand (Marie!) = happiness. New happiness is created from your brand because of communications. I love it! I’m passionate about spreading goodness. I’m thrilled to tell people about you, because they need you. They need happiness. They need peace.

    I love being with just myself and I’m ALWAYS with God, but it is so wonderful to also be able to be with people who bring you peace and speak and believe what you believe. I love that you crush the false and shine a light on the beautiful truth. You go Marie!

    Thanks again Mastin and Kip for this interview. This is one that I will watch many times over.

    Love, Mia

  118. Marie/Mastin,

    I am a great admirer. Especially of your achievements, youth and insightfulness. I only wish that twenty years ago the popularity of the metaphysical world, spiritual growth/development and connecting to universe had hit mass media. Your experiences resonate greatly with me. My challenge is that I do not hit your demographic as I am much older yet I am also a career changer/entrepreneur. n

    So in my own “Personal Notes of the Day” I’ve written:
    “Today: I surrender to my calling and the will of the universe. Ok, now here is the scary part, I ask myself yet understand the power of an affirmed statement set with intention, (“Am I” vs. “I am”) willing to sacrifice all, to give up everything, to be of service, to answer my calling, to disconnect from ego and outcome, to follow my soul’s purpose and surrender to the will of the universe (“?” vs. “.”)

    My reality is a bigger problem…I don’t know how to get there (where? to my authentic purpose, to my authentic success). I do not know how to write or execute a plan. As I discover those that I connect with, those that I feel could help, there is always money involved. Is it possible to grow a business with no money? I suppose, Mastin did it from an 8×8 room.

    Thank you for sharing!!

  119. My husband is playing the role of Mastin’s “parents”! This interview was so fantastic. That story about the conversation Mastin had with his parents brought tears to my eyes. I’ve had that conversation with my husband several times and he is still asking me the question, is not listening or recognizing the will behind my spirit, doesn’t play an active role, I feel his energy against mine (the unspoken word is a massive energy) and we are struggling because of it. I’m unwilling to relinquish my “dream” which is “taking too long to accomplish” in his mind, and sometimes mine, but I don’t give up, I can’t give up, because I know this is just my beginning, I am JUST getting started. I have to potentially face the “death” of my marriage to stay true to me and it is causing me to question the whole message and approach of society when it comes to tying two people together “for life”. Spousal and parental support is so key. We are fighters and no fighter goes into the ring alone, yet how come this isn’t understood in real life when it comes to fighting for our dreams? So inspired to keep fighting.

    • Hi Cheryl,
      I hear you loud and clear.
      I’m having the same problem with my husband.
      And this lack of communication and understanding is driving us apart.

      Being willing to support someone whether or not they understand what you’re doing is vital to a relationship. All your partner needs to know is that this is important to you and that it makes you happy and feel alive.
      I believe that that should be enough.
      Take care.

  120. I so resonate with this video. I remember when I started my first business at 26, many people told me it wouldn’t work. My lawyer, after reviewing the contract said, “I wouldn’t do this if my life depended on it”…well his didn’t, MINE did, so I absolutely went for it! I knew I’d rather take the risk and would prefer working at McDonald’s the rest of my life to pay back my debt over wondering the rest of my life “what if”….. that my soul couldn’t handle.

    Now at 40, and 6 businesses later, I can say the two biggest keys to my successes have been 1) Stopping often to check in –listening to my heart and course correcting if need be or continuing on with great leaps toward my dreams and 2) Trusting myself…that I am my own wise counsel first and foremost.

    Thanks for the awesome video Mastin and Marie. So real and inspiring! xo!

  121. “Part of being a successful entrepreneur is breaking up with your parents.”

    Smackdown. I feel responsible for my parents’ happiness in big ways, and I know that my success makes them happy, but if they don’t understand it, they get nervous. This has been a big problem in my personal life and in my business. From here on out, I’m not going to share my Big Ideas with my parents before putting them in action. Too many of them have died at birth in this way.

  122. This interview its so amazing! I must watch it again. Love to read everyones comments here, it feels like we are getting to know each other.
    My fears is so ridiculous but so painful to me! my biggest fear is that people …yes, strangers, will laught at me when i approach them with my service.
    Marie, thanks for this video!

  123. WOW thank you sooooooo much Mastin and Marie for this awesome awesome video I had chills the entire time and there is so much here for me it’s like Mastin was talking directly to me the entire time.
    I totally need to hear/see this and it came for me at such a great time – that alone is a message from the Universe that I should keep going and not give up!

    Thanks again

  124. LOVE this video!! Mastin is amazing and I look forward to my Daily Love email every day!
    My real passion is children. I get very emotional when children are treated unjustly. I feel very strongly about child nutrition. The current American food situation as it relates to children makes me ill. I am on the road to becoming a health coach and would really like to influence others to be healthy. I am also involved in a few children charities but would like to be more involved somehow. The universe will show me the way!

  125. Cristina Villalobos

    What I am doing now! I just want to inspire and share with the world about all aspects of health. I feel like their is a huge disconnection between the many different aspects of our selves and life in general, yet when we realize that every single thing is connected there is this huge aha! like no wonder my diet wasn’t working, no wonder my relationships were drowning, no wonder I couldn’t commit or stick to my goal! no wonder I was thinking such thoughts…the list could go on forever. Yet when we develop some awareness around our inner life, miracles start to happen! Something that holds me back is still the opinion of others, which I am working on. And lastly, if I knew I was dead already, I would dare to love more & allow myself to be in an intimate relationship. I’ve had issues with trust and intimacy, and I am starting to really want to let go & let love! Cheers to healthy living everyone!

  126. Amazing! I was speaking with my husband last night about Amelia Earhart. She might not have died instantly in a plane crash! She actually might have lived on in paradise! Food for thought…

    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep inspiring those around you no matter how you feel or what you do. It will make you feel better in return. That is the gift of giving!

    I will share two of my favorite quotes Mastin and Marie!

    The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his education and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he is always doing both.
    -author unknown

    Dr. Suess Said: “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”

  127. I am an Ayurveda Wellness Counselor and writer. My actionable insights are:
    1. Be it, live it, know it.
    2. Write and post every Wednesday
    3. Study study study Ayurveda and learn as much as possible.

    Thank you, Mastin and Marie!

  128. Marie,
    Fabulous inspiring video. This was just what I needed in my inbox this morning. You are wonderful!

  129. Ling

    Marie and Mastin,

    Thank you so much for this video. I’ve had tears rolling down my eyes since watching it. It has really helped illuminate the pain I feel inside and connected me with my own doubts and fears on a very deep level.

    I have a huge dream to create luxury homes, hotels and yachts around the world and have flagship stores in New York, Paris, Hong Kong and London selling luxury decor objects. My brand is about living like royalty and bringing back beauty and grace to our surroundings. My dream has been belittled so many times, especially professional coaches, whom I was more forthcoming with than friends because I never expect friends to understand — but the professionals would tell me I’m unrealistic, stop dreaming, and that what I want is not even a remote possibility. Words that really stab right into my heart.

    I’ve divorced my parents long ago and pretty much cut off contact with everyone who is unsupportive, but people’s sarcasms and belittling voices have stayed with me. I’ve held back on starting my dreams for 10 years and I still hold back. I’ve started many things that weren’t my dream, but stuff around it thinking it will bring me closer. But it just feels like “what’s the point of that, just dive right into it!”

    What’s holding me back is lack of faith in myself and lack of faith in the Universe to support me. Mastin, I am trying to be in a feminine place of receptivity like you said, and not have to be in survival mode. I’m so, so, so scared. But because of this video and all of you here, I don’t feel so alone now.

  130. WOW.
    Thank you.
    Picking up that buried dream and living it–wearing it around like a Lady Gaga headress…
    We all die, right? How many of us really live?

    Mastin, my intuition has been telling me for years that complete honesty and transparency is the new marketing. The old posturing and manipulation is on its way out. That’s why I love Marie, and now love you. 🙂

    Good on you both for being genuine and working to change this world, and for sharing this information freely. So much for me to think about and act upon!

    • The good old psychology has worked for thousands of years and keeps being rediscovered… mainly because it nudges a few people off the fence. There have always been a lot of people on those fences, and we can arguably do them some good they come down and sit in the grass over here.
      It makes the numbers look fantastic when you use a few tried and true gimmicks. That’s worth a good 1% of your lifetime sales. Maybe 2%. But if you stop there, and leave the integrity and “authentistry” behind, you’re killing the 98% that comes from being genuine, developing and refining your skill, character, and charisma. Give folks what they paid for. Character in particular takes time and failure, mistakes, embarrassment, and just a dash of heart-wrenching regret.
      You need to open up every “weapon of influence” in your ample bag of tricks just to motivate yourself to always do what’s right, since an internet professional can hide behind a velvet curtain and a puff of smoke for quite a while, even longer with clever video editing, and faces some temptation to steal from their future by taking little shortcuts in the beginning. If it takes people 200 years to find out I’m a schmuck, that’s too soon for me. I want to know how Archimedes and Aristotle built lasting integrity. I’ll still cast a touch of a skeptical eye at that young whipper-snapper, that hotshot lawyer turned politician, Abe Lincoln. Not so sure about that kid.

  131. Great Interview Marie and Mastin,
    I really appreciated the focus on BEING and allowing the universe to give you what you are being. I often get caught in the doing and realize I am becoming stressed and out of energetic integrity with my dreams and vision. Then the universe hand me more stress and lack.

    You asked what was holding us back. I am going to be totally honest about this and even writing this is challenging for me. One thing for me is definitely around family. My spiritual philosophy is very different from that of my family and especially different from that of my husband’s family. I have fears about being “out” and famous as a goddess-worshipping yogini in his family of conservative Christians. I hold myself back because my true vision includes connecting with goddess energy, sensuality, sexuality, embracing and reclaiming powerful feminine source energy and their prayers to “lord” do not feel safe to me. I know I am not standing in my full light when I am with them. I feel like I can be in my power within my own community, but putting it out on the internet make me feel much more vulnerable. I avoid being true to myself out of fear of rejection and persecution. It feels like big stuff for me and so I hide and make myself small so I do not have to deal with the possible outcomes. As I write this I realize the time is now to be BIG! to be brave to be fully myself and allow whatever happens happen because hiding my true self is slowly killing me!
    Thank you again for all you do!!

  132. Erin

    First of all, I am sending this particular to my brothers. This man reminds me of them. I have never sent them anything as they tend to be know-it-alls.
    Secondly, I love how accountable he is. Admittedly, I am not always so, and it is incredibly refreshing to watch another human being in total action not just talking about it.
    Thirdly, the way he spoke to his mother, that is EXACTLY what I teach my clients. He did not make her wrong, but simply told her how he felt every time she did or said what she did, and then gave her the consequence if she continued. Made the choice hers, but either way loved himself more. LOVE IT!!

    My heart gets fluttered with excitement when I watch certain videos, and this was one of them.
    What stops me are other people and their thoughts or opinions. I battle it every day. I am the 4th child of 8 kids. I have everyone around me who is competing for higher intelligence in my family. And I never ranked towards the top.
    If I assert my own opinion, and it all challenges theirs, they beat it down. Even if they do not consciously mean to. But damn, they are good at it!
    And, because I am not, X, Y, Z, etc., (from what I am told or my interpretation of what I am told) I cannot be or have what I have wanted.
    Just because, the people in my life have not.

    I have to go back to figuring out what my dreams were in the first place. I do not even remember.
    Over the years, when you really think you cannot, you then think you are not good enough, you tend to find other dreams in which to replace them.
    I have to figure out what they are again.

  133. Rebecca

    OMG, amazing!!! Exactly what I needed to hear today. I completely agree with everything Mastin said and how he said it was so eloquent. I had the chills each time he said “I still get the chills when I hear those words.” We are on the same page. 😀 It’s hard to remember all of this when you’re living the day in and day out of trying to build a business, so it was nice to be brought back to this place. I am going to print out a few of these quotes and tape them on my wall above my computer so that I am constantly reminded.

  134. Thank you for the wonderful video Marie and Mastin. I love the change of biz pace and switching it up.

    Mastin is awesome, loving the quotes. I felt like he was speaking about my own journey of consciousness and losing 215 lbs, but in different terms.

    Great content Marie, keep it up!

    • Louise

      You definitely have an amazing journey as well!
      Team Forleo

  135. Sg Andrea

    I am a 42 years old immigrant, that followed a dream 7 years ago, the American dream, and here I am living in New York City, working for Cornell University, studying to become a health coach and raising my 10 years old daughter to follow her dreams because I know that you can achieve those dreams if you put your heart on it. But what you do after your dream came true? Well you dream again.

    On Augost 24 I will be resigning to my very security job (a city job with benefit), in NYC to move to southeastern Kentucky, and become something like a urban immigrant girl in the middle of a farm, hillbilly kind.

    Sound crazy, I know but I want to live a healthy life, for me and family and start a business that help people independent of their culture background or where they live, to become more healthy.

    This morning I watch the video, and even I had this dream for a while and I am stuck in several aspect, I decide to start my journey today, so I ride to my job and informed my boss about my decision…

    Ready or not here I am, one step at the time.

    And you know what! It feels really good

    • Sg, I agree about after making your dream you dream again. My husband and I sold everything, moved onboard a sail boat, and sailed around the world – all after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and we were told not to go. We went anyway, and my book about our journey, Go Anyway: Sailing Around the World with Parkinson’s is in its second printing.
      My new dream: That Go Anyway will read thousands of people, to inspire them, and show them that you can live your dreams. And my other new dream: That the jewelry I love to make out os glass also reaches hundreds of admirers, to bring them joy and enhance their beauty. I’m taking Marie’s B-School in order to further both dreams, to get in touch with the parts of me that may be holding back, and to let them go, to let my love out to shine.
      Good for starting on your second journey – you’ve taken the most important step, the first one.

  136. As Mastin was talking, it reminded me of my beginnings. No job, no home, two dogs, two horses, not much money and being stalked by an ex. I moved into a 12×12 room on a farm way, way out of town. No phone, no cell, no internet! But hey, that was just the beginning!

    I love your guests Marie, they’re great. Thank you for you messages each Tuesday. I really look forward to learning something new and today, reminiscing the early days. I’m so glad I din’t allow the reality of the circumstances, to overshadow my dream.

  137. LOVE IT!!! thank you so much, actions to take forward =
    1) focus on service and my creator
    2) internalise and be my vision board
    3) give space to my dream to write and
    4) moving forward without the need for the good opinion of others

    BIG LOVE to you xx Malika xx

  138. Marie & Mastin, what a fabulous video. I’ve been following the Daily Love since, as one commenter said, “It was jut quotes and Tee-shirts” The quote always inspired me and I often share them with my peeps on my FB page. Once gain, I can’t say if I enjoyed the video or all of the amazing comments more. I love you both! You inspire my journey. 😉

  139. My dream has always been to inspire people to live lives of purpose and passion. However, the biggest thing holding me back right now is my financial dependence on my mother. I haven’t really allowed myself to pursue anything wholeheartedly because I know that If I fail, my mother will pick up the pieces. It’s made me a lazy, irresponsible bum and I’m so over it. Today I refused to accept her offer of financial assistance even though I’m temporarily out of funds. I’m officially breaking up with her and developing a new relationship with money. Words can’t express how much this video has changed me. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Alana

      Your post has alarmed me somewhat. “Breaking up with your mother and developing a new relationship with money”? I sounds like excuses rather than explanations. If you really are lazy, irresponsible and a moocher, then those are the issues at hand. Your mother is probably your biggest fan.

      Through my own journey, I never asked my mother for a single cent, until the bottom fell out of everything when I was 40 years old. She was never offended that I ‘didn’t’ ask her for help, and she was more than happy to get right in next to me, and do the dirty work, while I was tweaking my dream.

      Please “Don’t burn your bridges”.

  140. This is by far one of the best videos yet, what an amazing guest! I love his truthfulness. We can all relate.

  141. Fantastic interview!! “Even Oprah is a shiny penny” … LOVED that part! There are so many nuggets I took away from this, but mostly that I’m on my right path. I still personally feel somewhat blocked from what I’m striving for, and I know I’m doing that to myself, but I don’t know why. I’m simply now open to finding out what the block is, and removing it!! Things like this interview are such an inspiration to me, so thank you for that!!

    • I LOVED that comment too Lorri about Oprah! It’s so good to be reminded that the shiny pennies show up when you focus on what you’re doing it for…..great interview, thanks!
      Kay x

  142. Very inspiring! Thank you! What’s holding me back from my “dream?”
    Since yesterday at noon, nothing is holding me back from my dream.
    I am working on it right now through b-school, module 1. My “Ideal Customer Avatar” is so real to me that I almost asked her out to lunch this morning. And by getting inside her head, I’m creating some really exciting copy for my business which would not have happened had I not done this exercise.

    • Louise

      Love it Patricia!
      Team Forleo

  143. Dona Tracy

    I simply can’t believe how this video enabled me to hone in on my single most dream for my self. I have been struggling with my website and blog… not knowing what it was for really. Yes, it is about making money but it is also about something deeper for me. I want to sell my photographs but also I want to impart something that is unique and important to who I am and also for my potential clients. And it is all about love. Funny how deep this goes and how key it is for me. So deep that I just thought of it as kid stuff. As a child, I dreamed of animals, being surrounded by them… they were always there for me when times were roughest and I felt alone. They were/are my teachers. For 25 years I operated a sanctuary for birds of prey which I founded in 1982. It was a magical place but it had a huge down side in that it consumed my life with worry about the beings in my care and money to keep it going. The sanctuary closed and I was pretty lost. But my other love in life took over recently, photography. Long story (already!) but this video gave me what I needed in terms of focus and what I can give to the world with my knowledge and abilities. I mostly take pictures of animals and wild life because that is where my heart is. People love my work for which I am so grateful. They especially like the stories behind my photos and that is what I can give. I have decided to title my blog “The Nature of Things” Thank you so much for helping me!

  144. Therese

    Just finished watching this video. I’m overwhelmed with fear and joy. I’m going through one of the worst times in my life but this video basically confirms many things that I truly believe. In some ways I pushed forward with my dreams and other ways I’ve sabotaged myself- still in the process of figuring all that out.

    Now, I am in a position where I feel it’s now or never. I have dreams and visions (not goals, visions) that are bigger than the universe. Sitting at my mom’s kitchen table on my busted lap top- it’s just hard to see it through and still be conscious of my current reality.

    Could write a novel and a screenplay about this… maybe I should.

    Thank you Marie for sharing this video with me and for all that you do.
    God Bless you and continued success.

