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In June of last year, I kept having this “funny feeling” that something was up.

It was one of those nagging senses you get when you know someone really well, and can detect even the slightest energy shift from them.

By the end of the summer, I found out that my “funny feeling” was right on. Something was up and what came next was a bittersweet, yet beautiful break-up. Let me explain.

In 2009, I had the pleasure of advising a bright young entrepreneur named Laura Roeder in my very first Adventure Mastermind program. She was an ideal client: smart, driven and implemented like a mo-fo.

After having worked with thousands of people, I can say that nothing is more fulfilling than having a client who doesn’t screw around and just gets things done.

By the end of her first year in my program, I had a good sense of Laura’s strong work ethic, drive and passion for social media marketing. I also knew she was committed to empowering small business owners and, like me, had a special place in her heart for women entrepreneurs.

I had been secretly dreaming up a new training program called B-School, an online business school designed to teach non-douchy online marketing, and thought she was the ideal fit to help create and lead it.

From Disbelief To Domination

When I first approached Laura with the opportunity, she was in a bit of disbelief. She wasn’t getting why I wanted to work with her on such a big scale. After all, I was her coach, and she was still new in her business. (Side note: this is a classic example of something we all do from time to time – underestimate our genius.)

One of my gifts in this world is foresight. I have a knack for spotting great ideas and great talent, often before the rest of the world does.

Being the natural sales woman that I am, I was determined to seal the deal. I took us to a beach side restaurant in Santa Monica and reassured her that this project would be super fun, super lucrative and most importantly, it would make a huge difference in countless lives. I told her I believed in her and knew, in my heart, that this project would be a smashing success and she needed to be a part of it.

After a few rounds of minty mojitos, she signed on.

In the late summer of 2010, we gave birth to a blockbuster program called B-School. It was a success straight out of the gate and we knew we had a hit.

The next year, we raised the bar even higher and re-launched B-School again in the spring of 2011. We increased revenue by 314% and reduced our refund rate to less than 3%, creating a level of satisfaction and results for our students rarely seen in this industry.

I’m proud to share that over the past two years we’ve impacted tens of thousands of businesses and lives with our crazy creative and actionable launch content, unbeatable program structure, global community and one-of-a-kind curriculum.

Change Is The Only Constant

Once we wrapped up last year’s program, Laura and I had a heart-to-heart about my “funny feeling.” We knew the time had come for the next evolution of B-School.

My business was exploding and Laura’s was too. As you know, in order for any project to continue to grow and reach its full potential, it requires total focus and energy.

That total focus and energy was something Laura felt she wasn’t able to give B-School anymore.  After considering a number of scenarios, we decided that the best thing was for me and my team to usher B-School on to its next level.

It was a bittersweet realization. We both absolutely adore B-School, we adore each other, and are beyond thrilled with what we’ve been able to create together to impact so many lives.

Here’s what Laura wants you to know about her choice to move on.

In Her Own Words

“My primary motivator for moving on from B-School was the decision to focus 100% of my energy on I love B-School, and especially our community of B-School Babes, but we all have to make decisions on how we spend our day. I have big goals for my own business that I need to devote all of my time to in 2012. I think this is a great lesson in getting clear on how many projects you can actually handle – most entrepreneurs have so many great ideas it can be easy to spread ourselves too thin. You can find yourself working on 5 projects at once, none of them becoming as successful as you like because none of them are getting your full attention.

I learned that you have to listen to your heart over what makes “sense”. B-School is a huge success on every level – financially successful, we’re changing womens’ lives, it’s a fun program to run and I’m incredibly proud of it. Still, my gut was telling me that it was time to move on, and I listened.

It is INCREDIBLY gratifying to start a project and see it grow and live beyond you. I don’t have children, but I would imagine this is a taste of the feeling you get watching your children grow. I feel like I have gotten to experience a new level of success in not just creating a project that is mine, but started a project that is given its own life beyond me.”

Here’s What’s Next For B-School

Over the past few months, B-School has been secretly undergoing a massive make-over, much like the rest of our brand.

