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You have gifts to share with the world and my job is to help you get them out there.

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If you’ve been reading this blog for more than a minute, you know that I’m here to help entrepreneurs like you kick ass and make a positive difference in the world.

It’s what fires me up and keeps me going.

In the spirit of hustling and having everything you want, I’d like to give YOU a weekend with me, my personal go-to experts in business, health and happiness, and 250+ brilliant women in New York City at my upcoming event, Rich Happy & Hot LIVE.

It’s a total game changer.

And you can join us for free.

Watch this video for the scoop.

Rich Happy & What Now?

If you don’t know, now you’ll know. . .

Rich Happy & Hot LIVE is a 2.5 day annual event in New York City that brings together 250+ women entrepreneurs from every corner of the globe to share business ideas for women, gain skills, and stay on the cutting edge of small business growth.

You’ll encounter speakers who are turbo-charging their industries, and innovating on innovation itself.

You’ll meet hundreds of small business owners who are redefining success on their own terms, and committed to working hard, giving back, and shaking their booties like their businesses depend on it.

All this and more will take place at Donna Karan’s jaw-droppingly beautiful Urban Zen Center in the West Village of New York City on October 21st – 23rd, 2011.

Last but not least, a portion of RHH LIVE ticket sales are donated to the Urban Zen Foundation: a organization dedicated to changing the global healthcare paradigm, empowering children and helping communities preserve their cultural and spiritual values.

Here’s Your Big Scholarship Prize

One game-changing weekend in NYC.

You’ll receive a complimentary ticket to Rich Happy & Hot LIVE (October 21st -23rd) valued at $1499.  If you’re coming in from out of town, we’ll get you fantastic accommodations here in NYC, and a snazzy ride from the airport to your pad.

Here’s How To Win

There are two ways to win—video or written submission. I’m looking for heart, creativity and the ability to follow directions.

1. Video entry: Create a video under 2 minutes and answer the following:

  • Who are you and what do you do in your business?
  • What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
  • What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

Then upload your video to and make it public with the following title and description. Cut and paste, verbatim:

Video Title: Rich Happy & Hot LIVE w/ Marie Forleo vid by YOUR NAME

Video Description: – Rich Happy & Hot LIVE with Marie Forleo – online business & lifestyle training at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center NYC.

Please note you must do these two things with your video to be a valid entry:

a.  Leave a comment below this post with a link to your YouTube video entry.
b.  Leave a “video response” under this week’s video on our YouTube channel.  Directions are here.

2. Written entry: Simply write your responses to these questions in a comment below – 500 words or less.

  • Who are you and what do you do in your business?
  • What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
  • What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.


Wanna skyrocket your chances of winning? Spread the word about this RHH Live scholarship contest on Twitter and Facebook.

A couple sample tweets and Facebook blurbs to get you started:

I want a ticket to @marieforleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE #winRHHLive

I’m ready to win a spot @marieforleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE #winRHHLive

Fingers + toes crossed for tix to @marieforleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE #winRHHLive

You can share your RHH Live lust on Twitter and Facebook up to three times per day, and use any wording you’d like.

But all tweets must include the #winRHHLive hashtag and the official shortlink to this post:

Here’s everything you need to know about the contest.

  1. You can enter to win via video or written comment. Tweets & Facebook shares get you bonus points!
  2. Videos must contain the specific description stated above, MUST be under 2 minutes, and must be left as a comment here and video response on YouTube.
  3. Tweets + Facebook shares must contain the #winRHHLive hashtag and a shortlink to this post:
  4. The entry deadline is 12am (midnight) EST on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
  5. If you already have a ticket, no worries. If you win, we’ll either refund you—or you can give your spare ticket to a (very lucky) friend.
  6. No purchase is necessary to win.
  7. I’m the judge and my decision is subjective and final. (But I adore every single one of you, and there’s nothing but positive ju-ju flowing your way.)

Remember: I’m looking for heart, hustle and creativity. Show me why you love the business you’re in—and how Rich Happy & Hot LIVE will help you deliver your genius to the world.

I can’t wait to see your entry and social media shout-outs. Rock it out, and good luck!

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  1. Darling, I’m onto this. Watch this space for a Youtube link 🙂 xxxxx Thanks for the opportunity!!!!!

  2. My name is Kimberly Hammond. I am a personnel security specialist by day, and yoga fusion instructor/ health counselor by night… and weekend ; ) My business is, and I am starting a new addition to that biz called “FaceFood” (organic, natural, food-grade and made-to-order skin care products).
    My biggest obstacles are financial and fear-based. I was going to trademark the name Healthy Chick when I first came up with it 3 years ago.It was going to cost a lot of money. I spoke to a lawyer, and she advised against it since someone in FL had a biz called “The Health Chic”— which was much different from my concept. I took her advice and did not seek a TM. Now, there is a gal (with the same name) on the west coast w/ a site (that domain name was up for sale when I was researching it, but I just created one with a hyphen in it instead)— that’s similar to my concept… and it’s TRADEMARKED. NOOOOOO!!!!!! Needless to say, FaceFood is in process of getting TM’d. Lesson learned.
    True success to me means waking up to your passion/doing what fills you with unequivocal joy—and having to call it ‘work’. It means making your mark doing what you love, having the honor of being recognized for it, and having it make a difference in some way in the life of someone else. Living and breathing your truth… and having the wonderful opportunity to make a living doing so (at least to pay the bills and have a little something extra) 🙂

  3. I am a mom/wife/business owner/entrepreneur/bookkeeper/boss/friend/sales force/janitor/procurement officer/writer. I am these things. I do these things. The problem is there are too many things and I have trouble finding enough cash to delegate the things I don’t/can’t do. To get the cash I need to get the business humming, and to get the business humming I need to delegate some things. Really a chicken before the egg thing for me. If I could get the business to generate healthier cashflow I could delegate more and have more time with my family etc.

  4. Who are you and what do you do in your business?
    I am an intuitive counselor, tarot reader, and ritualist.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
    Overhauling my online presence, learning about and understanding online marketing (which I have never really paid that much attention to), and generally nailing how to run an online business with the upmost success and impeccability. I also have a 6 month old–he is the love of my life along with his dad, but its tough running a full time business from home where I manage every piece myself and caring for him all day-I have become incredibly flexible!

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.
    I want people to really know themselves, to believe-as I do-that the answers they are looking for and the questions that they are burning to ask are already inside of them. I envision a world where tarot and intuition are no longer “weird” or “fringy” but everyday tools that anyone uses and feels good about using. I want everyone, but especially women, to be empowered through the use of meaningful ritual, to restore a sense of the sacred back into our daily lives–not just when we are in yoga or on retreat but every single day. Within by business there are concrete steps I need to take to facilitate these ideas including, refining my message and overall web presence, putting myself more out there (always difficult!), and really getting some virtual marketing mojo happening. I also want to hang out with the amazing women that are going to be at RHH live–it looks like a beautiful place and they look like incredible ladies-I just know that it would rock!

  5. Bonjour Marie,

    A trip to NYC AND training with you ? Wow , just count me in 🙂
    My name is Catherine Marche. I am a Parisienne who settled in London UK, where my Prince charming kissed me and I live happily maried with many children … well 2 bubbly boys. I am a jewelry designer maker who enjoys handling 18K gold , silver and pecious gemsgtones on a daily basis, betweeen runs to school and from.
    I have had many challenges: keeping the house and studio tidy, baking rich chocolate cakes which melt in your mouth, finding time to make and promote my little creations, looking hot and fabuous in my pyjamas… My head and sketchbooks are full of new creative ideas who wanna come to life.
    My biggest challenge … is putting together a sound business and marketing structure that leaves room to expansion and fun, while establishing my brand as a distinctive and stylish necessity in women’s lives. (and their other halfs when they’d like to spoil them rotten)
    Some of the signs of true success for me will be
    Being in the subway/cocktail party, restaurant and seing someone looking fab when wearing my jewelry
    Being able to generate so many sales that I would be able to support more charity work. I like sending a % of my sales to a few charities in Africa and places that suffer from disaster, hunger, HIV, war…
    Also, of course, having many star adorned with my jewelry would be a bonus 🙂
    Bye Marie

    • Catherine,

      LOVE your entry. It would be a bonus FOR the “Stars” to know of your jewelry & get their hands on it;-)


  6. How cool to see another scholarship contest for RHH Live this year! Marie, I think it’s so amazing that you do this.

    Ladies who are thinking of entering: do it now. RHH Live will change your life in ways you never imagined. Seriously.

    Good luck, everyone!

    • Thanks Amada, I gather you have been to RHH before ?

      • Yes indeed – I was there last year, and it rocked my world. Since then, I have moved forwards leaps and bounds in my business and everything else. Not to mention I met the most incredible women there. 🙂

        • I continue to hear great things too. Amanda, I am sure I say this on behalf of those vying for scholarships, thank you for the positive reinforcement. I look forward to checking out your business, too!

    • Amanda – I couldn’t agree with you more! Not only did it allow me to get over my video fear but the event itself was such an amazing opportunity for your business!

  7. I’m so ready to bring it! RHHLive was the best thing I did in 2010… I’m betting it’ll be the best thing I do in 2011 too! Thanks for the awesome op Marie!

  8. Hello Marie,
    Super excited about this contest! Thank you for being a source of HUGE inspiration for us over here in Spain. Now I gotta get busy and prepare to rock out my entry. Olé!

  9. Oh MY Goodness! I am SO freaking excited. I will be back with a video and or comment ASAP. Thanks for doing this Marie. You rock!

  10. Thank you so much for the opportunity Marie!!!!

    I am BEYOND excited! Things are stirring like crazy In my mind as I plot my video. I will be back with my link! As always… You Rock! xoxoxo

  11. Love that you do this every year!! Rock On!!!

  12. I am Erika Rier and I am an artist and designer. I own a gallery, Tumbleweed & Poppleswamp, and I am also in the process of creating a web presence for this business.

    I live in a rural community and my biggest challenge is finding enough time to create AND get the word out about my biz.

    True success for me looks like creating real jobs in my local economy where people get to make things and we sell them to the larger world on-line and through other types of fairs and events. I live in a community without a lot of economic options and I keep watching family after family not able to stay here because there are no real jobs. It is important to me to create an economic base to keep people here and to give them a livelihood which they find engaging.

  13. Ana

    Super duper excited to enter this contest!

    • Ana – I came across your website before (through Marie Poulin) and LOVE your intro video – cutest EVER! Good luck with your contest entry!

  14. Claudia

    Hi Marie

    I am Claudia M. I am a branding consultant based in the UK in the process of making a shift to be a psychotherapist/coach. I want to create some kick-ass workshops to ignite women to step up to their highest potential, personally and in relationships, with a holistic approach that includes the mind, the body, the spiritual and FUN!!! You see, I was doing all the right steps for this to happen, working my socks off whilst studying for 6 years part time for my MA. But last year I had to drop everything to fight breast cancer. As I was determined to fight back and educate myself on how to best do it, I grew exponentially through the process. As Kris Carr says, cancer has been my biggest teacher of all. The pretty side of the ugly treatments I endured, was that I had more time to surf the net. This allowed me to find your blog Marie, as well as Kris’s amongst other life saving resources. I had the real support from my friends and family, and the one from my ‘virtual friend’. So you two dear Goddesses, have been part of my Inner Circle and a crucial presence in helping me all the way. I have learnt health through nutrition, happiness through gratitude, spirituality through being in the now and meditation, few groovy dance moves (amobi amobi, hahaha that was wicked!) and expanded from my psychotherapy studies. I want to put all this knowledge into my workshops, and pass it to other women! But being self-employed and single, my illness has also brought a financial drawback and the professional shift is now harder to make. I could do with a big dose of good heart-based biz advice and online-marketing to make my dreams happen. I know I will be successful when more and more women will tell me their life, their relationships – with self and others-, their health have changed for the better and I have help them to re-connect with their heart and their femininity, the most sacred strength on Earth. And our Earth needs as many women as possible doing this, to be all an active participant of the current paradigm shift taking place. I think that my health battle could be of inspiration. Marie please choose me. 🙂 In any case thanks for the opportynity. As always you ROCK!

    Claudia x

    • Hi Claudia – god it’s awful to get breast cancer… I’m in that club too and so I resonate so much with your story. Good luck with your business.

      • Claudia

        Thanks Claire.
        I have looked at your website. Yes it’s amazing how our stories resonate. I am way behind you and it is so great to get to find your very inspirational work. I am sorry you have been through breast cancer, I hope you haven’t been through the gruesome treatments. Well done for fighting back. Where are you based? It would be great to meet you one day? Love
        Claudia x

        • Thank you for your lovely words re my website. Yep done all the gruesome treatments. Lovely aren’t they?!!! I’m based in North Yorkshire, have a look at my other website, which is were I live, and I’m just opening the doors to run retreats there. First one this weekend. Could be right up your street as you too are into women stepping into their highest potential.
          Where are you? And yes it would be lovely to meet.

          • Claudia

            Hi Claire
            I am based in London. I hope you got my email. Cx

  15. Hey HOT PANTS – Marie Forleo!!! Jumped out of a fabulous aromatherapy shower just to shout this out!!! Man do I have a hot video for you!!
    Please watch my scholarship video at

    Finger and toes crossed that I make it to Rich Happy and HHHOOOOTTTTT via scholarship!!!

    Love all that you do for me and the world!!!

    Amanda Jane
    Twitter @AmandaJaneH

  16. Dear Marie,
    I am actually writing this post on behalf of my mom, Barbara. She doesn’t know I’m doing this, but I know that if she wins, it will completely change the course of her life. You see, my mom is an amazing woman who raised two kids by herself since my dad left when I was 5 and my sister was just born. She worked as a cleaning woman during the day and put herself through school at night to become an aesthetician. After graduating, she started a small business and 30+ years later, she is still plugging away! She employs/empowers young women who are in the same situation she was in, and thats what drives her to continue.
    Her biggest challenge is that she is almost 70, she still works 12+ hr days and she is having back and knee problems that may put an end to her career. She ran her business very “old school” by working her business, but she is trying to embrace the new way of doing things. Only since last year has she started using a computer. She recently tried to start an internet business to empower young mothers to think and act “green”, but chose the wrong partner who bailed and made some very bad decisions, and now it is failing and she may lose all the money she invested.
    It is breaking her heart because the one thing she wanted to do with the site was to carry on her message of empowerment. To teach and inspire new mothers to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of their children.
    I know that if she went to your seminar, she would be able to network with other women who would inspire and motivate her to push forward. Maybe meet a mentor, or become a mentor to a young woman that could learn from her experience. And she would learn what she needs to move forward with her business. I can assure you, she is the type of woman who would not let an opportunity like this go to waste.

    I thank you in advance for your consideration and best of luck to all who enter.

  17. My name is Jennifer Fugo and I’m a certified health coach. Right now, I’m rocking out as a gluten-free guru building a school (specifically – Gluten Free, for folks who need help making the transition to their simple and easy gluten-free lifestyle. What makes my biz totally unique is that it’s a ‘classroom without borders’ to allow for the maximum number of people to have access to gluten-free learning opportunities for reasonable costs whether it’s through articles, tele-classes or webinars (and a few live events, of course).

    My greatest challenge in this moment would be finding the guts to believe in myself and take the leap that I know is proverbially moving closer toward me. Every day I awake feeling so darn nervous and discombobulated because I’m stepping into new territory. I made the decision about three months ago to just feel the fear and do it anyway. That one commitment has truly brought me so much success thus far. However, I still have trouble stepping into the greatness that I’m creating and who I am. I avoid taking critical steps sometimes because I don’t know how to trust that even though I’m in a totally new world right now, all will work out. I know it, but I don’t KNOW it, yeah?

    So, true success is cultivating the confidence and mapping out THE plan to create this nexus of cool, learning experiences through Gluten Free School that will serve the growing global gluten-free community. I create a rock-solid foundation of classes and learning opportunities that become THE online place to go. There will be weekly classes, lecture series and interviews that will all be focused toward what the ‘students’ want and need. I want to build a ‘faculty’ of well-known leaders, experts and other teachers to interview, and to have them teach and write with the specific intention of expanding upon what a HEALTHY gluten-free lifestyle looks like.

    ‘Students’ will gain the tools and know-how to become gluten-free, but simultaneously create a healthy lifestyle for themselves as well. My gift to them is the good health that they’ll finally attain because they’ll have the skills and info to live a good life. The world needs more of that… healthy people living a good life that just happen to be gluten-free.

    And for me personally – I’ll have the financial freedom to leave my part-time job and focus on this biz full-time. I’ll get to spend more quality time with my husband, friends and family as well as get back some of my favorite hobbies (like cooking) with more focus and joy. Plus the opportunities to travel and share my gift with others will be available to me.

    Thanks Marie for this opportunity!

  18. AWESOME opportunity Marie. Thank you for taking the time to do something like this. You are truly an inspiration. MY ENTRY BELOW:

    WHO I AM: Relationship coach/mentor/teacher/writer who uses law of attraction techniques to teach women about conscious creating, specifically in the area of love and relationship.

    I always longed for a soul mate but had no idea what I was doing wrong. I suffered through so many bad–seriously, I mean terrible relationships (and a marriage). But after studying LOA for 2 1/2 years with a master, I finally met the love of my life (over 7 years ago) and am now married to my soul mate, a gifted heart-centered healer. We share the same dreams of bringing our gifts to more people.

    My own experience ignited my passion to empower women to learn how to consciously manifest their soul mate and have the love they long for. Women I serve often have been too busy focusing on career to think about what they truly want in a partner or they’ve just ended up in bad relationships, or they’re doing what I once did, unconsciously attracting exactly the WRONG guy rather than consciously drawing to them their soul mate, the one who they will love deeply and who will love them exactly as they need to be loved.

    BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Overwhelm. There are so many things I want to do in my business, so many ways to market and get my services and products out there to women that I just get paralyzed with not knowing what to do next.

    SUCCESS LOOKS LIKE: I have successfully transitioned from live classes to more online classes. I am no longer overwhelmed. I know exactly what steps to take next in my business to continue to grow and touch more lives. I use social media to successfully market my business with ease. Women purchase my e-courses and eBooks and I’m now financially secure. I have more time to write and create new programs. I reserve my one-on-one coaching for a select few and have just one live event per year at a serene retreat setting and it totally rocks the world of the women I work with. Being an artist also, I have created some LOVE designs for tees, tanks, coffee mugs that I also sell on my website.

    With my growing success, rather than giving hundreds of dollars a year to help children in war torn countries, I give thousands (and am working up to a million!). I travel (with my husband) each year to see with my own eyes some of the children I am helping and to reach out and physically touch their lives. I remember now how overwhelmed I once was, how many times I was afraid to go forward (for fear that I would fail) and I am so happy that I didn’t give in to those irrational fears but instead, kept going with the inspiration of Marie Forleo and other strong women like her. It’s all been worth it!

  19. hi marie,

    thanks for the opportunity.
    i’m a oral facial surgeon based in germany. just left conventional medicine to follow my silent love holistic medicine where i can teach people to connect heart and brain, to accept their shadows and bathe in their light.

    my biggest challenge. to be seen as who i am. a human being with flaws and quirks like everbody else. businesswise to build a platform which reflects that.

    how does it feel when it works? greaaaaaaat. like honey. satisfied.

    count me in. i’m comming!!!

  20. Can people from other countries participate?

  21. marie

    Of course Tais!! 🙂

  22. nadeem akhtar sheikh

    Hello, Marie.How are you.At the moment I am looking after a job. Previously I have been remained associated almost 24 years in National Fertilizer Marketing/Distribution in Pakistan . However I visited USA in 2010 to stay with my family living in “LOS-ANGLES. TAke care.

  23. Hi Marie—

    Thank you for this generous opportunity at a shot at the NYC!

    ~Who are you?

    I’m Linda Esposito, and I’m a psychotherapist serving children, teens, and adults in my brick and mortar private practice biz in Los Angeles, CA. Online, I blog at where I write about anxiety, and solutions to live with it/deal with it/manage it so that it does not manage you.

    ~What’s the biggest challenge you face right now?

    My main obstacle is the stigma of mental health. There are over 100,000 Google hits for anxiety inquiries every month in the U.S. That’s a lot of people searching for solutions online. I would like to “market mental health” in a way that conveys the message that we all have issues, and nobody is immune. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and asking for help, whether that be in the therapy room, or online.

    ~What does true success look like for you?

    Success= a robust online community which offers support with anxiety: the anxiety of being a parent (because THAT’S not a stressful job!); how to handle anxiety on a daily basis—“you have a more active central nervous system than some, so make it work for you, rather than against you”; anxiety in the workplace– which is a huge stressor on many levels: individually, relationship-wise, health-wise, low productivity, shorter life span, etc.

    Global reach: create enough of an income stream so that 10% of every sale goes to an organization like the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH).

    This will be done via downloadable PDFs and audio interviews, and online courses (my first product is due to launch October 1st targeting anxious newbie therapists: “How to Think Like a Shrink…”can’t wait!), parent coaching (which I currently offer and provide solutions for child disobedience) as well as assembling more men to contribute their valuable POV. The mental health stigma affects everyone, but may be worse for men…

    Bottom line:

    Mental health is an imperative!

    Thanks Marie—you’re truly an inspiration:).

  24. Hi Marie, Thank you very much for giving us this opportunity!!!
    Let`s go!!! My name is Natàlia and I’m from BARCELONA (Spain).
    I’m a Holistic Medical Doctor and a certificated Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC).
    First of all sorry for my english, I’m trying my best but sometimes it’s really difficult to write with hustle and passion when you are not using your mother language.
    I’m working with my patients/clients in my brand new office in the most beautiful street in Barcelona, It’s Passeig de Gracia where the modernist and famous Batlló house is.
    My biggest challenge is to launch my new live one and one but topcoat on-line program Healthy and Sexy. It will be a Health Coaching program for supporting working women to fell healthy and sexy without to renounce the pleasure of eating. I love doing that!!! I need to learn how to do it on-line in order to contact and impact as many women as possible.
    The true success for me looks like freedom, happiness, peace, time with family and friends, money, travel, being in nature …. and thousands of other fabulous things. In other words, have more time for me!!!!!
    I would like to make a huge impact and share my amazing and positive energy with lots of beautiful women in the world !!!

  25. Who am I? Tara Hantske: a multi-passionate, self-empowered, self-driven entrepreneur whose main mission is to improve the health & wealth of men, women, & children all over the world. Yep. World. I teach one person and they pass it on & so on. I help people recognize they have control over their current & future health AND wealth. I steer them in the right direction, giving them the tools to create their future. I coach, mentor, educate. I improve people’s quality of life- it’s simple and super complicated.

    Biggest challenge? Narrowing down my niche: finding & rocking my sweet spot. With so many passions & a lotta love & excitement to go around, it’s most difficult to focus on one thing at a time & really nail it- really make IT my brand! People are confused & don’t know what I do. What am I known for? I do a lot of things well- but need to do a few things AMAZING. How do I choose? What will happen to the other pieces? What about new ideas? I get antsy; I jump; I pull the trigger fast—maybe too fast. I’m back & forth, all over the place. My heart & soul are aligned, but my biz sense is up & down. I need help here!

    What is Success to me? Waking up in the morning feeling like I’m floating, everything tastes, smells, looks beautiful—all of the time. I want SUPER SUCCESS. The kind of success that makes you think… SHE is somethin’. Makin’ something of herself. Changing the world- 1 person, 1 day at a time. Really doing something powerful, meaningful, life-changing. OPRAH- worthy. Success is money rolling in overnight, residually, early, & often. Enough money to live a little more than comfortably, AND give back. Success is pure bliss – knowing people are changing their course & helping others to do the same and in turn, changing the world. Success is me in control 100% of the time, of my time. Money doesn’t drive my work, how I work, when I work– my passion drives my work. Success is living what I love all of the time and seeing results.

    Challenge Solved? I’ll create kick-a$$- killer program(s) that teaches, educates, and improves the quality of life for people all over the world. A program that is duplicatable (is that a word?), so I can teach people to teach others. My biz will be manageable from anywhere in the world- online, anytime. My niche & brand will be focused, clear, concise, but open and able to adapt & grow. People know what they’re getting, but also know the sky’s the limit—ask & it is given kind of biz. We’ll make it happen. Ill travel the world teaching, giving, learning, donating. One day, the world will understand health is in their hands. Health improves, Wealth improves, Economy improves, World improves….1 person at a time with my help.

  26. I almost peed in my pants getting your email in my inbox! I’ll be back to Q your A very very soon….destiny awaits! You are the ultimate fairy-godmother, Marie. Except you’re hot, rich and sexy! And I’m ready to channel all those things in my life and biz!

  27. Is this only open to women? Would I have to spend the whole time in drag?

  28. Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    My name is Jana Martin and I am a Game Changing Entrepreneur and Strategist that help connect women to ideas and resources that change not only how they Do business but how they think about success.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    My biggest challenge right now is creating an authentic, juicy product(s)/content where I over deliver on value and communicate it’s benefits to my customers.

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create in your business, and the world when you rock through your big challenge.

    True success in my business is being able connect women with not only the ideas and resources that enable them to have success but to other pioneer women who have had the courage to create a business and life that is authentic to who they really are.

    Success for me in the world is being able to bring my hubby home ( due to his job I only see him two days a week)donate tons of money to organizations that help make this world a better place to be in, live 6 months in a foreign country and be able to say yes, to my sons request for flying lessons. : )

  29. Marie–can we post above AND make a video?
    Thank you so much for the awesome chance!

  30. Susan Condon

    Who are you and what do you do in your business? I am an elementary school teacher without job (lay offs) but but my background has been in sales and marketing. I am also an Int’l Board Certified Lactation Consultant but had to give up my practice when we moved from San Francisco to Sacramento County because there were not as many women having babies in a concentrated area.

    The biggest challenge I am facing right now is that my husband of 21 years just asked for a divorce and I will need to find work where I can make a large amount of money in a short time because I am 56 (don’t look it) and I have no retirement because I was a housewife for 16 years. I have a strong entrepreneurial inner voice and know that whatever I do, I will be successful at it. I’m just feeling unfocused and how to go about changing this.

    True success to me is being happy, healthy, and helping others while also becoming financially independent. I am about to lose our house in CA, it’s belly up (purchased in 2005 for $710k and today is worth $300k. No hope of refinancing…the rental income is helping but I still must come up with $1,000/month mortgage plus utilities….and it’s a 10 year interest only so in 2015 the payment will up about $2,200…. I picture myself doing something where I help others. I’m a smart woman, just facing some really touch challenges right now.

  31. Marie – You are too sweet!

    Good luck to all that enter, hope to see you at RHH Live! After doing RHH B-School, I know the live event is going to change my life!

  32. HOLY GUACAMOLES + hot tamales + red velvet cupcakes + all the saints in the sky + Buddah + my 85-year-old granny, I think I just peed in my Eeyore pajamas!

    Video coming shortly.

    Need to re-group from excitement overload.

  33. To any of you who have not been to RHH Live before and your hesitant about submitting an entry… DON’T!!!!

    This really is a life changing event that will stay with you for a long, LONG time!


  34. I’m trying to get access to the RHH Live website but there’s a cPanel server error. Dang, I can’t get info to order a ticket.

    • Louise

      It’s Louise and I work with Marie. We are checking out to make sure it’s running smoothly and I also emailed you directly! I’m here to help.

  35. Marie – I LOVE YOU!! THANK YOU!
    I am Heather, a 30 year old human, a 5000 year old soul. I raise people’s vibration and show them a new view, a new perspective that creates a connection with their inner awareness and consciousness. People leave my presence feeling like they can do anything. That is because I support them in connecting them to their source; I open the channel for them to give themselves permission to love themselves, right here, right now. I’m a gifted visionary, and for some reason see possibility and opportunity everywhere. I’m able to clearly articulate and describe what I see, the steps to action, and the building blocks to the goal. I do this through coaching, speaking and writing.