  145. Dear Marie & Mastin,

    First off I’m generally not an emotional person….passionate yes, but I tend to keep my emotional feelings to myself. Which I have found in turn makes me very judgemental and this has never served me well. So as I sat (twice now) looking at this video I can’t stop crying. Mastins honesty and your commitment to yourself and us really touched my heart. With that said my three actionable insights are…

    1. FUCK my fears…they have no place in my DREAMS. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. I have to hold my dreams in a higher vibrational space than my fears.

    2. Acknowledge my feelings…if I don’t honor them then who the hell else is going to. It starts with me…I have to be accountable and not hope and pray that others will.

    3. Stop hiding who I am. I am a funfrickintastic chick with amazing amounts of love, creativity and honesty to give. I will honor it or for dam sure be prepared to loose it.

    Thank you so much Marie & Mastin…you honor yourselves and your dreams and for that you are a blessing to yourselves and to the Universe at large.


  146. OH Man! Love this video… thanks Marie for deciding, in your infinite wisdom, not to edit it down. My plan is to figure out how to vibrate on a high enough frequency so that I can one day make love to this man and suck the life force out of him from the inside out (no pun intended). Is it wrong that I thought dirty thoughts when at the end of the video he smiled while pointing and saying “down there”… niiiiice. 😉

    On a serious note his message from the universe “this room is the size of your faith but it is enough” totally resonated with me. The fear I am overcoming is one of faith.. I struggle to trust that if I truly invest in this business I will reap what I sow. My challenge is giving it my all when there is no guarantee.

    thanks marie… and thanks… what’s his name?… mani-something.. what ever your name is… i’ll just call you hottie. 🙂 Adored this video and will definitely watch it again.


    • Louise

      He’s Mastin Kipp, and he is easy on the eyes!
      Team Forleo

  147. Ooooooooooo….so much goodness in this. I’ve just started following and creating my dreams, helping other people connect with their soul fire and so making their own dreams possible.

    Asking myself, right now, what is the size of my faith? What am I really saying yes to?

  148. Wow. Definitely one of the best videos yet. It is SO important to BE in the NOW who it is you are visualizing yourself to be. And I love what Mastin said about loving the ego, and fear of death. I’ve had to deal with both in my dance with cancer (twice!). I get scared when I think about it coming back, yet I also wonder what would happen if I loved and accepted it for what it teaches me on the path?

    I’ve been cancer free for years and have been rocking it in my coaching business and as an avid mountaineer and wild woman, and it humbles and softens me when I am reminded of the vulnerability of life and to confront fear of death so intimately through what cancer has taught me. I had a weak (or maybe strong!) moment recently and it woke me up again (feel free to check it out at )

    THANK YOU Marie for this. So many lessons and affirmations!

  149. I completely relate to Mastin’s experience of having things fall apart.

    I am a ceramic artist who two weeks ago lost half of the work I had made since January in a kiln accident. The stack of shelves crashed to the floor while I was loading the kiln. It was devastating to see my hard work and dreams of finished pieces in pieces on the floor.

    Then on Memorial Day, I tripped over my big, fluffy dog and broke my left wrist. I am waiting for the doctor to decide whether or not surgery will be necessary.

    The first incident created a huge doubt as to whether or not I should continue in ceramics. The second one made me tempted to seal the deal.

    BUT, and someone once told me that the truth comes after the but, an interesting occurrence has happened. I have started looking at parts of my business that I have neglected. These are “the important, need to do if you hope to successful types of things”. Before, there never seemed to enough time to focus on them. The irony is that these tasks are taking even more time with my current physical limitations.

    The situation also has me thinking about my ceramic work. It is making me question what direction I want to pursue artistically in that work.

    I have decided that these setbacks are a bump in the road and a kick in the butt to focus on what’s important in my life. All of this is going to take time. I know that I will feel frustration along the way, but the one thing I currently have is an abundance of is time.


  150. One of my biggest set backs has been feeling under-qualified to do my “great work”. So to stop making that excuse, I signed up for two classes this summer to increase my professional knowledge and get my hands dirty.

    This was such an awesome video. Thank you!

  151. My dream feels crazy and yet it keeps calling me to action. This video resonated deeply for me. May I find the strength, courage and finances to keep moving forward in uniting heart and business.

    Thank you Marie for following your heart. You inspire me to not give up.

  152. Very moving interview for sure. So true about how we all have these dreams inside. Cool thing is, more and more people are popping up and saying that they did it. Like, we all have this potential to “birth” these dreams (which is so cliche) but the reality if we feed these inner sparks they can be borne! Diggity dag, I feel ENLIGHTENED. Your light got into me. Thank you both. This morning I had this new frame for “rose colored glasses.” All of sudden I got this thought about how many ways there are to see (our perception) and the more dreams fulfilled we see, the more dreams fulfilled we see. Anyway, TRES MUCHO DANKE.

  153. Amy

    WOW! I drank in that information as if I had gone days without water! I already feel forever changed. I’ve been going through a real transformation over the past year and Mastin’s testimony was so encouraging; it felt like it was the exact message I needed to hear at this point in time. I was not familiar with Mastin or The Daily Love before this video (so thank you Marie!) but I sit here in awe. I am so impressed by his authenticity, courage, and spiritual maturity. I strive for the same and know I will get there. I related to him so much and it’s just so comforting to know that he exists and Marie exists and that they are putting so much good into this world and having a real impact. I’m ready to just be myself and be unapologetic about my dreams. Thank you for that push!

  154. Hope

    This is wonderful! Thank you both! I love when Mastin talks about deciding to conduct himself as if he’s already made it, not in an arrogant way, but in a frequency/vibration way. I’m heading towards my dream and I won’t give it up. But I think maybe the biggest thing holding me back is that I’m conducting myself like someone who’s struggling to make it instead of with the love and confidence of someone who’s already there. Thanks for challenging me!

  155. Fio

    The hardest part for me is the having dreams in the first place!! It was the same after high school for me…what to take in post-secondary?? Didn’t figure it out, so didn’t go – how silly is that? Maybe I’m just in my head too much:)
    Great video! I think I need to listen to the “resonating” part as the first step. Maybe I need to ask for inspiration…or act as though I am inspired already? Hmm, that sounds like a good place to start. Thanks!

  156. ‘if you knew you were already dead and had nothing to lose what would you do?’ I would not be afraid of expressing my own truth, I would not be looking for approval. I would move to hawaaii or australia, I would travel more and I would hold seminars, be on TV do som public speaking and tell people my story of how being told I had 6-12 months to live changed my life. I got out of my head and inside my heart!! 🙂 what is stopping me? for some reason I am thinking money.. i feel that I need money to give me freedom… like I need to get my book published and finish my doctorate before I can fully step into my own truth. Maybe i am thinking of it the other way round and need to think about freedom first and the monet will come after..? I accepted a new job in a rehab when what I wanna do is publish my book and travel the world getting paid for helping others. I will also offer skype sessions. I need to be a healer but not exhaust myself.. i need to tell my story but getting a book published should be effortless when the right time comes, right?Thats it my intention is out there thank you xx

  157. Is it possible to have an mp3 download podcast of this interview?. I would love to listen to it daily! I appreciated the honesty, clarity and wisdom shared. My ah-ha is that this is the biblical principal of laying down your life…going thru the eye of the needle and so much more that is in all sacred texts. Thank you for living it and making it clear for our modern world.

  158. Daily Love has so much good “stuff” in it! I have been getting it for a long time and often wondered how he could keep putting this great stuff out into the world without asking for anything in return. I guess this should have been the time that I offered something up…anyway…now I know! Thanks for sharing this.

  159. This video came at the most perfect time. I cannot thank you enough for sharing.

    I am concerned about the success of my business. I let fear and doubt rule my head yesterday. However, I know that this business is what I am meant to do and I love it so dang much, so I am just going to keep pouring that passion in it and trust…

  160. Manu

    My dream at this day is to get my two sons back, aged 5 and 3, so that they can live with me as they wish to.

  161. calvin

    This is what i am talking about live your dream and love everything around you. Thank you for sharing it with me

  162. that was the best 27:56 minutes of this here life … many a church sermons … can not begin to compare … It’s a love kinda day.

  163. So so inspiring. As I watched this I wrote down my demands of the universe. Opened myself up to the opportunities available. Saying yes to my dreams! Love every part of this video. Once again, Marie, you have lit the fire in me.

  164. Wow, very powerful and EXACTLY what I needed to hear today and I know it was no accident. I hadn’t heard of Mastin or The Daily Love before today, but it has already had a huge impact on my thinking and my direction from here on out. Thank you both.

  165. Thank you so much for this video. It is amazing how the universe provides for you what you need when you need it. I am currently on my path. That in it self is exciting to write as its the first time I’ve been able to say that and really believe it myself. This video has reinforced what I already knew inside but maybe wasn’t willing to believe before I hear it elsewhere first. I am 29 and in Mastin’s word’s “having to break up with my parents” though I know they love me and want financial security for me, I constantly get the question of “so when are you going to drop this and get a ‘real’ job?” Thank you for the concept on how to approach that conversation with them.
    And Maria, thank you for being amazing and spreading the word for all of us crazy entrepreneurs out there!! <3

  166. Great video! I went to bed last night feeling very discouraged. I started a bag line called “Jolie Bags”.
    A friend a few months back asked me to teach her to sew. She brought me a picture of a lace shirt and I helped her make it. I posted it on etsy for her and now she is selling them consistently at a nice price. I posted my bags with not so much luck. The difference i think is our pictures. She had a model friend who took pictures in her shirt. I layed mine on a blanket and tried to make them look good but it really does them no justice.
    I really just want to share my bags and help women express themselves and feel pretty. Which is how I got the name for them.. Jolie means pretty in French. It’s hard to not throw in the towel after seeing her instant success and keep going. Also if you have any suggestions on how to take great pictures of products on a budget I would love it. I have since added a small story on my page from your last video about how to stand out in a crowd. Your truly inspiring. Thanks again

  167. Thank you so much for having him on Marie! I have seen Mastin Kipp around in other people’s photos and posts, but I never looked him or his business up to see what they were about. I have to say this was probably my fav episode of MarieTV to date, and I would love to see Mastin back on again at some point. Here are my 3 take-away messages:

    1. Your parents aren’t God. – I love this because I find myself addicted to what my parents think and how they measure success, so this is just beautiful. It really pushes you to trust your gut regardless. I have had similar conversations with my parents about going for my dream and now recognize how much of a growing experience that was. (I actually did a vlog recently titled “Sometimes, You Just Need a Hole in the Nose” that addresses this same point but in a different way.)

    2. You need to be a little crazy to be an entrepreneur. – When Mastin talked about how going for your dream means going against everything we’ve been conditioned to believe will help us survive, that so resonated with me! Is this idea scary? Hell yeah! But I couldn’t agree more that it is so worth it!

    3. I would rather die living my dream than being a slave to someone else. YES! YES! YES! I have felt the same way for awhile now and find that no matter how hard life gets having the freedom to pursue your dream is what gets you through. Being in the uncertainty of life and following your calling no matter what is what keeps you in that state of abundance, and that is something I never want to lose.

  168. Maria and Mastin~ Thank you! thank you! Everything you shared is exactly what is happening in my life right now – last saturday gave notice to leave a job that is not my passion- & unsure where my next income stream will come from – but I left because it is vital I focus on my life purpose. I started HeART Jen- Inspiring & Promoting Self Love last year and have NOT been consistent with it. I am realizing – consistency in putting out valuable content is what I need to change and focusing on building my dream!

  169. How beautiful someone who’s walking the walk is!! Thank you both Marie and Mastin for sharing!

  170. Hey there Unisista!
    So I was living the once in a lifetime dream of manifestations, or so I thought. After 5years of silently writing some brilliant shit to save the world (Mideast) , I somehow landed the lottery ticket! My own talk show aired in 20countries in the Mideast to empower and inspire young women to understand they actually DO have the power even without all the women’s rights movements that we, in the west fought for the hard way.

    Irony…that’s all I have to say. So on the 4th day of filming, the topic I designated was courage and overcoming failure. Get this Marie, are you sitting down? 9:30 am and I just broke down the toughest girl to reveal her deepest ouchie and BAMMM the bombings of Southern Lebanon begin that July 13, 2006. So a 70 person film crew and 6 dynamic girls that represent a cross section of the mid east Young Arab women and we have to freikin evacuate In and out of Lebanon dodging bombs in 1/2 an hour.

    Crying all the way down the mountain, I knew my 5years of planning and finally landing this dream to save the world thru the women of the screwed up Mideast was jeopardized thru the fate of the cursed land. The same lesson that I was about to teach proved I was not worthy to teach. This “stumbling down the mountain” took until today June 5 , almost 6 years later to realize from Mastin that I am still living in an 8ft pool house.

    I created and diverted to something else, which fortunately, I am blessed that I do love and am passionate about , helping “heal” so I launched a skin care formula that deals with serious problem skin. I inherited the formula from my medical family. Just about to go “big” with it and doing damn well!

    BUT, BUT, BUT, I can’t keep denying that I have a bigger formula. That can heal more …heal deeper…and heal serious wounds…and that is me. I was blessed that I can speak fluent Arabic and yet I’m totally westernized, blond, blue eyed white girl (but I can dance)! The reason I say that is I can reach a wider audience because I don’t look like “them” so in their minds I bring credibility from the big bad west ( that they secretly admire).

    I’m hiding behind my new company ELAJ . Thats why i named it that…it means “healing” in several languages. Where the “real”healing goes beyond the epidermal levels. And I need to get there, deeper and dig more.

    Shovel in hand, I’m on it. thanks Marie, Mastin, no more snooze buttons for me.

    Busy digging,

  171. Anne

    I love this! I shared it on fb. The biggest take away for me was Mastin keeping his focus on service even when Oprah came calling. I loved how he said she was a “shiny penny”, and a distraction, not the goal. I think that focus on service is really the secret to not giving up. Thank you, Marie! I am a big fan of these interviews ~ loved the one with Gabrielle, too!

  172. Oh my. Sitting on a lunch break in my corporate job conference room … tearing up, nearly crying at this once sentence said:

    “This room is the size of your faith.”

    This is SO POWERFUL. To me, to you, to all of us.

    Thank you Marie, for sharing this video. By far, this is THE best ever, that totally resonates for me. Big love to you girl.

    Rosa ox

  173. Barbara

    Fantastic interview with Mastin. ‘Service, Surrender and Impact’. I ‘m gonna remember those words of his as I create my new path. But will definitely have to watch it again and again cos there are so many pearls in there.

  174. I don’t know about the rest of you but I think I just fell in love!!! LOL

    So much wisdom in this video , thank you Marie for hosting this interview, thank you Mastin for sharing and affirming that handsome young men whom speak to the universe exist!

    My passion herbalism and spirituality. I remember as a young rebellious teenager I swore to NEVER work because I HAVE to, to only do things I love and believe, so far so good, I’m raising 3 kids and now starting on my mission to bring herbalism back mainstream and inspire people to awaken to their true selves and the interconnectedness of all life.

    Thank you Mastin for reminding me to say YES to life and sharing your journey,
    Now off to sign up for the Daily Love

  175. This is an amazing video and it totally inspires me! “Surrender” is the weakest part of my personality. I always read the last pages of books because I want to know the results. I am learning to let go and trust the universe for my money coaching business (I talk to the universe all the time too:)-). The first week of B-School has helped me to think deeper about my business model and I have felt that I can create programs that are fun and helping people in the same time for my business!

  176. kathleen rose

    Dear Marie,
    I have been following your videos for some time now and I just want to say how incredibly grateful I am to have found them at this point in my life. You’re a beacon of hope and inspiration!

    This one really spoke to me. I am young, 24, out of college and very confused. I am dealing with so many of these issues now. My parents would not be happier if I were stuck in an office job with benefits for the rest of my life. But I couldn’t be less interested in that! At some point I will have to ‘divorce’ them and I was so glad to hear how Mastin did that, as well as how he got through the hard period. I totally agree with him that I’d rather be broke and following my dream than making money but dying a coward.

    My dream is it be making a living off of my writing, art, and creativity, and inspiring and teaching others too. I don’t know how it will work out at this point, but this video really spoke to me. I love the part about vibrating and resonating at a frequency and ‘being’ that person on your vision board. This video definitely raised my frequency just watching it. Thanks.

  177. As I sat here and watched I’m taking notes on your vision and how much I want to have that website that my audience asks me for that inspires them every single day with every positive thing I give out…and what the hell stops me? I could NOT have a bigger sign that it’s time. Your video comes right when I started Maria’s B-School. It comes when I have been faced with the death of my father and best friend who died suddenly last fall and I’ve gotten through it and I literally got off the phone with my mother this morning who called me the first time in months to wish my happy birthday at the time I was born and said “this could either make or break your day” and I got off that phone in such tears of tremendous letting go that I can’t even stand it because I finally got that THIS IS MY dream and my life. THAT was my birthday present today and THIS video. This will happen and can happen and I thank you for your inspiration both of you guys!!

  178. Elizabeth

    Wow! I feel so inspired to go do something. I’ve been following Marie for a couple years now because I love her energy and her no-nonsense get up and go attitude! Obviously for a couple years (or more!) I haven’t been like that because I’m still doing’ the same old same old.

    This video has given me an extra push to fly where my dreams take me and get out of the awful victim mentality that I all too often end up with! I also am going to take on the challenge to not only become my own person in the eyes of my parents but also my husband! I’ll never please everyone, and it clicked today that the only thing that’s really worth it is living true to my heart. So specifics:
    1. Stop using, “what will my husband think?” instead use, “what will I think down the road?”
    2. Use my journal to refind my dreams and interests.
    3. Have the courage to not only say Yes! to following them but to Yes! being them.

    I believe it’s possible. Thanks Marie!

  179. Ashley

    Both Marie and Mastin, I really hope you read this!

    I do photography and I’ve always thought it was my calling, as I am 21 and that is what everyone in the entire world seems to be telling me. I am damn good and not ashamed to say it!

    But lately I’ve realized I miss my 15 year-old Youtube days, where I had countless people complimenting my humor, telling me I’m so unique and that I’m “going to be big one day.” I stopped making videos a long time ago, and I’ve always had a panging guilt about it, yet I ignored it and continued to solely do photography.

    Unfortunately the world has seemed to be against me the past two years and I can’t catch a break! Between various breaking laptops and computers, the weather that would never get better, cars breaking down, etc etc….I have not been able to reach the success I’d hoped for in this amount of time.

