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I’m having a hard time describing how utterly game changing Rich Happy & Hot LIVE 2010 was.

It was a rock concert of possibility.

My cosmic coming out party.

It was a pivotal weekend that was filled with so much love, respect, wisdom, celebration and good times, that many are calling it the single best event they’ve ever been to.

Marie (3)

That’s coming from folks who have been around the event block, so to speak.

I could not be more honored, grateful, humbled and downright exhilarated by the response.

We had over 150 people (women and men) representing 23 states and 10 countries.

Every participant was there to grow, learn, dance and contribute.

Many left saying they would have paid double the ticket price to based on the value they received.

Every glorious expert speaker participated and stayed for the entire event.The security guards came up to shake my hand because they received so much value by listening to the event through their earpieces.

They even asked for access to the worksheets and resources so they could continue learning at home.

Our coat check gal was so blown away by the energy and learning experience that she grabbed a notebook and wrote down everything she could.

Marie (74)Of course, one of my favorite components of the weekend was the official Rich Happy & Hot LIVE Wheel of Dance.

The idea came to me five days before the event and thanks to a fellow Jersey gal and Fed Ex, we made it happen.

Short story on the wheel of dance: we had categories like hip-hop, 90’s one hit wonders, rock, reggae, dance party, sexy jams, etc.

When we gave the wheel a spin, our DJ would crank a song from that category and then we all turned that motha out!

Smokin’ hot dancing in the aisles;  MC Hammer demos on stage; air guitar; the running man and the robot.  Oh yes.  We went there.

I could go on and on, and over time you’ll see more videos and photos and insights.

But for now, a few big announcements I’ve been itching to share.

1.  The 2011 Rich Happy & Hot Adventure Mastermind is open and accepting applications.

If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you know this as the Mastery Program.

Yes, it’s got a new name.  Why?  Because we’ve made the experience even more extraordinary than it was before. (more on that in a minute)

This program is my heart and soul because I get to work so deeply with a core group of women over the course of a year.

We have quality time every month on the phone and bad-ass in person game-changing adventures in beautiful locations around the world.

Bonus visual candy – inside that site you’ll catch the music video we shot in Mexico, which had it’s world premiere at RHH Live.  Get ready because these ladies are HOT!!

Note:  The Adventure Mastermind program fills on a first come, first serve basis.  All the details are available on the site so if you want in, c’mon over.

2.  Richard Branson’s Virgin Unite is our official partner in the 2011 Rich Happy & Hot Adventure Mastermind Program.

Nothing makes me happier than coming up with fun creative ways to make the world a better place.

I could not be more grateful, honored and psyched to partner with Virgin Unite.

We’ve engineered a very creative way to build giving back into this year’s Adventure Mastermind program and –  it totally rocks!  Since everything we do in this program is a secret until the participants experience it, my lips are sealed.

Now there’s a bit more to this story that I’ll share over the next few weeks (it involves me + Richard Branson + The Branson School of Entrepreneurship + Africa) but this is just one of the many ways that we’ve taken the RHH Adventure Mastermind to the next level and I could not be more excited.

3.  My fire has been stoked and I’m more committed then ever to serve YOU.

I have such a profound sense of love and gratitude in my heart that I could practically burst.

I’m so deeply honored and grateful for the privilege to connect with you through this blog, my crazy-ass videos and emails.

So THANK you for that.

I want you to know how much I honor and respect that connection.

And, I’m bringing you even more free content on a regular basis – content that inspires, educates, entertains and uplifts.

So quesh for YOU:  are there any specific topics, concepts, questions, or areas of business or life you’d love me talk about in upcoming videos or blog posts?

Leave a comment and let me know.

Even if you don’t have specific ideas, but you want to comment on all this RHH Live goodness, go for it!  I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. I’m so glad that RHH Live was such a success! I wasn’t able to make it this year but next I’ll be there. Committment made!!!

  2. Wow, I’m so sad that I missed RHH Live. Sounds like it was EPIC! I will keep my radar tuned for the next opportunity, fo sho! I totally wanted to apply for the Mastermind 2011 program but one of the weekends in my wedding weekend and although I’d do almost anything to learn from you, I can’t very well skip my own wedding 🙂 That just tells me that the universe is brewing up an even better opportunity for me in the future.

  3. From someone who was there live, I concur with all of the above! I’ve followed you for a year now Marie and when I got that intuitive hit that I needed to be at RHH Live, I didn’t ask questions and went for it. And I saw why on so many levels. I too was blown away by the speakers – jaw dropping, seriously. Not to mention the inspiration from you too! I’ve shopped around for someone who “gets me” for a while and I truly feel you do. Of everyone I’ve worked with, you’re at the top of my list girl! Thanks for all you do 🙂

  4. Sounds like it was incredible Marie! Congratulations and I hope you do this again next year!!!

  5. xoxoxoxxoxoxoxo.
    Life. Enhanced.

