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Earlier this week, we talked about the power of giving especially as it relates to your business.

We’re going to keep this giving party going because I’d like to give YOU a weekend with me, my top go-to experts in business and happiness, and over a hundred other fun, brilliant women in New York City for my upcoming event, Rich Happy & Hot LIVE.

Hold up now, what is this event?

Rich Happy & Hot LIVE is a business and lifestyle event for women entrepreneurs being held at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center in New York City November 12 – 14th, 2010.

We’ve got world-class speakers, can’t-get-it-anywhere-else-training, and some of the coolest, most insightful and go-getting women flying in from across the US, Canada and Europe to attend.

For more info on exactly how we’ll roll and what topics we’re covering, go here.

Even better, watch this short video and get an idea of what kind of results YOU can expect from working with me and my team, plus see a preview of our latest music video. (yes, music video 😉

Here’s the BIG Prize

A freaking game-changing weekend in NYC. You’ll receive a complimentary ticket to Rich Happy & Hot LIVE November 12 -14th valued at $1497, two fully paid nights at an NYC hotel within walking distance to the event, and a snazzy limo ride from the airport to your hotel. Bada bing baby!!

Here’s how to WIN

There are two ways to win – video or written submission. I’m looking for creativity, heart and the ability to follow directions.

1. Video entry: Create a video under 2 minutes and share the following:

  • Where you’re at with your business now.
  • What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?
  • What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.

Then upload your video to YouTube with the following description – cut and paste: – Rich Happy & Hot with Marie Forleo – business & lifestyle training at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center NYC.

Then leave a comment below this post with a link to your YouTube video!

2. Written entry: Simply write your responses to these questions in a comment below – 500 words or less.

  • Where you’re at with your business now.
  • What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?
  • What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.


Wanna really boost your chances of winning?  Spread the word on Facebook and Twitter.

Tweet the following to boost your chances to win.

I want a ticket to @marieforleo’s Rich Happy & Hot LIVE #winRHHLive

You can tweet up to three times per day. All tweets must have the #winRHHLive hashtag included plus a link to this post.

Facebook share your video or written entry with this update. This is just a suggestion – tweak it how you wish.

I want to win a ticket to NYC for Rich Happy & Hot LIVE

What you need to know

  1. You can enter to win via video or written comment. Tweets & Facebook shares get you bonus points!
  2. Videos must contain the description above and MUST be under 2 minutes.
  3. Tweets must contain a link to this post and #winRHHLive.
  4. The deadline is Friday, October 15th, 3PM EST and the winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
  5. If you already have a ticket, no worries. If you win we’ll either refund you or you can give your spare ticket to a friend.
  6. No purchase is necessary to win.
  7. I’m the judge and my decision is subjective and final.

Good luck! I can’t wait to see your videos, comments and tweets. ROCK it out baby!

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  1. Okay, while I can’t actually go as I’m literally flying into NYC on the 13th, it looks AMAZING. I also give you some serious props for making this freaking awesome video. You go, girl!

    • marie

      Thank you Marian! Come for the after party on Sat night/Sunday night! Loads of your RHH girls will be there. We miss you 😉

      • Umm… HELL YES!! What are the deets? Would sooo love to come.

  2. amazing! I NEED TO SEE THAT MUSIC VIDEO!!! nice work mama! you just get better and better.

    • marie

      Come to the event baby! The world premiere will happen there 🙂 AND we do need to shop.

  3. Oh yes! I’m all over this!

    You are way too cool for your own good Marie! And I want to learn some of those dance moves. I’ll be back;-)))

  4. Marie- I want to win a ticket to Rich, Happy, and Hot LIVE! I have just launched my business! So exciting! I have spent years thinking it up, learning new things, and keeping it all to myself- so, I’ve finally taken action! My challenge with going to the next level is…what to do next?! My to do list is LONG & I need to prioritize it. I have a 6 month old baby girl & need to use every spare minute wisely! What can I do that will have the biggest impact on my business? The next level is to earn at an income level where I can QUIT my “other” full-time job & fully live what I love running my own bad-ass business! Teaching people how to live healthy, balanced, amazing lives!

  5. oh my gaaaaawd Marie. I don’t know you but I fricking love you.

    You just have it…

    I wanna get Richer, Happier and Hotter with you!!!!!!

  6. Marie, You crack me up with your videos. They frickin’ rock! Would absolutely be going if I didn’t have to take care of hubby. He’s having surgery out in TX the week prior and we’ll be coming back to CT on the 9th, so I’m gonna have to pass and let someone else win.

    Amazing idea. I know everyone will have a blast. {hugs}
    .-= Jenn´s last blog ..I’ll trade ‘ya for it… =-.

  7. Hi Marie!
    My business is just getting started! I want to start an international marketing business for interior designers and architects, specifically I want to travel to locations and focus on ground-breaking sustainable or adapted buildings. The biggest challenge I have in taking my vision to the next level, is that I’m young and I really have no business experience! People don’t want to believe in my big dreams and my faith in myself. Also, a lot of people have pre-misconceptions about environmental design, and I want to change their minds. The next level is getting past people’s perceptions of youth, environmentalism, and gaining an audience that will want to work with me. I need experience, and I need knowledge to get there. RHHB Live would totally do that for me! Hell yea! 😀

    Can’t wait to meet in NYC – Kadence

  8. Love it!!! And thanks for letting everyone participate in the contest, sweet touch!

    Ready for the game changer Marie…

    Gonna get a video up for sho’


  9. Marie ~

    Awesome offer and video. My part-time designer was curious enough to get out of her chair to see what I was viewing – lol!

    So wish I could be there and family priorities conflict.

    Good luck to the RHH winner!

  10. Maggie Keenan

    You are definitely blending giving beyond ‘giving back’ with your brand. You are on the path of creating what I call ‘Brand Philanthropy’ and I am thrilled you have found the cause and charity to support and aligns well with your brand. That doll is what I call ‘Brand Philanthropy’.

    Congratulations Marie! It is about message, branding and sharing that with your constituents and clients in an authentic way. I am SOO PROUD OF YOU!!! You KNOW this makes my heart sing~

    Maggie Keenan
    Chief Giving Srategist

  11. What an amazing opportunity. I think even making a video and daring to post it on Youtube would accomplish a lot for me.

    Marie, I now know I can count on you for a well-timed, much needed kick in the pants.

  12. I love the video! Awesome… I want a free ticket and I already live in NYC so no hotel or limo for me…

    Marie, you rock!

  13. Oh this is such a great contest – can’t wait to see the entries coming in ! I can’t make the event but might apply anyway and then have a contest of my own lol!!
    Definitely see you next year.

  14. I just stumbled upon this site and it looks pretty groovy. I started a self-improvement business and am looking to generate clients, promote, and market. I think your seminar is perfect timing!!

    tweet @yoniyama

  15. Pat

    Wow, Marie thanks for this opportunity, I would love to win.. so here it goes

    * Where you’re at with your business now?

    I am at a cross road with my business right now, I don’t know if I should run around at BNI and other networking events to market my business or if I should concentrate on the web. My current clients are not paying what I am worth and some are just point blank not paying ( I know scandalous!) I have no idea what services I should offer and what I should take out of my list. I see everything perfectly in my mind but I have no idea how to market myself to actually get where I need to be.

    * What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?

    I have no idea how to get there and I am a bit scared, but I think my challenge is mostly marketing my business :how, where and to whom. I would love for small businesses in Montreal to understand the value of outsourcing, and the value of using social media and new technology in general for their businesses. It just seems that some are stuck backwards.

    * What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.
    The next level is for me to be able to do what I love which are speaking about outsourcing, project management, actually have some demand for outsourcing projects to my company, to be known in my field, my dream is to help other companies get out there and use tools like social media to kick butt at what they do, spend time with my family without being on the computer 24/7, actually travel for speaking engagements and coaching.

    • Pat, I love what you plan to create when you rock through the challenge. This challenged has helped so many of us get clear which is wonderful.

  16. Pat

    oh and I wanted to say I am 32 but sometimes I feel so much older in the biz world.. the song where the “party at” just took me back .. THanks for that!

  17. Merryn Ironmonger

    Raw Delights @ Rich Happy & Hot LIVE!
    Q1, One year into my new business and ~ Raw Delights ~ is growing in popularity, sitting on the threshold of a worldwide raw food revolution! We have just re-branded, with a funky new look ready to take the health food market by storm – set to become a household name soon.

    Q2, The biggest challenge is not out there in the world, that’s the easy bit, we know people love our products because they tell us, the biggest summons to contest is in my head – I need to find a way to cut the Gordian knot that is wrapped around the heart of my magical creativity so that I am able to see past the illusion of self-created limiting beliefs and release my true passion, wild-grown energy, and enthusiasm out into the world where it can be seen and felt!

    Q3, I visualize uncovering and relearning the innate skills of marketing where I can access all the resources necessary to make Raw Delights advance, multiply and evolve exponentially – out from the kitchen of our cottage industry and small neighbourhood health stores into the world at large via Britain, America and Australia. I will manifest a rising company that will be self-sustaining, ethical and supportive. I have a deep desire to contribute, and commit to a change in consciousness (the world is ready and desires this change) – by making ‘health’ food desirable, accessible and affordable – when people aren’t encumbered with contaminated toxic ‘non-food’ stuffs, then their focus will naturally gravitate towards supporting each other, creating true community, and relearning to love the planet – our beautiful rainbow home.

    As an employer I want to fashion a dynamic, optimistic and energetic organisation that offers hope for a good life; and that can engage people professionally, so that they can easily thrive comfortably on a 4-day week (work should be exciting, challenging and rewarding and something that people love doing) – leaving ample time for leisure, love and space in which to explore the spiritual; to reflect and luxuriate in this fleeting life, and beautiful abundant universe.

    Raw Delights is also dedicated to donating profits to the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation ( – we imagine a world filled with gorgeous blossoms of every shade and colour and will sleep more soundly at night knowing that we contribute to visual beauty, sweet scented fragrances and edible goodness all over this globe of growing peace.

    Thank you!

    • You got my vote Raw Girl. Well . . . unless I step up and submit!

      I like your vision:-)

      • . . . Of course I’ve never been big on submission–that’s my biggest hurdle;-)

      • Merryn Ironmonger

        Thanks Connie! Love your website – connecting with each other and nature is such an important part of life! I’ve just had a manic weekend helping out at events here in London for David Wolfe, one of the biggest names in living foods / longevity / medicinal herbs etc (and he is a huge promoter of ‘barefoot’ walking – connecting with the earth energy / electrons). I know that Marie and all these other inspirational forces are coming into my life just now for a reason – and this is so exciting. xxx

        • Hiya Merryn…

          I submitted here last night myself, and the beauty of participating is learning about the great stories of others. I love the energy behind your venture and felt a blast of excitement in reading about your adventure. I soooo relate to these manic weekends as I’m going through the same surges. David Wolfe is a major name and all my partners that have worked for him have brought back the most amazing stories to share.

          I believe in inspirational forces and for this reason I make the conscious effort to align myself with like-minded people.

          I’m trying my hardest to make the transition to raw foods myself but admit that I lack lots of knowledge. Maybe Raw Delights will help =)

          It’d be great to connect further and see what blossoms.

          Love and success,

  18. Theresa D'Ambrose

    What a great video Marie!! Love it, Love it. How could not wanna be in NYC ;)) You are an amazing inspiration Marie, can’t wait to see you.

    xo Theresa

  19. tracy

    You are my SHERO!!! Love the video, Love YOU, can’t wait to see you in person 🙂

  20. Oh Universe, you and Marie rock!

  21. Hi Marie!

    I recently founded a new company called StartupCorner and will be launching an inspirational and educational online resource for entrepreneurs this coming January. The heart of the site revolves around featured interviews with successful entrepreneurs with the purpose of creating common ground. Right now I’m working on forming relationships and gathering content (interviews, articles, etc.) as well as planning products for the coming year. This is an idea I’ve had for quite some time and has expanded into something amazing that I can’t wait to bring to life!

    My present challenge is really just having faith and confidence in myself when reaching out to people as well as conducting interviews for the site. I know that my ability to be a leader and to infuse this company with my passion for making the world a better place is essential for reaching my goals and the next level. I also know that having a confident and inspiring presence will automatically help me to generate the much-needed funding for the site!

    The next level is establishing a successful online resource and creating a community for entrepreneurs that will focus on three core areas. These areas include purpose-driven entrepreneurism, finding your passion (discovering how to create a life/company around that) and how to go green in your business. There will also be a foundation involved with the mission of supporting people, companies and projects that are working to positively impact the world. How’s that for synchronicity with your last post!? 😉

    You’re such an inspiration and I know you surround yourself with other brilliant and inspiring people who I would love to learn from! I would LOVE to attend this event!!

    Also, I would LOVE to feature you on the StartupCorner site. 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Your site looks very professional, Stephanie. I’m sure you will go far with it, and featuring Marie on it would be a major coup. Best of luck to you!

      • Thank you so much for the kind words Connie! My other business is actually a graphic design and branding firm, so I was able to create the website myself. Because of this, I’m also going to be offering a basic branding package giveaway for the site launch. 🙂

        And hey, can’t hurt to ask Marie if she’s interested right?!

    • Hi Stephanie!

      This is a fabulous idea and something I’d love to be a part of in some fashion. Starting my own business has turned my home into a personal library- and OH! the overwhelm….this for dummies, and that for the “serious” entrepreneur. I’m overloaded with info and am happy to contribute what I can to add value onto others.

      Look forward to connecting…be well!

      • Hi Sally, thank you so much for your interest! I would love to talk with you about contributing and learn more about your business! For the first quarter (Jan-Mar) I’ll be posting articles on a slot schedule which just means there will be certain dates available for articles or series to be published on. Starting in April, I’ll be introducing columns with regular site contributors so that they have some time to develop content. The site will continue to fold out new features over the first year.

        I’ll shoot you an email with some more information! 🙂

  22. Alison hummel

    Hi!!!! Wow. Love the energy here. My biz is in its infancy. In fact it might still he in the womb. Bizarre analogy.

    “just a girl dreaming” is a movement. For myself first and foremost. To not have to know all the answers but to still allow myself the chance to dream. It is a blog with inspiring articles about fellow dreamers. It is a platform for dream workshops to take shape where the soul purpose is to ignite that fire within the dream. It is not q business school. It is where you come when you have let your dreams collect dust. The dream is powerful. And critical to every startup. Without a glimmering hope…a business is really just waiting to fail. Dreams are leverage. To be 100% clear: 

    I HAVE NO CLUE what is stopping me from getting to the next level. Baffled? Yes. Help me! The next level looks like this: lots of money flowing in to the business in exchange for meditation cd’s, dream retreats, dream workshops, speaking gigs and a book deal. Media awareness. Oh and also living my own dreams of being an oscar winning screenwriter and actress. To inspire by following my own dreams. Yeah! The next level is full of interaction. Full of service to women. Full of philanthropy. Full of being a light. Yup. Full of big checks! (what a wonderful thing to aspire to…thanks Marie)

    • Dreams are BIG!! I love them too.

      • hey connie…thanks so much for the response. can’t wait to see what you have up YOUR sleeve!!!


        • Currently I helping my sister, Kay, move Fine Men calendars she helped to produce as a fundraiser for breast cancer. I just got the site up a couple of days ago and hope to finish it soon, very soon. I’m learning as I go here and editing all the copy and well . . . that’s what’s up my sleeve, Alison.


          • that’s so cool. (and scandlous–wink wink) I know how tedious that work can be–putting a site up and all that goes with it–bravo. I will have to check it out further.

            it’s a neat idea….

            talk soon ; )

        • Caitlin Padgett

          One of my favorite quotes (and perfumes) is “Live Your Dream”
          Love connecting with other dreamers…

    • Allison…I think you’re my soul sister 😉 Great vid!


      • sally…

        thank you a million times over… i believe in soul sisters…

        sending sisterly love…

      • sally–

        i love soul sisters…


  23. Fun fun fun! Awesome video, Marie. Werk!

  24. Rock on! Loved it. Looking forward!

  25. Maria

    Hi Marie
    I would love to win your competition – I live in the UK and the cost of the trip and the weekend is just too much but if I were to win I WOULD find the money for the flight!!
    My business is small, fairly new, and started after I was made redundant twice. I found my first few customers very quickly BUT because I sell my time my biggest challenge is growing my business and I would love to be able to create some products that I could sell online to help women grow their businesses – as you have proven to be an expert I would love to pick your brains on what to do next, and network with the other fabulous women over the weekend.
    My vision for the future is to have a successful online business working with female entrepreneurs because I believe we girls ARE the future of business and would love to bring some of your New York pzazz to the UK.

    • You mean the prize doesn’t include airfare?

  26. Already booked to go…BUT will totally enter the contest.:) You girls look AWESOME.

  27. Gurl…we are sisters split at birth. I’ve got to meet you, live! I’m on it. NYC, here I come.

  28. Hmmm…maybe I need to go back to my B-School notes. How do I get my picture to show up in the comments?!

    • Amanda

      Hey Amy, I know you have a gravatar – just make sure you use the email associated with the gravatar account, and it should work!


  29. “Fight like a brave/ don’t be afraid/ No one can tell you you got to be afraid….”

    That was me singing my favorite Chili Peppers song- Fright Like a Brave. I’m roughly 2 glasses of wine away from thinking that sounded good.

    When I’m not singing badly or working my day job, I’m working like a crazy person to build up my shiny new sparkly business. I own Parlance Media LLC. Parlance is a business writing company specializing in social media and human resources writing. I launched in mid-June, just in time for Seth Godin’s Linchpin event. I took his “just launch” idea seriously. I spent the rest of the summer working on a client project. I learned a TON about my work habits and preferences, including how much I love this work.

    My biggest challenge is lack of focus. I know where I want to be. I have 100 ideas to get there. I have so many ideas I’m not executing any of them effectively. I need help evaluating where I need to put my resources. Whatever the challenges, I’ve been lucky. My challeneges are in my head, therefore, in my control.

    I know I can push through this. When I realized that my terror of networking was holding me back, I got help with it. I’ve been averaging one event a week since. This lack of focus is just another challenge that I need help overcoming.

    When I focus on a strategy, I have what it takes to make it work. My personal goal for the business is to get 7 subscriptions clients. That will replace my day job salary and allow me to work on a Parlance (and sing badly) full-time. The goal that isn’t all-about me, is to be a solution to a small business owner’s problems. People go into business to share what they love with the world. I want to share what I love so other business owners can focus on what they love.

    Once I achieve the short-term goal of 7 subscriptions I want to create courses and hold retreats. I want to be a lot bigger than 7 clients, but 7 is next level up from where I am.

    Marie, help me help all those business owners who don’t have the time or interest to write. When I go to NYC, I’ll even join you in a karaoke duet. Lets rock this out together!

    • “That was me singing my favorite Chili Peppers song- Fright Like a Brave. I’m roughly 2 glasses of wine away from thinking that sounded good.”

      That’s very funny, Deanna. Makes me think of something I read 20+ years ago from an astrologer named Linda Goodman, “. . . what a sad and lonely forest it would be if only the nightingale sang.”

      And now that it’s so easy to get an exact definition . . .
      (nightingale |ˈnītnˌgāl; ˈnīti ng-|noun a small European thrush with drab brownish plumage, noted for the rich melodious song of the male, heard esp. at night in breeding season.) . . .

      Never stop singing!

  30. hi. i’m back. and i created a video. i tried to delete my earlier comment…but don’t think i can.


    • Alison,

      That was so great to watch and soooo inspirational!

      • thanks sooooo much! i am glad it inspired someone : )

    • That was fast, Alison! and you are very charming. This is going to be a difficult decision for Marie. Wow. Good luck!

      • he he he….

        i know. in a moment of inspiration (and by moment i mean it took like 3-4 hours…hahah!!!) thank god for iMovie…!!

        thanks again : )

    • Hi Alison,

      Is your future making great videos? Fun, honest, and “just a girl dreaming” is wonderful. Now, there’s a class for you to teach, making heartfelt videos.

      Best wishes in the competition! G.
      .-= Giulietta Nardone´s last blog ..Are You Willing To Be Unpopular =-.

      • giulietta–

        wowww…what a compliment. it went straight to my heart! thank you for replying. it is just so sweet : ))))))) (thats a very big smile!)


    • Gry

      That video was awesome!!! you rock girl!

      • gry–

        THANK YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!! :::w00t w00t:::

        u rock, too 😀

        • Alison, That video was fantastic. I hope you figure out what your next steps are and how to get past the illusive blocks!

  31. Marie, here it goes, a paragraph for each question.

    ‘I could tell you a lot of stories from my life as an entrepreneur, all proving non-fiction beats fiction all day. About the bat that entered my home office when I opened the garden door to Pandora, the begging man who rang my door and when asked ‘who is it? ‘ answered with personal branding insight ‘me!’ or the many cooking pots that got burned while talking with a friend about entrepreneurial spirit. About supporting close family members going through cancer and how cancer is a big-black-hole. About the blogs, programs, products planned out in big size paper covering my desk, getting in an argument about who should be the first to be implemented, while I watch the black bird having a blast in the garden birdbath.

    I am not here nor there. Sitting on a crossroads, stuck on which way I want to go. Searching my pockets for the passion for business I surely must have dropped somewhere. The only thing I can remember is what I learned in ten years of entrepreneurship: life is complex, business is simple.

    What can I see on the other side of that RHHLive road sign? A global web-based business, a brand born from passion for business, an entrepreneurship game, to teach girls all ages that it’s not important where you were born or that no one around you believes in you, you CAN achieve your dreams by being an entrepreneurial girl.
    Alas found something in one pocket… a fortune cookie paper with the words ‘Rich Happy & Hot Live’. I guess it’s time to get moving… ‘

    • Ana, I saw your post on twitter and came right over to read your words…I’m in a RHHB bubble right now going to everyone’s sites and soaking up the female power that is present in this group. Just wanted to say that moving through your fear is incredible and yes, time to get moving!

  32. Christina Mattschei

    Hi Marie,

    I really really want to go to Rich, Happy, Hot LIVE!!! I’m so excited even just thinking about the possibility! Here is a link to the video I made:

    I realize it’s 2 seconds over 2 minutes, but it was literally the first one I did, and the best one out of all my attempts. My heart said to go with this one–hope that’s okay!


  33. Hi Marie,
    Jungshin Fitness, LLC has recently partnered with Google, Louis Vuitton, and Canyon Ranch in Miami. 2010 has been an exciting year. We’ve got our products out (new logo, apparel, equipment), and a series of press packages going out to over 100 upscale club locations.

    My biggest challenge is raising the capital to produce fitness DVD’s and expand internationally.
    I have so much to do and am so excited about and I’m limited without the funding.

    The next level looks like landing a fulfillment place for products, getting a clothing line to sponsor and create Jungshin Apparel (like Nike!), producing professional DVD’s so that people can practice out of their homes, and bringing Jungshin to Spa retreats all over the world. I’m personally excited because 20% of the DVD revenues will go to support Doctors without Borders.

    Here’s our latest promotional clip and product link 🙂


  34. I must win.

  35. Caitlin Padgett

    Marie!! Sooah S’dey!
    I live in Cambodia and I will travel to NYC for the Rich, Happy and Hot Live event! I know to the very core of my being how inspiring and transformational it will be. I am already signed up to the blogs of all of your female speakers – I eagerly await their posts and they keep be connected, learning and less isolated over here on the other side of the world.

    I haven’t even been able to watch your videos yet, I’m staying on a farm for a few days with limited internet connectivity. I will watch the videos when I get back to the city and will post my submission then!!

    xo caitlin; creative-change consultant in cambodia
    (with a penchant for alliteration)

  36. Hi Marie,
    So after some more thought I realize that what is holding me back, or my biggest challenge is a deep-seeded fear that having money=something bad. And girl I am working on breaking this viscious and inherited belief system. I have these great videos that need to get out to the world and more and I love the element of hip-hop and exercise! When I move in fitness, my words are clear and concise and deep and yet when I simply speak about the depths of what I do I am missing something. I know you can help.

    Josh knows this side of me as I was a “bat” in his workshop. LOL.


  37. I am totally entering!!! My video and story will be up in a few days!!
    Thank you Marie!!
    I am ready to take it to the next level and I know you’re the one who will help get me there!!
    Much love!

