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This is guest post from the amazing, delicious and insightful Danielle LaPorte.  I am proud to be her affiliate and honored to have her speak at Rich Happy & Hot LIVE this weekend.

I’ve listened to about six hundred entrepreneurs tell me their visions.

Some are moved by the holy spirit of creativity and feel that their life’s work is at hand.

They’re on fire.

Their commitment is incredibly compelling … even though they have no idea how to get from zero to beta, to something that will actually make them some cake. I love them.

Other clients have precise business plans with deliverables and cost benefit analyses — thorough and well researched.

Lotsa facts, but short on the soul fire.

I love them too.

I can say that by far, like, quantum leaps and leagues ahead, passion is the critical ingredient for sustained success.

Doesn’t take genius to come to that conclusion.

Richard Branson, Steve Jobs, Kate Spade, Anita Roddick, have all said as much (so maybe it does take a genius…) And these days, finding your passion is the personal growth anthem. I sing it myself, from the top of my lungs, all the time.

In fact, I think passion is a qualification.

Your passion qualifies you to do great things. (Please read that three times and believe it.) Here, I’ll repeat it: Your passion qualifies you to do great things.

But, here’s the thing. Passion is not enough.

And what’s goin’ down these days is a lot of passionate people, high on possibility thinking! and group-workshop optimism! and the law of attraction! And it’s a lot of exclamations! without the strategy…and that just leads to heartbreak or, bankruptcy…which is heartbreaking.

Dreamers, I LOVE YOU. Possibility Thinkers, I ADORE YOU. Metaphysicians of Idealism, let us UNITE! And let us do so…with a STRATEGY.

Success is the result of contrasting experiences.

Highs and lows, creative tension, broke and breakthroughs. Consciousness, which leads to endurance, is being able to hold various states at once: freedom and restraint, possibility and practicality, dreaming and execution.

You need to create a culture of contrast for yourself so that you stretch and learn. So if you’re a natural Dreamer (so many ideas you don’t know where to start?) getting out of your box (‘ cuz all dreams and no results can be boxy) means you need to do some radical practical:


1. Talk dirty-tactical.

When I do my one-on-one sessions with blue-sky clients it might start like this, “We know you’re in integrity. It’s clear you’re spiritually aligned. Now Iet’s make this all about the money, honey.” Try on terms like “exploiting talent,” “opportunism,” “market appeal,” and…my personal favourite, “ROI: return on investment.” Love and art have an ROI. Find it.

2. Get a coach.

You need a cheerleader who will hold you accountable. Today.

3. Research the schemers.

Read Fortune Magazine (it may gross you out, but go there.) Watch Wall Street I & II, or The Social Network. Start asking people how they made their money. Read The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp.

4. Come up with your worst-case scenario.

How bad can it get? What would failure look like? Go there. It will be liberating.

5. Put an advisory board in place, formal or informal.

Mentors. Savvy tribe members. Bankers. Smart people who love you enough to say “Fly!” or, “this ideas stinks.” People who believe in you enough to pick up the phone and get you the meetings that will change your life — when you’re ready.

6. Get sales and marketing training.

In Marie’s marketing video for RHHLive, she invited everyone to her event. But what’s relevant for Dreamers is that she talked about the prominent and very talented women she knows who confess that they’re not making a lot of money. They “appear” successful, but things are tough behind the scenes. It doesn’t have to be this way….but you can’t run your business like it’s a hobby.

7. Get your money act together.

How much is your dream costing you? The process of getting your affairs in order for a bookkeeper to systematize or, even more scrutinizing, a financial planner, is incredibly grounding. And even if the numbers don’t add up, you will feel the rush of competency for having crunched it all.

8. Get uptight, just temporarily.

Living and dying by a timeline can be a real spirit-sucker, but you’ve already GOT spirit, what you need is a real-time plan. Chronic dreamers usually have so many ideas they can stop themselves from starting. Here’s THE TIP: Begin with the project that will make you the most money, the fastest. Period. You can move on to the dreamier soul stuff when the cash is flowing. Once you’re clear on where fast money potential is, set some milestones and…push…right across the finish line of Dreams Made Real.

Danielle LaPorte is the author The Fire Starter Sessions, A Digital Experience for Entrepreneurs.

It’s one of the most substantive, inspiring, and practical e-programs out there. Smoking hot acumen and motivation from a woman who’s defined success on her own terms.

When you subscribe to Danielle’s site, you’ll get The Authentic Dreaming Worksheet. And when you come to Rich Happy & Hot LIVE in NYC this weekend, Danielle will rock your world as one of our amazing speakers.

