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It’s not everyday I get to share this kind of video with you.

As you know, Q&A Tuesday is quickly growing to be our favorite day of the week. You ask questions, I do my best to give you answers, and we all have some laughs along the way!

A few months ago, I turned the question asking tables on one of my biggest business idols ever, Sir Richard Branson, during a stay on his ridonkulously beautiful Necker Island.

You’ll see me along with my dear friends Joe Polish and Yanik Silver digging deep with Richard on business, marketing, and giving back.

Heads up, this vid is different than my usual MarieTV vids.  It’s considerably longer and unfortunately, no Lady Gaga costumes.

But it’s CHOCK full of wisdom to put to use in your business and life, including:

  • The key to being a successful entrepreneur (what you need to do first!)
  • The #1 lesson for start-up entrepreneurs to get off the ground
  • Richard’s take on delegation vs. managing and Steve Jobs!
  • How Richard starts to think about marketing a new product

And a whole lot more, baby.

You’ll also hear Richard talk about one of the most important aspects of his life right now, Virgin Unite, the non-profit foundation of the Virgin Group.

They unite people to tackle tough social and environmental problems in entrepreneurial ways. Since the overheads of Virgin Unite are covered by Richard and the Virgin Group (love that!), 100% of additional donations go to the front line where they are needed the most, for example, to support young entrepreneurs in South Africa, or homeless teenagers all over the world, or to stop young girls from suffering with fistula.

I support Virgin Unite, and I would love you to come on board and do the same at

What I Want You To Do Now

1. Leave a comment below and let me know your biggest, most actionable insight from this video. (If you’ve got more than one, that’s cool too!)

2.  Click here to tweet a thank you to Richard for giving us his time + wisdom.

3.  Leave a gushing comment thanking Joe Polish on too. He was the driving force behind this interview and worked non-stop to make it happen. Joe will freak out if a ton of smart Rich Happy & Hot ladies + gents comment on his new blog! Let’s make his day, OK?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this information with us Marie!

    • That’s an interesting book title in your link, I’ll have to check it out.

  2. I feel like I’m watching a TED talk, so informative. Well done! I literally jumped out of my seat when Sir Richard said “An entrepreneur is not a manager”. It’s hard to get things done when you try to do it all yourself. Some people don’t delegate because they don’t trust others, they want to have all the control. Or they’re just really cheap. These are the people constantly complaining about lack of business growth.

    I know some people want to use lack of money as an excuse for not getting help, but that’s BS. I’ve been in business for just 2 months and I already have an admin assistant. We’ve worked out a flexible compensation plan and she knows who I am and what I stand for. There’s no room to second guess anything, I laid that s*** flat out from the get-go.

    And that’s all I have to say! Plus, thanks Marie for the awesome comment you made about my smile. I try my best 🙂

    • Hi Alex nice comments but in today’s fully interconnected world a small business does not necessarily need to hire, noting that cash can sometimes be a real issue. I’ve been running my business for about three years now. Our achievement has not been spectacular but we’re slowly getting there. Our target is to gross $1mm, a whopping N160mm when converted to our currency, by close of business in 2014. I outsource 100% of everything I don’t need to in person. Sometimes I even outsource the driving of my car when I have an important appointment. The disadvantage of being a small business is that you cannot really scale but then every big business started small. In summary, you don’t need to hire, you can outsource always outsource to preserve cash.

  3. I love this piece of advice: “be a people person”. YES.

    Without people, you have no business.

  4. Sir Richard Branson is such an inspiration, thanks for sharing this Marie!

  5. As a photographer my business is primarily people I’m astonished at the number of photographers who don’t get people, great advice Richard thanks for sharing

  6. Richard Branson is a HUGE inspiration to me. Thank you Marie for sharing this video; it gave me a boost today and I needed it!

  7. I am only 12 minutes through this thing and am SO loving this video. Wheels are turning and inspiration is flowing through my veins. Thanks, Marie (and her awesome team!).

  8. Wow amazing interview… I love the way you all are so relaxed and comfortable..

    The best advice I take away is this:
    Be a people person and master delegation!

    I am an introvert and I constantly struggle with enganging with other people and I totally agree that it is a main skill to master… Now I know where to focus on my next personal development journey.

    Thanks again for putting this setup together 🙂

    • Hi Marlene, I’m an introvert to and I understand what you mean. Since I’ve been a photographer I have had to restructure my life completely and schedule much larger times to recharge. As in, 24 hour days that are dedicated to only me and silence, no matter what. LONG walks ALONE just to hear my own footsteps and an aggressive AM and PM journal. I love people (and I’m sure you do too) however social interactions take a lot out of me. Since I’ve been doing this it has helped me and my business tremendously.

      Hope that helps,


      • Thank you Joy for sharing
        I recently moved back with my housband after a 2 year seperation. In that period I enjoyed my 48 hours of no housband and no kids. Right now I really value my tecnichal marketing job, that allows me to work from home. But I do miss those completely silent days… And yes I love people… Its jus my brain that analyzes to much… it drains me when I have to relate to others. But I am working with some yoga and meditations to help me. And I enjoy running.

        Wonder how many women (people) who has this issue?

        Maybe we should form a group 🙂


        • Joy,

          I love your suggestion of taking long walks to regroup and gather your thoughts. I’m extremely outgoing but sometimes I need to break away from the crowds and spend time by myself. I take long walks, sometimes for up to two hours. I find being in nature to be very soothing, it helps me relax more. And I journal daily as well. Writing things down and getting them off your chest is a create way to create clarity.



  9. That was great, thanks. Always liked Richard Branson. I was lucky enough to meet him many years ago in the mid 90’s. My company back then launched his Virgin Records website and there was a huge party at the Manhattan store to celebrate the event.

    What’s great about him is that he’s the ‘real deal’. Unlike many execs in his league, he’s genuine and obviously a great model for any business person.

  10. What a fabulous video with great content! I agree with Richard – it is indeed all about the people and we can give back in our businesses!! I would just add to Richard’s insights that when you give back well, you cannot help but benefit yourself and your company.

