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Is there value in pure fun and straight-up good times?

Is it OK that we mix business, creativity and pleasure all together?

I say hell-to-the-yeah. Times 100!

You may, or may not know, that I absolutely love hip-hop, dance and gettin’ all gangster. In fact, my friend Laura Belgray was SO thrilled to see this latest B-School launch video because as she said, “I love your all your stuff Marie, but I secretly get so pissed that no one gets to see you DANCE! I miss that part of you. I saw this video and want more!!”

So in case you missed my hard core hip-hop dance and teaching days, here’s a chance to see me at my very, very best.

WARNING: Pure entertainment ahead. No lessons; no witty wisdom; no action steps to take. Kind of nice on a Monday, right?

Enjoy and as always, let me know what you think by leaving a comment!

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  1. What do you mean, no action steps to take? I’m copying all your steps right now. Especially that one where you’re up on the couch, takin’ it down low. Uh! Uh! Yeah girl. Your front row mafia is in da house.
    .-= Lbelgray´s last blog ..Happiness is a cup of hot nuts =-.

    • marie

      Ha Ha!! FORGOT about those steps baby 🙂 Shorty got low low low low low on that one!

  2. Karen Armstrong

    Marie, you and Laura *ROCK*! I LOOOOOVE hip-hop and LOVED seeing you and Laura shake your sassy bad asses… and I’m lovin’ that slide to the side move!

    • marie

      Thank you Karen!! So glad to hear you like our lil’ hustler move 😉 It’s VERY easy to do at home 😉

  3. Lovin’ living as a Gangsta Entrepreneur! This video is so fun I wish I was in it dancing with you 🙂

    • marie

      Hi Karen!! Thank you so much for the support. I’m now addicted and HAVE to make more 😉

  4. Laura’s got some good moves there too! Soooooo much fun watching the 2 of you unveil RHH b-school. Holy cow…
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..My Big “Aha” =-.

    • marie

      Hey Heather! @lkr does know how to shake her thang. Thank you so much for the comment!

  5. Laura and Marie-

    This is THE best one yet!!!! Ya’ll need to do a country western next, cuz you’re versatile like that!



    • marie

      HA HA Tonya. I actually taught a hip-hop cowgirl class once – in ITALY of all places. But I would def. need some lessons in country western for sure. Thank you so much for stopping by and for the support 😉

  6. You girls are off the hook! I think I need to hang out in your neighborhood! Is it the water? If so, gimme some of that!
    .-= Kimberly´s last blog ..What I Love About My Body =-.

  7. Gry

    Awesome videos and soooo glad I am in. Wanna start NOW though :o)
    xxx, gry
    .-= Gry´s last blog .. =-.

  8. This video just totally saved me from the cranky-ass bad mood I have not been able to shake all week. What a potion! Thanks–

  9. hahaa. this video def made my day.

    .-= Brittani´s last blog ..Love Is Divine =-.

  10. kim

    girl, you had me at jay-z!

    can’t wait for b-school to start, you launched it on my birthday…what a gift <3

  11. Marie, this is my new fave song when I need a little kick. Can’t stop listening to it actually – LOL. I forgot about this little gem from back in da club days! Love it! 🙂 You guys are adorable, I mean you guys look like hustlas!
    .-= Britt Michaelian´s last blog ..Get the Big Picture of Your Life and Business Together =-.

  12. you guys (girls-ah women) are hilarious! my new go-to video when i need a pick me right up!

  13. Marie,
    I so enjoyed that. Took me right back to your last class at Crunch!
    Please post more vid of you dancing!
    Check out my new blog post on the end of summer days in Montauk.

  14. Kirin

    This is my all time favorite video EVER!

  15. Pen

    Finally – a music video that shows women handling the money, not having it thrown at them by men!! Go Girls Go!! Love your site, Marie!

  16. Bridget

    I used to luuurve this video but I can´t seem to open it now?
    please help :))))

  17. Love this Marie! As a dance instructor I can vouch for the fact that dancing does release a ton of creativity – and everyone needs extra creativity to stand out online nowadays! Thanks for sharing your fun video!

  18. I loved hip-hop dancing gives lots of happiness and you doing such a great job. Women collect money through singing and dancing really sounds nice.

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