  38. Yes Marie, I DO want to be Hot, Happy and Rich!
    Yes, I DO want to plow through all the blocks so I can take it to the next level.

    I am author of two books and two coaching programs. One is Gorgeous for God which teaches simple practical ways to be gorgeous, happy and helpful.

    I was able to quit my “day job” in May 2010 and have made enough money to support myself through the summer with coaching. I have a mailing list of 2000 people and I’ve coached 50 clients, which is the most exciting fun work I’ve ever done in my entire life! I love seeing how fast transformation is when someone says YES! and really wants it!

    My biggest challenge is asking for help and finding the courage to be visible. I have been “the wizard behind the curtain” for the past six years, blogging quietly every day, inspiring many, but what I really want now is “to be out in the world” where people can see me and talk to me and touch me. Another big challenge is that I’m deaf since the 3rd grade. I wear a hearing aid and somehow (it’s a miracle!) I’m able to interact with people and do radio interviews, but I have to be really focused (which may be the secret of the miracle!).

    To quote a genius (you!), I’ve “made Is-ness my business!” ☺ When I am focused in the NOW, I am able to hear fine. It really IS a miracle.

    So, my challenge is finding the courage to be visible and to come out into the sunlight so I can help as many people as possible.

    “My way” (because of my fear of asking for help) has been to do everything by myself and give everything away for free so I had no money coming in to do all the cool things I wanted to do to keep offering this information. I am completely self-taught. I built my own websites, wrote, edited and self-published my books, learned RSS, figured out how to create autoresponders, and learned all the technical aspects of making it all work. You name it, I did it. BUT THAT TIME IS OVER. Now, I want to work WITH people. I want to be with people. I want to be part of a team, and that’s why this weekend in New York with you is so exciting to me!

    The next level is me having the GUTS to be visible – traveling, offering workshops, doing television and radio interviews, writing books and creating videos that help and inspire and give HOPE to millions

    So there you have it Marie. I want to be happy, hot and rich so I can help people be gorgeous, happy and helpful.

  39. Marie, I want to live Rich Happy & Hot… please help!

  40. Hola Marie

    Thank you so much for this generous offer you really are a true giver.

    RHHLive is going to be amazing and I really want to be part of it!

    I’ve been tweeting and will carry on 3x a day until Friday (@djaniracortesao)

    Love and un abrazo from Barcelona, Spain


  41. Hey Marie,

    I wanna be rich, happy, and hot:

    Thanks for the opportunity!
    .-= April Bowles´s last blog ..How to Get Over Your Fear of Drawing- Writing- and Creating =-.

    • Kris

      This one is my favorite! Great job April!

      • Thanks Kris 🙂

        • I enjoyed this one a lot too! And there are some great contenders. This will be no easy decision for Marie because your idea April to help the creative person succeed financially is way overdue.

          It is time to annihilate “Starving Artist” from the American lexicon!

          And you can dance too. Good luck!

          • Thanks Connie. I definitely want to annihilate the “starving artist” syndrome!!! I know I can do that with Marie and the help of the amazing team she’s put together for Rich, Happy, and Hot.

  42. Marie! You rockstar!!! Awesome video!! Totally love it.

    I would enter but the ticket from Australia is more my problem ;).

    Keep yup the awesome work and energy gal!

    Casey xo

  43. Jen

    My business is in it fledgling state. Like a newly hatched chick, feathers still a bit damp, ruffled too, so not perfect in any way. I’ve taken a leap out of the nest but realize I need to learn to fly first and ask for help. I have tons of ideas but focusing them is hard. I have decide to go with 3.
    My biggest challenge will be following my passion for spontaneity but knowing when to listen, slow down and implement the steps to fly rather than soaring down to a crash landing. Even though I am an excellent student, I need to ask for help from others. I want to trust and share more with other women. Life always provides me with moments of frustration, joy and humor. Those I want to share with others in an honest way. I love to learn and constantly reinvent myself and my vision. I want my business to be honest and truthful and match me.
    * The next level is to activate my site even though t is not perfect and share it and really spend sometime getting it to be personal I know i can accomplish a rockin hot site that will have something to offer other women, even if it is a silly joke aor heartfelt moment. I want to inspire other women to share in a healthy, happy way and enjoy.

    When I rock on through I will have super long tail feathers and powerful wings. I will be sharing and giving constantly. My website, online presence and newsletter will bring helpful tips and humor and joy to a ton of people. I will be able to talk honestly about my before and after wearing some kick ass heels and sharing with grace, speaking with power and knowing myself more each time.

    • Hi Jen…

      Have you considered launching a wordpress site? It’s a super convenient and delicious way to go! I’m actively building mine now to share.

      One of Marie’s partners is a WordPress Goddess. Check her out at


  44. Hello Marie,

    I love the contest idea and I jumped at the chance. Thank you for being you Marie and having the guts to be authentic! I love how we just can’t fail at being ourselves when we are empowered by our own brilliance!

    Thanks for watchn’!

    • Louise Weber

      Nope! The link above is incorrect! Sorry fro the inconvenience.

      Thanks for watchin’

      • Did you really climb that cliff in a pink skirt and heels, Louise? OMG! That is a long drop down . . . down . . . dooooowwwwwnnnnnn.

        I got nervous just watching your video. Perhaps I have a fear of heights.


      • hey Louise! i’m orignally from edmonton, so nice to see a fellow albertan here!! can believe you climbed that cliff in heels! good luck to you and to all of us here! Marie has one hell of a decision to make!


  45. Julie Downey

    That was such a cool video!

    You’ve inspired me Marie!

    I’m practicing on my Flip Cam :)….more to follow

  46. hiya bella!

    I’m thrilled at the opportunity of incorporating your RHH system and being invited to to participate in your big prize event in this fashion! I’m a virgin to new business ventures, but I’m equally excited and, well, anxious! I genuinely intend to reciprocate added value to the RHH ever expanding community from the teachings and advancements I’ll embrace from your program.

    I’ve been pregnant with the development of my business, and this conception is a three-tier expansion from my work as a celebrity makeup artist, producer for my boyfriend’s successful LA based image design studio, and supporter of women’s collective consciousness in self-image wellness.

    This brings me to clarifying the CURRENT stage of development of my business, Sage Elite – a boutique production company. My ad-venture rolled out earlier this year trying to add leverage to my one-to-one business model and service beyond my niche market in makeup work. Target market and unique selling proposition are defined, business plan’s under way, brand identity is established and now I’m absorbing how to build an effective online presence….which brings me to your next question about the challenges I’m facing – adding more hours to the day 😉

    I’ll be transparent here. I have to grow bigger than the capacity of my service potential. The single-handed challenge I face (to put it bluntly) is decision making. Because of the high caliber expectations associated with catering to high-profile clients, I fear sinking resources and compromising quality design (in form and function) as I spearhead the next oncoming steps.

    The changing business environment also presents new challenges that make me fearful of mismanaging opportunities with new media marketing – an area that presents technical overwhelm for me. The combination of the above challenges my ability to make executive decisions with confidence AND has me misallocating my time (my most precious resource) trying to get savvy about the things I need to get savvier about. Analogy: hamster running in a wheel (of technology so-to-speak).

    Making the transition to close my business’s gap – from where it is now to my vision of its longevity- is important to me. The catalyst for me launching this venture was my work in makeup allowed to work with women in the most raw, intimate, and transparent way. In essence, transformation- glamorously and consciously. Raising awareness that the “ugliness” we all feel inside is bullshit, empowering young women from self-depracating beliefs & identity issues, and reinforcing that beauty and pretentiousness are not one in the same, are messages that I hope RHH can get behind.

    The next level I’m designing to manifest is a celebrity endorsed eco-friendly and sustainable beauty product line by a collective of celebrity makeup artists, a global campaign promoting beauty wellness, and embracing creative opportunities with aligned talent. This is exactly what the next level look like for me and what I’m creating by rawking through this challenge.

    Love and light to you and your team for turning this mutha out! I’m ecstatic about adding you to my circle of excellence and working among other kick-ass women that are ready to step into their greatness!

    Deepest of gratitude,

    • I tried loading two of our sites, but received an error message. So here goes, just to keep it safe:

      Can anyone share how to insert a pix/avatar? I look like an MSN Messenger shadow – perty please?

      Thx dolls!

  47. Hola Marie! I so want to win a ticket to your RHH LIVE event. I had to choose between your event and B-School, otherwise my ticket for the weekend would already have been purchased. Anyway, here is my entry. Can’t wait to see you in November!

    Q1: My business, The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked, was created to inspire and challenge women to overcome their body image issues—all which significantly impact their happiness in their career choices, relationships and, of course, their self-esteem and self-worth. My business is practically a virgin…just over 4 months old. I am currently in the process of rocking and rolling creating a solid presence online, getting to know the peeps I want to serve and marketing my butt off to build my list. I am getting ready to launch my first big event in hopes to spread my message, learn about what my target market wants so I can design the best kick-ass program for them and finally put some much needed moola in my pocket.

    Q2: My biggest challenge is two fold. My first challenge is overcoming this daunting fear that I will not be able to deliver the goods. Right now I feel like a jack-of-all-trades and can’t figure out what or how to package my knowledge in a way that will give my clients the best of me and, of course, turn them into lifetime supporters of my cause. The second challenge is simple—time management. I am a stay at home mom with very little time and due to a recent separation very little money (to hire someone to help me right now). I need some strategic suggestions that I can run with.

    Q3: My goal is that Eat Chocolate Naked will be a household name. I would love to write a book (have one in the works), host virtual events, have a tropical retreat for women to attend, eventually go a speaking circuit to empower young girls (we all know negative body image stuff creeps up at such an early age) and work on a schedule that is conducive to me making enough money so that I can donate monthly and that allows me to build the best life for myself and my son (all on my own).

    I have passion, drive and determination. All I need is some expert direction. Thanks for creating this contest. You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways.


    • Caitlin Padgett

      SO HOT Kimberly! I love the concept and I’m so deliciously down to join a community of women eating chocolate naked!
      When I was young(er) I co-created workshops and performance pieces titled “hungry girl.” We (a small group of young women who had been really challenged by body image stuff) took it to schools and communities – the whole process was so healing and empowering (both the creation and the sharing). I would love to discuss more with you at some point. Meanwhile… I’m signing up to your site!

      xo Caitlin

    • hey Kimberly!

      you have so been kickin’ ass in your biz lately! hope you’re proud of yourself!



  48. Namaste~
    My name is Bridget Morris, I am a 43 year old mother of two, recently divorced from a man with BPD who did so much projection directed at me for 14 years that I was constantly questioning if what he was saying was true, feeling deep inside it wasn’t, but not being able to get out of his web of lies he wanted me to believe about myself.
    When I told him I was filing for divorce 3 years ago, he laughed and said, “you couldn’t put one foot in front of the other without me”.

    Here I am happily divorced, with my business that I have had for 20 years ready to get off the launch pad it has been sitting on for years.
    I have primary custody of my two teenagers and do not get a penny of support from their dad.
    I am a sole proprietor of my business; Bella Forte Bookbinding and Letterpress. I do ALL aspects of the business which leaves little time for the unpaid, yet important part of my business, MARKETING!
    This is the challenge. I must work on paying jobs to pay my bills, so marketing ideas just float in my head unmanifested.

    I can clearly see my business flourishing with clients from all over the world. What I offer is unique and I LOVE working, I want to attract more clients and I would love to hire some creative minds, preferably women.
    I see my business, which is environmentally and socially sound (I use all green, fair trade and sustainable papers) expanding to create projects that support not only me and my family, but many people and many families.
    I want my business to make a difference not just for me and my clients, but for my suppliers in India, Tibet, Nepal etc.

    I have, in the past 3 years put one foot in front of the other with hope, love and integrity for myself. I’m ready to quicken the pace with grace.

    I am rich, but not monetarily, I am happy, I could be happier and in the summer, yeah, I am hot….I’d like my business to be the hottest!!
    I’d be bless to be at the conference in NYC.
    Om Shanti.

    • Keep believing in yourself Bridget and there’s no way you can fail. What a great role model you are for your teenagers! Best of luck to you.

      Marie has a tough decision to make–so many worthwhile women and businesses to choose from. . . eegads I’m glad I’m not her!

  49. Hi Marie,

    I inspire people to inspire themselves — a true muse. If you invite me to your event, you’ll have inspiration literally dripping from the ceiling.

    Where you’re at with your business now?
    It’s moving along nicely, a little over a year old. I’m not down in the dumps or feeling bad about where Giulietta the Muse is. I’m upbeat and positive, just want to unleash it on the world at large. As Robert Frost said, “But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep …”

    What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?
    Need to raise $700,000 to buy a historic property in need of rehab and in danger of demolition for my non-institute institute (NII).

    What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.
    I want to open the “Wake Up and Contribute To The World” NII in this 1800’s antique colonial and barn. It’s not “New Age” as much as it’s “Alive Age.” Folks are sleepwalking through their lives in increasing numbers. It’s the ultimate silent epidemic – except for the occasional snore – because people appear to be awake, yet have been trained to walk, work and converse with their eyes open.

    It will offer classes on waking up to your self, your life adventure and your world. These classes will be offered by anyone who is awake and has something life enhancing to share. Most of the world’s problems can be traced to people sleepwalking. I want to change that!

    As Patricia mentions in Joe Versus the Volcano, “My father says that almost the whole world is asleep. Everybody you know. Everybody you see. Everybody you talk to. He says that only a few people are awake and they live in a state of constant total amazement. ”

    Thanks for the contest opportunity!
    Giulietta, awake in Massachusetts
    .-= Giulietta Nardone´s last blog ..Are You Willing To Be Unpopular =-.

    • I love how big your dreams are Giudetta.

  50. Marie,
    As always, you’re awesome! I love the video. I’m so happy I saved this one for Monday morning. It was a huge pick-me up.

    I launched my health coaching practicing earlier this summer just after graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I’ve had an amazing year in the Virtual RHH program and I’ve been looking forward to the live program all year. My confidence has changed – I truly believe and understand that anything is possible and I know now that I can do the work I love and earn the income I deserve. I’ve had a few clients go through my program but I’ve been unable to take it to the next level and truly put myself out there.

    My biggest challenge is an expectation that I’ve created for myself that I’m not proud of…I’ve been telling myself for years that I can’t write and that I have no business blogging or writing marketing copy. As you can see this could really get in the way of my success. It’s a major roadblock that I’m ready to knock-down. Because of this fear and exception I haven’t sent newsletters, email campaigns or made posts to my blog or website. I haven’t been in contact with my list. Basically, all the stuff I’ve learn from you I haven’t applied because of this one belief about myself and the fear it brings up for me.

    When I work through this challenge my business will thrive and I’ll have an abundance of clients to share my work with. I’ll be my true authentic self, serving those who I’m meant to serve. I’ve been dreaming about exactly what my life will feel like once I’m able to work through this and I’m tired of dreaming…I’m ready to live it.

    I know that a weekend in NYC with Marie and her awesome team will push me to take the leap to believe in my writing and in my voice. I’m rewriting my expectation…it’s my time to grow.

    PS…my fear almost kept me from sharing this post. BIG STEP!

    • A teacher in college once told me, “Writer’s write. Other people talk about it.”

      Looks like you can write to me, Melanie Toner.

  51. Hi Marie,

    THANK YOU so much for this opportunity! I will see you in NYC 🙂

    I’ve recorded my video and uploaded it. One of the things that I really want to work on is stepping out of my comfort zone with my business, so recording this video is a first for me! And my first step out of my comfort zone. It starts now. I’ve also signed up to teach a class on how to start a t-shirt business in front of a few hundred people. Scary? Yes, so scary!!! But I need to do it and I need to come to your event in NYC so I can prepare not only for this class and speaking in front of hundreds of people (which I’ve never done before), but I need to stop playing it safe with business and, as you would say, I need to go balls to the wall or stay home. Can I go balls to the wall with you in NYC at RHH? So looking forward to it. You are in inspirationa!

    • Andreea, what a great business and a gorgeous product, I will share your link on my forum at IIN, there are so many like minded people who would love to know about your company.

      • Thanks, Hannah! I appreciate it! Love your site!!!!

    • Awesome product, I want one!

  52. Hi Marie! Here’s my contest entry…
    I would love to attend. I’ve watched the other entries and they all look fabulous! You’re going to have a really tough time deciding. This event looks amazing. I wish I could afford to go, but right now, the whole event is a bit out of my price range. I have never been to NYC, but I hear amazing things!
    If you choose me to attend, I promise to a) Do you proud b) Use and implement every piece of amazing information you and your crew share c) Continue to pass on the love. I don’t know how but I promise to keep the love going.


    • Karen, it looks like you moved through some of your fear to make your video, your honesty is touching!

      • Thank you… lately I’ve been figuring I don’t have as much to lose as I once thought and so I might as well be very me! 🙂 Probably should have recognized that a long while ago! 😉

    • Karen:

      I appreciated your honesty and openness in this video. I loved how you recognized that you wouldn’t be able to help anyone if they didn’t know who you were. And your promise to Marie that she would be proud of you was great!

      • I actually retook that video. Should have seen the big light bulb go off while the camera was rolling. It just came out and then… I realized how true it was! Thanks, these comments are starting my day off pretty warm and fuzzy! 🙂

  53. I love this Marie! I am unfortunately booked for a spokesperson job on those dates but I will definitely promote this to my list! I know how valuable this event will be for anyone that attends!! xoxo

    • Hiya there Melissa…I couldn’t help write because you described my work in your last blog post. I’d love to connect with you over this. I’m a celebrity makeup artist that crossed over to production, and as a producer I’m in charge of bringing together all possible resources for the production of exceptional fashion photography. This past Spring we worked with the Editor of Le Book who put us on the 2nd page (HUGE layout location) which was wonderful for us! Your blog is absolutely correct though, this is the old way of doing business and the new business environment requires engagement through the facets of new media marketing with various people beyond editors. My heart doesn’t let go of my inner artist from the makeup world but leveraging both capacities is demanding.

      I’d love to hear from you. If you’re in LA maybe we can meet over coffee.

      Love and chocolate!

  54. Ooh… you totally ROCK Marie, and I’m SO looking forward to this!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • nathalie,
      i LOVE your video…big smiles and lots of high end client vibes your way!

    • Nathalie- You totally surprised me with your moves here. Hadn’t seen this side of you. I loved it!

      • nathalie!!! omg- LOVELOVELOVE your video!!! you are AMAZING!! you go girl, rock on witcha bad self! 🙂

        big hugs,

    • Hi Nath!
      LOVED your video – so fun! 🙂 Awesome moves, girl! lol

    • Thanks everyone! It’s true, not a side I show very often online… was so much fun to put together & dance though! 🙂

      • Kerri Grant

        Natalie, thanks for putting yourself out there and being authentic like that for all the world to see. That’s one of the things holding ME back. You’ve inspired me and I’m entering. I already feel accomplished having made that decision. Thanks for doing your part in creating something you love, and creating a field of amazingness for all us contestants to step into.


    • Nathalie, that was so beautiful, thank you for that, such honesty and fun!

    • killer video Nathalie! wohoo!

    • I wish I could dance like that! Fun!

    • Karen Armstrong

      YOU *ROCK* NATHALIE!!! I was dancin’ with ya girl… 🙂

    • Jenn Morgan

      Nice work Nathalie!
      LOVE it! You totally nailed it 🙂

      • Oh My god-you are so cute!!!! love the video. I was laughing and smiling with you girl! good luck!


    • Hey Nathalie,

      Think maybe your inner dancer needs to come out! How can you combine dancing and raw food? Rock and raw? Fun! G.
      .-= Giulietta Nardone´s last blog ..Are You Willing To Be Unpopular =-.

    • Freea

      Way Killer Nathalie! Sounds like you got it goin’ on in the tech world! I look forward to learning more about your business. Stay in front of us!

    • You go girl! xo Milana

    • Your video is super fun! Love your dance moves.
      .-= April Bowles´s last blog ..Why I Almost Didn’t Write This Post and How I Beat My Inner Critic =-.

  55. You know, when I put one foot in front of the other, it becomes possible to do something like put myself WAY out there for the world (or more importantly, my friends) to see. Or laugh at. Or love. Or ignore.

    I want to make hot swing dancers out of scaredy cats! I was there once, and I know how it feels.

    All these videos and submissions are amazing. Marie, how on earth are you going to choose? I can’t imagine what it’ll be like to be in your shoes this Friday.

    Cheers all! Thanks for being inspiring!

    • Hey Rebecca- loved your video- you are such a natural, so authentic- very inspiring!!

      • Tracy-
        Thanks for the support. It means a lot. 🙂

        Making videos is, er, more challenging than I recall! (Used a Sony Handycam nonstop as a kid.) Hopefully it won’t always take like 5 hours to pare it down to a measly 2 minutes.

        But then again…. With me you only need 2 minutes.

        Because I’m so INTENSE.


    • How much fun, brilliant idea and I love your smile!

    • yes! this is great. good luck girl. you are a dancing queen!

      • Cori, Hannah! You guys are TOO sweet! I’ve been loving all these creative super awesome videos (I mean, rapping, crosswords, promises of giveaways!! incredible). I’m happy to be a part of this!

        Just for funzies, here’s me dancing with my rockin’ intermediate class for a challenging routine we did in February: (yeah, i was kind of dancing around my partner… but he was just great–he missed most of the classes and still managed to perform!)

    • stephanie*

      dear rebecca,
      your video is beautiful and touching – very authentic. congratulations and also to your great idea to spread the dance! the world needs dancing people 😉
      all best for you and good luck!!! 🙂

  56. testing gravatar.

  57. Hey Marie!

    What a great giveaway! I am super excited to be in the running with these other gorgeous people 🙂

    1. I am currently torn between a successful personal blog that I started up a few years ago where I pour my little heart out on vegan eating and vegan/ gluten free baking (

    Since starting this blog I realized that a lot of these women in the “foodie” blog world blog all day and love it, but never make a dollar from it! So I wanted to find a way to incorporate my knowledge of internet marketing with the foodies.

    I came up with Skinny Girl Fat Passion that is just fresh and I am want to find a way I can grow it large in a way that I am not scaring my food friends away when I mention “money”.

    2. My biggest challenge is not turning a bunch of my good friends online away. I find that once anyone brings up money they get all up in arms that they do this “for fun”, but I know for myself that I am huge at making money from your passion and I know they would be as well when they learn how to use a Facebook Fan Page 🙂

    I am also not sure the direction to take with the food / money making.

    I am not sure if I should separate my money making blog completely from my healthy recipe updates on twitter and facebook.

    3. The next level looks like a bright sunny day full of happy people that are using my trainings, tips and tricks to ROCK their Passions as a full time business! I believe that I have the ability to help people live their passions and love their careers!

    People spend hours a day blogging about what they truly love, wouldn’t it be grand if they opened their eyes are really saw that is what they were most passionate about??

    Thanks again for this opportunity! See you in NYC 😉


    • Kris, I think it’s part of owning your power as a woman, being able to say, yes I deserve to be paid for what I do because it’s important. I can feel that you are doing this and it’s so great! I always feel so excited when I learn about women being successful at what they do, seeing all these women together on this site is amazing.

  58. Hi Marie!

    Love this opportunity you’ve offered – thank you! 🙂

    Here are my answers to the questions:

    Where I’m at with my business right now
    – It’s building slowly but surely. I help quirky entrepreneurs with designing a brand that reflects their uniqueness and attracts the people they most enjoy working with. I love the design part of this, love to dig in and create some beautiful graphics that really reflect someone’s quirkiness and what they’re all about. It’s fun to see how happy my clients are with what I create for them!

    I’ve been attracting more of my own ideal clients, making a wee bit more money and definitely having more fun and feeling more confident in what I’m doing.

    Biggest challenge in taking it to the next level
    – I need to get even more clients, attract more people to my website and build my list. I have a teeny tiny little list and it’s not growing very fast at all! I really need to get more traffic coming to my awesome offer and build that list of my peeps so that I have more clients and more people to engage with and find out what they need that I can offer. But I feel overwhelmed with it and not sure HOW to do that or where to start with it. My traffic is growing, my list is growing very slowly – but I want to take it bigger and reach more people.