  11. This is crazy exciting Marie and a synchronicity for me!

    Just last night on our family hike my kids and husband and I were sharing with each other what most INSPIRES us about Sir Richard Branson…He really touches me with his wisdom, grace, sense of giving-back and FUN!
    What a constellation of stellar qualities he models for us all as an authentic and magnificent example of TRUE wealth and richness.

    Congratulations on your energetic alignment with such a phenomenon as Sir Richard Branson!
    Soak it up siStar- You are doing awemazing things!

    Thank you for sharing this xoShakaya

  12. Truly amazing. I don’t even know what to say after watching this video! Love Richard’s take on everything! Such charisma.

  13. Thanks Marie,

    It is always good to listen to SRB – this was a thoughtful interview and I appreciate you making it happen. x juliet

  14. F*CK YEAH! That’s my real personality expressing itself after seeing that vid!

  15. Thanks for sharing this! The first thing Richard said was the best that “we don’t become entrepreneur from beginning and it just happens by default when we try to improve the world”.

  16. Love it~!

    Coffee tastes sooooo good while listening to this interview. Sir Richard Branson looks like an angel.. Thank you Marie 😀

    Lessons so far (from the first half) :

    1.When at the end of the day you think you benefitted people, and if you got it all right, you’ll be able to pay the bills at the end f the year.
    2. From day one we must be good with people.
    3. Entrepreneur is not a Manager.
    4. Put yourself on the front page + be ready to make a fool of yourself.


  17. HOLY GUACAMOLE! I’ve watched twice already + even tagged along my man! So much veggie bacon in one bite. Delicious! My fave part is leveraging the fun in EVERYTHING we do! Makes me relieved because I don’t think I could run my business without the Shakira dancing + party glasses!

    Thanks Marie. LOVED IT!

  18. I LOVE how he kept bringing it back to making a difference in people’s lives…not about money. Now I love me some money, as you would say Marie, but he gets it that when we focus on changing people’s lives, the money follows- not the other way around.

    Love you & thanks!

  19. Awesome, awesome interview – so many good things in there! I’ve been thinking all weekend about “giving back,” making this all the more perfect. It’s one thing to build a successful business that supports yourself and your family, as well as those that you employ (and that’s a very good thing to do). It’s another thing to very literally change the world, which is an amazing thing to do. And it’s something that we ALL have the potential to do. I’ll be rewatching this – thank you, Marie, Joe, Yanik and – of course – Sir Richard!

  20. A reminder to help people and keep that top of mind every day. I often get lost in the busy-ness side of things. When I think about helping, everything gets easier.

  21. Lessons from the second half :

    * Get fit, do some kayaking.
    * Spend time with your family for the balance.
    * You can train yourself (…) + make a difference.
    * Good reputation –> trust.
    * Love people.

    His smile is making me blush!
    And I agree with Joe Polish (I’m Polish! hahah)—there is no way for being bored in todays world.

    Extra bonus lesson : “Business and Fun goes hand in hand ” — Marie.

  22. Natalia

    Thanks for sharing this interview with us. The way I look at it, it’s worth about 30 days of Q and A Tues-day! Sir Richard is an inspiration, and it’s wonderful to see him apply his talents to work on making a long-lasting change in the world. Again, thanks Marie!

  23. Jen

    7 things I learned from Sir Richard Branson.

    1. Be a great people person.
    2. Be a great delegator.
    3. Make people laugh – Look for ways to have fun.
    4. Piggy back on other peoples infrastructure.
    5. Showing your sexier side of life makes brands more interesting.
    6. When nervous about public speaking pretend you are having a chat with friends in your living room.
    7. Use the word we when talking about initiatives, it isn’t about you.

  24. I most appreciated the distinction of manager vs entrepreneur. Both are valid choices for our business, but knowing which we excel at will help ensure our success. Also, I was deeply inspired by Richard’s love for his family. Thank you, Maria for bringing this unique call to action to my doorstep.

  25. I liked what Richard said about being a people person. It’s a statement often repeated but is still golden. If your not caring about your customers readers/friends/community, who is?
    Thanks for getting this in front of us. You should be very proud of yourself for using your influence to make a difference. More of this action is exactly what the world needs right now.
    Be the change you want to see. I love that. Thank you Marie.

  26. Marie,

    Holy Moly! I religiously watch all your Q and A videos (and love them!) Thank you for bringing us Sir Richard Branson today. I love all the advice he gives and especially love the separateness of being a “manager” vs an “entrepreneur.” As I grow my business (I plan to), I will make I do things correctly so I bring more value to my audience.

    And he gives the advice of “lavishing praise” and “being a great people person.” This is HUGE and very important.

    Thank you again!

    Thank you again!

  27. Tina Beaudin

    My day didn’t start out like I had hoped. I felt defeated and beaten down. I look forward to Q & A Tuesdays each week and didn’t even want to listen to this one… boy oh boy I’m sure glad I did! Listening to to Richard has totally inspired me to make the difference I know I can.
    All I can say is “namaste”… the light in me honours the light in you.

    Love and Hugs

  28. Wow! I didn’t realise one of Sir Richard Branson’s efforts extended mentorship to homeless youth in Toronto, my hometown!

    As a woman who found myself homeless and living on the streets of Toronto at 16 after my single mother died suddenly of a heart attack, and who has not only survived that ordeal but has THRIVED, I felt inspired to apply to contribute to this worthy program.

    Thank you again for spreading awareness of this great man’s many profound initiatives!

  29. Hey working with Richard is great – I did his virgin money launch in South Africa:
    Here you get to see the vid:

    What a wonderful man – and I just love it that he never once put limits on the budget!

  30. Definitely love the insight that everything is about connecting with people on a basic level, making others shine and bringing it back to the home team ! No man is an island 🙂

  31. Fantastic. Here are my biggies: “Getting to know people in fun situations can achieve a lot more than meeting after meeting after meeting” and “Try to come up with ideas that make people smile”. Also great to hear that even Sir Richie B was a bad public speaker when he first started! Hopping over to Virgin Unite now….

