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A weird thing happened to me around 11:00am on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011.

I was in my apartment in New York working when a thought arrived so clearly and loudly it made me stop what I was doing.

At the risk of sounding woo-woo (which ya’ll know I’m not), it felt like an out of body experience where someone else said something to me, in my own head.

To be honest, this has happened before.

When this “other” voice has something to say, she’s direct and speaks in little segments of marketing copy. That’s how the name of my book Make Every Man Want You showed up, as well as Rich Happy & Hot.

Go figure.

Anyway, on this chilly December morning, my “other” voice apparently had her sights set on because this is the phrase she put on speakerphone in my head.

 “You’ll get our award winning episodes of MarieTV . . .”

Interesting. Award winning. Not something I expected.

In the past, these ideas came in the form of titles or headlines that I needed to work on for months to bring to life. But this message was different.

Along with this little segment of “award winning” marketing copy, I also got a strong sense I was supposed to reach out and ask for help from others.

My inner marketing muse is apparently as much of a ball buster as I am because asking for help is not my strong suit.

I wrote an email to a small group of friends asking them to keep their eyes peeled for awards we should know about and within six weeks we received one award and have been nominated for another. A Shorty Award!

If you’ve never heard of them, the Shorty Awards are pretty cool. They recognize people and organizations producing real-time short form content across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the rest of the social Web.

People like Conan O’Brien, Cory Booker, Sesame Street’s Grover, Suze Orman, Neil Patrick Harris and NASA are all Shorty Award winners.

Plus, with all my hip-hop swagga, you gotta know this Shawty wants to win a Shorty. It’s on brand.

Right now we’re in 4th place, right behind Justin Bieber’s DJ and two puppets. The voting closes on February 17th and we need 649 votes to pull into first place!

Then it will be up to the Shorty Real-Time Academy to choose the winner.

So here I am getting outside of my comfort zone and asking for your help. Because if we’re gonna compete, I say we either go big or go home, right?

Click play watch this short video explaining the best part.

Why I REALLY Want To Win has been a passion project from the start. It’s all about empowering small business owners to succeed in business and life.

Whether you buy anything from me or not, my goal with each episode is to give as much value as I possibly can and help you get real, quantifiable results. We put a butt ton of work into to make it the highest quality, free small business and personal development education out there.

You know, winning an award is cool, but in all honesty winning by itself doesn’t motivate me.

What’s waaay more compelling is to tie winning this thing to something bigger that could contribute to a lot more people. So here’s the deal.

If we win the Shorty, I’ll contribute $10,000 to our lending team.

That translates to an enormous amount of microloans to entrepreneurs around the world who are busting their asses – just like you and me –  to provide a better life for themselves and their families and help our global economy grow stronger.

So your vote will not only help us win, but it will help change the lives of thousands and thousands of business owners around the world!

What I love most about Kiva is this: it’s about giving a hand-up, not a hand out.  It’s about empowering others to rise up and take responsibility for their success.

It’s also like recycling money. Rather than a one-time donation, the money we contribute will create an endless cycle of growth and impact for GENERATIONS to come!

Right now, we average between 5,000 and 9,000 views per week on our videos. If just 50% of you vote, we’ll kick the DJ and the puppets’ butts! 🙂

Here’s What You Should Do Now

Take 10 seconds to vote by following these instructions. We’ve generated a sample tweet for you below to make it as easy and simple as possible, but we strongly encourage you to come up with your own reason for the “because.”

And Retweets count, so add “Pls RT” at the end because your followers’ votes also count in helping us help thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

1.  If you haven’t yet already voted yet by sending a Tweet, please vote now.

Click here to tweet your vote.

I nominate @MarieForleo for a Shorty Award in #videoblogger because her videos are the best in the BIZ! pls RT

If you want to tweet yourself, here’s the deal. You must use this format and make sure it’s in the #videoblogger category as well as have a REASON after because.