We’ve collected over 2,000 data points of feedback from our graduates to help us make the next evolution of B-School the most value-driven, results-based and effective online training program on the market.

The brand new B-School program will open up again in May of 2012, so please mark your calendar and be sure to get on the waitlist here, so you’ll be the first to receive our free training materials.

On behalf of myself, Laura, our collective teams and our incredible community of B-Schoolers, we thank you sooo much for your continued support and are thrilled to welcome a new class of game-changers into our B-School family!


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  1. Thank you Marie and Laura! Can’t wait to see what’s next in the makeover 🙂 What a great reflection to honor what I commit to and where my energy needs to be focused. Beautiful!

    • pamela

      i was worried thinking something terrible was happening! i kept waiting to hear you and your hubby broke up! silly me.

  2. You two are so clear – it is awesome! I look forward to B-school in May!

  3. Change is the only constant…all the best to both you as you both walk your own paths! Cannot wait to see what’s in store for Bschool in May! xx

  4. B-School changed my life and I’ll be eternally grateful to you both for the amazing program you’ve created. I’m equally excited to see how B-school will continue to evolve and am looking forward to this coming “semester.”



    • If you were in Bschool last year, do you have access to this new one or do you need to purchase again?

      • Rachel Luna - Author of Successful People are Full of C.R.A.P

        We get lifetime access! That’s one of the MANY, MANY benefits of B-school! Hope to see you in the class this year 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for your honesty, Marie. There is not another you, and I learn so much about being clear, direct and myself from you every time you write or speak. Can’t wait for the new B-School this Summer!!

  6. Thank you for sharing. I need to go through a business break up right now and this really helps. Sometimes letting people go means getting clearer on your business. Can’t wait to see the make-over when bschool starts again. xxoo

  7. Hi Marie! 🙂

    Wow, I love this story. It’s great that you two are able to “break up” and each do your own thing with no hard feelings and recognizing it as just the next evolution for each of you. 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing what you’ve got going on with B-School this year! 😉


  8. Jan Schochet

    This was an interesting, unexpected, but totally obvious next step for all involved. Thank you so much for showing us your process and modeling really healthy behavior so we can all celebrate these changes that will result in–well you said it, Marie–abundance–for Laura, you and us.

    Best of luck to you both in these endeavors. And for us, too, in our new experiences with whatever you both have in store for us. We are so lucky to be connected with you.

  9. B-School is one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I’m so glad I found the both of you. You and Laura are awesome and so clear on what you want out of life. Such great role models for the rest of the world. Cannot WAIT to see what’s up in the installment of B-School!

  10. Beautiful and brave story underlining how important it is to follow our intuition, that remarkable instrument that always knows & shows what’s good for us.
    Best to you both from Holland!

  11. Liz

    Marie you are always raising the bar for all of us as entrepreneurs and as human beings. A how to do a “healthy business break up” is a such a powerful tool to have in the tool box! And as for Abundance, just watched Peter’s TED talk on it, and your work is so in alignment with expansion, so cool, can’t wait to see what you create together! Thank you for everything you are and do.

  12. I am dying on the vine to sign up for the next B-school. Can’t wait!

  13. Puh Marie when you sent the email I thought it was something a bit more… heart-breaking. Can see that both of you need to focus on your own businesses to take it to it’s full potential. You seem both to have taken a very mature approach to this and it’s really inspiring to see that you end co-operation on this project in style.

    Good luck both of you, I look forward to following your future adventures.

  14. Great story. I love the new layout of the site, so sexy and fun!

  15. Thank you for sharing your story, Marie. Laura is an amazing woman and I am sure she’s going to be doing great things. And B School will continue to be a positive and groundbreaking influence for many entrepreneurs.

    You guys are the perfect example of a “business break up” that is done with class and true professionalism. Bravo – and much luck to both of you on future endeavors!


  16. : ( I wish I was more mature…but I gotta admit I LOVED you ladies together and I’m kinda sad. I wish blessed success to you both. You’re both so awesome. Boo whoo : (

  17. You can both be proud of a great legacy of B-school inspiration.
    Here’s to cheering each other on from different projects. It will all work out.