  32. Thank you ..
    Marla, your closing statement about being yourself…melted mine.. amazing my sister…

  33. Rebecca

    Maria, thank you for sharing this incredible video. Richard Branson is awesome and I hope to meet with him someday too! He’s one of the special people in the world who can see past his nose and truly wants to help others… just amazing!

  34. Love the advice about combining work with family and working from home. All too often women leave a corporate environment because of work family balance.

  35. Sarah

    Amazing video, thanks so much Marie! And Joe, and Yanik, and of course Sir Branson himself! I think a lot of this video is relevant for people interested in building anything, certainly including non-profits.

  36. Wow, that’ll get me through the week.. Love Richard and love the comment,
    “So Richard, What’s your Secret Sauce?”- will be spending time on that idea.. What IS my Secret Sauce and am I using einough of it in my biz?

  37. My favorite piece of wisdom from Sir Richard: an entrepreneur sets out to help people, and sees the gap in the market, where they can do something better than who/what already exists out there. It happens by default.

    This is so perfect. I think this is what keeps it authentic. This is what ensures that people follow their passion, rather than reverse-engineering and thinking: “Ooh, I want to make money, so what can I do to make that happen?” I think if you try to take that approach, your ideas and your business model will be forced and artificial, and you’ll burn out in short order.

  38. Jen

    Holy shaz Marie, The Branson Man himself? Such a valuable video and interview, thank you so much for sharing it with all of your peeps. Two huge takeaways where when Sir Richard spoke about how creating a business can directly help solve social problems that exist in our society – it’s our obligation as entrepreneurs to help out to make business a force for good. Also, love the entrepreneurs aren’t managers idea. Delegation, delegation, delegation! I know that can be hard for us “perfectionist” types who need to control the outcome. What I got out of it was, letting go and trusting that the process will unfold if you have the right support around you, is the key. My job is to inspire, create and give back.

    Thanks again for sharing this. It rocks.

    Big x’s and o’s,

  39. Absolutely love the energy that interview brought up…totally inspiring and re-connecting with the BIG WHY behind starting my own biz.

    And Marie…I am not even a big feminine energy type of person, but there is something so beautiful about your presence and the questions you ask…both soft and strong at once. Nicely done!

  40. What stuck out was the over-all passion for creative entrepreneurship by all folks on the video. But I really enjoyed the points about making a great product and marketing it’ yourself’ – we are at the point of making these kinds of decisions and it was a timely message to hear an answer that did not have a $ sign attached.


  41. Thanks Marie!! This is amazing. I especially loved the lesson that you can successfully use your entrepreneurial talents to make positive change in the world. I also loved how he stressed that your business needs to be about improving the lives of others and not about money. Love it! Keep up the awesome work.


  42. I love this interview and I love the cause. Thank you for sharing this.

  43. Thanks, Marie, for sending this to us. What Did I get out it?
    1- Have fun, don’t be such a tight ass, even if you are one
    2- Always Delegate! and never say “I” ….. rather “We” or “Team”
    3- Oh! i am so excited to see first hand the new “turns” in your biz! Looks pretty cool! (btw, did anyone else see that Richard Branson is seriously crushing on Marie !!! 🙂 )

  44. I swear you are living out my fantasy by spending time with Sir RB. He is utterly mesmerizing, with his passion, achievements and views. I most loved his very simple statement, which he lobbed out just off the bat, that true entrepreneurs don’t set out to be “entrepreneurs” but rather to make a difference in peoples’ lives. I love that, and so agree with the philosophy behind it. The same adage is true about “thought leaders” and so many other labels with which people decorate themselves.
    This was a fantastic interview. Thank you for sharing it, and for all you do.

  45. Claire

    Fantastic video! I’m going to focus on getting to know people in fun situations, and coming up with ideas to make people smile. Hurrah! And even Sir Richie B was a terrible public speaker when he started out….there’s hope for us all 🙂

  46. Thank you Marie – this is the embodiment of delight – gracious, loving, fun. I am proud and honored to be a student of yours. Thank you, thank you. ~Kathleen

  47. I actually had to applaud at the end. Thank you Marie for giving us such a special gift.

  48. That video was extremely powerful! One of my biggest take aways was when the topic of “being bored” was mentioned. We really have to learn how to get off our butts and use our brains! We should never be bored! In fact, every second of our day should be filled with activities that are moving us forward. Let’s unite and make a difference. We really all do have such an amazing power to change the world.

  49. Such a great treat Marie. This was amazing to see in my inbox this morning. A very thorough look into the mind and ease of Sir Branson. A true inspiration to see 2 hard working people in the same room during a time when I’m starting my business.

    I truly am grateful for allowing us to share in on your once-of-a-lifetime experience. Thanks so much Marie,
    Mia Anita
    Closet Collection Int’l


    Mia Anita
    Closet Collection Int’l

  51. Why, why, why can’t all leaders lead like Branson?
    The proof is there people – it works! Imagine how the world could be, amazing!
    Great interview thank u so much for sharing loved it – I’m inspired to do more, give more, be more and be happier! I want to continue to drive my vision to help more divorced women get back on track.
    And Marie your comment that you were ‘a little inappropriate’ really moved me – I had a little tear! Awesome work xxx

  52. Fan-freaking-tastic, Marie!

    That was so inspiring, so affirmative, and just a great reminder that it’s all about your intentions and motives as an entrepreneur! So many great nuggest extracted from the vid. Loved it!

  53. Wow what an amazing opportunity Marie to spend time not only with Sir Richard Branson but also with Yanik and Joe on the most beautiful island in the world. Great content, thanks for sharing.
    Looking forward to having you on the cover of SMW magazine.
    Have a fab day.
    Pam Brossman 🙂

  54. I have long loved Richard Branson and read all his books. Biggest takeaway from this is:

    Have fun and make a fool of yourself (when it comes to PR)

    Richard has had his fair share of failures on publicity stunt gone wrong and he just keeps on doing them because he rocks and is willing to put himself out on a limb and live a daring and adventurous life.

