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In the video below, I’ll teach you two simple, yet important, sales lessons that can double your sales right now.

I learned these lessons over the weekend from an unexpected source, which of course, is a lesson unto itself.  (Wisdom is everywhere if you’re open to hear it!)

Do you have an example of when you asked for the money and got it?

How about persistence?

Where repetition in your request resulted in more sales or some kind of win?

I’d love to hear YOUR story and thoughts on this so please leave a comment below.


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  1. Hey Marie,

    Super tip! Yes, us biz owners need to ask for the sale because often the potential client needs to feel that we want to work with them. I see the biz arrangement as a marriage. You have to court potential clients a bit before folks are ready to jump up and down and say, “I do.”

    Stay in touch with people. They may not need you now or believe in themselves enough to say yes to you now. In good time, many of them do, especially if you stay in touch and keep the lines of communication open.

    Remember to court!


    • marie

      Yes yes yes Giulietta. And I really think it’s important to keep going. So many of us get discouraged and quit WAY too soon. I just got back from a conference where a biz owner (who’s doing about 10 Million in Revenue) said that they double their sales from FOLLOW UP webinars/teleseminars/email offers after the first wave of sales come in.

  2. Love it! The lesson of not giving up too soon is one that I ALWAYS need to be reminded of.
    .-= Laura Roeder´s last blog ..Before, During and After: How to Know What to Focus on When Running an Online Business =-.

    • marie

      Ain’t that the truth. Steven Pressfield, author of one of my fav. books War of Art, said this at a recent talk in NYC.

      “Resistance gets stronger the closer you get to the goal line. Finishing is everything. Don’t quit one yard before the goal line.” Could be slightly paraphrased as I was taking notes in my iPhone – but the essence is the same.

  3. Anne O'Connor

    Thanks Marie,

    That was just the advice I needed to hear today. I’m trying to launch a workshop in a new part of the country and things have been QUIET! It’s always really disheartening when you try to make contacts and people don’t respond. But I’m not giving up. I needed to hear to hear about asking more than once.

    • marie

      Hey Anne! GREAT. I’m so happy it helped. Another tip. When you’re committed to make something happen, pull out all the stops. Pick up the phone and call people who you KNOW would greatly benefit from being there. Get contacts in that part of the country from friends of friends. Get totally creative about making it happen and do NOT let fear or possible rejection stop you!

  4. I am in the middle of a divorce and just moved into my own place 2 1/2 months ago. I had to take an advance on my credit card out to get the lease. I’ve racked up a few thousand more in credit card debt during this process but I’ve honestly embraced it b/c I see it as an investment (like a student loan, etc.) in my new future. But that $2,000 specifically from cash advance (at 30%) was gnawing at me. This month I also had a nonprofit client go down so I was short $500 of much needed income. Out of the blue I find out I’m getting a $3000 income tax return (have no idea how it ended up being that big)… just enough to pay off that high interest chunk on my credit card and cover this month’s income short fall. I needed the money… chose not to freak out about it and just trust that it would come… and it did. And though finances are still seemingly precarious, I have complete faith that prosperity and abundance will continue to flow in. I made a solid mental decision when I stepped out on my own that I WOULD be okay on my own. Better than okay, that I would be GREAT. And I have been … because I DECIDED to be. My favorite quote of all time: “She believed she could, so she did!”
    .-= Cris´s last blog ..This feed contains no entries =-.

    • marie

      Awesome Cris! I think you may be replying to our “how to get anything you want” post, but I’m super excited to see it here. Congratulations on following your heart and making decisions based on truth vs. fear. Rock on!

  5. Thank you Marie! I loved hearing your story and how you got some incredible marketing golden nuggets out of an every day life experience 🙂 Thanks for the timeless knowledge!
    .-= Katie ´s last blog ..Why Attending Networking Events Can Make You Millions =-.

    • marie

      You are so welcome Katie! I have to remember to write these down more because I find marketing/business lessons all over the place.

  6. Marie, thanks for sharing the story of the street performers. What a powerful lesson! I am so grateful to have found you and to have the opportunity to learn so many great lessons from you. Thank you for sharing who you are and what you have learned!