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  1. Just where I am at and just what I needed to hear! Thanks!

  2. So excited to meet you both this weekend!! So much wisdom and inspiration in one room…it’s gonna be mind-blowing. See you soon!

  3. Fantastic post, direct and to the point. It spoke to me and my creative genius to tell her to get her ass kicked and into action! Thanks.

  4. Nice gentle kick in the pants here. I’m wondering, though, how to get clear about where the fast money is? It doesn’t seem like my business has fast money, just slow money, which is fine ‘cuz it pays the bills. But fast money would be nice, too.

    • Great blog! Rule number two speaks to me. Having a coach means being accountable. Speaking to others focuses my thoughts!

      Sukie: In my experience, fast(er) money comes from collaboration and of course hard work. I have found that projects which include a lot of collaborative effort lead to creating income at a fast pace. By collaborating, each member of the team can leverage their specific skill set and talents.

  5. Jess

    Thank you! I needed this today! exclamation marks!!!

  6. Elisha

    LOVE IT! As my man Tony Robbins has said:

    “Talk about it and it’s a dream. Envision it and it becomes exciting. Plan it and it becomes possible. But, you must schedule these things to make them real.”

    Amen! Thanks for such a passionate, loving, honest and concise post that utilizes all these factors!


  7. Casey

    Brilliant post! I am working hard to launch my next program but this has given me the reminder and push to get it out double time!

    Thank you!

  8. Marie, you always share real, practical and authentic advice. I can FEEL you
    in your posts and in your emails. Thank you foe being an incredible example of what is possible..also love that you are connecting yourself with Kern and Walker. Would love to see the women’s space supporting each other that way. Much love your way for RHH. Tara
    .-= Femme Business Coach´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  9. YES — this event is going to be amazing. I could sense Danielle’s touch before even coming to this page. Would love to be there (and admittedly having a little ladies envy at this moment)
    .-= Satya Colombo´s last blog ..What’s your message to the world 10 Amazing leaders on building a life of freedom… =-.

  10. Great list! I especially enjoyed 1, 6, and 7. I never realized the immense benefits of a coach until I got one. It is really an essential for ANYONE, but even more so for us dreamers.

    Great post.

  11. Oh my – “Chronic dreamers usually have so many ideas they can stop themselves from starting.” This is exactly me! I love this advice and can’t wait to finally dig into one of the projects on my “dream” list without getting distracted thinking of “more” projects. Thanks Danielle!

  12. I LOVED this post. I’ve always been a big fan of Danielle and her resolve. Her ability to see and honor one’s passion and then bring it into the tangible real world of energy exchange- cash. The deepest self honoring is in the truth and I love how this post reminds us all of the importance of getting real! Hallelujah. Lucky are those who get to hear more this weekend!

  13. Yes! This is exactly what’s on my radar and my primary project these days (and months and years). As I see it, integrity goes both ways – “dreamers” tend to think it only goes one way. In my experience, creating healthy integrity/ balance/interaction between the dream/spirit/passion and the “real real” world out there is a subtle art that takes time, heart and clarity to develop. Also – and many dreamers have no idea that this is where it could go and how it really could feel – experiencing actual integrity/agreement between the inner and the outer, the oh so pure and the oh so dirty (and everything in between) 🙂 is extremely fulfilling! It’s almost like sex! 🙂 (because it’s kind of the same thing)

  14. I’m so looking forward to meeting you both:) See you in 2 days!

  15. This was a great post! I can see that there’s still quite a bit of things that I need to get into place and work on. I can totally agree with getting a coach. I recently got one and it has made me get laser-focused and holds me accountable. Thanks for sharing.

  16. “Talk about a dream, try to make it real…… spend your life waiting for a moment that just don’t come, Don’t waste your time waiting”

  17. Number 8 is the one I need the most work on! Glad I am not the only one with this problem! That’s it – starting today I am going to be very uptight!

  18. Marie & Danielle;

    This is good stuff – thank you for the timely reminder to put the dreams and passion into ACTION. 🙂

    Danielle – I love these practical steps. Gives anyone (ie, ME) a good place to start. 😉

  19. Absolutely perfect post! Straight forward, to the point and realistic! We can all be dreamers, but that little piece of strategy and ACTION are key to fulfilling all those dreams. Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world! We appreciate you!

  20. Love the practical approach! So many dreamers in the Northwest, i lean on the side of “get her done!” So I really love your down to earth approach.