    So glad I got to partner with them recently on my blog – couldn’t think of a better brand to align with.


  55. Claudia

    Thank you for this! It was so informative. I think my two main takeaways were to be and entrepreneur, not a manager, and to really put yourself out there and use yourself to market your brand. I’m creating my business and have been wary of really putting myself out there, so this was a great push. Thank you, Marie!

  56. susana

    Priority #1: YOU! be fit + healthy….nurture your body, mind AND soul!! I love that this is his first priority. This is how great things manifest. Thankyou sooooo much Marie for sharing this vid with us. Deeply appreciate it! xxxx

  57. I love it Marie – living the dream on Necker Island – I’ll be there one day!

  58. marva

    great video.. thanks loads!!

  59. I love Richard Branson’s call to all business owners to use their business skills to get involved in social causes. The reason i got involved in my business is because it has an amazing opportunity to help people. Our goal is to be able to do a lot of non profit work once we are up and running. Thank you for sharing this video.

  60. What an awesome opportunity! CHILLS! Thanks, as always, Marie 🙂

  61. Just loved the video…great look at an amazing man.

  62. Amazing video Marie! Having fun and putting yourself out there, was exactly what I needed to hear!

  63. Richard Branson is really amazing! I love when he said “An entrepreneur is not a manager. An entrepreneur is somebody who is great at conceiving, starting and building ideas, but then handling it over to a manager to manage the business”. It’s so true, thanks for sharing this video with us! xoxo

  64. This is awesome Marie! Richard is a true visionary! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  65. Awesome interview!!! Everyone was so relaxed and playful- it was like eavesdropping on a chat between old friends. My big take-aways were: Seek to be of SERVICE, delegate, surround yourself with people who share and support your vision, leave a legacy (The Elders), and enjoy your family & friends as much as possible and HAVE FUN! To see someone like Richard Branson continuing to challenge himself and push his edges (space travel) and EXPAND into greater service, even when he could fall back into a life of total luxury and leisure…it was very inspiring. Rock on Marie, you bad mamma-jamma!

  66. Loved this interview! Thanks for sharing. It inspired me to check out the Virgin Unite site which took me to the Mandela Day site and to writing this post about giving back! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  67. Hey Marie, here’s a big shout out all the way from NZ! Love your work! Thanks so much for posting this interview, lots of juicy entrepreneurial goodness in there, and the Virgin Unite vid at the end gave me goose bumps. So inspiring!

  68. Jason Gracia

    Just a quick thanks for a wonderful video, Marie.

  69. E L

    Insightful, informative and inspiring. I’m up after mid-night and enjoyed every minute of the video. What more can I say!

    Thanks Richard, Marie, Joe and Yanik for being leaders in what you love to do! Be blessed!

  70. Marie~~ wonderful opportunity to listen to Richard Branson up close and personal. Best interview ever….I love this man’s presence, humility and genuine concern and care for the people he affects. It inspired me on many levels, to never stop but always press forward, sharing your ideas that bring goodness in many different ways to our planet. It’s about the world; it’s about the fun, it’s all about the people.
    RB is hot; let’s just say it like it is! And your friends with this amazing person. Fabulous!!

  71. Susan M.

    To see a need and fill it with your ideas to help others. And, to do this while taking care of yourself, and shining your unique light through it all! Thank you!

  72. I’ve been waiting for this!!! FABULOUS interview, such a down to earth kinda guy, LOVE Richard Branson. Going to take more action steps when it comes to my inspiring ideas…jettison the fear of failure and just approach the relevant people with my art and what i can do. Thanks Marie XXXX

  73. Jan

    Thanks for the opportunity to listen in. Insight for me was actually your comment Things turned around for you when you allowed yourself to be truly authentic in your business. I can see from the other entrepreneurs the same applies. That’s why one of the best things we can do for our busines is work on ourselves and put the insights into inspired action.

  74. Andrea

    Thank you Marie!!! Loved it. I always love how gracious he is and also how well balanced and well spoken he is!
    What I loved the most is his mentioning that the entrepreneur is not a manager and I must agree with it, as I hate to manage people and always thought I must become very good at it….
    Also loved him talking about having family around and bringing up balanced kids. I can not agree with this more. I have left behind my career the day my daughter was born and for the past 7 years I have only worked from home… 🙂
    And she is the most balanced and amazing little girl ever 🙂 (wink)
    Being great with people…and having fun….this is a big one! Loved his comments.
    Lastly, that we need to workout and keep ourselves in shape….well said. Without us being well and healthy we can not help anyone else, really!
    Thanks again, awesome interview.

  75. What struck me in particular was when he said to surround yourself with inspired people who believe in what you’re doing. It never fails to surprise me how much of a difference it makes when friends or others give me simple words of encouragement. It makes me realize that far more than constructive criticism or feedback, sometimes the most helpful thing I can do for someone else is just let them know that they’ve affected me, or how they’re good at what they do. Encouragement for entrepreneurs is like water and sunlight to plants – it helps them grow.

    This comment also stuck out like a bolt of lightning because it reinforced the idea that I need to ACTIVELY surround myself with people that will encourage me, and who know more than me. I haven’t totally figured this out yet, but I know that artistic and creative collaboration are key, and that it won’t necessarily just happen – I need to pay attention to setting that intention. So here goes (are you listening, universe? 😉 ): I want to be around entrepreneurs (women in particular) who’ve created profitable businesses that they love running. I want to be around role models who are having a great time expressing their purpose in the world, and who are making lots of moolah in the process. I can feel that this is what’s next for me in the world and it’s as though I’m on the edge of making it happen; it’s that teeter-tottery feeling when you’ve crept up the hill on the roller coaster and now you’re about to go for a RIDE. I have a feeling that being around other successful women entrepreneurs who are farther along the path will be key for me — so that’s my strong desire now, and the biggest takeaway.

    Thanks for putting this out there, Marie!