    I can completely relate with the women that you talked about who doubt themselves and are afraid to join the Rich, Happy and Hot Virtual Mastery program. I had some of those same thoughts running through my head before I decided to join. I just made the decision that it is now or never for me. Either I am going to allow failure to be my reality or I am going to start taking ACTIONS right now to make success my reality. I would rather take those steps with help from you, Lisa, and the rest of the amazing women in the program than on my own. I am so excited about taking this journey with you for the next 12 months!

    .-= Melissa Wright´s last blog ..How to Start a Blog (Part 3) =-.

    • marie

      Thank you for sharing that Melissa. It’s actually another powerful marketing lesson. One of our responsibilities as business owners is to help people see that they too can get results. We need to show them proof – this is why social proof is so important. It’s also important to recognize how paralyzing that “little voice of doubt” can be. We need to take care of our customers (and potential customers) by constantly encouraging them to move ahead!

  7. Also good to think about it from the other side – if you’re a fan of someone, don’t you jump at the chance to give them money? I do. There are people who can send me an email saying “I have a new product that has no relevance to anything you do” and I’ll buy it anyway, because I like everything they do so much. I don’t go looking for a way to get it for free. I click paypal. It’s good, I want it, I’ll pay for it.

    I have to remind myself that I have people who want the chance to give me money, too.

    Oh, and persistence: so true. People love to be won over and convinced. Another thing that’s worth remembering from the seller’s side.

    .-= Laura´s last blog ..Retail of Horror =-.

    • marie

      I ABSOLUTELY jump at the chance to give people I love money. And the people I love to give money to somehow deliver results again and again – even if it’s not directly related to what I’m up to.

      YES, for whatever reason – we gals have some f’d up ideas about money and deserving it, getting it, asking for it, asking for enough of it, etc. I’m on a crusade to change that. xoo

  8. Very nice video! I love that you zero in on the confidence issues that many women have.

    • marie

      Hey Carol! Thank you so much. And GREAT smile. You need to go to and grab your Gravatar so we can all see you beautiful face on the blog 😉

  9. This is so true and a great reminder. I tend to give away a lot of advice and then always forget to ask for a sale. I used to even feel uncomfortable asking for the sale – like I wasn’t deserving! Reminders like this are always welcome and appreciated 🙂

    • marie

      That’s right baby! It’s cool to ask for the money 🙂 Especially when you’ve done a great job of helping people and making them happy BEFORE you ask. Reminders are definitely good for all of us.

  10. Marie! Your videos are ever inspiring. This one included. I watch them, absorb the message and get all revved up! Then… it happens. I get stuck on how the message translates to my online boutique. How do you ask for the money in a retail environment… Especially weddings, with not much repeat business. Newsletters? I know there’s a better way…

    • marie

      Do you ask for referrals? Do you promote your happy brides testimonials? Are you offering incentive for them to purchase more (deals on shipping or personalized consulting to help them have a perfect day?) There’s LOADS of ways to ask for more money in a online boutique environment 😉 All I know is that the wedding industry is a 86 BILLION dollar industry so there is lots of money. I found this for you from a quickie search.

      “Simply put, you need to turn suspects (people who can buy) into prospects first, then you need to turn those prospects into customers and then turn those customers into raving fans who will drive more business through your doors.”

      That’s from

      • Thanks, Marie. I know you are right! I’ve been working on a testimonials page for a while now. We just launched last June so brides who ordered first are just now starting to have their weddings. I finally received my first photo of a bride wearing one of our vintage shrugs with her wedding dress (and her cute dogs with her) so I can’t wait to add it to the site. She’s gorgeous in it! Now I’m thinking of hosting a contest; all people who send testimonials and a photo will be entered. You’re right,,, no excuses. You have to keep thinking, rethinking, creating, moving, going forward! Thanks for the reminder… Your videos rock.

  11. Great video Marie. Love your site.

    • marie

      Many thanks Mark! We have a great time here 🙂

  12. Hi Marie,
    I always look forward to the latest installment. I would love to be a part of the ongoing project, and know that it would be a great asset to my business and personal life. Now if only the financial structure was in order to do such! I’ll keep looking forward to new things.
    .-= Lia (Full Circle Eventi)´s last blog ..Tradition Tuesday – Episode 2.10 =-.