  21. Kristin Morris

    You rock Danielle – I knew Marie was speaking of you in the preamble intro… very inspiring as is your firestarter sessions which I am in the midst of. Can’t wait to meet you, Marie and whomever else destiny has planned this week-end at RHH Live! Megafabulous!

  22. Love the post! Definitely needed to hear this today and am putting a business plan of action together right now! Thanks for pointers!
    .-= Nicole´s last blog ..The Wisdom of Yoga =-.

  23. Kat

    Thanks for this wake-up call!! I have a thousand projects on the go and feel overwhelmed by the possibilities daily. I need to get a structure in place to channel my creativity and start making some cash! Thank you, thank you, thank you :o)

  24. Jean Compton

    What Kat, and everyone else said! I’ve got goosebumps and jitterbuggles~and did I mention slight intimidation at seeing the guest list??

    Can’t wait….

  25. 1 and 2 are great reminders for me. Whenever I have a coach it feels like I don’t need one and then when I don’t, oof!

  26. I can certainly relate to having so many ideas and interests that I freeze and don’t do anything or keep changing my focus. I’ve managed to change this behavior and it’s like waking up from a soothing, getting-me-nowhere reoccurring dream. It’s kind of painful and brings up a lot of anxiety and fear that I was holding back, but I can see that I’m moving in a much better direction and that the dreaminess was a warm blanket holding in a floodgate of fear.
    Thanks for this post!

  27. Great post…I am going to save and read over and over again.

  28. Danielle,
    Great, to the point article. Can’t wait to meet you and hear you speak at RHH Live this weekend!
    .-= Anne Samoilov´s last blog ..Turkish Delight- The Summer I Met Pilates =-.

  29. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


  30. Jen

    EXCITED!!! So looking forward to meeting you Miss Marie – I’ve been following your work for a year and your approach to business and life are what speak to me the loudest! And can’t wait to get all the juicy bit from Danielle LaPorte. Getting on the plane with my insides all twisted up in excitement! From Hawaii to New York – here I come! Woot!

  31. Thanks so much for being inspiring, yet truthful about what it really takes to turn dreams into reality…realistically.

  32. That was awesome. Ok, now I know what to do first. The idea with the most profit potential. And I actually know which one that is. Here I go.

  33. Whoa – great post today and EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I am also going to read this over and over and over and over….and crack open my copy if Firestarter now that i’ve just finished and am still digesting all of BSchool! Wish I could be there this weekend – so bummed I can’t make it.,,,,

  34. Hi Danielle,

    Love the last bit “Begin with the project that will make you the most money, the fastest. Period.” Just really put things into perspective!

    Looking forward to meeting you lovely ladies this weekend…woohoo!!
    .-= Michele Welch´s last blog ..Plan Your Tweets And Tweet Your Plan =-.

  35. Been lovin’ your stuff for a while now Danielle, GREAT to see you and Marie hook up, just wish I was going to be there in person. Thinking of ya !

    Cathy xoxo

  36. Read every word, envisioned every phase, swollowed their meaning.
    Thanks for this!

  37. So so true! I’m about the biggest dreamer ever. I have so many ideas that I don’t get anything done. It’s downright paralyzing! All the great stuff in my head is going round in circles but not getting me to act on one thing that would actually make me money.
    Now I know that I have to focus. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


  38. I love “dirty-tactical” with all of my heart. I chat about this topic with the small business owner right down the hall from my office ALL of the time. Yes, indeed, dreams and passion are great. IMPERATIVE. But layout your big dream to the Safeway cashier and expect that to cover your week’s worth of groceries.

    ROI, baby. ROI. Great post! And SO bummed I’ll be alllllll the way across the country while Rich, Happy and Hot unfolds!

  39. Aloha E Marie,

    Thank you for being you. It is always so encouraging when you see your fellow brother or sister being all that they can be, doing all that they can do, and mastering what they are meant to master, so they can not only grow, which is monumental and vital to how much we all can contribute, so there will be more reasons for us to celebrate life to. Thank you Tony Robbins for introducing me to Marie Forleo. I believe that we both will have the honor and privilege to cross paths and meet each other one day. Have a Fantastic & Outstanding Day Today Marie. Live Strong, as you are already displaying. Live with Passion, as you are already mastering on a daily basis. Maybe we can possibly have you come to Hawaii. Now that will be extremely Outstanding, wouldn’t you agree?

  40. Vivianne

    Hi Marie – I watched your mini movie about your mastery program the other day…which was amazing btw. I want to send it to a friend but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Would you tell me where the link is? Thanks.

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