    • Claire

      Great point Vixen on the Loose! I am 100% with you on that one. Being surrounded by other creative, smart and inspiring women makes such a difference to your energy, motivation and sense of purpose. Thank you for reminding me to keep this front of my mind too! Claire x

  76. VIRGIN GALACTIC! Yes….. it’s all about thinking BIG!! LOVE this interview, thanks so much for sharing!!!

  77. Thank you Marie for everything you do! After following so many great men in the world I’m happy to see you as woman stepping up, kicking ass and be around the great men.

    I loved this interview as I think what Sir Richard does is great!

    The biggest inside or extra confirmation is that having fun in life and business is THE best way to keep going, live life the fullest and create great things!

    Lots of love,
    Nelleke from The Netherlands

  78. Awesome interview! love it! my biggest take-a-way was one of the first things he said… entrepreneurs don’t often know they are entrepreneurs- they are people who have a strong urge or pull to make a difference in the world, they see a need & gap in the market & go for it. Then, all of a sudden, they are entrepreneurs! I think this is the difference between successful businesses & unsuccessful ones.


  79. Pulled off a “biggy” here Maree! As always, love your work, your choices and especially your truth! Walking the talk is just who you are. Congrats on a fabulous interview and discussion x

  80. “Never use the I word”. OKAY! Being generous with praise. YES! I WILL DO THAT! Bring out the best in people. UHM… HOW? Work with people who believe in the cause. UH…OKAY? HOW? Be a people-person. …. …. <— Be a people person. This seems like such a difficult, hard thing. Something that seems like you have to be "born" with. I don't know what to do with that. I'll do my best, though.

  81. Thanks Marie! What a pleasure to see how comfortable Richard is, just being himself. Biggest take-away was seeing/hearing how important it really is to build relationships with other humans. Mutual respect, admiration and of course having fun all contribute to these deep connections. That’s just what life is all about. xo

  82. What a wonderful interview and what FUN….

    My take-aways:
    1. Make a difference in other people’s lives
    2. See and fill the gap in the market
    3. Paint your canvas and get all the details right
    4. Be a people person, be genuine.
    5. Find people to put you out of business, be a great delegator
    6. Marketing – is the product worthy of people’s attention, chairman leads the charge.
    7. creating businesses can solve social problems.
    8. Stay connected to the family, virtual office from home and use technology
    9. protect the downside…
    10. Have fun, let your hair down!

    Congrats on your engagement Marie!
    Cheers – Robin

  83. This interview was so inspiring! It was like a breath of fresh air to listen to Richard…and it definitely didn’t hurt that you all were in the most beautiful setting! I could feel the warm breeze and smell the tropical air…ahhh…

    o.k., where am I? Oh yeah, actionable insights…

    These really rang true for me:
    * Take care of your people and truly work as a team (giving everyone credit). I feel that I do this already but that I can always improve this!
    * Have fun and take care of yourself. Amen! (working on that)
    * Be yourself, celebrate it, and don’t leave it at home when you work. (one of the main insights that I continue to get from you Marie).

    Thank you!

  84. This is fantastic Marie, thank you! There are several things I’m taking away from this, but most importantly are the ones that I know I personally have been neglecting. The reminder about taking care of myself and making exercise and my physical well-being #1 priority couldn’t have come at a better time. Also, I loved that he mentioned several times the importance of balance and not taking yourself too seriously! So my actionable item then would be to start going back to yoga class 2-3 x per week. I have forgotten how important that is. Thanks for bringing it back to me 🙂

  85. Thank you Marie!!
    You cannot begin to imagine how PERFECT the timing of this e-mail is for me!
    I just came back from London from the National Achievers Congress 2011, where I saw Sir Richard Branson live on stage. Actually, he was the biggest reason for going there, as he is an amazing LIFE role model for me.
    Watching this interview made me feel that I am still in his energy and this is such an inspiration!
    Its so refreshing to see that by just beeing yourself you can achieve ALL you want in life! The main take-away for me is, like Sir Richard would say :Screw It Lets Do It”! We just have to go for things and enjoy the process!

    Alexandra Kalogianni
    Social Media Zest

  86. This is so inspiring!

  87. Alison Howell

    The two things that most struck me, were, something you said Marie, that when you realised you could be yourself in business, everything changed. Hurrah!

    I think there is too much focus on “being conventional” but what’s the point if it’s not true or real for you.

    Secondly, to be an entrepreneur and not a manager…..something which I think comes more easily and freely as a business grows and others become involved. Thank you…
    Alison Howell
    Foot Trails

  88. LOVE THIS! Of course because I’m a Health and Wellness Coach I love the fact he makes his health a priority. I love his philosophy on biz and life.

  89. WHAT A GIFT! Thank you Marie! So, so inspirational and mobilizing!

    Socially Driven Art-Preneurship is what I was born for and it feels oh-so-good to know, with YOUR help, I’m a building a legacy that can change the world.

    Here’s to helping Women and Artists become the ones they are waiting for, one camera click at a time!

    Much, Much Love

  90. Wow, I have so much cooking in my mind/soul after listening in and then looking around on the Virgin and Elders websites; I learned so much in this last 1/2 hour. Also several things Richard said triggered something in me and I have a new business idea that I am blown away about. Marie, thank you for all you do that is helping me go ever deeper, ever higher. What an honour to be in on your world, and the worlds of others like Richard, through you.

  91. Kathleen Prophet

    Wow, Marie! Sooooo inspirational! I am really touched by this man’s presence and BIG HEART and GIANT VISION. No wonder you adore him so! Really feel touched and changed by his repeated mantra of making a difference in people’s life and the simple act of being good to people. I heard this like never before. Its a life changer!

    LOVED your joyous presence! Fun… yes, that would be the other for me… underscoring of FUN! YAY!

    Thank you!!!