    My challenge is that I want to reach more people. I want to continue to make a difference in the world. I want to touch more lives, connect with more hearts and free more souls. I want to learn the power of the internet and how to work with it in synergy. I want to develop a business model that matches the energy of my intentions.

    Success looks like thousands of lightbeams that can be seen from the far reaches of outer space. It means awake humans connected to their soul, living in the new paradigm, working to follow their energy, and their pure intentions. It means having a radio show where we talk about spirituality as a path to peace (and in a fun, humorous, laugh your ass off kind of way!) It means having a ranch in Palm Desert California where I have an organic garden of beautiful fruits and veggies, and a beautiful guest home where I host curious and enthusiastic humans who are wanting to connect and create, specifically through writing. (Writing & Wellness Retreats) It means giving talks all over the world, (even if that means online) about the new way of being in our world; connected, grounded and guided. It means writing books, articles and posts, sharing knowledge, awareness, understanding and story. It means working with children to teach them the tools and skills that can develop a foundation in which they can skip over the paradigm releasing and heart healing work and begin channeling and creating much earlier on in their life. It means teaching workshops about connecting to source, getting grounded, channeling divine intelligence, noticing the signs and clues and taking inspired action steps. It means love. All day, everyday, we love. We love ourselves, we love each other, we love our planet, we simply love. It means a unification of the light on the planet, a collection of souls who have come together with focused purpose to make fundamental and foundational change.

    • Hi Marie,

      If you do one thing this year, invite Heather to your conference. I had the amazing luck of meeting her about a year ago and can confidently say she turned my spark into a raging inferno and kicked my butt in the direction of my dreams. She is truly spectacular and I can only imagine the greatness that will follow her reaching more people thanks to Rich Happy Hot LIVE. I vote Heather.

      • OMG Katie – you are SO sweet! I just saw this now and I’m near tears in appreciation. Thank you! You are equally as spectacular and I can’t fan flames without a spark – that was down to you. It’s good old synergy at work my friend 1+1=11. Lots of love and light to you!!!! xoxo

  36. Hi Marie.

    This is so cool!
    My coach and friend Gry, sent me a e mail about your scholorship prize. In the first place, my thoughts where, I don`t win anyway. But then i thougt it over and- here i am:) My name is Renate, and live in Darbu-Norway.
    Who I am?
    I am a very creative person. I come up with new ideas all the times. And it never stops:) I have a big heart for helping people to see sulotions, and support them. I have a lot of concernes , and no matter what i do. Its comes and play, and make me unsure. I Care about what people means about me- But i care less than before. So Yeah:) In my buisness I make handmade jams and marmalade from our own fruit from our farm. Norwegian apples and plums, combined with other fruits and herbs. I do it all. Picking, splitting, jamming and selling. I have just started, so i now I am testing recipes and processes. I also write a story about a norwegian troll, whos name is FRYD.It means JOY:)My goal is to make a illustrated book for children, and to dramatize her.

    My Jam & juice custumers are fantastic womens who like to give away a nice present to people who means a lot to her. This womens are uniqe, and love to give away uniqe presents with a story. She will identefy herself with Fru Skoglys jam, aand be proud to set it on the table for her guests, and beloved children.

    My Troll custumers are children and their parents. They are loving the colors, and all the funny things this troll come up with. They identefy themself with the troll. I hope my book can be a highlight, and makes a little magic.

    My biggest challenge right now?

    Is to belive in myself, and that I am good enough. That I can do anything I want. What can I say? To trust my self, and my decicions.And that I deserve to be happy, hot and rich;)

    True success looks like this for me: A life filled with love and laughter. Be able to support and help others. Be secure, and do things by heart. Travel around, be inspired,and hopefully inspire other with my stories and joy!

    If I rocked my biggest challenge my buisness would go sky high. And I as a person could use my energy on other who need it, and to run my buisness by heart.

    Applehappyhug from Fru Skogly

  37. Farah Belliard


    Not just three or four days ago, I actually tweeted that I wanted so badly to attend RHH Live…. the Universe must have heard me and here’s my chance!

    I’m looking forward to sharing my story, and getting a chance to shake my boo-tay with you and Uncle RUSH! Woo hoo!

    Video coming soon!



  38. Keasha Lee

    Hey Marie!
    My name is Keasha Lee and I help other small biz owners and entrepreneurs get people talking about their businesses through multi-media public relations strategies. My business is called Striking Statements, and I’m really excited because I will be able to utilize my fabulous people connecting and writing skills to really help clients grow in a way that they really desire. I want to assist them in taking their businesses to the next level and empower them to know that getting the word through more than one avenue is not hard and actually FUN. Right now, I have two lovely clients with great potential. In my head I’m thinking: “OMG, this is a great start, show ’em what you got, Keasha!” I feel good about my ideas and my clients are receptive but there is something that is “blocking my flow.”

    My biggest challenge or “flow blocker” right now is my resistance and feeling of inadequacy when it comes to pricing my services. I really want to provide a pricing structure that I certainly feel good about and that my clients are satisfied with, too. As a woman in business who is starting out with my first two clients, who are also entrepreneurs who getting up and running, I feel like I’m in a spot which is very delicate. How do I charge for my services that really reflect the level of work that I do, without pushing someone with a limited budget away OR compromising my price, charging too low, just so again, my potential client won’t walk away. What shall a girl do to break through this block that I know I can get through? I can get through anything, I just need the guidance.

    True success for me is when I have helped many happy business men and women experience the level of exposure for their businesses that they never thought they would have. Also, a waiting list of clients who want to either buy one of my ebooks (yet to be written), or sign-up for one of my super special classes on incorporating mental focus to creating the ultimate in PR for business and life (yet to come), when I have touched and inspired people to take a step forward, to do the things they only think about but never act on. True success is meeting Marie Forleo, who has been my virtual guide and mentor for two years, at Rich, Happy & Hot Live in New York. Really, I know I’ve reached true success when I can see that my daughter understands that life is what you make it. That mommy has created “work” by doing things that thrill and excite her. She’s travelling, writing, acting, talking on Skype to people across the world and doing all of these things because she wants to and she can and that’s how it’s supposed to be. To me, that’s one service that I’m providing for another that is PRICELESS.

  39. Sherrie Kerschenheiter

    Who am I? I am finding out that I am consciousness. I’m 54 years old and just now realizing my ultimate purpose in this world. My passion has always been helping people any way I can. My niche has been helping ladies through a jail ministry at my church where I volunteer once a month. I had this great revelation in the book of Genesis where I discovered that conscious awareness is in there! Wow, who knew???

    So, I’ve been incorporating conscious awareness techniques in my Bible Studies. Very exciting!

    From here, I’ve started an actual life coaching business to help others raise their levels of conscious awareness. Just recently, I’ve received certification for basic and Master Life Coach from Steve G. Jones online. Over the past 3 years, I’ve purchased seemingly countless, CD’s, videos, books(I do have your “Make Every Man Want You” book!) on personal growth. It’s amazing when you raise your level of conscious awareness and realize that this is what others need to do also to be successful. Can you imagine what this can do for those ladies in jail who have such a low level of conscious awareness? The ladies I teach will soon be released back into society. What better tools to leave them with?

    I’ve been using techniques I’ve learned working with other people, pro bono, to get experience and they, along with myself are seeing wonderful results-quite quickly! I received a text from one man with the message, “Sherrie, you rock!”

    Ok, so my challenge is this: getting this business organized enough to be able to charge enough money to make this worth while. I’m looking for win-win deals. I’m looking to over-deliver in my services. I’m looking for advice on how to get this off the ground.

    Once I get past these roadblocks, I will be helping individuals as well as businesses flourish in their endeavors. It has been a challenge for people here in Michigan due to the economy. It would be great to be a part of boosting the economy as well as boosting the personal lives of others by way of conscious awareness. Success for me is to raise the collective consciousness to 500 or above! Woo hoo!

  40. Woooo Marie, you rock!!! It took me over an hour to get the right video recorded– and in the process, it was a great exercise in vocalizing exactly what I do and exactly where I want to be. Kick ass! Thanks for the opportunity, Ms. Forleo. This truly rocks.

  41. Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    I make handmade gothic and chainmaille jewelry, which I sell online in my Etsy shop, Do Bats Eat Cats?, and at local craft fairs, galleries, and events. I’m excited that several brick and mortar stores have started to carry my work as well! All of my chainmaille is hand-woven, one ring at a time — I’ve been told I am insane for doing so, but I find it very meditative and relaxing.

    I recently left my very stressful day job in publishing because it had become impossible for me to run my business and still work there — I was tired of gaining some ground and then seeing it all go away when a big project hit and I got stuck working insane amounts of unpaid overtime. I am absolutely sure I did the right thing, for the sake of my own mental health, but as soon as I quit, my sales started tanking and I’m not sure what to do to jumpstart them again.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    I have many! But, when I look at them all together, they all boil down to the same challenge: cash flow, or more accurately, lack thereof. I feel like I am in a Catch-22 when it comes to growing my business: I cannot spend money on genuine needs until I start making more sales, but I won’t make more sales until I can spend on these needs! I want to make big epic “WOW” pieces using higher-quality materials but instead make smaller, simpler pieces, to conserve the materials I have on hand. I’d like to take out some well-placed advertising, but that costs money. Photographing my work is not my strength and I would REALLY like to outsource this to a professional photographer, but I don’t have the cash to pay one. I would like to apply to larger, higher-end art shows, but the booth fees are high and due in advance. The list goes on and on. I see other artists and crafters who are doing all of the above and I can’t figure out whether they’re doing that much better than me, or if they just have a huge pile of debt (which I am NOT OK with, for myself, but maybe I need to get comfy with debt in the short term?).

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

    Success, to me, means:
    – I am well-known enough as a purveyor of dark jewelry that my ideal customers are coming to me on their own, without me having to spend most of each day flogging my business online and virtually dragging people into my shop.
    – I am making enough money to a) cover all bills, including insanely huge mortgage, b) invest smartly in my business to help it grow, and c) have enough left over to buy from other artists and small business owners, to help THEM grow.
    – I am helping my customers feel beautiful and more comfortable in their own skin when wearing my pieces, and making them feel as though someone understands them. Most people who are into the goth aesthetic have, at some point in our lives, taken lots of crap for being different, for wearing all black, for liking and wearing skulls and bats and spiders all year ’round instead of just at Halloween-time. That can wear on even the most self-confident among us, over time. I like to think that I can provide a place where my customers feel at home, and don’t have to wade through a sea of mainstream trends to find a piece that speaks to them.

  42. My name is Erin Alli and I own a coaching business for Virtual professionals. I work specifically with virtual assistants and occasionally other virtual business owners. I provide coaching and strategy sessions on how to grow their business from the ground up without getting overwhelmed and quitting before they start.

    My biggest challenge currently is getting VA’s to understand the importance of working with a coach (and one that has been there and been very successful as a VA). Often I find that they are afraid to invest in themselves and keep putting things off because they are too busy with other work to concentrate on growing their business. (Then by the time they are “free” they don’t have any money because they don’t have any work)

    If I could overcome this hurdle my business would be financially successful and I would be able to help even more people then I currently do and expand my reach. I would like to be offering support and speaking to groups that are having hard times or are feeling stuck and show them that they can change their mindset and change their life so that they are relying on themselves for their happiness and don’t have to feel that things are hopeless.

    I would really love to win a ticket to Rich Happy and Hot Live! I would love to spend 2.5 days learning from you and your amazing speakers. I have followed you for quite some time and you have shown me that it is OK to be Me in my business instead of trying to conform to what everyone else thinks I should be. It was because of your info that I have followed that I finally took that leap in my business to change the way I was doing things and to put more ME in all my marketing, coaching and consulting. It has made for a much happier life!!

  43. Holy ShiZnit!!!! Momma is swimming with love and gratitude for this freaky-deaky chance to win big! I’m shooting a destination wedding this week in Boston but we’ll figure a little somethin’ somethin’ out! WHOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! xo

  44. YES! So happy to see another scholarship opportunity this year.
    Ladies ~ GET. ON. IT. RHH Live is the most amazing live event you will ever attend. The experience is unlike any other ~ and the ladies you meet ~ and the speakers you’ll hear from…it’s priceless in all ways.
    I’ll see you there in October!! xo

  45. Hi Marie; Thanks so much for the opportunity. This is my first video recorded and it’s all for you. I would love to meet you at RHH Live;

  46. hello
    i am ali

    my biggest challenge:
    i dream big
    make big plans in my head
    but then
    i don’t do them
    i have a lot of excuses, i mean, reasons:
    no time
    no money
    earning $

    go for it & try
    be satisfied at the end of my life that i did it

    save me marie!
    i need you
    did you hear me?

  47. I love your Q&A Tuesdays. Here’s some As to your Qs.
    Who Am I? I am Marlo Balmanno a former stay-at-home-mom who has an addiction to fabric. By day I am a mom to 3 minions, a wife to a handicapped husband, and a fan girl. At night I am a designer of Children’s coats, a Sci-Fi tweeter and play write. My current line has been described as a mix of Victorian and Jackie O’. I currently sell on Etsy and have been doing the craft boutique circuit.
    My biggest hurdle is financing and the lack of know-how to break into the fashion industry. I am the owner, designer and manufacturer for my little shop. I have had great reviews and happy customers yet without the exposure my coats will not find the niche that would adore them. Then there is the promise high exposure claims; the new influx of orders. Working out of my basement on my own can I handle more business? Should I expand my operation? Yes, and to do that I need financing. Here comes in the cut throat industry of mass produced fashion. How do I get noticed?
    I want to be a success in life. What I mean by that is to be truly happy in my skin; working for another person will not bring me this. I keep a note book on my night stand for those drops of insight dreams bring me. I watch my kids grow wanting to help them reach their full potential. Some days I am called to my husband’s side to help him up the stairs. To be flexible enough that I can still be a mom, and free to have fun, to be able to support my family if need be, to be as creative and crazy as I want to be, to be the owner of a company that allows me to help my community.
    When I conquer the above said hurdle I want to ultimately change the Children’s clothing industry. 1) Starting with my shop I would build or lease a new work facility. A creation center where there can be classes and goodies. Small batch manufacturing done in the same building or state the shop is in. 2) Setting up a URL, new equipment and spending more time on multi-level marketing. 3) Assembling a crack pot team of fun people who will take some of the responsibilities of business management so I can focus on the creative. Okay changing the Children’s clothing industry is a lofty claim and with cheap clothes all around us why would anyone want to take on the big box stores? When my obstacles are overcome I would attempt to show the country that you can have local, manufactured kid clothes that are stylish and last from kid to kid.

    • Just saw that you’re the winner! Congratulations!

      Here’s what I absolutely love: “with cheap clothes all around us why would anyone want to take on the big box stores? When my obstacles are overcome I would attempt to show the country that you can have local, manufactured kid clothes that are stylish and last from kid to kid.”

      Go, Go, Go! I have such a hard time finding clothing up to the standards I grew up with, Marlo. (Well, really, I don’t find them at all). My Mom is a designer/seamstress who always made my clothes – beautiful, fun, unique as a kid. As I got older – gorgeous shoes 1st, then find the fabric that goes with them. People always wondered how we found shoes to match “that” color. So much fun. She’s no longer able due to arthritis.

      Just wanted to say I totally get why you’d want to take on the fashion industry, from a personal perspective. I want to see your name & coats in lights. 😉

      And thanks for the opportunity to help make that happen, Marie!

      • Erin Burch

        YAY! YAY! congratulations, Marlo! You have got what it takes and your dreams are just the ticket! (pun??)
        Go Girl, and take good notes for those who will not be at the fabulous RHH Live!

    • Donna

      Dear Marlo
      Congrats!! You sound so perfect as the winner of this competition – a good mum and wonderful wife, who still has the time (goodness where do you find it??) and the energy to unleash creativity, and be successful in it. I wish you every success, and may the weekend of RHH give you the tools you need to move forward. Brilliant.
      Donna (UK)

      • Marlo, clearly your loving spirit is being noticed in all realms of life–congrats on winning RHH live! Today, I will take with me the passion and giving spirit you exhibit. I hope to see you in NYC and again congratulations!

    • Marlo,

      A heartfelt congratulations to you! I hope that you enjoy your time in NYC at RHH Live (and don’t worry–the family will be just fine without you). Perhaps Get Prissy will have the opportunity to interview you in the future!


    • Kai

      Congratulations on the win Marlo! You sound like a superwoman!
      So excited for you. Can’t wait to see you bust into the fashion industry and take it by storm.
      Enjoy NYC!!!

    • Jen

      Congrats! What is the name of your etsy shop?

    • Congratulations!!!! See you in New York

      • Well done Marlo,
        I’m so proud of you and happy you won this competition. I looked at your clothing designs and love love LURVE the little jackets. I have 2 little nieces back in Australia and I can see them in your designs!!
        I wish you all the best at RHH!!!

        Love Bec

    • Congratulations Marlo ! There is so much heart , courage and commitment in your words. What a wonderful gift for you, your family and the Children’s Clothing Industry ! Wonderful opportunity to give Marie Forleo.
      Love to you all !

    • Congratulations Marlo!!

      I’m a mom of 1, a wife and entrepreneur and I’m exhausted! So, I don’t know how you get it all done but I’m so happy you haven’t given up on your dreams. Bravo to you! Looking forward to meeting you next month!

    • Mega congrats Marlo! What you are doing is insanely amazing and you are a good reminder of what I can get done if I set my mind to it!!! YOU ROCK! Can’t wait to meet you in NYC. xo

    • Congrats love…

    • Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and just know that this will be a game-changer for you and your goals. I love what you are about and admire you as a woman, wife, and a mom! I hope I can swing it and go too…I would love to meet you!

    • Woohooo!!! Congrats!!!! I’m off to check out your children’s line and am so looking forward to meeting you next month! xoxo

    • Congrats!!!
      Have a blast, bless you and what you do!

    • Marianne

      You go girl! Congrats on winning and you’re going to knock this childrens industry out of the water! Thank goodness for high quality, local made clothes for kids!

    • Congratulations on winning the scholarship!! I can’t wait to see you at RHH Live and watch your dreams come true.

      You go, girl!!!!

    • Marlo~ congrats!!!!! Sending you a huge hug & high fives. I hope RHH live helps change the trajectory of your business and allows you to be “as creative and crazy as you want to be” YaY for you!!! (from a fellow crafty manufacturer with similar growing pains & 2 minions underfoot!)

    • Yay Yay Yay!!!
      I marvel at the web of love you weave…from children to husband, from self to creativity and community.
      You write with such elegance.

      Can’t wait to see your designs, and I hope you have an outstanding, deeply valuable experience at RHH Live. Seeing as Marie is all about value (and style …. and fun…), I have no doubt you will:)

      Warmest congratulations,

      • I bring you thanks from my basment studio. I am too excited to be in NYC next month.
        To answer a few comments: There are always dishes in my sink, the laundry is a mountain in my family room, and buisness ends at 7:30 every night and resumes around 10pm most nights. I reserve Sundays for me. But I am not a Superwoman or mom I am just a girl with a love for fabric.
        Thanks again!

        • Congratulations!! So happy for you and your business to have this chance to be boosted to the max. Here’s to all your dreams coming true.


    • Congratulations, Mario. You “grow” girl! Much love and luck to you. . .

  48. Jenn Aubert

    Who are you and what do you do in your business?
    I’m a passionate, hard working, creative entrepreneur who enjoys constantly plotting and scheming up new business ideas. I’ve been this way since i was a kid. Some people, I believe, are just wired to be an entrepreneur. I’m so thrilled I’m one of them. I love having those “ah ha, oh yes” moments where you just can’t wait to begin to make your idea a reality. As for my business… I’m an acupuncturist, herbalist and Chinese nutritionist. I absolutely love what I do. After having a baby in February I realized how everything I know went out the window….My healthy eating habits fell apart, the foods I was eating were making everything worse, self-care was a distant memory and I felt disconnected from myself. I had crazy anxiety and I felt like I didn’t know what to make of my new identity. I now had a new role as “mom” and I didn’t really know how that fit into the rest of my life. I cried, I ate M&Ms, I panicked, I drank pots of coffee, but mostly I was blissful for the joy that smiled up at me everyday. I put myself on a ‘program’ of sorts to get myself back together… cleaned up my diet, meditated, did yoga daily at home, journaled, spoke with other entrepreneurial moms, read, read, and read some more… I realized I wasn’t alone and there are so many other new moms out there struggling. So I’m creating a virtual workshop and community to address the concerns of new moms – nutritionally, self-care, meditation, support and more. (With a special section also for entrepreneurial moms). It is called the “New Mommy Tribe”.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
    The biggest challenge I’m facing right now is time. I’ve always been able to take an idea from fuzzy concept to creation quickly but I just had a baby in February and I’m finding that getting my new business off the ground is a bit tougher than I ever expected. I’m so giddy with excitement about it and cannot wait to bring all of it to market… but I’m so tired when I finally find 10 minutes that I sit and spin around in circles trying to figure out where to begin. I would love a dedicated weekend to literally pound this program, website, content out and get it out in the world.

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.
    True success for me is launching this business by January 2012 and being able to help new moms all over the globe get healthy, balanced and happy. Happy/healthy moms make for happy/healthy families and communities. I want to be able to touch as many new moms as possible to help them with this unique yet splendid life transition.

  49. Paige Lysaght: stressed-out workaholic turned baby-hugging entrepreneur. Kind of.

    Shift happens.

    Big leap #1 was quitting my full-time job at one of the top hotels in the world and trading it in to become a nanny (“Do I even like kids?” I wondered.).

    Big leap #2 was deciding to run a business at the same time. (Hello, health coaching certification!)

    Now I’m a full-time nanny with a coaching business that’s beyond ready to skyrocket. I’m fully invested in working with women who are in the place I was a few years ago—unhappy, unhealthy, and uninspired—and who are ready to change their game. Quarter-life crisis? College grad who hates her career? Struggling to manage stress and the food cravings that come along with it? I’m here to help. Through one-on-one coaching and group programs (especially my month-long group challenges) I support women in taking their lives from “meh” to amazing.

    But here’s the thing:
    Until the business is bringing in consistent clientele and income, it’s going to have to remain a part-time deal, no matter how much energy and investment I put into it. To make that happen, I need to be marketing much more effectively and making myself stand out. And lately, I’m feeling a bit stuck…and overwhelmed. Finding my place in a sea of other amazing women entrepreneurs is proving to be a challenge, and figuring out what actions are really high-leverage is tough.

    I know once I generate some momentum then things will really take off for me—and I’m ready to keep up! That success will mean a lot of things: a boost in my own confidence levels, an opportunity to be financially comfortable and independent, a constant reminder of how that shift changed my life (and the lives of those around me), a job that allows me to be location-flexible. It also means that women everywhere who are ready to create a life that’s more closely aligned with what they want will have someone to go to who is really walking her talk, and that they then can make amazing shifts as well. Taking big leaps is tough, but I’ve done it before, I’m ready to do it again, and I want to help others do it too. I’m ready to step up my game!

  50. Thanks Marie! What a generous opportunity. My entry soon to follow. 🙂

  51. Nathalie Salles

    Who are you?

    I am an executive coach who has worked with the government (NASA, the Navy), The oil industry (BP, Shell Oil, Koch industry…), the nuclear industry, the automotive industry for the past 20 years. I have left the company I was with for 25 years a few months ago and I have decided to go on my own. I have an MBA and just earned a Masters in sustainable business.
    My new company is Abundant Strategies.
    I work with traditional companies to bring soul back into their business. I support employees and managers to align with their deepest values, understand how their ego gets in their way, and create teams and products that make a difference for their companies and for the world while still making money.
    I work with sustainability leaders and departments in medium to large organizations. I support them to align with their values at work, understand how their ego gets in their way and find ways to inspire their organizations with sustainability. I give them tools to be efficient, connected and influential in their environment.
    I start my engagement with a series of interviews of teams and individuals working with the person or the team. Then, I tailor my work with teach person or team thanks to the feedback and focus on the person/team main strength, and area for improvement.
    Prices? Marketing? Aside from my business card, nothing is in place right now. I am getting there but I started to put everything in place 2 weeks ago. Lots and lots more to do.

    Biggest challenge?

    I am my biggest challenge. Self-doubt is crippling and slowing down everything. I have 20 years of very, very satisfied clients and tens of millions of dollars saved by clients. Why am I so paralyzed?

    What does true success look like?

    I work with CEO’s and their teams to help them refocus on their humanity, and steer their ships toward profit that also makes a difference in the world.
    I work with activists working in the green department of these CEO’s and I support them to work on their communication, their ability to integrate and inspire the entire company toward creating products and practices that are respectful to the earth
    I do all of this with life balance, volunteering at school and earning enough money that my family is safe and I can give some of it back to the world. After all, money is just flow and I am just a conduit.

    I am posting because I need to kick my butt and connect with other awesome entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world

    • love the title of your business, I totally feel your heart here. good luck.

      • Nathalie Salles

        Thank you:) I am just getting out there and even posting this comment was a bit vulnerable. Posting even if I am not ready and not perfect. Scary.

    • Nathalie! Amazing to see you here, I was just thinking, I should forward this to Nathalie and here you are! Wild! Good luck and time for a game changing shift for you sister! I met up with some fellow B-school sisters who will be going to New York and I know this will be an amazing, life changing weekend!

    • Nice to meet you Nathalie. I love hearing about others interested in sustainable businesses. Best Wishes.

      • Hey Nathalie!

        I’m also a fan! It’s awesome to see how you’ve gotten out of your own way to submit this entry *and* offered so much support to other women (like me!) as we do the same!

        • Nathalie Salles

          Funny you would say that. I started by deciding to put myself out there and then I realized that there were a ton of super talented women out there and that they should go to NY more than me so I am reading, watching videos and sending good vibes as much as I can.

          • Hey again!

            Good thing you can’t put out all those good vibes and *not* have them come back to you because you are, for sure, just as worthy as any of the other women. Marie is going to have some *very* challenging decisions to make!

    • I think SHARE ROSS should win. Hands down. Her video was creative….energetic….&honest. The same can be said for her as well. She’s such a magnetic force,full of positivity…fresh ideas etc. It would be an injustice for you to choose anyone other than she…a grave injustice!!!! So choose SHARE. Thank you.

  52. I am a single, working mother of the most amazing 19 month old. I am passionate about two things. One is raising my son to be healthy, happy, and successful. The other is helping other people be healthy, happy, and successful. I am the HorsePowered Coach. I work with my horses to support mostly mothers in building stronger relationships, improving communication skills, reducing stress, and increasing confidence. I have a very holistic approach to my coaching. I use Equine Assisted Personal Development, one on one coaching, group programs, and seminars to help individuals reach their goals in all aspects of their lives. My clients see the greatest benefits in their relationships, self confidence, and leadership skills.
    Right now my biggest challenge I guess would be marketing and finding new clients. I am still in the start up phase of this business and do not have enough money coming in to quit the other two part time jobs I have. So between working to jobs, raising my son, and caring for the horses I am finding it hard to find the time to do the marketing I should be. BUT this is my passion so I am going to make it happen! I am determined!
    Success will be when I am my own boss full time and I am still able to spend the time with my son that I desire (Once he reaches school age I plan to home school). I have big dreams for this business. I would love to travel around the country giving seminars. I also have plans to write a book about the amazing things we can learn from horses. My biggest plan of all is to make enough money with the coaching practice that I can offer Equine Assisted Personal Development to at risk youth free of charge. I know with Marie’s help I can make this happen!!