  6. Marie RHH Live was definitely the most game changing event I’ve ever been to! You brought together the most awesome people, the best music, and the most transformation possible. I am SO grateful that I got to be there, and I know I’m operating in my business in a completely different way because of it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. You rock.

  7. Girl, I just heard Jay Z & Alicia Keys singing New York earlier today and I just started to dance my ass off! I will forever think of that event every time I hear that song. 😉

    Not sure I can commit to the Mastery program as of yet, but I will be looking into it. Let see what the universe throws at me by taking action. xoxo
    .-= Michele Welch´s last blog ..That’s A Wrap- November 19- 2010 =-.

  8. shelley

    Hi there Marie,
    I’m struggling to identify where my true passion lies – I’ve not yet managed to tune in to my inner voice to reveal the answer to this all-important question. Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions to help me work this poser out would be most gratefully recieved!

  9. What have I missed? I`m praying ( and working really REALLY hard) to get be there the next time! So awesome…

  10. So happy to hear how well it went Marie!

  11. Pat

    It’s like I told you Marie, this was my first event ever in the online world and guess what I am scared to go to any other because none will top RHHLIve Ever!
    I just could not believe there were so many likeminded women in the SAME room!
    You do your thing girl! you are changing the business world for women..heck you are changing the world!

    • Jamie Ann

      Amen to that Pat! She IS changing the world.

  12. It sounds like it was an amazing event. I wish I would have been there. Life has a way of making sure you are exactly where you are supposed to be…it obviously wasn’t my time but I will be there next year!

    • Me too, Kimberly, I feel ya.

      Marie–I’m not really a gusher, so hopefully this will have the gravity I intend: Your motivation is one of my top motivators. Thanks. 🙂

  13. Hey Marie,

    Once again you’ve outdone yourself, i’m definitely going to attend next year’s event — hopefully i can get one of my bro-friends to do it with me tho’.

    I’m glad to hear it was a success as the pictures turned out great.

    Looking forward to see what you have in stored 😉


  14. Okay. I will Not.Miss.RHHLive.Again.

    Enough said. 😉

  15. Jean

    It was great to meet up with so many women (and men), to put a face to a name of the authors whose newsletters I’ve been following over the past year.

    I met so many, truly wonderful people from a host of different fields. This stuff crosses boundaries!


    PS~I miss our theme song! I had to post it on my FB page! (The Jay Z version anyway)

  16. I’ve spoken at a lot of places around the world and I can unequivocally say, this was the first time I was ever given my own entrance theme song: ‘Whip It’.

    Tons of fun, Tons of learning and Tons of great connections were made.

    Well done Marie!

    Looking forward to seeing the video of us bump and grind on stage. 🙂
    .-= Todd Herman´s last blog ..How To Think Like A Champion =-.

  17. It was a phenomenal event, big LOVE, huge inspiration and can I get a hell yeah? THE WHEEL OF DANCE!!

    Marie you have created a monster! I have started doing a silly dance & recording it for when I get stuck [I’m calling it FunkdaFunk – funk your way outta your funk] The joy of the dance itself and the sheer entertainment value of the video, makes me grin from ear to ear. I get back to myself, enjoy the moment and know that I’m out of my head and out of my ‘stuck’

    Marie, you are now and will remain one of my big time idols, I aspire to you and adore you, for your energy, smarts, vision and talent. You really are a class act doll.

    I took away about a million aha moments from the weekend and now that I have finally finished typing up my notes, know I’ll have a resource to go back to when I need it.

    I asked the universe once for a way to get to NYC [funny how that materialised huh?] and so may just put all my karmic energies into asking for a place on the Adventure Mastermind, coz I want me some of that Juicy stuff!!

    I’m away to hatch a plan….

  18. A-mazing. Un-freakin’-believable. Epic.
    Thank you.

  19. My life will never be the same. Everything is new and now and better and present. I vowed walking in the doors to the event that I would step into allowing and the event showed me how.

    Connected. Honored. Beautiful.

  20. Where’s the video from Mexico? I LOVE your music videos! LOL!

  21. Hey Marie,

    It was all so fabulous. The dancing energy is still with me. And, I immediately made some totally crucial changes in my business the day after RHHLive. A message from the universe. Thank you thank you.