    Then one day I went to Barnes and Noble with no intention of buying anything. I had recently gotten very interested in health, fitness, and nutrition….and that is when I picked up Crazy Sexy Diet. Needless to say, Kriss absolutely changed my life, and my kitchen and body are very different now. I’ve always been one to follow my heart, but her book gave me the extra push I needed at the time. I made a vision board, and it majorly stressed fitness and just overall finding peace and happiness within myself.

    Moving onto today, I cannot shake the feeling of needing to return to Youtube to the point it is making me sick. Along with photography and fitness, I love to act, sing, draw, write……Something is eating me away for not sharing my other talents and helping people, while I rather just sit here only editing my photos! I came on here to work and ended up watching this video and crying. Mastin, you said everything so perfectly as to what I’ve been trying to explain to my mother without sounding crazy.

    Now, onto buy a new video camera!
    And if you’re in need of photography services…. 😉

  180. Organic Growth, YO! I am loving both Marie and Mastin and want to say thank you thank you thank you!!! I’m embracing taking The Sacred Beauty Project in new directions. My question is this: I’ve been on the verge of celebrating being sexy as a healthy and wellbeing piece that is essential and yet have been projected upon most of my life with the creepy side of being sexy. I’ve had a hard time placing what sexy is in The Sacred Beauty Project. I’ve always felt it in a wholesome, nourishing, non creepy way and recently, I’m seeing more of my kind, women who are embracing the sexy factor without the sleaze. The Sacred Beauty Project is recognized BUT I have no idea how much or how well. I’m considering introducing another aspect of the project that will carry the kind of pure, very clean, “almost” tossing out sexy vibe and message of The Sacred Beauty Project AND this aspect would be given a new name that actually includes the word sexy in it. The idea is to marry the pure sense of self worthiness that is the backbone of The Sacred Beauty Project with this refreshing perspective on what sexy really is to me: aliveness, joy, health, vitality, wellbeing, flirting, good clean fun energy exchange that is still sacred not scary and edgy but not destructive. Any thoughts on how to nail this name change or would you advise against it?

  181. LOVE LOVE LOVE it, thanks Mastin and Marie for bringing this message out. In building my business I read so much about building my list, and reaching my target audience, and all I could think was, god F*** that. I need to get in line with my higher self, get my message cooking and going, and be true to THAT. The rest will come.

    It’s tough though, like you said, letting go of financial security to do this, especially with a small family. It can seem totally crazy. But I know that doing anything else would drive me mad.

    Thanks also for the insight about the size of your faith…. Guess I better get back to writing, as THAT has always been my dream.

    Thank you and many blessings

  182. “Your faith is the size of this room. And that is enough.”

    Being a non-religious person, I’ve always had an uncomfortable relationship with the word faith, and yet in this story from Mastin, I finally felt like I got it. This knowing that things will work out. That this moment is a tiny part of a greater story. That this too shall pass. And yet in this moment there is the greatest opportunity to double down, to show to myself and everyone around me that THIS is my lifelong purpose and I’m not going anywhere.

    My 3 double-down action steps are:

    1) Contact Mastin and ask him to mentor me again (He was my coach in 2011). Done.
    2) Finally send out the email to everyone in my contact book letting them know that I am open for business! By: 6/07.
    3) Set aside an hour a day to focus on RHH B-School lessons and funsheets!

    Oh Marie, you are the best!
    With love,

  183. This is such a powerful, inspiring interview. I’m a HUGE fan of both Mastin &, of course, you, Marie. So- thanks for bringing together two of my fave web peeps -xo

  184. Elena

    Mastin’s choices sound like my own when I was his age and delusional. His get-off-my-back-because-I-have-to-do-what-I-have-to-do-is gritty and real! Wish I had that spontaneity today.

  185. Oooooohhhh!!! Loved it. I have a big soul crush on Mastin. He is such a great storyteller and what a story to tell! So many gems about perserverance and believing in one’s vision. The Mom talk was the best. And thanks, Marie, for sharing your decision about not having kids. As for me, I realized that I want to perform more and travel more. Now to adapt my business model accordingly…

  186. Thanks Marie & Mastin,

    Great content today. My take aways are 1-without action, it’s useless, 2- find my why/ emotion first, 3- keep focus on dream, service & surrender,

    So, it’s time for me to clarify & live my dream to help others BE & live their best, maybe “Bravo Marketing”

    What do you think of the name? I want it to be a service to help individuals & small biz owners clarify their why & what first, then act.

  187. Wow! What an incredible video.

    You ask what our dreams are, what we want to ‘die for.’ For me, I want to help others live a balanced life. A life where they truly know who they are, they fight for their dreams, love with their hearts, and see the beautiful future they can have. Mostly, I want this for children, as I am currently a public school teacher. But on a larger scale, I want it for everyone.

    I am currently in the works of creating a company focused on tips, inspiration, articles, and information on living a balanced, love-centered life. This is an extension of the intuitive guidance company I started a year and a half ago, and seeing where a little motivation, hard-work, and self confidence have led me, I know success is coming.

    Thank you again for this wonderful video.

  188. What is holding me back is “me”. I need to commit more fully to a focus.

    Thanks as always for providing thought provoking content, Marie.

  189. Awesome awesome! I love it Marie, that Mastin is teaching by his example. “No moment is guaranteed.” I totally understand it, as I’m living my first year of unguaranteed entrepreneurship. What is holding me back? I know the answer: My attention to others’ opinions and actions.
    Thank you very much Mastin. I just subscribed to your dailylove.

  190. This is a big reminder for me. I made a HUGE change in my life 4 years ago – to follow my heart – it was an ‘end of life’ decision in the middle of my life. I didn’t want to be on my death bed and live with REGRET. In order to follow my heart – it led to an extraordinarily challenging time – my heart was completely open. Living it tho – is challenging as in the process (which included divorcing my then husband) I felt I lost my son. So have been in a very intense grief process that affected my professional and personal life. Building my website is a dream i have had for 10+ years to integrate Chinese and Natural Medicine with Conventional Medicine. But in my grief, I felt paralysis and all creativity left. Now, I want to find a way to be a fully present mom to my son even though he primarily now lives 2000 miles from me, allow him to live his life and dreams, and be able move forward with mine. There is not a script for life – and this interview touched me – that when things feel, look the worse as possibly imagined – is where we need to find the faith in our hearts and dreams and push out people’s judgment – and fully live. If my professional and financial dreams are realized – I will then have the choice and opportunity to be more in my son’s daily life as well. As hard as my grief has been and my worry if my son will be ok, I do not regret – and this is valuable. we have a lot of life to live, the book is open!

  191. Thank you so much!

    What I took away was the reminder that success is a process and a long one. I have trained and am being mentored to be a coach. I am really good and I have a great message and gift to share with clients as well as through my yoga classes. However, I have let fears get in the way and have prolonged the actual launch of the business that is within me. Btw this video and a few other really good readings I have recently “stumbled” upon my message is now clear and I am ready! My coach says this time to marinate has been part of the process…

    Thank you for the great work both of you do! I continue to read and pass along the Daily Love and Maria look for me someday soon in BSchool!

    Love and light to both!

  192. Very inspirational video with truly practical advice. Faith that’s what’s necessary especially when the chips are down!

  193. steph

    Be authentic and fearless – and keep it simple.
    Loved the interview!

  194. Marie, this video is amazing, which such a powerful message. You and Mastin are on an amazing level. I am modeling closely 😉

    I really enjoyed what Mastin shared about really overcoming, breaking through, and transcending the fear of death in order to reach our life potential:

    I would rather die living my dream, than die a coward, afraid to live.

    No moment is guaranteed.

    Living my dream and making a dent in the universe requires you to face your death. Literally and metaphorically.

    If you can transcend your fear of death, you can accomplish a lot.

  195. PERFECT video for this perfectly crazy day (thank you, thank you Marie & Mastin you most lovely of souls!!). I can SO relate to the pool~house as I am crashing right now with some of the only people who don’t think I am absolutely insane. I am negative $31,000, can’t even scrounge bus money or feed myself, almost died & then shortly after quantum lept, now have four days to come up with the rent and sever my ties with some lovely people (who just don’t believe in me and therefore cannot remain in my experience). At 22 I’ve already looked death in the eyes multiple times and I am only here because I am choosing to say YES. My concept is leading edge & unique because I am, YOU are, and each one of us has an individual calling, which is why scarcity & competition are truly non-existant! I am starting with less than nothing and will follow my dreams into infinity because I literally have nothing left to loose, and I still have my unwaivering and unconditional love & trust … it is truly amazing how this is the first time I have ever truly had nothing to my name ~ zero security, zero knowing of what is next ~ and yet for the first time ever, each cell in my body feels truly & completely satisfied. All I really need is this dream in my heart. So for now, just walking to the beat of love, trusting in the guidance and protection of this wonderous Universe, and sending sparkly rays of love~light out to all you courageous souls out there following your bliss.

  196. Deidre

    Service, surrender and impact. Goosebumps. Thank you for your time and testimony, Mastin and Marie.
    Mwah! Love, Deedums

  197. Grace Segal

    Guys! I just happened to watch this today–at a turning point in my life. I just lost my long-term client (9 years) and was starting to look work I’ve done in the past that brought in the income I need, but was completely uninspiring and confining. And I was starting to feel my soul getting sick. Even so, with desperation as my top priority, I was charging forward. I watched this video twice this morning. After the first time, the epiphany came. The second time was just to celebrate it. I can’t go back. I know that now. I absolutely MUST be true to myself at last, at last. Whatever the cost. And it feels so good to feel sure. Mastin and Marie, thank you. This was important…it really helped me. And to answer your question…fear. Fear was holding me back and clouding my vision. I put it to the side as I watched this and asked myself what do I really love doing. And realized: that’s what I MUST do. The things that hold us back: fear, other people’s doubts, lack of self-confidence and practical matters. But in truth, if we just go for it, all of those things will take care of themselves. I believe it and I’m going to prove it. God bless you.

  198. Love this! thank you 🙂

  199. Nicole

    My purpose in this life, I think, is two-fold: First, I am here to change the direction of my ancestral lineage from the shame and destruction track to the love and connection track. Second, I think I am here to help others see beauty and meaning in everything. By understanding the deeper meaning of everyday life events, and asking ourselves questions to reveal underlying truths we can keep moving in a healthy direction as individuals and as a collective, I believe

    That’s the bird’s eye view.

    My big dream is for my soul to feel fulfillment that I’m living this purpose in whatever I do. For that feeling of “something is missing” to dissolve as I offer my gifts to the world and to be as generous as possible in my offerings.

    My 3 actionable insights are:

    1. When Mastin talked about his conversation with the Universe and he was told that he manifested a room the size of his faith: This is huge. I think that after much time of spinning my wheels, I have lost the wide-eyed faith I used to have. My actionable step related to this is to take Mastin’s advice and radiate the frequency I am aiming for. Much like meditation, this is a daily practice. I can replenish my faith by recognizing that everything I need to achieve my dream is at my fingertips right now and to keep my heart open and my eyes toward my dream.

    2. I also loved the Amelia Earhart quote. I’ve always felt a connection to her spirit (I did a book report on her in 4th grade!). I will plaster this quote somewhere where I can read it regularly to help me keep moving forward. I too would rather die knowing I offered the world my best, than die in fear.

    3. Lastly, I want to thank Mastin for sharing how he built his business under major constraints. I have little money, 2 small kids, etc. And it’s good to remember that I can embrace the constraints and even let them shape and propel me forward. My actionable step related to this is to be super tight with my time and energy and right now — if something isn’t in in line with my dream — say no. Which in turn is saying yes to my dream.

    This was the best thing I’ve watched in a long time, Marie. Thanks to you and Mastin.


  200. WOW!!! That is one to watch several times over for sure :))) Thank you both. Universe is smacking me big time this week. Gave up on a singing goal while still a teenager for a “safer” path, and although that path changed to us starting a successful business 12 years ago and loving what we do, there has always been something “missing” and my heart keep whispering. Then this week came across the story of Susan Boyle and her quote “dreams don’t have expiration dates” (ok we live in the wilderness with no TV and just got high speed 2 years ago 😉 and now your statement Marie “what you buried is what you need to do”. Just found and booked lessons with a reknown vocal coach. Don’t know where it will lead but feel happier just for opening the door again to that journey. THANK YOU!!

  201. Wendy

    Hey now!!! I can so relate to the content of this video. In my case I have accomplished so much on my path, carved out a unique niche that can be of so much service to so many, have access to so many mentors, and am so close to playing full out, have all that it takes and then some that i don’t give myself enough credit for, but theres that little voice of self doubt that creeps in and stops me. There is always real distraction, and other distraction that I seek out when i should be writing my book, or so many other opportunities that i can work on. One thing that I see is that iI feel that I think out of the box, and yet I am seeking approval from inside the box as i feel that I can’t afford to fail.
    Thanks for the insights, and courage. best wishes.

  202. Dear Marie & Mastin:
    It’s really interesting to see how things happen when you’re trying to make things happen. Last week I went to a “networking breakfast” organised by a foundation called “Mujeres por Colombia”. The purpose of this breakfast was to listen to a lady, who is a plastic surgeon, about publishing her novels about women. I was really scared to death to go because the organizer is a woman who had coached me on how to choose a masters degree abroad. I had those coaching sessions like a year ago. By then, I was completely convinced I wanted to do a masters on TESOL but when I started researching about the curricula of each program, I found out the subjects they taught were the same I had studied here in Universidad Nacional de Colombia. I got soo disappointed! I didnt want to study the same thing all over again and I got really frustrated about picturing myself as an English teacher in 15 or 20 years. Having that feeling, I started getting tired of my job: working long hours, as a prisoner like Mastin said, for someone else and killing my own dreams to grow someone else’s bussiness. So, 3 months ago I quit my job and without having clearly in mind what to do! I’ve worked since then as an online tutor and it’s been financially ok. It gives me “me time” and space to reflect and talk to myself. but I’m getting the feeling it’s about time to do something really meaningful! I’ve been into Danielle LaPorte’s exercises too and I feel something is about to explote!!!! So, when I listened to this plastic surgeon talking about her novel I felt a big knot in my throat because that could have been me if I hadn’t renounced to writing ten years ago. When I was 20 I wanted to write about my family. They are very conservative farmers whose mindframe reflects pretty much what is Colombians’ mindframe to me, especially women. So, my BIG dream is to write stories about women in my families, how they struggled to raise silently families, keep finances running and bearing so many harmful beliefs that they reproduce them later….
    I quit writing 10 years ago because in Colombia you can starve as a literary writer. Writers usually have another occupation to get a living and now I realise I have it too: I’m a good English and Spanish teacher as foreign languages. So, now I just need to sit down, write and write, select a Masters degree that helps me root the fondations to my dreams and MAKE IT HAPPEN no matter what people say.
    This is why it’s really amazing to see how I asked the Universe for advise and you guys bring this to me!!!
    Thank you very much!!
    I’ll keep you posted!

  203. This was perfect and just what I needed. AGAIN!

    Right now I am looking at what WAS holding me back and saying “Puh-lease.”

    I should have followed my instincts all along.

  204. “Even Oprah is a shiny penny.” Love that quote from Mastin. My takeaway is keep my eyes on my purpose and stay invested in my calling. The right opportunities will be attracted to me and sooner than most think possible 🙂 This is the best video on the subject I’ve seen yet. Thanks Marie and Mastin!!

  205. This was powerful and beautiful – thank you. I resonate SOOO much with Mastin. We have gone through the weird living arrangements (in a garage) while we continued our dream. Now we are still building and my hubby did take a job, but we are now living in gorgeous Colorado (moved from the midwest a month ago) with mountain views everywhere we go…even just to the store.

    I love what he asked Eckhart…I was like “Wow” though because I have asked that question time and time again over the past couple of years 🙂

    Anyway, my biggest drawback is fear of rejection – it stems from childhood and this video was definitely inspiring. Inspiration is something I must keep in front of me regularly to move past the fear and remember to be non-attached (something else Mastin talked about).

    With love and light,

  206. Hi

    What do you do if you DONT have that big dream.. the one thing that would make “denting the universe” possible?

    How to find the buzz..

    I’m driven to succeed and have been in the past in brick and mortar. Rubbish at writing.

    Maybe its a case of finding a business partner who has the vision?

    all thoughts very welcome

  207. Kathy

    Hi all!
    Love you Marie! Mastin, what a joy to become acquainted with you.

    So many comments from your audience and from both of you about young people trying to overcome their fear, break up with their parents and go for their dream!
    Well, let me tell you my lovelies, a fun challenge is when YOU are the parent AND the young person trying to break up with yourself and dare to go after your dreams… AT 48!!!

    Talk about being wedged very snugly into your comfort zone! When my own little chickadees flew the coop I found myself left with, “So what the hell do I want to be now that they’ve grown up?”

    And so the adventure begins. As I turn inward to investigate the answers I am astonished at the amount of resistance, fear, conditioning and other people’s programs I have been running on. So, further in and further on!

    Actionable insights:
    1)Check out Power vs Force (and A New Earth for that matter)
    2)Have a nice talk with my inner mamma about my ‘real job’
    3)Start digging cause the dream is buried deep. Yeah, that one.

    PS Mastin, gout can also be for guys who go on asparagus binges… tip from this mamma.
    Thanks you cuties. Very inspiring.
    You both rock. Obviously.
    xo Kathy

  208. #Uno) It was the result of a choice I made.

    #Dos) The room is the size of your faith.

    #Tres) I’d rather die living my dream.

    He leaned back and didn’t smile much, so he quickly built a lot of trust with me, and then said some very challenging things I disagreed with, in his platitude-free way. That gave him extra credibility and value, in my eyes.

    “You can be blasé about some things, Rose, but not about Titanic.”

    He seemed almost affectedly naive about the basic tenants of marketing, while hitting a lot of killer “reluctant” notes right off the bat. His hiply cynical generation thoroughly distrusts hype and fluffy mysticism, but nobody can resist a person who’s called by the universe to risk their comfort and survival to bring you love every day. This reveals its own kind of “enlightened” marketing savvy, of course.

    The approach reminds me of the genius of Marilyn Monroe, if only because her movie found its way onto my second monitor somehow, even though she died way before Twitter. Where did Norma Jean learn the delighted, innocent, and vulnerable routine? I’m thinking it’s puppies. I can see her thinking, “He treats the dog better than he treats me!” Bam! 10 years later, she’s an international film star and pin-up girl.

    Thanks, Marie. It’s one of the more valuable videos I’ve seen. I kept rewinding that part at the end… about facing your mortality. I’ve seen and heard lots of stuff. Folks will tell you success is hard work. That’s one thing, but nobody has ever come out and said, in effect, they’d rather die for their dream than quit.