  18. Laura has flown the nest, and she is soaring!!
    It’s a wonderful thing to see. Thanks Marie for the explanation, and the feminine and professional way you handled this.
    You are a wonderful model.

  19. Thanks for sharing this story, Marie! It’s so inspiring to watch great friends and business partners like you and Laura follow your hearts without compromise or apology – while still honoring the amazing stuff you brought into the world together. As a proud BSchooler, I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both. Doubtless, it will be big. 🙂

  20. Intuitivelisa

    This was lovely to read.
    It says a lot about both of your authenticity to share this with us.
    Very special people who live life this way. Thank you for being you


  21. Thanks for being so forthcoming and honest Marie! I enjoyed the e-mails and music videos you and Laura sent out during the last round of B-school marketing. Best of luck to you also, Laura!

  22. Marie and Laura, your joint genius has changed me and my business forever. Thank you for every minute you devoted to creating B-School. Raising my glass to your next level of success which will benefit so many once again!

  23. I really appreciate you sharing this with all of us. And, if you are in the market for a new partner…. (no mojitos needed)…I could be available : )

    Love the new look.
    Jill S.

  24. Kat

    I’m glad to hear that the breakup was mutually honest and true. That gut is a worthy thing to listen to. Bravo, ladies! Onwards and upwards!

  25. I follow you both, Marie and Laura, regularly. After signing up to, probably, hundreds of newsletters and following many, many business owners/marketers/coaches, I felt that I have to focus too, so I decided that you guys are the ones that speak to me the best and I read and watch everything you put out in the world.

    I am happy that you worked together and I am happy that you followed your heart and went with what they whispered with regards to your own voice.

    Both you guys have a very strong voice and it is surely hard to partner up for a long time with another strong voice.

    Thank you so much, Marie and Laura, for the role model you are for me and my life.


  26. Marie, Thanks so much for sharing. Sad to hear that I won’t see both of you this May in B-school, but so excited to see what’s next. Being a part of b-school last year was so amazing for me and it inspired me on so many levels.

    Thanks again for your honesty and so excited to see what’s next for B-school!


  27. Laura says: “great lesson in getting clear on how many projects you can actually handle – most entrepreneurs have so many great ideas it can be easy to spread ourselves too thin. You can find yourself working on 5 projects at once, none of them becoming as successful as you like because none of them are getting your full attention.”

    omgosh!! Is this not true?

    I am exactly in that position right now, and this week I decided that’s it! ..I am paring down my focus to TWO projects.. That’s all. My main (primary) passion site.. and one other secondary site.

    Because doing a little of too much is NOT yielding desired results. So change your approach as Anthony Robbins says.

    Dee 🙂

  28. Congratulations on clarity and the emotionally mature behavior that followed. Everyone still wins. Love that about you two – again a great example of possibilities! Look forward to the next iteration of B-school; love what I know of the first round and its impact.

  29. Thank you for sharing this process of “break up” and evolution of your businesses, friendship and journeys. I like how you tuned into that “funny feeling” and discovered what that was. Laura’s words that you shared were so articulate and profound. The parts that she wrote about making choices so that we do not spread ourselves to thin and the sense of pride she has for what she accomplished with you (almost like how a mother feels when she lets go and sees her child grow up) both resonated with me.
    Best of luck to both of you in your new iterations. Fly high and know that you are being celebrated by many!
    All the best and in gratitude-

  30. And like Laura’s analogy of a child, Marie, you too, raised a ‘baby,’ nurtured it and gave it opportunity and are allowing it to fly and be what it’s meant to be. Kudos to you both!