    • awesome stuff. a mommy friend of mine and her daughter ride together and its helped them so much. great work. 😉

    • Wow Kaylee, very creative, equine coaching. Love it!
      Best of luck to you!

      • Yes, Kaylee! You ARE the most powerful mentor to your child. And how wonderful that you are modeling a truly happy and successful life! Thanks so much for sharing!

  53. My name is Tracy Young and I am the self-proclaimed Chief Princess of A Little Indulgence. My company is a children’s boutique created around life’s cherished moments. We offer special occasion dresses and other products in sizes for little girls through not-so-little tween girls. Our products are available on line at and through private trunk shows. I started A Little Indulgence because I have children, love elegant style, well made clothing and wanted the scheduling flexibility to be involved in my children’s lives. We donate part of our proceeds to help orphaned children. It’s our way of adding a little bit of love into every dress.

    My biggest challenge right now is to stimulate sales by getting the word out about our products. I’ve found that regardless of the economy, there are moms willing to spend money on a beautiful outfit for a very special occasion. My ideal customer is a socially active mom, with children under the age of 12, who needs elegant outfits for a variety of special occasions. Word of mouth is the best way to make people aware of A Little Indulgence and our products. For the past 3 years, I have been building my business with some success. I’m now ready to kick things up several notches and turbo charge my business. I just recently completed b-school and have been making changes to improve A Little Indulgence and get the word out. I want to attend the game changing Rich, Happy & Hot Live weekend to stay motivated, meet like-minded people and continue manifesting my dream.

    Eventually, I want to have trunk shows in key cities and to walk down Madison Avenue and see a physical boutique where mothers bring their daughters to find the perfect special occasion outfit. As the business grows, I want to establish a 501c(3) to create a cycle of girls helping other girls. Whether it’s a ready-made outfit, a made-to-order dress, or a one-of-a-kind creation, I want moms to know that they’ll find it at A Little Indulgence and their purchase will help others find their dream.

    True success for me is to be happy doing what I love, while helping others. Right now, most of my cash flow has gone to building inventory. So Marie, if I’m selected to attend for free this year’s Rich, Happy & Hot Live event, I am willing to sponsor someone to attend next year’s event for free. I’m confident that what I will learn and the people that I will meet at the live event will allow me to rock my world and fulfill this commitment.

  54. Hi Marie!
    My name’s Rebecca Robbins and I’m out in Vancouver BC, Canada. I am a newly single mommy of a seven year old daughter and I am building a biz is called Blissed Out Mama. I am a Personal Thoughtsmith and Custom Bliss Designer for moms with an insane love of dark chocolate and working in analogies! I am developing a program with a formula for happiness on-the-go called the Game of Bliss. It’s like portable chess with our Mind! I am also an actor with a juvenile fiction fantasy project that I’ve been writing (for way too long, but it still lights my fire!)

    I have a few challenges I am facing, one of which is a lack of community of like-minded, powerhouse gals including steady mentorship. Next I am anxious to move as fast as possible to begin creating a life of freedom for myself and my daughter, but my rookiedom is slowin’ me down! I am working on creating daily habits to support my visions, viciously soaking up as much info and gathering as many resources about marketing as I can. I am an idea magnet who often gets bogged down or spread too thin with the desire to realize many things at once and so incompletion is a demon I hope to conquer this year. I realize what I am learning about starting an online biz might be the missing link to finally finishing my novel!!!

    True success (just got misty): presence and deep intimacy with myself, my loved ones and the world, mastery of my thoughts and ease in the creation of my life as a masterpiece, shining brightly as a beacon for others (especially my gal), a steady flow of giving and receiving, of expressing and experiencing.

    I’ll create in my business: a resource overflowing with practical strategies for moms to authentically improve the Bliss Factor in their lives so that they too can forge masterpieces and become shining, intimate beacons for their kids! I believe moms set the tone for the whole world and its future: a happy mom is a happy kid, is happy family, community, nation, WORLD!

    Deep exhale…what a great exercise. Thank you Marie. Love out!

    • Rebecca – I just read your post and my heart exploded. I’m in Vancouver and would love to connect whenever your schedule permits. I’ve been working with female entrepreneurs for four years, but more than that, I am interested in like-minded tribe members and I felt a connection the second I read your post. Good luck with the contest and in the meantime – let’s talk over some java (and dark chocolate!) Have you been to Mink? Lots of love and light to you my soul sister! xo

      • Hilarious, Heather, I just posted below that I won some clarity with entering the contest, but looks like I won a brand new TRIBE MEMBER too!! I’d absolutely love to connect – at Mink – ‘specially ’cause I haven’t been there! We could combo dark chocolate and coffee for a mocha (with whip even, to celebrate)! I will contact you through your site!

    • Holy coolness batman, just writing this post clarified a huge roadblock in my product development!!! Feel like I already won something lolololo!!!!

    • i was raised by a single mommy and only if marie was around then to do what you are doing. you have so much to offer. 🙂

    • I got misty reading your entry, too! Sounds to me like you’ve already found true success.

  55. Marie –

    You TOTALLY rock for giving us all a chance at this opportunity!

    Below is my video submission. It took most of the afternoon but I’m guessing I needed a break from the “norm.” 🙂

    Thanks again!

    • I can’t believe how much just creating this entry has jump started me on ideas and what incredible women are posting! I don’t know how you are going to choose Marie. Whew. Best of luck EVERYONE!!!!

  56. Whether or I not you select me, Marie, I’ve got mad love for you for just the shot! I’m pretty happy, definitely hot and rich in many ways, but I’m ready for the next level. One of my goals for 2011 – and I’m consulting my Sacred Journey journal here – was “Attend transformative weekend event e.g. Rich, Happy and Hot.” (I can show and prove with a scan and upload, real talk.)

    So below’s the link to my entry, and although, I’m a filmmaker, please don’t judge my skills on the quality of a quick -n- dirty web cam video. I saw the opportunity and went for action over perfection. 😉 Thank you!

  57. I am a model and photographer.  I decided to become a model because I have arthritis and I was always told I could never be a model. As a child, I was on crutches and was often bullied by family and friends. I was a victim of domestic violence when I was just a teen. This was a result of low self-esteem and making my partner my idol instead of myself. However, I still became the awesome model I wanted to be. I ended up starting my non-profit recently. I have been paying attention to your Q& A Tuesdays on how to make my site perfect! is almost launched…except…here’s my challenge…

     II want to register my company as a 501 non profit so my company can be legit. BUT I am having trouble even getting the money to get start my business. All I can do right now is do photo shoots and teach from my knowledge about domestic violence and self love.  I want to be able to put on fashion shows for them and be able to edit photos. Photoshop retouching can be so costly sometimes.  I am on unemployment so I cannot afford to pay someone to edit.  Once I can achieve success in launching my business and having clients come in, be happy, and spread the word about me…I will be happy. That will be my joy.. That will be my SUCCESS!!  I want every young girl to know she can do whatever she wants to do in life regardless of what anyone thinks. I had to completely remove myself from my situation to see the light in me. Though I have not had a major modeling campaign…I still know the place where I came from and love myself SO much…I won’t ever let that happen again. A Walking Virtue will involve mentoring programs for young women and girls, photo shoots, and education about domestic violence and self love. We will have book clubs and weekly follow up. I want to be like a sister to these girls. I wish I had someone in my life when I was going through such a tough time to let me know…it will be okay.

    • Deanne

      Congrats on your efforts. I hope the best for your organization! Deanne

    • OMG Latoya I would LOVE to see you at RHH Live and meet you in person!!! You are such a rockin’ inspiration =)

    • Latoya – Wow! You are a wonderful inspiration! Xoxo ~Kathleen

    • I got chills when I read, “I still became the awesome model I wanted to be.” Thanks so much for sharing your story and your mission!

  58. ***I really wanted to do a video, but I had some technical difficulties 🙁 boo however I hope I can still blow you away and impress everyone @ Rich, Happy & Hot LIVE
    Thank you for this opportunity.

    I am Crystal and currently I am responsible for every role in my business, Backos – My business offers bookkeeping and administrative services on an as needed basis to individuals and small to medium sized businesses to save my clients both time and money. Clients only pay for services when they need it and use it and they do not have to manage payroll and the other added employee expenses. Backos removes the distraction of administration and allows individuals and businesses the opportunity to shift their focus back onto their core tasks that bring them the most pleasure and profits.

    My biggest challenge right now is the marketing strategy. Backos’ services are not industry specific but open to all industries. Marketing to one niche seems to not be correct. Fleshing out and implementing a plan (media, networking etc), especially on a budget, is tricky for me and I would appreciate some ideas, criticisms and new perspectives.

    Success to me is “To know even one life has breathed easier because I have lived” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Once my marketing challenge has been rocked (woot woot!) and I have clients, I intend to help and encourage my employees (current students and recent grads) to work in the different industries Backos’ clients represent and to develop relationships with Backos’ clients so that they can then transition into rewarding careers for themselves. This will benefit Backos, by making us a leader in providing passionate professionals and committed individuals, my client will have saved on recruitment costs and will still have a dedicated employee that knows his/her business well and the employee will have begun and continue to develop a career in an industry they enjoy.
    I plan on continuing to volunteer in local organizations, Telecare Distress Centre, Victim Services, and the Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Centre, but now make significant monetary donations to better services to victims.
    Lastly, but not ever in the least, I intend to provide a comfortable life, full of memories, security, freedom and opportunity for myself and my family.

  59. Hi Marie! Melanie St. Ours here– theater artist, healer, change-maker. I help people from all walks of life get free to express themselves, transform their communities, and to heal through the process of creating outstanding original theater. I’ve worked with everybody from professional actors to homeless activists in the Bronx to pregnant teens to senior citizens. I know the power of art to heal our communities. In my hybrid life as an artist/healer I also do deep work one-on-one with clients as a clinical massage therapist and herbalist. What started out as an artistic career with a meaningful “day job” has evolved into an integrated body of work that’s about healing and transformation on both the micro and macro levels.

    It’s *all* connected.

    A little hobgoblin of scarcity inside screams that “CASHFLOW!!!” is my biggest challenge, but when I tune-in I know it’s just a symptom of a deeper wound. My biggest challenge is letting go of pain from massive losses I’ve sustained this year and learning to work powerfully with the limitations I’m facing (cashflow and space to see clients) without losing heart. I am learning to trust myself again after chasing a half-dead relationship across the country because I made his career more important than mine and the relationship more important than my self-actualization.

    Now I want to midwife my wildest dream as she rises from the ashes. I don’t know the path forward. I am creating it footfall by footfall. Here’s what it’ll look and feel and taste like a few paces down the road:

    I’ve built the first-of-its kind integrated Arts and Healing Center in Washington, D.C. where community art-making provides space to tend the soul and where a team of expert practitioners offer acupuncture, bodywork, herbal medicine, yoga, ecstatic dance, and more to tend to the body. This is a place where people come to have their souls fed and their bodies tended, and where they learn the skills to care for themselves and their loved ones. This is a place where artists and healers can do their world-changing work while receiving the kind of income and professional support that they deserve but too rarely receive. Our financial success allows us to offer sliding scale options so that we can offer care to people who are least able to afford it. Our programs build a resilient community that can take its health into its own hands. We’re healing the cultural splits between mind and body, between art and healing, between complementary and mainstream medicine, between the haves and the have-nots, and bringing people together across boundaries of difference in the name of creativity, healing, and community-building.

    Marie, I would lovelovelove to join you and the tribe. I’ll use everything I learn to serve the highest good of my community, our breathing planet, and each soul I encounter through my work. (And I’m gonna do that whether I keep learning from your writings or whether I get to join RHH live. Promise.)

    • Melanie,
      I love the vision of your Arts and Healing Center. For the last couple of years, I’ve had a vision of one day creating a spiritual center that combines classes for all areas of art and creativity with yoga, qigong, massage, etc. Your idea takes it to the next level and is truly inspiring. I am going to RHH Live and hope I get to meet you there!

      • This is truly wild…. Your comment gave me such a boost–then I discovered that you were a teacher of mine! Amazing.

        I’d written you a response with my fairly standard greeting for humans who’ve supported me or made me smile, (it began, “My dear Cara,”) and then I couldn’t get over the fact that your name is the name of one of my former English teachers. I read your bio and felt this rush of excitement about your work with Campbell’s writings, etc….and then I saw that *you* taught high school English. My wheels kept turning. I clicked on “Cool Blue Souls” and found that your work is on display in my hometown and saw your photo—-even though you’ve changed your hair (it looks FABULOUS!) I recognized you immediately.

        I do hope to see you at the conference—but if I do, we won’t truly be meeting for the first time. You taught me English in high school! THANK YOU! How amazing that you have encouraged me yet again, all these years later and in such a different setting.

        I’d love to reconnect more deeply away from this public forum, but I want to shout out-loud and in public a big THANK YOU for being my junior year English teacher. What the world should know about you is that you and your teaching partner guided me and my fellow students through a process of writing a big, fat, (and at the time really scary) seven-chapter research paper known throughout our county as “THE BOOK.” It was the most significant piece of academic work I’d undertaken at that point in my life and both the accomplishment and the process of doing the work were powerful for me. I wrote my paper on the representation of women in film and I still draw upon what I learned doing that work to this day in my work as a theater director.

        I love the work that you’re doing with your creative path, your writing, and your photography. May the blessings and success that you’ve helped others to achieve over the years be revisited upon you a thousand-fold in your creative endeavors and your soul-work.

        I still can’t get over this!

        With heaps of appreciation and wonder,

    • Beautiful Melanie! I can definitely see you with your center 🙂 I’ll be in DC next month, perhaps we can connect!
      Love and Blessings,

  60. Olá Marie,
    I really think this is a great opportunity to become RH&H! Even though, I´m not sure how it works for foreigners like me…but I think it is worthwhile 🙂
    Anyways, I´m from Brazil, São Paulo. I´m a mother of two (teens), married to a great man and I have a wonderful family. Life was not always “easy” for me, but certainly gave me the power to transform my life and myself in a better person.
    As far as business, I worked for many years in the fashion industry. This year I realized it was time to make my dream come true…I decided to take a sabbatical period in order to start my personal project , a blog for women called Mulheres Conectadas / (women in conection) A place I write things about my experience in life to other women, try to provide them tools to make a change, a place to raise their energy, talk and change ideas.
    My biggest challenge is how to do what I like most and make money! I think, true success comes when you love what you do and at the same time what you do inspire others and as a consequence or a result of that, money comes into your life. When I achieve this point, or close to it, I´d like to share this to people from other countries besides Brazil…like The US where I had a wonderful host family (when I was 18) that thought me things for my entire life.
    I think when your experience connects to somebody else experience, it last forever…because at the end we´re all connected!

  61. RHHLIVE is a total game changer. Wishing you all great luck with this and make sure to do everything you can so you can see how much you can do and how great it feels to put energy towards your dreams. Hope to see you there. xo Hillary

  62. Suzanne

    That is a lot of rules. Is it worth my while?

    • Suzanne

      I saw a video with Ramit and Tim Ferrriss (btw: I have both 4 hour books in hardcover, purchased from Barnes & Noble in Union Square) and I used to subscribe to Ramit’s “make you rich” thing…in the video Tim said “chicks” do this or that and I was 110% repulsed…even now, when I think about it ( in my chair in Haarlem, the Netherlands, I have a visceral (gag-like) response…and also Laura R, the Dash sent me an email “who are you? really?” I responded thinking that “really” was really..spilling some guts..never heard back..

      Who are you all? Really?

      • Louise

        It’s Louise and I work with Marie. We truly love hearing about everyone in the RHH family and I’d love to answer any questions you have about the contest. I just sent you an email so check your inbox. Can’t wait to connect!
        Take care,

  63. I’m Page Huyette an innovative teacher, writer and landscape designer that is working to create an online design school for people that want a toolbox of skills and savvy to get where they really want to go in their careers. How do I do this? I teach design, marketing, interviewing and social networking skills, as well as good ‘ol I’m-here-for-you support through face-to-face and web-based courses and counseling sessions.

    My teaching, writing and design work all follow the same philosophy: listen to what the people want and then give the people more than they thought they would get. I’m passionate about helping people exceed their expectations in their quest for inner happiness, financial and personal success. Lately my energy has been focused on a successful 100% online portfolio design course for graphic students and professionals I teach that provides instruction on how to build a creative website of their work and also gives them a boatload of skills to build their confidence, determine the target market that jives with their passion, and great ways to market themselves effectively.

    My biggest challenge is developing a cohesive power-packed plan of attack on getting the word out to a broader audience about my courses and services, and to streamline day-to-day operations. When people hear about my courses they say “wow, I could really use that” and the courses I offer always fill up. But I’m struggling with expanding my site and its offerings so it can meet a (hopefully) increased demand and offer even more tidbits, but more importantly, reach the super-creative edge-of the-box wunderkinds I know are out there just waiting for me to help them! I have two websites and a blog that I want to wrap together in a delicious bundle so the information I present is killer, unique, and easy to find and share.

    Where will this take me? When this master plan all comes together in the next year, I’ll have succeeded in launching a web-based design school along with in-person courses available where I live in the beautiful northern Rockies. I’ll also be offering courses taught by other amazing designers to expand the design school offerings, and also spreading the goodness through seminars and speaking engagements to business owners and educators that need help starting their own mini-empires. This fun, rewarding business will be running super smoothly with all of the tools and support I need to keep it going and growing, allowing me balanced time for my work as well as family, hobbies and fitness. When this is in place, I’ll continue to go after what I want, teach other designers what they need, always growing, getting better and luvin’ it

  64. My name is Victoria England, I am 35 years of age and I own Tulip Perfume in Arcata, California.

    Tulip is a boutique Fragrance line which contains Holistic Flower Essences to promote an Independent, Cheerful and Positive Nature. The packaging is gifty, artsy and colorful. Just made it into Whole Foods Northern California about a year ago and growing.

    My biggest challenge:
    Growth and Distribution! So far I have run this company on my own…currently I am the perfume maker, the marketing specialist, the packer, the shipping and receiving gal, the ever needed bookkeeper, the cleaner and the one pulling her hair out! OUCH! I can’t afford to move into a bigger facility and hire people unless I get a big break from a company, like Anthroplogie to whom which I have been in touch with. I am selling to Whole Foods in Northern California but have found it hard to branch beyond that with them. Basically I need to be able to expand so that I can hire people to help things move forward.

    True Success??
    I feel like true success is already happening to me, I have reached goals I only recently believed to be unattainable. Further success would mean my company growing larger so that I can create jobs in my small town, an area which lacks professional jobs.
    Another aspect of success to me is being able to provide these gorgeous products to everyone at an affordable price! All women deserve a little luxury, even when the bills are stacked high and debt looms we all need a good hot bath and a spray of some fragrance that takes us somewhere else, naturally of course. All of my products are made with a blend of essential oils and high grade phthalate free fragrance oils. And paired with the energetic healing properties of Holistic Flower Essences make a natural luxury experience.

    If I had a lot of money from Tulip growing, I would like to invest in other small businesses to help them grow, and also offer them guidance in decision making and networking connections. Just as I need help now, someone else will after to pay it forward is my mantra.

    Thank you for listening!
    Victoria England

    • Deanne

      Hi Victoria,
      You are very inspiring! I wish you tons of luck. Thank you for the inspiration!

  65. After five videos that were over two minutes, I FINALLY got it down
    to 1:57. Yayah!

    Rich! Happy! Hot! Live! #winRHHLive

  66. My name is September Kuromi and I am starting up my own business in Kamloops, BC. I have worked in IT for 15 years and I wanted to do something that supports my family life (3 young kids) and better reflect who I am.

    The result is Social Fire, a consulting and event coordination company that helps your business get better connected to their community, employees out volunteering and also advises on sustainable business practices. Our mission is to leverage you company’s unique capabilities in supporting social causes and improve your competitive context.

    My biggest challenge is that I am just starting out and I am struggling getting those first few clients under my belt.

    My second biggest challenge is setting priorities everyday to make sure I am most effective. I shouldn’t be responding to your video right now – I should doing something more productive towards getting that first client. With a busy family and a business – my priority setting skills need some serious work so I don’t get bogged down in operational stuff and I learn to keep my eyes on my goals at all times.

    My picture of fantastic success: My business services are in high demand, I can demonstrate objectively that Social Fire has had an impact on the business community in the city, my husband is able to quit his day job and join my company and I earn the title of Ashoka Fellow (

    I love your videos – your advice and delivery are always eye opening and entertaining.


  67. I am an unexpected revolutionary. I teach woman how to re-tell their stories, so they can live a life full of greatness. I help woman to use their storytelling to capture the genius that their story is giving to them as they live their life right now. The genius of our stories can lead us to personal revolution in our lives. Our stories have something to teach us. Something to give us liberation. Something to help us get what we want.

    The biggest challenge that I am facing is marketing and confidence. I love what I do and know that it is powerful. I often get sidelined when I have to put myself out there and share it with the world whether online or offline.

    True success looks like waking up excited about living every morning. True success looks like seeing woman empowering themselves and empowering their communities because their light is shining so brightly. True success is coming alive so that others are inspired to do the same. True success is the beautiful intersection of my sacred inner work and making money. True success looks like created a storytelling program for students in schools across the globe so that the revolution can begin in our educational system.


    • Wishing you the best of luck, Kandice. I am a HUGE proponent of women telling their stories. If we don’t, someone else will, and the chances are high, they’re not going to get it right. Here’s a tiny excerpt of a keynote I delivered at Bioneers on this very point.

    • Hi Kandice!

      Where are you located? I’d love to connect and exchange ideas. I’m a theater artist/alternative medicine practitioner and do a lot of work with storytelling in community as a means of opening up dialogue. I’d love to learn about how you use it one-on-one with clients.

      Feel free to email me or shout out on Twitter @cityherbalist

      All the best of luck to you!


  68. Hi Marie! What a wonderful opportunity you are offering this beautiful community of women.

    My name is Briana Borten and I am the owner of The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa ( and in Portland Oregon, a mother of a soulful 3 year old, and a loving wife and friend. At The Dragontree we offer a variety of services to still the mind and mend the body. The Dragontree is the perfect place to receive massage, facials, Acupuncture, waxing, Ayurvedic counseling, and herbal consultations or to gather with friends and family and receive foot treatments, head, neck, & shoulder massages, and hand treatments while enjoying each others’ company. All of our treatments are tailored to our clients needs with the intention of creating the space for true healing to occur.

    The Dragontree was created to fulfill our mission statement:

    At The Dragontree we are committed to peace.
    We provide a sanctuary from the stress that degrades the quality of our lives.
    We will assist you on your journey towards balance with rejuvenative therapies, and will be an educational resource for you by offering tools for self-maintenance and healing.
    Our ultimate intention is to seed our community with centered, peaceful, and healthy people.

    What is the biggest challenge in my business today? Honestly, the business is great. There are hurdles, but I am an excellent hurdler! We have an amazing staff, fantastic managers, and the most awesome clients I could imagine. Where I am stuck is with what to do next. I have been working so hard on creating this fabulous company and getting it to the place where it doesn’t need me every day that I didn’t really visualize what would happen then….now! Wow! I have some thoughts on where I would like to go with my mojo – but haven’t solidified them and I think that a weekend with you, Marie, would be just what the doctor ordered.

    I imagine that once my challenge is solved I will have an absolute lightness and energy toward creating my new goals and vision for my life. The satisfaction of creating a path to further my personal mission of empowering others to do their best will allow space to fully manifest that destiny with ease and joy.

    I hope to see you in New York!!

  69. Marie, I want this, I want this BAD!

    WHO AM I? Tiffany Neptune, the designer/creator/founder of my handmade stationery company, Tiffany Lane ( and blogger behind Tiffany Lane Handmade ( I officially opened up shop in November of last year as a side business to my desk job 9-5.

    WHAT’S MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE? It has been a (very) slow start. I know success doesn’t happen overnight, but I thought I should have more success than I do by now. I’m struggling with the question: how long do I continue working hard and expecting success before it’s time to move on? I research constantly and do the best I can to promote my business – to promote what I believe in. However, tight funds create other road blocks that are hard to overcome. How much risk is too much or too little? We can’t afford for me to quit my day job to take this on full force, either. I’ve created tasks, goals and corresponding deadlines and given myself one more year to get it all together. I’ve decided to give it just one more year because if this is not meant to be, I want to pursue other opportunities and be careful not to allocate all of my time with one that may not be in the cards. Once the year is up and I still have little to no success after following through with those tasks, I will officially make the stationery business a hobby.

    WHAT DOES TRUE SUCCESS LOOK LIKE IN MY LIFE? If my business is successful, I will be able to quit my day job, work from home, and officially be my own boss! My husband and I want kids in a few years and it is a dream to be a stay at home mom and spend those precious moments with my children. However, I am also a very motivated and driven person, so I would love to still have a (meaningful) career and have time for my family. Running my own business, being my own boss and working from home would create the perfect balance. And if I am successful enough, I could even hire a couple of employees down the road! I would also love to be able to afford to make my products more eco-friendly as well as give a portion of profits to a charity. Specifically with my blog, I want to remind people of the craftsmanship of handmade products, buying local/buying “Made in the USA,” and appreciation for DIY (do it yourself). I believe many have forgotten what the great U.S. of A stands for. I believe in intentional actions, taking self responsibility and working hard for what you want and believe in.

    I pray for the opportunity to attend RHH Live and look forward to a life changing experience!

    And thanks as always for all you do,

    • Tiffany,
      Your stationery is beautiful! And your blog is fantastic (I plan to come back often – especially for Christmas ideas!). I am sure you will achieve much success!
      You go girl!

    • I love your stationery and that it is Made in the USA. Beautiful. It is challenging starting a new business, but you will be able to make it work.
      Best Wishes! Melanie

  70. Oh Marie! This is such a fantastic opportunity I could NOT pass it up!!! I absolutely love what you do and would do anything to come to RHHLive in October! I am so ready to take the next step in my business and I would LOVE the opportunity to learn from the best of the best!
    Here’s my video link:

    I hope you like it and like it so much that you decide to send me to RHHLive 😀 xoxo

  71. Ashleigh Brown

    Hi Marie!
    Who am I?
    I am the stay at home Mom who attends a wedding in thigh high boots and a studded sheath dress, then takes it all off to stand barefoot in her vegetable garden feeling the abundance of Mama Earth.
    I am the lady who realized she could coach women into their authenticity through their relationship with their creatures, furry, living or none of the above.
    I have been coaching my whole life, I know my passion has sat patiently under my nose, waiting to be discovered. On my 30th birthday, I got myself a card to say thank you, and to celebrate me the way no one else can! I realized then that I had been impatient my whole life, because I was itchin’ to get to HERE! I have arrived!
    What is my biggest challenge?
    Right now, I’m a Little League rookie, and I need a catapult of positive energy and wisdom to help me build my brand, my website and my confidence.
    In 2009, shortly after the birth of my youngest daughter, I had a massive seizure and when I woke up my entire life changed. (don’t bother checking your inbox for the e-vite to my pity party, it’s cancelled 😉 I am disabled and at home raising my two kids. This experience lit my inner fire, and I have complete faith that despite my cognitive and memory issues, I can have a coaching practice that inspires more peeps than I could ever even imagine! Just put me in, Coach! I will hit a home run!
    What does success look like?
    For me, success is a coaching practice that allows me to work from home, to travel and teach seminars on animal energy healing and communication, and to have a bold, brilliant online community that supports the wild and crazy growth of millions of women and men. Success is the ability to support my husband and daughters, and give back to all those fabulous beings who have helped us through the crunchiness of the past 2 years. I want to mentor women who are on the brink of dazzling us all with their shininess, and help them get past those personal roadblocks of unworthiness and procrastination.
    I want to do “me” like no one else can!