    Am I willing to die for my mission? There’s no question. Of course. Nobody else can do what I do. Megan Fox can’t be Marilyn Monroe. I can’t be Buster Keaton. Between the science and the art, I make a living, and I do what I’m on earth to do, and I improve a little every day.

  209. debs

    I am a mom of an incredibly bright, super creative almost 18 year old daughter…the words Maston speaks about following his passion and not his parent’s idea of a fulfilled life resonated with me on such a level, I did what my parents wanted, not what I wanted…hence with a little trepidation, as I hear my daughter speak her passion, which is NOT the four-year college path, I have learned to allow her to follow her dreams and support her in what path she is co-creating with the universe!

    Love and Light!

  210. Marie and Mastin,

    First, I’ll just say that I am such a big fan of you both. I receive Mastin’s Daily Love and I started Marie’s B-School program today. I find each of you inspiring in every way.

    My take-aways from this video are plentiful, but my favorite insights I would summarize as follows:

    – If you say “yes,” the universe will respond in ways you can’t imagine
    – You attract what you are, not what you say or what you think
    – You can’t hijack trust, you have to earn it and honor it’s own pace

    The greatest message you delivered, Mastin, that is also evident in your work, is that there’s magic that comes from wanting above all else to build something of value. Thank you for setting the bar so high.

    And Marie, 100% love to you. You are inspiring.


  211. Hollie

    What an excellent story. Thank you both so much. The comments are awesome, too!

    That explanation to mom was amazing. I’m so moved. Can’t wait to be that brave with my family.

    This is a great example of following your heart, and I’m so gratified to know it works. It feels safer to go out on that limb now.

    The third takeaway for me is more procedural than spiritual, and I’m motivated to make some more changes to my “brand” now!

  212. As someone who felt called to close her marketing business to embark on a mission to promote personal responsibility in America, I loved Mastin’s story (and Marie has a pretty good one as well)! We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can always control our reaction to it. We all have the power and can make the choice to be accountable and responsible for our actions. Once we realize that and liberate themselves from entitlements and victim mentality we can meet whatever personal and professional goals we set. And that is exciting! (By the way, I do think that acting on positive thoughts produces amazing things – having no agent and no publicist I have been on national tv and radio discussing my book, “The Responsibility Rules: Living a Self-Disciplined Life in a Self-Entitled World,” and personal responsibility….it’s a conversation people are hungry for, but when something is a passion, you find a way to make things happen!)

  213. Thank you Marie and Mastin. I think my heart is bursting with love right now.

    Just last week I learned I have to completely reinvent and discontinue one of my product lines which is a major part of my business due to my primary suppliers ‘firing’ me as of immediately because they are only are continuing working with LARGE corporate accounts and they ‘own’ my proprietary blends which I actually created. A legal nightmare. At first it hit me like a lightning bolt and then I felt strangely calm even though this has been my primary business for over 10 years. I have been building loyalty, love and beauty through my product line and now it is going to come to an end. By the Universe. In response to a seed of a thought I put out there. Be careful what you wish for, the Universe hears all. I chose it and it is going to transform my business in a miraculous way. I know it because it is bringing me closer to my dream. I have about 3 months to reinvent something even more incredible and sacred. It is like a clean slate.

    I felt calm when I heard the news because as Mastin so beautifully expressed. Be service, be love and let go. I felt divine intervention at hand.

    My 3 takeaways from this video around this:
    1. Choose to interpret major challenges as a ‘divine moment’
    2. Don’t give up on your dream when you are in a moment of ‘lack’ (don’t quit 5 minutes before the miracle)
    3. Have the faith and courage to step up to what you believe in. Put it out there and then let go.

    xox Thank you, this was so perfect.

  214. Laura

    That was total AWESOMENESS! Thank you thank you thank you! What stood out for me was:
    1) Don’t strive after it, BE IT! Resonate at the level you want to be at and you will attract it.
    2) I also loved that, even when Oprah and Louise Hay where approaching him, he focused on ‘service, surrender, and impact’. Amazing!
    3) The final quote: ‘what do dreams know of boundaries?’ So freaking true!
    I often feel like I down play my dreams around my family and friends. I feel called to something bigger and I have no idea how I’m going to get there. But, I need to surrender and TRUST that the universe will make it possible. He’s right that your parents love you and want you to be financially secure. They often support the aspect of my business (massage therapy) that makes money. One random thought I had while watching this is that I feel people support the result of my dreams (success, money, material items), but not necessarily the action of my dreams. (service, lifestyle choices, passions, etc). I hope that makes sense.
    In this moment, the idea of surrender seems most powerful. Thank you Marie! Thank you Mastin!
    My world view has just shifted,

  215. The big road block right now: constantly worrying and wondering where and how the money is going to roll in with negative (at lest not supportive!!) things flying out of those around me. I have many that support me but those who question me. All the time. And while I can just let things roll when the curtain closes, I become a mess. I KNOW in my heart I have what it takes to be completely financially independent and a guide to balancing health & life for others. I appreciate this video so so much!

    1. I’m going to be in the moment. I know I already vibrate at a higher level, so as Mastin said, act it. Done and done.
    2. Continuing to break up toxic relations around me. Don’t need it, don’t want it. My ego does a fine enough job on it’s own.
    3. Re: the ego, I’m going to love the shit out of her til she turns into fairy glitter dust.

    I’m ready to Rock <3

  216. Thank you from my deepest heart for this Marie and Mastin.

    I struggle very much still with the boundaries erected in society…the “shoulds” and the walls between souls, and especially as a mother, when they are imposed on my kids.

    My dream is to co-create a New Earth where no unnatural boundaries exist in the physical world. Where Earth thrives in all her glory, and we are why.

  217. my three take aways…
    1. remember my faith is where it’s at…i have learned this lesson many times in the last 15 years, by all the times i did let go and let God. any time i have struggled with wanting things a certain way (read as, my way), and it wasn’t working the way i thought i would take a step back, tell myself to hand it over, and boom! just like that things fell into place (the way they should be).
    2. learn to take action instead of just seeing the opportunity and letting it float by. i get all kinds of insights and “messages” in daily life that pertain to what i want to do with my passion for helping and writing, but i let them get by me without acting on it…mostly because everyday life is so busy and hectic, AND i usually let my negative selftalk get the best of me…”you can’t do that. what are you thinking? why would anyone need your advice or thoughts on anything?” and on and on it goes…
    3. stop playing it so safe. let my passion take me where it is meant to go and wants to go…just enjoy the process and DO IT!!!

  218. Tom

    Thank you for this video 🙂

    For me the journey has been, and still is moving foreward and never giving up.

    It`s not always easy following your passion, when you at the same time need food on the table every day.

    But I believe there is more to my ups and downs than just a cosmic joke 🙂

    Wish you the best


  219. Beautiful Story!!

    The thing that touched me the most is the conversation he had with his mom…I just dried my tears!

    When I made the decision to quit my job, sell all my belongings and travel across South America to FINALLY pursue what I really want to do ( write my memoire and start my blog), I also had to work up the courage to have a conversation with my mom. An Italian widower of over ten years, who sacrificed so much for her family and ME. I remember the day I told her…she was devastated! telling me how she sacrificed so much just so I could have a good life in this country (Canada), now I was just throwing it all away. How, I was not thinking straight, I didn’t appreciate anything I had….anyway, it went on for a while. At some point, I looked at her and asked, mom, where you truly happy with your life? I mean you came to this country, which is remarkable, for opportunities….but, is this truly what you always wanted? She looked at me for a few seconds and replied, NO! Everything I did, I did because it was what my mom wanted…Right there she stopped, looked at me again and said, GO, go and experience life, go live what you want…be happy:)

    • Alia

      wow that’s amazing antonia!
      do you have a blog/memoir we can read? would love to see it!

  220. Cara

    This was such a powerful experience! I just realized that if I courageously “break up” with relying on other people to validate me, encourage me, and love me, I allow space to truly fall in love with myself. It is in that space of loving that I will make my own dreams come true. It is in the pursuit of my dreams, from a loving place, that I will be most authentic and then can truly give and receive love to all. Thank you, Marie and Mastin!

    🙂 Cara

  221. Oh, Marie… I’ve been searching for words to describe the sensation percolating in my soul. The pot has been stirred, chica! Between B-School and this PHENOMENAL video and the messengers of the universe at play (including Mastin – holy hot damn!), molten lava is bubbling and rising. I have no idea what the eruption is going to look like but I can already feel the shift of the earth under my feet and it is amazing. Thank you, so profoundly, for being such a powerful catalyst of change.

    My four top take-aways from the video:
    – don’t strive for it, be it, vibrate at the experience level of my vision
    – speak with authority and transparency
    – embrace the feminine quality of receptivity
    – service, surrender, impact

    Lovely. Thank you, Mastin and Marie, for sharing an amazing conversation.

  222. This was such an informative interview that taking away just three nuggets is nearly impossible but I will try.
    1). Establishing trust and loyalty takes time. You have to put your whole heart into whatever endeavor you are trying to accomplish. Even if things are a little slow, you need to remember that trust is earned through hard work.
    2) Live like you were dying. There is a country/western song that says this same sentiment and I’ve always loved that phrase. Each day needs to be embraced as if this were your last day on earth. But, it doesn’t mean that you sit back and watch the day unfold, you rip open the envelope and shake out the contents.
    3) Saying YES! I once read a quote that said “faith is taking that first step up without seeing the entire staircase”. You just have to have the courage to say yes, I can do this and have the faith in yourself that you can accomplish anything.

  223. Hi Marie! Thank you for doing this video. This video, as life would have it, was CRAZY timing for me… I’m at the point in my business where it is having me re-commit, re-engage and have more faith than ever. Some of my take aways were “the 8×8 room was the size of your faith, but it’s enough.” My take away from that is “if you know” this is your journey…have the faith, be brave and continue. Another take away was “busting out of the opinion zone of others”…everyone has an opinion of what and who you should be. I have just come out of a phase of why?? Is this my journey, why do I feel called to this?? I’ve now realized it is a gift to feel my “calling”, it would be a “regret” if I didn’t do this. To all those entrepreneurs out there…keep going, rise to your “calling” and have the faith…the world needs you! xo Danielle

  224. I am an actress.
    What’s stopping me being the actress I can be and tell stories to the world that can enlighten and change people’s lives?
    Three things:
    1) Fear of not having enough money to survive.
    2) Fear of being alone, missing my chance to have a family, to be loved.
    3) Fear of rejection and failure.
    I want to stop what’s stopping me. I am going to stop being stopped by what only amounts to fear.
    Awesome video!

    • Kate,

      what if that actress who inspired YOU so much and touched your heart had held back? Do it! Be it! This stranger is sending you LOVE! Have you tried maybe you will find sponship there….

  225. Alia

    the dream: to be on camera and just be a wonderful warm personality live teaching things and also being in beautiful epic films
    the boundary: i feel so paralyzed by how big it is and i feel like if its not PERFECT, i ‘can’t/shouldn’t do it”

    the 3 insights:

    1. it don’t have to be perfect. follow your calling and on every level of it, be grateful for what happens and say YES to it. TRUST that whatever is coming is coming for your benefit.

    2. talk to the universe more. i would love to open dialogue with something greater than myself. even if i don’t hear responses, it’d be nice to talk with the universe rather than stewing in my ‘decisions’

    3. you have to be disconnected from other people’s good opinions to survive and live your purpose: TRUE DAT!!!!!!

  226. Dear Marie,

    Thank you so much for the fabulous interview. I am learning something new every time I watch your videos.
    I would like to share my story here and let you know how I got committed to watch your video and follow your work.
    I have graduated with diploma of Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and Herbalism ). I am so passionate about this alternative medicine and how it can help people to live a better life. for the past 2 years I failed my board exams thus I am not allowed to practice until I pass all the board exams. I keep questioning myself why am I holding back from practicing that is what I love to do. Maybe this is not a right career for me. But I know this is what I love to do. so in this period of time that I have to prepare myself for the next exam, I got introduced to marie TV, also to many great books that grow me up spiritually and give me faith that I can get to my dream if I believe in myself. I am happy to tell you that my fear starts to go away and I am getting closer to get to my dream job, and passion.
    I will write the exam this year in fall. And I know I will pass it this time.

    Thank you for reading my story 🙂

    Love, peace, health

  227. I really appreciated hearing that success doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it sounds as if the internet entrepreneurs who have done well got started making piles of money in their first month. Eek! So it was inspiring to hear Mastin’s reality check.

    I also loved the Amelia Earhardt quote – dreams have no boundaries.

    BTW Marie – I’m sure you know this but not everyone who sets out to be an entrepreneur is a young person. 🙂

  228. One of the best videos ever! I loved listening like a fly on the wall here to you two talk. So much of what Mastin talked about resonated with. I especially appreciated the advice about how to talk to the naysayers, especially when they are loved ones. Also, the bit about the vision board and putting it away. Yay! That is what works the best for me as well. This video gives permission to be your true self and go for your dreams. This is so needed in the world right now. Thank you for inspiring me. Blessings and love from a hipster chick…hee!

  229. Dimple Arora

    OMG!! Seriously Marie…my ABSOLUTE FAV video to date!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mastin and enjoy his emails every day! I can completely relate to his journey and the feeling of being called. I have a dream and vision so big and it involves building a huge online brand while serving others. My struggle…bringing my body along with dream…it’s right there, the mind and spirit connection is so so strong for me! I know I’m meant to be a spiritual healer on all levels, I feel it, I’ve been told. My body seems to lag behind and I’m not in my body long enough to manifest my dreams. Would love to be in flow, going from idea phase to implementation phase. I’m practicing patience and being grounded. I know all is happening in perfect and divine timing. Thank you for the wonderful insights! Mastin is right…surrendering and say yes are keys to allowing.

  230. Wow, what an absolutely fantastic video full of amazing insight and a real story to back it up. Love how Marie made Mastin tell the story in it’s entirety, I think so often we only catch the tail end of someones story once they’re super successful and we wonder why we’re not achieving the same all the while never realising it’s taken much longer than we think… love it.

    I recently went through a very hectic time emotionally and physically, I had been working myself way too hard, for way too long and not really serving myself or my own business in the process. I developed all kinds of allergies and then I got Measles, which when you’re an adult really takes it’s toll. During that month, as I have been for a while now, I was looking for something or someone to help take me to the next level. I wanted to enter the BSchool scholarship and for 4 days leading up to the deadline I kept psyching myself up to do a video but I could barely open my eyes never mind film myself! But somewhere in the back of my mind I knew this downtime was a message from the universe – I was just battling to decipher it! So I watched Marie’s intro videos over again and I saw the part where she mentioned she had spoken at the Branson Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa – that’s where I’m from – so I applied online, got the phone call for the interview phase and was accepted into their program last week!

    I am once again healthy and haven’t been this happy for a while – when you get your health back the whole world is full of possibility again! My business dream seems real and easy and completely possible again.

    The things that really resonated with me in Mastin and Marie’s interview were:

    1. Making uncomfortable choices. No-one chooses to live with their ex girlfriend’s parents in cramped conditions, but doing it to get to your dreams is sometimes necessary.

    2. Breaking up with your parents. My mom had this annoying habit whenever I bought something she would say “you shouldn’t be buying that, you can’t afford it” – I had to tell her one day to stop saying that because she was making me believe it, and if I start to believe it, it will become true.

    3. You attract what you are. Living your vision board truths, resonate at the frequency of that which you want to attract.

    Thanks so much, this has been hugely inspiring and so thought provoking. Loved it.







    Gratitude to Mastin Kipp for being transparent, authentic and feminine in his approach to creating and receiving – to loving – and being loved in return.

  232. I mean STOP IT!

    The insights here just keep coming.


    I must commit this to memory.

    I’ve been working on releasing my attachment to the outcome with my business and life … so that’s #1.

    Say YES. (esp. since I’m kind of in Mastin’s ‘1 week’ situation right now)

    Just be freakin’ excited about what MY purpose means for others and how I get to serve them to make their lives easier and more fabulous.


    • Heidi Thompson

      Hi Catherine-

      May I ask how you are working to separate your successes/failures in business and your life? This is something I am struggling with!


      • Heidi –

        Something I’ve long struggled with myself. It’s so easy to get stuck in the failures. Though, in every ‘failure’ there is a lesson. Always. And that’s something I find myself ever grateful for.

        It also helps to write a list of ALL your successes – big and small. That always reminds me how things really can come easily and seemingly miraculously!

        I hope that helps!

  233. wow, that was so interesting to watch. Amazing story.

    Dreams have no boundaries, I am following my dream to become a successful photographer. I want to be known in my industry and have a balanced personal life. It’s true that you must believe and see what’s in front of you. Things happen to a reason, don’t doubt, keep going, keep pushing, believe. It always helps when you have people that support you. My fiancé is my biggest fan.

    I am on this journey and I am not looking back.

  234. Heidi Thompson

    Oh Marie, I always love you videos but this one was exceptional!!! Thank you for making me face what is holding me back. Here are the top reasons why I am not all in just yet:

    1. I’m broke at the moment due to being illegally let go from a job so for me to take a leap of faith right now is hard. I feel like once I get my footing back financially I will be more confident in pushing forward. This sort pushed the pause button for me.

    2. I know that I have learned my best lessons from failure but I am still terrified that my big idea won’t work. I think this is an ego thing more than anything because we all want the validation that yes that was a good idea and it took off so many people must agree with that assertion.

    I think I need to explore the what if it all falls apart situation to find true peace in my endeavors. This way, I will know that the world is NOT going to end if I fail and all of the pressure I’m feeling is really coming from no one but myself.

  235. Kristie B

    Holy crap, breaking up with your parents. DANG.

    I wrote this just last month:

    I have a job with benefits and a pension, and the decision to break away from that and start my own business on the internets wasn’t hard to make, but telling my dad was like the scariest thing in the WORLD. I knew that if I didn’t have the stones to tell my dad what I wanted to do with my life (because, you know, I’m a grownup…) then I probably didn’t have the stones to do it.

    Being a grownup means telling your dad what you want to do with your life even though you know he’ll think you’re nuts.

  236. The story Mastin told about the 8×8 room being the size of his faith, but that that was enough, really resonated with me. I think faith that you will be ok no matter what is something many of us struggle with…its probably one of my biggest struggles. But my experience has also shown me that things will work out somehow or other. Wonderful video! Thank you so much.

  237. Love this in-depth interview with Mastin, thank you so much Marie. Listening brought tears to my eyes which is a real eye-opener for me . . . .

    What would I do . . . so many things . . . I’m not far from 60 and I’m still asking this question and it’s somewhat embarrassing.