    • marie

      Cool Lia! You’re another one who needs to get your Gravatar on girl! Your pic is so gorgeous. We need to see you here too 🙂

  13. Thanks for sharing this. Your videos always are always thought provoking.

    Thanks again, James

    • marie

      Thanks James! I do my best 🙂

  14. Hi Marie, Thanks for your business wisdom 😉 It reminds me what Paul Zane Pilzer once said that, “your biggest customer is sometimes the customer that says “NO” to you for 3 years on a row don’t give up” It just reminded me of persistence and never giving up.
    Thank You so Much 😉
    .-= Therese Miu´s last blog ..Why Blog is better than a static website? =-.

    • marie

      You are so welcome Therese!!

  15. stephanie*

    Great, Marie! Just another two pieces of wisdom just coming at the *right* moment 🙂
    That is just what I learn to *see* more and more, how much life really is supporting , like giving answers from everywhere (it can be a publicitiy or somebody just saying something that *hits the nail* or as you sending us your great video clips-did I say, I love them?)
    Thank you for the good vibes!

    • marie

      Thank YOU for letting me know. I’ve had dreams of doing an online web show for a while now…I appreciate the feedback that you’re digging the videos!

  16. “Makin’ shit happen” sums it up for me. Great post, great vid, and as always great insight.



    • marie

      HA! Thank you Jonathan. And today Kuma did an awesome job “makin’ shit happen” outside. This is big stuff when you have a puppy.

  17. Hi Marie,
    Really enjoyed your video. Like your style of communicating and the content as well. I do think when it feels like things are not working out, if I hang in long enough inevitably something changes for the better. Asking directly and then asking again after providing useful content sounds like great advice to me, especially when done with a sense of humor. Thanks for sharing. Randy

    • marie

      Hey Dr. Randy! Thank you so much for stopping by. I see that you recently launched your site so I would DEF. recommend getting a Gravatar so we can all see your beautiful face and it will help build even more brand recognition. 😉

  18. Great advice Marie. Keep asking for the sale. Too many people are so willing to give up before they really try. One rejection and its ova. Dreams and passion are meant to be shared with others.

    .-= Tricia Dycka´s last blog ..Do You Use Automatic Responses to Avoid Conflict? =-.

  19. I actually used to BE a street performer in New York City. It was my first “job” and I did it every summer from the time I was 16 until I graduated and started my first “real job” as a copywriter at a Madison Avenue ad agency at 20. It taught me a lot about dealing with people, which I still talk about a lot….but I had forgotten that I DID do many things to ask for the sale.

    My act was, I was a “Human Jukebox”. I stood in a cardboard refrigerator box with shutters cut in the front. When people put a quarter — or more– in the slot and pushed the button (a clothes-pin) I popped out of the doors in my clown makeup and a funny hat and played a song on my recorder (the instrument, not a tape recorder!). For a while I did just wait for people to get curious enough to walk up to the box and throw money in just for the heck of it to see if anyone was really inside. Once one person did it and others saw what happened, a crowd would gather, and since I didn’t play UNLESS there was money (ANOTHER LESSON I FORGOT! Get paid up front!! ) someone else HAD to come up and put a quarter in for them to see more. After a summer or two doing this, I made sure to have a different costume (A hat or some sort of headgear) for each song so people would want to experience more than one song and stay longer. The tough part was getting that first person to approach the box. So I started holding colorful signs out of the top of the box. “Help Me Pay For College” and “Insert Quarter Please”. This would get a giggle. Sometimes people would shout out “What college?” so I put “Brown University” on the back of the sign. This always got a big laugh when flipped it around in reply. I even had funny signs to deal with the inevitable hecklers.

    Yes, I asked for the sale EVERY time, it was built into my business. After all, i was a “machine”. The only freebies were that those who didn’t pay got to watch on someone else’s dime… which I guess equates to some of the generous free or near-free invites I’ve gotten to live events that others have paid for. The events are happening anyway, and it cost the organizer nothing to let me sit in, and maybe become a lifelong advocate and buy stuff from them later, both of which I did. Come to think of it, my “free” audience did the same thing, flagging down passersby (“Watch this!”) and then going and putting their own quarter in. Sometimes someone even stuffed $100 in my slot! (It was the 80s after all).