    What EXACTLY the next level looks like and what I’ll create when I rock this challenge
    – The next level is triple the clients I have right now, and triple my current income. It’s 3-5 email signups per day and I’ll be developing relationships with other entrepreneurs to joint venture and partner with to help us both grow our businesses.

    I’ll create more awesome free content, as well as some higher end paid programs and services to help my people really create a brand that reflects THEM and attracts their people. I want to help train and coach people through this process, so they don’t get overwhelmed and give up before they even get started. I’ll create a program that will walk them through creating their own brand right from figuring out what makes them so awesome through to discovering what their ideal client wants and what they can offer them, as well as the technical nuts and bolts in setting everything up to attract those clients.

    At RHH Live, I want to learn more about how to market myself and how to build my list, as well as all of the other FABULOUS things I know will be taught. 🙂

    • Great business you have Jess! I understand about growing the list, how lovely to have it triple overnight?

  59. Sally Hope

    HEY EVERYONE!!! This B-Schooler wants IN!!! (pick me pick me pick me 🙂

    I want to share a quick story. Last Thursday night I was out to dinner and telling my friend this strong intuition I had. It was that I just NEEDED to get out to NYC in November for this RHH Live event. I knew I couldn’t afford it, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and I just knew it was where I needed to be. Like a freakin message directly from God’s mouth to my ear holes. So we brainstormed on ways to raise the money to go (sell guitars, borrow money, find a sugar daddy). I was wracking my brain and then remembered something Marie said…that “you can never find clarity in your head.” So the next day, I let it go. I stopped using my brain and I just trusted that the answer would come to me. One hour later, I get the email in my inbox about this contest. So, Marie…thanks for listening. 🙂

    Here’s a link to my video

    But that’s not all. I also created a personalized crossword puzzle for YOU Marie (and any of Marie’s followers) ABOUT Marie. Just a fun little extra to show my gratitude for putting this contest on (and when you watch the video it’ll make more sense). It’s in your inbox right now. And for anyone else who wants it, email me at [email protected] and I’ll send it along.

    Hope to see ya’ll in NYC!!!!
    Miss Sally Hope

    • Sally, you looked like you had so much fun making that video! Thanks for the positive attitude, it’s contagious.

    • dontcha just love it when we create a way to allow something in so quickly!?!?!?!

      i know how incredible that feels…and just for that i hope u win. even though i entered. i know how cool that feeling is…and i think it would be great if you could see that manifestation through.

      i would just want to see your notes afterwards…



      • Sally Hope

        Hey Alison…that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard!!! Thank you so much for your support and know I’m supporting you too!! Let’s make a deal…if I win, I’ll definitely share my notes with you and if you win, you can share your notes with me. We’ll look at it like US winning. 🙂


    • Sylvie

      You freakin’ rock!!! I so want you to get in – can I get the free coaching session from you? 🙂

      • Sally Hope

        Hey Sylvie…YOU ROCK!!! 🙂
        Thank you so much. Oh man…I want in SO bad! And yes, if I win you can get the free coaching from me. And even if I don’t win I’d still love to coach you. Contact me and we can set up a free sample session to see if we’d be a match (sounds like a dating site…eh?)

        Email me at [email protected].


    • Freea

      Hey Sally,
      LOVE LOVE LOVE your business concept first of all!

      I hope to hear more about it as it evolves! Add me to your mailing list
      [email protected]
      And….I wish I was a natural and as comfortable in front of the camera as you. I am currently producing a few short videos for my business, but it is taking some leaping for me to get there (Over tall buildings). My boyfriend was an LA music producer, who was in about a million ska music videos and LOVES being in the spotlight (I just don’t naturally have that gift). I am so NOT a natural and I am working on developing this part of myself…so it was really an inspiration to see your video and your comfort level! Perfect balance of enthusiasm and relaxed energy…Thank you soooo much!

      • Sally Hope

        Hey Freea…thank you so much for your comment!! I will definitely add you to the mailing list and keep you posted on some fun goodies.

        I COMPLETELY hear you about not feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Actually, that is my very first video that I’ve made myself and felt comfortable with. I’ve always been a little shy on video (never in photo or on stage as a rock n roller). There is something so scary about saying words on tape, trying to be natural. I say just practice!! And drink some wine first. 🙂

        I’m actually working on a program right now where I help my clients feel confident and comfortable and sexy on their own “stage” (could mean literally, could mean a youtube video, or whatever). I take my experiences of being on stage in a band, and use it for whatever area my clients are wanting to be more bold in. Let me know if you want more info (working on an article right now and some personalized coaching programs).

        You rock girlie.

  60. Hey Marie – I’m off the chart excited about this, can’t believe there could be a chance to join your gorgeous self for a weekend that promises to be amazing, insightful and full of sass.

    Not only did the excitement cause me to break out into freestyle crazy dancing but also inspired a rap! Hope you enjoy it and good luck to all entries, the other vids are really good!

    Hope to see ya in NYC real soon

    • Genna, that was so much fun, be proud, that will put a smile on everyone’s face!

    • LOVE THIS!! So much fun!!!!!!!!!
      love it love it

    • Awesome video! I think you are a star in the making. (and from Glasgow too which is always a bonus!) Good luck.

    • Great job, Genna! I enjoyed watching this. You should make more videos, you are a star!

    • u r adorable!

      i love your gravatar…

      best of luck to youuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Freea

      Awesome Genna,
      I have a feeling you are an excellent cheerleader for yourself. My best friend is like that too…has it naturally built in. This was so entertaining…your clients are going to LOVE you! Best of luck in all of your business, rapping, snapple, dancing and coaching endeavors and in rolling it all into one amazing kick ass business, which I have not doubt you will accomplish! Go ROCK it out girl!

    • Nice job! Very fun.

  61. My name is Amy Gabrielle Witmyer and I am the creator of “Find Your Bliss!” and Sacred Space Yoga & Wellness.

    Here is a taste of what I offer…

    “Find Your Bliss!” is about helping people find their Bliss in life, and to help create a supportive daily Holistic Lifestyle practice. This can be either in person, virtually or both! 

    I also offer unique services in my studio, including individual & small, personalized Holistic Yoga classes.

    Wellness Services include Reiki & Intuitive Touch Healing, Holistic Lifestyle Support, and Virtual Yoga & Wellness Services. 

    There are also Special Interest Workshops, Reiki Attunements & Certifications, and Teacher Intensive Workshops.

    Creative Services include various Photographic Projects, including Dreamscapes, The Women’s Metamorphosis Project and Sacred Stones~ Custom Jewelry Design.

    I currently teach about 4 small group classes, a handful of private sessions, and some creative services a week. I spend the rest of my time running the other aspects of my biz, caring for myself, my son, my husband, and our beloved dog. Not to mention all the domestic responsibilities. (we do not currently have assistance here yet 😉

    My biggest challenge is not having enough time, money, expertise, and energy to take my business to the next level. I have volumes of journals with fabulous projects that I cannot seem to get off the ground…not to mention getting the projects that I have started further off the ground!

    The next level looks soooo gooood, I get turned on just thinking about it ;-))

    I would be helping many, many more people around the globe, Find Their Bliss, while simultaneously helping myself and my loved ones.

    I have so much love inside me to share with the world! I just want to be able to get my message out to the masses, and have a huge impact on our planet!

    I am not asking for too much, some land for my small family to build a self-sustaining homestead on, and to continue to share my Bliss with the world, and be a super inspiring role model!

    If I win, I trust that I will use this invaluable information and experience for the highest good!

    Hope to see you lovely ladies soon!

    PS. I am already Super Happy & Hot, now lets just get me Rich ;-)))

    • Such a great name, who wouldn’t want to find their bliss!!! Your goal to have land, share you bliss and be a role model is beautiful.

      • Thank You Hannah!!

        Your loving support means SO much to me!!

        I will jump into Your Bliss now, and learn more about one of my fellow sistas,

        More soon 😉

  62. oh, since I didnt make a video for this, I thought I’d throw this one in for fun – my dog surprisingly nipped me in the butt at the end, does that count for anything ;-))

  63. My business is a totally new online yoga service. I am pregnant and this new wonderful little daughter growing inside me is the inspiration to take action and be an awesome role model.

    Let me back track a little to talk about another inspiration -my mom. She has always had terrific, creative and helpful ideas, but she never took action! I know she always wanted to do more and be more but for whatever reason, and ya know how those ‘reasons’ can be, she never implemented these ideas. So, what’s my biggest challenge? Taking the creative inspiration from my mom but leaving out the baggage and self-defeating chatter that stops me in my tracks. I just got my website up, I am working on developing the content and my products, struggling to get a list started and increase traffic to my site, figuring it out as I go along and feeling like I am caught in a tornado!

    Taking it to the next level will result in fulfilling my dream to have my own business, showing my mom that I was listening all those years and demonstrate to my daughter that you can do what you love and have the life you want and that nothing should get in the way of that.

    Rocking this challenge will serve these two important ladies in my life as well as all pregnant and new moms who are looking for community, support and top notch yoga specifically designed to meet their spiritual, physical and emotional needs.

    Choose me and I will be totally committed to making the most out of this weekend and contribute to the growth and happiness of others whenever I can.

    • Stephanie,
      I share the same story growing up, and I love how you are taking what you learned from your old story and are using it to move forward. I so agree that when you do what you love, nothing can get in the way. Congrats and so much luck to you.

  64. Hi Marie,

    I bought my FlipCam last week, and have been practicing with it ever since.

    And, I’m so excited because I did it, I filmed my video and it’s up on YouTube…Yay!!!

    I can’t wait for you to see it, so here it is…

    And now back to studying Module Five :0)

    Lot’s of love,


    • Julie, so great you got the flip cam rocking…so happy to have connected with you through this challenge.

      • Julie Downey

        Thank you Hannah, me too!

        You’re a sweetheart!


  65. susan

    Hello Marie,

    I REALLY want to attend Rich, Happy and Hot Live! And here is why;
    My sister and I are creating a business/project for women. She is a Medical Doctor and I am a social worker and coaching student. Recently I have been “helping out” in my sister’s office by managing many aspects of the practice. During our work together I began to have a vision. I could see that my sister and I could develop a women’s center for health and wellness that was different, a place where women could come to learn (through an on-line community) about their bodies, health and healing but with a twist. And that is where B-School comes in. I want to celebrate women and integrate fun, spirit, style and sophistication into their lives- those attributes of B-School that feel so wonderful. I can see that our “sister connection” is the model of sisterhood everywhere. And that this “sister community” in health and wellness can move beyond the conservative style of medicine and encourage women to see the flourishing of their spirit-life-body-mind through the lens of supportive female relationships and FUN! A big dream for a couple of small town girls.
    So the biggest challenge now? For me it is money, time, technical skills and the need for direction on specific courses of action. I have a full-time job until we get this thing up and running. But because my technical skills are lacking (hence no video for you) it is taking me a long time and there is only so much money to pay for help. We know what we want to do, the programs to develop, the type of environment and culture we want to create. I believe in this vision and our abilities to create it. But getting started, ugh! Help! I need help with direction on concrete action, understanding what models exist for marketing that could work for this project in particular.
    Here’s what the next level will look like; I will have left my full-time job and will be working full-time on this women’s center, creating with my sister programming and product lines that we can promote on-line, and in-person, to support women’s health and wellness. As part of that I hope to have a thriving coaching practice and clearly developed wellness programs and services. I believe that by being able to attend the Rich, Happy, Hot Live Event we will learn how to get this program off the ground and into the world! For the benefit of all women everywhere!
    Thank you Marie for this opportunity! And thank you for developing B-School, it is a wonderful creation.

    • Susan, this business sounds amazing and I love the sister aspect of it, one of the things about this contest is seeing how when women come together, it is so powerful and inspiring.

  66. I recently launched my women’s wellness company Sacred Space NYC in May 2010 I call Sacred Space NYC my cosmic baby- I went through a lot of ish in my life abuse, addition to men etc. and I really needed these experiences to open me up spiritually, My company Sacred Space NYC, works on an energetic level to really tune into women’s feelings and provide a sacred space:) for the exploration of self. We just got featured in Time Out NY, knew it was possible but didn’t know it was going to happen so fast. Feeling grateful and just working on developing my gifts and sharing them with the world and igniting that spark in women’s lives in the world.

    I would say my biggest challenge in taking it to the next level is really getting my advertising, marketing, etc ON! email, social networking media to the next level and really tuning into and accepting the gifts that I have been given, my psychic gifts and learning how to integrate these intuitive skills into my counseling -so combining my traditional counseling clinical training, my tantra counselor and mystical healer training together for my style of sessions and groups and really my one liner mission to what I am here to do and how. Owning it.

    The next level looks like I feel like the effin *hit, like I am really in my power of love and accepting the light of my gifts and igniting that in the women I work with. Really channeling that intuitive energy that mystical energy and combining it with counseling. To be comfortable speaking about my work and to feel soo un apologetic about my light and the light and potential I see in others and the world. This looks like $$$ Abundance baby!

    I will create a even more sacred space for women to really get in there, get deep with themselves, explore deep deep to their core, and be guided to their subconscious be guided to the parts of themselves that need to be healed and shifted and really allowing that healing to blossom and create magic, sensuality, goddess, love, compassion, peace. I will create a cosmic business that is abundant, and inspiring, that will create a ripple effect for women to believe in themselves and to give back to the community to women that have been abused, to children that have been abused, to those that are disadvantaged, marginalized, to be a vessel of love and light <3

    • OMG!!! I”m Sacred Space too!! lol

      YOU GO GIRL!!! Rock it!

      • Nancy Vincent

        I love hearing about the sacred space you are creating! The mystical, intuitive, healing & generous energy that you are is palatable! Keep going & firing up all those who come in contact with you! Love it!

    • Christine,

      That was beautiful, “accepting the light of my gifts” what power!

  67. there’s no way I could make it over for RHH but am loving the entries – sooo inspiring! keep them coming on, ’cause they are making me chuckle!

  68. Jessica

    Isn’t it amazing when opportunities push us out of our comfort zone! Thanks for the push Marie as well as the opportunity to attend RHH Live in NY. This video is a first for me, my first video and my first post to youtube.

    Here’s the link to my video entry and don’t be alarmed, the video begins in the dark.


    • Jessica,

      It feels so good to be out of your comfort zone when you are through it doesn’t it? Congrats to you for moving through it.

  69. Amber

    Here to sprinkle love to all the ladies who’ve entered so far and those that are still coming!!

    Marie – I also *love* these lines of awesomeness from the email you just sent: YOU CAN’T FAIL. For real. When you take consistent, smart action and just keep going for heavens sake, results begin to take shape.


    • I agree the ‘you cannot fail’ is the approach we all have to take. I vacillated on whether to submit my cheesy/corny video and yet knew ‘you always lose 100% of the shots you do not take.’ So here is to throwing one up towards the basket!

  70. Julie Downey


    I loved what you wrote…”You can’t FAIL!” awesome, thank you.

    I’m feeling your magic dust and the love and warm comments from all the Rockin’ B-School Babes!



  71. Ok here it goes…my stomach is turning in excitement & nervousness … I put this together all by myself and hope it gets your attention to see how BAD I WANT THIS!! You ladies are a true inspiration, leading women down the path of success and happiness is something we need more of, and i want to learn from you so I too can change the world!!!!

    I have been Facebook-ing and tweeting this UP LIKE CRAZY….

    See you in NEW YORK BABY!!!! (i hope 😉

    Body Mind Experience

    • such a cute video…i love that song, too…

      900 fans is definitely something to be proud of!!!!!!!

      lots of love

      • Thanks Alison!!

        • Nichole, I agree you should be so excited for all you have created and for what’s to come, and thank you, thank you for taking on the subject of the children….YES!

          • Thanks Hannah! Hope to really help those kids, they deserve a life full of vitality, happiness and health! Unfortunately that is not the path society is leading for them!

  72. Christina

    Thank you so much for your encouraging words, Marie!

    It means a lot to me, and I’m sure to everyone who as entered. It seems silly but it’s actually really scary to put a video of yourself up on You Tube! I literally didn’t open my Flip Cam box for five months after I got it for my birthday. Your contest lit the fire under my *** to finally do a video and stop making excuses (like, but theres someone in the other room who can hear me, bad hair day, etc, etc.)

    All of these videos being put up and entered are awesome and the stories of all these women who want to make a difference in the world are so inspiring! I am so happy to be a part of this. Many blessings to everyone who had/has the courage to enter and make a video or write in. I am so happy to be in this space with all of you!


  73. Hi Marie,

    Besides that fact that you are a rock star and I want to work with you — I want to win a ticket to your event. I’ve been in business for 20+ years and I coach rock stars and emerging artists. I’m totally successful but want to take it to the next level. I currently have a coach (the fabulous Christine Kane) but she is in Asheville and you are in NY where I live — and my mastermind is finished in December — so I’m coach shopping!!! The best way for me to decide is to come to your event!! I have to get back to work right now, but I’m going to submit my proposal later today!! Just wanted to let you know I think you rock!


  74. Sat Nam! I really wanted to make a video, but “technology challenged over here!!” I am a manifester by birthrite. I have always used the laws of attraction unknowingly and knowingly. It’s gotten me what I’ve wanted and it’s gotten me in trouble. My problem now is I’m stuck, there is so much going on in my life at one time, that I can’t keep track of my manifestations and they are falling apart.
    What I need to work well right now is my business. A slammin’ kick ass business will trickle down and create the balance I seek in all area’s of my world.
    I need help, SOS!!
    Sacred Space Yoga is 6 months old, but the seed was planted 2 years prior. I started with one class and I began my web site and pretended that I was this big yoga studio with lot’s to offer. It was fun watching the universe put the pieces of that puzzle together and following the guidance sent to me. I began renting space for 2 classes a week and then BAM!! I was renting a studio and it’s my own. I’ve since expanded to add a boutique. Now, things are rough, merchandise is not moving, my rent is higher, the “non-compete” put into my lease is being challenged by vulchors, and I have so many plans for the space that I want to put in place for next year, but if things don’t start picking up here, I won’t make it. I now offer very low priced yoga classes, why? Because it always peaved me off that yoga studio’s only catered to the wealthy. So I wanted to make yoga available to those who need it and who otherwise could not afford to practice on a regular basis. I did it, they love it and that part is working. Still, it’s going slow and I have yet to receive a paycheck myself. I am essentially teaching and doing all this work salary free. Talk about Dharma!
    My next level is huge!! I have plans to train athletes, soccer, baseball, wrestlers and I’m in the perfect location for that. Inside a Sports complex that accomodates outdoor sports, during the winter. And my vision is to franchise Anti Gravity Yoga, to be the first in this area to offer this amazinly fun technique, but without the dough it’s not a go! Everyone deserves to live the yogic lifestyle.
    Rich, poor, happy, not happy, hot and the not so hot! My lifes work is to make this happen and I won’t give up, uh uh!! Won’t give up! BUT..I do need help.
    Inspire me, lift me up, help me through the fires of transformation. I will shine..again! I will keep going. Namaste! Laura 🙂

  75. Tina

    Hey Marie!

    First of all, I love everything you do over here. I can’t wait to get the chance to work with you…which I definitely will at some point…

    Where I’m at now : I started my business in 2009 and it recently started to pick up and make me some moolah (finally!). But, I know I this level of “success” is just scratching the surface…Not only can I do so much more with the services I am already providing, but I’m about to add new areas of service that I am crazy excited about.

    Biggest Challenge in taking it to the Next Level: As a one woman show, I’m struggling with focus and support. I have tons of ideas that never happen. I start them all, and never finish them because there is just WAY to much going on. I need help figuring out where my focus should be. And I’m not gonna lie, sometimes the fear stops me too. Fear of failure. Fear having no money. I could use a little ass kicking for that. Which leads me to support…I have an awesome hubby and friends, but, they have no idea how or what it takes to run a business. I need some people in my life who get what I am doing, who inspire me and push me past my fears, who hold me hold me accountable to my dreams, and who know how to have fun while doing it. I’m pretty positive I could meet a few of those people at RHH Live…

    The Next Level: Mo’ money, mo’ time, mo’ me! I can and should be making way more money than I am. Seriously. I will have systems, teams, and/or plans in place so I don’t have to work all the time (which I do now). And the confidence that more biz is coming my way so I don’t have to feel worried when I’m not working 24/7. I will have the time to have babies and raise a family, which I hope to do in the near future. And more time for dance parties, which is key as you know. And there will be more “me” in my professional life, if that makes any sense. Right now I have “me” and “professional me.” Because I’m fairly young for my profession, and look even younger, I have tried to create this “professional” image so that people would trust me. In the beginning, this was basically me with all the personality sucked out of me. And that sucks. And it didn’t help me get biz. So the next level is me being me, but also being a trusted authority in my profession. And you are pretty much the Queen of that….

  76. Please note that the counter is over 2 minutes because I threw some bonus footage at the end, but if it disqualifies me I am happy to delete it and re upload! Thanks! I think this is so awesome!

    • Loved your video, Lorraine!
      You have a beautiful voice and a dynamic spirit – love it!

    • yo lady!

      i totally almost auditioned for malfi a couple of weeks ago at milk can theatre co…but timing was off and i have a MASSIVE intention for doing film/television and getting my screenplay off the ground–so doing theatre seemed to deviate from it a lil bit. but wow…we have a cosmic connection. so, “hi!”

      p.s. u r very funny.

      annnnd my stalking of this site continues.

      who will be next?

      mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha


      • Thanks so much ladies! Everyone here is so awesome, it’s no wonder you are ‘stalking’ the comments, Alison! Hope to see you at our next round of auditions if you are so inclined!



  77. The Clever Coquettes is a women-owned and operated business. Co-founders Cynthia Pekron and Jamie Leonardi met while attending graduate school at Carnegie Mellon University. Initially, we seemed like unlikely friends, but bonded over the arts, social justice, cheeses, and our natural ability for listening and providing sound advice. After years of serving as the “go-to” girls for friends’ love lives, the two ladies were compelled to create this site to help people be their best at dating.

    The Clever Coquettes offer comprehensive online date consulting, date coaching, and date planning. We provide professional, effective, and affordable ways to creating enjoyable and meaningful dating experiences. Our services include profile consultation, photo polishing, photography sessions, profile writing, monthly email advice, relationship advice, introductory message writing, date planning, and special occasion planning. The Clever Coquettes hold an online “storefront” as a means of receiving payment and delivering services, though service delivery is not limited to the internet, as several services require more personal attention and one-on-one phone, videochat, or in-person consultations. We just started doing this, really. Our site is still being built ( , but we can’t wait to get underway (Our predicted launch date is Halloween)!

    Other than completing our site, we know that our next biggest challenge will be learning how to reach our target markets/ attain critical mass for business.

    Once we get to the “next level”, where we have a substantive amount of business, we’d like to make this our day job(s). Moreover, we really believe in women’s empowerment, and would like to create a sustainable way to distribute business gains between business reinvestment, and nonprofit/ charitable support for women’s empowerment causes.

    Running a business has been a dream for a long time for both of us, and we are confident about making it happen. We know that this seminar would be invaluable in our journey to establishing our business. Thank you so much, Marie, for this opportunity; I’m looking forward to joining you in NYC!

  78. Oh my gosh! It was so much fun making this video. My heart is pounding as I put this out there and reveal my true dorkiness! Hope you like it 🙂

    PS – the entries so far have been truly amazing!


    • HILARIOUS!!!!

      i really think u r sooooo funny. love the hitch hiking scene….sweet !!


      • Freea

        That was totally awesome! Thanks for making me laugh with your rad ending! I LOVE that you gals are all doing this. I am booked that weekend, but have been very inspired just watching everyone do their thing in their amazing unique way. Love so many of the deliveries!

    • Dorit


      Aaawsome!! Very clear massage and so funny ideas! I love your video. Very inspiring. You’ll make it.


  79. Pat

    OMG! this is so freakin’ great! all you ladies are very inspiring

  80. You are a marketing genius, Marie, what a fantastic idea! Love all the entries, ladies, what fun to see the enormous amount of talent and sass out there.
    Here is my out-of-my comfort zone entry (my dad always told me not to sing in public because I am tone deaf, maybe I should have listened to him — too late).

    • okok…i am seriously stalking this site. someone help me! but sheila…u r sooo funny. best line: “all schtick and no substance…” hahahaha!!!!!! u had me laughing.

      especially when the ppl are dancing.

      and u also smacked ur own booty.

      gotta love it!