    I built my dream home, had my awesome son, married (my second marriage) a dreamboat husband, and we’re living a beautiful, simple life. But I’m still asking . . . I’ve always dreamed of opening a vegan cafe, overlooking the ocean. I’d have comfy chairs, fabulous books (for sale), simple, healthy food, beautiful local art/photos . . . just like my dream house, I’ve had this image in my head for dozens of years but still haven’t moved things forward. I spent nearly all of the equity from my home sale and didn’t reinvest in another house. I’ve been so down on myself for being irresponsible that I’ve held myself back from moving toward anything financially for 3 years. My husband’s business is doing well but he would love to partner with me in my dream. I love people and love sharing a healthy, vibrant lifestyle to people (especially those struggling with weight/health issues).

    What holds me back is all the old fears . . . I don’t have what it takes, I’m not smart enough, not good enough, blah, blah, blah . . .

    I’m going to read ‘Power vs Force’. Thank you for the kick in the butt Marie and Mastin!

  238. Thank you so much, Mastin and Marie. 2 years ago I was really depressed and asked myself ‘If I were to die soon what would I want to leave behind?’
    I prayed for a reason to wake up in the morning, joyfully, and serve the world. The answer came and I started my line of cruelty-free and fair-trade shoes, LOVE IS MIGHTY. I collaborate with tribal and indigenous communities to help preserve their traditional crafts and livelihood.

    Love transcends all, Love transforms all, LOVE IS MIGHTY.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  239. Janet Davies

    Loved this video! Three things really resonated with me. The first one that popped out like it had a flashing light on it was, “It takes the same amount of time for people to trust you” regarding not giving up. I’m just now reading and thinking about, ‘The Dip’ so sticking and quitting are big for me right now.

    Doing what you know you are meant to do whether your parents approve or not is a biggie for me, I often have a running tape of what they will and will not approve of going on in my head and honestly, that’s about the last thing they would want for me. I do this to myself.

    Of course the Amelia quote is a goosebumper. What do dreams know of boundaries?

  240. Great video and so inspiring!
    I received more than three takeaways but here are my top three:
    1. Don’t give-up no matter what obstacles come my way. “THIS TOO SHALL PASS.”
    2. Quit judging myself and allowing others to influence or sway me.
    3. Live my adventure, my dream to change the world. Continue to serve, surrender, impact and let go!

  241. Lee

    Thank you, Marie and Mastin!!
    My husband and I had a rare moment together at the table while the kids played else where, and I turned the computer around so that he could watch Marie’s message. We both looked at the length of the video and grumbled because we thought we would never get the time to finish it. Mastin, you mesmerized us! I know for myself, I became emotional in the stories, and Marie, you mediated effortlessly by knowing what to emphasize to all of us out here struggling to make the dream happen. My husband and I took notes, and are inspired. “…what do dreams know of boundaries” will be carried with us.

  242. My 3 actions:
    1. I will continue living my dreams and living my bucket list and having adventures.
    2. It’s been 7 years since making my first vision board. Much of it has come true, but I realized watching this that I need to make a second vision board on my dreams and business goals.
    3. I will not allow fear to paralyze me or my creativity. I will embrace vulnerability and insecurity!

  243. “Everyone has oceans to fly if they have the heart. Is it wreckless? Yes, but what do dreams know of boundaries!”

    My dream is to create value in myself through learning (adding and updating my skills and services) so that I can create value in my clients, their businesses and their lives. Yes, as fulfilling as that is, I dream of replacing my husband’s income to gain financial freedom & independence, self-worth, empowerment AS A WOMAN on the other side of creating that value in myself for others.

    I dream of being rewarded emotionally and financially through helping others emotionally and financially!! =o)

  244. Marie & Mastin,
    Thanks for sharing such a great conversation. It’s a great reminder to be present and stay connected always. I so appreciate your shows Marie and it was great hearing Mastin telling how he got where he is today.

    My dream is to bring joy to millions and I’m on my way. 🙂

  245. to BE love.
    To live fearlessly for my dreams.
    To be mindful of how I attract my full and unlimitless potential.

    THANK YOU for your inspiration today!!


  246. Beth Tessier

    Beautiful, inspiring, and incredible interview. THANK YOU, Marie and Mastin!! I am afraid to REALLY face my own shadows, but I know that when I do, I will be able to see there TRULY is, is light within. :)Thank-you for helping me to release fear and allow a little more light to shine in it’s place today. I am so happy for the both of you. Thank-you for all the light you bring to the world!!:)

  247. Loved this so much. Thank you. Love you both!!

  248. Rita

    Wow! Oh my! This was the best interview ever! Thank you Marie! I love love love it! 🙂
    I believe in everything what Mastin said!
    I have been studying med school for 7 years and I’m finally going to be done with it in less than a month!! It took a lot of strenght and perseverance, but I decided not to quit ever. I used to dream about becoming a world wide known doctor making a difference in other people’s lives, but than I always laughed it off like that was impossible. I thought my dreams and plans were a little too ambitious and I would never be able to achieve them ever. But I came to understand that there really is nothing that can stop us from whatever we put our mind into, because we were all created to do something great in life and the Universe is just waiting for us to wake up and ask for help so that it can manifest our dreams! It really is there for us and all we gotta do is dig our heels deep, stay focused and be what God created us to be. The universe will bring us things we have never even dreamed of.
    All my love! 🙂

  249. Realizing that taking a second job is not giving up – it is my way of making it work.
    8×8 is the size of your faith…hmmm…that’s pretty profound as I look around my own space.
    Remembering to be clear on my intensions in the face of adversity in all forms – there’s some meditation mojo for ya!

  250. Wow!…Marie, Mastin and friends…

    My heart just flung open its doors listening/watching your chat! I’m just happy to know that people who speak my language and who are REAL are out there. Wow. AND then!! all the comments below your screen, from other awesome folk who are living it brave. Yay!

    Marie, I’ve loved this interview the most, so far. Mastin…you are a brilliant example of a hu man!

    Loving y’all. x

    I’m committing to being a bright and shiny beacon for vegan awesomeness! tHANK YOU

  251. stephen bryer

    M&M….sugarfree….but more satisfying than any candy could ever be…

    1. Just as Mastin was inspired by another concept and evolved it to make it his own creation, I in turn have taken the nucleus of his idea and have manifested it into something new and completely my own offering to the world.

    Action: In the time it took to listen to the interview I devised and purchased the domain name. Thank You…30 years in the making to become the start of something real in a flash of the moment.

    2. We thrive the best in a loving, supportive community of likemindedness…and that’s not that we all think exactly alike, but that we are committed to encouraging each others visions for success.

    Action: Surround myself with “builders” of ideas….

    3. The condition that gives us our greatest strength to persevere is personal introspection and belief in the final accomplishment.

    Action: Continue to have a quiet time of reflection….to envision the dream…reinforce the conviction.

  252. WOW! I love both of you! This was incredible. I LOVE that you made a point to mention how long it took to build your vision from a dream into a manifestation and then full force into a flourishing spiritually conscious empire!!! Huge point most people starting out don’t realize.

    As for me, since I was 3 I KNEW in my bones I wanted to do big things. My dream started in performing, then it morphed into music, then molded again into art/visual design (photography) and the whole time – the undertone to my vision, dream, mission was SPIRITUALITY & Astrology.

    I am a coach and a teacher and a journalist and an artist/funny person and my dreams have become SO large!!! When you say MULTI-PASSIONATE entrepreneur, it holds me in a warm hug, because thats WHO I am! I don’t want ONE business, I want a multitude of products, businesses, services- the skies the limit!

    Ironically, this can be a DOUBLE edge sword! People do think you are crazy! They see you do a million different things and assume you keep CHANGING your mind, when really its just my many “creative limbs” trying to express themselves.

    Being MULTI-Passionate has held me back for TWO reasons = #1 Letting people get into my brain and “stain” my dreams (especially my parents) and #2 Feeling overwhelmed at how much inspiration is coming OUT of me and how to merge it into one amazing idea where ALL my “art limbs” can shine.

    Both of you (and this video) have really helped me realize that I need to keep on keeping on– with all my talents and various “callings” and have faith and trust in that inner voice that is calling me to do BIG things through all the creative talents and vices I have!! THANK YOU! Check me out: ASTRO THERAPY and JMF INC on Facebook!!!

  253. Kelly

    “This room is the size of your faith. But it’s enough.”

    I felt like those words physically punched me in the nose. I got that moment of speechless pain, my eyes welled up, and I kind of yelled out incoherently – I felt just like I stubbed my toe. That’s how I know those are true words, and they mean something to me right now.

    Thanks for the spiritual face-punch of truth, I needed it.

    • Cee Tee

      Kelly – I’m hearing ya! That one got me too.

  254. misc Margaret

    Thank you sooo much for the inspiration and honesty Maria & Mastin.
    I will give my self permission to be patient and grow my business organically. So needed to hear that you both stayed the course with such wisdom and love and happy your sharing it with us all. This is a “take away” for sure, I repeat, Wisdoom and Love.

  255. Marie this was such an awesome interview! Thank you for bringing this to MarieTV.

    Your best line “Great things Take Time”. It is easy for people to forget that everyone that has achieved anything had their own plight.

    Mastin’s was certainly inspirational, honest & so empowering.

    My Takeaways:

    #1. Focus on serving (then surrender & make an IMPACT).

    #2. Always Be Love.

    #3. Life Happens (& You Always have a choice).

    Great stuff guys! Thank you bunches.

  256. Hannah Groesbeck

    This video was incredible. What is holding me back? Fear of not knowing enough. I am only 21 but I believe my life purpose is to guide people to look within and heal themselves through love. I am doing so for myself now but I still have really bad days. How can I be a teacher for something I still need to learn myself?

    I am training to be a holistic health coach now but I just began. When is it too early to start your own business as a health coach? That is a huge fear holding me back.

    • I started an independent publishing firm at 15.

      Sho Yano, an University of Chicago student who started med school at age 12, is one of the youngest doctors in the world.

      As long as you have the skills and the dedication, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be one of the youngest holistic health coaches in the world. As a matter of fact, if you accomplish that, I see your age as being a big selling point for some people. 🙂

  257. MY DREAM is to promote community dance forms worldwide that cultivate tolerance/civility (eg documentaries) between people and then I want to make these dances accessible to underserved youth and elder populations (dance workshops.)

    Two months ago, I used the fact that I have no money as an excuse to not begin. But I am about to launch (website is not quite live!) a coaching business called Sell Like a Goddess, to support entrepreneurs to sell with all of their passion and joy! And at the same time, I’ll be able to fund my dream. I’m scared almost every day – AND I’m never giving up!

  258. Kallie

    Super great video!! Received Mastin’s message loud & clear. Thank you both for sharing & reminding me to never give up. The universe is here for us all! Love & Light

  259. Cee Tee

    Wat a fabulous video – thank you Marie and Mastin – such beautiful insight into the fact that almost everyone has many of the same thought processes when presented with a challenge – it what people choose to do about those thoughts that sets the awesome from the average. You two are both awesome – and doing a great job of spreading the awesomeness.

    I am half way through a return to uni as a mature age student – 18 months always from finishing and planning to make a living from my own business, working in the tasty tasty world of healthy wholesome food and nutrition. This video is perfect timing for me, i got 3 great takeaways:

    – Say yes, even if it makes you uncomfortable! Again, this is where the average opt out.
    – Even if you have a little bit of faith, it can be enough for now. Remember to always have faith.
    – Don’t just say it – BE IT! You attract what you are, not what you want.

    My fear in going into business for myself is – what if I’m not perfect? Others will see me as a fraud, they will see my faults and I will fail. Wooooof! That was a load off the shoulders. I am working hard to deal with this one at the moment – it’s effecting many areas of my life.

    But I choose to be awesome – I won’t give up and just like Mastin, I would rather die trying to do what I love and have passion for than have regrets about never following my dreams.

  260. Debbie Gaudet

    Wow. Interview was awesome. It resonated with me so strongly at this time for several reasons – I just subscribed to the Daily Love 2 weeks ago and love reading it every day (Thanks, Mastin); I just read Spirit Junkie (Thanks for turning me on to Gabby, Marie) and I wondered the same thing as Mastin asked Eckard Tolle – why can’t I love my ego and try to get it on my spiritual side? – can’t wait to hear the answer; and I recently had to muster up a lot of patience and understanding while sitting in a schlocky seminar to support a friend who needed me and wanted to go to this seminar and instead of taking notes, I kept writing in my notebook “Spirit and Love. Be love. Love, love,love.” to remember the real reason I was there – like Mastin felt when his microphone didn’t work.

    My 3 actionable insights:

    1. Read Power Vs. Force – the book you both mentioned.
    2. Make a daily commitment to devote time to ask my Spirit/God/Universe to show me how I am meant to be of service to the world. Then, follow the inspirations/ideas that come; take courageous action. I am in a career transition that has gone on too long – I think because I have been asking the wrong questions.
    3. Write everyday. I have a first draft of a murder mystery written (and the rewrite in my head) – I want to get it done. I want to start a blog on being a caring manager and still getting things done – I was a manager in software/computer businesses for over 20 years so I have lots of ideas and experiences to share.

    Thank you both for your generous and inspirational sharing.
    – Deb

  261. WOW!!! What an awesome amazing interview! It’s awesome to see someone who is not part of the “ascension” and “lightworker” movement talking about experiences that are so common to that movement! Thank you for sharing 🙂 My great dream is to build a City of Light and Love and I’ve got a little roadmap and I am doing it. Most recently my challenge was people not liking me and I got over it, I am sure there are many more challenges as I become the person I need to be in order to do my dream. I am doing the next step to my dream and that is helping people find their Soulmates and their Soul Purpose!

  262. I think this might be my favorite video of all time on MarieTV. Awesome, awesome, awesome, and such a powerful one for everyone.

    I recently had an “aha” moment while experiencing some insecurity… out of nowhere I heard “It doesn’t matter, you’re going to change the world.” I felt an instant calm and deep knowing that my purpose was greater than being whatever I was feeling insecure about not being.

    I’ve since committed to my purpose on a much deeper level and it’s created a lot of internal shifts. Everything else that was a “big” issue now seems small and insignificant. I’ve recommitted to being strong and healthy, not to look good, but because I need to be energetic, focused and HEALTHY to live my purpose. I no longer care what other people think because I know I’m here to make a very specific impact on the world and I intend to DEVOTE (a word Danielle LaPorte uses that I love) myself and my life to it–no matter what. I’m meditating, looking into a juicer, writing like it’s my JOB and doing activities that fuel my well, inspiration and knowledge.

    If someone or something is an energy suck or negative about my purpose, then they/it won’t be in my life. As Mastin said, I love myself and my purpose more! xo

  263. Kickass Kim

    Thanks for provoking me in this way today. My big 3 insights:

    Dig into the well that knows what’s true for me rather than looking to the opinions of others to tell me I am ok. Know for myself that I am enough.

    Conduct myself like I have made it – stay true to building my business even when I am not sure if people are ready for what I want to offer.

    Lastly, 2 years ago when my Dad was ill and it was clear he was nearing the end of his life, I remember having two big defining insights from a visit to him and they are:
    1) Everyone wants to feel special to someone
    2) Live a life of no regrets, don’t wait to fix/do things later
    Both thoughts mean to me: Don’t be a coward. Better to die trying than not at all.

  264. I just love Mastin and his authentic honesty. His newsletter was introduced to me about a year ago and I read it everyday. I send quotes from it to my friends almost daily as well.

    Thank you Mastin for telling us your story because I have been going through extreme financial distress, in fact I do not know where my rent money is coming from yet! But I am doing the Course in Miracles for about the 8th time. (I’m a slow learner) and have been studying it since I was 25 in 1985. It has undone layers of the ego for me and I agree that loving the ego rather than condemning it is the way to go for full release from the dream of the separated, self.

    Thank you for sharing never to give up, as I am deeply inspired to keep doing what I believe in regardless of appearances.

    XOXOXOXO Love and Light,

  265. This was really great! Thanks for doing this Marie. It was good timing with B-school just starting. I can relate to so much that your guest was saying. I’m in a similar living situation…being somewhere of so much abundance but it not being mine (even though it can be). They only thing holding me back is myself and saying “yes” to what I really want.

  266. “No moment is guaranteed”. That was fantastic. It’s such a natural response to fear death however in fearing it, we remain stuck and unable to grasp the dreams we so desperately want. Overcoming my fear of mortality has certainly been my biggest obstacle and in actually doing so, I feel like I can fly. Much love and many thanks to Marie and Mastin!

  267. Katia Cardona

    What a refreshing video,I love everything about it, it makes me feel like anything in the world is possible and we ourselves get in our own way… Thank you so much for this Marie you guys are awesome!!!!

  268. Hi there,
    I couldn’t get through this video with out crying numerous times as it really hit home for me.
    I have been struggling with how I’m going to teach people to get to the root of their overeating because my approach is truly getting to the root of the issue and having to deal with emotions and past experiences that I am afraid people may not want to do.
    I keep thinking that everyone wants the quick fix and how do I get them to see that there is nothing quicker and more permanent than what I am teaching.
    I know after listening to this video that I need to move forward and not worry. That those who are driven to get to the root and permanently resolve this will somehow find me and know that this method is what they’ve always needed.
    Yes, and like Mastin, I’ve resisted finding permanent work because there’s a part of me that knows I’ve got to do this. And even if it doesn’t pay the bills, I’ve got to get this message out. I cannot die without having done this.
    That is how strong this is for me.
    So thank you Masting, you were calling my name. And I’m truly grateful to you.
    Love Lana

    • Hey Lana! Thank you for the open and honest post. I’m a food & body coach and know exactly what it’s like to ask clients to go deep and the fear that comes along with it. What I found in the past though was that it was my resistance (“People want a quick fix”) that kept me from the people who actually wanted to go deep. In letting go and ending the worry, you will be amazed at who shows up on your doorstep. Much love!

      • Thank you Jamie for sharing your experience with me.
        I appreciate your advice and insight. And taking the time to write to me.

        I agree, I really do need to let go and end the worry.

        I have to remember what a great experience it was for me; every issue I resolved and how it stopped the cravings and the freedom and happiness I felt with it. This is what I should be focusing on. 🙂

  269. Best Marie TV ever! Thank you Marie and Mastin for the inspiration and much food for thought.

    I just had my 55th birthday, and am sitting here on my last month of unemployment after working the safe and secure, which turned out not to be so safe and secure when I lost the job after a very stressful year of trying to meet expectations. I never had a bad review in all those years, and suddenly I couldn’t please the people in charge of giving me a paycheck.