  72. Hello Marie, my name is Irina and I am a certified freelance Yoga Instructor. I am also a University Student with a major in Political Science. My goal is to have a small Yoga Studio that will focus on serving the women in my community. The goal of my Yoga classes at this moment is to encourage women to take control of their bodies and minds, while having a great time. The challenge that I am facing is that I am a Political Science student and it’s a bit too late to change my major. But I still love history is that only I love Yoga more. At the present moment I am seeking powerful women entrepreneurs as mentors, who can donate their time to teach me what they have learned. Because I am not a Business student, I do not know a whole lot about marketing or financial planning for the businesses; so far you have been my role model for the business skills growth aspect of my life.

  73. What I get to go to Rich, Happy, & Hot??? Hell Yeah!!!

    My name is Stephanie C, I live in Sunny South Florida with my hubby and 2 awesome daughters. I am *the* Time Saving Princess, Administrative Specialist and Owner of <span Dembo Inc Administrative Support Services I help small business owners in the hospitality industry manage their administrative workload so they can concentrate on profit generating tasks.

    For a little over a year now I’ve been helping my clients take their business to the next level while giving them back some of their time to go out and “play” with family and friends and now I’m ready to do the same for myself and my business.

    My biggest challenge is finding creative ways to put my business out there in a big way, while still staying true to my values. For me success is peace of mind, flexibility and time for my family all while running a sustainable business.

    Once I break through my challenges I will out there to help more people, while living the life I am working towards and I know Rich, Happy & Hot Live can get me there faster. I am sooooooo looking forward to this event and am extremely excited!!!

    See you in NYC Marie! 😉

  74. I am an emotional Alchemist. I help people transform their life traumas into wisdom and inspiration. I work with people who have been through some serious shit and still want to contribute to the planet.

    My Biggest obstacle is finding the audience that wants to pay what I want to charge. I have lots of clients that I love love love but they frequently need sliding scale rates and they drop like flies when I raise my rates.

    I see every problem that we face globally as a personal problems gone nuts. If people were able to heal their childhood issues and use those experiences to self realize, we would live in an enlightened global community. My vision for my business is to lead this global shift by working extensively with a few key players and teach millions via e-courses and speaking gigs.


  75. Hope you enjoy the video. Here’s the link:


    • alicia pierre

      Hi Di Ana,

      Love the Vid and what a great business. Truly creative and of value. Good Luck!


      • Thanks so much Alicia! Have you entered the contest too? Let me know. Di Ana

    • SMART!!! What a fabulous idea AND such a happy video! Watching it made me smile big. Best of luck 😀

      Love and Blessings,

      • That’s so sweet Christina! Thanks so much for watching and your nice comments. What is your business? Do you have a post or video? Di Ana

  76. Hope you enjoy the video. Here’s the link:

  77. Hi! I am Amanda 🙂 and I am just started a photography business. Photographs have been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember. I remember looking at photos of my great great grandparents and them just blowing my mind because time stood still! It was just amazing to me! And I remember tearing through all of my magazines in high school and taping them all over my wall. The draw of beautiful people and things was so strong. It took me a very long time to put two and two together and realize that I could be a photographer too. And wow, it ain’t easy! And that is where the second question comes…

    My biggest challenge is that I can not for the life of me get out of the DAMN shell. I can’t, I have tried. But I need to, desperately need to. I am an introvert through and through. I KNOW I have what it takes (I am new so I have a ways to go but still!) And I am the farthest from being a cocky person…so when I say I know that my photos, with time and more work, can make it big! It is the selling aspect…selling products, my photos, and mostly myself. I. AM. STUCK.

    Success is the amount of clients I want in a given time…at this moment I would take success as just one a week 🙂 Here are a few things I want at some point for my business: to do commercial shoots for some awesome creative businesses, for people to know my name!, to make my own press cards and such, dabble in graphic design, have a photo in a local kids magazine, put together some rockin’ stylized shoots, for local businesses to trust me to shoot their awesome products, to be mostly exclusively newborns and maternity, to go in a more lifestyle direction, to teach a workshop, to have a full schedule, to find ME…the real ME, and really so much more. Success at the moment would be any of the above, I would take one…or even half of one!

    I am very much an instant gratification type of person and I know that is so very unrealistic. And typically I would have totally been done with this venture but I know (I JUST KNOW!!) that this is what I am meant to do. THIS is where I am supposed to be, partially and that is where YOU come in. I need help, I need help real bad. And I think, in some past life, that I was meant to live in NYC and I have never even been there to visit! Two birds, one stone 🙂 Thank you for such an amazing opportunity and I will pray (and I am not a praying person!) that I win this.

  78. Marie, I love what you do and how you do it! I am inspired by your spirit & style.

    I am a food philosopher & nutritional strategist. I help people develop a healthier relationship with food, their bodies & the planet. My mission and purpose is as big as this planet. I believe with all my being that it has the power to touch the lives of millions.

    My business ‘Jiivala’ (Sanskrit for ‘full of life’) intends to reverse the way North Americans are eating themselves into sickness, misery and early painful deaths. I know this intimately because 13 years ago I was twice my present size, on that slippery slope. I managed to get off the slope without dieting or gimmicks and now travel the world sharing the philosophies I’ve developed including at TED Tokyo.

    This business is about bringing the healing power of nature into the home via the kitchen while strengthening minds & touching hearts of those who come into contact with it. Think a ‘healthy & inspirational version of the Pampered Chef’.

    Biggest Challenge?

    I’ve recently moved back to Canada after 22 years in Australia, prior to coming back I put all my resources into the World Wellness Project ( in the 3 years leading up to the Summit.

    I am starting off from scratch on every level with the exception of a kick ass business plan, an insane amount of certainty and feeling that the universe is conspiring to make this happen. I know with every fibre of my being that this is a significant piece in the puzzle of the obesity and lifestyle disease crisis not to mention major environmental issues due to the way we consume.


    My books “A Return to Food – how going back is the way forward” and “The Secrets of the AntiDiet” are on every bestseller list . These books direct people to the solution.

    Two years from now, thousands of jiivala kitchen consultants going into homes teaching people how to make simple food that is Seasonal, Local, Organic & Whole with seriously delicious recipes (I’m an award winning chef). Women work flexible hours, making seriously healthy incomes teaching and inspiring families to eat in a way that their body and the planet thrives.

    I’ve had what most would call a highly successful career to date, recognized as a leader in my field, speaking internationally on stages with superstars & royalty, on television, radio and glossy print yet I know this all pales compared to the success of creating a business that is the catalyst for thousands of consultants changing the lives of millions.

    Right now, I need to put all my resources into this business Marie but I also know that being at RH&H Live will be integral for me stepping into this place that often overwhelms me. I want to be that leader and I know you can help me do this so that I can help so many others.

    WELLth & SOULattude,

    • Hi Sherry!
      So nice to see your moving ever so greatly towards your goals of reaching many.. You’re amazing and truly inspiring…x You inspired me to go forth and teach what I do to others to help make the world a better place one bite at a time. Even though I’m in Australia I’m going to put my hand up for the experience of entering the challenge to be in a room with great minds to create a better world xxx Simon sends his love toooo

      • Hey Victoria,

        How wonderful to hear from you and see what you are doing and putting out there. What ever you do is amazing and wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were in the room at RH&H Live together? Love to you Simon and your beautiful Angels!

  79. I am an AADP Board Certified Health Counselor and yoga fusion/Pilates instructor (along with the occasional kickboxing class). I am all about finding creative ways to work the body as an integrated whole and coming up with new class formats (dance-boxing, anyone?).

    A little bit of background, I suffered a divorce when I had 2 classes left in my college degree (invested myself in college at 28 years when I found the program I was passionate about… Health Promotion). I had to take a year off, which was a huge blow to me- I was just SO close and LOVED school. I couldn’t find a decent job without the degree, so ended up back in the restaurant biz working double after double. I had 2 dogs at the time that I was burning the candle at both ends to take care of/exercise myself and them while working so many hours. One of my dogs went to the Rainbow Bridge that year (Was an even more devastating loss than losing my husband!). I couldn’t afford a lawyer so we handled the divorce through his. He assured me I would be “taken care of”…and I believed him. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. I ended up accumulating half of our combined debt (he was a gambling addict), that I couldn’t afford to pay- and I filed for bankruptcy. I sold everything I owned, and my one dog and I moved to a friend’s house and I slept on the couch until a tiny room opened up (she lived with roommates). I then moved upstairs and slept on 6 yoga mats for months until I could afford a twin bed I bought off of Craigslist. I was working 4 part time jobs and ended up completing my last 2 classes to obtain my BS in Health Promotion…the degree I had worked so incredibly hard for over the years.

    I had the idea of a few years back when I was attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Having battled pretty much every eating disorder known to wo/man and having admitted myself to the hospital to get treatment b/c I knew I wasn’t getting better- I made it my personal mission to learn everything I could about taking the best care of myself as possible… and helping others do the same.

    So- that’s the Cliff’s Notes version of what started I have so many AWESOME ideas (just ask me ; ) )… teeshirt and cap graphics and cool sayings… books… and other biz ideas I’ve had over the years that I KNOW would be well-received… I just haven’t had the funds— or the actual start-up-know-how— to make it all happen.

    Success would be living and breathing my truth, my mission- and having others benefit from it. Each and every one of us learning from one another and creating a ripple effect.

    Thanks so much for reading my note—- and thank YOU for being such an incredible inspiration to women everwhere. I bought a/b 10 copies of your book to give to friends… LOVED it!!!!

  80. 1. Who are you?
    I am a craft/graphic designer. Last August I started selling my digital download paper dolls and other paper goods on, a website for artists to sell handmade items.

    2. Biggest Challenge
    The dolls started flying out the door that day and the frenzy hasn’t stopped! People became addicted to making the paper dolls, so I am under pressure to create new designs. For the past 30+ years I have always had to work hard for things, so this “overnight success” caught me off guard. As a result, I haven’t been able to quickly learn online marketing, which I know nothing about. My blog and Facebook pages are lame. I simply haven’t had time to learn the do’s and don’ts for contests/promo on FB. And forget twitter – I don’t understand it and have never used it.

    But, most importantly, I DESPARATELY need to create my own website with auto-download capability so I don’t have to manually email THOUSANDS of digital products, which is what I am doing now. But I don’t know how to make one inexpensively. My products are under $10, so I am not rolling in dough yet.

    I just opened two more online shops on Etsy-type websites with no auto download, so I just compounded the problem, but I wanted to expand my biz. Then there is the SEO thing. The new shops don’t find customers the same way my first shop does, so I have to figure that out as well.

    My challenge just doubled because my husband needs online marketing knowledge, too, as his first book is about to be published next month. But I can’t be of much help to him as far as the marketing goes. So, I am in “overwhelmed” mode! We loved the launch party technique Laura is using for her new book but don’t know how to do what she is doing. Hub is also starting an online biz that will require collecting email addresses and delivering newsletters. I signed up for one of those auto-email services about 4 months ago, got stuck, and dropped it. I had wanted to send freebies out to people who signed up to join my club. So that idea is just sitting there.

    3. What does true success look like?
    True success, for me, is using my artistic ability to bring happiness into people’s lives all around the world. Families spend time together making my dolls. A Japanese lady made and sold my dolls to raise funds for the tsunami relief. Another used them as decorations for a cancer fundraiser. What job could I have that is better than this? None! My goal is to create automated online shops so the customer gets her product immediately and I can have time to do what I love, which is designing… while money rolls in automatically. Finally artists have a way to sell their creativity without a middle man.

    • Beautiful creations Rhonda!!! Really love the idea of downloadable digital dolls. Very cool! Hope to see you at RHH!

      Love and Blessings,

  81. Nathalie Poulin

    My name is Nathalie Poulin and I am currently a stay-at-home mom to 3 lovely children, 8, 4 and 2.

    I aspire to open my own gym that I will call Primal Play, in Ottawa Canada. It will be designed in a way that uses play as a basis for working out . It will be different from most other gyms because it will not include boring treadmills, but equipment that forces people to use their bodies to work out. There will be zip lines, trampolines, bouldering, rope climbing, foam pits, and obstacle course mazes. It will encourage families to work out together in team-building exercises. This is incredibly important to me because I feel like there is a big disconnect happening between parents and their children. There are too many places where you go to let your child play, and you as the parent are encouraged to sit and watch, or play on a computer. Even at most gyms, there are separate rooms where you can leave your children while you go work out.
    I have yet to find a place that allows families to have fun and play together.

    The biggest challenge facing me right now is lack of startup capitol, the grand scale of the business, and completing the business plan. I have absolutely no background in business, and I’m flying by the seat of my pants, but I’m determined to make this work.

    Success, to me, is the opening of my business. Success is completing my business plan, acquiring the finances to get it started, and opening my gym.
    Success, to me, is giving families the chance play together and build better interpersonal relationships. Success is watching people flourish, lose weight but most importantly get fit by having fun.
    Success is being my own boss, making my own rules and taking on the role of primary bread-winner in my family. Success in my business would allow my husband to quit his job and be a stay-at-home dad.
    Success is owning and operating an amazing fitness gym that will encourage not only other families, but mine as well, to take health more seriously and get fit through play!

  82. I am creative, passionate and raw. Untamed, heart {the biggest}. Yearning to make a DIFFERENCE in the lives of others.
    A dreamer. Believer. Truth seeker…
    All pulled together to form the fabulousness (that I’m just beginning to recognize after 33 years – hello!) …is me.
    IN my business I am a creator, photographer, artist, idea mad-hatter with an emphasis on REAL, raw life…AKA. Beautiful YOU.
    Products of gorgeous personal collections: art for the home, coffee table albums, custom canvas, fine art work…AND a journey back to the soul. It’s a whole LIVING experience. One that is uniquely yours – the richness coming from ‘where you are’ – and everything is possible.

    Jodi: I believe you can touch the soul and alter a person’s perspective so subtly that it’s like looking (or thinking, strangely enough) through a multi faceted gem. It’s almost like you open the door to believe in anything ~ Shari White (client)

    Accepting ‘who WE ARE’…we’re beautiful. Allowing art, and our LIFE to become the fullest expression of this. Confidence in our inner/outer beauty, creating spaces (literally) around us, where we can share and intentionally align ourselves to the life we want to create.

    My business seems to be moving in a few different directions. Which directions do I take and what marketing needs to be implemented so I can speak ‘loud and clear’? I want to give all my gifts to the world and I’m stuck, playing small. As I type this I realize that I’m ‘just getting by’ and so frustrated by my inability to really stand up for who I am and WHAT I STAND FOR…the abundance I deserve. Marie you show me I can be authentically me (all of it!), yet my unchanged past and working habits keep pulling me to a screeching halt. There is no freedom in the way I’m currently working. I’m exhausted, overwhelmed and having thoughts of (insert scary music here) …a 9-5’er.

    Success…jumping out of bed, feeling in the flow, on fire, “I’ve got this”. Waking up to change lives, inspire others and RE-connecting them…to the earth, what’s important, the beauty within. It’s freedom to design work/life just the way I want it, inspiring others to do the same. Rich IN experiences travel, continuing education and connecting with people all over the world. It’s space to fill myself up with the things and people that I love, adorning myself, pleasing myself. When I live my fullest potential, shining the light within – I create the space for others to do the same. Tapping into all my gifts, giving others opportunities for a whole and beautiful LIFE. Seeing all my ideas birth to fruition (cuz it’s been a long labour…and it’s time….oh it’s time).
    Inspiration FUELS me. My genius is SEEING what’s already in us and creating the space to rock that forth into the world. Using many different mediums…
    I want the world to see what I FEEL.

    And! if you choose me, I’ll add in some of my fiiiine never-seen before dance moves all over the floor, all ova the stage.

    You’re a gift for this opportunity…Thanks Marie and gang!
    The world needs the passion/feeling that I have – I would be so grateful if you selected me as one of the following for your generous scholarships and am asking for the opportunity.

  83. Vitoria Borg-Olivier

    I am… a mother of two awesome kids (4 & 7) and wife of an amazing man who inspires me every day. I started my business 6 years ago with my first child in mind to make funky pants for kids that aren’t so large! It was a challenge finding clothing that would fit her petite frame so I embarked on making them myself. From there on it has expanded to yoga for kids which I and my husband Simon Borg-Olivier do so avidly with Our own kids that it became a community thing and now with the growing awareness of food and health on our planet. Munchkin Diet has taken
    on a new challenge to share what we do in our kitchen for our kids as well as “ourselves” to lead happy healthy lives without as much of an environmental footprint that many diets do. So I teach mums to make informed healthy alternatives to some foods in kids diets. I spread the word on superfoods and supply them and also regularly do demonstrations on just how easy some of these things are to make. One of my favorites and dear to my heart is raw cacao treats without sugar… Kids need to plug out of white sugar and parents truly would benefit if they realized the truth about the effects of foods on kids Behaviour, health and awareness. I believe If food is not plugging you in it’s switching you off… Our kids are our future and if they are getting about eating pizza burgers and chips ..mostly – then we’re in a bit of trouble not only from the health of individuals but the health of the planet.
    Biggest challenge….
    To get out there, into the schools and into the psyche of parents who are under the hypnosis of “normal” food is fine but certainly not
    Success …. Looks like reaching many and the many reaching many more. I love serving humankind and only hope that it transmits as my passion for helping in whichever way I can. My deep reverence to nature and all it’s animals I hope that one day we can all work in harmony together and ease the suffering that is mostly unnecessary and having repercussions beyond our understanding. Kids are not only our future but they Depend on us to make good choices for them while they develop into adults. Then make a life for themselves where they ripple out in the best possible way for their kids.
    With love and gratitude for this opportunity to share
    Vitoria x

    • Victoria! From Bali last may (2010!) …So wonderful to see you hear and read your post. THIS resonates with me on so many levels as I whole heartedly agree! …we should chat…
      Love your heart girl…xo

      • Hi Jodi!
        We did indeed spend time together in ubud on retreat! Hope all is well…and powering along. Skype me vitoria.borg.olivier would love to chat.. We are heading there again soon x

  84. Hey Marie!
    Made my first ever you tube video for this contest. You can find it at

    Thanks for the chance to see the magic live.


  85. Marie, you’re my bridge.

    I wish everyone the best of luck and a heartfelt thanks to Marie for offering this scholarship.

    Katrina Padron

    • Yay Kat!

      I hope you win so we can go together!!

    • Um, I just got chills AND tears in my eyes! Kat, you are amazing!

      I hope you win so we can go together!!

    • Katrina I LOVE your video ….you are such an inspiration!!! Hope to meet you at RHH Live!! xo

  86. Hi Marie!

    This is so fun! Here’s my vid for you. Thank you so much for this opportunity! You’re so freakin’ inspiring it’s outrageous!

    Enjoy 🙂

    Love and Blessings,
    Christina Ambubuyog

    • I love your video! Your company sounds amazing and so is your artwork! I hope I get a chance to connect with you at RHH!

      • Thank you Briana! Love your website. Now I know where to go whenever I visit Portland for some yummy healing and relaxation. Hope to be at RHH!

  87. I’ve never met a woman who wasn’t Iconic or Divine
    Underneath a lifetime of conditioning that taught her not to Shine
    I see into her Essence- I know she has a Dream
    It’s part of her Aroma, yet, she’s afraid to be Seen

    I feed her magical food- Raw jewels from the Earth
    I teach her how to stand in her unique Beauty and her Worth

    She transforms into a Goddess
    Her Glow attracts far and wide
    Now SHE lifts the veils from sisters
    Who had also learned to hide

    Life is a Fairytale when our healed wounds become our Gifts
    Then we can share them with the world in a spirit that Uplifts
    And that Domino Daisy Chain effect spreads all across the Land
    And our life becomes our Legacy, our Purpose and our Stand

    My name is Shakaya Leone and my vision is Crystal Clear
    I want to help women Live their Legend
    Because I believe that’s why we’re Here

    Just as Magnificent Marketing Maven Marie Is
    Showing us what she’s Got
    Inspiring a world of women
    To build our online empire of Dreams that are Rich, Happy and HOT

    Just sprouting new business wings less than a year Ago
    I have soOoOOooo much to learn and must feed my baby business
    Expert Mentoring nutrition and Cash Flow, so it can Grow

    From living on the streets at 16 when my single mom suddenly died
    Regaining my Health and seeing Life’s Beauty is my deepest sense of pride
    I have 2 outstanding kids and a husband I adore
    I’ve come so far already, and now I’m claiming even more 😉

    Because there’s this Dream in my heart that includes ALL women and girls
    To know in their soul that they are more Royal than diamonds and pearls

    Being orphaned & homeless as a teen made me feel like a Slavegirl for decades-
    I’ll admit with stinging tears rolling down my cheeks that burn
    So I am on a journey of Transformation
    We all teach what we need to learn
    Therefore, embracing my Shadow and taking her by the hand
    I will transform her into an Empress by making my life a STAND:

    FOR releasing the stories that once defined us, and made us dim our Light
    FOR reclaiming our Health and Beauty, which is every woman’s Birthright
    FOR daring to be seen as the unique beauty that we Are
    FOR embodying our Essence as our biggest, brightest North Star
    FOR following our Inspiration, and leading by Enchantment
    And then, for helping others live their Dream
    THAT, I call contentment!

    So, I’ll mix a magical elixir of Liquid Love and hold my glass up High
    And this goes out with all my heart, and one delicious Sigh

    I’m wishing with all my heart alongside my fellow RH&H girls to Rock my Mojo
    For this life changing chance to Dream and Dance
    With none other than the Exquisite, Marie Forleo

  88. Who are you and what do you do?

    I am a transformation and fun agent using yoga, nature, and music to help my clients become fully alive and in their creativity. I teach 5 yoga classes/week, specialized workshops that combine music/nature/yoga, and travel and teach these kinds of things as well

    My biggest challenge:

    Ideas are not my problem, I’m full of them. My biggest challenge is overcoming the mental hurdles of finances and focus. I lack some of the tools necessary to go big with my business. I need help finessing, streamlining my business. Giving it more form. I already know who I am and what I’m passionate about, I just need a boost to get it all up and running!

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

    True success looks like me getting out of bed everyday happy to be alive and excited to meet what’s in front of me. True success looks like making my own schedule, being able to work anywhere so I can support my love of travel, and that I make a significant difference in the lives of my clients. Success looks like caring for the planet as I make my way in the business realm and bringing respect for the earth into everything I do. When I bust through my biggest challenge I will bring my love and respect for people and the planet forward to a larger audience so that together we can make a better place to live for the future generations. Healthy people, healthy planet, it’s all the same thing!

  89. Consider it Done and Done Marie! Thanks for the opportunity, your question alone, helped me get in touch with my Whys and my Hows. I’m all set and ready for RHH Live ~

    • Shelley – I just watched your video and LOVED it. You are truly delicious & you’re on to something BIG time. I think the vulnerability req’d for ladies to really be honest and speak the truth about their relationship food might be the veil you’re working to lift. But once that happens you are going to EXPLODE!! Keep up what you’re doing because your spirit is shining through!!! Good luck and I hope to see you at RHHLive in Oct!

      • @Heather! Thanks so much for your reply and encouraging words. You’re absolutely right. I’m asking women to be up front and honest and vulnerable with me. Women have to trust me and I would assume like me enough to tell me all their stuff lol! Thanks for that reminder and great point. Definitely looking forward to winning the ticket to RHH Live and sharing my brilliance and basking in the brilliance of every other person there, including you Heather! Muah!

        • Muah right back atcha Shelley!!! Good luck! xo

  90. Wooo! You are a revolutionary Shelley! And a beautiful one at that. Way to knock it outta the park.

    • @Share thanks mama! Yep, I’m all about breaking the mold and starting riots! But not the destructive kind, I like the internal riots that turn our inner world upside down and then make us whole again. Chaos is nothing but a catalyst for Change aka Yummy Transformation. Looking forward to meeting you girl!

  91. Marie,

    I have been watching your Q&A Tuesday videos for a few months now and love them. I would LOVE to be able to attend RHH Live and have been on the fence about signing up because of the expense.

    Who am I?
    I am the owner and personal chef of The Flavorful Fork Personal Chef Service. I started the business 12 months ago after working in corporate IT for 15+ years. I provide healthy, delicious meals to busy professionals who want to eat right but just can’t find the time. I focus on seasonal, organic foods and want to make positive changes in the lives of my clients, blog readers, and local school community.

    What is my biggest challenge?
    I can only pick one?! Probably the biggest challenge is me. I want to do great things with my local business as well as build an online presence through my blog but struggle often with doubt, feelings of overwhelm, and lack of confidence. If I could just kick myself outta the way, things would be cookin’ – literally. 🙂

    What does true success look like for me?
    It isn’t all about making gobs of money (but hey who am I kidding? It would be nice.) but really success is about feeling passionate about what I am doing, having quality time with my daughter, and feeling challenged each and every day. I would love to work on building up my local personal chef business and also work towards an online cooking school over the next few years.

    Thanks Marie! Fingers crossed you pick me.

  92. Hi!
    I wish I hadn’t just looked at all those amazing vids, and read those amazing As, as I am now thinking that there is almost no point in posting my own A. BUT, seeing as loads of you feel that just doing the posting is a great help, I’m going to do that, and have a cup of chamomile tea after.

    I am Claire Stone – a nutritional therapist and mum to 2 supremely wonderful young girls. My eldest has just started school, and I am now in a position where I can really start to get my business going. I have been working very part time (mainly because my girls weren’t at school, and I have always wanted to be right there, with them, through their early years) and therefore haven’t really been able to focus on my business, as my only free time was in the evenings (and they have been pretty short and sweet!). Now that school has started, I want to properly get started too, and I am now ready to really do my nutritional therapy. Which is my answer to Q number 1 and number 2. Officially I am a nutritional therapist, but I have so many ideas about who I want to work with, who my clients should be – do I want to help mums/kids/babies/pregnancy etc, or older people? Do I want to help cyclists cycle without crappy energy gels, or do I want to help surfers not get sick when they accidentally surf in crap? Do I want to help women eat themselves sexy again, or just do the usual weight loss which is so important to so many people? Do I need to get super fit to do the above, or am I ok as I am? Hell, is it even possible to find clients who actually want me? Am I even interesting, knowledgable and clever enough to do this? Why do I even think that I might have something different to offer? And who am I to even think that someone might believe me and not their doctor when it comes to blood pressure!!! Aha, see, there it is. I have NO BLOODY IDEA right now, and at the same time I know perfectly well that I am perfectly able, capable, funny, clever, happy, optimistic, inspiring enough to do it, and I should just stop thinking too much.
    Which is why the A to Q3 is simply this: I can help so many people in so many ways, and I have more to give than I could possibly imagine, that I want to be there. I want to be there so that I can sort my thoughts and business out into a great extension of me, which will then bring in the financial energy I want to ensure that I am always there for my two beautiful kids when they get home from school.
    Shit. It really works. Can I please dance now?
    Thank you Madam Forleo!

  93. Here’s the link to my video for the scholarship! Good luck to everyone!

  94. alicia pierre

    I must say, I do NOT envy Marie right now. There are so many VERY amazing women sharing their hearts here. Picking from them must be painstaking. Good Luck Everyone!!!!

  95. Hi Marie,

    I am a single mother of one awesome 19 year old son. I work full time, but have been slowly building my own sensual wellness company, Sensually Fit. I started my business after my own failed marriage and after years of watching my friend’s relationships suffer. I wanted to help them and other couples enhance their sensual relationships. As I got further into my business I realized that many single women I know also had trouble with their sensual side. Our sensual wellness should be a normal part of our life and not taboo. I wanted to create a company that would encompass living a sensual lifestyle with a focus on health, fitness and sexual well being. Being sensually fit can mean many things. It’s not just about how you look, or how much sex you have but how you feel about yourself on a daily basis. I want women of all shapes and sizes to know they are beautiful and can live a sensually fit happy life!

