Business Ethics: How To Stop A Leech From Hijacking Your Success

Have you ever felt like someone was leeching off of your hard work and success?

Whether this person attends your events and tries to poach your leads, or someone is unfairly piggybacking off your hard work, dealing with a business leach can be a sticky and uncomfortable situation.

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How To Stand Out From The Crowd

Do you ever wonder why some people and brands stand out from the crowd while others remain unknown?

What makes one person or business remarkable, while others all seem so “vanilla” and forgettable?

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I’m fascinated with this topic because, on the surface, many people appear to be selling the same kinds of products or services.

But as you know, there are always people and brands that rise above the rest and become leaders of their industry.

If you’ve ever wanted to be one of those people who stands out in a crowd, today’s episode of MarieTV is for you.

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B-School 2012 Scholarship Winners Announced!

The past few days we’ve been pouring through nearly 400 scholarship entries videos for B-School.

Words can’t express how much inspiration and pure LOVE you have shared with me in these videos. It’s been an absolute honor, on behalf of myself and my team, to watch each and every one submitted.

We’ve been laughing, crying, sharing notes and most of the time just sitting here in serious awe of YOU: who you are, your courage, your insight, your creativity and who you are being in life.

As you know, we adore our B-School program and do sincerely hope you’ll join us for it.

But if, for whatever reason, it’s not the right fit, know that we are still cheering you on and we’ll be here providing education and inspiration to you for free each and every week.

I’ll be honest, when I first announced this contest, I imagined we’d award a scholarship or maybe three…

You’ll see that you’ve inspired me to award WAY more scholarships than any of us imagined.

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How To Write Fast: 8 Secrets To Better, Quicker Content Creation

Do you ever wish you could write faster?

Almost everyone I know who creates content on a regular basis (including me!) is eager to find ways to be more efficient with our time while still continuing to produce high quality content.

If writing your newsletter, a blog post or finishing your book seems to take you forever, you’re going to love today’s episode of MarieTV.

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Info Product Rookie Mistake You Don’t Wanna Make

As you likely know, we’re in the midst of our B-School launch video series.

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I’m humbled and grateful for the overwhelming response: over 1,242 inspired comments plus countless tweets and Facebook messages – all in less than five days.

In today’s brand new MarieTV episode, we’re staying on our business theme to talk about info products and online programs.

If you’ve ever dreamed of inspiring or mentoring people online by sharing your knowledge, expertise or advice via an info product or program, today’s episode is a must-watch!

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