  22. Marie – Game changing is an understatement! I actually feel like I don’t need to play a game anymore. The content and the speakers were amazing, but it was the totality of the event and your vision that really changed me. I have a completely new perspective on my business – mainly that it’s mine (duh) and that bringing forth my expertise, my vision and my authentic/transparent self is how I can best serve my clients and myself (duh again). xoxo

  23. Lets talk about setting the unconscious to success! Affirmations, hypnotherapy, modelling – not in terms of how to but actual what to model in a successful person…maybe everyone can share 3 good things about who they are modeling and what do they see to model – good in them?

    Eg: I m modeling my colleague who is Tony Robbin s security – he is super focused to his work and always in that flow of certainty. I m modeling another colleague from Tony Robbins Sales Team he is super committed to his goals and success cycles. I m modeling Sarah Sebi, Rav and Karen Berg as they are inspiring the Light within me. Amazing to see how they show up to everyday and every experience as a channel of light and non reactivity!

  24. Tamarisk

    RHH Live was my first event and I’m scared as well that nothing else will top it! No pitch fest, no salesy, salesy…pure class the whole way through.

    I was using the stuff I learned immediately both in my business and with clients. Todd Herman unwittingly handed me such a cool nugget of info, it has already helped 5 of my clients!

    So grateful to you Marie for pulling all these excellent people together!

  25. MARIE!!! What to say, what to say…about an event that was so magical, so far beyond anything I ever could have imagined. Honestly there are very few words that can adequately express what an amazing weekend I had with you all.
    Game changing. Life altering. Booty shaking. Inspiring.

    I am forever changed. And I am SO honored to know you.
    ROCK ON sista’!!

  26. This event was sooooo freakin good! I have to think about what I want more of…let me get back to you ; )

    What I took away was this concept of “contributing.” I have had a shift in regards to this. Perhaps more discussion on this. It seems to be a key in success. What I always had backwards was “figuring out” what ppl want and giving it to the for the sake of making $$/making friends/etc vs configuring to the solution for the sake of being of service and being alive. I believe this is a key shift.

    There is a lot within this concept. Being a vibrational match to the solution does not mean figuring things out for ppl. It means accepting help and giving it. In equal proportion. That’s my 2 cents. And thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    Xoxo Alison

  27. Marie ,my hat’s off to you! it was not only life changing and enhancing but Fabulous Fun!! Best seminar EVER! Thank you for your vision and bringing us all together 🙂 Feeling alive and full. can’t wait until next year’s! WooHoo!!xxoo

  28. Marie,
    Congrats on a great event! Wish I was there to experience the magic.
    .-= Kim Halverson´s last blog ..North Of Montana- Gorgeous Belgian-Country =-.

  29. Dang! Sounds like it was a real watershed! So happy for all your success you deserve it big time!!! wish I could have been there!!! Hopefully next time.
    Much love!!!

  30. Liz

    Marie, you are AMAZING beyond words and you have transformed so many lives with your prowress!!

    So many things were said at RHH Live that not only changed the way I was looking at my businness but changed the way I look at my life. It was one of the (if not THE!) most transformational weekends of my life!

    After RHH Live I’m finally giving myself permission to be ME and to not fight against who I am. My greatest weaknesses are truly my best assets! I finally see that now!!!

    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Your Time Travels LAUNCH!!! =-.

  31. deborah morosini

    Pivotal..inspiring & artfully paced.
    Amazing and energizing.
    All of the speakers were spontaneous and lovable & were so generous in sharing their passions & genuine wisdom both in their talks and privately.
    I’m still integrating the experience & gleaning new insights in its aftermath..!
    As we head into the tumult of Thanksgiving and the Holiday’s reassuring to know there will be others out there practicing…”I’m Back!”
    Thanks all
    xo deborah

  32. After seeing all the feedback from the other ladies who attended RHH Live, I KNOW where I need to be next year!

    Marie, I just want to keep it real, do it right, and have fun being the best at what I do!

  33. Marie, this event was AMAZING and seriously changed my life in ways I did NOT expect. It took me a whole week before I could finally sit down and process the event and I AM SO PUMPED! I’m inspired and I have such CLARITY about what I need to do next. I LOVED all of the speakers. I mentioned the fact that it was a no pitch event to a client of mine who puts on an annual conference and their first response was, “Well how do they sell product?!” It says SO MUCH about the character of you and the people that you surround yourself with by putting on an event like this with absolutely ZERO pitching. Total value. It was also total mind, body, business and soul focused and it did SO MUCH for me. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I can’t say it enough.