    My biggest challenge right now is having forward momentum and lack of cash flow. It feels like I’ve been in the start up or building phase forever. No forward momentum and no cash flow coming in. The ideas are in my head and a lot on paper, but everything seems stagnant and when the day is over from full time work, I sometimes have a hard time coming up with the creative energy to propel everything forward, but I’m determined to make it work and get there!

    When I rock through my overwhelming challenge true success to me will be: my company is in full swing, with a loyal following and were helping couples and individuals enhance and revitalize their sensual relationships so they are long lasting and healthy through our website, workshops, estore and publications. My company is giving back. We’re providing jobs for other single Moms, Dads and individuals that support them not only financially but is a fun place to work that inspires them to grow and be successful in their own way. We provide funds to several programs that need our support like Children with Autism, (one close to my heart), Women’s heart disease and more.

    It would be a dream come true to be able to join you and your crew and feel the power of Rich Happy and Hot. Either way, thanks for all you do Marie, You’re awesome and I’ve learned so much from you and the people you bring to us through your Q&A Tuesdays and your website, especially Danielle LaPorte!

  96. Here’s the link to my YouTube vid- wow, everyone had such great written and video responses, it’s great to see so many women working their passions, so much diversity- it’s great!

    Best of luck to everyone, I know whoever is chosen will have do fabulous things with the opportunity!

  97. Hi Marie,

    Estoy super emocionada por el concurso. Son las 5:21am y AHORA es que estoy terminando de editar el vídeo.

    I read (100%), understand (100%), write (85%) and speak (75%) English but I made my video in Spanish because my business is in Spanish and I want to show that you help people in their business in other language. =). But don’t worry the video have subtitles.

    Thank you Marie for bringing us this opportunity to win a pass for your event in New York.

    Here my video:

    You Rock Girl!!! ¡Cuando Grande Quiero Ser Como Tu! =)

    Joannix Ochart | Puerto Rico

    • Joannix!! Your video was fantastic – you are adorable!! I wish you all the best of luck for winning the contest and success in both your businesses!!!!

    • Awesome video Joannix! You are so cute and fun! Good luck in all you do!

      • Thank You Share… I love ♥ site… love the black and white pics… Good Luck to u too…

    • Nathalie Salles

      Damn, Joanix, if I was choosing, I would pick you. It takes courage to get out there when it is not your native tongue (I know, I am French). Love the video, the subtitles, your enthusiasm. I don’t know that we will be in NY together but I for sure wish that YOU will be there.

      • Thank you for your words and your wish Nathalie… =) YeY!!

        Have a nice day!!! success ♥

    • Sabine de Cock

      Hola Joannix,
      Me encanta tu video!! Tienes una presencia y una energia contagiadora! Mucha suerte, y quizás nos vemos en Nueva York pues (estoy preparando mi entrada para el concurso…)!!!

      Sabine de Cock – The Netherlands

      • Hola Sabine,

        Que bien hablas español… jajajaja!!

        Muchas gracias por tus palabras chica… te deseo mucha suerte para ti… sube tu entrada que quiero conocer mas de ti. =)

        • i saw your video before the winners were announced and i thought damn she is doing this with so much juice and bouncy energy, i hope she wins.. and you did!! I’m so happy for you xxxx

    • Congrats, Joannix! And thanks for the subtitles. 😉

  98. Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    My name is Berni Xiong (sh-UNG). I’m a Shin Kicking Life Spark. It is my passion to help hardworking and ambitious men and women fall back in love with themselves so they can attract a life, work, and love that make them excited to wake up every single morning without their alarm clock.

    This was the impetus for me to launch my business three years ago after being sick and tired of a corporate sales career that paid me well to be married to my job and spend time away from my son; failed codependent relationships that left me feeling never good enough, rejected, and heartbroken; and chasing the wrong dream that I had defined early on in my Catholic school days in Green Bay, Wisconsin as becoming a successful 6’0” white man in a navy blue business suit, red tie, polished shoes, with white/gray hair, and holding a brief case that accompanied him on very important business trips.

    After making my own personal and professional transformation with the help of self-help books, psychotherapy, life coaching, running, Bikram yoga, Reiki, and many amazing mentors and inspirational resources who shin kicked me, I took a leap of faith and left Corporate America for good with little cash reserves and no start- up capital to launch my coaching business in three days. Since 2008, my coaching business has since evolved into a multi-faceted suite of offerings that now includes speaking and writing.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    I’m at a very exciting juncture in my life right now. I know “Why” I wake up every morning without my alarm clock. I know “How” I am able to help “Who” I am best equipped to help. I have created many opportunities both professionally and personally that help me to sustain life and the business.

    However, my greatest challenge right now is determining “What” I must prioritize in order to take my business to the next level financially so that it is a well-oiled machine that is flourishing.

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

    My true success is impacting and helping more people through my lessons learned and personal experiences that could have paralyzed me, but overcame. I strive every single day to give hope to all the people out there who are skeptical of love, of living life with passion, of daring to take risks and afraid of trying to do all the things that scare the sh*t out of them. My hope is that if they can see that someone simple like me, a 4’11” first generation Hmong-American girl from small town Green Bay can do big things with love and with a fearless edge despite her challenging upbringing, that they can take that leap of faith to have more love and success in their life too.

    • Berni – there are so many parallels between your story and mine!! I loved reading your post! Good luck with the contest and life. All the best and sending love and light to you!! xoox

      • Thanks Heather! In this profession, I’ve met so many amazing people with shared experiences and passions as I’m sure you have too! Glad to hear from you and meet you here. Best to you as well. Looking forward to reading your blog now!

  99. Hi Marie,

    Thank you for the incredible opportunity to attend RHHLive. I’ve already learned so much from watching your vids and reading your wise words. I would LOVE to come to NYC and learn, be inspired and dance with you and all the other amazing women that will be there.

    Here is the link to my video.

    You rock, Marie!!!!!!

    With much lurv & respect,
    Share Ross

    • Share, I LOVE your video! It’s awesome!

      • Hey Jenny,

        Right backatcha with a big virtual kiss n hug. Your video is awesome AND your site is amazing! WOW.

    • Wow Share… wow… wow… great video… love the energy… You ROCK!!!

      • Great job. Love those graphics and your super powered brand!

        • Thank you Katrina! I think your video is very authentic and you are extremely close to quittin’ that day job! Hope to meet you in NYC. Marie is the bomb!!!!! What an opportunity and what a learning lesson at the same time.

    • Share – your video ROCKS! I’ve watched it a couple of times (and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t commented as of yet) – a sign of a good vid:) I so admire your courage in being vulnerable and sharing the voice of your inner gremlin. Keep growing the faith and light within and you will continue to shine though. Your heart and soul speak clearly through you – you’re well on your way. Good luck with the contest!! xo

    • Share,

      WOW! I think your video was by far my favorite. You have so much personality–it makes you larger than life and ridiculously relateable at the same time. Kudos!

      Have a BLAST in NYC with Marie & Co. Hopefully, Get Prissy will have an opportunity to interview you soon!


      • Thank you Jennifer! I look forward to meeting you when the opportunity presents itself and finding out about Get Prissy!!!!

        Soooo frickin’ excited it ain’t even funny. xoxo

    • YES!!!
      Girlfriend – YOU WON!

      I am so thrilled. Your video was my FAVE. I have such a long distance girl crush on you and am sending such huge congrats to you and blessings for an awesome RHHLive.

      Rock on,

      • Hey KC!
        Awwww. Thank you!!!!!!!! I saw that you pulled your video. I would have loved to have seen it. As a fellow Toastmaster chick, I adore your School for the Well Spoken Woman program! Way to go! Mega hugz and virtual lurv back at ya!
        Keepin’ it on eleven….

  100. Oh, Marie, you had me at “You are going to A my Q!”

    Here is my video response to Q&A Tuesday, baby.

    And a brief run-down.

    My name is Jenny Shih and I’m a coach and a consultant for creative entrepreneurs. I help big idea people implement their world changing visions.

    My big stumbling block is getting my name out there to more world-changing people… and what better place to do that than RHH Live!

    When I rock this challenge, I will inspire others to do their own superhero work. And I will also help more superheroes get their work out into the world, creating a beautiful ripple effect of great things. This is how we really change the world.

    Thanks for the opportunity and lots of love to you!

  101. Hola Marie,

    Ashley Pitman here. I support hundreds of people in crafting a thriving day-to-day experience that’s in favor of their best work – we’re talkin’ raw foods, ayurveda, cleansing, life-enhancing relationships, yoga, meditation, consciousness & community. I do this by offering tons of valuable free content on my website,

    But, here’s the thing…

    I’ve hit a wall, Marie. I can’t get my head wrapped around creating a killer program that people can actually buy from me. I’ve started putting the pieces together (with a ton of help from B School), but there are some tools missing in my toolbox. And, you know, I wouldn’t mind if RHH Live helped me take a sledgehammer to this silly obstacle and supported me in raising my fame NOW.

    I’m ready for impactful business building strategies. I’m ready to make the changes necessary to get this puppy put together. Trust me on this one.

    And call me crazy, but true success looks like a more healthy global community. Our minds affect our bodies and our bodies affect the environment. Each is equally important to our well-being.

    My goal is to bring ayurvedic wisdom, yogic wisdom & raw food wisdom to the dinner table – as something the entire family can understand, embrace and enjoy. An online program that helps me do this is the best life-enhancing contribution I can make right now and I’m the perfect person for the job.

    We both know that life is full of journeys. Mine have lead me down the path of healing an eating disorder – something so many women wrestle with today. By questioning the true meaning of health, the validity of the Standard American Diet & dealing with my own ‘shit’ I was able to drastically shift my own health paradigm.

    Now, from the experience and knowledge gained by carving out my own holistic healing path I want to offer support to others (and be compensated for it). I know RHH Live can help me figure this one out.

    Thank you so much for this opportunity. Because of your message, your magic & your shine so many women are sharing their gifts and talents in a way that works!

    Please select me for a scholarship prize. Every ounce of your money, energy and time will be put to good use and paid forward.

    But WAIT there’s more….

    BONUS #1: You would be the first person to give me an opportunity to visit New York! I’ve never been to the big city…

    BONUS #2: I’ll bring a great pair of sparkly shoes.

    • I’m voting for Ashley! Pick her, so I can meet her. I already bought my ticket.

      • Kai

        I want to meet Ashley too! 🙂

        • Kai
          loved your video … such sass!

    • Beautiful work Ashley – love your work (we need more raw healing food to be at our table!) and love your energy. You shine! Xo

      • Thanks Kathleen. You are so sweet! Raw foods are amazing and I would be honored to help bring them to your table. xo

    • Tanya and Kai, thank you so much for you heartfelt support! I would LOVE to meet you both.

    • All *that* and sparkly shoes?! Marie, give this amazing woman a ticket! 🙂

    • Ashley – we have so much in common!!! I work with others to help introduce more vegan meals and REAL FOOD knowledge – which includes a lot of raw food 😀 Let’s make a pact to meet each other at RHHLive and fuze some ideas into greatness!

      Good luck lady!!

      • Stephanie, I would love nothing more than to talk shop about food at RHH Live with you! I want to hear more about your work. My fingers and toes are crossed that I’ll make it there.

        P.S. Do you have a website I can check out now?

        • Hey Ashley!
          I was trying to manifest both of us there by stating that we were in fact going to be there 😀 It’s going to work!

          My website is and I’d love for you to check it out 🙂

          sendin’ love!

    • Lets get you a ticket! You’ve got my vote for sure! Can I vote for you somewhere? Hey Marie! Are you listening? Ashley is THE ONE!

  102. Hi Marie,

    I am putting my heart and soul into this! Hope to see you in October at this event! So, so grateful for the opportunity and I wish you ALL the best of luck.

    I am hoping to fuel my fire and really start to shine, shine, shine. I got the yellow sunglasses to prove it!

    P.s — I got inspiration from your other loves for this video! 🙂

    • Love your video! I want to see more dancing clips!

      • Monica Buckley

        Love love love your video! The little pop up boxes had me laughing out loud.

  103. This is super exciting! Love the encouragement Elsa as I have never been to RHH Live. I have heard so many AMAZING things and all the speakers and most importantly to meet you, Marie, live would be awesome. Here is the link to my video on You Tube Yay!


  104. Bam Marie. Here it is. I busted out drumming, rapping, AND xylophone skills for you!

    • Nathalie Salles

      Fun, fun, fun! It’s so cool to see what you do. Thank you and I am sending you good mojo. I hope you will be there in October.

    • I love your video! What a great business you have 🙂
      Hope to see you in New York

    • Your xylophone skills are off the hook! Pure magic! And I love your mission to bring music therapy to inner city kids. Great good luck to you!

    • Natalie, how FUN to watch your video and learn more about you and your biz! Love it! I hope Marie offers lots of scholarships and I hope you get one!

      • Natalie,
        I woke up early to read my students’ papers but decided to take a break to check out the submissions. I love your video and your passionate energy! You brightened up my Sunday morning. Good luck!

  105. Debbie Gaudet

    Hi Marie.

    You really ROCK! TUESDAY is my Favorite day to open email!

    My name is Debbie Gaudet and I have lots of experience providing leadership during transition and/or growth in small and mid-size companies. My business is to partner with entrepreneurs and business owners to create the strategy, organization and work systems they need to create a winning business. I help them with strategy, hiring, giving their people the power (and desire) to do what they need to do, and setting up just enough process to make their business hum. I have managed a lot of groups through a lot of difficult situations (and during some awesome times, too) and I believe if you focus on People then Profit (with an eye out for our Planet), success happens. I help them do that through hands-on involvement and (in the near future) information tools and products. I love helping people (and teams) overcome challenges and grow professionally.

    My biggest challenge right now is BEING MORE COURAGEOUS in selling me! I feel strong in many areas, but not in selling myself and the value I can offer – and I know I can help companies because I have done it as an employee and as a consultant. My nature is to help people solve problems, including fellow business owners, and I give people great ideas and solutions all the time. My challenge is getting more (and bigger) paying customers. Even though I am smart, have studied and listened to everything I can get my hands on about selling, marketing, and Internet marketing (including your awesome Q&A vids), and I give other people great ideas for getting new clients – I hit a wall when it comes to getting them for myself. I worked in Technology so I know the power available through the Internet to give value and get business (but I’m not doing it well!) I just need to overcome my fear/block/whatever-is-stopping-me!

    When I rock through my big challenge I will run a company that provides products and services on-line and on site that help businesses world wide overcome their challenges in handling transitions and creating growth. My clients will create jobs for their communities (and the world), awesome work environments for their employees, profits to build local wealth, and do it all with respect and care for our planet. Over time, I envision helping small businesses partner with other small businesses around the world with my company facilitating these connections. Success for me will be building this company with a team of high energy, positive, smart people. Success will be me knowing that I am contributing everything I am capable of to leave the world (and a lot of businesses) better because I was here. Lastly (and importantly) success will mean I am financially free.

    Going to RH&H in NYC with you would be A Wicked Energizing Shot Of Massive Education (AWESOME) & Fun!

    Sincerely – and I would LOVE you to pick me,

  106. Hi Marie,

    Let me introduce myself! I am a happiness junkie, lover of learning, balance alchemist, communication expert, feminine goddess, passionate partner, change agent, manifesting guru, action inspirer, and rockin’ mom of two teenage boys! I am also a Divorce and Life Reinvention Consultant and the CEO and Founder of The D Spot,, where I support women to regroup, renew and reinvent themselves before, during and after divorce. I am bringing SEXY back to life after divorce!

    What is the D Spot? The D Spot is the place within you that you sometimes pretend isn’t there. That piece of you that wants to do, be and experience things that you tell yourself you don’t deserve, and can’t have. It is also the piece of you that knows what you really want…and that you CAN have it all.

    As one moves through and after divorce, they find themselves on a journey to discover their D Spot. The authenticity of who they are…the reality of what they want. This is at the core of what a new life after divorce will look like and will become the foundation on which it is built. It is the force within every one of us that wants to play, touch, feel and experience uninhibited joy, desire and fulfillment.

    It is possible that along our journey we will feel the greatest discomfort. However, with this discomfort will come our greatest growth.

    To find your D Spot is to focus attention and energy on what will be instead of what was. Taking time to reflect on who you really are at your core…who you know you are meant to be! To all of the things that make you feel good, that make you giggle, that make you feel sexy, silly and strong.

    I believe in the power of women and am committed to empowering women through life’s inevitable and reliable challenges to live their ideal and extraordinary life!

    I recently released my first book, The Ultimate Divorce Organizer: The Complete, Interactive Guide to Achieving the Best Legal, Financial and Personal divorce which is the most comprehensive resource available for anyone going through this transition.

    My challenge is that I am brilliant at what I do, but I am not as experienced in the “business” of my business. I know that I need a business model makeover and after following you for quite some time, I believe that you can help me to align what I love to do and the honor, integrity and authenticity of my foundation with a business model that will allow me to grow The D Spot.

    My vision is that The D Spot becomes the place where women all over the world can join a community of women who are on a journey towards their new life of purpose, passion and play during and after divorce, regardless of economic situation. I work with women’s lives, not their businesses and we all deserve to be blissfully happy! I believe that you possess the power, skills and expertise to help me do this. I would be honored and privileged to attend Rich, Happy and Hot!!!

    • I love your entry and your business. I just sent your website to my mama in Montana who is going through a divorce. You offer such a needed and amazing service. Good luck!

      • Hey Briana,
        Thank you sooooo much! I am delighted that you love what I do and should your fabulous mama in Montana reach out to me, I will give her the love and support she needs and deserves!

        I hope that I get to see you in NYC next month!

    • Laura, you have a very creative and much needed business. And your website and marketing are fabulous! Congratulations on your biz and your entry! I hope you get to attend RHH Live! I have never been but I did B-School this year and although I am still implementing, it has changed my life. The women Marie attracts are spectacular. No doubt RHH Live will be the same. Good luck!

  107. Hi Marie!

    When you’ve offered scholarships in the past I passed on the opportunity because I didn’t feel comfortable “putting myself out there.” Well, I still feel uncomfortable, but I decided to do it anyway.

    I remember you said “fear is excitement with the brakes on,” and for encouraging and supporting me to take the brakes off, I can’t thank you enough.

    I’m ready.

    • Nathalie Salles

      I love your video and the fact that you put yourself out there. Thank you for being a model.

    • Stacey, I really liked your video. You’re so intimate and genuine and it’s wonderful! Thanks for sharing what you’re up to via video!

      • Thanks, Jenny! I *really* appreciate your feedback!

        Video is such a challenging medium for me (it’s SO much easier for me to write!), but I know that Marie’s (not-so-covert) intention with this contest is that we challenge ourselves, so I wanted to honor that intention.

        • Stacey, I am attending RHHLive and I do so hope you meet you there. Your presence was the perfect pick-me-up/way to start my day. TEAM SCARY THINGS!

          • Hey Jennifer!

            Thanks so much for your awesome note!

            I would LOVE to meet you at RHHLive! I just wrote an email to another fabulous woman, Emelie Rota (, who I know is going, and if I can’t make it, you should DEFINITELY meet her!

    • You rock Stacey!

      • Thanks so much, Kathleen!

        I’m so glad to know about YOU and your awesome work! I just signed up for your list and I can’t wait to get all the goodness!

        I can’t see if you entered the contest — please let me know if you did, so I can cheer for you!

    • I love your video, Stacey! Your work is amazing…and if we both make it to RHH Live I would love to meet you.

      • Awesome video Stacey! Way to get out of your comfort zone! I hope we both make it to RHH Live and get to meet 🙂

        • Hey Briana!

          Thanks so much for the awesome response to my video! I just looked for your contest entry, but I couldn’t find it. Please let me know where it is so I can give you the same fabulous support you’ve extended to me!

      • Hey Ashley!

        Thanks so much for taking the time to watch my video, and the awesome feedback for it and my work! I would LOVE to meet you, too!

    • Stacey, congrats on facing your fear and making such a heartfelt video! Your biz is so needed and so clever! Btw, Emelie Rota is doing my branding (we were in B-School together this year) and she is awesome. I hope you get to go!

      • Hey Laurie!

        Thanks so much for your kind note! And that’s SO awesome that you know Emelie through B-School and she’s doing your branding! I recommend her to everyone who needs it!

        Are you going to RHHLive? Are you applying for a scholarship? There are so many comments/submissions, I’m afraid I’ve missed yours. Point me to it if you can!

  108. Hellooooo lovely ladies! This is so exciting! I can’t wait to meet you all and get inspired by YOUR energy and passion at RHH in a few weeks.

    A little bit about Paper Miniskirt: I started my first scrapbook when I was 10 years old. It was the only kind available in the 80s, with plastic peel-back pages. I carefully drew my name with marker in bubble letters onto ruled notebook paper, then taped the paper onto the photo album. Super high-tech. The next three years, I filled that album with every remnant I acquired: ticket stubs from school dances, photos from this one time…at band camp.

    Scrapbooking became more important to me as I traveled the globe as a flight attendant, got married, had children. I LOVE to look at photos of things I’ve done in my lifetime. A quick look at a photo evokes a smile, a sigh, a laugh at the memories stored in my internal movie.

    Retrospection. I believe in it. I highly recommend it. It’s what my magnet boards are all about. The stories. The laughs about “remember that one time?!”

    My addictions to scrapbooking, organization, color and design all come together with the creation of Paper Miniskirt’s magnetic photo boards. A new spin on the old corkboard, the magnet board is a contemporary means of organization: stick up a coupon, wedding RSVP, permission slip, candid photos that you think aren’t worthy of frames. Hang it on a nail or a wreath hook, sit it in an easel on a bookcase.

    I use fabrics that are funky, contemporary and classy and are a fun piece of art for any room or office. I sell them at art shows across the Midwest, on Etsy and on my website

  109. I would like to nominate Megan Collier, Creativity Ambassador, Crafty Inspirationalist and memory keeper who is dishing out doses of creative goodness with her biz Everlasting Present.

    She is such an amazing person, she has no idea how inspiring she is. She’s beautiful and powerful and fantastic. She really deserves the scholarship. I know this will help her to realize how awesome she is and to overcome the resistance she is facing in regards to her business.

  110. Stephanie

    Hi Marie,
    I’m Stephanie from Oklahoma, who want to be a successful entrepreneur that’s rich, happy and hot!! My biggest challenge is finding what I have of value that I can offer to the marketplace to become the successful entrepreneur that’s rich, happy and hot. When I rock through my biggest challenge and know what it is that I can offer of value, I would provide that service with full of passion and love. True success for me is when I will be able to give all I can give and provide value in all that I do, cause I believe the key to all life is value, value is not what you get, but it’s what you give. I hope I will be able to attend the Rich, Happy & Hot Live event, thank you for all you do:)

  111. Kai

    Hey Marie ~
    So excited about Rich Happy & Hot Live!
    Loved making the video and thank you for this opportunity.
    See you in NYC!!!

    • I definitely want “awesome lessons” from you! You EXUDE awesome! Great work and great good luck!

      • Kai

        Thanks Stacey! I second what others have said about your video very calming and authentic. No one would ever know it’s a challenging medium for you.
        Plus I want to be wherever you shot that video. The sounds of nature in the background was awesome!
        Good luck!

        • Thanks so much for your kind and encouraging reply, Kai!

          i live in the mountains of Western North Carolina. It really is beautiful here — you should come visit!

    • Omigod, Kai! YOU. TOTALLY. ROCK! After watching that video, I think you are absolutely qualified to be schooling people in how to be AWESOME!

      • Kai

        Thanks for the ❤ Jeannette! 🙂
        Loved reading your last post…that color chart is awesome!

    • Hello beautiful Kai – love the JFDI t-shirt you sell on your site. Gotta get one! Xo

      • Kai

        Thanks so much Kathleen. Yup! Those t-shirts got some power attached to them. 🙂

    • Kai, your video ROCKS! You already are a superhero. Great stuff….

      • Kai

        Thanks so much Maria! Love your site! Gorgeous! Did you enter the contest or are you already planning to be at RHHLive?
        Hope to see you there.

    • Kai, what a FUN and fantastic video! So creative and professional! I agree with Stacey. You exude awesome! Good luck!

  112. Brings back such memories Marie. Winning a spot at RHH last year changed my life. I am so excited for those entering this year who are allowing themselves to take a chance and grow, expand, push their fears a tiny bit and believe in what they do.

    Huge big love to you!!!!!

    • Thanks for the perspective based on your experience! Wow.

    • Hannah – so happy to see your smiling face on here 🙂 You inspired me 1 year ago – and introduced me to Marie’s work when you won that ticket – so glad 🙂

  113. I was thinking of begging for a free ticket, but I have already bought one, and I want to vote for Ashley Pittman instead! I want to meet her!

  114. I am getting even more excited reading and watching these videos. The powerful, amazingly creative women out there that will be hopefully joining us at RHH live! Ashley and Kai you guys rock! Good luck and I look forward to meeting you in October!

    ~ Jill

    • I agree Jill, what an tremendous group of women! Best of luck to each one.

  115. Hey Marie!

    I’m dishing out doses of creative goodness with my biz-nass Everlasting Present. My video response is here:

    I’m so grateful for this opportunity to enter receive a scholarship to Rich Happy & Hot Live in NYC! I had fun rockin’ my A to your Q!

    Warm Regards – Megan Collier

  116. Hi Marie,
    Eliza Ceci here. I call myself a {True Love Coach} – I help guide women to find their true love, by first falling in love with themselves. I believe love in our lives is an inside job and I want all women to know it’s totally freaking possible to love themselves completely while also being in a relationship with a man/woman that loves and respects them, appreciates them and who they feel amazing spending their lives with. My biggest success with clients is when they realize putting themselves first is the only way and then magic starts happening for them 🙂
    At this point in my business I am transitioning away from health coaching (previously so that I can focus on my relationship coaching (work in progress). Currently I work one on one with my clients but want to expand in a bigger way. The transition from one business to another, the fear of putting myself out there, the worry over putting a spotlight on my own relationship so that I can be a role model and keep it real for my followers are all things that scare the pants off me right now. I would love to systematize my business so it runs effortlessly rather than trying to throw things together or wing it constantly. I’d love to figure out the marketing piece, what I am doing to sabotage even my best efforts and overall just continue to dig deeper so that I can serve on a larger scale. Obviously I’d love making more money so that I can create more amazing programs for my clients and actually walk my talk by taking my honeymoon with my man since we skipped it! I’d love to get all the tools I need to make this business a success so that I can take the stress off paying the bills and have more energy to create the best content possible for my ladies.
    Basking in the afterglow of my business flowing, I see myself continuing 1-1 coaching, creating ‘girl friend getaway’ retreats with myself and other practitioners and also creating my long time dream of a ‘goddess training camp’ for girls ages 8-15 where we would teach these amazing young girls how to love themselves to the core so that they make fabulous decisions, have confidence and know themselves, body, mind and spirit. It’s my dream to be able to teach our daughters how to love themselves by having other women share their stories so that these beautiful little girls can bypass the struggle and fly forward into their dreams full force.
    I see myself spreading the message of self love and true confidence through a book deal and being around other amazing, talented, inspiring women like you , Marie so that I can finally spread my message and learn from rock star booty shakers like yourself! Thank you so so much for this opportunity
    Much Love,

  117. “Are those mushrooms?”