      • ps…i didn’t think it was all schtick. just throwin it out there 😀

    • Tiu

      HI Sheila,

      All the entries here are great, but yours is fantastic, you rock!!! so funny and creative.

  81. You ladies are seriously inspiring me!!!
    Lovin’ the vids girls!!! 🙂

  82. Hi Marie 🙂

    THANK YOU for being soooo AMAZING! You’re a huge role model for women entrepreneurs worldwide & a constant source of inspiration – in short, you totally rock! YAY Marie!

    RHH Live sounds too good to be true, and this contest is obviously irresistible in and all of itself, but when I heard you talk on the video call with Katie Freiling about the first night of the event & all the dancing that will be going on…

    Well, I was SOLD 🙂 (and in a minute, you’ll see why)

    I’m still a business newbie, but very determined to start living the rich, happy and hot success story sooner rather than later! Just like you, I’m extremely multi-passionate. Business-wise, I’m growing 2 Information marketing & business coaching brands, one local (in Slovene) & one global. And it all started during a trip to New York in May 2009 when I heard you speak at one of the events I attended. Remember the morning booty shaking you made us do? 🙂 Wild!

    So, why choose me?

    Because I used to compete in latin-american dances & still adore dancing, so we’d have a blast on the dance floor;
    because – yes, guilty as charged! – I have a SERIOUS CRUSH on NYC, and last but not least,
    because I’m now at the verge of a fresh beginning, having finally »transitioned« from being a lawyer to being an entrepreneur!

    I’d be incredibly grateful to you if I could jump into my new entepreneurial power in the city that »caused« it all, and most of all, from under the »wing« of someone that was there when my big dream was born… Life coming full circle and all 🙂

    My biggest challenge at this moment is gaining self-confidence to be an entrepreneur & coach(sultant). I have lots of multidisciplinary knowledge besides marketing, yet I feel in need of an emotional breakthrough to truly embrace who I am & stop sabotaging myself. RICH, HAPPY and HOT are so intertwined that each one drives the other two, so for me, it’s definitely makeover time!

    Evidently, coming to your event would give me an enormous boost…
    (…not to mention that in NYC I’d finally get to enjoy some hot shoe/heels shopping, which – with a size 10.5-11 – is difficult in my part of Europe, but let’s not digress here… :))

    Anyway, the next level for me looks hot & stylish and feels authentic & expansive. Once I feel great in my skin again, I have every intention to play really REALLY big. I’ll attract and help much more clients, and as soon as a hint of RICH comes along, I’ll create a scholarship for extra-scholastic activities for kids from financially less privileged families, so they can develop their talents and gifts without worrying about money. This way, THEY’ll be HAPPY, too… just like my parents when I’ll be able to better support their catering and wedding planning businesses.

    First step after RHH live and getting my self-confidence back? I’ll stop hiding out & start marketing my services like CRAZY!

    Hugs from Slovenia,
    Martina 🙂

  83. Ooh, my first ever video! Am loving everyone else’s entries. Mine’s here:

    I live in London and thought there was no way I could attend. Then when Marie announced the competition I realised that a couple of days before I’d booked an unexpected trip to NYC that just happened to run across that weekend.

    Serendipity? I hope so…
    .-= Charlie´s last blog ..Free writer’s toolkit ebook- techniques for getting it on =-.

  84. Julie Downey

    B-School Babes, I’ve been watching all the video’s and you are all so inspiring!


  85. Hey there,

    Thank you so much Marie. Whatever happens I had a blast making my video.

    Have a FANTASTIC time in NYC and I hope to see you there!


    • Freea

      Daphne and All The Marie Fans,
      Daphne-I loved your video and just signed up on your mailing list and I printed your “Most Food is Crap” article so I can read it tomorrow, since it is past my bedtime right now. I love learning about food.

      Everyone, Thank you to all the ladies who posted! It was really inspiring, healing and touching as I wondered my way through the forest of “Go Getting” Women. A very powerful, liberating experience. Thanks for keeping it Rich! And hot and happy! Big congrats to all of you for taking this step, even if you don’t make it to NY this time around! WoooHoooooooooYippie ki ah
      See you on the other side!

  86. Music makes me happy.
    I write songs for people to
    listen and jam and dance to;
    I want to work with other artists on a tour and performance that will bring audiences
    (and me) to sing and dance.
    I to share this with the world,
    recording live events and sharing them
    online as promotional and feel good videos and

    I want to encourage people to bring their passions, or something that represents them, like a book they’re working on or a piece of clothing they’re designing.
    Great for a chance to mingle and see
    what others are up

    Here is a list of ideas from feeling easy and doable, to longer ones…

    Singing songs

    Creating video and audio projections

    Working with others on songs

    Sharing songs


    Inviting people to bring their passions to the shows, for fun and mingling etc…

    Inviting people to play with me and bring instruments and sing along etc…

    Inviting others to participate by hosting their own things there. Like visual artists
    decorating the space…

    Sharing a dance set with band and/or DJ(s)

    Sharing music with children

    I have faith and know it will all work out.
    When I share my feeling good motion forward ideas and actions it feels like the best way to share upliftment because I am doing what I love, which is what I feel anyone would do when they are sped up with their souls as we are all becoming, freely and creatively.

    My challenge is to work from the vantage point
    of it being done already and not working on the who?,
    where?, when?, how? part as much and focusing
    on the what? and the why? As I continue to focus
    on the what? and the why? the perfect
    opportunities will present themselves and
    I will be drawn to the right places at the
    right time with the right everything to arrange
    for a perfect and “beyond what I had asked for or
    dreamed” unfolding. I love the way it
    works and am so excited to share with the world as it

    Love, and thanks for


  87. Hi Marie!

    What an awesome way to help get some of the spider webs out of our head and a great way to market your amazing weekend in the Big Apple.
    My name is Kara Wright and I am a speaker, trainer and founder of mindhearted, inc. (, a diversity education company for parents and organizations that impact the lives of children.

    I launched about a year ago with a beautiful website, a video to share the mindhearted story (, a template for a newsletter or ezine (I don’t know the difference), and a blog that has been operating as a place holder online. I’m slowly building my list and actually have been working, but working dollars for time and not working my desired business model—informational marketing. I have a half written book– which has actually been writing me and I have a book full of ideas for products, events, and workshops (online and face-to-face). However, the book of ideas has gone unused!

    My biggest challenge in taking it to the next level is that I over think EVERYTHING and by the time I’ve thought through every possible outcome I’m exhausted and over the idea and moving on to the next one, only to find myself going through the same cycle. Uggh! Is it fear of failure? Is it fear of success? Is it because I feel lonely in my pursuits? I think I have paralysis analysis!

    Marie, I know that this is exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now and when I rock through this challenge I will have the mindset, tools, and resources to implement the completion of my book, a system that I can use to market my services consistently, a plan to bring some key ideas and products to life, and the courage to follow my own course even in the face of fear! I am so privileged to do the work that I do and be entrusted with others most personal stories. This work heals people from the inside out from all of the things that we are so, so afraid to talk about but that influence every decision we make and how our relationships are created with one another, community to community, and nation to nation. I want to do my part in the biggest way possible and I’d like to leave an incredible legacy for my daughter that goes beyond the walls of our home.

    P.S. I secretly love, love, love to dance and got busted this summer when my friends found out I’d become a Zumba queen. I started because I needed to drop 20 lbs. I’ve lost 8 so far but was determined to do this for a lifestyle change and not a quick fix. Besides, I am a freakin’ LEO and don’t believe in depravation. I just have to work a little harder to have all the things I want☺!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  88. Darla

    Hi Marie! My video entry is posted! Thanks for this opportunity! xoxo

    • Freea

      Hi Darla,
      I just took Marie’s B’School class and LOVED it!

      I would love to connect via email to learn more about your biz and share some good resources with you. Loved the video, very funny and touching!

      [email protected]
      shoot me an email

    • Susana

      Love this one!! xox

    • Tania Lanin

      Hey Darla!

      I LOVED the video, your totally cool personality shines right through it 🙂 Would love to meet you in person too.
      Sounds like I would also love the products you’re about to create!

      Good Luck!

  89. SALLY HOPE SALLY HOPE!!!! I just watched her vid and love her spirit and enthusiasm! I really want to see her win because like what she said I want to see her climb mountains and help the world.

    Great site and I look forward to my inbox greetings!

    con amore

    Lady E

  90. 1. I have two businesses and I am giving them part time effort. I opened a café in 2007 and will be celebrating 4 yrs this January. The café has come a long way-but it is in a good place. I got certified as a holistic health counselor from IIN in July 2009. I have worked with 5 clients to date. All of my clients have come to me from the café. I also teach spinning and Intensati. I want to develop my wellness business into a true success-I’m just not there now.
    2. My biggest challenge in taking it to the next level is having two businesses and dividing my time and energy. I am also a victim of self doubt-thinking I don’t know enough or I’m not good enough to teach people how to get healthy for a living- on a flexible schedule.
    3. The next level looks awesome-and feels even better. I want to have a steady stream of clients coming to me as well as steady income (both generated from health and wellness). I want to be a shining example of wellness and peace. I want to create a real plan of action and get some guidance from top people who could act as mentors for me. I get inspired easily-I just need to hone in on my inspirations and have an action plan. I know the challenge would be something I would benefit from on so many levels. Thanks for the opportunity.

  91. Hi Marie
    Here is my entry for your fabulous weekend in NYC. The first time I came to NYC was to study Aikido and dance for a summer; the last time was when I brought my autistic daughter for a Son-Rise Intensive. Maybe this time it’s for Biz. Bringing my worlds together.


    • Whoops- think I forgot to say my biggest challenge- its not quite having all those amazing qualities I mentioned in why I want to come to short, total belief that I can do it.

  92. Hi Marie

    I want to come! I want to come! I want to come!

    Give me the Greenlight!

    And thanks for being such a humongous inspiration!!


  93. Kiela Mellott

    Hello Marie,
    1. Where I am at w/ my business now…? I am an actress, singer, dancer, certified life-coach & all-around Renaissance Woman. I am extremely passionate about the dynamics between men & women, the Divine Feminine & the Awakened Masculine, Sacred Sexuality & my love for Performing, Researching & Teaching.

    I am writing a one-woman show called “How to Get Into My Pants” about being a spiritual woman in a material world, awakening sexually & learning to celebrate & balance the sacred & the sexual. I am also building a performing troupe called Kiela’s Cabaret, along w/ websites & blogs w/ the same theme.

    2. What’s my Biggest Challenge in taking it to the next level…? I am so impacted by the awesomeness of this awakening & passion in me that I am struggling to take action, to put it “on the stage”. I have great concepts, ideas, passion & desire…finding myself vacillating between gestation, realization, transformation & paralyzation…realizing, “I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE!” It’s really a “huge electrical currency” that I’m a bit frightened to “plug in” to an “outlet”. I’d like to hire a few “electricians” (like you) to help me ground the “currency” & “light up” the world.

    In Sacred Sexual terms…”I am about to have a literal & symbolic orgasm that is going to change the face of this earth”. Like a lover, holding space for my literal orgasm, I realize I need & desire support, community, mentors, way-showers, feedback, collaboration & an audience to hold space for my symbolic orgasm…I am on the precipice of something so huge!

    3. What will I create when I rock-through this challenge…?
    • A network of amazing men & women in service of the Divine Feminine & Awakening Masculine on this planet.
    • A Sacred Sexual acting & cabaret performing troupe.
    • A dancing/dinner theatre venue in NYC & website called, “Kyla’s Cabaret” producing all kinds of theatrical, dance, cabaret & performance celebrating the Divine Feminine & Awakened Masculine.
    • A hugely successful run of my one-woman show “How to Get Into my Pants” On/Off Broadway.
    • A highly successful cable series w/ the same theme, teaching, inspiring, creating, entertaining, collaborating & starring…Me…Kiela.
    • Coaching, blogging, performing, teaching & traveling world-wide.
    • To Live my Purpose, full-throttle, fully-embodied, unapologetically, unabashedly, inspiringly, by example.

    So…what do you think? Is this up your ally?
    Thank you for considering me!
    Love & the Sweetest Light,
    ~Kiela Mellott
    (Sister Goddess KielaCabaret) 😉

    • Kiela Mellott

      I’d love to impose my picture in the avatar thumbnail but I didn’t see a link to do so. It appeared when I typed my info but did not transfer once I hit submit. Any suggestions? I’d love to share it…me in my Cabaret mojo. 😉

  94. Once upon a time and space, there was a soul who came to earth to live a life. This life was intended to be a great journey of self discovery and wonder. Therefore, the soul felt great anticipation for its’ impending adventure. The soul chose the path of artist/healer, and opted to be embodied in the beautiful physical form of woman. It was decided that she would be called Tonya.

    Tonya came with many blessings: a joyful and kind heart, abundant creativity, high levels of intelligence, a playful sense of humor, and the wisdom of the ages. However, once she arrived on earth, all of her blessings became overshadowed by her painful awareness of her differences. She didn’t look, think or act like the others in her birth family or her community. She began to feel as if she was ‘wrong’ for being so unique which caused her to spend decades of her life just trying to be accepted, trying to ‘fit in’ with the masses. She strayed from walking her path of artist/healer, attempting to fit into life molds that were never meant for her. Her true expression of herself was stifled, as was her joy. She felt very disconnected and confused.

    Where is the business now…
    It wasn’t until her fourth decade of life that a shift occurred which allowed Tonya to embrace all that made her, her. Her connection to nature, her creativity, her deep sense of knowing. Once again she was on her path, and came to see how critical it was to live this way. Peace and happiness returned to Tonya. She realized that helping others to walk their paths was her purpose on earth, so that is what she began to do.

    Biggest Challenge to going to next level…
    For three years Tonya made the transition from walking the conventional path of a 9 to 5 job, to walking her life path of healer. Even after the transition was complete, Tonya still struggled with letting the world know what she was here to offer. Learning the ‘communication systems’ of the time was a challenge for her, and kept her stuck in a business without financial abundance. Although helping others nourish their lives filled her heart, it left her pockets empty which caused much self doubt and fear.

    What is the next level…
    Tonya yearned for clarity around creating a successful business that could help all that desired it, to create financial freedom for her, and to satisfy her purpose of inspiring health and beauty. She longed for the day when she could fully express all that she came to bestow upon the earth – a time when people would come from near and far for her guidance on how to feed their bodies and their souls. She would teach them to live an authentic life of integrity where their thoughts, feelings and actions were aligned. A life filled with purpose, love, health and joy.

  95. Holy sh** Marie, I just watch your interview with Katie, I can’t even begin to tell you how much that video spoke to me in so many ways. My jaw dropped to the floor and chills came over my entire body when you talked about what you have planned the first night of Rich Hot & Happy LIVE, I was JUST talking about yoga, living in the present moment, on monday w/ a friend about finding balance. I need this, all signs are saying YES, YES,YES!

    Twetting with BodyMindX

  96. Dear Marie,
    Here it goes!!! Long shot but if I make it it will help thousands of people!!

    -Where you’re at with your business now.

    I am in the process of creating a shift in the grieving world with the launching of my business ‘Second Firsts” which will help my bereaved clients learn that grief and loss is an event that can unleash tremendous power and create a brand new reality and success!

    Four weeks ago I hired a web design team to design a very cool website for the thousands of people I will be serving. The Logo has been completed! I have written a business plan and right now I am in the process of completing cash flow forecast and sales forecast. I just hired an editor for the article I just finished writing, which I hope to publish! I am also creating my web content and designing all the sections!

    I just registered Second Firsts Inc and I am just about to open my business bank account! I already have 4 clients and I am just about to finish my coaching certification! I am also writing an ebook.

    My website will go live in 6 weeks and I need to be ready with content, marketing skills, sales expertise and public speaking training! Social Media will be a big focus!!

    -What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?

    Marie the level that I want to take this has not been achieved before in this field. I want to combine grief, lifestyle and bold goals! I want vibrancy and focus on moving forward!

    My biggest challenge is marketing this message in a way that it will reach every single person’s core and CHANGE their perception on loss! I want to use all the marketing expertise I can get my hands on. I need to become a marketing and a sales expert so I can do this right!!! I want to discover every vehicle out there that will carry my business to the right audience!

    -What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.

    I want to create a shift, a jolt and equilibrium where people no longer need to view their lives as victims because of a tragic event. Instead I will show them that they have gained tremendous skills and power because of their grief!!! This next level is about changing our world and its perception of loss. Second Firsts Inc will create a platform a foundation for all those grieving and lost souls who don’t know their power and strength!

    I want my clients to create a life they have never dreamed of.

    My website will invite them into a world of make believe! A world where exclusivity comes from pain and loss and its direction is towards creating their best life! It will be unlike anything out there that has to do with moving on. Moving ON for Second Firsts is not just standing up but really leaving life big!

    When Marketing is no longer a challenge for Second Firsts everyone who has grieved and lost someone will have access to powerful resources, Bold groups with a big mission, workshops where they can learn new skills and retreats around the world that will turn their grieving world upside down! And I mean it! UPSIDE DOWN! I will also raise a million dollars for grief and give the money to all those without a life insurance but with a drive a need to rebuild their life!

    Marie I have been in my client’s shoes, and I managed to rock my life because of the depths of my grief! I did IT alone and my mission in life is to create a new foundation for every soul out there that has endured a big loss and is unable to see beyond what they have lost!

    I am a smart, highly educated woman who lived in multiple global locations! I lost my husband 4 years ago at age 34 and have been raising my two daughters with building a career and planning a heck of a life for them! I know I can do this but I need the right experts with me in this adventure!

    Marie, grief just got a facelift! Is the world ready to see it?
    Help me get them ready!

    Thank you for all that you do! You are an inspiration!

    Warm Regards,
    Christina Rasmussen
    Second Firsts, Inc.

  97. Here it is Marie Check it out!

    Thank you!


  98. I am just a lonley girl living in Small Town USA, dreaming of taking the midnight train to NYC to see you, Marie, at Rich, Happy & Hot LIVE.

    My mindset and business seems to be stuck in the small town picture, even though my heart is screaming Big City Girl! I feel all alone out here in the sticks where no one has a clue as to what I’m doing (they all think I’m a little crazy since I chose entrepreneurship over becoming a preacher’s wife). I want to spread my wings and mindset in the Big Apple on November 12-14. I want to surround myself with some Rich, Happy and Hot gals! After all, Rich, Happy and Hot are what I help my clients become, so why not me?

    Since I started preparing my video for this contest, I have already seen a change in my mindset from Small Town Girl to seeing myself dancing on stage with you at Rich, Happy, & Hot LIVE. I can only image what will come of my business after spending a whole weekend with you.

    After watching my video you will see why we need to get this chick outta da sticks.

  99. Marie, what you are doing, and who are you to so many of us, is just…Thank you, for being willing to step outside of your comfort zone to give us so much that can help us!
    And here I am, stepping outside of my comfort zone…

    Thank you for the opportunity to share!
    Karma Neff

  100. America E. Montanez Puche

    Hello Marie!
    Thanks for this opportunity 😀 I would love to meet you at RHH! I recently started an online business selling health products. Attending RHH will empower me to take my startup to the profit side, so I can sit down and write my book, which will help lots of women get over tough times.

    Meka Puch presents:
    Conversations with Marie Forleo, and the Crazy Lady of the House A.k.a- My Mind

    Scene 1.
    Marie- So, Meka where are you with your business now?

    Meka- Oh, you see Marie, I am learning a lot, which is great! I also understand I cannot and will not quit! even though I have 1 customer so far :-/ My ultimate purpose is to help people get over divorce, so I know I have to succeed!

    Mind- Dude, if I were you, I would stop right now. Who is going to get on board with your business anyway…

    Meka- Hey! Watch it crazy lady of the house. I know I am following my heart; I demand respect!

    Mind- That following your heart crap that you got into recently… ha. You better keep working the old way until you retire. No need to explore new ways…

    Scene 2.
    Marie- And, what’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?

    Mind- Ha! the challenge is that no one is going to say yes to this type of business. She has already received a bunch of negative responses.

    Meka- Mind, Marie asked ME!
    Sorry Marie, my mind is a bit noisy. I need to promote my business to people who are open to a new way of living healthy lives while working in a more independent manner. I also absolutely need to get rid of my fear of sales!

    Marie- Well, RHH is definitely for you!

    Scene 3.
    Marie- So, help me understand, What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.

    Meka- Profit will become my BFF, and I will witness the creation of a network of happy, empowered, and healthy customers by May of 2011! Also, due to my business success, I will have time to write a book about getting over divorce- hot and happy! This book will help, inspire, and empower millions of women (and men too-why not) around the world.

    Mind- Ha, good luck with that!

    Meka- Ok mind, I know you know I am a bit afraid, but I also know I can do it. I just need a little help from people who have already made it, like Marie! 😀

    Scene 4.
    Meka- Hi Marie! I am soo excited to be here at RHH!
    Marie- Welcome. You will love it here!
    Mind- Ok, ok, you won this time…
    Meka- I told you I am not a quitter! 😀 😉

    • hello

      I think your entry is cute and hope you win.

    • Norm

      I think this is great. You should win for sure.

    • Adam

      You have survived and succeed – and your success is just beginning. Best wishes – especially for inspiring others.

      • Justin

        Very creative entry!

    • Janua

      scene 5?

    • Monica

      Awsomeeee ….
      Guess what…… U are more than right….get over divorce HOT and HAPPY… the idea…..
      Bangkok, October 17. 2010…..

  101. My coaching practice is beginning to bloom into something really spectacular. I now identify myself as certified life coach, Kimberly Houghtaling aka/ the Online Date Coach. I have a website ( that is dedicated to coaching women who have questions about internet dating and want to know how they can make it successful for them. The site needs more work but thanks to B-School I know the direction that I’m going in and baby, I’m going all the way! The biggest thing that I’ve done lately is start writing what is soon to be my Big Banana, ‘5 Online Danger Signs that He’s not Date Worthy’. The writing has really helped me define my personality and what my brand really is.

    I am balls to the wall, full-throttle and taking everything to the next level. The real challenge that I’m facing is tricky but relates to this; once my Big Banana is finished and my website is looking and functioning the way I want it to, I know I need to dive head first into the wonderful world of digital marketing. But how do I get my name out there without becoming a total social media slut? Let me explain; I want to market myself on the internet but I strongly feel that I also need to contribute more to my profession by building strong, working relationships with the dating and coaching communities that are out there. How can I most effectively tap into this so that there is a healthy balance of internet and professional exposure?

    The way that I want it all to go down is like this; I want to continue working on my one-on-one coaching and build-up a HUGE internet following. With that established I will begin to host regular live webinars to help my clients through any pain areas of online dating that they experience on a regular basis. I will then eventually want to go more public and start seeking any (radio/tv) interviews that I can give about using successful online dating etiquette, as well as any public appearances that I can speak at about the topic. I dream of building a community of female, internet daters so that they can not only find better dates online but also own the ability to express themselves to the fullest.

    Attending Rich, Happy & Hot LIVE would definitely help me reach the next level. For me, it would mean taking everything that I’ve learned in B-school and trying it all on for size. I want to feel that sizzle in the air when I walk into this fabulous business and lifestyle event, full of the go-getting women that I admire. I’d consider myself an extremely lucky girl – Rich, Happy & Hot Rocks!

    P.S. I totally would’ve loved to show my HOT self in a video for this contest entry but my only video camera is currently not set-up for uploading onto the internet… I’d love to meet you all in person though (just saying).

    • Kimberly, sounds like you have the sizzle! I love your business, I’m in the married world but I always say if I had to go back out there, it would have to be through the online world.

      • Hannah, YOU are on fire girl! I can hear that sizzle over here 😉
        Yes, the online dating world is getting bigger and bigger… it’s such a convenient way to meet other single people, no matter where you are.
        *Tell any single girl friends that you have to check me out ( and look for me on facebook/twtter. The sites are still new but I’m going to be posting some real nice stuff on there soon.

    • Sarah

      Kimberly! You rock! Go girl for dreaming big and following your passion!!!!!

      • Thanks, Sarah! You Rock too!! I’m following my passion alright 🙂
        Every single lady should know that they can make Online Dating work for them… it’s a great dating tool that isn’t going anywhere. Find me on facebook and twtter 🙂 Good stuff coming…..

