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This is a guest post by the incredible Regena Thomashauer. Trust me when I say that whatever Mama is doing, you want to be a part of . . . including her legendary SWA Mastery program. When you dive in, be sure to say that Forleo sent you.

You are reading words, right now, written by The Pleasure Queen, leader of the Pleasure Revolution.

Sounds crazy, right? Too good to be true?

Or just plain crazy?

I am the Creatrix and CEO of Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, in New York City.

I do something phenomenal, unique and unprecedented.

I sell pleasure and make a killing.

Not only do I run an extremely successful company, but I’m a single mom, and a hot dating babe, and an active humanitarian.

All of you business owners out there know how intense that is.

Doing any one of the above activities could crush the ovaries of any ordinary woman.

There is a secret to my success. And I want to share it with you, right here, right now.


Yup, that’s right. None of this would have been possible without the discipline of pleasure.

Most people do not place the word pleasure next to discipline.

Our culture tends to view pleasure as unimportant, or something that randomly happens when you have a few too many drinks at 2am.

And if you’re not having the success you desire and deserve, if you are constantly feeling overworked and victimized by all you bit off, and all you have to chew, I promise you this: working harder is not the answer.

Pleasure is. And no one told us.

It is the greatest kept secret in the world of the entrepreneur.

If you were born a woman, pleasure is your birthright. You were gifted with 8,000 nerve endings dedicated to pleasure. (are we blessed, or what?)

That means, if 8,000 of your thoughts every day are not about your pleasure, 8,000 of your decisions, 8,000 of your desires – then you’re not living the design of what it means to be a woman.

And when you are not living your design, stress replaces joy, doubt replaces desire, and anger replaces fun.

How does this work in real life?

Well, let’s say I have a business meeting planned, with let’s say, my pal, Marie Forleo. We often get together to brainstorm, share ideas, and talk marketing.

When we work, it never looks like work.

We’ll meet at our favorite restaurant, or she’ll come to my house or I will go to hers.

If that happens, we plan a killer menu. Food is really important. We gotta feed our souls.

And we are always on some crazy food plan.

We have been vegans, carnivores, wheat and dairy free, and goddess only knows what else.

It is a bit problematic for me, right now, as she is consuming her entire body weight in beans each day. But this too, will pass.

Wine could play a supporting role.

Music is vital and important because you never know when she will do her internationally renowned booty pop, and I will need to whip my hair.

Then, we have to talk about boyz and sex.

Somewhere, in all that fun, I could give her a download that will contribute exponentially to her bottom line, and she could awaken marketing potential in my business that could have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of consequence.

Pleasure is a decision. An awareness. It takes no more time than suffering for your art, it just takes intention and research.

It means bowing at the feet of your woman soul, rather than committing your life to being someone’s workhorse.

It is a new paradigm that when included, changes your relationship to your life from cranky ass to bad ass. Go on. Right now.

Do something to bring you pleasure, right here, right now, today.

It will change everything.

Regena’s programs at the School of Womanly Arts have been profiled in The New York Times, Elle and New York magazine. Her views on personal development and the power of women have been featured Glamour, Newsweek, Marie Claire, Allure, Self, InStyle and The Washington Post.

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  1. I am a graduate of Mama Gena’s Mastery program and a Pleasure Nutritionist. I can honestly say that Mastery changed my life and my career. 🙂 So if you’re thinking about it, I encourage you to check it out.

    Here’s to pleasure and being in our beautiful, outrageous power!

    • Felice A

      The order should be Mastery and then B-school, not the other way around?


    I am all about refusing to accept that things typically seen as stressful/annoying/cut-and-dry can’t be pleasurable instead. In fact, I built that idea right into the business model for my company, Better Than Chocolate.

    Even something like getting your website made should be fun, decadent, and possibly a little sinful. Because if it isn’t, what’s the point? 😉

  3. Thank you for that soul-inspiring-pleasure-gift-of-words.

    It is my synchronicity fix for the day.

  4. I’m so glad to see Regena doing a guest post for you. Now THAT is a match made in heaven — two goddesses shaking it out.

  5. Just doing more for myself – because I want to do it! – is changing me! I like getting all selfish like that, ‘cuz it’s sooooo much more fun!

  6. Wow, this makes me think about my business in a whole new way… As solopreneurs and small business owners, marketing our products and services can sometimes become overwhelming, and anything but pleasurable. I want to truly help entrepreneurs find their own Marketing Bliss – thanks for the great article!

  7. I just became aware of Mama Gena through Shara Raqs (“belly” dancer) a few days ago and as I watched her I thought of you and a few other “sister goddesses” that are doing big things in the world.

    She’s a dynamo and has a great message. We all inspire and charge each other up. It’s a beautiful thing. Iron sharpens iron.

    You are definitely in my soul tribe goddess. I look forward to interfacing with you in person.