    “Roasted mushrooms topped with a fried egg, pancetta, and ricotta salata. They make their own cheese here. You must be from out of town,” the gentleman says with a how-did-you-find-this place-look in his eyes. I don’t tell him I walked by the restaurant four times before seeing the entrance.

    Me, still eyeing the ricotta salata, “I’m attending an event at Urban Zen.”

    “And are you?”

    “Am I what?”

    “Are you rich, happy, and hot?”

    Yes, after a day of listeningLEAPINGdancingLAUGHING, I had taken my bone-weary body to a local restaurant for a late night supper.

    I’m a foodie. I like to talk food, share food, reminisce about great meals, and savor every bite on my plate—preferably in the company of fellow foodies. When I’m not eating with friends, I’m sharing sumptuous meals with total strangers at secluded restaurants in the West Village or Adams Morgan, known only to the locals who guard their neighborhood restaurants like the jewels they are.

    But this time, the foodie stranger to my left was more interested in my “badge” than the bechamel sauce. Now how do I explain, to a total stranger, that in the space of one weekend I had learned. . .

    clarity comes from action; charge what you’re worth but be “worthy”; social media rocks; get clear AND GET INTO ACTION; pay attention to your dreams; FOLLOW YOUR CRAZIEST BUSINESS IDEA (Chocolate for Breakfast); claim your authority; surround yourself with a support structure to make it happen (B-SCHOOL ROCKS); feel the SPARK; drink green juice; make your own economy; everything is figure-outable; marketing rocks; just be you; go balls to the wall; embrace your zone of genius; GO PRO; create a culture of yes; create a STOP doing list; be fearless; go ahead—eat some cheese; go deep; hang out with your ideal client; it’s not what you know or what you sell, it’s how you package it, keep it fresh, DANCE

    I’m Sue Ann Gleason, culinary nutritionist, nourishment counselor, marketing strategist, chocolate aficionado, MULTI-PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEUR. I inspire women to take back their plates, embrace their bodies and follow their dreams—as many times as it takes.

    When I left RHHLive last year I decided to take your advice and follow my craziest business fantasy. I created “Chocolate for Breakfast,” which gave birth to the “Luscious Legacy Project.” Eight months later, I have attracted over 2600 fans on my fan page but now I feel like I am running two (sometimes three businesses). I LOVE what I do and I am delighted with all aspects of my entrepreneurial life but I must find a way to integrate (marry) these projects or I will run myself straight into the ground. Yes, I need help positioning and packaging my passions.

    Success for me will be doing work in the world that matters—giving form and depth to my luscious legacy project, and making enough money to support both my dad and me.

    I’d like to say: “I’m back.”

    • You are so cute, Sue Ann, and have a gift for writing. Love it!

    • Love it Sue Ann! You are such a treasure and I hope you snag a spot. You are such a delightful human being, such a creative marketer, and such a savvy entrepreneur. And you have been so generous in sharing all of your learning in B-School, I can only imagine what will come together for you after another RHHLive! Your gain is everyone’s gain.

  118. Hi Marie,

    Thank you so much for this contest that brings out the beauty, power and amazing vision of these extraordinary women.

    I am so fortunate to be a part of this RHH community. Thank you for creating this for all of us to shine and be our best!

    You are a blessing to the world.

    Thank you again,

    And best wishes and luck to each and everyone! Xo

  119. Marie, you done gone and attracted some of the hottest women on the planet to apply for your scholarship! <3

  120. Jessica Hugh

    Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    Jessica’s new to all this, at 25, she’s accustomed to the rollercoaster that is her life, but she’s goal setter, a hard worker, she has vision & creativity, a subtle edge. She makes her world go “BOOM!” – She’ll make your day attractive, spunky; this girl’s truly inspiring to those around her…. her passion, Health & Wellness.

    She helps women see the big picture by giving them the tools to accomplish physical, mental, and spiritual goals. Her greatest desire is to Change the World, one person at a time, how will she do it, through 90Days2Life. She runs Workshops, Exercise Programs, Life coaching sessions, Wellness Trips, and is currently working towards creating partnerships in Social Enterprise, all over her community in the areas of Health & Wellness.
    90Days2Life is currently in its 1st trimester, slowly but surely coming together. A multimedia Website is currently in the works, which will include all sorts of fun and interactive applications that will cater to individual, business and corporate markets.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    When she founded 90Days2Life, it was a means to connect with her community. A not-for-profit group that was helping her overcome her battle with depression (a real severe dark and dreary head space that almost destroyed her), and in turn the group has now helped other women overcome their own obstacles.

    Now that she has taken 90Days2Life to the next level, she’s between a real rock and a hard place. There’s the physical group, the meetings, the workshops, the fitness programs, that she’s put together for FREE…. and then there’s the company she’s eager to build. HOW DOES SHE MAKE THE SHIFT? HOW DOES SHE NOT PISS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE OFF with PRICING? CAN THERE BE A HAPPY MEDIUM BETWEEN HAVING THE GROUP STILL RUN AT A LOW-MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP, AND TIE it into THE COMPANY? She needs help…

    When she first established the group, she had had NO IDEA that it would evolve like this. There was no foresight, and then it exploded, it grew, it became its own different entity, and it’s making waves….
    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.
    90Days2Life, once having overcome this issue, is going to become a major facilitator for all levels of Lifestyle Change; helping individuals and professionals by emphasizing the importance of Health & Wellness in their day to day lives and providing them with all essential tools in order to conquer self. The services will include Professional Fitness Concierge & Goal Planning, Online & In-person Weight Loss / Exercise programs, Life Coaching & Relationship Counselling, Goal Coaching and Accountability support groups, a Life Cookbook, a Change Your Life EBook, a Your-Life Online Blog Community.. is that too much to share?

    It will not only be an online super tool for all those wanting to attract success and freedom into their life, but it’s Jessica’s hope to have a full service Health & Wellness facility set up to cater to each individual style of fitness, health, nutrition, life style change, and so much more!

    Success to her is just a mere tweak, a belief, attracting those things into her life that are going to propel her forward… she know she can do it, she just needs the tools, the guidance, the insight, the mentorship… you hold the key to that Marie!

    Here’s to the Law of Attraction, and in its Secret, a hope that you’ll PICK JESS!

  121. Jessica Hugh


    1. Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    Jessica’s new to all this BUSINESS STUFF, BUT at 25, she’s accustomed to the rollercoaster that is her life, but she’s goal setter, a hard worker, she has vision & creativity, a subtle edge. She makes her world go “BOOM!” – She’ll make your day attractive, spunky; this girl’s truly inspiring to those around her…. her passion, Health & Wellness.

    She helps women see the big picture by giving them the tools to accomplish physical, mental, and spiritual goals. Her greatest desire is to Change the World, one person at a time, how will she do it, through 90Days2Life. She runs Workshops, Exercise Programs, Life coaching sessions, Wellness Trips, and is currently working towards creating partnerships in Social Enterprise, all over her community in the areas of Health & Wellness.

    90Days2Life is currently in its 1st trimester, slowly but surely coming together. A multimedia Website is currently in the works, which will include all sorts of fun and interactive applications that will cater to individual, business and corporate markets.

    2. What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    When she founded 90Days2Life, it was a means to connect with her community. A not-for-profit group that was helping her overcome her battle with depression (a real severe dark and dreary head space that almost destroyed her), and in turn the group has now helped other women overcome their own obstacles.

    Now that she has taken 90Days2Life to the next level, she’s between a real rock and a hard place. There’s the physical group, the meetings, the workshops, the fitness programs, that she’s put together for FREE…. and then there’s the company she’s eager to build. HOW DOES SHE MAKE THE SHIFT? HOW DOES SHE NOT PISS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE OFF with PRICING? CAN THERE BE A HAPPY MEDIUM BETWEEN HAVING THE GROUP STILL RUN AT A LOW-MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP, AND TIE it into THE COMPANY? She needs help…

    When she first established the group, she had had NO IDEA that it would evolve like this. There was no foresight, and then it exploded, it grew, it became its own different entity, and it’s making waves….

    3. What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

    90Days2Life, once having overcome this issue, is going to become a major facilitator for all levels of Lifestyle Change; helping individuals and professionals by emphasizing the importance of Health & Wellness in their day to day lives and providing them with all essential tools in order to conquer self. The services will include Professional Fitness Concierge & Goal Planning, Online & In-person Weight Loss / Exercise programs, Life Coaching & Relationship Counselling, Goal Coaching and Accountability support groups, a Life Cookbook, a Change Your Life EBook, a Your-Life Online Blog Community.. is that too much to share?

    It will not only be an online super tool for all those wanting to attract success and freedom into their life, but it’s Jessica’s hope to have a full service Health & Wellness facility set up to cater to each individual style of fitness, health, nutrition, life style change, and so much more!

    Success to her is just a mere tweak, a belief, attracting those things into her life that are going to propel her forward… she know she can do it, she just needs the tools, the guidance, the insight, the mentorship… you hold the key to that Marie!

    Here’s to the Law of Attraction, and in its Secret, a hope that you’ll PICK JESS!

  122. Dear Marie,

    I am a photographer. I am 45, and will celebrate my 46th birthday at RHH in NYC on October 23rd, with or without this scholarship. You see, I already bought my ticket, because I know I need to be there. I was always afraid to ask for anything I wanted for my birthday, so I always ended up buying it for myself.

    I have spent the last 25 years photographing the most incredible weddings, people, events and places you can imagine. My clients are leaders in business, the arts, and society, and include world leaders and royalty. They are also among the most private people in the world, so I am not able to share the best of what I do with the public in any way. I find myself starving emotionally and feeling invisible. I have spent so many years illuminating the beauty in others that I think I forgot how to shine.

    I have a career that is the envy of many, but it is no longer feeding my soul. I need to change direction, and this is exactly the reason I found you in the first place. I am one of the top wedding photographers in this country, even if few people have ever heard of me, and I cannot advertise my work in ways most photographers do. Even my website is not terribly impressive. Clients don’t find me that way.

    The success I am looking for launches me out of the shadows and into the spotlight. I am no longer content to be the well kept secret of a privileged few. Many of my clients have been with me for over a decade, and their walls covered with my images prove it. I’d like to get out of private homes and into museums. My clients are art collectors who can afford anyone, at any price, and they choose me. Many have accused me of making the best photos they have ever seen of themselves and their families. That is because I see them, and I feel them, and I know them, intuitively and immediately. These are gifts I was given.

    My job now is to share these gifts with a broader audience. I feel so completely alone in my business. My former assistants have gone on to become enormously successful in their own careers, yet I have never had a mentor, and rarely found anyone I could ask for help. In an effort to change that, I am asking for your help. I am asking for this ticket as a birthday present I will never forget.

    I know I am good at what I do. I just don’t know how to do it bigger, in ways that make me happier, and keep my life in balance.

    My goal is to become a wildly successful artist and writer living in New York. When I make it, I will be thanking you for helping me break through.

    Who am I not to shine?

    Tanya Malott

    • The more I read these replies, the more I want to withdraw my entry. Except for the feeling that I never win anything, the fact is, I don’t need to win and there are so many other people I would look forward to meeting that are part of this contest.
      Writing it was a great personal exercise, and I am grateful for that. I have been blessed with so many great friends and clients over the years, and except for leaving my young teenage son and boyfriend at home without me, I know this weekend in NYC will be one of my best birthdays ever. I sincerely hope all the rest of you creative ladies will be there!

      • You could always give your ticket away to someone you feel is deserving if you win 🙂

        • Tanya –

          Your entry is absolutely beautiful and you’re right, your talents need to be shared with more people. I hope to see you there.


        • Believe me, I would!!

    • Love your entry!
      And your work.
      You seem smart, gifted, talented and hard working. I am sure you will find your way to create what you want in your life!

      Wishing you Luck!

  123. Roxana

    1. Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    Hi Marie! I’ve been reading your blog and following you for years, but this is the first time I’m putting myself out there. Here it goes…

    I am a young attorney and entrepreneur who is starting up her own boutique online law office! My law office serves executives and entrepreneurs in the Fashion, Entertainment, Media, and Technology industries with their business law needs. My law office also serves attorneys (and legal organizations) looking to outsource high-quality legal work on a project basis, including research, writing, drafting agreements, and document review work.

    2. What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    My biggest challenges right now are bringing in clients and charging what my services are worth. Since I am just starting out, I have clients coming in here and there, but no consistent cash flow. I also have a tendency to undercut my fees because I feel I lack the confidence to charge too much since I’m just starting out, even though I have excellent experience under my belt and think I should be charging more.

    I started my business with the little bit of money left in my savings account, and since I’m just starting out, I am on a very tight budget.

    Marie, I need your help to show me what I can do to successfully market my practice (on a tight budget!) and charge my clients the right fees.

    3. What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

    To me, success was best defined by Ralph Waldo Emerson, when he said,

    “To laugh often and love much; to win the respect of intelligent persons and the affection of children; to earn the approbation of honest citizens and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give of one’s self; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived – this is to have succeeded.”

    I am an idealist at heart, and I have big, audacious goals for my future. Some of them include, (1) growing my practice to become a highly reputable industry firm, (2) remaining active in my community by volunteering, (3) continuing to fundraise for philanthropic causes focusing on promoting education and eradicating poverty, and (4) building free hospitals around the world so no man, woman or child has to die or become ill because they didn’t have access to health care.

    Marie, I am clear on my vision, but I need your help to get there! Attending Rich Happy and Hot Live is a dream of mine, and I think it could be just the thing I need to get me moving forward on the right path towards my big, audacious goals. Thanks so much for everything you do!!! You are a true inspiration to me! 🙂

  124. Aloha Marie! What an amazing contest you’re putting on! I listened to your book on my ipod over and over on my daily beach jogs and they’ve really pumped me up!!!

    Who am I and what do I do in my business?
    Here’s what a business contact recently wrote about me: Danielle’s infectious smile and exciting energy is the catalyst in getting her businesses up and going. She is analytical in her approach and if it doesn’t exist, she creates it. Danielle is computer savvy and knows how important it is to stay abreast of the current media applications that are crucial to the success of her business. She has formed two companies that serve to help a targeted demographic in their quest for networking and resources. One is for event planners in New York City called Event Headquarters ( and in just a very short time has garnered a database of over 4,000. The other is called Social Wahines (, and is for professional women in Danielle’s native state of Hawaii, and serves over 500 Wahines (women). The women are able to network at panel discussions and workshops as well as online to share resources and inspiration.

    My biggest challenge?
    Taking my business to the next level. My goal by the end of this year is to DOUBLE MY MEMBERSHIP! I’m very fortunate to have come this far with both businesses and now I’m looking to take the business further than I ever thought was possible, from massively growing the member base to replicating the model and launching in new cities. Just writing about it is getting me EXCITED! I hope you can help and get involved in the process!

    What does true success look like for me? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.
    I love this question…I dream and visualize about it often! The goal of all goals, the dream of all dreams is to combine my many passions into one by giving to others, and I too, will reap great rewards of deep personal satisfaction: 1) Sail around the world with my husband and kids (need to find the husband first though:) and help local villages in 3rd world countries to create sustainable business with their local resources that will generate enough revenue to support their families. 2) I’m extremely passionate about technology and entrepreneurship which is why I have brought StartUp Weekend to Honolulu (this global event brings together techies and entrepreneurs in 60 countries to launch a startup in 54 hours). My goal is to grow my businesses to a level where I can be on the other side of the table, as an investor, funding new entrepreneurial ventures and making other people’s dreams come true.

    Mahalo to you and everyone involved for all the inspiring posts. It’s very motivating to learn about everyone’s ambitions and lofty goals!

  125. Marie and team – here’s my RHHLive video recommendation for Megan Elizabeth Morris – a rockstar in the body of an entrepreneur/curly haired tribe builder.

    Gonna facebook and do the video diary thing now!

    • Louise

      Ah, Ishita you are amazing! Thanks for giving a shout out for MEM.
      Louise (Team Forleo)

  126. I am Mary Joan Brinson and I am a Psychotherapist Extraordinaire with a passion for helping people to feel emotionally great about themselves and their lives. My true calling is helping women who feel shitty, anxious and unhappy after having their babies. These are women who bought into the” Motherhood is Bliss” myth and they are then devastated when they question everything about themselves as a woman and a mother after having their baby. Their world is rocked (and not in a good way) and I guide them back to feeling whole and happy again. I also do some other cool things including teach Childbirth Classes to help women harness their wisdom and power to birth with confidence. And I sell Nursing Bras and get to admire pregnant bellies when I fit women for their nursing bras – that part is really fun!

    My calling is making a difference for people so they can feel emotionally well, and I spread the love by working with anyone who is ready to make change – men, kids, teens, couples, families – I love working with them all.

    My biggest challenge is threefold. First, I am not leveraging my income in any way at this time. I am strapped to exchanging an hour of time for an hour of income. Secondly, not enough people know I am here and the profound ways I can help them in their lives. And thirdly, I do not have any ways to connect with women who need me but do not live in my little corner of the world.

    My vision of true success – the 5 H’s
    – Happiness – for the clients who work with me (and me too)
    – Harmony – for clients to be in balance with themselves, their families and their worlds
    – Hunger – to take on my business in a way that will blow me, my family and those who know me away
    – Hotness – to crack up the heat, to build a fire beneath me so that I am unstoppable – creating wealth while I help thousands of women, men, and families to thrive
    – Heart – to love what I do, to have clients love to have had the chance to work together with me, and to spread the passion and energy associated with living life Whole Heartedly.

    And want to jump on the ride with Rich, Happy & Hot Live!

    Hug, Mary Joan

    • Nathalie Salles

      Very cool Mary Joan,

      I wish I had known you existed when I gave birth 7 years ago:)

  127. Hi Marie,
    I’m Katie. I’m 33 years old and live in Seattle. I’m tired of introducing “who I am” by explaining “what I do for a living,” but to get it out of the way, I’m 12 years into a career in PR and I currently serve as PR Director at a Fortune 1000 company. I’m married to a hot Frenchman who imports cheese from Europe to the U.S., and we have a 9-month old baby girl.
    Before Baby Girl came along, I felt handcuffed to my job because our lifestyle requires just the amount of money we both currently make. After Baby Girl was born, I was struck with the overwhelming reality that there’s very little integration between my work-life and my life-life. It scared me! And I began hatching a plan to get out of the corporate world, reclaim my freedom and my time, and pursue my passions on my terms.
    Six months ago my sister introduced me to your blog. I have been faithfully tuning in ever since, and I really appreciate the valuable insights and inspiration.
    I am currently testing a multi-media program that will help women prepare for natural childbirth using the techniques and thought disciplines I used to get ready for the super easy, lightning-fast natural birth of my daughter.
    The biggest hurdles in my business right now are:
    • Managing time as I get my own business up and running while still bringing home the bacon with my day job
    • Figuring out my distribution and marketing options for my product and determining which to pursue
    • Getting up the courage to quit my job

    True success to me is:
    • Per Maslow’s hierarchy, making enough money to fund my family’s current lifestyle, plus more travel and clothes shopping.
    • Having freedom of time and location so I can work as little as possible, and from anywhere.
    • Knowing my products are truly helping people and making their lives better.
    • Developing a network of amazing creative people who also find me to be creative and amazing.
    • Experiencing the right amount and right kind of stress – the kind that lets me know I’m excited about things and that I’m growing.

    Back to my business, the number of natural births is growing every year, and though I’m the only woman in my circle of family and friends who has given birth naturally, I know there are so many women who want to try it but don’t have the confidence or courage to go for it. My mission is to bring natural childbirth from being an alternative or fringe choice for hippies, to being a normal, admirable choice for everyone – even preppies like me.
    I’d love to join you at RHH, and really appreciate the opportunity to share my current situation with you.

    • Katie, I’m in Seattle, too. I’d love to help and support you any way I can. Let’s connect sometime, even if it’s just by phone. Click my name to find my website + contact info or find me on facebook.

  128. Hey, Marie! Here’s a link to my video:

    • alicia pierre

      Hi Crystal,

      Love the Vid. Way to go with your biz. I love how you are helping people and helping them to live “well” and better, despite their condition. As a former Nurse, I have witnessed countless people suffer from debilitating GI conditions. I was shocked when I would talk to patients who didnt even have basic nutritional advice that would make such an improvement in their condition.

      Keep up the awesome work and Good Luck!

      • Nathalie Salles


        I love how you have turned around your challenge into a commitment for others. It inspired me just listening to your video. Thank you.

        • Aw, thanks, Nathalie! The work that I do has been the ultimate transformation of lemons into lemonade for me. While I’m not grateful that I have gastroparesis per se, I do feel incredibly blessed to have this opportunity to help so many others (especially since there really aren’t any other resources out there for us “GPers”).

      • Thanks, Alicia! I appreciate your kind words and good wishes. The lack of knowledge and guidance that most of my clients have when they come to me truly is shocking. Doing my best to change to that!


    • Great video, Crystal! You’re very well-spoken and doing amazing work in the world.

      • Thanks, Sukie! I just watched your video. LOVE it! So fun and creative.

    • I’m totally impressed with how you’ve worked your way through this situation and are shedding light on this condition. What an amazing service. Good luck!!!

      • Thanks so much, Jennifer! I honestly don’t know how else I could’ve made sense of my experience other than turning it into something positive that helps others.

  129. What I learned in the making of my RHH Live Scholarship Video:

    1. Much as I may fantasize that I am in my head, I am not a professional video producer (pardon the lighting)

    2. Neon red hair will probably NOT be my new signature look, but it definitely pops on camera

    3. Videos are freakin’ FUN! 😉

    Enjoy…I sure had a good time with this one…

    ~ Sukie

  130. Jessica Hugh

    I just want to say that everyone is just so amazing, creative, real. You each have this incredible spark and passion for what you do! There are so many videos now posted that I hope get equal attention and praise, and although I have but a humble write-up, I am so blessed to share this contest with some kick-ass talent. Marie, thank you for opening the doors, and allowing the universe in.


  131. Jessica Hugh

    For any of you Sweet-Sassy, Genius-Guided, Diva-Licious Business Guru out there who are interested in linking up and generating alliances across the playing field.. find me on Facebook or Twitter!/Ms90Days.

    Let’s LOVE IT & LIVE IT OUT LOUD. Let’s smile a little more, hope a little stronger, love a little longer, and support each other’s endeavors in our search for greater access to God, Family, Freedom, Time & Money.

    Eat the World – Chase your Sexy.


  132. Dear Marie (& Co.),

    My name is Allison Ouellet, and I am the Director of Special Projects at Mid-America Science Park, located in Scottsburg, Indiana. I am a young professional and dread turning thirty because I have always associated the big “30” with finally becoming a “real adult.” I devote most of my time to my work (although often in my sweats, on my couch, with my laptop), and I honestly don’t mind because I believe so strongly in the mission and vision of my organization. There is not an easy way to describe myself and my organization in 500 words or less, but I’ve given it my best shot.

    At the Mid-America Science Park we 1) help technology entrepreneurs take their next step toward success, 2) train the regional workforce in the skills that will land them a job with these new technology start ups and 3) host a wide range of professional meetings and events. We hope that with a lot of hard work, this comprehensive, dynamic resource center will become an economic engine for Southern Indiana, as well as a best practice model for other rural communities around the world. Please see our website, follow us on twitter (!/MidAmericaSP) or like us on facebook ( to learn more.

    Since the Science Park is a start up itself, and has not even officially opened its doors, we are facing several challenges including: 1) cash flow, 2) building strategic partnerships, 3) reaching our tribe, and the most difficult of all… 4) overcoming the mindset that created the need for this type of facility in the first place. Every day we strive to balance many competing passions and priorities within this multifaceted organization.

    True success for our organization is based upon the accomplishment of long term goals, and is probably 3-5 years out. Formal metrics have not yet been established, but the bottom line is increasing the overall prosperity of our region. That will look like: 1) more individuals earning two and four year college degrees, 2) hundreds of new jobs created regionally, and 3) a significant increase in local health and wellness. Scott County, where the Science Park is located, is currently ranked dead last for health and wellness in the State of Indiana. A few entrepreneurs in our community are actively working to address this challenge, but this too will be a long process with many hurdles to overcome along the way.

    In closing, the tools that I brought back from RHH Live in the past two years have already helped me soar past numerous personal and professional hurdles, and I would be honored to participate in this event in October 2011! Thank you for all of the work that you do to help “your humanitarian, entrepreneurial sisters.”

    All the Best,

    Allison Ouellet
    Special Projects
    Mid-America Science Park
    Scottsburg, Indiana 47170

  133. Hi Marie – I’m Nicole Hough and my company is the Kitchen Cavalry!

    My mission is to create an army of people all working to live healthier, more vibrant, more connected lives by connecting to our food sources, re-learning basic cooking techniques that were second nature to our ancestors, and overcoming fears and anxieties in the kitchen and surrounding the 3-times-a-day question of what to eat.

    This week I launched my multi-media e-course “5 Fundamentals That Will Change Your Life in the Kitchen.” It includes demo videos, presentation videos, meditations to change our mindsets surrounding food, pdfs, shopping lists, health information – chock full of good stuff. I am so thrilled to finally be getting my message out there.

    My challenge right now is to figure out how to effectively reach my audience now that the content is out there – and how to educate my audience about how IMPORTANT this is. This message will change the world. Our country is in a health crisis and the traditions of preparing traditional healthy whole foods have not been passed down to the current generations. These are dying arts that need to be revived for the sake of all of our health and well-being. It is THAT important!

    I’ve been working for a year on the course picturing this imaginary woman who is struggling to get her kids to eat anything healthy, whose husband is complaining about the constant take out, the money is taking a toll etc. (Of course this is but one example of who my target market includes) Now my job is to FIND this woman!!! How do I get my message to her?! When I can do that, I can change the course of health and food in this country.

    I hope to come to RHH Live to be re-energized to get my message out there and let my true voice be heard. I want to embody this message and send it forth in the most effective way possible. And change lives through the kitchen.

    Hope to see you in NY!
    Xo, Nicole Hough

    P.S. A little extra. This is not the RHH video, but it is a promo I created for my site. Enjoy xx

    • Love your mission and message! We should stay in contact and maybe do some joint ventures together, I too am on a mission to shift peoples approach to health. Food, real food is among the most important steps to preventing and healing many if not all of todays chronic illnesses!!

      A few bits of advice to reach your audience:

      Set up a form on your site for a newsletter or an irresistible offer, (mailchimp is free) this way you gather peoples emails, and can build a relationship with them. People buy from people they know and trust. Your list is the most important thing on the net and will help you build a relationship with the people that visit your site.

      Also offer really valuable free content (article or video-my opinion video is better). Use google free keyword tool to find the most popular keywords that people are using related to your post or video.

      Put a clickable link under your youtube video that goes straight to your site

      Facebook icon on your site for a facebook group…basically make it easy for people to find you and share with friends.

      Join other health related facebook groups or forums and leave intelligent comments…people are curious and are gonna check you out if they like what you’re sharing.

      Hope these tips help and I didn’t just tell you what you already know.
      To your success!!

      P.S. Did you figure out how to feed greens to kids??

      • Hi Genevieve – Thank you so much for your great ideas and for taking the time to share them! I appreciate it. Time to pull out of the minutiae and focus on the 1000 feet again now that the course is rockin and rollin’!

        Would love to collaborate sometime. Let’s stay in touch!

        It’s funny – I was reading my original post again and thought – what I am really trying to get to is the people who don’t know what they don’t know…. you know? There is a huge education component that I need to address. Fun and exciting stuff. I really do love spreading the message about health and FOOD!

        Thx again for your feedback. I am signing up for your site 🙂
        Nicole Hough

  134. I’m so excited!!!!

    Here is my entry, and I will see all you business maniacs at RHH Live!