  92. Wow!

    The ad for Virgin Unite brought tears to my eyes!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  93. Virginia Leek

    I gained great insight from this interview. The most valuable lesson that hit home for me were that it’s not about you, it’s about your team and to quit taking yourself so damn seriously! Yey, great stuff. I must also say Marie that although few, your questions and your delivery came across with such ease & eloquence. You stood proud as a woman and as an equal in great company, you rock! Thanks for sharing…keep it up. Hugs, Vx

  94. Thank you so much for sharing the video! It is wonderful to have weekly access and exposure to inspiring business gurus and entrepreneurs. It isn’t always possible to find them locally… so it is awesome for me to be able to connect in other ways. My biggest ‘take home’ from the video was Richard’s focus on fun. The things we teach at the Mudita Institute can get a bit serious but we always, always, always try to have fun with them and convey that sense of fun to our clients. ‘Mudita’ means ‘a joyful appreciation of life’… aka FUN. I also loved your comment about you becoming more successful when you realised you didn’t have to ‘hide’ who you were in your business. That is a lesson I’ve been learning of late. After ghost writing for many years and having to ’embody’ other people’s voice, it is has taken a little time to truly be myself in my writing… but I think I’m finally there! Thanks for all you do. xxx

  95. The word inspiration comes up a lot – either to be inspirational or be inspired by others. I’m sure that this and self-belief are what separate successful entrepreneurs from the rest. I certainly feel inspired having watched the video.

  96. Awesome interview! I’ve followed Joe Polish for some time now – thanks to both of you for putting this together!

  97. Dara

    The emphasis on people! I love it. It completely aligns with my mission and gives me great faith in growing my business.

  98. This was incredible, thank you so much Marie!

    My biggest take away…

    Create more value in others lives and your business will thrive.

    Seriously Amazing!

    I love Richard Branson!

  99. one has to have the GUTS to be your self. a rebel. not every one is going to get your gig. the ones that DO will flow to you. give and give and give. another name for this is SACRED SERVICE. oh and nevah, nevah, nevah give up.

  100. Daniela

    Thanks to our friend Martina I could see this fantastic video! What can I add… This is the real Virgin DNA, I work for “Richard” in Italy and I confirm everything he says! Have fun!

  101. Thank You Richard & Co.! The most important point to me was that Richard said he always worked from home around his beloved. So … this is possible! It is not just a dream of mine! I want to do what I love most from anywhere I am in the World, closed to the people I love! If He and other enterpreneurs like him could do it, I can to! Thank You for that encouragement! Further more I liked that promote Yourself tip, I’m thinking of putting a great photo of Me at work on my website, I guess people are curious about who’s behind the curtains! and … this is already a lot for now to work on!!! xox

  102. My biggest, most actionable insights from this video: take care of the body and get those endorphins running and have fun.

  103. you r so beautiful……………………………………..never ending

  104. Yayaniyoyo

    Hi Marie, I am new to your site and after reading your articles all I can say is, I wanna be like you! Your site is nice and when I played your Q&A video, I really listened to every line. You’re so beautiful and so smart! Keep it up.

  105. A very insightful interview; thanks for bringing together such great minds and and capturing the interview in such a candid way; I felt like I was sitting there with all of you. There were many great takeaways from this interview. TY!

  106. My big takeaway is a reinforcement to be the YOU in your business. I believe down to my unique toes that if we each broadcast our individuality, we are doing exactly what we’re here to contribute, and the whole world hums…..

  107. Thank you for posting such a great interview. It is always so inspiring to witness down-to-earth individuals such as yourself Marie and Richard loving life through your business! It reminds us all that we each have gifts to offer the world and dimming our true light would be a disservice to us all x x

  108. Akua

    Love this.
    You are such a superherogoddessrockstar! Keep shinin’!
    We are all better for it.
    * Akua *

  109. There are some individuals that completely inspire you and make you come to the conclusion that their life ROCKS because of what they believe, how they treat people and how they live! “Take action now!” I am learning from the best!

  110. Loved all of it… especially what Sir Richard said about team building, filling a need and giving back. Once again reminded to have fun and stop taking it all so seriously. Big love Marie this was incredible. xo

  111. Oh, just lovely, absolutely wonderful to live in the fullness of exploring, the soul adventure, finding answers, reflecting, inspiring.

  112. Beautiful and so insightful. Richard Branson is truly a class act. Love his words about delegation and not being afraid to leverage people and to find the best people to work with. Deeply inspiring.


    make sure the people you are working with believe 100% in what you are trying to do

    make sure you are actually benefitting people

    painting the canvas

    absolute key to success is to genuinely care about people, draw out the best in people, lavish praise, inspire people, never use the I WORD, ALWAYS USE THE TEAM THING — WE WE WE WE WE GO WE WE

    TO GROW THE BIZ, you have to be able to delegate to people who are excellent manager

    MARKETING: make sure you have a great product then go out and shout about it

    be ready to make a fool of yourself

    get on the front page of the papers

    make people smile

    CHAIRMAN of a co. has to let his hair down — not be separate from everyone — go out on the dance floor

    it boils down to making people happy from employees to customers

    richard branson thinks entrepreneurism can take us out of poverty

    main biz mistake — 8 out of 10 biz do go bust — most people haven’t thought of the downside consequences of what they are doing — always think CAN I AFFORD THE WORST? protect against the worst

    automate, make sure everything is running without me

    stay fit and healthy — do some exercise every day

    worked from home and had the kids with him the whole time

    concentrate on survival when you start a business then you can start to tackle problems of the world

    put your personality into your business–marie

  114. My biggest takeaway from Sir Richard Branson was “making a difference” first. That most entrepreneurs aren’t entrepreneurs first, they help solve a problem because they want to change lives.

    As an artist, it’s hard to think that I’m solving problems with my art. I keep reminding myself that I bring beauty and expression into the world, which enhances lives of the people that appreciate it in BIG ways. I have a note by my desk that says this, in fact, and it’s been so helpful to see every day!

    I also loved your comment, Maria, about how once you realized you could insert your wild party-loving personality into your business things seemed to really take off for you. I’m uncensoring myself more and have noticed results :)))

  115. Always keep your body fit, active and healthy. If you aren’t healthy in mind and body, you won’t be of much use to your work, and you certainly won’t be able to help anyone else. I love this advice and have taken it to heart. Health has to be a priority – it is, in fact, the very heart of your work.