    I just want more of Mama Maria’s Mad Marketing Skills!!! Seriously. Whatever you think we need to learn, bring it. Some of the smallest bits of your presentation really impacted me and I have to say that the Ideal Customer Avatar exercise was the most life changing moment of the event for me. I also loved when you said to stop hiding and compartmentalizing… but I struggle with that because of what I want to create. I’m launching StartupCorner, the website for entrepreneurs, I have a graphic/web design and branding firm (and am thinking of doing consulting) and I want to grow my personal brand which is focused around my tag line of “Be the Best, Healthiest and Happiest You™” I’m not really clear on how I avoid compartmentalizing when these things are pretty different. So that would be one specific area I could use help with. 🙂

    Also, the branding person in me has to say, your website just does NOT do your amazing energy and personality justice. Not even close. You are such a gifted, beautiful and creative spirit and I think more of the world NEEDS to know you!!

    So much love and gratitude from every cell in my body!!!!
    XOXO Stephenie

  34. You and your work are HOT Marie! Love it and can’t wait for RHH Live next year already!

  35. Marie,
    RHH Live was life changing for me on so many levels. And I thank you again and again for giving me the ass-whoop I needed to get there and be there 100%.

    Because it was such a big topic of change for me over the weekend and I know I’m still going through the work, I’d love it if you could talk about finding your “what” in a sea of “how” to do it. I have tons of strategy but what I realized is I needed to stop looking for how to do it and get really clear on what (and why) I wanted to create.

    You’re amazing Marie – I can’t say that enough. I’m honored to be in your RHH Virtual Mastery and am looking forward to more learnin’ from you.

    .-= Anne Samoilov´s last blog ..How Mommy Got Her Groove Back =-.

  36. Yes, I’m one of those info-junkies who has been around the block (country) more than a few times studying with the “best.” You blew them ALL out of the water, Marie. Phew, I can stop shopping. Looking forward to future events with you. And “event” doesn’t even begin to do justice to the mind-blowing, brain-filling experiences you provide. Still dancin’!

    Sue Ann

  37. Jen

    You rocked the mutha-fuckin’ house! My heart is bursting with love and my mind is bursting with ideas, I am moving in a faster and more committed fashion than ever before. Your guest speakers were super-novas and with the light they shared with my fellow rich, happy and hot ladies it was life and business fabulosity! I’m sending my RHH Adventure Mastermind application your way, because I want Mama Maria as my mentor. Can’t get ‘Empire State of Mind’ out of my mind! LOL. Paradise is rockin’ like the urban jungle. xo and aloha from hawaii, Jen Kem
    .-= Jen´s last blog ..beach fit =-.

  38. Liz Grant

    My friend you totally rocked it, totally fearless. Props to you. Keep on doing it!.

  39. Marie – I am coming next year. You are such an inspiration. I loved B-School and want to take more of whatever you are offering. Love the social good you are aiming to do.
    .-= Sherold Barr´s last blog ..Do Good To Feel Good And Make More Money =-.

  40. An amazing weekend. Changed my entire thinking about marketing which I used to believe was invariably painful, agonizing and awkward!

  41. Think I just figured out how to put my details into this thing 🙂
    .-= Sabrina Weyeneth´s last blog ..HYPNOSIS- RELAXING &amp REWIRING THE MIND =-.

  42. Marie,

    RHHLive has really changed the way I look at my business…I am changed deep down to the core.Thanks, Marie for an absolutely FANTASTIC weekend! I am still dancing! AND the biggest takeaway for me is “everything is figureoutable” no more bullshit for me. I am getting stuff done and it feels great. Thanks for being a great inspiration.
    Much love.

  43. Nancy Fitzgerald

    I am not the same woman that walked in the door Friday night of RHHLive. I came open to an experience and it was a flipping hot and life changing event. I have so much change going on in my life right now and the committed impulse has helped me stay out of my head and move forward through my shame, anxiety, and negative talk. I think you should create a Itune play list so we can go and listen/download a dance mix in honor of the wheel of dance!
    Love to all who attended, spoke and of course to you and Jason. XXXXOOOOX

  44. Wow! Sounds like it was just as great as I thought it would be! And next year, I’ll be with you! 🙂

    Your music video is hilarious! When my 15-month-old-daughter saw it, she clapped and danced and cheered to it!
    .-= Hannah´s last blog ..Geh ins Bett! =-.

  45. Marie, I cannot thank you enough for such a fabulous event! I learned so much yet had so much fun. I have a lot of work ahead of me but with the tools I gained at RHH Live, it will be easier. Thank you again and can’t wait for next year’s RHH Live!