    Even if I don’t win, I’m overwhelmed with how much I’ve learned from SYSoul, B-School, how much my net worth has shot up. I’m losing weight, I’m freaking even more confident (hard to imagine for a Leo!) ok, and I think the confidence thing is cause I’ve been implementing the Committed Impulse tutorials.

    Much love ladies, hope we all get to have some RHH love in our world.

    • Ooh, I love your brand, Urban Curandera, your message, and your mission! I would love to meet you at RHH Live and share conception, gestation and birth secrets — literally and figuratively!

  135. Nathalie SALLES

    Kicking b…s and taking names! Way to go social entrepreneuse (franglish:)

  136. Phoebe

    hi Marie.

    I’m just a simple person who wants to live life to the fullest. I love fashion, I love to eat, I love traveling, I love to learn new things, and experience what life can offer even just once. I am currently working at our own family business – a laundry business. Helping out my family through responsibilities and determination. But that is not enough for me. I want more… But what is more? i know that I can do much more than what I am right now! The greatest challenge I’m in right now is to find my own path to be happy… Eternal happiness is achieving my goals, expanding my business, getting rich, being with the person I love, and most importantly, living in peace and harmony with the people around me. Where will I start is the biggest challenge right now. But I believe that focus, patience, determination, and passion is the way to achieve those things. Happiness is what I’m searching for, and so following my heart is the best way to achieve it. When successful, I will share and empower the people/women around the world to do the same. Share my gratitude and help people who needs inspiration and achievements so that they could reach the same goals my following their heart.


  137. Hi Marie,

    I’m Stacey Smith, author of Lipstick Ghetto: The Girls’ Guide to Escaping the 9-to-5 Rat Race ( I wrote the book to inspire women to turn their passion into profit.

    My biggest challenge is increasing traffic to my website. Breaking through this challenge would be a dream come true! I want to help more women attain health, wealth and knowledge of self with my coaching products and programs.

    • I love your approach. You are needed out there girlfriend. And I LOVE the name Lipstick Ghetto! Genius! Good luck.

  138. Ana

    Hola Marie!

    I am so excited for Rich Happy & Hot Live. What an awesome contest! Here is my entry =)

    Un abrazo to all the lovely ladies entering the contest.

    Ana xo

    • Hey Ana!

      I went to your video and I could hear the audio, but I couldn’t see the visual. It may just be my computer, but I’ve been able to watch lots of other video submissions with no problem.

      In any event, you *sound* fabulous! I love your message!

      • Hi Ana, great video, great energy! You sound like the classic multipassionate entrepreneur. 🙂 Good luck and I hope you get a spot! (By the way, your video worked fine for me).

      • Ana

        Hi Stacey,

        Thanks for the heads up and for checking it out. =)

        BTW, I think what you do is awesome.

        • Thanks, Ana! And I just had to quit Firefox and start up again to see your *awesome* video. Me gustaria conocerte! Muy buena suerte, hermanita!

  139. Hi Marie,
    Thanks for the opportunity to win tix to RHH LIVE!

    I’m currently blogging and traveling around the USA in My Element. My dream is to start my In Home Life Coaching business in July 2012.!

    Here’s my video:

    Enjoy, fo’ sheezy!

    • alicia pierre

      VERY Creative Marie and what a neat concept…in home life coaching.

      Good Luck!

    • alicia pierre

      Sorry, I mean Kerrie….Good Luck!

    • Oh my gosh! Kerrie, this is hilarious! Your video rap and your biz idea are so so creative! Hope you get a spot!

    • Laura

      SG Kerrie, such an amazing vedoe. I love it!

    • Kerrie,

      Wow. Great rapping! Your energy is so exuberant, and your journey is inspiring. Good luck with the contest.

  140. Hi Marie,

    RHH is in desperate need of a happy and hot Latin Woman, ME!!! It took me all day to make a video as I am completely clueless in these things, but alas I have set up YouTube and I did it.

    These lyrics were cutoff that I love, “Can’t love none else till you love yourself, and if they don’t like, tell ’em Get in Line and Kiss Your Ass” I love them because I learned to love myself and I want to see every woman in the world love themselves!!! If this happens, no lines and no kissing ass 😉

  141. Marie–
    This is such a juicy contest. I love reading about everyone’s work and watching the videos. There are just so many amazing women doing truly remarkable work.
    I wanted to come to RHH Live, but I got hired to design and run a women’s leadership conference at a college in Charleston, SC that’s being held on the weekend of your event. I feel so grateful to you because you’re helping me through a major career transformation. I’m feeling ready for the RHH Adventure Mastermind!

    Much Love,

  142. Nathalie

    Hi Marie,

    I have to say thank you, for all the goodness and greatness that has entered my life since I’ve been exposed to your work. I now take more time for myself, am more conscious of the moments when I’m present and those I’m not, and have been following the eager and hungry path to entrepreunarial knowledge and freedom.

    By day, I work at a chocolate boutique in Manhattan. By night, I do everything to launch my own business. Ever since I was a kid, I have been concerned by seeing those around me – including myself – tantalized by their choice of clothing, fear of public speaking, fear to just be themselves in public. So when a lady asked me to shoot something for her after seeing my reel, I jumped on a plane to help her look and feel her best in front of the camera. Her goal was to promote her coaching business. Mine was to translate her energy into clips to give viewers a taste of who she is, and a sense of what she could do for them. For me, filming is more than showing up to archive an event. It’s helping someone feel empowered, beautiful and charismatic. My true reward for what I do is to see the little spark in the eye of the person who’s standing in front of my camera.

    My biggest challenge has been to come to terms with a pricing structure that feels right. My dream is to travel to my clients and I’ve also struggled with how to incorporate travel in my packages. If I could make my pricing and marketing bulletproof, I would know exactly how to make my clients the best offers and I would get to grow my business in such a way that I could get to serve more women, internationally.

    RHH is such a fabulous, generous event. I know that being part of it would change the way I do and think business and open the door to beautiful encounters.

    Thank you!!

  143. Hi Marie,
    Thank you for what you do and this opportunity!

    Who am I and what do I do

    I am a highly creative person who is looking for the best way to serve people by using my skills and gifts, and for ways to expand my skills and abilities for that purpose. Bio facts: 45y.o., born in Russia, background includes civil engineering, fashion, art and baking, moved to US in 1994, living in NJ.

    I would like to create products and service what would add joy to people’s lives, assist, inspire and empower people to enjoy and explore new possibilities to create life for themselves they would love.

    Currently I do wedding and other cakes to supplement my need to create, share and serve.

    Biggest challenge

    The way I do business drains my energy and not providing satisfactory income what would help me to feel more secure and be more active (paralyzing fear, working on it) in learning new skills, choosing and taking actions, and exploring ways to advance in my goals and endeavors. It has been 15 years as I do cakes professionally.

    If I can solve it

    If I would find the way to do what I enjoy (to create new useful products, product prototypes, and “How To” products) and be able to generate secure income for myself and for my four devoted helpers I would have time and energy to create, experiment, make mistakes, seek for help, produce to contribute in the meaningful way.

    I am working on business which will include two parts:
    1. Country wide special occasion and every day cakes and dessert resource/store with extra entertainment elements as themed environment and event planning.
    2. Licensed merchandise production and sales.

    Products I would love to produce:
    • Fun cake and dessert related edible products
    • Licensed cake decorating tools and products
    • Website-exchange how to do cakes
    • How To do cakes videos
    • How To do cakes books
    • How To do international desserts videos
    • Blog-Vlog-Twitter inspirational How To do desserts ideas (with inner link to blog or Twit for other cool life things and happenings)
    • Illustrational 3-D art (cake related)
    • Illustrational animation with special effects
    • Cake related exhibitions and art pieces for mass producing
    • Artistically designed, useful and entertaining home and kitchen products
    • Artistically designed useful and entertaining clothing and accessories
    • Visual art in forms of video and animation with special effects with inspirational underlining messages.

    Services I am currently working on:
    • Pretty looking, great tasting and affordable cakes in a form of standardized business for store and franchising
    • Extremely artistic cakes for private clients and organizations with means.

    Thank you again Marie for great work you do!

    This is the first time I share my goals completely with anyone. I hope they are not extremely silly, taking my age and background in consideration.

    Would love to make it to your event.
    Looking forward meet you and your people in person.

    All the Best,

  144. Rachel Eppinga

    Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    I am a Naturopathic Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist. I am a health care provider and love my work! I focus on patient care and do well in my clinical practice but long to get myself out in the world in a bigger way so that I can reach more people and hopefully help them on their own quests for better health and more vibrant living. I also have a deep love for gluten free baking and cooking in general and would love to expand my presence to include education on these levels as well. At the moment it is just a hobby but I have dreams of somehow making this into another business.

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?
    Time to get done all that I want.
    As you can see above I do not have a website. I know this is an issue. I know I can not be “seen” on a larger scale until I have a presence out there in cyber land. I’m not sure exactly what has held me back from getting this accomplished. I won’t even try to make any excuses although I keep hoping I’ll meet some tech savvy web designer that can assist me. Haven’t met that person yet and I just haven’t gotten this done on my own and it bugs me. I also do not have any great marketing tools in place. I have done super well on a referral basis but also know I wish to extend my business to include ways in which I can make a bunch of mula without having to see patients. I am not afraid to say that I very much wish to be financially super secure and NEED a way to do this that doesn’t require one on one interactions. I have a great passion for helping people and want to learn how to create something that allows me to reach many at once.

    What does true success look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create—in your business, and the world—when you rock through your big challenge.

    For starters I know that if I had a rockin website that included a store I could create a bunch of ebooks…I have loads of ideas. Revenue stream while I’m sleeping, yes please!!! I also would be able to educate on my site, have a place to refer my patients for info and they in turn can tell all their friends. I could have links to my baking/cooking talents where people could place special orders, get great recipes, ect. Further success would mean I had an income stream that didn’t rely on my personal presence. I wouldn’t have to worry about how many people came into my office each week. I would have a way of reaching hundreds if not thousands of people to teach them what I know, to inspire them to better their lives. Money would not be a reason anymore that held me back from anything. I know I am meant to do big things, bigger than what I am doing now, I just don’t know yet how to get there.
    Thanks Marie for being such an inspiration to women everywhere! You represent possibility for the greatest vision of our grandest life and I am all about that. Namaste.
    Rachel Eppinga
    Portland, OR

  145. Hi Marie!

    I couldn’t go to bed without correcting the video to exactly 2 minutes instead of 2:01 and so here it is I tried to be creative with my first video but I might not be able to use the song. I hope you get to see it before I am forced to take it down… 🙂

    • This is great Sandy!!!!!!!! 🙂
      :):):):) Love it!!!

      • Sandy what a fun video! What a neat contrast between the song part at the beginning and the story of your biz. Love the multi-dimensionality. Also love the way you have used writing to make changes in your life. Good luck!

        • Thank you Laurie! I needed to read this today. My boyfriend just saw it and says the mirror part is not me and I appear very arrogant. I was considering taking it down but I think its a strong statement of women being confident. 🙂

      • Thank you Elena! I am shy so it took a lot to do it and even more to post it.

        • Both parts of your video are so great, and that is only mean all of dimensions of yourself are beautiful in its own way!

    • Ok, three times a charm. I will get this right. the video I uploaded on marietv was not the same as the link I put here, but this one is I don’t know how I messed it up or why this one is 1:59 min. At least you can see who I am in all of this.. failures come and I never stop trying.

  146. Odessa Bombay Stevens

    My name is Odessa Bombay Stevens, I am 22 years old and the goal of my business is to promote gun safety, especially among inner city youth. My business might not seem like a “business” to some, but I love your blog and finally realized that if I don’t think of it as a business, I will not see my end results that I want. My non-profit is called Students Advocating Firearm Education or S.A.F.E.
    The biggest challenge I face is just getting people to hear me out about the real issues at hand. It is very strange because it is a cause that nearly almost everyone can agree upon, but once you start talking about the changes that need to be made, a wall is immediately put up. Also, a frustrating thing is that so many groups are working on the issue but don’t join forces to be more effective. I know that the goal is incredibly difficult. I mean we are talking about ratifying laws in EVERY state!! But I really think it is worth it. Value in not just in the lives that would be saved, the amount of crime that would decrease, communities restored, but the amount of money that would be kept from jails, ER trips, police calls, etc.
    True success would be closing things like the gun show loophole, making laws a little stricter to obtain a gun and educating teens in high schools about the true dangers and risks of gun violence. I think it is probably about time I tell you why I am so passionate about this.
    Before I even turned 20 I had one friend in jail for shooting a gun, one I jail for shooting a gun at a party and killing someone, knew about 3 people who were shot and killed, but the last straw was when I witnessed and took a friend to the hospital after they were jumped and shot 6 times. I was born and raised in Seattle. This isn’t even a bad city! After seeing all this negativity, I looked into more facts of what was going on and realized that someone needs to do something. I need to do something. This change is going to only come from youth demanding it.
    Please do not disregard my entry as it is not a formal type of business. Everything you promote and teach is so important in structuring and strategizing for me, even outside of this particular mission. I tend to struggle with accepting the ‘quirks’ that make me special and unique and I LOVE that you state that not everyone is going to like you. People always call me weird, and I thought that it was simply because the things I am passionate about aren’t what you would expect from me. But I am learning to own that uniqueness and hopefully profit from it!!
    Please, Please, choose me! It would be incredible to meet you and learn something from you and others first hand.

  147. Thanks for this opportunity Marie! It comes at a very ideal time!

    Here is the link to my video submission:

    • Love your entry Erin! I hope I see you there so we can finally meet in person 🙂

  148. Hi Marie

    Coming to Rich, Happy and Hot Live in the future is one of my goals so doing it this year will be such a boost to my business, and me, so fingers crossed.

    Three years ago I started a new job. It was manic and stressful but I did not listen to the signs. Last year my boss retired and I had a new one start that could not have been more different. By then I was spinning in circles with the workload and issues and was hoping he would help me out as my old boss had been on retirement wind down for so long. I was shocked several months later to be issued with a disciplinary. All the stuff I had discussed with my new boss was twisted and turned into negativity and I did not recognise the character they had created. Rightly or wrongly I left, as I was not going to accept this label.

    So there is the background to help you understand why coming to your conference is so important to me. I have used my management skills to develop a coaching business and invested in some excellent training and I am ready to go but this is where I have come to a big glitch.

    I am now moving in different circles and though I had never heard of coaching until I had some myself and fell in love with how much it helped me move on, it now seems that everywhere I look I see coaches. In my mind, all these coaches have loads of experience and have been building up their businesses for a long time so why should the punters pick me? Along with that, life coaching has developed such a poor reputation in this country because of the lack of standards on the marketplace that I have to start from scratch every time. I need to justify the industry before even getting to the ‘why me stage’. It is tiring and knocking my confidence at a time when I need it most.

    Yet, deep inside I still know that despite all this negativity, coaching works and it is amazing!

    I am in coaching to work with all those women who have been knocked back, like I was, and who now want to show the world that they can. Everyone has the right to be happy, successful and free whatever that means to them and I intend to support them in getting there.

    I have drawn a picture of our house, listing all the changes we have been dreaming about since we bought it. They are simple such as having matching bed linen. That is what success looks like to me; plain and simple. Most importantly I will bring joy to the world around me and live with a huge smile on my own face.

    If I can attend your conference in New York, I know I can immerse myself in positive, happy vibes. I can transport them back over the channel and spread the word over here in the UK. How fab is that!

  149. Ladies, I just realized I made a huge oops with my #winRHHLive video. Am I allowed to re cut and resubmit in place of my earlier entry?

  150. Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to watch my video submission. 🙂

    Here’s the link:

    Thanks for your time Marie – best wishes everyone!!

    • You have a great mission, Elisa. Your story of “defying lupus” and the transformation you offer to others with chronic illness is so compelling. I wish you all the best!

  151. Hello! My name is Bruna Barros, I am brazilian, a pHd student and member of a gym with my family. In our business I work at the reception of clients, management and advertising.
    My biggest challenge right now is how to reach people so that they feel a need to exercise, in our gym of course. I need to find the best advertising to get new students an in-house advertising to customer retention as well.
    True success for me is to feel that somehow you helped people become better, in my case, more healthy and happy with fitness. Just as Marie does, helping us all week with his words, energy and way of life!
    Finally, it will be a challenge and an exciting experience to discover me better, both in business and in my personal life (love, be hot). I am full of hope and willingness to participate! Super excited and happy, kisses!
    my twitter: @brunasxb
    Eu estou torcendo muito! Vai mudar minha vida: @marieforleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE #winRHHLive

  152. Who are you and what do you do in your business?

    Hi, My name is Katrina Marie! I am a fashion designer, a belly dancer, a sewing teacher and now a video producer. For over 15 years, I have been selling my dresses and have many happy customers. I very much enjoy designing and creating, but I have also found a new love for teaching. For the last two years I can been working on a line of sewing videos for kids. My first series is called Pixie Projects and it will be release online in two weeks. I’m also currently working on more dvds for kids, as well as, teens and adults that I hope to have available in the next year. And, I’m planning to have a Katrina Marie Fashion Design Course, teaching my life long skills as a dress designer!

    What’s the biggest challenge you are facing right now?

    My biggest challenge is going to be reaching all the people out there who what to learn, teach, and explore their creativity while expanding their hand on skills. I would like to make my dvds available in fabric shops, dress shops, toy stores, book stores, and libraries around the united states and the world. My goal is to reach millions of people and inspire a lifetime of creativity!

    What does true success look like for you?

    Success to me is having time and money to do the things I want. When I’m able to achieve a little more freedom I would like to help more people in more ways. I would host a TV show teaching sewing and designing. I would start my international sewing teachers association called Fashion-ISTA. I would meet more people, discuss more ideas and keep my imagination open to new opportunities!

    Watch my 2 min video:

    • You sound like such a cool person!! 🙂

    • You articulate your vision so clearly, Katrina Marie. I can see your “progression highway” and I know you’re going to make your big goals happen! Well done and great good luck!

  153. Brittany

    I want Elisa Rodriguez to win a ticket to @marieforleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE #winRHHLive BECAUSE she has put ME on the road to healing and I’d love for her to help more people!!

  154. Marie!

    here is my entry !There is a juicy surprise for you inside… I hope you enjoy watching it!

    Lauren Sheehan

    • Wow! You’ve got ridunkulous (as Marie likes to say) dance moves. 🙂

      It was very moving to see how your energy was anxious and low when you talked about your money concerns, but then off-the-charts powerful when you started dancing.

      I know Marie will show you how to harness that booty-shaking energy and leave those money worries behind forever! Great good luck to you!

      • Hi Stacey, I had natural births and midwives with both my sons, the last one was a home water birth while watching “Happy Feet”. It was beautiful experience that I will embrace doing again!

        • Hi Katrina!

          I work in a hospital (and my side business is a life coaching practice), but I also had a home birth with my son. I imagine you watched “Happy Feet” with your little one as he attended the birth of his sibling. What an awesome birth story!!

    • Lauren – loved your video & loved the dance!! Good luck! xo

    • Smocking! You know how to dance girl! Totally loving you vibe 🙂

  155. Brenda Eshelman

    Hi, Marie! Elisa Rodriguez gets my vote to win a ticket to the weekend in NYC for women entrepreneurs. She has an awesome website and is helping women daily to achieve optimum health by embracing better nutrition.

  156. Jeff Eshelman

    Marie, Elisa Rodriguez has an outstanding video posted. It’s by far the best I’ve seen. She gets my vote!

  157. Charlie

    Hey Marie, I`ve been following Elisa Rodriguez on her website. (
    She has a great perspective on women`s nutrition. I think she`s your best choice!!!

  158. Ohh yiiikes!! I don’t know if it’s the best but thanks for your support! Lotsa tough applicants out there for sure. 😉

  159. Purna

    Where do I email you the written document?? My audio/video had issues, so I have the audio and some screenshots from the video separately. Let me know, thanks!

    • Oh hey Purna,
      You leave your entry in here as a comment. Good luck!

      • Purna

        Thanks Share! But what about the audio recording and the screenshots? I worked all afternoon on the video instead of working on my thesis for my grad degree… = (

        • Purna, Have you tried uploading them to youtube? As long as they are saved in the right format…mpg4, etc. it should work.

  160. I completely do NOT envy Marie in having to make a decision from all of these AMAZING entries. Wowza! Ridonkulous to quote a word from Kris Carr!

    To my fellow contestants… your written entries and videos have inspired me, kicked me in my arse and given me a feeling of community across the www. Thanks for being you! All of you!

    • Well said Share! I’m with you 😉

      • I agree! So many INCREDIBLE women! I could never choose!

    • Hey Share! I couldn’t agree more. It’s so inspiring and comforting to hear other’s stories and know that we’re not alone in our journey and that there is a community of support, guidance and love. Thanks again Marie for spearheading this movement and connecting so many souls:) xoxo Good luck to everyone!

      • One thing is sure no matter who is at RHH Live this year, there’s a movement of women entrepreneurs ready to take the world by storm, and it’ll be far better for it. I’m so honored to be part of it and hope to cross paths with every one at one point.

  161. Hey Marie,
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!!! Video submission address is below.


  162. Hi, Marie,
    Thanks for the opportunity to come to NYC and attend Rich Happy & Hot LIVE. Here is a link to my video…

    • Deanne

      Your video had me cracking up! Good luck!

  163. Courtney

    I vote for Elisa Rodriguez because of her determination , dedication and passion for her business at!!! Elisa posses an inner strength that most people only dream of having both in her personal life and professionally. Elisa deserves to win!!!

  164. Here’s my video entry for #winRHHLive ~
    Thanks for the chance to win Marie and can’t wait to see you all in NYC!


  165. Marie!!!

    Here is my video entry for the contest!! I am bringing some Jersey Ju-Ju to ya & to RHH Live!! Enjoy!!!

    Kelly Lynn Adams

    • I love that you help women entrepreneurs “fist pump all the way to the bank!” Rock on!

      • Stacey ~ Thanks so much!!!! I LOVED your video as well !!! Good Luck!!! xoxo

  166. Hi Marie,
    I vote for Elisa R because she has always given 110 percent in anything she has ever done since I have known her. And she has done a great job on her video.

  167. Heya Marie !

    Have been checking out all the great entries for your contest & I am definitely in great company. I am wowed to see all these incredible women doing what they love, making our world much more interesting!

    Here’s my entry …

    Fingers Crossed that I”ll See You In New York!

  168. Hi Marie,

    I am Terez D’Babetta Baskin and I am the Editor in Chief of We are the charming place on the web for Fashion, PR, and Lifestyle tips. I have an amazing team of editors who are young and ambitious. I would like to turn my site into a full on Social Media and Fashion PR firm.

    My biggest hurdle; beside cash flow, is that no one knows that we are even alive. We have an amazing website, and a wealth of knowledge. We get little to no engagement from my online audience, and no clients. I need to position myself as the expert so when I give advice people see the value in my experience and understanding of Public Relations and Social Media so they will hire us. I live to educate others about Social Media and Public Relations.

    Once I get pass this [great wall of china] hurdle, I could do the Beyonce bootie dance at my own RHH type events teaching bloggers, designers, and brands about PR and Fashion Social Media Strategy. The sky would be the limit for me. My website is my platform for the laundry list of opportunities that I know are out there for the earning once I clear the path to greatness. You said that your businesses have afforded you the freedom to spend time with your family and do things that you love. I am ready for that kind of life. I am ready for the easy work that comes with doing something you absolutely love, but I know there is a smarter way to hustle into the life I want to be living.

    I know I am on the right track, but I don’t know what to do next. I don’t want to waste my time, talent, or money on things that won’t add value to my business and won’t get me closer to my business goals. I know that if I want to play at the level of the big PR firms I am going to have to get off my ass and get the knowledge I need to take me to the next level. I have attended all kinds of networking events, blogger bootcamps, and fashion shows. RHH Live is going to be the spark to light the right fire for me; I can feel it.

    I would love to be in one of those seats. I need one of those seats. I watch Q & A Tuesday religiously and believe you are not only down to earth (you make me laugh), but know your $hit. I want to be yet, another RHH success story, and I can only do that if I win this scholarship. Thank you for your time and consideration. Please pick me. I won’t let you down, because I can’t let myself down.

    XOXO See you in NYC,

    Terez D. Baskin

  169. Alyson

    Marie, Elisa Rodriguez gets my vote, she clearly has a true passion for guiding others on a healthy path.

  170. I’m wondering where the voting thing came from…is this part of being considered for the scholarship? Anyway else inbox getting full with these comments?

    • It isn’t a voting situation. Marie makes the final decision. IMHO, I feel like this is the BEST way… and there really is now way of knowing if all those ‘votes’ are really genuine, or just spoofing. You know?

      • Hey ladies,

        Sorry about the “votes.” I shared my video on my blog with loyal clients and asked them to show me some lovin’ – and they did! I thought it would be a fun way to get them involved by casting a “vote” for me. I didn’t mean to be THAT annoying candidate, or to take over the board – just wanted to send some folks to Marie’s site while providing exposure for the event (my meager attempt to give back).

        Well wishes to each of you 🙂

  171. Hi Marie,

    Thanks so much for the amazing opportunity. Hope you enjoy my video:

    Sarah Ives

  172. Hello Marie!

    I´m Gabriela. I am the Sister Goddess who, when you were a guest at Mama Gena´s Mastery this year, asked you how you got your first 10 clients. I am a therapist/psychologist and life coach starting a private practice in NYC. You told me you were working in a restaurant/bar at the time you started and you told everyone what you actually wanted to do. This might happen soon for me.. I have been working in a non-for-profit organization which mays me less than my expenses so I will be waitressing starting October!!!

    My biggest challege is defining my target market and being able to explain to people what I do and who would be my perfect client. Also, I am staring a business with no savings to invest and almost broke.

    True success for me is working with 20 clients a week, with time to blog and write and read. I will empower people I work with so they manifest the life they want, i will help them discover what those dreams and desires are and help them make them happen. They will create beautiful and interesting things for the world, so I´ll be co-creator of awesome art, technology, happy families, etc.
    I will also be an example of how you can come from a poor background and change your thoughts into abundance for good!

    I envision a lighter world (as in luminous and less heavy and much more fun!).

  173. Marie, go get your popcorn before watching this! Love your videos.
    I hope you enjoy mine:

    -Tamara Webb

  174. Hi Marie,
    Here you go! I can’t even begin to tell you how much this would mean to me.

    Stay Stylish,
    Sophie Mae

    • Nice work Sophie, you look good on camera! Love your office 😉 Best of luck!!

  175. Marie,

    What an amazing competition! I am so excited to be a part of it and wish everyone the best of luck!

    I only saw this over the weekend so here is my video entry.

    I am SO willing to fly 24 hours from Australia, suffer jet lag and a challenged wallet for the flight cost to dance, learn and be inspired with you and 250+ other ladies! Yahoooooo!!!!

    Can’t wait to find out the winner!

    • Fun video Casey!! What a beautiful accent you have and I’m a big advocate of the work you do. Good luck!!!

      • Thank you so much Elisa! I so appreciate your lovely feedback :).
        Good luck to you too, GREAT job!!

        • Thanks and you’re welcome! I signed up for your newsletter 😉 Hope you make it to the BIG city!!

    • I love your video, Casey! I especially love the line “I want women not only to want to date themselves, i want them to want to go to bed with themselves!” Let’s make sure we’re having sex with someone we love, right?! 🙂

  176. Katharina

    Dear Marie,
    I just found out about you on the web YESTERDAY. Seems like the information of your existance took a while to reach me here in Germany.
    My name is Katharina, I am German and there is a lot more than that to say about “who am I” but I guess we wanna stick to the facts you need here to get an idea of me in terms of business.
    I started my coaching business about 1 year ago. I coach students and small business owners. I help them to develop better communication skills when it comes to speaking in front of groups, give presentations and explaining their products/ services to customers. Another aspect of my coaching is, helping the people I work with to find out what they really want and love in life. Help them to develop the courage to go for it – no matter what others might think and say.