I nominate @MarieForleo for a Shorty Award in #videoblogger because FILL IN YOUR REASON. pls RT

2.  If you’ve already voted (only vote per Twitter account), please share this post with your email list, on Facebook or on Twitter.

Click here to share this post on Twitter.

Voting closes midnight February 17th so let’s finish strong!

Thank you SO much for taking the time to read this and most of all, thank you for your support!

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  1. We got your back Marie! 🙂 Sharing it up, and voted for you too of course.

    • marie

      THANK YOU Nat! I so appreciate the support and . . . am absolutely PUMPED for where you are taking your bidness this year. xoxo

  2. Marie,
    I did my part and I love who you’ve picked to help with the extra $10K. I would have helped you with my vote anyway. I do think that your idea shows the kind of person you are and the kinds of things you want to do in the world. That is why I follow you and support you. Keep up the good work and hope you win.

    • marie

      Huge thanks Roxana!

  3. Good luck! Also noticed Gracie was nominated. Congrats to her, but … MF is gonna win LoL

    • marie

      Thank you Doka! We LOVE Grace too 🙂

  4. How could we NOT vote for you, Marie?? In my mind, you are the real winner, hands down! Let’s hope we can get those votes up in the next day! 🙂

    • marie

      I appreciate it Purna!

  5. Let’s go Marie! We are cheering for you 🙂

    • marie

      Thank you Lewis!! Miss ya and excited to hang again in NYC!!

  6. Best of luck to you Marie!

    • marie

      Gracias Maria 🙂

  7. From one Marie to another, who also works to bring awareness to women in desperate situations around the world, I just shorted your ass!

    Seriously Marie, I *really* hope you win – you deserve to. mx

    • marie

      My ass is really happy to be shorted by another Marie! xoxo

  8. I’ve voted and will definitely vote again!! You sooo deserve the Shorty Award! Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and being an inspiring force of nature. And I totally wouldn’t be where I am without spending a year with you!

    Woohoo Shawty!

    • marie

      Thank YOU Melody. You did all the hard work woman – I was honored to fan your flame.

  9. Done and done! And I wish I could be more bold like you! 🙂

    • marie

      Thank you so much for your support Beth.

  10. Voted twice and talked you up girl. You totally deserve this so go get em.

    On a side note if you felt like giving a teensy bit of that $10K (when you win) towards my campaign – to raise $10K for Women Win who empower young girls and women to have the rights we take for granted, through sport, well that would be totally cool with me too 🙂

    I’m cycling 4,000 miles through Africa to do my bit but I’m a long way off raising that $10K right now

    Now go get your shorty on!


    • marie

      I so appreciate the vote Natalie and the “when” you win 😉

  11. Good luck, Marie – love your videos and your guts! 🙂

  12. Love MF..she gives so much…no question gonna vote ;))

  13. Goodluck Marie! I hope you win! Sharing this to my Facebook profile and page now!

  14. A complete no brainer, done done done. You deserve everything x

  15. Hey Marie. Tweeted and shared. Best of luck:) -Katja

  16. Geeta

    Oh beautiful one!! Nothing would give me more pleasure than to vote for you!! You have given so much of yourself to us…. And this vote is the teeniest, tiniest way for us to say thanks.

    G O O D L U C K! ! !

  17. done! I know how much winning awards has helped my businesses! not sure quite how I did it but it sure feels gooooood!!!


  18. Voted & shared, Marie! Love it, get the “why” behind it, glad you shared “the voice”, AND stepped out to ask for help. All of it inspired me…as I’m doing the same thing right now in Richard Branson’s “Screw Business as Usual” project.

    My video was accepted for creating music/media that enlightens, educates & elevates. Getting the most LIKES & Tweets gives me an opportunity to meet with him & other world change-agents to make a big difference & provide educational opportunities for others. It’s tough for me to ask for help as well. When I see that others who have integrity & whom I respect are doing the same thing, it really helps. Thank you for doing it!