    I did use this time to start a shop on Etsy and a blog. I know I have tons of gifts and creativity that haven’t been able to come out and play fully over these years of working what I thought was the safe choice. I do know God is kicking me in the butt, telling me to stop wasting time, but I sure do not know how I’m going to pay the bills. It has been wonderful to have the freedom to ponder, be creative, and think outside the box. I’m approaching freak-out time now, which I’m sure is the time the clouds will part and the angels will sing for me. I’m certainly open to whatever is on tap.

  270. erin annesley

    What would I do? I would write. Why am I not writing now? I’m going to have to seriously look into that.
    Love the ego. Might as well I’m thinking. It is a part of you and it’s existence is a part of what got you to this very moment so…don’t be a hater…it will only feed it. Just “be” with it.
    Hearing back from the Universe that the size of his room was in direct relation to the size of his faith…but then hearing…”but it’s enough”.
    Yes. If you have it…and if you can be there with it, however small it is, amidst all the evidence around you telling you that your faith is something right straight out of la la land… then it can grow….and take you with it.

  271. Ok so the insights I will be actioning are:

    FAITH- the universe delivers in proportion to this! If what is showing up for me is meagre, therein lies the measure of my FAITH….! Faith UPGRADE commencing NOW 🙂

    LISTEN to the UNIVERSE- there is SO much noise out there, but I too have had those moments of “hearing a guiding voice” just like Mastin….so THAT is what I am creating space and “air-time” for 🙂 Let go, be at peace and RECEIVE…..

    Speak from the HEART- This is something I do anyway, however I get that it should NEVER be negotiated or doubted, EVER! So from this day forth I VOW TO SPEAK FROM MY HEART, no matter how difficult! I too have my parents and “Well-meaning” friends suggesting over and over that a JOB (PUKE!) would be a good idea…! HELLS NO…Its NOT for me! Never has been, never WILL be…. I commit, with LOVE, to living my dreams and bringing MY VERSION of life to LIFE! LOL

    Thanks Maria and Mastin!

    Awesome stuff 🙂

    All my love,

  272. Mastin and Marie,

    Fabulous teachings! With gratitude for your courage, insight and love,

  273. Ciara

    Firstly Thank You!

    As always the answers are in front of us if we are open to asking the question!

    Mastin your choices and actions are a beautiful example of what is available to everyone and the concepts and perspective you present enhance the original insight of the sentiment perfectly.

    I look forward to playing with you one day soon.

    Ciara. Anne ox

  274. Stephanie

    Completely awesome! My eyes are being opened. Keep it coming. Stephanie

  275. Whoa. This is absurdly inspiring, and absurdly timely for me. I just had kind of an insane breakthrough this morning that what I need to focus on right now is filmmaking, and not writing. It’s that dream that I’ve always wondered about, but passed off as too ridiculous. Realizing that I’m holding on to it as this sort of unrealized dream back-up plan was pretty intense. I’m scared as poop, but I’m in that place now where I know I can’t hold off any longer, because if I do I’ll feel regret, I’ll feel like a coward, like I took the ‘easy’ way out (which would in fact not feel easy), and I’ll always wonder. Also love the thought about the pool house being the size of your faith, that’s really resonating with me. How big is my pool house right now?!

    Thank you both so much for sharing this. <3

  276. Marie I loved this interview with Mastin. His sincerity and genuiness to follow his path is admirable and a confirmation to the rest of us to just stay on track even when things feel like they are taking forever to develop and the self doubt sets in. Really great interview I am off to subscribe to this site too, thanks so much for sharing. xx

  277. Hey Everyone!!
    I have LOVED the daily love for years as well, I found it by accident while looking up love and positive quotes because I was actually doing the SAME thing as Mastin… sending out positivity and love to my loved ones via email, myspace and facebook… I was that person. I’m starting my brand and my website: (still in the works!) – And last year I discovered the Totally Rad, Maria Forleo… both of you are so amazing and inspirational and I thank you for all that you do!

    My ultimate dream is so clear in my mind and I think about it every single day — but I honestly don’t KNOW what’s holding me back. I say finances all the time, because to me, that’s why I can’t make it happen.. but I know that’s coming from a place of lack and people do it all the time! Confidence and Anxiety are big issues for me as well — but it’s almost become a little more clear to me even as I type this — what makes me stand out is MY individual story. We’ve all got one and they’re all unique. I’ve got to put it all out there, be okay with it and spread all the positivity, health and love that I can!

  278. What holds me back?
    Sometimes strategy takes over for days and I miss the moments and relationships that are actually the experiences I am trying to create.
    I now see that if I can SURRENDER and include the divine distractions ( which appear to be disasters) as part of my journey towards my purpose because ” This too shall pass,” then the magic will happen.
    Three things I will start right now:
    1. Include all the divine distractions as part of the process
    2. Surrender
    3. Increase my room size

  279. Actionable insights:

    1. Plant a seed and then LET GO and allow it to grow and flourish organically. Can’t make it sprout. Can’t hurry it upwards. Tend it, gently and honestly.

    2. Break up with your parents. Wow. I’m a 45-year-old mother of 3 in the process of breaking up a 20 year marriage. I own a sweet little food truck business and have a passion for writing about food as culture, creative inspiration, and a medium for geographical understanding. My parents live in the same city and I couldn’t have made it through the last year without them. But once a first-born daughter, always one. I like to think of it as letting go of being the child.

    3. Stand firm in your dream… what you are doing. Don’t be distracted by the “copper penny.”
    Loved the show, and LOVE the Daily Love

  280. Hi Marie and Mastin,

    Wonderful video! I follow you both. This interview is a special treat.

    The insight I got today was a reminder that I don’t have to try so hard. In fact, it can be counter-productive. I tend to have an ever escalating “to do” list. So today, I took the nap I desperately needed, sat on the porch, and cooked myself a delicious, healthy meal. Life feels good again.


  281. Cheryl

    Dear Marie and Mastin,

    Thank you. Mastin’s words have helped me through some very difficult times in the past year, so I am glad you interviewed him.

    The thing that has held me back is the opinion’s of certain family members that think I’m a whack-a-do, liberal, tree hugging, failure. Well, if I am such a failure I am in good company because there isn’t a person on this planet who hasn’t failed. I know… and their opinion of me is none of my business but it took me many years to understand that. I still hear them in my head and edit myself based on what they would think; hard habit to break. Now, I am going all in!

  282. angela

    Thank you for lighting the proverbial fire under my proverbial @$$! I get caught up in making sure everything is absolutely perfect before I get started that I lose sight of my primary intention to get out there, do my thing and serve!

    Sometimes we think that after we get everything right we’ll be delighted. In fact, if we live in our delight everything will get right 🙂


  283. This one is for Mastin. I really tuned in-to your question for Oprah, then remembered a song by some local boys released before you were born.

    Ego Is Not a Dirty Word (1975) by Skyhooks

    I love your peace and understanding of the higher power you call the Universe.

    • That is really cool Sally! Great pick up. x

  284. The power of Mastin’s yes has inpsired me most from this great interview. I know this, but still have that little parrot on my shoulder talking things down. While I try not to listen, sometimes it gets the better of me. I say no to my parrot and yes to my dreams.

    Still dreaming up big changes but exciting times ahead. Love Mastin’s description of being it now, not waiting for something to happen to confirm your dreams or who you are or what you are doing.

    And the shiny coins. It is so true that amazing opportunities can take you right off track. Just because something looks good, or even amazing, doesn’t change what is inside, who you are and what your journey is. Thanks M&M. x

  285. Thank you for a wonderful MarieTV. It is inspiring.

    I continue to dream of supporting myself through the things I create while helping adults who work with kids. I’m held back by my responsibilities as a widow with two teenagers. I’ve started working slowly toward my dreams and plan to take hold when they’ve graduated college and started their own lives.

    Also, thank you to all the wonderful comments. I’ve enjoyed reading those as well. I wish the best to everyone.

  286. I actually JUST wrote about being afraid to follow my calling. Yesterday. I swear it! I checked my email and saw the title to this post and actually laughed out loud. Then I saw who you were interviewing and I HAD to watch. I love Mastin. I remember when he had that conversation with his mom, too. Such a great story.

    I have a long list of fears. I’m constantly fighting them. Sometimes, I just get tired and take the easy road. But lately, I’ve felt something tugging at me, reminding me that I have higher work to do and that I’m not getting it done by hiding under the blankets.

    Thanks so much for sharing Mastin’s story and for being an awesome kick-in-the-butt reminder to get back to the real work.

  287. Donna

    Wowza– not much time, but lots of thoughts. That was an amazing video. It really got me thinking about how I have let other people push me away from my dream. That dream I buried was to be an artist… my dream from childhood through high school–and to have loads of kids–I love kids. I only have two sons and they are grown up, but it isn’t just about being a mother, but about touching the lives of other people. I let other people crush it and the weight of life tear it down. I still want to be an artist. I still want to touch the lives of kids and of women. I have this passion to help the people that no one else gives a rip about and to see their beauty and value. I don’t look at the disability, or inability, or the situation they are in. I look at their soul and their passion. I want to be the one to listen and to show them that there is more to live for and they are valuable. I also have this passion to be creative, to be an artist, to somehow be an artist and be able to help people is my dream. I don’t know where to start, but at least now I know where to go… it’s a matter of keeping that goal in sight, no matter what else happens.

  288. Felicia Holman

    Man, oh Manischewitz!….this Q&A Tuesday truly affirmed & bolstered my spirit! The biggest thing holding me back is lack of confidence. I have years of knowledge/skills/relationships & experience in my industry, but I’ve always been an employee…still working on my paradigm switch! Also, Mastin’s insight re: “divorcing your parents” spoke to me loud & clear…thanks again for sharing the wealth of your vast coaching resources!

    —Felicia Holman

  289. Kira

    If anything was possible, I would sing and write songs to inspire people, especially women who have gone through a divorce.

    I would also create multiple websites of communities for people to connect on important issues.

    From Mastin, I realize that I need to start the simplest thing: a newsletter. No need to worry about a huge website at the moment. I don’t need another blog to keep up or worry about.

    Love, love, love Mastin! Amazing insights and quotes. xoxoxo

  290. So Marie and Mastin, as always the universe has called my name. I am 58 year old very healthy holistic nurse-grandma and experienced a fat sticky patch in life around my health and was on my way tithe University of Pennsylvania when I listened to your conversation. Without getting into the details right now (you may want to know someday) I have had an opportunity to step into my life fully and contemplate where the heck I was headed. So like you Mastin a time to re-design. Walla! Bam it happened. By the way great news from the doctors at my appointment. So my dream has taken a right turn as we were driving. The stale needin improvement “The Healing Way” became (in my min of courae) Mama Mima” tag line…unsolicited advice because I CAN…Well, now to rest and recover so I too can Be on Purpose again! Any suggestions? PS it is refreshing to see you two so in tune with life at a ripe young age. You are how I live! Now I need some of your estrogen and testosterone driven spirits, minds, and bodies to help jump start my return to the ya really I do! Donna

  291. This video couldn’t have come at a better time. I just finished The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks today, which is all about how we self-sabotage when we hit our upper limit. Mastin was a brilliance example of letting go of any self-sabotaging beliefs/actions and keep the mind focused on your dream. I was just in a car accident on Thursday on my way from San Diego to our Tribal Truth Event in Berkeley and the first thing I thought was “I give up; I’m going back home.” But in that moment, I surrendered and decided to rent a car so I could fulfill on my intention. Nothing was going to get in my way. This is more fuel for my fire to keep focused on my dream of connecting women leaders all over the world to teach the rest of the world how to live in harmony through collaboration instead of competition.

    My favorite take-away: “Oprah is a shiny penny” – it’s not about getting on Oprah, it’s about my dream.

    • Erin

      Amen and amen. I’ve heard a sermon very similar to much of what he said, and its all true. Its so amazing how God translates in so many different ways through our circumstances and situations. When you are really in tone with the universe its awesome how you pick up on all the things around working out in your favor, even if in the meantime it feels like its all coming against you. I think thats the worlds way of MAKING you make a move when you are too scared to move on your own. I think we all know how that feels.

  292. Why is it that the people that love us the most discourage us the most?
    I like the saying “We teach people how to treat us” Good on you for explaining to your parents your honest thoughts.
    Why is it that the fear of success scares us more than the fear of failure? Failure can lead to homelessness etc. Wouldn’t it be great if we all just got out of our own way?
    Thank you for sharing your insights.

  293. Thanks to both of you for your words of wisdom and awesomeness! Especially Mastin, what you said about living your dream right now…we really don’t know when our last moment will be in this lifetime and it’s such a powerful place to operate from…the finiteness of life is a lovely edge to walk!
    This information ties in really well with my new adventure…Passionate Life Consulting…my mission is to inspire people to live fully before they die, whether it’s for forty years or forty seconds…stay tuned for the website and all its fabulousness…

  294. Best. Video. Ever! I started my business almost five years ago from a place similar to his and truly let the “what more could possibly go wrong” push me ahead. Fear wasn’t there because my worst fears had already been realized. My entrepreneurial dream had been shelved long ago due to fear of failure but it seemed inconsiquential compared to the place I was existing in. I often tell people that I wouldn’t be living my dream (meager as it may be) if it weren’t for what most people would consider an awful set of circumstances finding me. Although now I realize it was all part of a bigger plan for me.

    I just started b school and am excited to see what more is in store for me on this crazy journey. “What do dreams know of boundaries” indeed.

  295. Patricia

    Wonderful and insightful interview!

  296. Thank you so much for sharing this video and your story. At AngelsTeach we talk about a lot of the same things, and its so wonderful to hear another perspective. Such a powerful message! I’ve personally been working on holding that higher vibration and staying focused on my dreams and the shifts that are occurring are brilliant. Thanks again!

  297. Marie,

    Beyond grateful for this video. Wow. I gotta go back and watch again and bookmark it to rewatch when I feel my faith running low.

    My biggest takeaway here was just staying centered in coming from a place of service…committing to that beyond everything else.

    I had a dear friend remind of that this past weekend, as I was freakin’ out about some tech issues for my upcoming video training. Compounded with some issues at home, I felt like I was crumbling and that if the videos weren’t just perfect, then the whole thing was just gonna blow.

    She kindly reminded me to remind myself why I was doing it all in the first place. And it was clear…it was for the women out there that need to hear this message, who are struggling around their weight and their lives are consumed by body hate and chronic dieting. I know the pain and I know the way out….that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing.

    Then I realized that the technology wasn’t even half as important as the message. It was time to regroup and send my love and my message out there to them.

    This video just confirmed that for me all again. Mastin did so much with so little technology to start…but he had so much heart, passion, and drive to share what he loved and what he believed was true. What an inspiring story. Loving my wings and flying in the direction of my dreams.

    Must go now to go finish editing my video training…it’s a one-woman show right now but my heart is just as big as my dreams. I can not fail!


  298. If anything is possible I will live a life that inspires and touches each person I encounter. I have always been able to make people excited and get on board with my ideas, but then I get tired and get off the boat before it arrives. What stands between me and my dream is me. I feel like I am running my marathon in sprints rather than long manageable strides. I build the walk up in front of me then say if I could just get around that wall.

    I want to stop this pattern. 2 years ago I started SAGA Swimwear and like it’s namesake it is inspired by my epic journey and the tales that will come as I keep moving forward. I’m all in and like Mastin, I look up when I am beating myself down and know that what I have is enough as long as I keep looking up and forward.


  299. Manal

    I feel like I lost my dream, and don’t know where it is. Everything I do lately seems to drain me, and bring up doubts and is just not fun.

    I have 4 young kids and I feel torn between wanting to be there for them, and wanting to do something for ME.

    Where do I look? What do I ask? Maybe my calling IS my children right now? At this point I feel confused. I’ve always been an ‘entrepreneur’ at heart, and know I always will be, but need it to align with my purpose and my passions and am feeling numb to it right now.


    Amazing video btw. So heartfelt and sincere. Will be watching again


  301. HRJ

    Almost five years ago, I faced death. I coded in the ER due to serious injuries from a car accident. There was a moment, in that space and time that I vowed if I was given a second chance, I’d live my purpose.

    I’ve noticed my purpose is multi-layered: I’ve had to re-claim my self-esteem and heal. I learned to stand in my truth and in my own power of being the beautiful soul that I am. Within this process I’ve re-discovered lost /repressed artistic abilities. I am using my abilities to make a difference in the people around me.

    More importantly, I’ve learned to embrace (and love) the metaphoric deaths in life (ie. old patterns, thoughts, power shifts, friendships, relationships etc.) Death makes the space for (re)birth and is essential for personal growth.

    If I had to sum up it up, I’d tell people: Take risks, live your purpose, no else can do it for you.

  302. Sharon

    Thank you so much for this video, it is really relevant no just to me at the moment, but also some friends and colleagues currently having a tough time and floundering in it, mood starting to move negative.

    For me the comment about the ego is often put in a similiar way in my new profession (Naturopathy). It is always great to be reminded of it and also to hear it articulated in these words (Thankyou Mas).

    I also wish to comment on a previous video Marie,

    I have been studying hard to finish the naturopathy course, over the last year there have been times where the task seemed insurmountable with all the extra stuff going on in my life, leading to depression as well. I got pretty low. Then I saw your videos,

    one was about “Putting down the shit sandwich” so I did.

    The other one around the same time on visualisation, and your friend who so eloquently described how it is important to imagine the accomplishment as “a done deal” and then your self conscious will take care of detail to achieve it. And today is my first day as a fully qualified Naturopath, last night as I came home from my last clinic session, I found a new email from a previous patient asking for appointments for both her and a friend. It started with the words “congratulations on finishing your course”.

    So how cool is that!!

    The done deal is now what I wish to achieve with naturopathy and food as medicine, seminars about food as medicine, and watching others benefit. Obviously I need an income also. I know this will happen as a consequence.

    Thank you Marie, you have made a real tangible difference to my life all the way over here in Melbourne, Australia.

  303. I have followed Mastin for so long!!! I am more than grateful for finding him and for his guidance. He has inspired me to create my own blog site (which I just did Saturday even though I don’t quite yet know what I’m doing lol) to aid in my goal of really living, being, and sharing my truth and purpose with others. More and more I am focused on really staying centered in love so that all of my actions will stem from that place and create a life in alignment with the Divine. Thank you to Mastin and Maria and all of the truth livers and miracle workers. We are all in this together!