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      Kimberly, that sounds absolutely fantastic! Kudos to you, and I have faith that you are well on your way to attracting all the clients you will ever need to keep your business going strong. Loved the the reference to yourself as social media slut. HaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaa! That was too funny! Big Hugs!


      • From my experience with lots of women in the town I live, which are mostly single women, this service would be much appreciated. There is a huge need for women to support women on an emotional and spiritual basis when it comes to learning who they really are and putting that into practice in their dating lives. Use every source on the net to build your business and there are hundreds. You have my support.

        • Thanks Russet! Please, tell your friends to find me on facebook/twitter (they are new pages so there is not much there yet) and ask them to ‘Like’ it if they are interested. I’ll be putting some good tips and articles up there soon 🙂

      • Thank you, Nozipo! Your feed back is well appreciated 🙂 Find me on facebook or twitter… I’ll be coming out with some good stuff soon!

  102. WIN.

    Meka, let’s write a play together one day. You can play Marie. 😉

    • Not everyone can pull off a bee costume, you rock it!

    • very cool, love your message, with a healthy dose of humor!!!

    • Sarah! You are awesome!
      LOOOOOOve the Bee costume. Where in the world did you get that thing? Holy cow are those arm warmer stripped thingy’s HOT!

      Love you company. Love your passion. Go for underserved communities, I hear ya sister and I’m right with ya!

      If you ever need to get the word out about your company, I’d be more than happy to promote you on my podcast 🙂 ♥


    • Nicolette Koepke


      Haha!! I love it!! I am all about bringing yoga and meditation to organizations! So important. Good luck!!

      Love, Nicolette

  103. There are so many inspiring stories here — reading them makes me realize how many seriously talented women are out there doing A-MA-ZING things, and being on the same page with them in the comments section here is an honor all by itself! Girls rock!
    Where I’m at with my biz now: Trying to tie all the elements together, and sort of adrift, not knowing exactly how to do that.
    I left my fundraising job two years ago to get back to something I’ve always had a deep and abiding passion for: the world of food and wine. I wasn’t sure how on Earth I was going to make a living indulging those interests, or create a business out of them, but that was my plan, and I assumed I’d figure it out along the way. Plus, I hated my fundraising job.
    So . . . at the crazy-to-be-doing-this-kind-of-work-again-age of mid-40’s, I went back to waitressing, something I did lots of back in the day. I did this to be around great food and wine again, and to be around others who were passionate about these things. Along the way I was hoping for that lightbulb moment where I would one day instantly know how to bring it all together and turn my passion/s into a lucrative business.
    (My friends were thinking: “Why in the hell is someone with a Masters degree and a background in PR, advertising, and sales leaving a stable fundraising job, working for a really cool non-profit, to go back to . . . gasp . . . waitressing?!?! WTF?” But I didn’t let that deter me.)
    So I got a waitressing job, and started my blog, Wine & Walnuts, as a way to exercise my creativity and to have an outlet for my food and wine experiences. In November of 2009, I started a small business leading in-home wine tastings.
    My biggest challenge in taking it to the next level is: knowing what to do next! I have the blog and the wine tasting business, and both are kind of moving along, in fits and starts. There’s action and then . . . no action. I put in 20 hours+ a week outside of my day job on both, but I feel like I’m not moving ahead at the rate I should.
    Part of this is because I don’t have a clear idea of HOW to take things to the next level. How to make my blog an income producing asset of its own, apart from the wine tasting biz, for example. I want to create a brand that is uniquely me! A lifestyle brand that is Giada de Laurentiis, Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart all rolled into one, but with a fun, hip, sassy, and not-so-serious edge.
    What the next level looks like for me is: I am generating enough income from my blog and my wine tasting biz to leave my restaurant job and focus full-time on creating the business of my dreams. But right now it feels like a piece of the puzzle is missing. Oh, I don’t know . . .could it be RHH in NYC in mid-November?!
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..Let’s Take This Thing in the Living Room Wilmington Wine Tastings- Part Three =-.

    • Kimberly, such a great business idea and I love your passion for what you do. Life is a long time my teacher always told us, doing what you love should be part of that!

    • Hey Kimbery-

      I completely understand the feeling of leaving a stable job to try to do what you want….I left a stable job as a social worker to follow my dreams. And, it was the best decision that I ever made.

      Good luck with your business and goals!
      .-= April Bowles´s last blog ..Why I Almost Didn’t Write This Post and How I Beat My Inner Critic =-.

    • I love your idea! I also think that EVERYONE should have to wait tables at some point in their lives. The learning that goes on in that specific industry is priceless, ranging from true ‘dining’ and stepping into the luxury of gourmet as an experience, to simply having to deal with communications both in front and back of house, while keeping so much in your head!

      I love your description of your lifestyle brand. I can totally see it and don’t doubt you can do it!

  104. I uploaded the wrong vid the 1st time and don’t know how to erase. Here is my official submission the vid is exactly 2:00 minutes!

  105. My business morning looks something like this (you can imagine me in sexy jeans with earrings dangling and high heels tapping, I like to:

    Get coffee in bed from husband (I know), sing ‘This Land Is Your Land’ 5 times, change a diaper, make 3 breakfasts, 2 lunches, braid pigtails, answer e-mails, take out garbage, write notes for idea on blog, look over homework, teach how to draw a star, brush many teeth, kiss my husband, tweet, put on make-up (not really), utter something about how the house is such a wreck…and all before 9a.m.

    You ask women, “Will you step forward into your greatness or step back into safety?”

    I have stepped into my greatness and into my truth. I am moving through the fear every day. We teach what we need to learn, I am an overwhelmed mother of 3 who moves through fear every day, runs a business, loves the law of attraction and occasionally gets to put on those sexy jeans and have a conversation with her husband.

    ~When a woman becomes a mother she can lose the connection to the woman inside. I serve as the guide for the journey of reconnecting through my blog, group programs and coaching sessions. I want her to live a life of purpose, joy, health and passion. I am re-designing my website, partnering up to increase my list (200 at the moment) and I am preparing for my first celebrity interview on my bog for {Living It}. I currently make very little and am offering much for free or discount, which I love, but I do feel it’s time to make money doing what I love.

    ~The challenge, other than getting to take a shower is getting my “why” to my tribe of overwhelmed mothers that is special and unique, that makes what I do great. That changes lives. How do I market that “why” and reach thousands through my writing and speaking?

    ~When I discover how to rock my “why” I will be speaking at Women’s events, have 1,000 + site hits, have e-books and courses, will publish my book and have a tour. I will make thousands rather than hundreds. I will show moms that they can do anything, starting from where they are. I will be teaching the lessons that I have learned with a voice of passion to thousands, loving my kids and my husband, and be abundant, gorgeous and glowing. I will no longer have fear that I can’t afford healthy food or pay my bills and I will be able to afford to go on a vacation.

    Marie, this challenge, uniting as a group of ridiculously talented business women and feeling your passion for success shine through each one of us has been a gift. I’m the one who wrote offering to make raw cheesecake (I still will) and wash dishes, who has been manifesting this weekend, who dances with her children on a regular basis and who wants this for her “why.”

    500 words

    • Julie Downey

      Really beautiful what you wrote, Hannah!


    • Angela Smith

      Hannah I was truly touched by what you wrote and how you wrote it.

      • Amazing Hannah!!!!

        Your Bliss shines though!!!



        • Julie, Amy and Angela, thank you so much for your kind words. It’s been so beautiful having the chance to connect with so many inspiring women. I hope to keep in touch after the contest.

          • YES, lets stay in touch, was thinking that we could all start some kind of network, just based on the fabulous women right here!!



          • Hannah,

            I would love to keep in touch as well. I love how you’ve positioned yourself and built your blog. I need to really work mine over a bit and make it more “me”…..right now it’s a bit canned and following some sort of model.

            I’ll be in touch!


    • Hannah! Dude, I so need you! Holy cow.

      I am there, just starting to come out of the Mama cave as I like to call it…starting to peak out, and there were many times that I honestly didn’t know if I could do it. My amazing other half had my back and kept making me sparkle.
      Gosh darn it that totally helped 🙂

      Hats off to you dear lady with your 3. I have one, and I have no idea how I would even begin to juggle!

      You are awesome! Love it!

      What you wrote totally spoke to me.

  106. Hello Marie, I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and make a shake your booty video..I had technical difficulty. So envision ‘one way or another I’m gonna find ya I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha One way or another I’m gonna win ya…’

    The first question of Where you’re at with your business now? I’m lost in all the teachings the last 2years of finding my brand, niche, product, giveaway and oh my! The reasons I started to branch out online are lost in the rubble. My intuition tells me there has to be more to it then the cookie cutter ways taught. I have so many loves and a passion that keep calling me. Yet I don’t know how to get there because I have an unhappy day job to keep it all going. Whew! I’m exhausted.

    The second question of What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level? Being the one of a kind woman I know I am and be courageous to share my gifts no matter the outcome. The coat of fear that so many have already done it and I’m too late to help others that are lost.

    The third question of What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge. The next level jumping to follow my intuition and passions while helping others do the same. I would like to pass on the spiritual and marketing teachings from the Urban Zen weekend. I want to create a healthier and collaborative world for the coming generations through online and in person.

    Now a little booty shaking‘..I’m gonna getcha getcha getcha getcha One way or another I’m gonna see ya I’m gonna meetcha meetcha meetcha meetcha One day…’

    Marie I appreciate the opportunity to submit an entry with so many other wonderful people and no matter what, the journey to this spot has helped me so much already. I was lead to you through an email from Katie Freiling about an interview with this amazing lady. Yeah ok. I listened intently and not multitasking. That led me to your blog and the contest. I know I will learn more from you to help me up the next level. Posting this entry was a huge boost out of my comfort zone. You are an amazing woman and I thank you for sharing and breaking the molds. Wish you all well!

    • Jennifer, I know your intuition is so right, and you will find your special place. I am feeling that is what so many of us are looking for. We are all moving through our fears together!

  107. Here goes!

    • Erin- Don’t forget to cut and paste the tagline in the description!

      • Hey thanks Kimberly
        I thought I did attach that! Thanks for the heads up girl..;)

        Off to go read your blog! 🙂

    • Great Video Erin! 🙂 XOXO

    • Erin, I loved what you said about wanting to be connected, I have found that in business for yourself it can get LONELY! I am loving that about this contest, the unity it seems to bring. I’d love to stay in touch.

    • Hey Erin,

      I enjoyed your video and completely relate to needing to connect to other women who’re where I want to be and who’re doing what I’m doing.

      Good luck with your business….I hope you far exceed your goals!
      .-= April Bowles´s last blog ..Why I Almost Didn’t Write This Post and How I Beat My Inner Critic =-.

      • thanks ladies for the support.. yes we need to connect as women!
        So important!
        My first year as a coach I was behind my macbook all day or on the phone.. not cool!

        That’s why I really would love to go to RHH live. to meet all of you lovelies in real life!

  108. Rich Happy & Hot with Marie Forleo – business & lifestyle training at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen Center NYC.

  109. Last minute Lizzy here! Not LAZY last minute Lizzy, but Lizzy who thought there was no way in hell she would stand up next to other submissions, so for a while I did not even consider trying for this.

    However, LOUD nudges in my brain told me to do it anyway… today I worked it out, and here I am.

    Love you, Marie – love all you awesome ladies. So happy to connect with you!

    • Elizabeth, so glad you didn’t let that voice in your head stop you, that was awesome!

      • Hannah!

        You are the best and most dedicated cheerleader ever! Thanks for all of your support.


        • Let’s stay in touch, I really wanted to cheer everyone on, one of the goals I give my clients is to give compliments and the rewards are so wonderful, but there are so many entries on this site. I just am marveling at the community that seems to be building.

    • Liz! Holy Moses! FIVE!

      I’m in awe.

      Lift me up sistah! Oh I love love love loved your stuff. I can barely take how cool you are and how gorgeous your kids are. So honored to get to watch you! xoxoxoxoox Mama hugs all around! I am soo glad you got your voice out and got your video together. Your voice totally needs to be heard 😀

      • Elsie!

        Thanks, woman! You made my Sunday morning.

        I just found your comment here….(have to navigate around to keep track of all this activity!)

        Many hugs and love back to you…’s so cool how we’re all connecting and lifting each other up. (Being at at-home mommy with sometimes very unappreciative little ones can get lonely.) Loving this!

        xo ~Liz

  110. I climbed a tree for Marie!

    As a Certified Hand Analyst who spends her time in the realm of helping people understand who they really are it is a challenge to learn and manage the hard edges of creating a business.

    My mission/mantra is: Know Yourself. Stretch Your Soul. Claim Delight.

    To help others do that I have to do that… dammit!

    Finishing my website, creating an online school and writing a book are just a few things on my list.

    This past year I have experienced some extreme losses and I am ready for expansion and light. Creating this video was one way I Claimed Delight today. Thank you for that.

    But I need more of you Marie. You are my Obi Wan Kenobi!

    Here is wishing you a great event whether I am there with you or not!

    P.S. If I am blessed with this trip I would love to read your hands:)
    .-= Meredyth Hunt´s last blog ..The Snarly Beast =-.

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      Great video Meridyth! I’m with you on what you said about experiencing losses and being ready for expansion. You are I are two peas in a pod on that one!

      • Thanks for your kind words Nozipo. Loved your booty shout out:)

        • Meredyth, that was incredible, you looked beautiful up there, goddess power in a tree!

    • Love your message, and how about adding how to climb trees…I am feelin a connection btw hands and trees…..



      • Hi Amy! I have a cousin named Amy Whitmeyer so I feel a connection:) I think your idea but getting all of this great women connected in some way is brilliant. I am in!
        .-= Meredyth Hunt´s last blog ..The Snarly Beast =-.

    • OMG

      “Hi Marie I’m up in a tree”

      That is my favorite quote thus far. You sparkle lady. Adore the ‘Claim delight’ concept. I’m all in for that one. Amazing, powerful one!

      • Thanks Elsie! I had a great time in that tree although I wish I could have shown all that went into getting up there: rope got stuck, then I got stuck – fortunately both the tree and I survived:)

        Love your yoga site too!
        .-= Meredyth Hunt´s last blog ..Morals and your middle finger =-.

  111. Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

    Hey Marie!

    For the first time EVER, I’ve created a video entry and posted it to YouTube. Haven’t had the chance to view everyone else’s yet, but I already know they are beyond superb! See how damn inspiring you all have been to me? Lol, enjoy!

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      Just to elaborate on my brief explanation in my vid on where I am businesswise, I’m a network marketing consultant with a company that offers products and services in the way of physical wellness and personal development.

      I also want to elaborate on the reasons for my business change. Here in California, it will become law in 2011 to use green cleaning products instead of toxic ones. Well, my new company not only offers a green cleaning product line, but a percentage of all sales go to non-profit organizations. So my aspirations of giving back have automatically been expanded twofold.

      I have struggled so incredibly hard to get to this point. I come from a place where people are used to not having, so the poverty mindset sort of comes with the territory. Knowing that total wellness of mind body and soul is what allows our gifts to come to the surface, how can I not share that with the very community from which I emerged?

      We are all led in the direction we are supposed to go, and it is by no accident that I was led to you, Marie. Thank you for offering us all the opportunity to share in more of the wonderful gifts that you’ve already bestowed upon us. I sincerely would love to be able to join you in NYC.

      Love and Hugs!

    • Nozipo, fun dancing! I feel inspired by everyone as well.

  112. Lisa

    ■Where you’re at with your business now.
    Right now students find me through word of mouth and I tutor them in French, Spanish or math. It feels good that my business has been initiated by others valuing my talents. Now, I am ready to be a driver and not just accept what comes my way.
    ■What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?
    I’m having a hard time deciding what I’d like to create and defining myself as a product. Also, I’m not very computer saavy and a website would be a logical next step.
    ■What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.
    I will define my ideal work situation and create a website to attract more business in order to make enough to live off of.

    • Lisa, jump in and make hundreds of mistakes and learn from every one of them! If a website is next, it will happen, what you do is so valuable.

  113. This has been so inspiring seeing everyone’s dialogue through the comments and viewing the submissions. Thanks for starting this and for you generosity.

    Here is mine- broke out the red lipstick,got up close, and did about 200 takes!
    My video skills improved by .1 percent, I managed to do a little bit of editing.

    I want to meet this RHH tribe of women who have paved the way bridging spirituality, mindfulness, and intuition with business and FUN.

    • Kimberly, Your home and you are gorgeous!

      • Thanks Hannah!

        • Hi Kimberly,

          Thanks so much for your kind words and comments on my video. I posted back on youtube ;)…

          Anyway, I really hope I get to meet you someday in Brazil.

          I love your website and what you’re trying to do!



  114. I have had my head down most of the week and almost missed this fabulous opportunity. This is my year to push myself, learn lots, and challenge my mindset.
    I am riding the wave.

    I designed an old-school home filing system with a colorful twist that offers creative paper organizing inspiration. It is specifically designed for the busy, creative women, juggling home, family and career. A woman who wants to make confident decisions, gain peace-of-mind and just take care of her responsibilities, so she can enjoy all the best stuff life has to offer.

    My company Just Organize Your Stuff, aka JOYS, teaches creative paper organizing methods and provides fresh ideas and products for home filing system success.

    After 7 years and lots of love and dollars, the company is kinda flatlining.
    One reason, one word. Me. I just can’t seem to blow my own horn.
    I am ready to hit some high notes. I would love to take away from RHH the confidence to build collaborative relationships with all sorts of passionate mindful moneymakers.

    Oh, and absorb pretty much everything you listed from copywriting to dissolving fears to breaking through those implementation block. There is not one area I am not willing to explore more.

    Thanks for this opportunity and the inspiration and please do check out my commentluv link. I decided to make my words graphic, cause I am better with that.

    Something a little different.

    Much Joy

    • Cathy,
      Challenging your mindset, such a great thing to do. We get so many papers home from school every day I can so see the need for your product. I”ll go peak at your blog now!

  115. Jake

    Haha, nice. Always follow your heart, not your mind. Good luck!

  116. I am an Alexander Technique teacher in NYC with a small private practice. My students are intelligent and inspiring people who I look forward to seeing, I got a great teaching space near Madison Square Park earlier this year. I’m confident and continually growing in my skills and am hungry to share what I’ve learned with others. This year I began collaborating with colleagues to promote our work outdoors in NYC. I was skeptical about the project and I almost backed out at the beginning, but collaborating and spreading the word ended up being a blast and now I’m working on getting a regular class going in Central Park next spring. This experience helped me to understand the value of a supportive community and I’ve really gotten into gear in terms of my private practice and take steps daily to make connections with people and generate referral relationships, promote myself online, volunteer my services, and dare to create a fun, wacky, informative blog, Posture Police.

    I am the sole bread-winner for my family (2 young kids and “baby-daddy” ;-)) This is an arrangement that we chose and I am happy with it, but dissatisfied with what percentage of my work is NOT what I want to be doing. I teach my private students in the evenings and one full day per week and I teach the Alexander Technique to acting students at an acting conservatory (both things I want to be doing). I also work 4-days per week as an administrative assistant and receive good benefits for myself and my family in addition to a significant portion of my income. I find it challenging to envision how I will build my private practice to a point that will allow me to leave this job. It’s a high stakes situation with my family depending on my income and the health benefits. We’re barely making ends meet as it is. Also, how can I grow my business significantly when another job is taking up a lot of my time? How will “the switch” happen? Being sort of in limbo for an extended period is stressful for me and my family. I feel optimistic about some of my recent steps, but I want to feel confident that I’m using my time efficiently and that the leap that I want to make will be possible. I’m also struggling with whether I should keep my marketing focus broad or narrow and if I narrow, how narrow? I like working with all sorts of people and am afraid of being unhappy cornering myself into a niche.

    My goal is to begin earning my living exclusively as an Alexander Technique teacher within the next two years, teaching 30+ private lessons per week, with a steady stream of new clients coming in. I will ideally narrow my focus to the markets that interest me most will regularly be invited to do workshops/demonstrations by actors, dentists, midwives, primary & secondary schools, fitness centers, and entrepreneurs like you!

    Exactly 500 words!

    • Linsday-
      WHOA! Alexander Technique teacher in the house! I’m voting for you. (We get to vote, right? 😉

      I’ve studied for over a year now, though I’m currently on hiatus. I have contemplated become a teacher, sometimes seriously, sometimes wishfully. Partly it’s the difficulty of trying to build a thriving practice that’s kept me from doing the 3-years of full-time schooling.

      I want to see you succeed! Show me how it’s done!

      • Hi Rebecca! Yes, Alexander teacher in the house!!! Thanks for your “vote”! I see on your website that you are based in Seattle. Did you take Alexander Technique lessons with Jeanne Barrett?
        It is possible to grow a full practice – I’ve seen it done. There are so many applications of Alexander work because it deals with addressing habit at such a fundamental level. The difficultly is that not everyone knows about it.
        I’ve been thinking that Alexander lessons could be a great addition to the wellness aspect of Marie’s events. A key to The Alexander Technique is getting out of your own way so that you can be truly present and in the moment. I’d love to share this work that changed my life with fellow entrepreneurs!

        Thanks again for your encouragement!


        • p.s. Rebecca – on your website -I love the resting kitty who will kick butt later!

          • Lindsay-
            Re: Jeanne Barrett; I’ve researched Alexander teachers here in Seattle but not connected with any yet. I worked with Suzanne Faulkner from Durham NC while I lived there–I absolutely LOVE Suzanne! (Quote posted on her refrigerator: “Does my fat ass make my ass look fat?”).

            Re: Getting out of your own way, I was JUST having a conversation with my bf about this very thing at brunch today, and I had to relate it to the Alexander Technique for him to get on my bandwagon. I find that if I focus on doing, doing, doing, I get overwhelmed and make excuses. However, focusing some time on NOT making excuses goes a long way.

            Resting kitty who will kick butt later–that’s one of my favorite bits of mischief I’ve added to my site. Glad it tickled your fancy. 🙂

    • Lindsay, Sweet lady you have a lot going on and power to you. Fully support your vision and admire your strength as a provider.

      Loving what you’ve already accomplished. I send my support to you to manifest all that you desire for you and your family!

      • Elsie – Thanks for your support!!!
        I love your blog entry on listening!


  117. Hi Marie~

    I am a consultant for the fashion industry. My business is Accessory Business 101 and I teach established and new designers the basics of running an accessory company through my online membership site. Honestly, my biggest challenge right now is getting the word out. In other words, traffic.

    The next level for me is not having to chase after the carrot all day long. I spend an inordinate amount of time reaching out to people through cold calling and cold emailing. I network and ask friends of friends who might know of somebody who needs consulting services. I reach out to other ‘fashionable’ people through Twitter and try to establish relationships. These are all good strategies but they take time. When I reach the next level, I will wake up each morning and know that my business is humming along and that instead of having to chase after a carrot, I will have a bowl of carrots ready for me to munch on all day long.

    When I rock this challenge I will continue to create great content for those who need my advice. I will be able to spend 30 minutes on the phone with a designer who I know does not have the money to even pay for my continuity site, because I will not have to rush them off the phone to do a solicitation call. I honestly like helping designers and I can talk about fashion all day long and never be tired of it. I want to help these designers, because I was in their shoes not too long ago. I want to provide for them a path and be able to counsel them. I applaud their courage in choosing to pursue a life which is certainly not ‘safe.’ These artists have decided to go against the grain and not follow down a traditional path and I want to help them achieve personal and financial success.

    For me personally, as a single mother, to have the burden of not having to worry about bills or if I can afford to take my sons out for some fun activities on a weekend, will be a blessing. I will be a better mother, consultant and person once I have the peace of mind truly knowing that I have the power to grow my business while doing what I love.

    • Christine,
      Oh the carrots, yes I know them! I have the visualization of you munching a bowl of carrots and greens and smiling widely!!! Here’s to the carrots!!!

  118. Ok. I know I sound like an auctioneer, but the first 5 times I tried to record a video, it was 10 minutes long. Ha!

    I’m excited about the possibility that RHH Live will be a transformational event for all involved. Thanks for creating this contest, Marie. It inspired me to “come out” with something I’ve been sitting on for a long time.

    I’m finally combining multiple passions and infusing my personality into my business…

    What message do you want to bring to the world?
    Write. Speak. Live.