    So, Forleo Followers….after voting for Marie, please take a look at the Radical EvolutionAry Love Makers on the Virgin Unite site & share! (FYI – site is finicky; the video takes a min. to load & another min. for the “Like” button to come up. If it doesn’t, hit “enter” in browser bar to reload. Still slow? Search for The REALM with my name & you can LIKE the description). I appreciate it!

    The “Voice” isn’t woo-woo – it’s Consciousness & it rocks! Keep listening. It benefits all of us.

  19. We all got your back, Marie! Go Shawty!

  20. ..Kiva is a really great organization and I hope you will win this award: because you are awesome AND because you will help others with that! Double win…;-)))

  21. veronica

    just did girl! kiss & good day :-), just call for next time i am here for you girl!

    • I have my fingers crossed for you Marie….real tight, good luck.

  22. Nurzat

    done for u 😉 best of luck&blessings too

  23. Kat

    Done! “because… she informs and empowers with real deal bizz advice”
    <3 Kat

  24. Marie, I tweeted for you! In your example tweet high lighted in yellow above:

    I nominate @MarieForleo for a for a Shorty Award in #videoblogger because FILL IN YOUR REASON. pls RT

    There are two “for a” , Just letting you know so you can correct it =)

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. Thanks for the sharp eyes! And thank you for tweeting!!

  25. What a funny story. I love Kiva. I’ve been doing it for almost 5 years now. Love the concept.

    Good luck on your quest.

    It’s so funny when you experience a “Wooo- That’s weird” moments.

    It usually occurs to me when I’m thinking of my favorite background noise tv show “Golden Girls”. (Don’t judge;-) And I’ll think of one of my favorite lines and when I turn on the tv that exact episode will be on. Weird.

    Makes me remember the power of our thoughts.

  26. Listen to that voice Marie YAY!

    If you want more woo-woo look forward to seeing you on my woo-woo site: Where paranormal Phenomena are the Norm.



  27. Voted, tweeted, and posted…good luck Marie! You deserve it! You do put out great content and it’s so dang fun to watch! Cheers to you!

  28. Done. Thanks Marie for consistently adding useful and actionable strategies to the BIZ market. May you win (I have no doubt you will anyway).


  29. I’ve voted for you Marie – fingers crossed, you deserve this one.

  30. You rock! Good luck!

  31. Done. How weird to get your email this morning ( I’m in Europe ). I was looking around mini loans last night. I am a band manager and like helping new artists get a foot up the ladder of success.

  32. Claudia

    You’ve got my vote, Marie. And I’m rooting for you to win big time! C. x

  33. Marie! It’s so great to read this post. I voted for you and I’ve been spreading the word. I’ll do some more sharing! By the way, I call that little voice God. : ) He’s the best business partner in the universe. It’s truly amazing how biblical principles can be applied to life AND business. While I was in India, listening to the sermons gave me life inspiration and amazing business inspiration. Faith, hope and love are essential for growing your business. We can find all those things in and through God.

    – Off to spread the word about the Shorty Awards! Rooting for you!


  34. Voted and shared 🙂

  35. Lucienne

    Already done Marie – as tweeted – you should win hands down so get voting all! Get your hussle on!

  36. Seriously… move away puppets and DJ’s!!!

    You deserve to win Marie – love your inspiring & empowering videos!


  37. Was on my to-do list. Thanks for the reminder, it’s now done. Hope it’s a land slide, love Marie TV x

  38. Ain’t nothing wrong with “the woo” Marie! 🙂 Lots of us pay close attention and walk our paths from woo-guidance.

    I will absolutely support you in this! You are an inspiration to so many out here (myself included). You go, girl!

  39. AJ

    OMG, Marie! It’s your higher self!.