  116. Lisa

    My biggest take-away is to be myself. I have been guilty of having “the work voice, mannerisms, and what I thought it means to be professional”. But when I think about it- I connect the most with my customers (and sell the most) when I talk like myself. Now to bring that to my writing — that will be a lot harder.

  117. I can see that you are truly something amazing, Maria Forleo..
    Being aligned with a mission to truly help people ,
    inspiring the best of what they’ve got to give right out of them and into their businesses..
    Branson is a bright light, and you still lit up that room, like the Goddess you are..
    Thank you for bringing this to us.

  118. I put my personality into my product. I firmly believe it is something worth going out and shouting about. And, making a fool out of myself seems to be second nature for me. So, I am ready to go out with a spirit of fun to make people smile.

  119. I feel that this video has given me permission to have fun and allow ME to come through in my businesses. It’s also helped me to see that it’s totally okay to have all these ideas of what I want to do, I just have to take one at a time and find the people who can help me manifest these ideas, one step at a time.

  120. Wow! Into the mind of an entrepreneurial genius. I’ve seen some interviews on Richard Branson, but I have never seen one the picked his braind and brought out such wisdom.

    Thank for for taking the time to set this up.


  121. Wow, this was awesome! I’ve always admire Sir Richard Branson and what he does to other entrepreneurs and the world as a whole. This interview was full of golden nuggets! I learned a lot, esp. to be great at people, and balance fun and work. Thanks for sharing this Marie. You’re such an inspiration! By the way, how does it feel to be around Sir Richard Branson, I wish one day, I can have the chance to interview him!

  122. Loved it! Huge new fan of yours! Thank you for sharing.

  123. Shurlana

    Great stuff to find in my inbox. Inspiring stuff from four inspiring people. Love the part about making a difference, thats what it should always be about. Just this week was playing around with the FUN word as it relates to my business and what a pleasant surprise to hear Sir Branson speak of this in the first segment of the interview.
    Love & Light
    Shurlana Sewdass
    Facebook Page: Sasyoga

  124. It all comes down to how you are around people…now that’s a summary you won’t get in business school. Love it!

    • I loved the question “what makes you effective” – gets you thinking
      Thank you for sharing

  125. kristen

    Loved the interview, however, I’m curious about one detail. How did you (Marie) end up being the microphone holder? It bugged me that the other guy adjacent to Branson was always passing it off. Small detail but just got under my skin as an subtle inequality issue. Maybe I’m completely mis-reading it. XOXO, Love you Marie! k*

  126. HeY Marie,

    The first thing that popped up while watching the video interview (its funny Kristen noticed it too!) is the role you played in being the ‘microphone guy’ when Sir Richard was speaking. This shows alot about your leadership personality… you are not afraid to SERVE! Immediately I can tell you’ll go places.

    As for the interview, great insights from the King of ‘Funtreprenuership’ Sir Richard himself. I learned alot about delegating and how crucial balance is when juggling between fun, business and family and how all of these proponents can be integrated for a fulfilling journey through life.

    Social Funtreprenuership is the future of business in the coming age and we’ve gotten a glimpse of how it’ll look like through the three of you!

    much love,


  127. Kelly

    I have just discovered you after watching Super Soul Sunday over the weekend. I was so inspired by the 2 of you that I had to know more about you. I’ve just joined you on FB and I just watched your interview with Sir Richard Branson. I’ve heard of him but never knew just exactly what he stood for and I am blown away! I can’t wait to get involved in VirginUnite!

    But what I really want to tell you is that I had what Oprah calls an ah-ha moment while watching Richard interview you. You said that you knew you were a successful entrepreneur when you could be yourself in your business being fun, funny and slightly inappropriate! That is exactly how I define myself, loving to dance around the office or burst into song at any given time. Most people can’t deal with that and deem me immature. I have passion and drive for the work I do but I also believe I can have fun doing it. You just validated for me that I can have both! This has empowered me to continue to keep “being me” cause this is who I am and I like who I am! Thank you so much!

  128. Aminah

    The whole interview in the words of Oprah had a whole bunch of aha moments. I think the thing that stuck out for me was that, to own a business does not mean you have to do everything. Usually that’s what comes to mind, at some point when your business gets to that point you should delegate. It will help you to create more and will give someone a job.

  129. Hello Marie,
    I loved the interview and appreciated Richard taking the time to sit down with you and continue to inspire entrepreneurs. I had the pleasure of meeting him in London in 2000 and introduced my dream to him. He was so gracious and took the time to speak with me, which was truly inspiring in itself. I continued on with my dream and 12 years later now am Founder, CEO of Vitalah, creators of Oxylent, an award winning daily multivitamin. It was initially created for travelers and has become the ultimate supplement for every day life. It was created out of a need as nothing like it existed. Thanks for letting me share. Don’t stop giving everyone!! Marie, if you send me an email I would be happy to send you a box of Oxylent! Lisa

  130. An excellent interview, always and inspiration.

  131. I really enjoyed this interview. I adore Sir Richard Branson, it is like everything he touches turns to gold, and he seems to have such a kind and loving heart, a real inspiration. I only hope that i have an ounce of his success in my own business. It was a really informative interview, but it was also fun, and im glad to hear that fun and business go hand in hand, i’ll have to take that on board. Thank you for bringing us such a great chat.

  132. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Am I ever so grateful to have hear Sir Branson’s perspective! What an eye opener! and each of you just were the icing on his cake. I am so inspired from what I heard from all of you. Thank you Marie!

  133. salsita

    Biggest wake up call…. an entrepreneur is not a manager…

  134. Salsita

    Me again…. got at chance to finish watching the interview to night. I am so inspired by all four of you!!!! Thank You so so much. And I agree… no need to ever ever be bored, too much exciting stuff to learn and great people to learn from.