    • Angela Smith

      Marie, wow, thank you for all of the awesome advice and this generous opportunity. It’s so exciting to see all of the amazing businesses that these gals are cookin’ up. Well done, ladies. Very inspirational, indeed.

      1. Currently, the business is taking shape, a work in progress, as they say. It started as a health and wellness, nutrition program idea which morphed into a conscious living movement. After much brain-storming and a bit of help, I landed the perfect name. The project has since taken on a life of it’s own, becoming more of a central, life theme, more than just healthy eating. Turns out, I’ve included aspects for creating the whole shabang, healthy mind, body, and spirit for a wonderfully fulfilling life; steps I’m currently taking myself as I’ve realized that I’m worth it. Striving for health is just the spark, the catalyst, a place to jump off into purposeful life. Its been said, “if you have your health, you have everything.” I’m creating this business to inspire, encourage, and empower others to do the same, to live life on purpose despite what may currently be in front of them.

      2. Biggest challenge- Once I’ve completed the content, how do I know if its good? Sitting at the computer writing, taking my dreams to reality is safe. Within the development phase lies great opportunity. But once fully created, if not executed properly or well received by the powers that be, that dream can fall flat, leaving behind a trail of disappointment. These fears remind me that I am still a work in progress, just as my business is. How can I convince others that the information is worthy even though I have yet to create my own life as I can picture it? Once I’m finished writing content, what do I do next? How do I choose a presence or learn that technical website marketing hoopla? How can I work as efficiently as possible given limited time and resources? And how do I do it with confidence, style and grace? The web is vast, filled wonderful opportunities for success, as well as, an array of unknowns and what-ifs. A weekend surrounded with support, guidance, and step-by-steps from other inspiring woman who had the courage to take that leap into those unknowns would prove to be invaluable.

      3. Once I have “rocked” through this confidence challenge, the business will become a household name. I will have established a respected presence on-line, managing a worthwhile membership site full of valuable health and life-changing information, e-books, and courses including those from other amazing “lifers” as well. I will have a TV show, engaging, thought-provoking, filled with a variety of health topics, guest appearances, and “life make-overs.” It will truly be a life of abundance, as I “walk the walk” with ease, style, and grace. Most importantly, I will be able to financially help support the foundation, whose mission inspired my dream; Awakenings Health Institute is a place dedicated to helping those who have sustained a brain or spinal cord injury realize their true potential. It is a place of real inspiration, dedication, and the pursuit of a fulfilling, healthy life, in spite of physical limitations and severe circumstances.

      And that is why I would be -ever-so-grateful to be included in this powerful weekend surrounded by these amazing women. Many thanks…

      • Angela,
        All the questions you are asking yourself are so great. Your confidence, style and grace are already coming through in the way that you wrote this.

        • Angela Smith


          Thank you so much. You’re are so wonderful in your supportive and encouraging words to all of these amazing women. I truly appreciate the the time you’ve taken out of your busy day to spread the love. You’re fabulous.
          Thanks for making my day….

    • Monica,
      wow, you got me all excited! You are beautiful and I can feel your personality is amazing, and can I say how much I love your last line of your comment.

      Write. Speak. Live.

      Time to stop sitting…

      • Thank you SO much, Hannah! I’m excited about making big changes 🙂

        I’d loooove to have a nice warm bowl of your green root vegetable soup right now. I’m going to have to make it soon.

  119. Nicolette Koepke

    Hi Marie,

    Wow, this has been such an amazing process for me! Thank you SO MUCH for all the inspiration. I know this is the start of something phenomenal. 🙂

    I would LOVE (where is the super size caps button when you need it?) to be in New York with you…. I won’t let you down! <3

    I am so ready for this!

    Well here it is….

    Lots of love, Nicolette

    • That was beautiful Nicolette,

      This is such a great first step in reaching out for support! Phenomenal sounds like a great guiding word…

      • Nicolette Koepke

        Thanks so much Hannnah!! This was an amazing practice of reaching out, I have already received so many gifts of kind words and support from those around me I truly feel like just in entering I won! I am so grateful to be a part of this. All the best to you!!

        Love, Nicolette

  120. Hi Marie!

    I hope you enjoy my video submission.

    I had so much fun making it–such awesome questions! Can’t wait to shake it with you!

    Lots of love,
    Theresa Stevens

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      OMG Theresa, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! I’m a dancer myself (belly dance), and I was one of those women who struggled with my weight and body image all my life until recently. Your instructional videos look awesome. When I get the chance, I am soooooo gonna get one of your dance videos to work out to!! It would be great if we could somehow end up in NYC at RHH together! Big Hugs!


      • Hi Nozipo–Thank you so much for your beautiful affirmation! That is so awesome that you are rocking your beauty and your body with bellydance. For me, dancing is the fastest way for me to tap into joy and abundance of all kinds–it is such a powerful tool in being rich, happy, and hot, yo! I do hope I get to meet you in NY!!! And dance with you through my DVDs and in person! Lots of love to you!

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      Really cute Nicolette! I loved the beginning where you have the music and you in dark shadow. Classic! And I especially loved the cat with the “Choose Nicolette” sign. Haaaaaaa! Mad cool!


      • Nicolette Koepke

        Thanks girl! I love your swingin intro! This has been so amazing to participate in, I feel very blessed!

  121. Hi Marie–

    Ok, this is actually my OFFICIAL video entry (try #2). Yay!

    I hope you enjoy my video–I really enjoyed making it.

    When I decided to become a full-time dancer, I had lunch with a rich, happy, and hot professional bellydancer who stressed the do or die importance of knowing how to market yourself. She had the opportunity to observe her gorgeously talented master teacher live a life with little fame and no money, and a not particularly talented dancer with excellent marketing skills, maintain a huge following and abundant income.

    So, my quest in learning how to market myself began and I found YOU on the Internet. You truly inspire me!

    I really hope to meet you in person, learn as much as I can about marketing finesse and life balance, surround myself with an expanded community of powerful women, and shake it with you on stage at your ridiculously amazing event.

    Thanks for watching my video!

    Lots of love,
    Theresa Stevens

    • Caitlin Padgett

      Yummm!! I would love to shake it with you. I was just at a human rights march awhile ago and I managed to get right next to the Samba group and DANCED the whole march. So much joy – love your concept for your videos and “30 days to…”


      • Hi Caitlin–thanks for watching my video! You rock! Yes! Samba music is SO gorgeous! It is totally infectious and delicious! Maybe there is a Samba community in your town that you can play with?! Lots of love to you! Theresa

        • Doh! You live in Cambodia! There could be Samba there–it is really infectious! 😉 I watched your video last night and then remembered your name. I LOVE your art!!! I just transitioned from non-profit to social-profit (my favorite word for awesome for-profit work) and it is really fascinating how so many skills transfer over. I think the biggest skill–building relationships with people–is essential to both structures. You rock, Caitlin! Many blessings to you in all of your new endeavors!

    • ooooh, I am lovin your vibe!!!

      I wanna check out your videos!!!



      • Amy! Thank you so much for buying my new dance DVDs!!!!

        You are so awesome! We just launched this week! Can’t wait to shake it with you and hear what you think!!! Lots of love to you! Theresa


    I had a great time making this video – my first ever with any kind of effect! Have a great time watching and reading the entries, Marie! I know whoever ends up joining your team in New York for Rich Happy and Hot LIVE will have an amazing time and emerge richer, happier, and hotter than ever.


  123. Where am I at with my business? I am at a standstill right now and I am ready to do something else different. My passion is helping people, I love educating people about their health I have been doing colonic irrigations for 24 years and I haven’t really advertised until now because I get business through word of mouth. What’s my biggest challenge in taking it to the next level? My biggest challenge is my finances, I need to learn how to market myself everything I do and my business which is why I want to come to New York. I need to be around other business women who are filled with creative ideas. In my business I tend to give away a lot of information and I want to learn how to package this information and sell it over the internet. I make up nutritional information for my clients based on blood type, body type, ancestry and constitution. I also teach people how to shop and cook. I love to cook and eat. I also make up Protein Powders and Energy Drinks. What does the next level look like for me? My income will have quadrupled because I would be using the information and marketing skills I learned at RHH. What will I create when I rock this challenge? I would add more services to my existing business, open up a Cafe with my specialty dishes, have a very successful online business and finish writing because my creativity is flowing again.

  124. OMG Marie!

    i thought the hardest part of this process was going to be having to record myself on camera and then have you and everyone else watch it… WRONG! everything that could have went wrong, did. I cant begin to tell you how tempting it was to break down & just give up on numerous occasions… but i refused! I pushed past the fear, doubt & worry and saw this video right through till the very end(haven’t slept yet)!

    when there’s a will there is ALWAYS a way!

    and now I present to you my labor of love. Hoping that my passionate desire & your amazing intuition are a perfect match on this one Marie!

    and to you all of you beautiful ladies that submitted your entries, be it written or video, you all inspire me!


    • Hi Elsa,
      I loved your video, please help me to put a video like that together for my new online television show. I loved the way to came in and out and the words of you soul came through. Very creative. Will see you in November

      • awww thank you Khummit! i actually had help with the video as i am in no way an expert. i can tell you who did help me if that helps??

        just checked out your site and you and i need to talk! you are exactly who i am looking for! let’s connect via email this weekend?

        the universe never fails in divine intervention!


  125. Hi Marie!! (and all the amazing women who’ve contributed so far!)

    THANK YOU for the inspiration – this is my first Youtube upload AND my first personal promo of any kind AND the first time I’ve captured any footage of myself in Asia! It means so much to “put it out there”

    I’m FB’ing and emailing up a monsoon-storm of hits for the rhhlive site 🙂

    I will be soaring with elation (and jet-fuel) as I travel from Cambodia to NYC for this opportunity.

    With much respect, gratitude and appreciation,

    See you soon,
    Caitlin Padgett

    • Caitlin,

      Great job. Great job at articulating what you need to do, and what will get you there. I love your vibe. You totally inspired me and I absolutely believe the world will totally be a better place because of you!

      I’m right there with you when you say that working with clients kinda sucks the oomph out of what you are getting going…dude, there.

      Great love to you. Awesome!

  126. Hi Marie
    Where I’m at right now: Halfway through b-school, halfway through revamping my website, I got the look (as Prince almost said to me), if not the content yet. I’m swimming in a big pool of content-creating ideas & trying to reach the shore.
    Biggest challenge: taking it from an expensive hobby to an actual, money-making business.
    Next level:helping women, making a nice living, enjoying my work – nothing fancy, just bliss.
    ps. I haven’t left Ireland in 10 years, I’ve never left my family & I’m afraid of flying. And I still want to go to RHH Live oxo

    • Ann,
      I love hearing from all the b-schoolers, it sounds so great for all of you! And as a mom of far too much morning sickness, thank you for what you do.

  127. Hi Marie,

    I Really want to go to RHH live…

    Here is my video link. I was having trouble uploading so I hope it works.

    Pick Me, Tracy

  128. Hi Again Marie,

    I think there is a problem with the first link.

    try this one

    Pick me, Tracy

    • Tracy,

      You’re gorgeous and amazing! Loved your video.

      Good luck!


      • Thanks so much Elizabeth! I had so much fun making it!

    • Hi Marie,

      I just got back form a long morning of teaching to realize that my video is 2:01! I am not sure why in uploading to you tube an extra second added on, but I do want to say that I had the best time making this video and I really hope that I have the opportunity to hang with the cool people at RHH live.

      Thanks again for considering my submission! and Thank you for offering such an amazing opportunity!

      With gratitude, Tracy

    • Great job on your video Tracy! You are too cute! and your energy totally shines through 🙂 Good luck lovely ♥


  129. Nadene Beach

    I am 53 and standing on the launch pad! No, I do not have all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted, I know I am just starting out, at the foundational level of this adventure. I have spent the past 10 months scrutinizing various life coach programs, attending on-line seminars and webinars. I am knowledgeable, experienced, and most of all passionate in the various areas in which I will coach. My last corporate position was as a motivational speaker, mentor and trainer for an international weight loss company. I have interviewed friends and relatives concerning what they see in me, and their responses verify – I am pursuing the right field. I tremble inside and out when I am helping others help themselves. It IS my calling. My fuel tank is full – I’m ready for lift-off!

    I am being held back by not living in the moment. I’m self-sabotaging through old mind and behavior patterns, because they SEEM comfortable. The past and future haunt my thinking so I procrastinate. I’m EXCELLENT at supporting, edifying and encouraging everyone – except myself. Often I nurse and rehearse past failures, validating the “You’ll never change” mind-set, and giving fuel to the, “Who are you to believe you can make a significant difference in the world when you can’t change yourself?” mentality. While I don’t need a ‘babysitter”, I recognize my need for accountability, especially at this ground breaking level. I have many plans on the launch pad but FEAR of failure prevents me from lighting those engines!

    At my next level I see myself authentically ME, self-confident, living my personality through my business and working my business through my personality. There is an established community of supporters: like-minded mentors, and people to handle the business areas that are not my forte so I can BE and DO what comes naturally to me. There is an established set of boundaries from distractions, including family and friends whom I allow to ‘steal’ my time. Marketing tools are in place and I am out there making a significant difference in others, my community, and the world.

    I will help create a new awareness in others of who they truly are; an awakening to the vastness of possibility, potential and aliveness that they already are. “Free to BE” will be a safe haven where people will identify, lie down and leave behind who they have perceived themselves to be. They will give themselves permission to BE (not DO), knowing they already have within themselves everything they need to soar to new heights in their personal lives – marriage, health, fitness, etc. They will take flight in the KNOWING that they are “one of the unique and never-to-be repeated ways God has chosen to express Himself in space and time.”

    I’m standing firm and strong and ready to launch, knowing I already have everything within me to reach the stars…I’m just waiting for the ignition spark this opportunity will provide…!

    • Nadene,

      I believe we all teach what we have learned (are learning). All those lessons are such a blessing. You are moving through your lessons with grace towards your passion and that is so lovely to see.

  130. Hi Marie,

    Eve Street would love a New York opportunity to bring back to the UK! I’ve just uploaded my video entry at

    I hope you enjoy. I would love more than anything to be part of Rich, Happy and Hot Live!

    With love,

    • You had me at your accent, take 327 was lovely! Wishing you so much joy as you move towards into your dreams, very inspired by what you are doing.

  131. Hi Marie,

    I’m submitting my answers, after sitting on it since last week!! 😉

    1. I’m now at the launching point, and preparing to launch and fly. I finally streamline my market to serve ONE particular market, have the targeting products in mind, training videos in mind, and now it’s time to put everything down into real action!

    2. I think the biggest challenge is taking the courage to really breakthrough the comfort “shell” and shoot up to the sky. :)… I can feel that it’s just a tiny little thin thin shell, but this tiny little thin thin shell seems pretty darn strong!

    I think it’s also related to the “fear” of uncertainty and also the ability to cope when we’re in a completely different “dimension” :)…

    I really want to laugh at myself when I’m typing this, cause I’m going to launch a webinar related to “How To Use Your Fear To Manifest Your Intended Desire” next week… :)… I’m pretty good at that actually, been able to manifest lots of assistance to start my online business, and even heal myself :)…

    But, I’m working on a “bigger” (according to my level of acknowledgment now) manifestation, that is – make it real and rock my online business!

    And so, I’m putting my answers down :)…

    3. The next level?? I think there’s no “level” – it’s UNLIMITED once I break thru this shell! :)… I want to create a “space”, a Happy World space that is full of positive people that could offer their positive values to help create a “physically” Happy World… I want to create a platform for entrepreneurs that want to start their own online business (literally from ground zero!), and also live a life that truly resonate with their true values. I want to show people if I can do it, they too can do it.

    I want to put my answers down, and use it as a benchmark for myself even if I don’t win this contest! I have seen your RHH event sales letter last year, and again this year… So I told myself, ok i’m going next year… But, there’s one little voice inside me that told me, “nooooooo, you’re not gonna see ANOTHER RHH sales letter next year!!”… “Even thought you don’t know how the **** you gonna get the flight ticket and go to NYC (that complete “strange” land for me), just put your answers down!”

    And so, I did it!!!

    (phew) 🙂

    and so, i’m off to tweet about that now… to make myself qualified! 😀

    Hugs to you Marie (and all the wonderful people here!),

    Yin Li

    • That is such a great lesson in staying positive, thank you!

  132. Hello Girls – Hi Marie,

    This is Vasso-Anna from Athens in Greece. I met Marie Forleo through Katie Freiling’s website on her unsensored interview which was amazing!!

    I’ m a 41 years old woman at the the dawn of her second career. I studied Business Administration and Organization Behaviour some 20 years ago at the American College of Greece. I started my career as an employee in the private sector pretty early, before I even finished my studies … practically I was studing and working at the same time!! I have experience as an administrative executive from the financial consulting industry and the mobile telecommunications industry!!. I was a very successful and respected woman in every company I worked for!! Thirteen years ago I got married to a great man and then … came the blessing of my life!!!! …. my little girl Marina!!! My daughter is a very special child and in order to raise her in the best possible way and offer all the love and support she needed in order to grow up … I had to resign and leave my job and career behind. That was the easiest and thoughest decision of my life, at the same time!!! I never regret for my descision … not to say that it was an opportunity for me to sit back and think what I really could do with my life!!

    Now I am at the dawn of a new career which I will run from home!! In this way I can be with my daughter and my job at the same time!!! . I am “back to school” attending a personal development and NLP program in order to become a certified coach!! I have my fears, but I am also determined to succeed!! I feel I have the power to overcome every difficulty and obstacle!! My daughter’s special abilities, have taught me how to be strong and patient!!

    I plan to combine coaching and internet marketing since I believe that marketing is the most important element in a business.

    I would love the attend the Rich, Happy and Hot program in NY!! It will be my first time to visit the United States, and this will be an incredible opportunity for me!!

    I send all my positive energy to all of you and my best wishes for your business.



    • Vasso-Anna, what an inspiration to mothers you are, thank you for sharing your story with us.

  133. Hi Marie,
    Here is my video and some additional notes to ensure I answer your 3 questions.

    Where you’re at with your business now.

    Somewhat of a plateau. Making barely enough to get by. I know a lot about marketing but am missing something that is enabling me to make some serious cashola.

    What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?

    Clarity on what I love to do most. Finding that missing piece. The one that is stopping the money from coming in.

    What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.

    The next level is to be helping thousands of people at a time and not just one on one. Also to have a lot less worry about how my mortgage will get paid and instead wonder where my next vacation will be. Once I rock through this challenge I will create programs that inspire and educate people on a variety of topics through speaking, training and even making documentary films (one of my secret passions).


    • Tracy, the clarity on what we love to do is such a connector with all of us. Thank you for sharing your dreams with us.

  134. Marie,

    I can’t thank you enough for this contest.

    It has ignited my courage, challenged me to get outside my comfort zone, and already helped me learn new skills (I’ve never before created a video). Thanks for the spark to help light the fire within.

    I am passionate about attending your seminar, and thank you for this amazing opportunity.

    Here’s the link to my video:


    • Jennifer, that was great to watch, I could feel your passion and excitement.

  135. Marie!!! I want to see you at RHH live. SO BAD. I need this, I love the speakers you’ve signed up, and I want to keep working with you in a big way to push through and grow my business — and my life.

    It has been n u t s in my world lately as I’m implementing from your programs and SEEING RESULTS!!! I never would have imagined a program could do for me what your programs do and I WANT MORE OF YOU! 😉 Annnnd I wanted to do a jazzy video for you, because videos are just so much fun and creative, but they take more time and brain power than I had this week because life is seriously movin’ and groovin’ and clients are calling (thank YOU very much for YOUR help with that!!)! Woot!

    So… Here’s my written submission:

    Where you’re at with your business now? I still have a big foot in the corporate world, but I’m making strides –- big ones — toward having a business that will sustain. I’m testing, learning, and implementing and had 8 new clients in the last month alone.

    What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level? Mental roadblocks for sure. The fact that I am not understanding or being able to visualize what steps need to be taken to take it to the next level holds me back. I am making strides here (in big part to you and team), but have so very far to go.

    What exactly does that next level look like for you? All sorts of juicy goodness are waiting for me at the next level. Ideally I’ll be working with women in a big way to help them find their true beauty – inside and out – and realizing their total potential!! I’m already making a difference and have testimonials to support it in my “this is why I’m hot” file… I want to keep rockin’ on and know that with continued support and guidance and education from fabulous people like you this will happen SO much faster.

    Lots of Love to You and All of the Commenters! <3 Amber

    • Amber, it is great to hear about your success, congrats on the new clients and all your forward movement.

  136. Stephanie Kuster

    A Rich, Happy, and Hot….Scientist?! It is not a likely combination, but I am bringing it to fruition through an adventure travel company that combines unique experiences all over the globe and a chance for participants to not only discover new places, but to PARTICIPATE in groundbreaking scientific studies, tap into their love and need to care for all things Earthly, continue their quest for knowledge, and contribute to environmental policy. I do not feature tours. Through these experiences, participants relax, discover, and work with top notch scientists from all over the globe, all whilst enjoying camaraderie, great food and drink, and some of the most exotic places on the planet. Talking about conservation and our environment is just fine…letting it touch your brain, heart, and soul firsthand is priceless.

    My company is new. I have earmarked colleagues that would be excited to have a public presence in their field research. They are excited! And the list is ever-expanding for amazing places to visit.

    My biggest challenge taking it to the next level is the business aspect. I am a PhD. paleobiologist and geologist. Obviously, no business experience there. There are legal and insurance issues that need to be tackled, organizational issues, and marketing issues. When I received my PhD, I officially graduated from the 24th grade. Even after all of the trials of my education, this is new territory and is quite scary. I need help!

    Let’s be fantastical here. The next level of my success has me standing at the edge of a high rocky bluff, breeze whipping through my hair model-style, scenes of amazing wonder below my feet, and a group of excited members of my newly-minted environmental warriors supporting me in the background. I am free to disseminate my message of how science “gets done”, how important it is to take care of our planet, and how we know what we know about our environment and changing climate. The next level allows me to enable members of the public to be more thoughtful consumers, more environmentally conscious, and more informed when they enter the voter booth.

    We have one Earth. Go experience it.

    • I’m not a scientist, Stephanie, but I’m a geek at heart. SIGN ME UP! 😀

      • Stephanie Kuster

        I love that you revel in being a geek at heart. This would be perfect for you!

    • Incredible message, awesome idea. Totally behind you. So great.

      Graduating from the 24th degree 🙂 That’s hilarious!

      Me too, sign me up!

  137. Ciro

    Meka I can tell that imagination and creativity you have is gonna get you to some pretty cool place in life.

  138. I barely got this done! Had to get totally creative…re-purposing content 😉 as the ‘perfect’ time/place never appeared, had to make it happen!

    I offer this simply to participate in the community and resonate with the power of this incredible group of ladies, as it deserves to be aligned with! Holy bageezus!

    I will be coming back and delving into this post for a long time to come so that I may consume as much magic as I can. I’m so in awe of the power we all have. If we all chose to step into our lives as fully as we’ve stepped into getting a ticket , think about the kind of change we could create in the world.

    I know that as folks read the comments they immediately recognize that they can do it also, and choose to resonate with a higher vibration all around.

    thank you Marie for offering us the opportunity 🙂 xoxoxoxoox

    • I LOVED your video. Very creative and very clear without being linear. I understand your challenges in being a mom and having a career. Looks like you are doing great though. Hari Om!

      • Thank you lovely! I loved yours also. Sweet home 🙂 Sound like an amazing place to nourish and grow your vision.

        I particularly loved your cuts at the end of the vid. Really cute!

    • Elsie,

      I’m in awe also…and would you believe me that it gets easier, even with three? One was the hardest, and you move through to the other side.

      So, so proud of you for getting this video together, it is part of the magic.

      • Hannah, this is so true. One child took all of my time, and five still take all of it. Funny how it works that way!


  139. My video has a special guest appearance! 😉

    I thought about all the bells and whistles I could put into my video…bullet points, slide shows, music, a dancing bear, but when it came down to it, I just wanted to be authentically myself. It’s kinda my theme for the year!

    So here is a plane jane video of me speaking from my heart about my biz, what I need to grow, and what kind of global contribution I hope to be making throughout my life. I hope that it’s enough.