    BE well and keep shinin’!

    * Akua Auset *

  8. Wow, two of my fave biz babes hooked up?! This is MAGIC.

    I’m in Costa Rica right now, about to welcome 12 women to my kick-ass Women in Power retreat {}…so on the PLEASURE note, I’m off to dream up more fun and trouble we can stir up!

    Thank you Marie and Mama…I bow deeply.

  9. Elisha

    I love this post, and it is so timely for me (as I know it will be for so many women!) I learned from a VERY young age to tamp down my femininity, and even to equate “pleasure” with something “bad” or forbidden, or reserved only for people who felt whole, happy and totally in tune with themselves…something to attain “someday” rather than live every day, possible in every moment.

    This past year I’ve FINALLY received the message, the divine and wonderful truth that I AM A WOMAN! Who knew?! I’d been living in a woman’s body, but acting very much like a man, OR like a terrified little girl…but never like a confident, sexy, knows-how-to-live-in-PLEASURE woman! I’m in the very beginning phases of exploring this, but it’s so exciting and fun and pleasurable!

    So glad I’ve woken up, and SO happy that other women are waking up…the world needs us, and it desperately needs our divine femininity, our ease of finding and creating pleasure in every activity and our ancient but newly awakened Wisdom.

    Thanks Mama Gena for shining your light so brightly for us!


  10. Holy shit! I am on this.
    But what about the naysayers? The haters? Ignore them?

  11. This is the most refreshing article for entrepreneurs I’ve read in a looong time!

    Now I know why hubby and I don’t always agree on how to do things. I’m always wondering why he insists on doing things the harder, less pleasurable way. Whereas he doesn’t understand why I insist on doing things that take longer, but that I actually enjoy doing.

    A big “aha” moment for me.

    I’d love to read more about how to put more pleasure in our day-to-day experience of running our businesses. Is it really just a matter of taking a break to grab a handful (or more) of M&M’s? Or does it go deeper than that (I’m sure it does).

  12. Yeah, baby : ) LOVE Mama Gena….

    Yes! Pleasure is key in *all* areas – including our biz! Totally feel us moving into this new era of living and working – and women are leading the way!

    It’s *our* time ladies. We are moving fast and changing the world even faster. When we embrace *all* of our brilliance (masculine, feminine, spiritual, sexy energies) we become UNSTOPPABLE and IRRESISTIBLE. *And* have more fun…(what a concept!).

    When there is nothing to hide and we dump the shame, embarrassment, apologies when following what brings us pleasure we allow ourselves to be the brilliant, beautiful, bad-ass beings we naturally are : )

    Bring it on!

  13. LOVE this article!! Yes, I have been stressing and forgetting about all the pleasure that comes with owning my own biz and having the opportunity to live my passion!! I LOVE what I do and need to focus on that instead of worrying about the minutia.

    Marie, your posts are so helpful and inspiring and I think that’s what most of us need; practical information and the inspiration to go forward with them!!

    So glad you’re hear!!


  14. Judith Anne Condon

    Kudos! Bravo! Thank You!

    We in the world of SkyDancingTantra say this:

    “Choose with intelligence that which gives you

  15. Hi Mama Gena-

    Pleasure is discipline, discipline as pleasure. Love that!

    Biz thoughts aside, my kickbox instructor has one of the best asses in the world, and ppl always say (out of her earshot), “It’s not fair.” “She’s just genetically blessed.” And on and on.

    Well, for Ms. Exemplary Ass, pleasure includes tons of squats, lunges, and the Good Lord knows what else.

    Great line, btw: ” I sell pleasure, and make a killing.”

    Go Mama, go!

  16. So fun and inspiring!

  17. How true this is. If we think about it, what almost always stops us from doing something we need to do is laziness or fear. But pleasure and fun almost ALWAYS motivate us and get our buts in gear.

    So I guess the trick to getting things done is to replace the laziness and fear with pleasure and fun. Not hard if you look for just a second.

    Who wouldn’t like to have pleasure all day?

    Great post.

  18. Love Mama Gena! I created this shift when I left corporate and instantly stopped hating my life. Now I let things come to me vs pursuing it so much 🙂

  19. Jeannette

    Loving me some Mama Gena! Just finished reading Mama Gena’s Womanly Arts book, and getting ready to start her “man manual”! Thanks to you both for being wild, wonderful women who show us how pleasure and business partner perfectly!

  20. Are you kidding me!?!?

    This is like a laser message zapping right into my office here in Portland, OR. Could not be more appropriately timed as I sit, daily, and ponder how I can make sure I ENJOY the process of growing my two businesses more.

    I could not love Mama Gena’s business and stance on making pleasure a priority more. Could. Not.

    Please open one in the Pacific NW, immediately! 😉

    Cheers, Jenny Foss

  21. Delicious! Gorgeous voice.

  22. According to this post I must eat those 4 handmade caramels sitting on my desk. I love this kind of discipline! Hell yeah!