    I’ve been following you since the very beginner. You’re awesome. I just nominated you on both of my Twitter accounts 🙂

  40. MCS

    Marie, I love how generous you are, and how you find a genuine way to tie your generosity to your hustle. Very inspiring. I’m nominating you.

  41. Happy to vote for you Marie. You are original, authentic and so darn smart! Why shouldn’t you win the SMARTY Award….? Good Luck!

  42. Done! Love it girlfriend!

  43. Tweeted! Thanks for everything you do.

  44. Done and done! You go get your Shorty, Shorty!!

  45. I voted few times. Hope they all count. I am sure you’ll win it. You totally deserve it. 🙂

  46. Marie-
    You are amazing. I love you!! I love that you put all this out there, that you listen to the voice in your head, and that you’re so authentic, generous, spiritual, and smart. I love that you share your gifts with the world and that I can learn from you. I will vote right now and spread the word.(I’m even turning on my phone’s hotspot to do it, because twitter is blocked at my job.)
    You will win Marie!!!

  47. I voted and Tweeted! Love your videos and love your giving spirit!

  48. Wow – Marie! How amazing of you. I voted of course!! (Was going to anyway but this definitely reminded me) 🙂

  49. I voted from my account, I voted from my side business account, and I voted from my dog’s account! Good luck sista. I just checked and you’re in 3rd place!

  50. Voted! Thanks Marie for all of your inspiration!

  51. Way back when we first talked about your book, you were a super star. You still are. Cheering you on!

  52. You got it, Marie! If it wasn’t for your passion project, I wouldn’t have mine. Massive Marie pimpin’ today.

  53. You’ve got this!!!!!

  54. Hey Marie, I voted a few weeks back, so yer a shoe in (cross fingers)!
    Now then.
    Let’s discuss the voice…!
    I really love that you shared this story and that you actually get guidance as clear as that. It sounds like a spiritual guide is coming through. You know, we each have 33 guides we can call upon for support and guidance every day – you just need to be clear and ASK! Love that you get such c-l-e-a-r guidance and that you shared it with your peeps! No… it’s not so weird, I’m highly intuitive and get guidance from my guides, angels and higher self constantly, this is where my best inspirations come from. This is where Hubster came from (shhh, don’t tell anyone ;).

    You deserve that award Marie – anything to launch you to the masses. Your inspirational, in-your-face-tional (just made that up) butt-kicking presence is so necessary especially today. Thanks for all that you do to inspire me. Enjoy Venice. Let me know if you need an apartment sitter in NY. :).

    Luv, Kristin

  55. Sue

    I Tweeted and posted to FB. I love you Marie!!

  56. I love woo-woo! I want you to win! It’s already done! When you win, everybody wins 🙂

  57. love it. behind you all the way. voted all over the place for you. your videos loaded with great info and way fun. thanks. x0

  58. Tony

    Happy to Marie. I’m new to your site over the last couple of weeks but you’ve already inspired me and made me laugh and that’s really cool. One thing though, as a man is it wierd that I love your stuff on here? Don’t care ifit is, thanks anyway!

  59. Done. It is so in the bag!!!

  60. You got my vote!! Wishing you the best of luck (not that you actually need it)!! At the time of my vote,10 am, you were only 175 votes away. Still got all day and a whole community rooting for you. Ya got this!!!

  61. Would love to vote Marie but I don’t tweet. Shucks!! Went to the shorty site to see if there was another way to vote. Alas, non-tweeters are second class citizens and not allowed to vote. Hmmm…wonder if that’s a legal issue?

    Bottom line – grosse merde and may you win first place.

  62. All you have to do is ask! Done done done done…………

  63. You’re already a winner Marie!

  64. Just voted. Good luck Marie! Thanks for reaching out to your audience & asking. It’s looking like you’ll be there by noon!

  65. Hi Marie – voted for you last week and tweeted link to vote for you for the Shorty. I’ll Tweet and FB it again.

    I love that you spoke about those “voices” from the Universe that feed you important messages in this post. I’ve been creating my small and growing empire for six years based on those “voices.”