    Thank you for this opportunity, Marie!
    Pura Vida,
    ~ Sukie

    • My little guy was watching with me and he loved the guest appearance.

  140. Okay, Marie, let’s talk. I’m not going to shake what my mama gave me, gyrating on screen. I won’t put you on a pedestal, or create a little “Marketing Guru Marie,” shrine. Frankly, a lot of “RHH,” seems gimmicky to me.

    I’m the un-fan.

    But yet I’m still drawn to reading your posts and watching your videos. Your straight (sometimes potty) talk, actually penetrates, making me ask the serious questions. And I want to believe that there is a formula for generating revenue, if I take the steps necessary. So yes, there’s a glimmer of hope in the cynic’s eyes.

    Where I’m at? Not where I want to be – yet. Fledgling stage, for sure. Site’s up, cards printed, contacts made…but…

    My current challenge is follow through. I get overwhelming accolades when I bust out my merchandise or even in my freelance writing and design. But I don’t buy it, because it’s not “there yet.” For me, the next level would be diving in the deep end and I don’t swim. I just have to do it. I can create amazing, beautiful things but I have to stop holding myself back because I’m waiting on perfection.

    And to prove how desperately I actually need a dose of your strong medicine, I don’t even want to share my biz name or website. I’m a closet entrepreneur! I’m free November 12-14th, and if you’re up for someone who hasn’t sipped the Kool-Aid, it’s on. Get me past this toe-dipping phase I’m in and my accolades will never end.
    .-= VoteAudrey´s last blog ..Do Illustrate Your List =-.

  141. Here goes nothing!!!! Marie, this is the VERY FIRST video I’ve ever made promoting myself, the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever edited a video, and the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever uploaded a video of myself onto You Tube!!! So you have already caused me to push myself in so many brand new ways and I have to say it was SO MUCH FUN!! I can’t wait to make another video!!

    My business is called Your Time Travels… for the love of all animals. It’s a travel company for animal lovers who want to do right by animals and give back to them in a variety of ways when they travel.

    Like so many others here, I wanna BEG, BORROW AND STEAL to make it to Rich, Happy and Hot Live!!!! I hope you turn to Kuma for some inspiration in making your choice!! 🙂

    You rock and you’ve helped me in so many ways already (you’ll never know…). Whatever you decide, thank you for the endless inspiration.

    Liz Longacre

  142. Jennifer Bernstein


    I’m really excited about the possibility of learning from you, Laura, Danielle, Kris, & all the other amazing participants lined up for Rich, Happy & Hot LIVE.

    Here’s my entry:

  143. I’m convivial AND a full-time mama writer, so it’s a pure miracle that I got this done!


    My goal for my video was to let my voice, passion and strength come through onscreen. This is MY FIRST SELF-VIDEO!


  144. Kiela Mellott

    I love your passion & chomp…the way you desire to integrate standing in the middle of life and meeting the energy of grief and challenge like a masterful baseball player experiencing the game, the field, the crowd, meeting the energy of the ball and hitting it out of the park-with instant transformation and new life…YES!!! Love it!!!
    ~Kiela 😉

  145. Cristy N

    Hi Marie –

    I am sitting here nervously writing this because I challenged myself to actually do it. Last week I thought to myself, if only Marie would have a contest to win a ticket to RHH Live, then I would surely try to win. Then you did just that, BUT I didn’t think through that it would be based on me not luck – AHA – you got me there. Then I kept thinking that I would never win so WHY bother? Well that is the thinking that got me to where I am now with my business – nowhere. So here I am entering ….

    My business is in the super preliminary stages – I am in the process (brainstorming) of writing a book and starting on online community about people (especially women) living their passion. It is so inspiring when I see someone who LOVES what they do and I want to be able to interview and share those stories to inspire others to do it for themselves (including me 🙂

    My biggest challenge in getting to the next level is the know how of being able to contact people about being interviewed and promoting the site and book so that people know what it is about. My fear is that no one will understand what I am trying to do and would not want to take the time to help me out. I am not very good at promoting myself so I feel if I could to that – other things could fall into place.

    If I could go to RHH Live and learn from the most inspiring women I know – you girls are incredible – then I know I could have the savvy to go after what I want. I would have an incredibly inspiring site that would have interviews and stories about people living their most passionate lives as well as a book that shares the most inspiring stories with the world. I would teach online classes on living passionately and be able to host my own show – wow look at all I could do!!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity for someone to attend this incredible event!! It was so kind of you to do this and what fun it looks like it has been for all that have entered. Just writing this has helped me a lot!


    • Cristy,
      I think your idea is wonderful. I have found that people are honored to be asked to share their words/thoughts. If you love what you do, they will respond to that energy…clearly you do!

  146. My business walks the line right now. Every step I take is carefully measured and dusted with fear and trepidation. My business checking has $0.50 in it, which is good because there’s a tiny piece of hope and assurance there. My husband and I work this business together and have struggled, literally for years, to make it profitable, to make it enjoyable, to implement processes and procedures that create fun and seamless workflow between the two of us. I’ve recently brought your work into the mix and we watch the movies and talk about how we can do “that.” We’re pushing as hard as we can to get systems in place, to have our work reflect back our unique gifts and passions – because at the end of the day, what we do has SO much value for people.

    But my biggest challenge has been ME. I find that no matter how hard I try, I don’t value my work, my capacity, my capabilities and myself. I’m on the phone with a client, nodding my head and they’re saying: “I want. . .,” “I want. . . ,” “I want. . . ,” which we jokingly translate to, “I need to pay you,” “I need to pay you,” “I need to pay you.” Meanwhile, in my heart, I’m thinking I’m getting away with something by bridging the subject of payment. By mentioning overtime hours when we’re working away at 3:30 am on someone’s website emergency – FOR FREE – because we haven’t trained them that what we do has VALUE!!! Damn it. I’m my biggest challenge. I don’t know how to accomplish feeling qualified; I don’t know how to accomplish smiling and feeling really good (genuinely!) inside while taking a big fat check for services rendered. . . (It’s like it’s cool to create abundance and joy and connectivity for the client, but not me!!!) I’m doling it out, but getting none back for me and mine!

    The light at the end of the tunnel is when I envision what’s on the other side of all of this. The super awesome potential that he and I really have together. When I think about that . . .the next level rocks. The next level is me and my man, having incredible mutual respect for each other professionally. It’s us high-fiving and listening to our “booty shakin’” pandora playlist while we grin and learn and teach people. It’s us having finally defined “what is our process?” (creative & logistic) and we both feel really good about it. I’m using my super scooby former teacher skills to enlighten and empower our clients, while he gets his creative brilliant master design mojo going on visually communicating it. At the end of the day, we breathe, we have office hours, we enjoy our family life and we can always afford the nice cheese and the diapers.

    • Kathleen, working with your husband is so inspiring to me and I feel your passion and you will get the nice cheese and the diapers! Sending you lots of abundance!

  147. Dearest Marie & every Goddess here!!

    I am SOOOO blown away by the Abundance of Amazing Energy here!!

    Is there a way that we can form our own group?

    For support, inspiration, motivation, skies the limit!!!


    I would be happy to help organize us 😉

  148. Hi all,

    Okay, here goes… first EVER online video!

    I am not sure what happened to the phrase “Rich, Happy & Hot Live at the end! I didn’t edit them out, but somehow they got a bit chopped up!

    Love ya!

  149. Tara Cole

    Hi Marie!
    You have a great message, and system for women entrepreneurs and I am all ears! I saw you at one of Gabrielle Bernstein’s events on the panel a little while ago.
    I am really excited about this event and feel that the timing is perfect for me. I am currently a graphic designer and have been doing this for over a decade. After mulling over great ideas and fears, I finally decided, GIRL, you need to get up, get out there and show them what you got! In effort to get me out from behind the computer to help people and use my big personality to motivate, I decided to change it up…completely. I am starting nutrition school in January and my dream of helping women learn about nutrition, wellness and a holistic approach to living and feeding their children is coming to life. I want to make women feel better about themselves and have confidence in who they are. My goal: to be a successful, motivating life coach and nutrition counselor for women to detox their body and life of the bad and fill it up with confidence and good food. You are right when you say fear is the biggest challenge that holds us ladies back. Coming from hard-working single mom, being practical was of utmost importance. Practicality is great but following your heart and doing what you are gifted to do is much, much better. I am excited to learn as much as possible from an expert that can really make a difference in my new career which then in turn helps other women. I know with your help I can be the best I can be to help women across the world. We all have big dreams for ourselves, and its up to us to support one another and make it happen. Will you support me in this effort to help woman? I hope so. Pick me and let’s make this happen!

    Thank you!
    Love and Light!

  150. Hey Marie,
    So I made my vid… but it got muted on YouTube!

    So I also posted it on Vimeo so you can see I actually did it! ..and my Facebook page!

    I’m sure that counts me out so I’m writing one as well.

    Where I’m at: No gallery = No eyes on my work!
    I’ve been painting for over 20 years now, and I paint from my heart and with great courage. But not having an actual place where people can come view my work is really holding me back. Their are SO many galleries out there and it’s hard to figure out which one to pursue. This is def not anything they teach you in art school! I know I’ve got the goods and have been in some great shows by great curators but the art world doesn’t let anyone in without a fight!

    Biggest challenge: Gaining enough exposure so that curators, collectors and gallerists come to me. I want to generate a buzz around my work so that I won’t have to hit the pavement chasing galleries that might not be a good fit.
    I’m creating my website which is really coming along and I’m starting my blog which is also off to a great start, but I need more momentum.

    I’m collaborating with another artist on a show that’s near and dear to my heart called ‘Flowers & Bullets In the Babel of Steel’, it’s a Cuban/Puerto Rican (I’m the PR) visual arts mash up regarding immigration, exile and assimilation in the US and the loss of culture that can occur.
    We may be doing an exhibition preview at Red Dot Miami, an art fair at the same time as Art Basel the first week of December and I want to make the most of it. It’s my first fair. (This is through the other artists’ gallery)

    Next level: Short term- Taking this show to museums in Cuba, PR, then NYC and beyond!
    Long term- Having galleries across the country and traveling the world to install shows and give talks. Ultimately, to teach my children what beauty can be created if you try. Being a role model for PR girls, and promoting our ancestry. It’s been a great source of pain and pride in my life and I utilize all of it in my work.

    What I’ll create- Absolutely gorgeous paintings and sculptures! Shows that are provocative and deeply engaging. The kind that make you think about ’em after you leave. Installations that will make your head swoon with color, beauty and imagination! You’ll feel like your in another world …and will leave wanting more! This I can assure you.

    I CAN and WILL do this…but it’s taking it’s toll time wise…and we’re trying to start a family. I really need a PUSH forward to help support our efforts monetarily.

    I was born to paint Puerto Ricos’ story and in this show I’ll be able to do it. As far as I know there hasn’t been an important Puerto Rican female painter
    …I want that title. Let’s not let Rosie Perez and J Lo be the only two RHH famous Puerto Rican woman you can name!

    • Great vid Laz! Loved seeing your artwork in the background….luscious! xo

  151. Marie, I posted this at 2:12 PM but it’s not showing up for some reason. Here it is again…

    Here goes nothing! Marie, this is the VERY FIRST video I’ve ever made promoting myself, the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever edited a video, and the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever uploaded a video of myself onto You Tube!!! So you have already caused me to push myself in so many brand new ways and I have to say it was SO FUN!! I can’t wait to make another one!!

    My business is called Your Time Travels… for the love of all animals. It’s a travel company for animal lovers who want to do right by animals and give back to them in a variety of ways when they travel.

    Like so many others here, I wanna beg, borrow and steal to make it to Rich, Happy and Hot Live!!!! I hope you turn to Kuma for some inspiration in making your choice!! 🙂

    You rock and you’ve helped me in so many ways already (you’ll never know…). Whatever you decide, thank you for the endless inspiration.

    Liz Longacre

  152. I added my video, but its not there!…2 minutes!

  153. Kerri

    Hello to you, Marie, and all these phenomenal women who have submitted and commented so far. I’ve been trying to do video but it’s not working with me today so hopefully all my heart comes through in this written submission.

    Where you’re at with your business now.

    I’m at the beginning of my business, the paid part that is. Hee-hee. I am a Calling In “The One” love and relationship coach. I just completed my certification and got my first paying client last week. Can I get a whut-whut?! I say, “the paid part that is” because frankly, I’ve been a love coach all my life. I’m the go-to person for sage advice. And, I love… LOVE! It is my daimon (gift from the gods and goddesses) to live in love, to help people to transform themselves, including myself, in love.

    What’s your biggest challenge in taking it to the next level?

    I have a small 3-ingredient cocktail of a challenge in taking it to the next level. Fear of success, yes success, the straight up know-how regarding how to do this, and I’ve historically been a big fat fraidy cat! You know what though? I’m done being a fraidy cat, and I’m so over hiding myself, my gifts, my desires, my passion, and my purpose! Whether or not I win, this is the turning point.

    What exactly does that next level look like for you? Tell us what you’ll create when you rock through this challenge.

    When I rock out this challenge, I will create a movement of lovitators! The name of my website, when it is up, will be called I already bought the domain. I see BIG, BIG things stemming from lovitate like tributaries out of a stream. I see myself seeing as many clients as humanly possible a week, leaving enough time for my own continuing self-development. I have a website that regales visitors with stories on each visit (a story of someone who has transformed their love identity or a story I’ve discovered in my travels through the world). I am Jamaican and am in graduate school studying mythology, and will be going to school to become a somatic psychotherapist next year. I am also a writer. I see all of these things being transmuted through me like an alchemical gumbo of loveitatingliness. I want to effect change in my community, in how we think of ourselves and our personal power to transform and have the life and love we want. I want to take this to schools, prisons. I want to write books, travel the world speaking, writing, teaching. I want to do a TED talk about some great innovative thing (yet to be realized that I have created). I want to lovitate and I want to take as many people as I can with me.

    Here’s a haiku I wrote.

    I thrust thunderbolts
    Of love screaming through the skies
    See me, claim me, NOW!

    • Hi Kerri,

      I love “lovitators”! Brilliant!
      .-= Meredyth Hunt´s last blog ..Morals and your middle finger =-.

      • Kerri Grant

        Thanks Meredyth! I checked out your blog and love it! You have a funny playful style of writing and sharing that someone could very easily forget to be humorous about. Good luck to you with this contest and in your business and life endeavors!


  154. I hope I am not too late!!!!

    Where are you at with your business?

    On the verge of something profitable & successful I hope. Our business was launched a year ago. I had just moved from UK with my husband & 3 children. Not long after we arrived our financial situation dramatically changed for the worse. I needed to get out there & do something fast! I met my business partner & amazing friend on the soccer sidelines, our children played in the same team. The collaboration of a business mind & a design mind set the foundations for a great things to come. Our first year has been very rewarding & challenging. We both have the passion, energy, drive & capability to make it a success. At times I think we care too much & compromise our value to what the client considers valuable. We cannot seem to get to that next level. This is not a hobby. I guess we need the confidence to believe we can make this a big success.

    The biggest challenge is on my part. My husband of 14 years has decided he doesn’t feel the same way about me anymore & has moved out of out family home. I think he is having a melt down & cannot cope with life at the moment. That said I am of course devastated & trying to keep all the plates spinning at once. My business partner is very supportive but I do not want to let her down. I have the strength to get through this, I hope, but feel that I do need some guidance in helping me to get there. My business & my children are my focus.

    We are surrounded with an abundance of information & workshops etc. I had never heard of Marie before & it must be meant to be how this all materialized.
    I have booked my flight anyway, so even if I do not go to the workshop I will enjoy the break in NY…. truly do need it.

    Last question, what does it look like….. bloody scary!!!!!

    Lol Cx

    • Oh my gosh…ur story is very touching. I can really hear your strength. And I also have to admit I love how the universe brought u and ur biz partner together.

      Wanna check us out in the fb group? Just a group of gals trying to take their businesses to the next level… Friend me then i will add u!

  155. Ivy Kemp

    Pinky: “Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?”

    The Brain: “The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try to take over the world!”
    Pinky: “How are we going to do that Brain? Just sit here and meditate”
    The Brain: “Nope, wrong answer, we’ll get no where”
    Pinky: “Um I’ll get some books”
    The Brain: “Wrong answer!”
    Pinky: “Then what!”
    The Brain: “Well, 2 years ago I met this Rockstar named Marie taught me about living and acting in the moment”
    Pinky: “Really, was she pretty?”
    The Brain: “Of course!, Now lets focus on our plan!”
    Pinky: “Um, we have our business already, people are buying our “take over the work” jewelry – but – we have the opportunity to take it world wide but the jewelry making machine has broke down and we cant sell what our jewelry anymore. We need different machines and and more jewelry we need to get our creative juices flowing”
    The Brain: “We’ll is that REALLY our problem Pinky?”
    Pinky: “We’ll not really…it’s the glass ceiling that says, “What would I do if I was not afraid?”
    The Brain: “Good young grasshopper!!!”
    Pinky: “Thanks!”
    The Brain: “And after we break the glass…we will take over the world with our hand crafted jewelry sold in hotel chains throughout the Caribbean and beyond….”
    Pinky: “What’s that sound, Brain!!”
    The Brain: “It’s 3:00 the glass ceiling is self-destructing…call Marie!!!! Mayday Mayday!!!!”

    • Lollllll clever 😉

    • Kerri Grant

      You definitely win for creativity and humor. Love it!


    • Hey Amy, I’m a mini van mogul too ! 🙂
      Nice video….good luck with the contest…maybe I’ll see you there. Cheers. Tracy

  156. Yo Marie!
    Right now I’m working 1-on-1 in-person and 1-on-1 by phone to coach & help women take back control of their homes, so they can move towards their big and small dreams.

    I’ve been doing my homework here’s a few thoughts running through my overwhelmed, frustrated, petrified clients minds…
    *Who am I kidding, I’m never gonna be organized
    *Quit effing giving me advice on how to clean my house
    *All or nothing. I tried. I quit. Why even try?
    *Quit telling me that there is a “master plan” & it’ll get better
    *I hate yelling at my kids. I want them to be happy.
    *If their parents see our house, then they’ll never let their kids play with mine again. Get everything to my bedroom and in the closets. They won’t look in there.
    *Yeah, you can drop that off to me…in a parking lot. No way you’re seeing my house.
    *I’m a fraud. Everyone thinks I’m great, but they haven’t been to my home.
    *Oh shit, what if I can’t find the warranty or insurance policy if someone asks.
    *AFTER I get organized, then I’ll start doing more things for ME…
    These ladies need to know that I’m here to help them and I want them to move forward in a powerful way.

    My Biggest Challenge:
    Marie, it’s being fully confident and learning how to consistently market & launch a program that sells out & spreads like a wildfire.

    The Next Level:
    Expanding my reach across the nation in a much bigger way. Selling out group coaching program (Turn Your House Right Side Up theme) and membership area that has how-to videos, checklists/forms, and more…

    Had a vision of an event that includes guests, such as, interior designer, feng shui consultant, time management expert, hip wardrobe consultant, life coach, wellness leaders to demonstrate breathing techniques, yoga, rolfing.

    Wrap Up: I set my intentions to meet you, Lisa, Amanda & Josh after seeing some NY pics. The deal was sealed when I say you, Lisa, & Amanda lounging on the sofa, bare feet propped up, & focus on the laptops in each of your laps…sending messages to each other. I didn’t know how or when, but I know I will meet you someday…why not next month?

    PS. I wanna be Rich, Happy, and, well, Hotter! Plus, I’ve got moves. Ask me about my Madonna outfit that I wore on stage with the band;-)

    • Hi Mel…I say those things all the time…(in my inside voice of course).

      What’s the Madonna outfit…? Please tell me it’s that polka dot one she wore with the frill sleeves and pant bottoms on her Truth/Dare tour.. I love that outfit and wanted to wear something like that for halloween in my (much) younger days. 🙂

  157. Marie, I posted this at 2:12 PM but my comment still says it’s awaiting moderation – I hope there are no problems, there are lots of comments after mine. Just in case, here it is again…

    Here goes nothing! Marie, this is the VERY FIRST video I’ve ever made promoting myself, the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever edited a video, and the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever uploaded a video of myself onto You Tube!!! So you have already caused me to push myself in so many brand new ways and I have to say it was SO FUN!! I can’t wait to make another one!!

    My business is called Your Time Travels… for the love of all animals. It’s a travel company for animal lovers who want to do right by animals and give back to them in a variety of ways when they travel.

    Like so many others here, I wanna beg, borrow and steal to make it to Rich, Happy and Hot Live!!!! I hope you turn to Kuma for some inspiration in making your choice!! 🙂

    You rock and you’ve helped me in so many ways already (you’ll never know…). Whatever you decide, thank you for the endless inspiration.

    Liz Longacre

    • Karen Armstrong

      Great video, Liz, and *love* what your business is all about!

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      WOW!! What an incredible video of you with all the animals, Liz! All these superb entries from all these ridiculously talented, passionate women. I simply don’t know what to do with myself!


      • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

        Oh and one more thing Liz. I must commend you on your courage and direction. You figured out very quickly that the legal corporate life just wasn’t for you. I wish I would have had the courage loooong ago like you did to decide that the 9-5 grind wasn’t for me. However, the important thing is, better late than never. Thank you so very much for the inspiration ;-).


      • I keep trying to leave a comment but they keep disappearing 🙁 Is it possible this site is having comment overload?? Trying agian!

        Nozipo! Thank you so much for the support!! I agree, always better late than never! Plus, sometimes we need to do things we don’t like to figure out what we really want in life, so no regrets! I just watched your video! LOVE your dance and your booty advertisement!! So clever 😉 You have great charisma and presence on camera!! Love meeting all you inspiring women on here!!

        • Loved your entry, Liz. You are a natural on camera, hard to believe it is your first. Great job editing and engaging me in your cause!

          • Thank you so much Sheila!!! What’s funny is that I did like 5 takes but they got more awkward with each one so I just went with the very first one. Wonder what lesson that’s supposed to teach… don’t over think things I guess?

    • Liz- That was awesome! I love your passion and your niche and you are adorable on camera- your shyness doesn’t show at all. I think Kuma is going to really like it!

      • Kimberly, thank you! That means a lot! I just left a comment on your You Tube page – LOVE your biz and video! I want to come visit one day or send people to do yoga with you for my biz!! 🙂

        • Christina

          Hi Liz,

          That really hit home with me, when you said you did five video takes but they got more awkward–the same thing happened to me! First of all, whenever I watch videos on line, people always look so natural in them I always assume they just do it on the first take–so it was frustrating for me to realize I was going to have to try several takes. And I thought my first was the best also, even though it was hardly as perfect as I wanted it to be. Very amateur, but I figured the most important thing was just doing it and putting it out there. So I can totally relate! 🙂


          • Hi Christine! Yeah I totally wasn’t expecting that to happen but the more takes I took the more I fumbled my words. After 2 takes I could no longer say Rich, Happy & Hot Live, instead I kept saying Rich, Happy, Hot AND Live!! I started to get really annoyed with myself… 😉

    • Hey Liz,
      Just wanted to jump in here and say I really enjoyed your video too! Your passion for the animals is so apparent and I’m so glad you are following your dream to help them! good luck:-)


      • Hi Dana! Thank you so much! I just listened to some of your music from your website – love it, you are really talented!! You play the piano beautifully too. Good luck to you!!

  158. And I have to come back to share my thoughts…
    Freaking slow ass connection took longer to add my comment to the server than it usually does, so please don’t rule me out because of the time that shows on your site for my entry.

  159. Hi Marie,

    First of all – I know so many women (and some courageous men) are deserving of this opportunity. As for me, I put my hand up and say, “Yes! I’m ready to dance and learn and stir the pot with the best and brightest”

    I can tell you that I’ve done everything possible to get this video uploaded in time… and YouTube servers are not co-operating… I hope the video is there in time. If this is too late, then I’ve learned a heck’uva lot doing this. I started recording this video only two hours before the deadline. I didn’t realize it was 3 pm EASTERN time (I’m in San Diego). Still I’m so glad for this opportunity and whatever happens, it can’t be anything other than *perfection*.

    The server is telling me it’s going to take 51 minutes for the video to show up. Oh well…. hmmm….
    It will be in my channel at
    whenever it’s done processing. Will push hard from this end too. *laughs*

    I’ll again once it’s finished doing it’s thing. If I missed everything completely, I’ll still be happy I did it.