  135. I have been struggling to set up a business, while working at a very draining job (which I also love many aspects of), but wrangle daily with the making it about other people part, when it’s mainly just that I want to do it. I know I’d be good at it, but there are better people, so I felt like I was trying to cheat, and that it wouldn’t work if I was.
    I have been watching your videos for a couple of weeks, and today I saw this one. Wow. I was impressed with the interview, and then moved by the Virgin Unite promo at the end. And then I started reading the comments. A reader commented about the Secret Sauce question, which of course I had noted also, trying to see how maybe I could learn to be like him. But she said she was thinking about her own Secret Sauce, which was a step I hadn’t taken.
    All of a sudden I couldn’t really think anymore, because I was flooded with ideas about how I could bring this or that aspect of my interests and education and experience to bear. So, it all clicked, and I am rolling in ideas for how to do this in a way that no one else can. I read all the rest of the comments, so I lost it, but I think her name was Holly.
    Sorry to be so long-winded. It really is true that the best stuff happens after the video. Awesome and ridiculous as that is after a video like this one. But thank you. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express it.

  136. I just got your confirm email to your newsletter Marie and I can see why you said this was one of your greatest hits. Sir Branson is one of my favorites. I’ve got a kid in college who I suspect (hope) will follow her Dad’s advice and subscribe to your list and watch your MarieTV videos, like you on FB and ask good questions and learn how from a Pro like you. My buddy Mike posted your YT video on my G+ stream, else I dunno if you’d gotten on my radar, so I’m glad I caught the flow.

  137. Richard Branson is the global standard for ‘down to earth’, unconventional, big swing, and much more. How he got Virgin (Airline) started is something you will not learn at Harvard. Go with your guts, forget about rules! One commentator, Alex, said you need to hire from day one so you don’t have to do everything yourself. I say don’t hire unless you have deep pockets. Rather, outsource. You heard me, if you’re a small business and operating on a shoestring budget, outsource until you have made enough sustainable profit to hire.

  138. Love the interview!
    Crazy side note: I met the project manager who Richard hired to build that house on a ferry in the Virgin Islands! He was talking about he just warped up building Richard’s house on Necker island.
    Beautiful person! Love the connections this new world of open hearts and freedom have given me.

  139. Love the interview!
    Crazy side note: Today, I met the project manager, who built that house where the interview took place, on a ferry boat coming from Tortola to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands! Luke, the project manager, was talking about how he just wrapped up building Richard’s house on Necker island. He was flying into NYC to get a tattoo touched up.
    As soon as he mentioned it, I remembered the interview and was so excited in my head!
    Beautiful person! Love the connections this new world of open hearts and freedom have given me.

  140. Sia

    I didn’t know you and found your name by chance and then visited your website and saw this interview. Amazing chance. 🙂

    Regarding Richard: I believe beyond success, power, money, the best thing he offered ( at least by watching this video) is what his vision, personality, attitude and humble friendly approach he offers. This is what every entrepreneur should learn; happy to serve. It’s the key indeed for happy personal, and successful professional life.

    Now I am curious to know if he could have talks online on a regular basis for people with entrepreneurial spirit at different level?


  141. kathy

    I am in awe and so very inspired by the good this company does

  142. Oakley

    Thank you for kicking ass Marie. I devoured this interview. I got sooo much out of it. As I make my way, I’m seeing more and more clearly that we are the gift we have to offer, and to be ourselves in whatever we do is what makes our offering flourish. A lot of people could say, “obviously” to that, but being ourselves is so much deeper than what’s obvious. Yes, it includes all the obvious stuff, its fun, but its also a gift. Thanks for being a gift Marie. Rock it grrl. You are supporting and inspiring me so much!

  143. Very, very inspiring and insightful!
    Thank you for sharing it

  144. Realy nice

    thx for this 🙂

  145. Hi Marie, first comment here. Wow, the spirit of that man. It makes me see business in a whole other way. Business is to serve. Period. Super inspired. Thank you.

  146. Henry Michael Africa

    Marie, Thank you for being one of the people instrumental in making this video possible. I saved the link to watch it a few more times over the next week. One thing stood out for me. There was a piece of very important advice that some people did miss I think… Sir Richard Branson said and the emphasis he placed helped me to understand the seriousness with which he views it.

    LOSE THE “I”… The “I” as in pride. Spell that Pr-“I” de. Someone who uses “I” too much in a paragraph will not change the world we live in until they can lose the “I” focus… The reminder for me could not come at a better time. Thank you Sir Richard and thank you to ALL of you who made this video happen.

    Our world has much that needs fixing. Our world needs leaders who are sold out for the people. Our leaders need increased standards of integrity…Our leaders need to be focused on the needs of the people… You are the leaders we need to step up to the plate. Those who care enough about the future of others. Through videos like this you bring education and freedom to the people.

    My own personal philosophy is a simple one… “WHAT LEGACY WILL I LEAVE BEHIND?” That is a question we ALL need to ask ourselves everyday. We can build a whole new world but we cannot do it alone. Sir Richard Branson is a living example of the perfect business philosophy that every business person needs to become. One that is accountable to God and to the rest of mankind for the time we have spent on the earth.

    “You can give a man a fish but it is better to teach him how to fish”… Only education will change our world. And I am busy doing that by developing a global education subject… Richard is right. Once we can get rid of the “I” then anything is possible for anyone. We were ALL created to be victorious by God. I cannot do this alone but WE can do this together and it is going to happen… In our lifetime too…

  147. Hi Marie,
    I am Melanie from Germany. You are growing your international fans. I just found your website and videos and like them very much. It is great advice and professionally produced. Unfortunately, your Interview with Richard Brandson is not available in Germany as you may have used music that the German “GEMA” prohibits to stream in our country without paying the organization a fee. It is always a pain in the butt with them. They still have not understood that information flows on the internet and it is a fight agains windmills trying to pro bit everything.

    So I am just writing because I was wondering if this video is somewhere else available on the internet (not being hosted on youtube) like vimeo or even your own hosting.

    I would love to hear from you



  148. KG


  149. Wow! What a beautiful and inspiring interview! Thank you all.

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