    Girl, they are never wrong. Trust and have faith that it is done.

  66. Voted and tweeted!!! I know you’ll win, Marie!!!!

  67. You got it girl! Just posted on Twitter and shared on Facebook! Rock it!

  68. Done and done! When you win, I’d love to interview you to inspire more women to step up in the name of passion, purpose, philanthropy and the love of dancing!

  69. Marie,
    Best of luck with your shorty! You’re the best and totally deserve to win!! Cheers…

  70. Voted, tweeted, etc. I’ve heard that voice before. It seemed like my own voice and thought only it was 10 times louder than any other thought. It happened 2 years ago. Woo-woo stuff happens to me quite a bit, but I’ve only heard the voice once. It said, “This is how it happens. You walk into a room and there he is. He could have kids already… it’s that easy.” I’m currently single and nothing happened with the guy I was looking at when I heard the voice… but I have faith that it is that easy and that’s how it’s going to happen. Good luck!

  71. Rochelle Orion

    I so look forward to your Tuesday videos! They definitely brighten up the world with their humor, wisdom and energy.

    You are so guided and yea for listening to it.

    P.S. There’s an amazing Afro-Caribe dance class with tons of drummers on Saturday am @ The Electric Lodge…. it’s crazy fun!!

  72. Since you asked….of course! You will get this!

  73. Voted for you from several twitter accounts. We’ve got your back Marie. You’re gonna win this. Less than 200 votes to go.

    I’m not gonna wish you good luck, instead I wish you success!

  74. OMGGG You need 200 more votes by midnight!! GOOD LUCK!!!! Get all your high-powered friends in on this~~! You are so close!

  75. Voted 4 you this morning. May you beat the puppet show 🙂 Love -Bern

  76. I admire the spirt of giving back to a like minded organization.

  77. I LOVED that you just talked about this intuitive (I suppose that would be the right word?) experience. So many whip-smart, business savvy ladies don’t speak up about experiences like this that they just can’t explain. Really boosts my respect and appreciation of you!!

  78. You know I got you! Voted for you a few weeks ago, now have retweeted and posted on FB! Good luck and we love you!

  79. Done! Can’t wait to celebrate your win Marie!! Way to hustle and drive it home! I SO love that about you. Thanks for all you do! xo

  80. Done and done!

  81. Puppets? Fuggedaboutit. You got this Marie!

  82. Just tweeted my vote…you finally got me to sign into Twitter! (Something I have been needing to do so that I get back on the social media bandwagon).

  83. I voted for ya, Marie, and made sure to tell my followers to do the same! You’re gonna pull through, girl; I just know it!

  84. Yes! I voted a few weeks ago. Go, marietv!
    xo Jena la Flamme

  85. Done and done. I am in awe, Marie, at how you are able to ask for support and it makes us WANT to help you. You are never egotistical, cheesy or salesy. You just put your heart out there – and the Kiva gift is such a nice, classy touch. So on brand for you.

    There are SO MANY info marketers out there who could learn a lesson or two from you about humility, service and value. That is why you have such a loyal following. And that is why you now have my vote!

    Kepp rockin’ it!

  86. Voted and posted, you SOOOOOOO deserve it 😉

  87. Hey Marie! Done! For the “because” part, I wrote “because I like and admire your work.” Look forward to hearing that you won.

  88. Tweeted my vote, shared on twitter, hubby voted and posting on FB!

  89. Just voted! You’re all the way up to 2nd place now girl! Whoo hoo!!! Can’t wait to see how many people you impact with that $10,000. I love being able to “recycle” the money back for other momprenuer businesses. 🙂

    • P.S. You’re only 78 votes away from 1st place!!!