    Much love…

    • Kellie

      Ah, Andrea!!! That was amazing! You totally took me there! What a fantastic vision & here’s to your ultimately fabulous manifestation!

      • Hi Kellie. We can raise a glass to one another’s aims and push them right over the top, yes!? Thank you for posting a comment and coming on ‘the ride’. I’m still going through and watching the videos and reading the comments posted. Ah-mazing. Nice to meet you here Kellie. – Andrea

        • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

          Andrea, that was simply fantastic!! What a cool ass idea to do a shot of the “future” that way. There have been so many extraordinary entries in this contest. I don’t envy Marie for having to choose. Maybe she’ll decide to pick more than one. Lol, I hope so!

    • Andrea- That was AWESOME!

  160. It posted!
    The video is now working properly.

    Here’s a cup of coffee to you Marie… and your staff.
    – Andrea

    • Omggggg!!! LOVE your video. Sooooo amazing!

    • Brilliantly creative work ~ Congratulations!

  161. Hey Marie! Here’s my vid:

    Hope to see you soon 🙂

  162. You want to know why I love this competition? Because it’s like a lindy hop (swing dance) competition.

    Everyone gets their moment in the spotlight, trying to one-up those who came before with more creative, dazzling, or just plain bad-ass moves. Each dances to the music in their own way, and we all can’t help but scream our support.

  163. Hi Marie,
    I posted my video last night and was wondering why I wasn’t getting follow up comments, it never posted. So here it is again:)

    Thank you so much for this great opportunity!

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      Love the rhyme Amanda! And I’m so there with you on being a beginner and sometimes feeling stagnant, frustrated and overwhelmed. All we can though if giving up is not an option is “push through the icky” right? You rock, my sista!


  164. Hi all,

    Do you know what is super amazing about this contest and submitting an entry – particularly a video entry? I feel that it is the exercise of GETTING OURSELVES OUT THERE!

    After I make the arrangements to borrow a laptop that had a camera and then the logistics of where to shoot, what to attempt to say in 2 minutes, how to be somewhat creative, how to “wing it” with delivery, render it, upload it, and then sit back and watch my VERY FIRST ever video live on YouTube was effin awesome!!

    I DID IT and YOU DID IT TOO!!! What a fabulous learning experience! What a magnificent exercise in getting in the race and running like the wind with the baton!

    Now, I can say….hey, that wasn’t so bad! Hell yeah, I can absolutely do that again! Now, how can I do that for my clients to deliver the content THEY want to hear.

    I am stoked (am I still allowed to say that?)….I am excited…..I am so HAPPY! We are all effin WINNERS!

    Tina 🙂

    • Tina,

      You are so right. I actually felt some of the “growing pains” Marie talked about in one of the B-School modules.

      I went from thinking there was no way I’d enter this thing to, “Hey, wait a minute, yes I can!”, back to, “Omg, no, I am NOT doing this…” to finally, “I did it!” There was quite a feeling of accomplishment just in taking that leap.

      What a great experience. Nice job, ladies!!


      • I couldn’t agree more. Even if I don’t win, making the video has propelled me forward, because I truly believe I CAN win it and if I don’t, it s not because I am not good enough but because we are ALL deserving…(slowly but surely getting it in my bones…)
        PS ELizabeth, I am an EFT practitioner. Love your blog. My lastest blog introduces EFT for parents of ASD children, but to tell the truth, we all have the same issues and the only differnence for ASD parents is that I understand their pain..

        • You rock Claire! I like how you put that – “…we are ALL deserving”! Indeed!

          Hugs, Tina

        • Claire,

          I really love EFT, and have only scratched the surface with it so far.

          I work part time doing PR and fund raising for a place here in town that counsels sexually abused children and their families. I wish I could somehow introduce tapping to them – maybe just to the counselors at first (they have to hear horror stories every day and carry that with them.) I’d love to see it become part of the rehab for the abused children. I wonder how far we are away from that happening?

          Thanks for the compliments on my blog. i really want to refine it a lot more….it’ll get there!


      • Hi Elizabeth! That was my experience too….so glad we just went for it instead!

        ~ Tina 🙂

    • Nicolette Koepke

      Hi Tina,

      I love this post…. totally put into words what I was thinking! It has been so great and inspiring to be a part of this whole thing!!
      Keep on rockin it!

      Love, Nicolette

      • Thanks Nicolette! We are rockin’ it together girlfriend!!!! All good stuff…

        Hugs, Tina

    • Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

      Yaaaaayyyyyy Tina!!!!! You just summed up my experience EXACTLY! I have a webcam, but it isn’t built in and is actually Microsoft compatible. Since I have a mac (and an older model at that), I was unable to create a vid using my own computer. So I too had to borrow (I used my mom’s computer that had a built in cam).

      And to top it off, like you, this was my VERY FIRST VIDEO!

      And yes, I DID IT! WOOOHOOOO! Whew! Thank God I got through it.

      Thank you for finding and saying the words that I forgot to say earlier, lol.

      I was so worried about trying to fit my entry into the 2 minute time frame that I got nervous and left out some stuff.

      But I still did it, and I’m so glad you were right there with me 🙂

      You said it best, we are all FREAKING AWESOME!!!


    • Ditto ditto Tina, that is exactly what I went through. I watch all these video blogs and wonder how people get their videos to look so nice, felt like it was so technically out of reach for me for some reason. But this contest forced me to do it! I took a few online tutorials and just went for it! Now it doesn’t seem as scary. No matter what happens, it was totally worth the exercise!!

  165. Marie, so so sorry to bother! I posted this yesterday at 2:12 PM but it’s still not showing up here. I realized I used a different email address from the one I usually use when I comment on your posts (I used my biz email instead of my personal one). So I figured I’d post this again with my personal email address. Maybe the new one needs approval or is blocked. Hopefully you got it and see that I sent it in on time!! 🙂

    My post:

    Here goes nothing! Marie, this is the VERY FIRST video I’ve ever made promoting myself, the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever edited a video, and the VERY FIRST time I’ve ever uploaded a video of myself onto You Tube!!! So you have already caused me to push myself in so many brand new ways and I have to say it was SO FUN!! I can’t wait to make another one!!

    My business is called Your Time Travels… for the love of all animals. It’s a travel company for animal lovers who want to do right by animals and give back to them in a variety of ways when they travel.

    Like so many others here, I wanna beg, borrow and steal to make it to Rich, Happy and Hot Live!!!! I hope you turn to Kuma for some inspiration in making your choice!!

    You rock and you’ve helped me in so many ways already (you’ll never know…). Whatever you decide, thank you for the endless inspiration.

    Liz Longacre

  166. Melody

    Wow Marie! You have an incredibly tough decision to make. There is so much hope and spirit from amazing women in here! Congrats on attracting such incredible women.

    Sending you much love and a shout out to all the beautiful ladies spreading their wings!!!

    Can’t wait to see who gets to grace your event with their presence. I can’t imagine that it’s easy to pick just one person.

    Good luck everyone!!!!!

  167. joan

    Good lock to you all. Lots of love from sunny Ja.

  168. a question, i wonder if you guys are having the same issue…i cant seem to find or follow all the comments…when i receive them in my email, i clink on ’em, but it doesn’t connect me to the “conversation”.

    i am a bit frustrated, as there are so many conversations that i would like to be a part of…but its all disconnected… i hope someone understands what i mean 😉


    and I as I said before, I would love to help organize a group to stay connected!

    In love & light,

    ~Amy 😉

    • I totally understand what you mean…I thought it was just my computer misbehaving!!! Wonder why it doesn’t go right to the post when you click on the specific link in the new email….

      Anyway, I get lost too!

      I thought someone was doing a FB page?!! Am I confused on that?

      I would love to stay connected too,

  169. Tracy

    Me too very difficult to follow a conversation any suggestions?
    .-= Tracy´s last blog ..How To Get Free Press =-.

    • I also created a fb group called “incredible women group” all you have to do is log in and search for it. Then u can join. Not sure but that might be easier to use than my website.

      Hope we can all chat easier!! I was on here a bunco but then got confused about where to find everyone. Oy!

      Love to all

      • I was truing to say a “bunch” not bunco. Using hubbies new iPad…he he he

        • LOL! I play Bunco and was trying to figure that one out….too funny!

          Do you like the iPad?

          I will pop over to FB too 😉
          ~ Tina

          • Lol!! I spelled something else wrong too. I love the iPad…just takes a little getting used to. 😉

            Ps I don’t know what bunco is. Google search to follow…

      • Hi Alison,

        I searched on FB for the Incredible Women Group, but 3 pages came up that definitely aren’t yours! Am I doing something incorrect? Can you perhaps send the link? Thanks!


        ps…Dice game with 12 women who get together monthly to socialize…food and drink! Great fun! I am with a group that has been together for 6 years. I maintain a picture blog of our monthly gatherings that always have a theme – some of our themes are a HOOT! We are just a bunch of women who still like to play dress up, go to a party, and have a fantastic time once a month! If interested in taking a peek at our shenanigans, here is the link:

        • love that!

          here’s what everyone can do (if you all want to…)!

          friend me on FB

          and then i will add you to the group!



  170. Hey ladies…I have a forum on my site…and would love to open it up to all of you to utilize!

    It would make it easier to comment. I know I have been wanting to chat with all of you…but can’t navigate the comments either.

  171. I absolutely LOVE all these submissions!!! They are so inspiring. I also love the kick-in-the-pants approach that entering this contest has brought about in me. I’ve already received a huge gift just by entering because answering the questions forced me TO GET CLEAR. Before this challenge, I didn’t have a clue about my goals, or what I wanted to accomplish, or what my challenges were, or what SPECIFICALLY the next level looked like for me!! I was doing a lot of work without even knowing where I was headed – which I realize now is like going around in circles and heading nowhere.
    So it’s been great to finally realize what I really want, put it down on paper (in under 500 words!! another thing I was famous for doing was complicating everything and this challenge has made me realize how simple things really are). I can figure out my destination in under 500 words or 2 minutes by video and head in that direction.
    So, woohoooo!! This week has been so fun for me, just realizing, like Marie says: We’re all winners.
    I’ve had a great time watching the videos and reading through the entries. Amazing that it’s all out there and public. I love that.

    • Wow, Lisa, I can so relate with over complicating things! I’m starting to realize that I have a bit of perfectionist’s syndrome (not that anything around my home is nearly perfect!!) but I sense it in the whole, “This is too big and hard to do right so I am not going to do it at all!”

      How silly!

      Bravo to you for taking the time to sit and do that writing. Stopping to look at things squarely definitely puts them into perspective, and lets us wrap ourselves around them a little more easily!



      • Thanks Elizabeth! Yes, it’s so true the whole perfection thing – and for me the idea that “I can do this myself” (which I’m learning is the biggest lie around!)
        I realized yesterday my bad habit is to bail 5 miles before I reach my goal. I was trying to find a new church, and I went looking for it on Saturday and couldn’t find it (I drove for two hours) so I gave up when I was within 5 miles. I decided to try again on Sunday for the 10am service, and still couldn’t find it. I drove for 90 minutes, and it was already 30 minutes into to the service, and I thought: oh, forget it, I’ll try again next Sunday. !!!!!!!!! And then I remembered to stop and ask for help. LOL. That’s my last ditch resort: stop and ask for help. This angel actually said “follow me” and she took me there. xoxoxoxoxoxoo
        I love how I am actually learning new things.
        All my best to you,

  172. Nadene

    I am OVERWHELMED with all the awesome essays, videos & comments! Truly there is is WORLD of women out there wanting to make a difference – and we will! It’s time we stopped dreaming our life and lived our dreams! Thank you again Marie for opening your heart and believing in each one of us. You ROCK!

  173. annnnd….the FB group is up! best way to get in the group is to friend me

    w00t w00t!

    all are welcome 😀

  174. WOW! I think I may have watched just about everyone’s video! You are all SOOO IMPRESSIVE and it’s so amazing to hear all these voices of beautiful, powerful and entrepreneurial women! It’s also really comforting to hear everyone express some of the same worries I’ve been having. Sometimes we feel so alone in our insecurities. It feels empowering to be able to talk openly about them and realize we’re not alone in our thoughts! No one’s perfect and the best thing is, we don’t need to be! We just need to learn how to not let our insecurities hold us back.

    I have to say I came from a previous career where there were virtually NO female role models for me to look up to. Since leaving that career and working on starting an online business one of the most rewarding things for me so far has been finding such a strong inspirational female presence. It is soooo refreshing and soooo inspiring!! Thank you Marie!!!!!!

  175. and so it seems many of us are having a tricky time communicating here…so there is a FB page created for us by Alison Hummel…meet you over there ;-))

    or “friend” Alison Hummel, it also seems you have to be “invited” by her…

    i am just glad to get us all in one place where we can chat without all the confusion 😉

    more soon over there!

  176. Nadene

    Thanks, Hannah! ‘Oddly’ enough, within 24 hrs after submitting my essay, I had 3 calls from people asking me to coach None of them had any idea I was getting ready to launch!

    There are so many awesome women represented, I’m just absorbing like a sponge! Even though we are all so different, we are all the same! Wish I could comment on all of them, but I am so limited on my computer time –

  177. I am dying to see who won? When with the results be posted? I find myself hitting the F5 key every 10 minutes, which is good at 2 pm on Saturday and not good at 2 am Sunday.

    Regards from Maine,

    Robert Zavaleta

  178. ladies…don’t forget to friend me (and then I will add you to the FB group)…we have 15 ladies in there now…and I think is really cool to connect over on FB!

  179. Ivy Kemp

    …Just wanted to say thanks guys for all the encouragement to do this…wasn’t going to do it until I started reading and felt the you all…the wind beneath my wings…we’re a group of winners!!!


  180. Marie,

    I am apologize. I am submitting my entrance very late because I didn’t have internet connection the whole Friday morning and I got complicated with the kids’ activities. But my family insisted the whole weekend that i should send it anyway mentioning that my biggest challenge of all is … TIMING.

    Last summer my astrologer told me: “Paula you have to train 10.000 yoga teacher in Colombia” and I said “Why?” and then I found you. So I thank you for helping me already to manifest the vision of spreading Peace through Yoga in such a powerful land as it is South America. I hope in the future I can materialize the opportunity to get together with Kimberly Johnson, who introduced you to me, so we can sprout the essence of living your true self to EVERYONE in South America.

    Thank you so much for being there for all of us.


  181. Hi Marie! I’m so glad that you got to see my video. I uploaded it from the Miami airport right before I unplugged myself from life online for a week… and I didn’t realize that my video was private! Ugh, self sabotage anyone? A breakdown before a breakthrough perhaps?

    Anyway, you rock and thanks for watching!

  182. Hi! My business is at the cusp of rocketing or dwindling. My sales are consistent, just not growing at the pace I want. I need my product to have a larger image. My website is good, solid. But certainly could be better.

    My biggest challenge to get to the next level is definitely – me. I need to make it happen by learning how to market and sell, form powerful connections, and influence much more so than I do now. I don’t know how to do this; I need confidence and strategies. My product is an extension of me and I need to learn how to use myself as a way to sell my product. I am sure there is a lot more that I need to do as well, but for now, that is what I am aware of.

    The next level is to have huge sales, create a viral impact, and be in major stores. I would like my product to be the known as the reason people made healthier food choices and a healthier life, to have positively effected the rate of obesity, and inspired others to invent products, and to produce those products here in the USA.

  183. Deanna Lohnes

    Has the winner been announced? I’m dying to see which video/entry it was!

    • Tina

      Me too! Looks like the announcement is tomorrow….

  184. Hi everyone! Me again – this time seeking advice. Tomorrow I will find out if I’ve landed what would be my biggest consulting gig to date. It’s a “great opportunity” and also would be the most $$ for a single short term contract I have been offered. Thing is – I’m not sure I want to stay in Cambodia, not sure if this contract is exactly what I want to be doing and would mean that NYC for RHH Live would be very difficult timing-wise, and that again I would be de-prioritizing time for developing myself, my passions and my business – one of my biggest challenges.

    Other the other hand, the $$ is good and I feel like I would be crazy for turning it down, since I’ve been working so hard to get paid well! And if I am able to make the time to come to RHH Live (something I so desire – I can’t think of anything better than spending the weekend with such a supportive community of women AND I already subscribed to the blogs of all the speakers!!) it seems totally insane to turn down $$ because travel from Cambodia to NYC, accommodation etc etc plus registration is ridiculously expensive for me.

    I know that some of you goddesses have probably been in similar situations… seeking clarity and would love to hear your thoughts!! Thanks, xoxo.

  185. Gotta say you Women really rock, and it’s inspiring. Look, I’m kinda partial to my GF who’s enrolled here and an evangelist about RH&H, but everyone is great. I, too, have a small start-up biz and it’s tough to put yourself out there and say “Hey, Look at Me!” Because the secret fear (fabricated in our own little heads) is that people might think you suck. Not true!

  186. Nozipo Cayou-Wobogo

    First of all, congratulations to ALL the winners! You all deserve it immensely!!!! Muah! XOXOXOXOX!

    Second, I have something I want to share with all of you. Before this contest was even offered, I put out into the universe that it would be awesome if Marie would see fit to offer a very well discounted or free trip to RHH Live. As we all know, that wish came true shortly thereafter.

    Once I posted my video, I then began viewing all the entries and I was absolutely ASTOUNDED!!! I was completely overwhelmed at how phenomenal and creative all them were. I immediate put another wish out into the universe. Because there sooooooo many absolutely superb contest entries, I said out loud to God, “Please put it in Marie’s heart to extend this invitation to more than just one contestant.”

    And low and behold, I see that wish was granted!!!

    Although I wasn’t chosen, I’m soooo full of gratitude that you all have been selected to take advantage of such an extraordinary experience. I would love more than anything to be able to join you but since I was laid off recently, my current financial situation won’t allow me to purchase a ticket. However, I haven’t given up! Anything can happen between now and November 12. When I first heard of this contest I called and booked a plane ticket to NYC using some frequent flier miles that I forgot I had. I booked the ticket b/c there is limited availability with frequent flier programs, and I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose out. If all else fails I can always pay a $75 fee to change the ticket. However, I’m putting out there once again that I won’t have to. Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies. I love you guys dearly!!!!


  187. I just had to say that I was at Donna Karan’s Urban Zen location last Thursday night for an event and I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY!!!! We were in NY (from LA) for the weekend and went to a kind of fundraiser/gallery opening thingee. I was literally drooling at that space – huge kudos to you to pulling off having your weekend of events there, and I’m just dying that I’m not going! Are you using the upstairs part too? Green with jealously but warmest regards – Nicole Foos

  188. Hello lovelies!
    For those of you going to RHH – I am arriving earlier in the week and meeting a colleague for a few days of project planning. We’ve booked this apartment.

    She leaves on the 11th though – I’m thinking about holding onto it for the duration of RHH. Do any of you need a place to stay? It’s only $100/night!! So $50 if two people share, and even less if more stay, cause it has a comfy pull out sofa too. As you know, I’m coming from Cambodia and on a budget!! Would love to share with any of you! Please let me know asap.

    • Sally Hope

      Hi Caitlin! Thank you so much for posting and what a WONDERFUL idea!! I’d love to share a space but right now I’m staying with friends for free. However…I’d definitely love to share this space if some other ladies jumped on (to lower the cost…cuz it’s hard to beat free but I’d really love to spend more time with fellow RHH-ers). So please keep me posted on this. My email addy is [email protected].


      P.s. WOW!! Cambodia!! Amazing.

  189. I am considering having a contest for my blog too to promote the best in Filipinos. Your contest inspired me to think about giving. Maybe I should consider people also attending my speak with confidence seminars for free.

    Thank you.

  190. word travels…even though this was ages ago…I decided to respond, blatantly ignoring the video part (breakin’ the rules…just because i wanted to get something out there, now 😉

    Okay, if I were to create a video…
    Here’s where I’m at: ready to rock, shakin in my bones…in so much pain and feeling of yuck that I’m sick of it, and my whole body is literally refusing to go back to where I was….sick, tired, warts, back going out…it’s not pretty…

    My biggest challenge? I used to think it was money…ha! Ha hahahaha….
    Actually, big fat NO! I used to think it was lack of clarity…just yesterday, actually…and many days leading up to it.
    Now I know I was just being a shit and procrastinating cause I was feeling the ‘resistance’ Steven Pressfield was talking about in “Do the Work.” (which i read 2 days ago)

    So, my biggest challenge is actually trusting enough to just go for it, and jumping in, both feet, full throttle.

    Okay, so…what exactly does that next level look like for me?
    1) Committing to recording my album. (it appears as though the universe is eliminating my excuses one by one…hurray!)
    2) Committing to getting over my fear of speaking, and just getting up there…falling on my face, whatever…just got to take a crow bar and pry off the braces and cages I have put around my own voice… it’s so f*cking noisy in here…with miles of vast nothingness in my field waiting to be scattered with diamonds!
    (Bastian, say my name!!!)
    3) Shifting my online efforts into real money makers…committing to blogging and writing regularly….just doing the work!
    4) and getting over myself to have fun helping others…enough already! We’re tired of hearing how you’re not qualified…you’ve got oodles of tricks up your sleeve you don’t even know about yet…let ‘er rip!

    And, drum roll please…the result:
    1) Speaking and singing at huge live events.
    2) Creating video and audio online…yes, vlogging, I believe they call it 😉
    3) Creating those signature systems with results. VIP baby!

    In my dreams, I’m traveling facilitating groups cause I’m so friggin’ hot! (and of course…the groups happen to be those big stages where I can talk away, then answer questions live for the crowd)
    Hmm…where did all this imagination come from? Years of dabbling in self-help. And now, I’m done dabbling…put me in the game, baby!

  191. Donna Fraser

    Hi My name is Donna. I emerged a year ago from fifteen years in a terrible marriage (why do we stay???) with my confidence in tatters. Now I feel like I can conquer the world. I have a whole exciting adventure ahead of me, and my business is at the heart of it. Earning money to keep my three kids in their schools is what gets me up in the morning, and I’ve a little fledgling business called Grow your Life. I started with one client – me – a year ago, and a wheel of life, with eight broken spokes, or segments. I am coaching myself through each of them, and growing my life, one segment at a time. I now have a fabulous relationship (segment 1) thanks to great advice from MEMWY, and others; I have lost a stone and a half and have more energy than I had when I was 20 (health, segment 2), thanks to my willpower and a couple of good coaches; I have a healthier bank balance and a deep understanding of my entire financial (segment 3) situation due to David Bach’s Smart Women Finish Rich, and am now working on the fourth segment – my business. As you would testify, Marie, there are a few invaluable tools to help you fix each area of your life that is broken. Grow your Life will be an affordable and exciting way to lift each women who engages in it out of her particular rut. My background is a psychology degree, and MBA, and oodles of business consulting experience, and some quite harrowing life stories – yes, the police do regularly knock on my door, and accuse me of trying to have my ex assassinated, or of bashing down the gate posts in his drive…………. And no, I have not done either…….
    My biggest challenge right now is to commit Grow your Life to a coaching format assessable to all, whether by app or website, and to get a pilot up and running. It’s working in my life, and I know it could be really fabulous for thousands of women. RHH would help me to access all the tools I need, and link me in with an exciting network of energetic women just like me.
    True success will come in many forms – a big coaching event, where women will leave motivated to help themselves, and those around them. … an email from a client, whose life is on the trajectory she has chosen for herself, with my help. … us supporting each other in our local communities, through reciprocity. I do this myself. I paint my personal trainers home, and work in her garden, and she trains me. In these tricky financial times no money changes hands, and we both benefit. I am rocked by helping others, and want to show my kids and the world how you can triumph through adversity, whilst behaving with dignity and exuding HAPPY HOTNESS!!.
    Pick me, please!!!!
    (Oh and Marie, I emailed some time ago about helping you set up RHH events in SA and the UK. Still can do!)
    Donna Fraser, UK
    44 7747690369

  192. caramel56

    I was literally drooling at that space – huge kudos to you to pulling off having your weekend of events there, and I’m just dying that I’m not going!

  193. Cynthia

    It is amazing! It looks so fun..

  194. What a nostalgia! I have no idea how come I stumbled upon this old post, though.

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