  304. I love the universe! There could be no better timing for this video – I must be vibrating high!!!
    I have been working at an awesome job for the past 4 years.
    I like what I do,I make decent money, I respect and admire my boss (and…he lives in a whole different state from me!) and I have a ton of flexibility in my schedule.
    Here’s the thing – I want to write cookbooks and travel the world.
    I have blind faith in our creator and I know like I know like I know that I have to give my dream a shot. Yes, I could stay at my comfy job that I like a lot and be that steady, “responsible” person that people can rely on. I decided to choose my dream. I put in my notice at work a month ago.
    I couldn’t be more excited to start my adventure.
    This video was a greatly appreciated remainder that I am on the right path.
    Thank you Marie and thank you Mastin.

  305. Thank you both!! I am reminded that there are aware young people out here!
    All that was shared, has been my experience in my life time. I have had to speak, strongly at times, to have my Mom see Me outside Her Box. To have those moments to speak who I am and what I am doing in my life, be wonderful and scary all at the same time! Then I think I won’t have to do that again,,,wrong! There will be more Opportunities to speak my truth and that will always wake me up to looking at where I am right now and who do I need to be to honor what I doing now. I am going through this very issue with my Daughter( mother of 4, manager of 4 stock brokers, baseball and softball mom!), I have stopped sharing with her about what I have created
    As my new career. I am staying true and focused to what’s possible out of my intentions. In the frustration and loneliness, I can find satisfaction and freedom that keeps me going! I might still get slowed down but not stopped completely now , thank God I got that part! I am excited and scared all at the same time when I look at all that could be and what is already!! I love the life I live! 57 And living heaven! Thank you both again for this opportunity to share myself in life, many blessings to all!

    Vali Francis, certified Sound Healer 😉 xo

  306. Marie, thank you so much for bringing me this inspirational message. And Masten, you are awesome! Love to you both.

  307. Real life: bills and the responsibility of being a working mom and wife keep me from just quitting my job and stepping out on fairh. However from today’s talk I am taking away that I need to have more faith in God ( my universe). I also need to put things out there and then let God take care of bringing them to fruition! My job is to stay focused on service, surrender and impact! There are lots of shiny pennies out here to keep me distracted!

  308. Uh. May. Zing!!!!! THANK YOU for this interview! Thanks for the intro to Mastin and The Daily Love. Thanks for the awesome inspiration, insight and ZINGERS!

    1. The way he talked about breaking up with his parents in a METAPHORICAL sense, but still emitted SO much love for them! It was beautiful, perfectly what I needed to hear tonight. My mom, whom I love dearly, who happens to be a university B-school professor, was SO against me doing RHH B-School. (Oh yes, I’m the artsy daughter who never had any interest in “real” B-School!) She took me to the mat on it. I am doing it anyway. I know she wants to protect me, always has. But what I need is, as Mastin said, “freedom and to express myself.” Yes! At 39, it is time for ME. To be ME. And she and my dad arrived here in town tonight to spend their summer session at their beach condo down the road, playing with the grandkids. As I do my B-School here in our townhouse 4 miles inland. And I will be “broken up” from her opinion — yes I will — while still with her and loving her — yes to that, too. Letting her go at the same time I just love her through it. It will be great. THANKS for giving me another image of that balance to draw on.

    2. Being a parent who asks what my children’s souls want. Yes!!!! Marie, you are right, not standard, “not yet.” But, oh, may it be so that we pass this wisdom and freedom on to the next generation. I will remember this quote as I parent, thank you.

    3. The Oprah, the Hay House, the WHATEVER prize, are SHINY PENNIES, distracting us from our true calling if we focus too much on them. If they are meant to come, they will; if not, something else is meant to come. Just follow the call. I know it, I believe it. Beautiful. Yes. Thank you.

    4. When asked what I would do if money were no object, my answer was always “start a non-profit.” I have always felt called to create something that makes a difference in the world. By saying “Yes” to B-School, I am following this vision — only it has morphed into Change-Week, a for-profit that raises money for non-profits (loving this new social entrepreneur model, it feels right!). And while my vision of Change-Week is still getting clear (THANKS for the Bonus module that came today, Marie & team!!), I am following my heart and my calling and keeping “my eye on the sparrow.”

    I feel really blessed & re-energized lately, coming into a new phase of my life here on this planet; I know I am just in the right place, all is well, and this video was a gift confirming that. Clearly Mastin has an amazing spirit and much to teach — look forward to watching him now, as he follows his calling. You, too, Marie. Gracias!

  309. What a great, inspiring video! Thank you for sharing. This has come at the prefect time. LOVE your work Marie & your branding is off the chain. x

  310. This video was brilliant. My friend writes for The Daily Love and Mastin’s passion shone through and reminded me to stick with it even when sometimes I cry out loud “I’m just gonna get a 9-5 er.”

    NO Yvonne, you will give this thing everythin’ you got girl!!

    I hear myself sometimes and I wanna punch myself in the face. True. I think at times we can all be Mastin’s mother’s first response, bringerdowner…

  311. Superb interview!!! This was so touching and right on point. Brought tears to my eyes. I can completely relate to Mastin’s story and the journey he went through. I think it’s part of the heroes journey. You go through certain challenges to test your faith and belief in your dream. The universe tests you to see how bad you really want it. Excellent job Marie for capturing this. Inspirational to the max.

    My 3 actionable insights to take away:

    1. Have a burning desire – clear intention of what you want
    2. Keep at it NO MATTER WHAT the challenge – persistence and determination is key.
    3. Take action and start somewhere. Put everything into it. Nurture it like a child and NEVER give up. 🙂

    • When Mastin said “I’m about service and surrender and impact” I felt it in my core. I’ve connected with each of these three states of being separately on my journey of experiencing my life’s purpose, but hearing all three together … service ..surrender…impact is so powerful. Thank you!

  312. robin

    A big thanks to you Marie for this video! Mastin is amazing!
    About the question you asked about what would you do, I am in the process of writing a book, and have been since November of 2011 when I saw a flyer about for Nano Wrimo and went to the book store and took a challange to write a novel in 30 days! Almost 2 years later I am still toying with what in my mind is an awsome book, but there is one HUGE problem, I’ve stopped working on it. It’s almost like, or is like I am afraid of success, or don’t feel entitled to it! It mainly stems from that fact that while I give birth to many creative idea’s I lack the formal education , so therefore I don’t know if others will find it of value to them. I make friend on Facebook with a lot of creative people, I love the energy, and they inspire me, and one of those friends is a writer who’s advice to me was to write it, and like someone else edit the content. So there you have it, my dream is to be a writer at the ripe old age of 51!
    Thank you both for the question, and for being so brilliant!!!


    PS. Oprah is on my vision board too!

  313. adriana

    Hi ,

    Fear of not doing things right.. Saying the wrong thing..

    • Cat

      Hi Adiana,
      I have found Kinesiology works wonders for me for these types of fears and limiting beliefs. Absolutely amazing stuff.

  314. Cat

    Wow! I can really relate to Mastin – his way of connecting to the universe and putting it out there and his experience with family, friends and people in general thinking that you are ‘out there’ for actually working towards your dream.

    I will definitely be
    1. Signing up to The Daily Love (which I have never heard of, but glad I have) to keep my self motivation up
    2. Not worrying too much about things (i.e. “don’t sweat the small stuff” and change the focus to a positive abundance – feeling into/being that successful person already and sending out that energy to the universe
    3. Re-framing any setbacks as an opportunity to reassess and recreate and improve different aspects of my business

  315. I loved when you talked about being patient in the process of creation. I started a business about 18 months ago and sometimes it feels like it is never going to happen. It seems there is so much to learn and understand and so when you were sharing about letting things happen organically and just following your dream and mission I was so inspired. My take away

    1. I am going to worry less about doing everything right and just speak from my heart.
    2. I am going to surrender to the process and consistently take action and have faith it will unfold as it needs to.
    3. I am going to recommit to not letting anyone or anything get in the way of who I am and what I want to share and live in my passion.

  316. Marie and Mastin
    Oh my soul! I have listened to many personal stories of how spiritual entrepreneurs have journeyed to the level of offering their gifts of love and service to the world – like you both, I am on this journey myself.
    Watching your interview just touched me at my deepest core! Here`s why – like Mastin I too am a man very in touch with my feminine essence and I really want o communicate what I offer in a way that is authentic and congruent with who I am. Like Mastin, I feel I am all about SERVICE, SURRENDER and IMPACT!
    SERVICE to women – to transform those women who have an unhappy relationship with their bodies into a vibrant and happy one through my creative photography
    SURRENDER – to live by Divine Guidance through following my Intuition and not trying to always control my outcomes (Being a man, this has been my hugest lesson :-))
    IMPACT – when I die, I too want to know that I accomplished the result I came here for – to acknowledge and empower the Feminine in order to create a better way of life for us all – with honesty, relatedness and compassion being the high qualities that we live by
    So, thank you Marie for living who you and my brother Mastin – dude, you have encouraged me in a very profound way!

  317. Dear Marie and Mastin

    Thank you so much for sharing such huge wisdom with us.

    My biggest insights were:
    1. When it gets tough hang on in there, there’s a Divine purpose for everything.
    2. Take action! No point in reading something and say “I’ll do that later”. Awareness alone is not enough at times. The Universe rewards action.
    3. We are not alone in our questions and struggles. When I heard Mastin’s question to Eckart Tolle, I almost fell off the chair. I have been studying the ACIM for a while now and have read lots about ego, consciousness, Truth. I was writing the other day in my journal to my inner Wise Being and Mastin’s question was exactly was I asked to It. Surely if the ego exist, can’t be that bad. I believe everything is here for a reason.

    Mi biggest dream? It’s in incubation time as not quite clear yet but I would love to create some sort of metaphysical game where people ‘go in’ and get to see / touch the ‘other side’. No idea how this could possibly happen but I was inspired by the movie Alice in Wonderland and her going down the rabbit hole. What if we could consciously choose to go in and out of realities?

    Marie, your Ps really struck me. I will do my best to refer you to friends, family, #FF and so on. I just wanted to let you know that I find you videos hugely helpful, professional and full of really sound advice, simply excellent in quality. However, call for action sometimes needs to spelled out like you have done, so thank you for that and thank you for your generosity in sharing so much.

    I have signed up to B-School too and I am doing Module One today!

  318. Fabiola Bergi

    Major insights:

    1) Reassurance – Always remember my purpose in this Earth: To Be a Full Expression of my higher Self.
    2) Reminder – This Too Shall Pass – to let go of the Ego, and remember the whole reason I’m in this Earth journey: To Be a Full Expression of my higher Self.
    3) Confidence – Clearly and lovingly communicate how me being a true Expression of mySelf may be very different than what others expect or would like me to do. And go ahead and follow my heart and dreams!

  319. The three things that stick out to me most:

    “Nature has it’s own pace.”

    “This room is the size of your faith.”

    And loving the ego rather than making it wrong. I’ve been practising this recently, enveloping my whole self – including the ego – in love’s pure essence. Aceepting it all 🙂

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Marie + Mastin. So much blissful inspiration. Watched this twice already + will be saving it for all the moments in which I doubt my greatness.

    Jen xo

  320. Angela

    I have been on the quest since I was 17! Things definitely sped up after my separation and divorce; it was a huge “Wake up! You’re on auto-pilot, Ange!” moment for me. Consequently, I’ve devoured everything from Deepak to Ekhart to Gabby to Joel and Wayne and beyond…I’ve had this crazy life where I’ve walked in so many different pairs of shoes, I’m wondering how this all adds up to my purpose. That’s all I desire – to be in the flow ans serve by living my truth. Haha. I’m totally in the pool house phase right now, broke but surrounded by abundance – I see it and I know I’m on the brink of something amazing.

    This video was a wonderful affirmation of everything the universe has shown me in my life and that it will continue to unfold.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Oh, I almost forgot. I like to dream big, so these are my love sparks:

    I’d like to produce sketch comedy & positive TV
    Create a clothing line that celebrates the natural body and nature
    Create clean & safe entertainment – dance club meets interactive play meets positive energy & happy movement & high vibrational drinks (aka non-alcoholic cocktails)
    And more…

    I’m not sure about the “how” but it’s gonna be awesome!


  321. I am not sure what is holding me back but I do know that whatever that thing is, it began to dissolve when I decided to enroll in B-School. Seriously. For once, I said I am investing in myself (which is very different from investing in my product — I had done that). And once I had made that decision that I am worth it and that I will succeed, a path opened up in front of me and I started walking.

  322. The comments on this post is also so inspirational as equally as the post. 🙂 But my biggest take away from this video is that we are larger than our dreams. I can relate to Mastin how difficult it is to step out esp with fear alongside of it. This year is a big milestone for me as an entrepreneur since I finally turned 1 dream into reality… and now moving on to my next dream 🙂

    Continue to post such inspiring topics Marie, you are touching thousand lives 🙂

  323. ~

    Thanks a million.


    1. Yes

    2. Be it now

    3. Focus on my life

    4. Service, surrender, impact



  324. Three actionable insights I soaked in:
    1) Your results may reflect the level of your faith
    2) No matter how much you prepare, sometimes your mic won’t work; roll with it and stay on message
    3) Capturing the emotion separates brand creation from commodity

  325. Brilliant and very inspirational, Loved it

  326. I loved this video! I loved the part when Mastin asked his question to Eckhart Tolle, about loving the ego. Despite his fear of not being acknowledged by a spiritual leader, he dares to ask profound questions. He trusts his inner wisdom. That I will take with me.

    And also: seeing the divine in all circumstances.

    And definitely: say YES!

  327. Deb

    Rock my Soul. This interview is like 20+ minutes basking directly in the radiance of divine love. It ignited every part of my heart, soul & mind. Here’s to giving up what’s easy to find what’s possible & living with no regrets. And Mastin- I think you hit Hawkin’s description of peace. 1 in 10 million.
    In Gratitude,

  328. Ngoc

    Thank you for your very inspiring interview. Actually I’ve gained 4 key insights from this and I will share them all below:

    1) Don’t strive for something. Be it.
    2) Be yourself. Be independent of the opinions of other people that includes your parents. When the time comes, you’ll have to “break up” with your parents so that you can grow to your full potential and be your complete self
    3) Listen to your heart and dare to pursue your dream. Have faith in what you do even when you feel every door has closed in front of your eyes. The Uni-verse will support you.
    4) As entrepreneurs we are signing up to fail… So you have to be a little crazy.

    At the moment, I’m still a college student and I don’t know what I’ll do after graduation. Just so you know, I study Finance & Banking but sadly have no interest in it. I’ve been thinking of learning photography, learning public speaking, writing a public blog, and especially starting a project (business) to help people be themselves, be in the moment and thus they will find out their happiness. But I hesitated to do all of these because I’m afraid that I’m not good enough to do it, that I’ll fail and my parents would be upset then they would criticize me because I don’t have a 9-to-5 job with high salary at a bank or a company like my friends.

    But now having watched this interview I’ve decided to do what I believe in. I will pursue my dreams. I will give it my all. I know there’ll be really tough times for me, I may fail, but I don’t care, because – according to point 4 above – by joining business world we are signing up to fail – so who can avoid it anyway? I believe eventually the Uni-verse will support me if I have faith. So that’s it! Ah, I’ll also tell my parents about this decision.

    As Maria commented above, if things don’t pick up, make it work. If things don’t pick up again, make it work.

    P/S: When I was writing this comment, I found out what I really want to do (it have been written above) although it was so unclear for me before. I think this is magic. Probably the answer of the Uni-verse to me as I decided to share my deepest thought about my life purpose here 🙂 Thank you, Marie & Mastin. Thank you too, all the commenters above. Love you guys.


  329. Hello Hello beautiful people,

    This video really made me put my thinking cap on. I LOVED IT… and reading all of your comments. I started my business around 4 months ago and up until that point, I always had my “one fit in”. Saying things like “I wont make enough money going out on my own, I have to work at this restaurant or that bar”. Well I finally decided to step back, run hard to edge and dive right in. I quite my job as a waitress and started my business full force. It definitely hasn’t been easy (and I have never been this broke), but I know and trust that everything will come around. I sometimes just need mentors, videos, and quotes like these to keep me pulling through when I am in the slumps. We can always use more of that I suppose. Sending so much love and light to all you amazing entrepreneurs out there, making it happen! You keep me going! 🙂

  330. Aurelie

    Wow! This actually had me in tears. I’m one of those people who can’t have just one business…..I actually have 3! I have been struggling with feeling like I have to choose just one…..In my heart I have felt like I wanted to pursue all 3……I just needed to “choose” to do so…..Thank You for reminding me that we just have to make a choice and give it to God. Aurelie

  331. Mastin!

    I love your Oprah question! I am so tired of the ego being demonized! It does not resonate with me at all. That’s like instructing people to have disdain for a piece of themselves. I could never articulate my own thoughts on the ego but you did it beautifullly.

    Thank you!

  332. Kris

    I am reminded how important it is to be, to trust, to be led.
    To surrender.
    To keep my eye on my creator.
    What my creator would have me do, and be and desire.
    Specifically, I see my fear of the haven’t done it yet’s, want the easy way out’s, can’t somebody else do that part for me’s…
    Thankful for the authentic voice of Mr. Mastin.
    It was a pleasure.

  333. I love this! Being of service and having faith are speaking to me loudly right now. Mid-video I popped off and put a notice on facebook for a group meditation I will be leading. I’m scared of no one being interested, but REALLY no one will be interested if I don’t put the action out there 🙂 Action is that only way. Thanks for the great work!

    • Anna

      Love it! You are absolutely right. Thanks for sharing.

  334. So glad you guys are putting this out there. Thanks for making this one a longer Tuesday clip.

  335. Awesome conversation guys! Thank you for sharing!

    Mastin, I too am a huge fan of Eckart Tolle (supper cool you got to be involved with him) and I can really tell you have done a great job at working with your ego. Love your comment about “loving it”.

    My question to you guys…I really don’t have a BIG DREAM! I absolutely love my life as it is now and love each day. So, is it bad not to have a Big Dream?

    I am basically doing the best I possible can in life with family, friends and business. And believing in the journey…

    Thoughts? Thanks again Marie & Mastin.

  336. Kendra

    My big dream is slightly buried, there have been so many. Most dreams relating to empowering mothers/women to live there best life and make change in the world. Whats holding me back? fear of failing and also wanting to come out of the gate perfect (brand developed, saying all the right things) Also, I have had patterns of not being able to follow through and be organized, so I am a lil scared to put my self way out there and let myself and everybody down.
    With nothing to loose and any thing possible…I would create a biz partnership in which I can be myself and be supported in a collective vision of the dream of empowering women, children and families’ lives. Through a local venue and online as well.

  337. Hi Marie,
    Need your advise, recently received an email on a china company wanted to register their company name to my company name and they wanted to buy all available domain using my company name, because of that I registered my website via to protect my brand. When u purchase your domain did you buy all available domain website address ie etc?