    Thanks for the reminder, Marie! Considering all I give away now, I think I need to go back into my jukebox mentality!
    .-= Lisa Rothstein´s last blog ..Do you have more talents than time? =-.

  20. Oh and by the way, my late West Highland Terrier, Wolfgang,and I used the Washington Square dog run every day!
    .-= Lisa Rothstein´s last blog ..Do you have more talents than time? =-.

  21. I wonder how many different strategies Tic and Tac tried before finding the one that works best and is the most profitable for them. These guys sound like great entrepreneurs and probably gave many performances that yielded a very small income. But they didn’t stop preforming or refining their ‘asking for money’ technique.

    It may not only be a matter of ‘asking again’, but also trying different pitches, maybe even changing up the sales page to present your service or product a little differently.

    To be successful ‘can’t’ and ‘giving up’ can not be a part of your vocabulary.
    .-= Heather Villa´s last blog ..“What Should I Do?” – Blog Commenting =-.

  22. This video is awesome. Just watched it again after a few days.
    And… it’s still really inspiring and fun. 🙂
    Thanks, Marie!

  23. MARIE!!!!! This is a HUGE thank you from Charleston SOUTH Carolina. About a month ago you critiqued my blog and lit a fire under my derriere. “Coincidentally” I connected with a web guy, Bob Donohue here….in this very place (and he’s in Long Island!) So….I have real URL, an opt-in with a cool and high-value gift, an intro video, a much more professional look and I want you to see it. AND…my daughter, who also wrote you, started her own blog, “The Success Princess”. You have changed so many lives, and my family is among those. I am exceedingly grateful. THANKS!!!!!

  24. Wow! Amazing how much one can learn by being observant. It really is great what happens when you ASK and PERSIST. Really awesome.
    .-= Saleem Rana´s last blog ..Eight Ways To Sharpen Your Thinking =-.

  25. Tina

    Hi Marie,

    Great video! Both in terms of content and delivery – thank you! I’ll definitely be making use of those tips.

    I just wanted to share with you what happened this summer when I decided that I wanted to change the country I was working in. I decided to change from Belgium to Germany. So I asked my boss if I could work for her remotely, she said yes, then a friend of a really good friend had a spare room in a LOVELY apartment in Germany that I could rent and my new flatmate is wonderful. I’ve been here six months already and I’m much happier.

    I also just realised that I use time and money excuses for all sorts of things: not going the holidays I would like to, not speaking languages as well as I would like, not following through on my business ideas, not focusing on creating writing etc.

    Hopefully your tips will be the first step in getting me out of these bad habits!

  26. Thanks for this Marie. I know this is an old post [hopefully you see this comment], but I was looking through your archives for some magic, and I found some! This gem lit a fire in me, and changed my mind about the prospect of asking for money, something that I used to find gauche and somewhat weak. I’m starting work on my first novel [a story about ambition – told from various and wildly different perspectives], and the time and money needed are just not there right now. I now have the courage to ask my loyal readers to help out.

  27. Carmen I.

    I love that tic&tac appealed to their audience sense of competition that can really make people get carried away… Sometimes I feel if I ask a lot and quite often, I sound more like nagging; but if I treat it as “look what are you missing?!” kind of thing, people will come. So, instead of chasing them, you attrack them 🙂

  28. amanda

    So I might be very blind today but where is the link for the coaching your selling? thanks love your work

  29. You rock Marie!
    Seeing your older videos is great, so we can clearly how you’ve started… like all of us, recording your vlogs in your living room (that’s what I do 😉 ) & this is killer content.
    Amanda, the program is not active anymore, this is not a new video 😉

  30. Hi Marie,
    I came here rather intrigued by the title of the post, but unfortunately the video does not seem to be there anymore… Any chance to see it somewhere? From the comments it looks like it is really good, so I even more wish I could watch it!
    Thank you very much!

  31. Hi Marie..!!!
    You are awesome interpreter , your post are very interesting and informative,thank you for sharing the blog.

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