  31. No wonder I awoke early this morning with B-School on my mind.
    I was literally awakened at 5am with the words B-School buzzing in my consciousness.
    You are a powerful energetic broadcaster lady :))
    I love B-School and am so grateful for what you and Laura have created and wish Laura HUGE success as she continues to build her biz.
    It’s also really awesome that she is living in alignment with one of the core principles of B-School which is going super narrow and deep with your offering and not dispersing your mojo into other projects once you are crystal clear about your mission.
    And Marie….hip hip for the new and improved B-School…so excited!
    Thank you again for the continual and amazing everything that you flow our way.

  32. This post makes me excited both about the next round of B-School as well as what Laura has in store! I’m excited!

  33. I have been waiting for this one – I missed it last year!
    Sorry to hear Laura won’t be with you – but we all have our own roads to travel 😉

  34. Thanks Marie for the awesome update! Beautifully written and explained. It is really awesome to see how clean you 2 made this break and how honest you could each be about it. Too often I see and hear about partnerships that go down in flames because neither knows how to be ok with “this isn’t for me right now.” Can’t wait for the next iteration of B-School. The B-School Babes forum has been a source of constant resource and inspiration. LOVE those women, and love you.

  35. This is a story I can relate to. Having the foresight, courage and strength to stand on your own, take what your mentor has given you and run toward your own dreams is hard but fulfilling even to the mentor who feels they are losing their student. That’s why it’s so important to know your definitive purpose for your life and biz because in the end you have find what makes you happy. Kudos to you Marie for training a student in the way that she should go to be massively successful. Not everyone gets the opportunity to train with some of your caliber let alone create a massive empire as a result. You and Laura have great things ahead 🙂

  36. I am soooo excited for this years B-School! It helped me so much last year but this year will be even better! YAY! ♥

  37. It is refreshing to see that two women can work together and mutually agree to work apart while displaying respect and admiration for each other.

    Looking forward to the next iteration of B-school — everything you put out is to the highest standard and extremely well thought out. Please keep the music videos 😉

  38. This really hit home…. “most entrepreneurs have so many great ideas it can be easy to spread ourselves too thin. You can find yourself working on 5 projects at once, none of them becoming as successful as you like because none of them are getting your full attention.” Thank you so much! Looking forward to May. Thank you for all you do!!!

  39. Breakups with less heart-break… i BELIEVE 🙂 Thanks for sharing more of what’s really happening behind the scenes in your biz/life.

  40. Marie,
    Boy was I relieved to read this and realize that you and Josh haven’t broken up. His Committed Impulse workshop was my favorite part of RHH Live.
    All the best to your beloved B School and Laura.

  41. Maria, it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. I know you agree! Laura certainly got the best of you as her involvement with the B-School serves as a catalyst to a booming following. Just subscribed to Laura! Both of you, continue to inspire!

  42. Stahi

    You are awesome. Thank you for being so honest and clear…I Love truth…You both will do great things…..

  43. Chai

    May be the wrong palce to post but does B- school come with 1 or 2 tickets to the live event? I need to plan ahead if im going to make it this time and would like to book tickets in advance.


    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie! B-School does not come with any tickets to RHH Live as they are two separate offerings. However, we absolutely LOVED having so many B-Schoolers from the virtual program attend our live event. We have set the dates for the fall, October 26-28, if you want to start planning. You can check out our new video and sign up for updates at
      All the best,

  44. Rayven Michelle

    Thanks for being so transparent, Marie! I must say, looking at you in Laura in videos, it looked as if you guys had know each other for decades because your vibes were so in sync. But I totally understand that F-O-C-U-S is need for success!!! I wish you even greater success, Laura!!! And I definitely can’t wait to see the new and improved B-School, Marie! You ladies R-O-C-K!!!

  45. Brooke

    Interesting to know how it’s all going down.

    This was not a short post.

    Thank you for your upbeat energy!

  46. Great success to the both of you! xx

  47. A friend from RHH Live posted these “6 Human Needs” from Tony Robbins in honor of his birthday yesterday. I wrote them on the pad by my computer, because I needed to keep reflecting on them. I think of them for you and in relation to your post:
    Our Six Human Needs:
    1. Certainty
    2. Uncertainty.
    3. Significance
    4. Love and Connection
    5. Growth
    6. Contribution

    I too have been a mentor, to chicks who have flown off to great heights. It is hard to see them go. It feels like a little piece of your life is going away. But the departure of one makes space for the new. I am excited to see what is new for you. xoxoxo

  48. Thank you both for making such a difference in so many womens lives. Had you diluted yourselves in B School we would not have learned so much and had such a great time doing it. Your choice not only honors yourself, but those you serve.
    Thank you for being REAL!