    My Biggest Challenge right now is my Marketing. I do not really have a Marketing plan. So far I was lucky getting in touch with the right people at the right time to get clients, but it stresses me out that I do not really have control over how to get clients and keep it at a stable and planable level, so I can start making some investments, expand etc. I somehow have trouble motivating myself to come up with a marketing plan, follow it and enjoy it.
    Second Challenge is that I really like MANY things and enjoy doing lots of stuff. I would love to have a better structure for combining it all, so I would love someone else (YOU) to have a look at it and maybe I get some input/ideas of how to put all this together.
    I hope to get in touch with people (especially women) to interact with and exchange ideas with and get inspired by.
    I truly believe that there is a way to combine lots of the things I like – I just feel like I need some sort of “observer from the outside” to give me some open minded feedback to get a structure and some clearer view on the HOW.

    True Success to me looks like…
    I want to create a “playground” for people to experiment with themselves in a loving and self respecting way. I want to help as many people as possible to gain back the connection to their inner child.
    I want people to have fun, play, laugh, sing and dance and try themselves out more again.
    If I could find a way to bundle all the things I love, into a program/coaching to support others to enjoy their life more and I could make money with this – that would be my biggest dream come true and my life success!
    Pick me and I will be your number one promoter in Europe 😉

  177. I’m excited to meet you in person. You have so much to offer and I’m grateful that you are paving the way for me to get my message out into the world. I know RHHLive will help me break through and take my message to the next level!

  178. Hi Marie,
    My name is Jamilla Manigault and I am creator and founder of Dripping Bliss Healing Services. My business is a sensual empowerment coaching service that helps men and women, mostly women live joyful lives by tapping into their sexual energy. I assist them in removing obstructions such as trauma, root beliefs, and self depreciating self talk so they may have fulfilling and productive sexual experiences. I help people realize, own and walk into their power. I also help women reach their very first orgasm! ooh lala It is my belief that if sexual energy is not flowing freely and properly, your life will not flow freely as well. So this is not just sex coaching but life coaching. I believe when you are empowered sexually, when you are feeling sexy you live a purposeful and empowered life.
    My own journey of healing was the inspiration for my business and my new book “Have You Ever Had an Orgasm? A Woman’s Guide to Everyday Bliss”, however I still face a big challenge. I would like to devote all of my time into growing my business however as a single mom of 3, I still work a full time job to supplement my business needs, projects and provide for my family. I know with total time dedication to Dripping Bliss it will soar to even greater heights. I look forward to Dripping Bliss being my major source of income and I know if I am able to put my full time and energy into making it well known this will happen. However many times once I get home I force myself because I am wiped out to do the work for my business after working all day and being mommy. I even sneak time in at my 9-5 to do work for my business. No matter how tired I am what I do in Dripping Bliss is so rewarding and I am so passionate about it that I wouldn’t stop for anything. I am deeply touched every time one of my clients tells me how changed they are because of my help.
    Once this hurdle is removed I see Dripping Bliss as a foundation to help women on a larger scale to improve their health, mental, sexual and emotional needs. I see my Dripping Bliss brand being known worldwide, with products and services that will add value to the lives of people everywhere. I plan to have a full staff and team so I will not be doing all of the work on my own. I know that I need others to be a success.
    I really look forward to hearing ideas and learning from others who are successful at what they do. I want to be in the presence of many who share in the vision of entrepreneurship and receive inspiration and motivation for me to rev it up another level.
    Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration. I look forward to lots of great fun and learning!
    Jamilla Manigault

  179. There are truly some amazing written and video responses here! truly blessed to be part of this. I may not have the fancy video, established clients, or even the jaw dropping website…yet. I am starting from ground zero, literally, living with my parents and driving a 20 year old car so I can use the money I earn to promote my book and conduct my research on women’s and children’s studies. This scholarship isn’t about going for free, but being able to go at all.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Love and Peace

  180. OOh I would have loved to add a cute pic with my comment/submission 🙁

    • Louise

      I’m Louise and I work with Marie. Hop over to and sign up using the email you use for commenting. This will populate a picture of your choice each time to post a comment.

  181. Hi Marie,

    your long-time follower here 🙂
    Last year I read your entire blog from the very beginning – it was motivating to see you evolve and grow so quickly! This year I decided to try my luck at your contest, because I want the same speed, guts and mojo for myself 😉


    Right now, I help women find the right paint colors for their homes faster and easier, so that they can spend less time choosing, testing and second guessing their decisions and more time actually enjoying their beautiful homes:

    And I also teach what I know about decorating with paint at


    What I’m struggling with the most is following through on my projects. I’m *bursting* with ideas 24/7, but sucking big time at implementation and completion. Arghhh!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m blaming it all on working in isolation (yes, that’s my excuse). I’ve never met anyone “offline” who also does this “internet thing”, and I feel all alone here.


    Connecting! Brainstorming! Buddies! Being surrounded by driven, smart and fabulous women who are crushin’ it!

    If I had a solid support structure in place, I’d be moving from idea to *done* much faster (i’m very competitive). All the great ideas in my head would finally take physical form so that my right people could actually benefit from them, yayayay! (right now all they do is torture me – umm… I’m talking about the ideas, not my people!)


    Oh dear Marie, have merci on me – I am going to explode if I don’t let my swarm of ideas manifest out into the world ASAP! Ever heard of death by unfulfilled potential? It’s *very* painful 🙁

  182. Marie, here’s my video for the RHH Live Scholarship:

    The last 30 seconds are the most terrifying! Hint: It’s me trying to work my “cajones”! (it’s something I’ve never done on-camera before – eeeeek!)

    • AWESOME, Bianca! You showed MAJOR cajones AND heart in the last 30 seconds of your video!! Great good luck to you!

      • Thanks so much, Stacey! Not gonna lie, it was really scary to do that AND keep it in the video (I definitely could’ve deleted it and turned away from using it). But it’s definitely a good practice of trying to use cajones hahaha It’ll just make you sweat a bit 😉

        Ps. Saw your video and just loved your energy and spirit! Good luck to you, too 🙂

  183. Rekha

    Hi Marie,

    I would love the opportunity to be part of Rich Happy & Hot Live!

    I’m the creative designer and owner of my own design studio, Divine dZigns.
    I offer design consulting services for interiors, This includes color consulting
    and personalized design boards. I also offer custom made decorative pillow covers.
    My clients can select fabrics out of my portfolio book and customize their pillows
    to suit their home decor tastes. My biggest challenge is how to effectively
    market my business so that it will result in consistent sales.

    I will be tweeting all next week!! Here is my You Tube video entry:

    Thank you!!

  184. Ooooh!!! I am so excited for this opportunity to compete for a scholarship! I even tweeted back on July 28th that I desired a scholarship to RHH Live, and I didn’t know at that point that they would be offered!

    So, Hi! My name is Nina Stone, but the kids (and their parents) call me Miss Nina. I am an NYC based children’s entertainer, singer/songwriter, and educator. I entertain at private playgroups, birthday parties, events and festivals as well as teach a mommy-and-me class part time at a preschool. I am set apart from others in my field by my unique way of combining children’s books and music. My “customer” base is tricky. I serve children, however, the people who actually purchase my time and services are parents (mostly moms). So, I straddle the line between my passion of serving, enriching and entertaining children as well as appealing to the grown-ups who care for them.

    And perhaps, therein, is my challenge, coupled with what I am beginning to understand is my “wage earner” mentality. Although I definitely feel good about the rate that I charge, I find myself booking up my time endlessly with all the various services I provide. If I work an hour, I make a great hours worth of money. But if I don’t physically entertain for that hour, than no money. I find myself often exhausted, stretched to the brink and so busy on the treadmill of making my next dollar that I’m not getting to focus on the big picture and my bigger goal.

    So, what is my bigger goal, and what will my business look like after I receive a scholarship and attend RHH Live?!! 🙂 My bigger goal is the launch of Miss Nina & Friends – my non-profit performing arts organization dedicated to children’s literacy. It is my dream to get the recording and performing rights to several children’s books, record a CD of all of these books-songs (this will be my second CD) and perform at schools, libraries, festivals and events. My dream is to be so supported by the publishers and illustrators that they partner with me in my effort to bring books alive in this way for children around the world (CDs sold with books? Books donated to the schools at which I perform?). And the big dream of dreams is to have my own educational Children’s Television Show.

    Also, I am married and want to start a family and have the time and means to devote to my own children and husband. Honestly, I want to work less and make more, while having an amazing life – and I think you can teach me to do that, Marie! I hope to have a video for you before tomorrow, as well. But in case I can’t complete it in time, I at least wanted to get this comment up to you.
    Big love to you all!

  185. Mama Marie!!!!!!!

    OMG, OK, video is ready. Don’t ask me how I was able to cut my crazy latina chatty bla bla yada yada to under 2 minutes. I think the Red Velvet cupcake overdose helped ease the editing pain LOL.

    Alright so here goes…


    I’m so so so so so so excited to meet you Marie + of course, the entire RHH team + all the hot ladies going. There’s no better way of spending my B-day weekend 😉

    • LOL… you are freakin’ adorable! LOVED the video! 🙂

      • Awwwww! Thanks Vanessa. 🙂 You are so sweet!

      • what program(s)/equipment did you use to make your video. I’ve been wanting to start doing some video posts on my blog… but my video quality… es horrible! 🙂

        • I’m happy to report that no fancy editing equipment was needed. So you can do it too 🙂 I used my iMovie software, which came with my MacBook + I love it. I’ve confess that I’ve been playing with it for a few months now, so the secret is to really familiarizing yourself with the programs + it’s features.

          The party props + bright daylight also helped I think LOL.

          Let me know how it goes 🙂

    • Agree with Vanessa. Adorable! Energized! Glowing with positivity. LOVED your video!

      • Sooo cute. I loved that video!

      • Well coming from you Miss Share I must say I’m completely honored. Your video rocked my bones! Keep shining lady… you’re a star!

    • I loved the glasses! : )

      • Your blog is classic as well! I think as adults we can get so caught up in being so serious and we forget to let go and remember to have fun and girly. Here’s to the silly, care free inner child in all of us! Great job

        • Cheers to that Jamilla! Aleluya!

          (Pssst, I’m in love with your hair! Serious crush)

    • I wish we could all win!!!! Mayi your video is as endearing & engaging & awesome as you are-I love it! Maybe the beneficent Marie will let us all squish into one hotel room and throw you a NYC birthday party sleep over: ) Fingers & toes crossed for us all, Marie has her work cut out for her choosing the winners!

    • Your video entry rocked my world. I don’t know how long that took you to put together…but it’s awesome and sooooo freakin’ creative. LOVE! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you, too!

    • I love your brand Mayi!

    • LOL @ “crazy Latina chatty bla bla yada yada!” Hermana, I FEEL you. Best of luck to you. 🙂

    • I want to join the standing ovation for your video, Mayi! Brava, girl! I want to party with YOU on your birthday!!

  186. Hey Ladies, I’m watching every video posted and I know how much work it can be to put one of these together. Even with the little bit of experience I have behind the camera with producing my line of kids sewing videos over the last year, it took my three days and multiple retakes. I’m wondering how many hours everyone else put into making their video for this scholarship? Just throw it out there…I’m sure all us ladies would like to know! : )

  187. Hi Marie, Thanks so much for this opportunity! You rock as always! Here is my video!

    xo, Kimberly

  188. Hey Marie,
    I’m a huge fan. I have gotten a lot of inspiration and advice from you and I would love to step it up and attend RHH Live. Thanks for the opportunity.

    I am Elizabeth Jett. I’ve been a fan of romance novels for the majority of my life. I am not alone. It’s a market that generates over 1.6 BILLION dollars a year from a audience of over 65 million people. I am also a huge movie fanatic and have worked in the Biz for over 15 years. So I came up with an idea combining my passions. I am the creator of Reel Romance, a production company that will produce film adaptions of romance novels for sale on the internet .
    My biggest challenge is finding an investor who believes in the power of women as an audience. I would be thrilled to have a mentor who would help me get to investors. I would take a man(love men) but I feel a women would really get this project. I have several books optioned, I have an experienced crews ready and willing, we just need fuel for the fire.
    What success would look like for me is that my company would be the place that everyone wants to work. Everyone will be paid a decent wage and have the opportunity to be creative , successful and advance in their field. I will have mentors and internships. People could either work on a by the project basis or if they are with the company for a certain amount of time they will become vested and share in the profits. I will have branches all over the world for shooting on location. My website will be constantly growing, providing entertainment, respite and encouragement for women , men or aliens. Whoever enjoys the product is welcome.
    I want to make enough money to live very comfortably, help out family members and develop some non profit ideas I have combining entertainment and education but that’s a whole other pitch !
    Thanks again for this opportunity,
    See you in NYC!
    Elizabeth Jett

  189. Hola Team Marie! Here is our submission:
    We stayed up far past our bedtimes drawing & cutting & filming & editing to create this video submission. We poured our hearts and creativity into it and hope it shines through. There were no rules against entering as a partnership so we went for it. The two of us plan to win and come to RHH Live as a team-if we win and only one of us can come we’ll understand but really hope to come together (we’ll share beds or hostel rooms or sleep on someones floor anything!). We can’t wait to plant the seeds of creativity in New York City!
    Love + ridiculous amounts of excitement,
    Jessika & Chara

    • Love your entry Jessika and Chara!!! I’m rooting for ya 🙂

      • Thank you April! You are such a superstar, recovering from surgery & still rooting for us, you rock!

    • I have a creative partner (who is also my best friend and “sister from another mister” so I love that you did this together. And you’re right… there were no rules about partners submitting, and you should’ve gone for it together. Obviously each of you is fierce in your own right and will be unstoppable together. Good luck!

      • I just love your comment Sofia! We’re a creative team & it would have felt wrong to leave one half out to apply-I’m figuring if only one of us gets chosen I can fit Chara in my suitcase; ) Thank you for your encouragement & your support senorita!

    • I’m calling you two the Wonder Twins! Your video was SO fun and creative!! Great good luck to you both!

      • Wonder Twins!! Yes! Thank you Stacey & also thank you for sharing your supportive loving energy for our submission and many of the other ladies here. So beautiful: )

  190. Jessika + Chara OMG what an awesome vid’. Totally fanning you two ladies!

    • Thanks Mayi! I love your entry too-wish I had a million dollars to rent a big hotel & sponsor all these amazing women who have entered here to RHH Live…what a party that would be!

  191. WHAT’S UP MARIE!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a spot at RHH LIVE! I LOVED B School and just know this would be the icing on the cake! I have so much love for what I do and what I want to put out into this world…. I’m SO excited at the possibility of getting to meet the movers and shakers in NYC!
    With lots of love and gratitude,
    Laura V.
    Here;s my entry! 🙂

  192. Hey Marie!
    Natalia is here.
    Thank you for the opportunity to visit NYC. It’s a gift in and of itself. After 5 years of living there I feel like New York is my home town. I moved to the city just two weeks before the towers fell; two years later, there was the black out… These experiences unite people forever and leave you forever changed.
    But I wouldn’t visit my New York so soon if it wasn’t for RHH Live. When I learned about it, I was still breastfeeding intending to continue for another several months; I couldn’t imagine leaving my boy for more than few hours and the expenses were unthinkable.
    Well, this is how being unreasonable looks like – I am coming (though, the waves of separation anxiety with my son wash over me quite regularly). I am coming to share my big dream with you.
    I am in the business of setting up and running offshore companies for my clients and saving them on taxes, since these companies are located in the low tax zones. Until recently, I was working for KPMG, Cyprus, and had a portfolio of nearly 100 clients. Over 3 years of working there I’ve collectively saved my clients close to 0,5mln euro. What didn’t work for me was that KPMG cared only about the most profitable clients.
    So, I left the big guys and joined a boutique law firm that offers similar services, but has a totally different attitude towards its clients. Our goal is to assist them to legally save on taxes. And every client is precious.
    Now, that the world is my oyster, I’m struggling with finding my voice to educate our potential clients about their options. I want this legal information to be delivered in an easy-to-read, engaging and entertaining way without diluting the seriousness of the subject or affecting credibility of our firm. In my messages I want each person to feel like I am speaking to them. Just like you, Marie, do.
    The true success looks like my winning the trust of another 100 big or small clients and saving THEM 0,5mln in the next 3 years.
    And then there is another burning desire – to have RHH Live Europe. Because the world needs more women creating goodness, wealth, beauty and win-situations for everyone involved!! I can’t imagine the ripple effect of each your program, but suspect that it’s pretty phenomenal.
    So, Marie, when you are ready to expand to Europe, I publicly promise to be your partner, assistant and a backup dancer (well, I’m trained in salsa and ball room, but what the heck, I could try hip-hop!).
    And if I win the ticket to RHH Live this year, I publicly promise to bring to the first RHH Live Europe $1499 worth of the finest Belgian chocolate (I live in Belgium now). I thought about doing it this year if I won, but, I’m afraid, with that much chocolate I won’t make it pass the US customs.

  193. Laura

    Hi Marie,
    As many others have said, Elisa Rodriguez deserves to win. She has found a way to offer personal guidance to more people from more places than I would have thought possible. I am sure your workshop would give her insights to help even more!

  194. Stella Stopfer

    Hey Marie,

    Stella here. I do micro business consulting, but my primary goal is to help people take their crazy initial idea and turn it into an amazing micro business. But not just any successful business, a business that allows them to do what they want through it, and outside of it. Whether their most important goal is the mobility of their team, whether they want to leave room for lots of partnerships, whether they want to slow their life down or whether they want to spend 50 per cent of their time extreme skiing, the point is to get them there.

    Micro business? Yep, micro means a team up to 9 people.

    Here’s the thing. The challenge. – Lack of personality.

    Wow, that sounds even more horrible when you say it out loud. 😀 Here is the deal. I can’t reach enough people the right way. Not because of bad marketing, lack of (quality) content on my blog, a weak philosophy or an ugly website. No. All the “technical stuff” is there. It’s done right, by the book. It’s just that all of that is not attracting new clients, or better said, it’s not making them stick.

    So the problem is lack of personality in my business. (Not all together, dude. That would be weird…) I just don’t know how to express what I have in my business. I know the goal is to give something to my clients that they can relate to, something that will make the whole story interesting and make them want to be a part of it. Except, I’m too afraid I’m going to mess it up if I try doing it the wrong way. So this is what I need guidance on.

    Once I figure out how I can be me in my business and give more of myself into it, there will be a lot of online and offline working with those little groups of fantastic people. I will commit myself to giving them as much great guidance and advice as I can (through my blog, consulting and courses – online and live) as well as tons of inspiration out of people who have already done it. And those won’t be just regular courses; depending on the group of people and the types of businesses they will want to start, I will integrate some of those lifestyle choices into the learning process and into a current event (if there will be one at the time). But the most important part would be to create a support system for them, connect them so they can learn fro m each other, get feedback and support fro m others when they feel discouraged in some way.
    We are going to rock! As a community, as micro businesses and as… us!

    Anyway, those are my As to your Qs. Hope you like them 😉

    Good luck to everyone!

    I am Lisa Sulsenti
    Holistic healer of mind, body and spirit.
    Naked Moxie is my cyber loving, lap top living
    And I gotta have some business which
    Empowers women to be happy and healthy.

    Problems on board? You bet.
    I am about to launch my very first E book and
    Gotta grab and flip through me paperback.
    My book is mindful soul rocking living ideas
    For women. Bad past, wrong guy, bummed job
    Or just not happy? I teach living in the present.
    Tapping into that beautiful soul and find happiness.
    And I thought writing the book was the hard part!
    My biggest challenge is to tap into the world of media,
    Social networks, emails and land of the laptop living.
    Following the yellow brick road is not the answer.
    How, Marie? How do I get from here to there?
    How do I go here, there and everywhere?

    Followers I have; would love more!
    Holistic healing I kick butt in; entrepreneur via laptop
    I am new to. I need your know how, Marie.
    And my book hangs over head; how do I land the baby
    So it empowers women through keyboard living?

    Rocking my challenge is huge; once I do, the sky is the limit.
    I teach health in body, mind and spirit office style.
    Help me please tap into cyber world of the laptop living.
    Teach me how to bring it digital entrepreneur style.
    Naked Moxie (book and website) will not only reach
    More women, but grow to offer more wisdom.

    Such as…..

    Naked Moxie Nutrition School online is my bigger picture.
    Teaching how to eat healthy online .Real food. Real ideas.
    Wholesome plant picking good earth eating.
    Diabetes? Digestive problems? Weight loss? Heart problems?
    I got answers. I got the know how’s.
    It is TIME to take my office practice of 15 years and turn
    It into click of the mouse rock your house.
    I am going to teach as many women as possible
    how to lasso their health. No office visit to boot! Imagine!
    I think I hear a second Naked Moxie Food book coming!

    Naked Moxie has the potential within to Be BIG.
    Being Big serves the Universe well.
    Naked Moxie is ready to bring it to the next level.
    Will you help? It would be an honor.


  196. Thanks for the inspiration … Maria & Team … here’s a link to my video

  197. My name is Margarita and I live in Miami but born and raised in New York. My desire and mission is to empower, inspire and show women how to live juicy lives, lives they love through food, self-care and energy healing. I’m a certified holistic health counselor and Reiki Master/teacher. I have several programs that I’ve created. An eight week course for one on one clients and for group tele-course. I’m in the process of creating a one day workshop that combines food, sensuality, sacred rituals in eating and living paired with meditations and a few exercises to access our feminine and powerful voice. My work is geared to having the most fun while using quick and easy tips to eating and living as healthy as possible without deprivation. That’s why I call myself, The Twinkie Angel, after my favorite ‘junk food’ as a child.

    My biggest challenge is marketing myself and program. And I feel I’m spending too much time on copy and I’m clueless as to what will really work that will get me exposure to the right women/market that I would like to target to. I have a website, a newsletter, a blog, I use facebook and have my own page but I’m probably not using them properly. I know I have valuable information to share and that my programs rock. But doubt creeps in because I have ZERO clients right now, a few potentials but that’s it. My desire is to feel it and believe it 100% of the time! Because when I’m in that right space, I can feel it in my body that my programs are amazing. I get extremely excited and the ideas start flowing but then after I wonder what’s the point if barely anyone sees the value in my programs and purchases them.

    When I’m rocking the world, I have women that truly love themselves inside and out and they do so by nurturing and creating rituals in everything they do. They will for the most part only eat foods that will keep them healthy and energized. They will engage in relationships that nurture and uplift them and others. My world will be rocked by creating a community of women that help each other instead of cutting each other down. My women will value themselves and take care of their needs first whether through proper rest, eating healthy or saying ‘no’ to things and people that are not in their best interest. So that when they go out into the world, replenished and nourished in all areas of their lives, they can and will be able to give the best of themselves. They will be operating with their glass more than half full, not some angry and resentful woman clawing and scratching her way through life trying to get ‘hers’ stomping on anyone that gets in her way. My desire is that when the women leave my program or workshop, they feel lighter,they’ve accessed their ‘voice’ and go into the world as woman/feminine and not operating in the masculine all of the time.

  198. Michelle Doetsch

    Hi Marie. I’m Michelle Doetsch and I’m the owner of New Yew Multidimensional Healing. This brand new biz was born out of my deep desire to help people with chronic illness and/or pain; people who are often labeled as lazy, hypochondriacs, cry babies, or moochers due to the limitations that pain has caused in their lives. Some of my clients have actually been fired or called drug addicts by frustrated doctors who couldn’t fully manage their pain. Nearly all of them have seen friendships dissolve and found familial relationships strained because of the hidden and insidious nature of chronic pain.

    Multidimensional healing at it’s most basic means treating the whole client; body, mind, and spirit. At New Yew, I do that through the use of massage, bodywork, energy work, and aromatherapy (which also includes application of essential oils to the body). My clients know that I don’t “fix” them; I simply facilitate the engagement of their body’s own natural ability to heal itself. Transformation, regeneration, and rebirth are not only the ancient and powerful symbols of the yew tree , they are also the hallmarks of Multidimensional Healing.

    I’ve been doing this work for many years in a center owned by operated by someone else, with hopes and dreams of someday opening my own treatment center. But, after breaking my ankle earlier this year, I was forced to face a lot of fears and decided that there was no better time than NOW to move on from my relatively “safe” status as independent contractor at a local wellness center to pursue my dreams full force. So, I hired a graphic designer and now have a logo and business card, and I’m in the process of creating a multi-media website. I’m also searching for a physical location.

    So of course, I have the usual hurdles that most business owners have: fear of putting myself out there; finding the right location; promotion; and getting a kick a** website up, running, and optimized for my ideal clientele. I know I can handle those. I also know that RHH Live would help me handle them with the most amazing amount of style!

    My biggest hurdle, however, is also my biggest dream for my business: Video Retreats. People with chronic pain have difficulty making long range plans because they never know when they’re going to have a debilitating flare. This makes going on a planned retreat very difficult, especially considering the outlay of cash involved. With a video retreat, they would be able to register and then take the retreat anytime that they’re feeling able. I know that RHH Live will give me the tools I need to create my video retreats in the most stylin’ & creative way possible.

    Once I’m over this hurdle, I’ll have a healing center where my clients can come for massage, bodywork, energy work, and aromatherapy services; an amazing website where they can download guided meditations and stretch videos; physical retreats; and some amazing video retreats.

  199. Georgina

    Hi Marie!
    Before getting started, I’d like you to know that I’m not competing for the scholarships as I live far away from New York (is Athens, Greece far away enough?), but as I was about to write to you anyway, I decided it was somewhat the perfect timing.
    So, I’m Georgina Triantafyllopoulou from Greece, 27 yrs of age, about to start a Tarot- reading- business (all services provided by me, myself and I, but to be honest, I don’t need anybody else).
    Recently, I saw that video of yours about that openly-gay lady, who had that vegan restaurant, and I was contemplating on this whole thing about the right to be different.
    Personally, I decided that doing Tarot- readings the usual way was not very much of myself, as my first approach of the subject about seven years ago, was more of a try to get in touch with my own intuition and feelings, instead of predicting the future. I’ve always believed in the power of taking responsibility over our lives and happiness, and I don’t see myself as an expert in reading other people’s future (as future is not carved in stone).
    However, I believe that I can help them get more in touch with themselves and their intuition, through the Tarot. After all, Tarot is fun!
    What makes me a bit skeptical about the whole thing, is that I’m not sure if people can take such an attempt seriously. I mean that sometimes, I come across people I estimate, but I have this feeling that they don’t quite understand what I want to do, or if I’m a fraud- as they believe about people who deal with Tarot, magic, etc.
    I believe that they have totally different opinions about me when I’m the French Literature graduate who works at the Airport (my current job) and when they find out about my dream job (or at least, let’s say about this “hobby” I have).
    I know I have to go past this, or I will probably regret it for the rest of my life, but sometimes I just wonder if that would be enough for me to lose a lot of friends I love and understand, because they won’t be able to see my own view of the “truth”…
    For now, I think about using a pseudonym, but I don’t think that this can go on forever!
    That’s my story! I wish you do well with sorting out the winners and have a lot of fun in Mexico!
    Looking forward to your next Q &A!

  200. Maria Bosak

    Hey Marie! Here you go! Excited to meet you. 🙂

    • OMG I love you! You grabbed your girls? LOL Great vid hope to see you in NYC!

      • HAHAHAHAHA… you are so freakin’ funny… you seem like a such a cut-throat selfless person… love it