  46. Hi Marie, thank you so much for a GREAT WEEKEND of knowledge, information I will use and share with others. Before I came there I was nervous about doing a video and putting it on youtube. Now I am planning not only one video but a series of videos promoting my business and my new non-profit and my blog that I go to every now and then. Thanks again.

  47. SO AWESOME, Marie! Congrats!!!
    Wow, you really raised the bar with this one! 😉
    Kris and Hillary took me through the space at the Donna Karan Center after the event was over and I swear, I could still feel the amazing energy in that fabulous room!!! And like you said, the security guards loved you so much, they were still smiling about it on Monday! lol. I’m not kidding!
    We had breakfast (that turned into lunch because these girls had so much energy to share) at Pastis on Monday (the day after the event) and I have one request… can you PULLLLLEEEEEEAAAAZZZZEEEE host RHH Live on another weekend besides my anniversary (Nov 14) next year!? I have got to go to this thing!!! 😉
    Sounds funny to say, but I am so proud of you that you just continue to rise and shine, baby. Thank you for being such an inspiration and I can’t wait to shake my booty with you next year! xoxo

  48. Bev

    Congratulations on your success Marie! I hope to make it to the next one and bring my young daughter who now wants to be an entrepreneur like her mom and other women like yourself! ~;o))
    .-= Bev´s last blog ..How-to- Clip-ins Styling Assistant Tool =-.

  49. Nice, Marie! Sounds like the event was a tremendous success (to put it lightly).

    Blog topic suggestions…these come to me all the time, actually, but of course now I’m drawing a blank.

    I think I’d like to know how to get out of that frustrating place of wanting to grow but not having the financial resources to invest in myself and my business as I would like to. Not the “I’m not willing to invest” stuff that stems from lack and fear mentality but literally looking at the bank balance, adding up expenses, and not having the funds to do all the incredible trainings and events that I dream of.

  50. Love hearing all the RHH Live updates, the event sounded really valuable for so many.

    Unfortunately my kids Dad had already committed to run the New York Marathon, so it was not an option for both of us to travel to NYC at the same time, especially coming all the way from Australia. I had some serious FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) going on, though!

    However, I was definitely there in spirit…

    Regarding suggestions for your Blog, I find your videos really engaging with some great take outs. My fave has been the Business Butterfly Effect.

    Your introductions to other like-minded amazing women such as Danielle LaPorte, Kris Carr and Laura Roeder really work for me. I only know of these women through your blog, and who wouldn’t want to know about their work?

    Your commentaries on breaking through fears and implementation tips always provide actionable insights. Oh, and your music videos are always fun too!

    Basically, I can’t get enough of any of your craft – I’m addicted!
    Happy Thanksgiving…
    .-= Victoria Gibson´s last blog ..India’s Secret Village Where Time Stands Still =-.

  51. I am a college senior and I am trying to find internships with businesses that share my values. I have a low GPA, but a lot of passion and am a true youthful go-getter. How can I use that to my advantage?

  52. Have been hearing about this from all angles.
    Looking forward to when our paths finally cross.
    Sending massive support + love!
    Thanks for the infinite inspiration and showing us how it’s done.
    Thankful for you + this powerful community!

  53. you know how I feel about you + RHHLIVE – it is among the BEST event I have ever been to. Topics hmmm….

    1. Love you to do more Being in the moment work.
    2. Creating info products – the do’s + don’ts
    3. When to get a PR Agent + when not to.

    Big hug + kiss to you lady… xo

  54. Here’s another topic:

    How do you prepare for videos? Do you write every word down or do you just take notes? Do you rehearse, or do just say what comes to your mind?

    How do you focus on your speech without your thoughts running around thinking of other possibilities and doing detours, so that you get tangled up and don’t know what you really wanted to say?

    Thank you,


  55. Thank you Marie for getting me fired up and excited about creating a business that I love!

  56. I am huge fan of Marie’s and tried to make to RHH Live this year, but it just wasn’t in the cards for me. Next year! I entered her contest. I didn’t win, but received a copy of Make Every Man Want You which I listened to repeatedly. Even a in a relationship girl, I found it so insightful!

    Also, I entered another video contest this time to win my DREAM job. I found this community so wonderful and kind I thought I might post it here as well. It’s amazing how many generous souls are here.

    All you have to do is watch my video, click like and leave a comment. All the views and comments count toward me getting the gig. Thank you all so much! I hope you are had a wonderful time this year and to see you there next year!

  57. Thea

    Would love more advice on identifying the path to follow when you want your own business but have no idea what it looks like…I’m so inspired about the stories of people following their dreams…I am revved up and ready to go…I just don’t know where!!!

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