  49. I love that you’ve shared this and the way you celebrate and lift up others. I love Laura’s description of ‘birthing’ B-school and leaving a legacy. I can’t wait for the opportunity to participate in May.

    Your announcement about Abundance was serendipitous. I was just putting the final touches on my BIG 50th BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY and was able to add a copy of Abundance to the other freebies I’m gifting next week to celebrate. (Other gifts include 3 copies of The Fire Starter Sessions, Bentlily’s new book of poetry, and more.) You only turn 50 once, and I’m celebrating in a big way.

  50. Marie…..always at the perfect time! Thank you for your vibrant honesty. To say i adore you stoups be an understatement. I SOOOOOO needed to hear this today, so thank you too Laura. I can’t wait for the new B-School to begin. I know it will be exceptional. To your bliss ladies! xo

  51. I’m looking forward to many more fabulous things from BOTH of you (even if it’s separately.)

  52. Well said! I love and respect both of you so much. XO

  53. Sorry to hear your news but moving onward and upwards I ‘dig’ you both and love your spirits and drive and will continue to be an energetic follower!

  54. Wow, sad to hear the news. I was at your Rich, Happy and Hot event so I know the wonderful dynamic you have together.

    However, I can completely understand and relate to what Laura said about “I think this is a great lesson in getting clear on how many projects you can actually handle – most entrepreneurs have so many great ideas it can be easy to spread ourselves too thin. You can find yourself working on 5 projects at once, none of them becoming as successful as you like because none of them are getting your full attention.”

    Been in the same boat and have had to make such difficult decisions as well.

    Best of luck to you both and much continued success!

  55. Good Luck to you both, you strong powerful authentic women!!!

  56. Love your advise and videos! FYI- the link to the free chapter never produces the free chapter. It’s just a waste of time.

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. Can you shoot me an email at info @ I would love to help you get you the free chapter of MEMWY!
      All the best,

  57. Marie, thanks for your honesty, as always. It’s so refreshing to see two amazing women make this kind of shift with such respect and love. Very excited for B-School this May and for Laura’s own revolution.

  58. Rocking post Marie! Can’t wait for BSchool 2012!

  59. Marie and Laura, you two are class acts and PROOF that women can work together AND be graceful and super-profesh! Something we all need to keep in mind when we want to work with other women. Best of everything to both of you!

  60. Louise, do previous Bschool babes have access to the new Bschool or must they purchase again?

    • Louise

      Previous B-Schoolers will have access to the new course! It is one of our favorite things- that you can join in again and go through the program LIVE.
      All the best,

  61. Thanks Marie! I believe that people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a life time. You two were obviously brought together for an AMAZING reason, you have two beautiful seasons together and although you may not be as close for the “life time” you’ve both changed eachother’s life for a LIFE TIME. Thank you for the reminder of how powerful a relationship can be and how sweet a goodbye can become. Hugs, Melissa

  62. Wow! What an authentic and honest disclosure, Marie. Many kudos and best wishes for the growth you will get from this change in your life.

  63. I have to echo everyone else’s comments that it is so refreshing to have two business owners stand in their own power and clarity. I love that you and Laura teamed up, and I love how you’re both going in your own directions… with love and good vibes. 🙂

    Here’s to even more love and success for both of you (and all the B-school babes too!). Amen.

  64. You are SOOO clever with your tag lines! the first thing I thought was…breakup? oh, no, not her and Josh! I am relieved to find that you too are intact…as is B-School! I wish you the warmest wishes…xoxo

  65. The beautiful thing about endings is they also signify beginnings. 🙂

  66. Together and separately, your passions and your dedications have profoundly changed thousands of women’s lives {including mine}. We all stand behind you both wherever you are. ; )

    Sending you each so much love and continued success!