    • I love these articles. How many words can a wordsitmh smith?

  23. Ah pleasure – let’s do it ladies.

    I’m going to challenge myself – buy some beautiful stationery and actually WRITE on it, wear gorgeous clothes just because and go to the cinema by myself in the middle of the day – PLEASURE!!

    No seriously, this is really important to me. I have a 13 year old sister and I want to be a great role model for her as a woman. I want her to learn that being a woman doesn’t mean sacrificing or denying ourselves pleasure.

  24. The timing on my reading this is phenomenal. I was at this “important” business conference for women today and mostly…..I hated it, even though I met a lot of interesting women. Now I know why: the whole event was too sterile, too institutional, too cold, the lunch too blah (no wine!). I left exhausted and not in a good way, like after something incredibly wonderful that’s challenging. I think that the issue is not only pleasure, but also traditional business is over compartmentalized….am I’m sounding too geekish academic? xo from beautiful Charleston, SC.

  25. This post really speaks to me right now. I was just having this conversation today with my partner about how I want things to be more fun in my business!

    I want to INFUSE pleasure into everything I do!

    Thanks Mama Gena!

  26. Pleasure is POWER!

    Thank you ladies for “letting your hair down” and being fabulous Goddesses!

    I just came from my launch party for my first e-book called:

    “Kick-Ass Dancing Goddess: Your Must-Read Manual to Stop Playing Small and Start Claiming your Crown!” and reading this post just re-inforced that when we women stick together, we create something MAGICAL, POWERFUL, and STUNNING!

    Thank you for writing this!
    I’d also like to gift a COMPLIMENTARY COPY of my e-book to any Goddesses on here that would like a little sister support. Just go to my website and consider joining my Dancing Goddess e-family and I will send you a copy.

    Diana Dorell

  27. Taj

    Great read! Pleasure changes how we can look at doing things in so many ways. I mean if you can’t see the fun in doing it, why do it at all.

    Spread the word. Find pleasure in everything you do.

    PS. I took your advice doing something i enjoy right now, why because I can and I’m worth it.

  28. Kaori

    The article pulled at my heartstrings. I need to do one thing, one thing that brings me pleasure now.

  29. Kaci

    Just reading this post and all the comments has been sooo inspiring!! I love waking up to pure feminine energy inspiration!! Xo

  30. How wonderful to discover you tonight… I loved your post and I will look at the New York event…


  31. If it ain’t fun, why bother? I LIKE this! Thank you!!

  32. Oh Marie, your energy does it for me big time. Mama Gena is HOT.

    Feminine juiciness, pleasure at the top of my list, and sheer delightful disclipine right next door.

    Yes please. Thank. You.

  33. Niiiiice 🙂

  34. Love it! Pleasure seeking is truly underated although it’s a fine line between discipline and pleasure so disciplined pleasure makes perfect sense to me!

  35. This is awesome!! I love Mama Gena!

  36. oooo the ‘Meh’ part is a bit scary cause you have to be honest with yourself…crikey!! Thanks Marie, you brightened my day as ususal X

  37. Dilyara

    Hey where did your archive go???

  38. Wow! I love this! Mamagena and Maria are a thrilling duo- the best amusement park ride in the place. Strap on your seat belts and expect to shake up your world view after 5 minutes with either of these women. Thanks Maria for posting MG here. I just linked you in a post on my site today too.
    Spread the love,

  39. I just had this awesome experience of dating a guy I was really into. I was beaming sunshine and rainbows for two weeks straight. Clients came out of the woodwork and I was busy as hell. Pleasure really works!

    Sadly, the boy thing didn’t work out, but I’m now investigating retail therapy as a substitution 😉

  40. YES! I have often touted the benefits of pleasure for stress relief and sanity to friends, family, and to my massage clients. I love my work and it brings me great joy but for some reason I hadn’t thought to bring pleasure to the work-a-day aspects of my business. Gotta go. Gotta call a colleague to get together to have a brainstorming session – complete with wine, music, and chocolate!!

  41. Wow. Thanks Mama Gena.

    That also tells me that I really need to carefully choose the members of my team and remove any negative/draining people around me cause they ain’t bringing me pleasure!

  42. Great article. Mama Gena’s message about the importance of pleasure has changed my life.

  43. So. Funny. You are a hoot-and-a-half, Mama G!

    About the food….Just yesterday, I was on a kick and somehow convinced 4 friends (bless them) to embark on The Great Vegan Experiment with me starting on May 20. 45 days of Veganism. I heart dairy. Is this going to be pleasurable or not? 😀

  44. I love Mama too! So much that I even wrote a review of her Mastery program on my blog because I couldn’t attend her Orientation and speak to the other potentials. With Marie speaking at Mastery, I’ll bet it’s an even MORE powerful program now!!

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