  338. Anna

    I am diving in now but what has held me back in the past and can still feel like a monkey on my back at times, is the fear of not being a significant contributor. I had a very successful career for nearly 2 decades that I just walked away from. What if my lovability was linked to my self-sufficiency? It all goes back to am I really, really enough. Just me? Am I wholly lovable no matter what. Of course, the answer is YA DAMN RIGHT, I AM. But does the little voice still creep in and wobble me a bit from time to time…yes. Yet, over the years my faith has grown bigger than my fear. Onward!

  339. dianne

    just watched AGAIN! love love love!!!

  340. This video was amazing! I love Mastin’s energy and insight as well as his self clarity. My dream is to be the best mom I can be. To be present for my children and to nourish their souls so they may soar as high as they can. To accomplish this dream I have been committed to being an entrepreneur, I will not take away from them by working a 9-5. I share my healing gifts, as a barefoot massage therapist and soon my insight and wisdom as a life coach. My family has struggled financially for a very long time and we are about to go into our biggest struggle as we move into a higher cost of living in a bigger city. We aren’t sure how we will pay our bills. I really resonate with Mastin’s words of trying to stay in a spiritual place when you don’t know where food is coming from. It is heavy but we are light and floating through it. We too, my husband and kids, have said “YES!” and we are following our dreams. Me by taking B-school and life coach training and my husband by taking a lateral move with no pay increase in an effort to move up in his career in a stronger market. Thank you for this, and for the daily love, it all helps me to stay in the place I need to be as we navigate through this time in our lives and realize our dreams.

  341. Hey Marie…

    Your final words were “I think this will change a lot of lives” or something like that. I would hope that as many people as possible will listen and gleam the wisdom spoken here.

    For me, this interview was water to my soul.

    The world has set a stage for people to be born and work a job that our creator didn’t necessarily call us to.

    Too often we are square blocks trying to be put into a round hole. Not only by parents and friends but mostly by ourselves through not believing fully in ourselves. Worried about failure, what others will think (which you’ve written about) which is crazy because, hey, it’s OUR life, and going against the flow of the “system”.

    I took so many gold nuggets from this interview and Mastin is definitely a role model for “just doing it”. The message of following your heart before it’s too late is a reminder that we get one chance to life and love life here on earth. Loving like crazy and pursuing passions and interests to create the most astonishing life.

    My dream is travel the world, discovering and exploring and reaching out to people worldwide, touching their lives, whether it be a kind word, a hug, a cup of cool water or help in a community project.

    I have a long ways to go, but I’ve started and I will come back and listen to this a few more times. I love it. And, I just subscribed to The Daily Love. Looking forward to receiving.

    Thank you for the gift of this interview.

  342. Absolutely loved this, and have shared it everywhere I can think of 🙂 Thank you again for sharing… I feel that for me the only thing that has ever held me back from a dream is making the decision to go for it… to say YES to it as Mastin put it. This yes has to come from all levels of me, not just I think I will do this.. but, I am this and I am doing this! Which is why I am now building Jump for Joy! Photo Project regardless of the “obstacles” that seem to be in my path.. I am practicing looking past them and knowing that I am on the right path 🙂 Thank you both again for sharing this interview and experience.. I am feeling so inspired and supported.

    Much love – Eyoalha

  343. Akemi

    I am really inspired by this interview. It makes me think about our potential, I see everyone having a great gift like a rough stone that needs work, and we need to work on ourselves to be able to share this wonderful gift that we are. He did it, and we are in the same path. I doesn’t mean that is easy, we have to polish ourselves and shine our beauty around! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world and showing by your example that everyone can be a gift to the world and to themselves. Everyday that I work towards my dream, I fell like I’m giving and receiving this gift, and that is perfect!

  344. Clara

    Marie, it’s such a great pleasure and honour to meet and see you
    through your lifework doing what you are doing with your b-school, to reach millions of people across the world with your message,
    “Be and shine in your own true light and power, go ahead and be your greatest, loveliest, purest higher-self to manifest the glory of God and the light you bring into the world, and encourage the others to do the same”
    You are one of my greatest source of inspiration as a human-being, as a woman, as a servant of light and love of the highest order. I am also striving to be such an inspiration to my world and community, and now starting to talk about you and encourage my female-friends to empower themselves to bring their best foot forward into our chaos of the crumbling world.
    To change ourselves for the better, set new higher goals and standards, being true to our truest nature and selves, and lead a happy, exemplary life to encourage the others to do the same.
    Mastin is fantastic, I believe he has the couage of Mahatma Gandhi, the servant-manifest energy of Nelson Mandela, and would go on to inspire and encourage millions and millions of people across the Globe with his
    dailylove quotes, inspiration, and teachings. Thank you so much you two, and keep up lightining up the world!
    Love always,

  345. Whoops. In all of my comment-writing excitement, I forgot to define three specific actionable steps I will take to fulfill my dream:

    1. I will practice saying “yes” by listening more carefully to my inner guide (this means even MORE talking with the Universe. I welcome it).

    2. I will meet with 5 people this month who are working in my field. I have a meeting with 1 so far, and I am trusting the Universe to guide me to the other 4.

    3. I will devote 20 hours/week to maintaining and writing my blog. That’s less than 3 hours a day! Though my dream is worth more to me than part-time job hours, devoting 20 hours/week will be the first step.

  346. WOW! Awesome interview Marie (and Mastin). Really hope you’ll do more…even wouldn’t mind a regular Mastin interview feature on MarieTV. *hint, hint*

    Mastin, I wanna say “thanks” for being a bright light. I’d never really heard your story, but it’s SO inspirational to me and has arrived in my consciousness at the height of perfection.

    For years I have struggled with purpose, meaning, etc. As you said in your interview, being present and just *being* that spiritual presence is hard. It’s all about trust, and that has been a huge challenge for me lately…just to trust that I can live, survive and thrive in an experience of non-resistance or surrender.

    There is so much around me calling me to do and strive and struggle. My soul knows that it is not necessary, but my mind (and ego) struggle still. Love the thought of blessing and loving the ego until it is absorbed by love.

    Sending blessings and love to you on your journey. Thank you once again. I hope you’ll do many more vids with Marie.

  347. That video has touched me to the core. Like so many other people my fear is fear itself. It is the most distracting, frustrating, time consuming activity sending me on a wild goose chase of activities that come up. It is wonderful to hear of people who rise above and reach the summit of their dreams. For the rest of us still climbing our mountain it is a welcome/unexpected sign to come across on our path.

  348. Mastin, I’m a huge believer that ’tis better to “love on” the ego rather than “hate on it” – the only way to transform a dark room is to turn on the light :).

  349. Amy

    To me this was like the secular version of “Let Go, and Let God.” Because to me, God is the source of my dreams and passions, and if He gives me those dreams and passions, it’s for a reason! To ignore them, would be to ignore His calling for my life. Instead, I need to pursue them with relentless abandon and trust that His plan is perfect, even if I don’t know where it will lead me!

    My main reason for starting a business, is because I’m a mom, and my goal has always been to stay home with my kids – this was a dream and passion given to me when I was very young. And since my mom was a career woman, she didn’t understand at all! So I totally relate to the idea of “breaking up with your parents” to pursue your dreams! I had to say no to my mom’s insistence that I pursue a graduate degree, because I knew that wasn’t where my heart would ever be. Instead I’ve created a career for myself Around my main passion – my family. Which is kind of the opposite of what was talked about here, but there was still a lot of “going against the grain” on my journey since I came from a very career oriented family!

    Now I feel like I have the best of both worlds – two beautiful daughters, a loving husband who supports my dreams of a vibrant home life AND self-employment.

  350. First, wow! I had to watch this several times and found something new each time. Here’s what I took away from it:
    1. Say “YES” to your dreams, but put your energy toward your purpose and the creator, let the rest go, and be receptive.
    2. Love your ego! Honor it and don’t make it the bad guy.
    3. Dreams don’t know boundaries. Taking a fresh look at what’s holding me back. Yikes!

    Watch out world here I come!

  351. Wow! I loved this. Thank you so much!

    Service. Surrender. Impact.


    Love, Love, Love!

  352. Mastin and Marie…so love every part of this! Thanks for keepin’ it real 🙂

  353. Blythe

    Such an inspiring interview. Loved it!

    One of the biggest things holding me back in money. Too many bills to pay, too many financial things to worry about. It all becomes too much and distracts me from my dream.

    Another obstacle, is my support system, or lack there of. I loved the conversation that Mastin had with his mom. It definitely inspired me to figure out a way to get my family to actually listen, instead of judge and provide little to no support.

    And I would say the last thing holding me back is me. I let my life get in the way of having the life I want. I let my doubts distract me. I let my ADD mind cause me to dwell in tangent land.

    But I have a dream, and I refuse to let it die. So, I will plug on and figure it all out to make it all happen.

  354. I have subscribed to so many things over the years… the point of inspiration overload. I have been slowly weeding out my inbox and keeping what feels most important and unsubscribing from lots of things. I know I want to hear what Marie Forleo is talking about so those messages made the cut. This one in particular stuck out to me and I just sat and watched it….wow. I feel quietly and gently reminded to turn back towards my calling. Four years ago my husband and I adopted a little girl from China. During the two year wait I never once imagined there was anymore to it then becoming a mother again (we had three older biological children). As the time drew near to travel to China we found ourselves short on cash. I threw together a fundraiser with the help of friends and it was blessed by the Tibetan Monks and there were speakers and singers and it was all amazing. The most amazing part was prior to the day of the fundraiser we made lots of art with children and adults and we sold the art at the fundraiser. I have known since then that I was being called to serve orphans in a way that was much bigger than I could have previously realized. A dream was forming to create an organization that helped fund adoptions by making and selling art with children. To raise awareness and spread love and make a dent in this world. It is unacceptable to me that we have even one child in this world that is not in a loving family. Over and over for the past four years I can hear “fund 5 per adoptions per year”….this or something greater. A family’s checkbook should never be the reason they don’t bring a child into their life. I want the mark I leave in this world to be that there were more children in cozy jammmies eating strawberries on the porch on a hot summer night, more stories being read to children being tucked in at night with full bellies and knowing in their bones that they are safe and loved. When I stood in my daughter’s orphanage I could feel my cells rearrange. I will never be the same person. After our adoption we wound up in a financial crisis involving building a dream house and not being able to sell our old house. It has been just shy of total financial devastation. Our credit score couldn’t even get us grilled cheese and fries at this point. We did what we thought were all the ‘right’ things and our lives became barely managable overnight. I soooo relate to Mastin saying there is no way he could have done that to his life in just one week. So here I am now and I try to ignore this call to service because the voices in my head say “HOW??? How in the world will you do this? How will you pay your mortgage(s)? How will you feed your own kids? I feel our own financial stability is very important in order to serve in this way fully. I see art being made. I see people buying it. I see happy children. I see people deciding to adopt. I see people meeting their child for the first time. I see awareness expanding. I see pajama parties with lots of art supplies. I see it. Do you?
    Listening to this interview stirs up more in me than I can even begin to express. Thankyou so much and I do believe this is the most important interview you have to date. Thank you Marie and thank you Mastin.

    • Hi Kimberly, your story just gave me goose bumps. The lucrative career I gave up was selling art … and just recently I have been pondering what I am missing in life by not being a mother.

      I had never thought about adoption for myself, although I had often marveled at the likes of Angelina Jolie & others adopting children and hearing how it changed their lives.

      Connecting with you now makes me wonder if this is my next calling … again, how serendipitous!

      Warmest regards,

      • Erica….being a mother is not for everyone but for me it is the best thing I have ever done. Guide me on making money selling art and I will help you with your adoption!

    • Hi Kimberly are you on Facebook? Would love to connect more with what you are doing : )

      • Yes I am on Facebook. Kimberly Holmes. Would love to chat more.

  355. Whooooah….freaky deaky!!!!! I usually watch your vids asap on Tuesday…but yesterday I was busy. Today I had a rehash of an emotional breakdown/breakthrough with my coach and realized that as an entrepreneur I’ve learned soooo much about myself and facing the fear factor and my family vibes, tapes, energy …whatever you want to call it…try to slow me down and get in my way from taking the next big step with my biz. So, I had just as of today learned I need to visualize cutting that negative emotional connection. AND then watching this today you guys talk about “breaking up with your parents” !!!! Wow…more affirmation. Unbelievable.

    And on that topic…other ladies might benefit from this…my mom is totally old fashioned kept woman that is selfless and once her children were raised has withered away in sickness. I’m her only girl…and my life I realized is the antithesis of hers (single, childless, going after my dreams)…so in essence subconsciously she reads that as she is wrong. And then I’m labeled the “problem child”, even though, I’m well behaved.

    It all makes sense now!

    Thank you

  356. Keli

    Wow .. what a man and what courage! I come from a long line of safe fence sitters. My parents encourage me, yet in the same breath remind me of my past mistakes and that I am a single mum to a toddler, with financial responsibilities and that I am not gettng any younger!
    I am busy writing and for the first time in my life, because of my son and my situation, I have clarity, know what I am here for, what makes my heart sing and how big I want my dream to be. It will be a reality and I am working hard to make it happen. I totally agree with the vibration and with the universe giving you exactly what you want… you just need to know exactly what it is and ask for it! Thanks again Marie and Mastin … GOLD! X

  357. Loved this video. It reflects allot of what I’m going through on my journey to becoming a creatively-supported writer and artist. I especially love Mastin’s words, “I would rather die living my dream than die a coward.”

  358. “if you can transcend your fear of death, you can accomplish a lot”

    I love this final thought. How our lives can so easily be run by fear – fear of failure, of what others think, what our parents think, the way WE think it’s supposed to look. Stepping into the flow of the Divine and doing the deep inner work, freeing up energy and our ability to receive…A beautiful reminder that as we work on ourselves we are literally working on our business/life’s purpose.

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection of what is within all of us.


  359. Steph

    What a fabulous, REAL, and inspiring video. My favorite yet. I needed to hear the entire parent section because its so comforting to know that even at my age, or a little older, I’m not alone in feeling my parent’s acceptance would be amazing but its not necessary to achieve my goals. Thank you!

  360. Thank you for the question – if you were already dead what would you do?

    It surprised me, how this question felt because I have clarity about my purpose, I immediately assumed it would be about what I am doing now with my business Higher Mind Health.

    What came to me was something incredibly simple and so powerful it humbles me and wakes me up to Soul and Divine Energy … If I were already dead what would I do?

    I would smile with love and joy being a child energy expression of the Universe, I would feel myself within Oneness, I would be able to open my heart the way I want with people, and let them feel warmth and love, I would share without fear or shame, being true to my Soul’s energy and let love flow through. I would live without fear and instead live with trust, gentle purpose, divine presence and authenticity. From here it doesn’t matter how successful I am or how many people I touch – more of how I am me in this life, in this moment, in this journey. From here I am enough.

  361. Jenn

    This made me realize that if I stop trying to control everything and let God be the boss things will turn out even better than I planned. His plans for me are better than anything I can imagine.

  362. Awesome video to see such pure truths and open speaking about playing with the universe and its vibratory frequencies. I related to Mastin SO much, and am at the place of living in the 8×8 room, on the beach, attached to a mansion- and using my internet in parking lots and cafes! Keep telling myself “This too shall pass”- “and become a mansion of Love! Yes, the universe plays and it does want all of us to say “YES!”. For me, like Mastin, there is no choice except to say YES to what the universe will attract for me. At the same time, I also have been through the fashion world-and seem to have extremely similar experiences and philosophical perspective. And so many quotes resonate with me, that are exactly the same as Mastin uses that I have used to attract these realities. I have a quote book that I’ve been writing for years and have also been guided to share and inspire.
    1.) I AM and will continue to break-up with my parents, and anyone who is a drain on my energy levels. I will know that I am following my own path and dream to become reality and not listen to their feedback.
    2.) I AM keeping the faith that the universe is playing with me and I am vibrating at a level that attracts positive manifestations into my life
    3.) I AM following my intuition and the messages that I receive in order to move forth with my spiritual beliefs and ethics.
    Finally, it is so important to keep the positive vibes flowing no matter the circumstance, and when faced with death, it’s true- say “YES” to a fulfilling life- I really understand that. Looking forward to what else the universal abundance provides. Also, I used the same quotes on my parents, even from the Emilia Earhart movie, and that gives me a sense that I am on a good path. So excited to be a part of this amazing time of awareness and universal consciousness!
    THANK You Marie & Mastin xoxo Blessings & Gratitude

  363. Thankfully I am living my dream, and though I am just getting started I am always telling myself that I have already succeeded. Just by taking a chance and creating something out of nothing and something that you totally believe in. It is just so refreshing to hear from someone else living their dream and with no expectations, and look it how happy and successful he is!!! Amazing!!! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video and thank you so much Maria for being an outlet for so much more inspiration. You are such a blessing!!!

  364. OMG … I am so overwhelmed with a sense of serendipity.

    I became quite sick with an autoimmune disease and had to give up quite a lucrative job.

    I had always had a dream of being a motivational speaker in the realm of weight loss but couldn’t see how it could pay the bills. For almost 33 years I have lived on the side lines of life, always a little too fearful of “showing up.”

    After getting ill, and seeing everything slip away I was forced to take a good hard look at my life and say, “Enough is Enough!!!”

    I determined that I would get my health back, lose all the weight that had kept me miserable for decades and as per my dream, motivate others to do the same.

    I started a blog about my journey and discovered some interesting facts that I believe could make the diet industry obsolete!

    For the past 9 months I have dedicated myself to this blog and reaching out to women who have failed at every diet they have ever tried … and offering them a new way to look at losing weight. I’ve hit on something and my message is resonating.

    This has now become my passion in life. My blog is only 6 months old, but now I am inspired by Mastin’s journey.

    My 3 actionable insights are these:

    1) I have had interest from radio stations in the USA and South Africa and will follow up and commit to going quite public with my ideas (scary!!)
    2) I have had interest from a publisher in Texas …. will commit to following that up
    3) I will put myself ‘out there’ publicly to ‘be seen’ and promote my ideas about losing weight and getting in the best shape of your life.

    Thank you for putting out such incredible content. I am so blessed to have found you!


    • Erica, What an inspirational story you have to tell. Would you mind sharing the name of your blog?

      • Hi Kimberly, I am equally inspired by yours : )

        My blog is and it’s still a baby … but she’s my baby and I love her with all my heart. I am going down the organic path which I know takes time, but I pray that one day my message will explode and women across the world will say NO to dieting and take a more natural route to getting in the best shape of their life, both physically & emotionally.

        Thank you so much for your interest,