  67. Marie+ Laura, love your transparency here and the way you both walk your talk! So deeply honored to have been in B-School last year and can’t wait to see what rolls out this year. Everything you do is first rate and your work is changing lives! xoxo

  68. Oh I love this story Marie. It’s sad not to see the two of you together right now – although who knows what the future holds, right?

    And so timely! I had a conversation just this morning with someone about when you have those ‘funny feelings’ and what to do about them. This was about a client – but same story – best to get it out, be open and honest and clear the air and, if it goes that way, then both move on celebrating what you achieved rather than worrying about hurt feelings.

    Wishing y’all the biggest succes ever with the next evolution of B’School – and of course to Laura too 🙂


  69. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I enrolled in B School last year and went to RHH Live. I am so grateful that I was able to witness that magic of the two of you working together. I have learned so much from each of you and I would not be this far without B-School.xoxox

  70. Bethany

    This is exciting! How much does the BSchool cost? I need to know so I can save aside the money by May so I can get on this! Marie, you’re the shizzle.

    • Louise

      It’s Louise from Team Forleo. Can you shoot me an email at info @ I will make sure you are on the list and up to speed! It’s going to be a wild ride.
      All the best,

  71. Wow ladies – such a classy way to separate your biz relationship. I can’t wait to see the next stage of B-School and Laura’s biz too.

    Big hugs and thanks for the great experience I had last year in B-School.

  72. Rommy

    Thank you Marie! Your ability to emulate elegance in your business is one of the main attractors for me. The teacher has done well whose students out grow them. (something like that)
    I am looking forward to the next B-School and happy to see what those in my accountability group have done.
    I know I’ll be going through a break up soon and I am not looking forward it. Your example shows me the possibility I want.
    Love you and LKR

  73. Thanks for sharing Marie! I am thrilled for you both, and for the future RHH B-School *glass clink*…..

    The experience in both 2010 and 2011 B-Schools has been AMAZING. Game changer. I can’t wait to see what 2012 brings….

    You rock GF,
    Tina xo

  74. Thanks, Marie for keeping it real with the Tribe 🙂 Its cool to see things grow, and morph, and blossom — it makes it easier to see it in myself, when I can clearly see it in others. I am very happy for both you and Laura.

    As a B-School Alum, we had an amazing time in 2011. And I can tell you we’re all very excited to get back on campus in a few short months, and to see the 3.0 version of B-School!

  75. Thank you for sharing that Marie 🙂

  76. So glad you shared Marie. I know it’s not easy to tell the world when a partnership is ending, but you’ve framed it well, and both of you have beautiful horizons that will only become more clear and wonderful when you bring new energy and partnerships into the mix!

  77. Marie~
    So looking forward to B-School this year! I’m really ready… not just ready to get ready! ~Nicole

  78. Jen

    What a crystal clear telling of a beautiful break-up, Marie. I can feel the love and respect you and Laura have for each other, and I adore how you both trust your intuition in business. This post, this week, is particularly powerful for me as it hits the chord I strummed with you when we last met – when I asked about going INTO partnerships when it didn’t feel quite right. So it seems that whether it’s before a relationship gets going, or while it’s beginning to grow, or long after it’s had an amazing run, our intuition is our constant companion and we need to honor its guiding wisdom each and every day. You remind us all that this is simply smart business. And I love you for that. X

  79. Carrie

    You girls kick some ass, as a team or as individuals, all the best to you both on your new adventures.
    We’ll be waiting for your next installments. 🙂

  80. Carol Anna McBride, Psychotherapist/Film Instructor/photographer

    So beautiful to read this “break up” news and share it with others… about honoring out instincts, truly following what we need and doing “endings” successfully, gracefully and with extraordinary courage. thanks for sharing it with us! Looking so forward to the next B-SCHOOL – at my age of 60! Am I going to be the oldest student yet??? HOPE SO!

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