  90. Done! And wow, it’s sooo close right now!

    It’s so awesome that you’re doing this and supporting Kiva too. I’ve also been a big supporter of micro-lending and Kiva for the last few years and am part of their Speaker’s Bureau. In fact, it was a big part of my TEDx Talk ( too. It’s an organization that has really touched my heart and I just can’t shut up about it 😉 especially after being in Kenya and Tanzania and witnessing the power of micro-loans first hand. It motivates me to keep building my business so that I can give in bigger ways like you’re doing.

    Keep on shining!

  91. So excited for you Marie! I voted!

  92. Voted! Good luck – you’re in 2nd now!

  93. Marie – voted, tweeted, and FB’ed. Can’t wait to see your video announcing your big win!

  94. Congrats for the nomination ~ hope you WIN!

  95. BECAUSE you ARE SO ENTERTAINING and INFORMATIVE I want to submit my vote…WHERE?

    You give the twitter link…don’t use YET, Ya, I know I should…soon.

    I have posted your story on my FB page as my status…however will THAT be enough? I think not.

    Help me help you please.


  96. You got this, girlfriend! Shared it up and voted for you my love.

  97. Elizabeth Haines

    I am going to have start tweeting! I just needed a cause and this is IT!

  98. Voted for you already but will get the word out to your worthy cause!

  99. Diana Postoaca

    you got it! of course…you are authentic, love your work.

  100. You SO deserve this…Done!!! 🙂

  101. I am happy to vote and support you. I love your amazing energy and your authenticity! Keep it up!

  102. Tamsyn

    Done!! Delighted to support you!

  103. Way to go Marie! Always an inspiration. Love you sister. XO

  104. You are PHENOMENAL Marie and we are all behind you 100%! You give so much with your absolute brilliance and heart! I am glad to stand with you and know you can win! Big congratulatory hugs in advance!

  105. Voted! Yay! Good luck Marie!

  106. Hi Marie,

    Just tweeted. Thank you for all that you do.


    P.S. Just bought your e-book too!

  107. Voted + am pimpin’ you out to my peeps. SO love what you’re doing girl – this post is EXACTLY why you deserve to win.
    Fingers crossed!!!

  108. Can you only vote by tweeting??

  109. Marie…you are at #2 and less than 20 votes from #1. Voted (lots) and posting like CRAZY!!! Go MARIE!!! Go!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING you do! Until 2.22!! SM xoxo

  110. Shared the love, Marie. Good luck… you deserve it!
    Even though you may not know it, you have been my business/life coach for the past year and a half, and I can’t tell you how profound an influence you have had on me. Everything is better. Thank you for all you do.

  111. Done!!! YOU WILL WIN!!!!!
    Lots of love,

  112. Julie

    I voted for you, hope you win!

  113. Got ya love….so awesome, I am just over the moon for ya!
    xo, Tina

  114. Hi Marie,
    You’re the best. And I’m sure you’ll win!

  115. Marie, you have been such an inspiration for me but above all for my confidence and helping to overcome many fears with your logic and good sound advice.

  116. Valerie Bellmay


  117. Olívia Nascimento

    Hi Marie,
    I already did my vote. congratulations!!

  118. Voted early. Good luck girl. PEACE!

  119. Manmeet Singh

    kiva is really good organization and definely you win. you are the inspiration for all of as and for are confidence and helping to overcome many fears with your logic and good sound advice. Thank you for your wonder full advice . you such a great person again thank you for helping as bye bye

  120. Marie – voted and hope to see you win the Shorty award. You are my favorite woman online! Your RHH B School has taken me and my biz to the next level. Plus I’d love to see all those global women feel the love of getting a loan from you!

  121. A note why I LOVE this…

    I was still in college at the time and super duper into Social Entrepreneurship and so I followed the lovely folks at Kiva and I think it was a Facebook message that I saw them post about your doing this $10k loan!

    Now I’m an AVID fan and Bschool grad and I love you more than ever Marie!

    Much love and light.

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